NuSex is dead

After Mankind Divided sold like shit because Squeenix is fucking retarded and did their best to kill all hype around this Human Revolution clone with AAA checklist mechanics inbetween Eidos Montreal and Squeenix have decided to stop raping Deus Ex with their fanfic.

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On the one hand, I'd like to see this series finally laid to rest. It's yet another dug up corpse whose grave should've never been defiled. On the other hand, I doubt that squeenix has any intention of letting it totally die. Maybe they'll hold off on creating a new entry but, just Jewbisoft with asscreed, they'll eventually try and shit something else out in order to rake in some cash on brand recognition alone. If this is really the nail in the coffin, though, I say good riddance.

I never asked for this

So they'll leave Mankind Divided unfinished? lol


They postponed it for more polish and it still sold like shit. Good riddance. Cant forget the ridiculous pre-order trailer that blew up in their face either.

I guess it's for the best.

I'm surprised they still haven't "remastered" the original yet.

Don't jinx it you fuck

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be the end of cyberpunk genre, doesn't it?

They are going to bring Deus Ex to the new millenium, on the much acclaimed updated DX:HR engine.

Good riddance, tbh.

Bioware with their sjw fantasy and sjw space will never die though. And obsidian with "slightly less leftist" sjw rpgs.

Don't worry, they'll probably sit on the license for a few years yet. Then they'll reboot the series with a game simply called Deus Ex, in which a proud womyn of colour gets woked by her muslim lesbian partner and unravels the white male cisheteropatriarchy that controls the world.

Jensen was too good for a game like mankind divided.

Christ I fucking hate this industry

I want it to flop so bad but normalfags are hyping this shit like Mass Effect 3 never happened.


Yeah, RIP


They should hurry up if they want to make a riveting commentary about evil corporatist taking power with money and hatemongering in time.

i completely forgot about this fucking stunt

After hearing Squeenix' plans of going full retard and turning the Deus Ex franchise into a massive multiverse á la what Disney is doing right now with Star Wars, I'm glad to hear this.

user, even when Obama was in the office the world was still controlled by old white men, and even if Clinton had won the election it still would be. Those cheeky whites, eh?


Well, the patriarchy is a conspiracy theory, so it would fit right into Deus Ex.

I'm kinda sad that we'll never get a real sequel to Deus Ex. The game stood fine on its own, but I'd like to see a good, competent game that picks up where it left off with equally complex mechanics, and even more interactive story.

Deus Ex is too much about imaginary conspiracies, while it should show how the real problem with democracy in our reality is evil people voting.

They deserve better

there was a nod that those two were banging with that cereal scene in md

Its a shame really, for all its faults I genuinely liked Human Revolution, although it has no business calling itself a Deus Ex prequel (asides from the theme of trans-humanism and a few familiar faces/names it has no meaningful connection to Deus Ex). Still, Square did everything they could to make me not want to buy Mankind Divided. It was a little impressive how completely they fucked themselves, it was blow after blow. Augment your Pre-Order, Day one Microtransaction DLC, limited usage Pre Order bonuses, having Pre Order bonuses in the first place. The final nail was when it became apparent that story wise they basically just ignore the entire ending to HR and also made Malik's death canon. Just another fucking franchise where "YOUR CHOICES MATTER! But if we make a sequel, then they don't actually matter at all." I've been down that road before, no thanks.


That wasn't actually a theme in Deus Ex as much as it was just part of the setting. Yes the Dentons were new type of test tube cyborgs, but it had very little to do with the plot. The cyborg stuff was means to an end. The theme of the game was conspiracies and government control. Please at least play Deus Ex before talking about its themes.

>Malik's death is canon
She's alive user

Yeah, transhumanism was just one of the ways how technological progress put more power in the hands of the few. Normal people didn't really deal with muh augs, there was just the cyborg soldiers and cybernetic apotheosis.

You forgot. Add shit microtransactions.

Well get a load of that. Thanks user, that brightened my day a bit.

It's tragic that it got placed on permanent "hiatus", but at the same time what was SE expecting when they killed hype stupidly fast?

All in all the game wasn't bad at all. I love the maps and the story was alright, just didn't have the depth of the original. I felt the end was a bit better than HR because you tied up loose ends knowing that there's more to the story.

If you think it's an SJW game you haven't played it, if you think it's a run and gun COD clone you haven't played it, if you think they're selling you the rest of the game in DLCs you're wrong as you don't need to play the mini-missions. it's an alright game. What it's not worth is $60.

Do I like that quebecers won't touch it a gain for a while? Yeah I hate quebec and all the fags there and their pedantic faggotry bled in to the game at some parts, but you know what: they did it better than any american company because all the americans would do is fill it with fags and put progressive messages in a corridor shooter.



you have to wise up and realize the problem with the western videogame industry is america and nowhere else. Corporate virtue signaling made every game americans touch turn in to some censored or faggot filled SJW mess.

Speaking of sex
How about we all meet up and fucc?

What a shame.

Don't weasel your way out of it Canadicuck. You did nothing to spot it.

Well yah. no shit. Think about it.

A shame it was so horrifically broken and buggy, though.

The Mass Effect perspective and the fact there were no hubs or super sneak routes make that not a even remotely close to a true Ducks Eggs successor. There's not even any cyber in it.

Can you at any point prove I am or I am not canadian? Why is it you don't know america is ruining videogames and it's not europe or japan?

c'mon guys
we can do this


Just a taste of all the little "fuck you"'s in the game, not to mention the entire plot being a thinly veiled let all the immigrants in/dindunuffin. I'm gonna call you a shill now.

Have fun missing out on a Holla Forums orgy, nerdosaur.

Not seen that, how sickening, glad I never played it. They'll have had a team assigned to that shit, imagine being so soulless as to willingly be party to such shilling and *then* to put it up front as their main selling point? Christ what a shitshow.

Literally all they were thinking was 'How can we gouge idiots harder?' and then unashamedly spunked it all over their product.


Just to make sure we're all little girls, right?

second pic

The irony is some idiot women actually think like this then go and fuck mudslime without a hint of self awareness.

Hahaha, oh wow.

Polish couldn't have saved it. The actual elements of the game weren't bad, but they weren't put together right.

Hah and it was sent from a guy so the implication is he's a hard-on white-knight for her. Yack.

In Deus Ex the only moment transhumanism ever applied was in the final mission and even then it didn't play as large of a role. Sure, Bob Page had made it a goal to become the internet, but other than that the only thing relating to transhumanism was the Helios ending, which was optional. And no, augs do not instantly count as transhumanism, since otherwise you would have to consider hip prosthetics and pacemakers to count as well.

Canada is a lost cause that still insists it's everyone else's fault.

transhumanists would probably consider those as light transhumanist, the only requirement is for it be is "[technology that] greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities."

dude sex style augs definitely count

If that's the best you got I'll call you a massive faggot.

Can you explain the first pic?

At least someone on the dev team cared a bit.

It's a disgusting sjw prostitute who is rejecting Adam because she's so perfect.

Deus Ex was loaded with transhumanism. The AIs and endings like you said, the conversation with Morpheus, the concept of different generations of aug getting scrapped like machines, rewritable nanobots being used for a perfectly controlled false crisis.

DXHR's focus on augs and transhumanism wasn't bad relative to DX, not inherently. Where it really missed the boat was the fact that in DX those were portrayed as stranger and more powerful new conduits through which older forces like politics and human psychology exerted their influence, rather than simply being the cause of political and social upheaval themselves.

Mobile app/DuSex Go integration killed it for me. I bought the game, but feeling like the experience was divided so wide made feel like not wanting to bother.

Too bad the games were okay. Like 8/10.

Now we get more capeshit. Guess it makes business sense.

Not only that, the woman is clearly a salesperson so the guy is basically just saying who/what referenced him to the company so that would know he is "her" sale, which is good for companies to know in regards to performance and bonuses, and you know.

I thing to only strange thing would possibly be that the Mail is sent from "Steve" but his name is "Kevin" in the mail, but that could also be justified pretty easily, like kid using his dads email or something.

With Capeshit you mean Movie Games like Life Is Strange, right?

Oh Christ yeah forgot about the app. Never bothered with it.

Question, what qualifies as heavy transhumanism and if you answer with a robotic hambeast i'll shank you.

I was thinking more along the shapeshiftery, laser eyes-ish, transmutation of solid matter-ish type of stuff. Is that mid-level or heavy-level?

Because I'm not a fan of that energy being "one with the universe billion people one mind" bullshit, I like the physical realm.


Human Revolution was just as good a game as the original Deus Ex, but the story wasn't as good.

they all really just fall under transhumanism, they're just different forms or goals.

I was only using "light" because pacemakers or entry level prosthetics aren't better or an upgrade,but are still a step in the right direction

the "the shapeshiftery, laser eyes-ish, transmutation of solid matter-ish type of stuff" and, the "one with the universe billion people one mind" aren't separate entities just different forms and stages.


Squeenix has a partnership with Disney and they too advantage of that to work with Marvel as well so now Eidos Montreal is working on a capeshit game and a confirmed sequel to said capeshit

How about you actually play the OG you fucking nigger?

Yeah the boss fights were poorly done, but the rest of the game was excellent.

Just finished replaying the first one yesterday, actually. HR was a great game, but the story was weaker.

gay, people think energy matter is superior to solid matter, in fact solid matter gets better results at the same velocity, energy's just worshipped because it acts like a glorified version of acid.

Fuckin' energyists ruining things for us solids, what a bunch of weebs.


I pray that one faggot is well and safe.

if it makes you happy we'll reach the peak of solid matter manipulation before we reach the peak of energy manipulation i think , you'll have a good couple of decades before energy>solid

I do agree energy is kind of boring,but you can do more kinda

normal human -> cyborg -> hive mind cyborg -> nanoswarm -> energy being?

I think thats the order,but its open to change depending on what gets developed first or certain breakthroughs

How much SJW shit do you think Night Drive are going to stuff into System Shock 3?

Why is Desu Ex canceled in favor of more nuTomb Raider? Does anyone genuine like the new Loro Croft?

I believe the Tomas guy is forwarding the mail that Steve the Shitlord sent him, to Kara so she can have a meltdown at the notion of a man being aware of her existence.

I was thinking something more along the lines of the actual human cells being the actual nanobot swarm, each with an individual self-sustaining miniture organ system.

I mean we're already a conglomeration of cells working together in the first place, how about we expand that? All the cells work for the control cluster, each cell provides processing power and the control cluster cell commands those cells, if we can get the control cluster cells to replicate enough, the difference between the average cell and the control clusters will be non existant.

This is kind of a gay comparison considering it's bioware, but think about how the geth work in their game, the more that are together, the smarter they are according to lore. What if that was extended to every single human cell? Using dead matter to restore or increase existing cells would, well, you get it at this point.

THAT is my goal.

OIC, possible brother/family member using email account.

it'll come down to which is developed first, augs seem to be easier than nanobots. Eventually once nanobots catch up I could see augs incorporating nanobots,then eventually replacing them for your cell system. Also depends on how soon the nanobots get developed. If augs become widespread there might not be too many "cells" left to work with,then the nanobots would be replacing inorganic machinery instead.

either way this shit needs to hurry up before I get old and die

Dont forget Adam talking about how muslims are peaceful people.

Haven't seen this one before. Thanks user. Christ I love Erin porn

Don't forget Cisquisition which this probably has more in common with. I don't think Bioware has ever made a good game though and they've certainly never written a good story contrary to what your average normalfag might believe.

Portraying SJWs != being a SJW game
For a reverse example would you say that 12 Years A Slave or Django Unchained were redpilled movies because they portrayed slavery and nogs getting whipped? You wouldn't because those movies portray all of that every negatively.

Of course I have no idea if Dude Sex: Manmeat Provided has a SJW agenda because I didn't play it and I assume it does, but neither of those pics are actual evidence of it.

Holla Forums pls go.

Can the rights be sold back to Warren Spector and John Romero already?

Square Enix has no idea what they're doing.

How hard it is to get old devs to do an actual game, focusing on gameplay instead of triple AAA graphics?

Holy shit

Mankind Divided was way better than Numale Revolution

I wouldn't say anything about (((The Confederacy))) is redpilled at all, actually.

He would make it more of a progressive fuckfest.

There's really a scene where he flat out says that?

Fuck i can handle your typical SJW-bullshit if the game is 'okay-ish'~, I can even handle there being jews or niggers being put on a pedestal as dindu nuffin good guys against da evul nahzees~ BUT fuck if this heap of shit is defending Moslems then yeah fuck it Jensen's story was finished in HR.

Cisquisition sold like shit though

I believe he said jihadists couldn't possibly have carried out a terrorist attack because the attackers were augmented and augmentation is haram. You'd think the terrorist attack itself would be enough to rule out muslims, islam being a religion of peace and all, but I guess that slipped his mind.


NWN, arguably BG (the really good Infinity Engine games were all Black Isle, but BG wasn't terrible).
Hordes of the Underdark wasn't bad.

Also I liked kotor, dragon age origins and the original mass effect. Theyre obviously not the best games ever but they were fun, good games.


I get it.

*don't get it.
Like, he's not really saying they're peaceful, just inherently anti-augs.

Problem is that Islam allows you to drink, whore, do drugs and for Deus Ex, get augmentations. Its all forgiven if you die for Allah and take some infidels with you.

it's just Holla Forums trying their hardest to come up with a reason to say "look look the game is shit and pozzed!"

I hope the same shit happens to Fallout.

Adam's wrong here, he's using the same apologist rhetoric that comes from all pro islamist apologists but the game is shit on it's own merits or lack thereof.

Your hopes will never be fulfilled.

Fallout 6 might not do as well, emphasis on might. But right now bethesda is supposedly developing two new titles that arent fallout or elder scrolls so it'll be a while before either is seen again. I doubt fallout under bethesda is in any real trouble with normalfags anytime soon. Especially since bethesda doesnt force their political bullshit in game either, whether thats due to emil, todd, executives or whoever else, theyre casual but not overtly political casual like bioware and others.

Jihadis are notorious for doing all kinds of stuff that's haram because all that is supposed to be forgiven if you become a martyr. Most of them drink, the Orlando shooter was most likely a fag, etc. They would have no reason not to get augs if it would help them snackbar better.

Its fucked, and so is the Elder Scrolls
They're fans are the successors to Blizzdrones.

You do know how martyrdom works in Islam, right?

It's fine. The new, more mature buyers, will surely take that shit off the selves in masses. They play computer games after all… right? And who cares if they don't? There are more developers in the world who need to check their… well… shit and stuff. Power to the… well… loud, i quess. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Shit. Wrong pic.

Don't plant ideas in peoples heads, some rowboats might act on them. I'd be OK with them doing it to Valves server farms tho.

I've pointed out all the flaws of 4 to this millennial that I used to work with and he continues to assert that it's a good game and there are millions like him, although there are still a few that agree with me, the fact is, is that even with the monumental fuck up that was fallout 4 people will still buy this shit. It sickens me greatly that fallout is now forever associated with fallout 3 and I cringe inwardly whenever I see people wearing shit with vault boy on it.


Isn't that part of the Drifting Classroom?
I need to read that shit

I know.

Bethesda is Cancer, irredeemable and ever spreading. Bethesda is not as evil as EA but it is just as irredeemable and damaging as a whole. Fuck you.

I liked the gameplay in Deus Ex MD, sneaking around and hacking stuff, too bad the story is fucking awful.

So wait, if Deus Ex is done, and the current game ended on a cliffhanger, im guessing the story will never be finished then?

Oh im not saying theyre not. But they didnt swallow the diversity pill and get tumblr to start screaming for diversity or black lives matter, which seems to be the big thing killing games lately. I still remember Bethesda is the first to try shit like horse armor dlc. Theyre definitely not innocent or smart by any margin, just not AS stupid as the dying companies left and right.

Was disappointed in Human Revolution, the first one was about conspiracies and I don't even remember what HR was about, augs and aug rights or some bullshit.

I wished that they did. Anything to kill them off.

Zenimax and therefore Bethesda are currently fighting Zuckerberg for
and might very well succeed. Imagine what they could do with this mountain of money. Sweet nightmares.

Bro, the canon ending of Deus Ex was a transhumanist parable. Is this some kind of 4D chess of trolling?

I dont think bethesda is going anywhere anytime soon. Too profitable lately. And their competition is routinely anheroing.

Fangoyim aren't going to win you a lawsuit.

IIRC zenimax ceo is a former lawyer who was disbarred. If hes going with the suit hes probably confident.

Not that I give a shit about the series anyway, but come the fuck on OP.

Its meme magic user
I was thimking about this while checking Steamspy and this popped up.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, goes to the same duck church all the other ducks quack around at, kills when other ducks support it's actions in majority, advocates for killing all non-ducks while again the other ducks do the same in majority, prays like a duck towards duck Mecca at duck-o-clock, says they fight for duck causes, the general assumption isn't that they aren't a fucking duck, the actual logic isn't that they aren't a duck


God, all this talk about not killing muslims because it makes more extremists even though they've been doing that shit since the dawn of time makes me laugh. The general reaction that gets people to stop fighting is to fight them with unrelenting force and absolute brutality. It worked on the crazy (in a bad way back then) Japanese, I don't see how it won't work on muslim terrorist sects.

Just air bomb them to hell like we used to do and keep doing it til they stop killing people or are all dead. The peaceful, moderate ones will not fight, and those that will aren't peaceful or moderate.

Or, subvert islam and force a reformation.
*like that'll ever fucking happen**

You can't reform Islam. Mohammad gave himself ultimate authority and forbade the rules from being changed after his death. Mohammad was and is the epitome of morality. Nothing he ever did was wrong. That's why even today you still have muslims defending pedophilia and trying to reduce the age of consent to around 9 or 6.

It's better to wipe it out than to attempt to cultivate it in to something tolerable.

Hence my failed spoiler, I know it won't happen.

Augmented and well hung cyber dong.

The Director's Cut is a glitchy mess. Rumor I heard is, they added the new content on top of an older, incomplete build.

not to mention Bioware getting layoffs out the ass in recent years

Bioware is on a downward trend and I predict that if they continue with returns in the lackluster to disappointment range EA will scrap them within 5 years

As well as the mongols. The muslims fucked with them and what does Temujin do? He fucking razes their cities, makes the men watch while he rapes their women, and any who object is murdered, then he murders them at the end anyway. Then for the cities he razes, he leaves for 15 days, then comes back and kills the survivors who were gone or fled, and came back to bury their loved ones. The muslims buckled under the mongols and were fucking HORRIFIED of them for a reason.

She's a mudskin, though, user.

You wouldn't get hard at what clearly belongs to the brown people. Would you?

Uh, no? They said she survived sure but you're projecting the sexing part onto the scene.


Nice try Holla Forums, but neither of them are liberals or cucks.

Inb5 "le cucks", "le redpilled", "le-ftypol", "le boss took all the credit" let's remember that all of these people AND THEIR TEAMS have made terrible mistakes. They may have learned from them, and they may not, I mean even if we ignore catastrophes like DXIW and Daikatana, even if we ignore mixed bags like Epic Mickey and Thief 3, remember these PDF's? Remember Project Snowstorm?

In order for a GOOD Deus Ex game to come about, we'd need to look at everyone who was involved with previous games (that DOES include Spector, his influence is undeniable, but also lots of others), see which understand where they screwed up in the past, who has ideas that actually sound attractive, and ensure they're at the center of the project.

Ack, Project Snowblind

they actually are though, they both follow feminist frequency on twitter and apologize for being white males.

Romero sperged out over Trump winning, AND he let Bethesda get away with taking over nuDoom's development. He's like 8/10 on the Anthony Burch scale.

And to add on my point, I'm not even saying the result would necessarily be a disaster, but that it would be severely flawed with the wrong design ethos. Sure, there's the potential for masturbatory garbage like Broken Age or Mighty No.9, and for gradual-onset decay like Obsidian or Telltale.

But there's also the possibility of good people who genuinely just fuck up because their entire project is unambitious, poorly thought out, or badly run, like Wasteland 2 or the Jagged Alliance remake.

I don't see any other reason Malik would be inside Jensen's apartment :^)

The game wasn't bad.

It just wasn't a full game. If Prague wasn't the SINGLE HUB in the game then it would have been fantastic - but it is, and the game just feels way too tiny. Backtracking in the older hubs was fine because you didn't do it often enough to be forced into the same route over and over again - but here you have several tiny checkpoints which are the only ways to travel between the two halves of the city.

As for the idea that it's an SJW game…maybe. I don't think they were smart enough to think through all the parallels, because the implication from the game itself is that segregation is the best possible answer (the augs in this game act like pieces of shit and there were legitimate reasons to discriminate against them, including them going berserk and killing people). The story itself defeats the intended propaganda message, which is an amusing bit of incompetence if nothing else.

0/10, see me after class.

Check my doubles instead.

I know, retard. It's a Bethesda product and they fucked up everything behind the scenes. iD is innocent in this case.

The game's biggest problem was obviously its lack of dev time. It needed more time. Its why the ending is so bad and comes from nowhere, it looks like it ends mid dialogue and that is probably because it does.

The other problems were the themes and writing, the way the world reacts to the aug incident feels dumb. It was just an excuse for some nigger to hamfist in some commentary about racism.

Probably for the best. As much as I enjoyed HR, I didn't much like the idea of Deus Ex being the Jensen series forever.


In the opening/tutorial segment, you fight your way through a bunch of muslim terrorists in an abandoned Dubai hotel in a sting operation, and at the end a bunch of augmented masked dudes show up and try to steal the arms shipment you were trying to capture. The evidence is stacked against them being another muslim group, and Adam says as much.

doesn't excuse how shit the rest of the game was though, I really was disappointed.

That would explain why I lost a bunch of praxis points when the DLC started in the middle of the main game and then got most of it back after I finished it.

Yeah and I didn't like that they didn't give a fuck about the choice you made at the end of HR.

What's scary is that this is completely plausible, and people will eat it up.

I did think Prague was excellent though. It was just ruined because there was nowhere else.

Remember when you could reconfigure your race from default on character creation? Remember when you could reconfigure your sex from default on character creation?

Don't give them ideas when you know they're going to make it.

They've been doing that since dragon age origins, at this point i think it's a art design decision.

No, you see me after class faggot.

that shit's actually a story by Junji Ito, it's like his only non-horror story. it's called "A Shit to Remember",



Game industry full of shit, film at 11.

Look at these sequel design docs, LOOK AT THEM

The entire team was making dumb decisions

Thank god. I'll just forget playing HR then

I should have known they were liberal faggots.

imagine being so beta that you shell out 60$ for seeing a lardass pink haired prostitute in a game

imagine it

captcha: kuxrco

you know that is the gimmick of the DLC, right?

Mankind Divided was the best game of the year. The level-design, the art-design, the score, it was way above everything else that was made this year.

what the actual fuck? do they really have zero faith in their product they'll toss away the good title as it becomes too old and busted? DX was dead and buried when they picked it up remake, and now they're putting it back?

i don't get it, they have all the resources. why not hire other company and let them try their strength at making Deus Ex. it's what bethesda does after shitting out the turds they call Fallout games.

lmao, this what yuropoors actually believe.

Thank fucking god.

Tiny? You can basically walk into every apartment and store there is. The amount of exploring is huge.

Besides getting mad a two day old post you're also retarded because it doesn't matter where the companies are from, it matters that idiots keep buying their shitty games so they'll make more shitty games.

You should try Watch Dogs 2 and see if it's not a SJW game.

I bet it hurts knowing this game failed and wont actually finish it's story doesnt it user? It's your best game of the year, and you'll always be wondering how jensens story ends.

Even though France and Germany were primarily responsible for postmodern critical theory itself, the patient zero for the cancer in popculture rather than the airy reaches of fine art and academia really does seem to be the anglosphere. San Fransisco, New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney, London… All the pozloading in continental European studios seems tied to influence from the studios' branches or publishers in anglo countries.

They'll probably crank out more tie-in novels.

And he lived happily ever after in a small cottage living cut off from the rest of society in peace
I mean, what the fuck are you expecting to happen? The only three options that could ever happen are Jensen visibly dying, Jensen dying off-screen or him becoming an NPC that plays no longer plays any role in the story whatsoever

I really have no idea why I keep correcting my sentences without erasing the part I am trying to correct



Not really, i have the game, i refuse to buy dlc's but i was happy with the game. A lot more than all the others.

This game is $18 on steam, is it worth getting for 18 dollars?

The moment to moment gameplay is fine. I honestly enjoyed that (the most important aspect) the most. It is basically HR but with a better augment tree in my opinion. The plot meanders and is generally not very good. It resolved a major plotline in the end but leaves another wide open for sequel bait. If you are going to insist on giving them money rather than pirating, wait for a better price. They don't deserve that much money after all the shitty marketing, preorder, and shady DLC bullshit the suits imposed on the development team.

It definitely was. The vsync loading screen bug in HR that was patched in the first week after release was back in the director's cut. I still don't think they fixed it.

It's been cracked for a while, so might as well not bother and just pirate.

the dude sex games are from a modified engine of another eidos game. they took another games engine and worked it, then it became the HR engine. the MKD engine is just the HR engine dolled up. thats why it runs like a piece of shit.

They didn't patch an incomplete build, they started from the 25% when remaking it. thats even more impressive that its a mess

How retarded are you?



Reminder that this hack is in charge of the development of System Shock 3.


I'm not really keeping up with modern releases, was it that bad?


Holy shit I didn't even see this or cared about it despite playing the fuck out of Human Revolution, but damn does this enrage me.

I was thinking of getting Mankind Divided when its dirt cheap, is it even worth playing?

Fun fact: the only people whining about FFXVs all male cast were beta male cucks. Same with the whole "Make Link a girl" nonsense. The whole crew is pretty boys built from the ground up to appeal to women. Making Link a girl would ruin his female fanbases androgynous pretty boy fantasies as well.

Remember when the devs leaked the Detroit part of HR for free to generate hype? Mankind Divided is shorter than that, and you have to pay $60 for it.

I don't think it back fired for Stein more so for the cucks that donated to her. Now Stein has enough money to fund a second campaign run in 2020 and Clinton lost votes.

Nus-sex was dead when they went full "lives matter" bullshit. The rest is just the falling concrete-confetti.

fuck Squeenix, fuck Eidos, and fuck whoever decided to try to turn Deus Ex into some sort of shitty "universe". I just wanted good video games.

the second game is fun to sneak through stuff
if only there was some way to edit out all the story


So is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided worth playing at all, say if it was free or dirt cheap.

It's cool for $15 or so. I say pirate it though because they had to shoehorn in objectified brown politics instead of global oligarchs.

What a shame.

No. Certainly a major downgrade from HR. Its a decent game. Prague was fantastic until you realize that you have been there for twenty hours. The story isn't very good, the gameplay more casual. What really ruins the game is how clearly rushed and short it is. They doubled down with Prague as they had no other choice, so you get a fantastic hub you love for the first half of the game and then by the second a hub you're sick and tired of exploring. The ending comes so abruptly it almost feels as if the conversation was cut halfway to allow some kind of ending.

Its certainly worth a pirate, maybe even a buy with how cheap it is now.

It's better this way.

True. I was doing a side mission about the assassination of a aug journalist and I'm so fucking sick of the "real humans are bad, poor augs dindu nuffin" narrative.

The writing in DXHR was kinda' infamously awful to begin with, tho.

Malik (from HR) is Muslim and augmented


Malik's a muzzie?

"Adventurous, spiritual and short-tempered, Faridah is a faithful practicing Muslim. She truly believes that every day on this Earth is a gift from Allah, and counts herself blessed that He has chosen to make her a talented pilot. She respects the faiths of others, and neither advertises nor proselytizes, expecting the same respect in return"

Where the fuck is her hijab, infidel?
Why isn't she back in the house making spring rolls?

I am kind of liking Mankind Divided, though I think I have a LOT of game to go through, I just came back from Golem City.

Also where the fuck is Malik? She was best waifu, fuck that whore he was chasing in the previous game. Was it a coincidence that Malik sounded extra thirsty for Adam?

Faithful Muslims literally believe that peace will only come to Earth once all other religions have been wiped out, either through forced conversion or wholesale slaughter

This is the cuckiest fucking shit

They're SJW devs.

well technically it depends on if they are Sunni, Shi`ite, Sufis or Baha'is Muslims. ISIS for example is Salafism which is a brand of Sunni. Where as Bashar al-Assad is Alawites which is a branches of Shi‘i Islam. The Alawites are much more civilized and peaceful then the Sunni however, they both hate Israel and both are unfit to live in Europe or the United States mainly due to the heritability of Low IQ genetics. That said, I have to give the Saunni props for throwing faggots off of rooftops, which . That said, ISIS is largely a creation of CIA sponsorship of Al Qaeda in the 1980's to fight the soviet union. This is a Deus Ex thread and you are telling me you don't even lurk /x/ or Holla Forums ?

She was too cute by western dev's standards so they had to replace her with Alex (a 3D render of something out of Assigned Male tumblr comics) and a black pilot.

Sure but I didn't really care about the story, I liked sneaking around and hacking stuff.

Well it's not a buddhist name.

The same is technically true of all Abrahamic religions, being monothiest, they categorize everyone else as either pagans or heretics. The only reason cuckstians are so bearable today is generations of cockslapping by secularism since the enlightenment.

>wtf is Judaen


So will the series be allowed to fade away and die before being brought back to life in 20 years for nostalturds or will they keep trying to milk the series until there is literally no love left for it anymore?

I would love to wake up in 20 years only to find that a company has made a proper prequel in Unreal Engine 1

I am gay. Accept me…….

Honestly, the best thing would be if DXHR's engine and much of its (actually pretty decent game design) were simply recycled into a licensed anime game for something like Gunnm, Blame, or especially GiTS. This would separate the game from Eidos' incompetent writers, and GitS could finally get a good modern vidya adaptation. I've always just wanted a DX-style GitS game since DX1, the two always felt so similar in every incarnation.

She doesn't wear a hijab, though, so she probably isn't muslim (or at least she's a true progressive muslim who actually wants sharia to gtfo). Which not only makes her fair game, but a precious rarity. Also

Have some taste for fuck's sake.

How is it that every piece of fanart of Malik manageds to look worse than her actual design in HR?

Every time you think some chan greentext is too crazy to ever happen, in a few years the degeneracy progresses to the point that it's completely plausible, and maybe even true.

Verification cans are the future.

Before the 60s, when both the USSR and US started to put their puppet dictators around the Middle East and Africa, women weren't forced to use the veil.


I bet Razorkuck will cry a river over this.

licking mud isn't delicious. it is degenerate.

I liked both games with Jensen.

I played this game when it came out and I forgot it existed or that I had played it until I saw this thread. It might be the most forgettable game I've ever played.

Not really. Shias clerics says Alawites are weird but still Shias but it's because of a tactical political alliance of sort against the genocidal Sunni (which are the vast majority of Islam, and consider everyone else heretics that needs to die. IIRC Alawites aren't even heretics to them just "pagans"), alawites are a "mystery" (as in a the religion form, google it) whose actual doctrine is unknown to people outside of it and whose secrets are revealed through out the life of the members of the sect.

They themselves claim to be regular Sunni muslims… From outside and older observation it's a syncretism of Islam and… early Christianity. It may actually be a full secret christian church (which is something that was actually fairly common in the middle east and the ottoman empire).

I would racemix, impregnate her and take responsability

Lets also not forget the fact that they in all their wisdom removed the original unfucked up release from steam too. So now literally the only way to easily play the nonglitched mess is to pirate it. Thanks Square.


why do people even make this shit? the entire chart is incoherent and you could get a basic idea of the development with some quick searches.

Reminder that Judaism is an outgrowth of Zoroastrianism, an aryan religion. So if you're not a jew, you're not white.



Jensen was a huge pussy who got bossed around by everyone in the game, including his traitorous girl friend. He's a cuck. JC killed bad guys mid-monologue and gave zero fucks.

every fucking time.

Human Revolutions was never very SJW anyway. It skirted the issues for most part.

The main problem with DXHR's writing was just that it's dumb as a rock, especially the story's premise, but even a lot of the dialog is pretty stupid.

Holy shit, that actualy warms my heart. She was such a genuinly loveable character, i even broke my no save scamming rule for her to save her on hardest difficulty when i was utterly underequipped. Nice to know shes still around.


Unfinished games with retarded amounts of DLC and other horseshit don't sell?

Say it ain't so, user.

He did.

Sorry in advance for the wall of text.

They scrapped the "augment your pre-order" shit after there was a backlash.

Mankind Divided is decent. In gameplay, it's basically Human Revolution 2, with some added features, like ammo types, new augs, remote hacking, etc. While I liked Human Revolution, I liked it in spite of some of their design decisions, like using a third-person cover system, getting rid of location-based damage, getting rid of skills, etc.–not because of them. It feels like Eidos Montreal thought that HR's core gameplay was basically perfect and just needed refinement, when that's just not true. Hell, the fact that they even brought Jensen back at all, when every other game in the series has had a new protagonist, and given that Jensen could have died at the end of HR, is a good indicator of how they approached making MD.
I'll say this, though: the levels in MD are way, way more intricate than HR, and are nearly on the level of the original Deus Ex, with many paths and hidden areas. Also, like others have said, the only city hub is Prague. It's big, and it changes from night to day over the course of the game, but it would have been better for them to cut Prague in half and use the extra time to make another hub. That said, just like in the missions, the level of detail in Prague is insane.
The story ends pretty abruptly, though, and a lot of plot threads are left unfinished. One good thing about the story is that it actually makes you paranoid as fuck, wondering who you can trust, in a way that none of the previous games ever did. They also do a better job of tying the plot into the larger Illuminati conspiracy that the original game was about.

Deus Ex was about the problem of good government. The merge ending was proposed as a transhumanist solution. The game was not about transhumanism. Also, the canon ending was a mix of all three. JC merged with Helios, killed Bob Page, and (accidentally, I think) destroyed the Aquinas router.

HR was good, but it was not as good as the original.

You've been watching too many movies. There's no such thing. Energy is a property of matter; it's the capacity to do work.

Fug. I knew she was Arab (or maybe Berber) but I liked to imagine that she was an irreligious girl from a reformist Sufi family.

Facebook was found not guilty, but Zenimax were still awarded $500 million in damages because their former employees apparently violated their copyrights.

Fuck you.

Some varieties of brown girl are adorable. Like southern Italian girls, for example. Or Kurds.



MD's maps are cool, don't be fooled. The gameplay is there, nothing else is.

I had mixed feelings about the maps. Prague was boring as fuck, with empty buildings and loot and hazards scattered around for no real reason other than to give players even more loot. It felt gamey and unreal, and on top of that, the "generic euro city but with holograms and more neon" sucked ass. Compared to Hengsha and even Detroit, it was dull and rather lifeless.

But then Golem City came up and turned out to be fucking amazing. Shit, even the tutorial map was great, and the firefight at the end was intense and tough at max difficulty.

its a Semitic word, she was probably Arabic or Persian, no mention of faith was mentioned outside pot shots at Mormons in HR, i figure most people were atheists since this was when that was still more popular than "muh religion of peace"

They weren't "potshots," they were references to the Mormon secessionists in the original Deus Ex.

The maps are pretty bolong loading times I get on my toaster. The gameplay is really fun though, and there's more new augs to play around with.The disassembling aug is ridiculous though, practically annihilates the need to ever hack something since you can just make multitools at will.

Overall it was a pretty fun game that's worth a pirate, as long as you don't mind the story.

oh no someone disagrees with my personal politics


Can't believe I fucked up that much.


Every single fucking time. Ross, for once stop posting your shitty videos in every single Deus Ex thread

I revile what videogames on Youtube have become, a swamp of lazy LPs, with the few remaining analysis channels disappearing up their own assholes like Errant Signal or Game Theory. But Ross is one of the good guys, I like his videos. That said, the specific question the video was posted in reply to wasn't relevant to the video, since it was made before Mankind Divided shipped. So the video can't say anything about Mankind Divided, though many of the flaws it describes in DXHR do apply.

The issue I have is that there's always that one retard that tries to find an excuse to post his videos in DX threads. His content is certainly better than most shit you find on Youtube, but in the context of the game itself he is meh-tier at best and yet his videos plaster every single thread.

Wrong. MD shipped in August of 2016. That video was uploaded in September.


He's always been too wordy but what's gone wrong with Errant Signal? Last stuff of his I watched was the Halloween series and I thought it was great.

Oop, right, I misremembered. But he still hadn't played it, and only touches on it with a mention.

7/10 shitpost

He bought into a lot of dumb excuses by pretentious designers and critics, like refusing to acknowledge the game/nongame divide, or reading political content from mechanics.