Sven Co-Op: MikuMikuMikuMikuMiku Edition

Sven Co-Op is a multiplayer mod for Valve Software's original Half-Life. It can be downloaded here:

It's standalone, you don't need it

Active Servers; password autism

REMINDER TO PUT ALL DOWNLOADS IN YOUR svencoop_addon DIRECTORY AND NOT YOUR MAIN ONE. or in your svencoop_downloads folder

Torrents: one with everything and one with maps and models separate

Archive with the custom content if you want to fuck with finding them individually instead of the

torrents or to update with the small newer things once they are added and put up:



Same ip as server.
username: sven
password: autism

Password for files a shit and getting nuked. Anything that has a password is:

If you're missing maps, check scmapdb

Custom Spray Tool



Other urls found in this thread:¤tPage=1!VRFjAAiT!osQZyZJUNNKE2MCTvkEEHMS2s3tWzl5ZuGbQJTZoJ8w!lVt1BKCD!22MjtSYHLXvGFRt8WEPRh0eee4oC9FPBZPv6YHtoJ00

You know, now that I see it in a post instead of just the text, the spacing looks somewhat fucked.

I should of fixed that but one don't use their brain well when late night bread making


fucking gay

Like the stupid fucks who still play this game, the game itself and last but not the least, you.


Bump, for the upcoming weapon skin pack.

The BMS retail crossbow model is pretty good if only a bit wasteful on the polys
Cut up the uv map and edited the textures to look good in goldsrc

Hay Palmtop Tiger good to see that you've joined us in the new thread

ded game

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All the prime bully victims left.

so are you fags still playing this game?

yes, right now


Never 5get.



Thats probably more dedication to Sven than Sniper has ever had.

checked and checked

Doom port finished when?

I went on a bit of a hiatus purely due to laziness, but tonight I just finished up e1m6. all thats left is e1m7 and e1m8, and e1m8 is gonna go fast because it's basic as fuck

and I supposed I should put this image in because everyone else avatarfags

What do you plan on doing for the monster/weapon models? Using those weird Doomsday ones?

I working on the models, I've been busy lately though so progress has been slow

Too bad you can't just slap the sprites in there. Make the game engine change the way he sprites look based on your camera angle.

At least it will work for decorations and maybe the v_ models.

Approximately how many of us would be interested in a mapping collaboration? It may or may not be up on the table at this point in time.

I would. I'd need to improve beforehand though.

I would. I have never tried to map from scratch though.
t. skeleton

what port do I use for the ftp? I'm trying 22 but seem to time out.


ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server


different ip from op


Unless you mean the one in the sven board

That's the same IP as the server. Are you mentally challenged?

fuck I am, I was seeing the backup serb IP and not the actual one.
fucking greentext.

The IP should be on the next line, as it is with the backup server. Someone fucked up the OP pasta a little bit.

also whats the filesize for just the models? can't get it to tell me on the ftp

Around 6.5GB uncompressed.

aaah fuck it then. I'll have to wait before I can download all the maps and models. Gonna take too long on this shit ass internet.

Use the torrent

no you don't understand
300 kilobytes a second down

Australian detected

count me in

VCMP again when?

Whenever really, I wouldn't mind it again, providing we actually do Vice City and not GTA III this time. Nothing wrong with GTA III but it beats the purpose a little to play VCMP and not play Vice City.

New takedeppo.


That was fun

bird is a fat cunt

I haven't played in a few weeks, since when have the fonts been this tiny? Not even using a low resolution helps.

to me they're HUEG
there's also a fix

Last update fucked it. I forget what the exact previous was, but you can change it to be however you want. Open up ClientScheme.res in svencoop/resources and go down to CreditsFont. Chaning "tall" to "10" and "weight" to "225" is pretty good on 1920x1080. For the console go to GameConsole_Mono and change the font to "Courier New".

Ended up being TrackerScheme.res for me, not sure why.

That's probably it then, I'll take the chances that I am incorrect and didn't remember it correctly. Now that you mention it, I do think it is. In that case it's is using 8 and 700 for the numbers I said and the console font should be Lucida Console, my mistake. I apologize.


Backup is usually only up if the main is down and is hosted by someone else. OP isn't the server host and the old OP post was a clusterfuck. I attempted to fix it but there are still a few things here and there that need tweaking as you can see. I'll take fault over it not being mentioned in the OP. Server host is a fag though, I'll give you that.


gee you're pretty dedicated to a dead game

seed the torrent you gays

what time do yall nigs gather at

I don't think there is a specific time but it happens to fall around American evening, specifically EST it seems, someone correct me on this if I am wrong.
Also, could the link for the .torrent files be put up again? I've marked two instances now where the magnets appeared to have caused problems. Might not be a bad idea regardless.


You fags still up for VCMP this Friday night/Saturday?

ded game

why are there multiple ways to add sprays in this game and the ones I tried so far haven't worked?

What's the problem? If you're spray looks fucked up in game, make sure it's within the dimension and size limits

The problem is it doesn't show up in the list, I don't remember how I did it in the past but the last time even when it showed up it was all grey and hard to see.

Replace the tempdecal.wad and pldecal.wad with your spray and it should work. You won't be able to use the default ones though.

That's what I meant by making sure it's within goldsrc limits.

You need some transparency.


This is a sign. It's over, just embrace it and, with time, you'll forget.

Also, just who the fuck are you, vile impostor?

I'm not sure how that's going to stop me from playing it
But what do I know, I'm just a dumb loli

I LOVE the "only build one room of the map" meme!

shitty meme was eliminated

more More!


out fucking memed

We are doing VCMP tonight/tomorrow, depending on what timezone you are in.
Get the client and go get VC if you don't already. Server we are using is TBD, probably decided soon enough. We are hijacking the chat of an inactive steam group because they are cancer and fuck if we are going to get a group for ourselves, forget that cancer.
We can hijack it and pray to god nobody notices. Don't join the group itself, just the chat.

If enough are up for round 2, we are ditching VCMP and going to MTA. Same guidelines, hijack chat and servers, get the files, etc.



bump mta was fun



CNN pls go

ded game

can you atleast tell us what made you this assmad


Should be fixed now. It's been updated this time and this should no longer happened unless you trashed the maps for some reason, then gg.

They appeared to have deleted some Solokiller threads on the forums, namely the one for making .fgd files and such.

Rise from your grave, thread.

Where is the skin pack ?


No, I hope to god that does not exist and if it does post a link for it

Will this be on the serb?

Soon. He is taking ideas for it.

XD I'm testing XDDDDDD haha I'm gonna restart the server XDD everything is running fine and there's no problems but im going to restart it until everyone leaves and then stop "testing it" xxxddddddd oh ok I lost the 6 people that were on because I had to test an unspecified thing which required me to restart the server 15 times in a row

I wanted to play this game but that server owner is literally a a turd and it rely turned me away, what is the peak player time anyways?

Mostly around NEVER.


sc_russia is alright.

I lost my Robootto images to bump thread with.

Replace Keen Race on the server with this one.
Also, add this fix to the server.


ded game

What was the exact guidelines that have been made thus far for the collaboration? All I can remember is no set theme, no giga nigga/robogrunt/Otis spam, no gargs in areas where using exposives will result in suicide, and no bullet sponges? I figured I might as well make the list and keep it down.

No long and or arduous bullshit puzzles that make no sense? No cut-scene deaths?

Do you have a specific example, preferably from a Sven map, of the former. Long is general enough but I want to know of a specific example of how you would define "arduous bullshit." Are you referring to shit like Secretcity/5am where if you go in blind you have to take shots in the dark to make progress?




based skeleton


Cool ep2 and if bird isn't screwing around doom ep1!

I still miss the 1.5-2.5 times, SC was way better back then, now it's just XP bullshit totally ruining the original point of the game which was teamwork.

We could always go back to .8


I may or may not have killed the server again. On a side note, the new Keen Race is a nice improvement over the old one. Finish e1m8 for fucks sake.

triple niggers

What the fuck OP? Talk about a passive aggressive loser. it's fine if you need Steam for your choice of vidya but don't go around saying your shit doesn't stink like that.

It was in the previous OPs, I just made a quick revision before the old thread died and am still in the process of revising it for future use. I'll take the blame for it this time though.

let's go back to 3.0 shall we

any suggestions for a VPS on east coast or maybe in the UK?

It was a shitty joke on my part and in reference to a few people complaining about needing steam

It's fine I'll take the blame for my shitty joke


What did you guys do to these faggots to be this butthurt?

We may or may not have harassed the chatango when they got on and chased them for a few servers and it may or may not be them.

e1m8 done
hosting the Holla Forums sven server on a VPS is kind of a bad idea, considering the current server is 24+ GB, which exceeds the limit the of the 2nd highest option for OVH, so if you want to host with OVH, you'd have to buy the most expensive option
also I've tried hosting it on a VPS before and it ran like absolute shit and crashed every 2 maps because the linux version of the sven server hardly works at all
if you plan on using windows, thats gonna take half the space you have available with the most expensive package, so you'll only have about 20 GB left for the sven server, which isnt even enough for what it currently sits at

And that's (what I assume,) without removing all the trash maps not kept as a joke. Ever cleaned it up?

I never cleaned it up because I dont really have a reason to

Add this to the server:
Also, have some sites with models to check up on every now and then.¤tPage=1

Oh wow its not dead.

Update the sc_russia on the server.

Hopefully you guys don't get too autistic about it when it's done. Don't go expecting good proportions or quality when it's finished. Drawfags will probably tear it up and I won't blame them.

A or B?


Which has the better lighting?


fucking manlets

That's why they are higher in the ranks. Because they have to bully in order to compensate for their shortness.

A looks better, but whichever is closest to Quake would be best choice.


bump for quak

The server might be DEAD.

rip in piss server

Where's muh Doom, Bird?

He's too much of a fag to finish what he started. Prove me wrong.

We need to bully this fag until he finishes the fucking thing.

ded game

Is the server actually fun or is it like every other "Holla Forums Multiplayer Experiances" where everyone is a memespouting retard who rehashes the same "Do I fit in yet uncle Holla Forums?" jokes

it's pretty damn fun
there's tons of actual teamwork going on, and people are usually up for when someone suggests an approach that requires coordination.

it isn't stock full of shitty memes and pol but if you're a literal marxist prepare to get laughed at.

It's pretty fun (assuming you like Half-Life) when people play it, but unfortunately it's usually dead nowadays.

wew lads

If you enjoy downloading 30 gigs worth of shit just to play alone, or watch people afk for hours, this might be your cup of tea.

Do not let these two faggots >>12057260 deceive you, they don't even play the game, closest thing they do is have wet dreams about bloating the map/model pack with more sonic autismo shit.

If you got sc_tetris series in your addons for some reason, trash it. It's out of date.

Actually it might be downloads, scratch that. Check both anyways.

Verify integrity of game cache. Also never place downloaded maps in svencoop folder, instead in svencoop_addon.

Actually the downloads folder works decent as well, as it will never overwrite the default files.

Even if you download it from the server, it doesn't work. or maybe its just me Hell it wouldn't even let me connect!


Alright, so let's say we were to do HLDM or OpForDM at some point in time, how many of you would actually be up for it and when would a suitable time to do it be? I was thinking sometime on the weekend, either Friday-Saturday transition or Saturday-Sunday Transition EST.

I'd be up for it

These are the perfect times.

I guess I could play it, but I really fucking suck at HLDM. Time is suitable for me.

Sure Friday-Sat for me

Alright, I suppose then not this coming up weekend but the next weekend should give enough time for it to be thought about, prepared, and whatever else. Same time as it appears to be agreed upon, unless someone else has some objection to it.

Why not this weekend? Three days seems more than enough to think about this.

Yeah that would work I suppose. This weekend then.


Nice try, CIA Nigger.


So are we doing HL or Op4?

never ever

ded game
Upcoming AngelScript changes. This is probably going to break Quack, but also apparently includes plugin custom entities.


Ok, so we lose a coop set of maps, two dm maps and another coop map set that is still being worked on.
How is "plugin custom entities" good news? I dont really know what that could entail. please tell me why that could be good news

That's the feature that they promised in 5.10 but fucked it up. It will basically allow you to make server-wide custom entities to, for example, globally replace weapons.

I'd like to see OpFor. Never played that online.

revolver with zoom when

It's not that they fucked it up but that it wasn't added (I think originally all that was add was the access mask? or something like that forgot what the bug tracker said) When I asked Sniper to add it he said it would of been easy to add and and that it would be in the 5.0.7 update, surprising nobody, not only was it not added but Sniper told us to not say it wasn't functional, when I asked him why it wasn't added he originally said was he busy and didn't get around to finishing adding it, only to later then say it was SoloKiller's shitty code that was the problem and that it would be hard to add, and thus it was never added.
Want to hear the funny part? I ended up asking some of the other programmers if they could help get it functioning and GeckoN is the one who not only ended up helping me add it, but easily added it.

Sniper really needs to be lynched at this point.

I may not have access to my pc but i ain't letting this thread die.

Shitty doom models made by an equally shitty modder

That's some great shit, dude. Something feels off about the arm in the 4th screenshot though.

it's the animation, the 4th and 5th pic are different shooting animations
Think I'm gonna go with the second one since the first didn't turn out that great

Should work, for now. Also WHERE THE FUCK IS BIRD?


every time.

hey i'm not reading thread for gay server killed by faggots – did you nerds revive it yet? no password on the download pack anymore? I miss fagland.

WON Half-Life with OpFor for when we do OpFor dm this Friday-Saturday/Saturday-Sunday transition if it's still a good time for it.!VRFjAAiT!osQZyZJUNNKE2MCTvkEEHMS2s3tWzl5ZuGbQJTZoJ8w

Add these.

The last two are already on the server

Actually, neither are on the map cycle and while I have not checked Propanic, I have checked Black Mesa Sideline and I could not change to it, which would indicate that it is not actually on the server. I wouldn't rule out that I fucked something up though.

They definitely were on the server at one point, maybe they got removed in the map purge. Propanic is quite tedious, but BM Sideline was pretty good.

Alright, looks like I fucked up something then, they are both definitely still on the server. However, scratch Propanic from the list as it seems to crash the server upon changing to it for some reason.


Fix the Blue Shift that is on the server. I don't know what you did to it, but it's fucked and crashes on the first map when it shouldn't be. It's been like this for a while.

What the fuck.

I think the way it was working was that two people needed to be in his vicinity and everyone else needed to be dead, and if one person left they also needed to die.

So something a bit more along the lines of the pressure plates in quad, where it works if one person is on it, but reverses if two are on it and so on? Makes me wonder how it will work with four players then.

Maybe soon if I can figure this stuff out.


The new maps are alright.

Toaster won't go so good for hosting OpFordm, I got a backup that can probably host fine. Can get it up maybe soon.

I can host, just tell me when.
t. skeleton

Nah, I got it all sorted out. Should be good to go for next week. Just needs the maps on it. Thanks though.

is serbur ded?

its alive

3.66 gb of hldm maps so far.
Any suggestions for op4/hldm maps to be on the server for when we do it?

The OpFor dm server will be for sure running this weekend for the same time that was fine as the previous times, unless there are some objects to it this time or I die. Expect maps to be up when I am sure there are none worth it left out and expect ip to be posted when the server is up and it is time to go.

Assuming we're running op4, I recommend the following:

Stock maps (obviously)

Are you able to provide links to big, cave_snipe, and rockrule? I went and got the others you mentioned and these three either resulted in nothing or no download to be found.

How do i install all these mods?

Just put them into /svencoop_addons/, or /svencoop_downloads/ if you want to. Best to put them in addons, however the latter will not override any of the default files if you are worried about that. The former will override, however.

These will be the opfor dm maps. Put in gearbox folder.!lVt1BKCD!22MjtSYHLXvGFRt8WEPRh0eee4oC9FPBZPv6YHtoJ00

On second thought, ditch the last two. Here's big:

Where should we get op4dm from?

WON OpFor dm server up.
No password.