How come iphone or mobile games in general have been so lackluster...

How come iphone or mobile games in general have been so lackluster? Like at least early on they sort of tried like when they tried to port CoD Zombies, Wolfenstein and Doom, Driver and Tony Hawk or even Bad Company 2 to it among other games like RE4, but somehow they got worse over time. Are there any good iOS games at all anymore?

Touch-screens and the large majority of the mobile market being composed by non-gamers.

why are you asking questions you already know the answer too? why do you make threads like these just to fish for replies?

The touchscreen is suited to casual games and the overwhelming majority of people who play games on phones are casuals. Therefore the potential profitability of casual games is higher. On top of this even if we were to assume there is a fairly large number of people interested in more core games. They'd probably still rather play them on a Console/PC. For example I tried using the Vita's remote-play thing with the PS4 but it feels much worse than just playing on the PS4 directly.

most of its control and finding the right 5 minute game.

now you can meme and play games on the go

oh and a huge fucking battery that isn't made by the chinese


Even then though the rate at which mobile gaming devolved over time is outstanding. Even with EA shit like Dead Space or AssCreed you'd get a fair bit of game for a buck or so, now it's mainly free 2 play shit with ads or microtransactions.

Who needs new games anyway?

Also, fuck iOS.

Mobile market is a heaven for shovelware. It's structure is perfect for it.
Basically, phones are for literal casuals.

I could go on. Nintendo has shown that mobile isn't the shining beacon that everyone thought it was and Sony gave up on PS Vita because they had to actually release games on it for people to buy it unlike the PS4.

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The mobile port of KOTOR is pretty good.

I'm really really surprised Aspyr didn't fix Kotor 1 like they did to Kotor 2.

Especially since it was ported to mobile. I think it was entirely financial since it most likely would've costed a lot for them to do.

Why do people drool over KOTOR anyway? I wonder if that's some running joke I've failed to catch, because it's rather mediocre.

Kotor was the first Star Wars RPG and it was based on a popular tabletop system. It also has a fairly solid story and tons of good worldbuilding since it also took place in a time period in the setting that wasn't often portrayed outside of comic books and licensed novels.

It also released in an era where you could actually release an AAA turn based rpg and it would sell really well. Most people I know that don't like Kotor usually don't because it has turn based combat.

It, like most nostalgic favorites, was exceptional for its time. No shit it's dated and clunky to play nowadays- but if you were some kid with a passing interest in Star Wars and a desire to be an awesome Jedi/spooky edgemaster, it was fun.

because it's pretty fucking good, even if age is starting to show.
it was developed before BioWare really really really started sucking complete ass.

also, the modding community is still creating shit for the first and second games today, look at high quality skyboxes for an example

I really don't know why apply didn't try to make the iphone into a psedo console/ handheld, and heavily market an ergonomic controller attachment.

They already had a strangle hold on the market, all they had to do was expand and they could have fucked sony in the butt.

Apple tried to go into video games in the 90s and it didn't work out for them

Also they were already making money hand over fist with the app store and iphones. It's not like they were struggling.

An optional controller attachment and dev supprortwas all they needed. It would have been like when the ps2 fucked the dreamcast.

The PS2 fucked the Dreamcast because of brand-loyalty and DVD playing capabilities.

Yeah and the iphone could have fucked the vita because of brand loyalty and phone capabilities.

I mean it already kinda did but the damage could have been more severe.

I guess everyone forgot the Ngage.

Look, the PSP and Gameboy should have both already been made compatible to perform phone calls and texts.

Thats what you guys basically want.

And outrageously priced micro transactions at that.

Muh Summoners War Sky Arena

Hey everyone, remember that website that had shitloads of downloadable mods for KOTOR?

It died. Lol. Everything was lost.

Kotor was from a time when games were easily moddable.

Kotor wasn't easily moddable. The devs didn't support the modding community with it.

Rather the game just wasn't closed off to modding. Bioware reused Neverwinter Night's engine which was heavily moddable and reused a lot of the same code from that game. A lot of the methods and tools people used to mod the game were originally designed for Neverwinter Nights.

There were a lot of noticeable gaps in modding Kotor that modders never really got around due to how it just wasn't officially supported. Things like how it was extremely hard to make new environments in the game. You can notice this with how some of the biggest total conversions for the game like the Brotherhood of Shadow just reuse existing environments. Like BoS reuses the Endar Spire from the game's tutorial.

First off there's the problem that even if you have a suitable game for the device (touchscreen oriented) there's a high chance it won't get past the North Korean editorial standards of the app store.

Then there's the market saturation. I'm not sure if this part comes from apple, or if developers are incredibly lazy on the ecosystem. But what it comes down to is that even the simplest shit like a text news reader refuses to update on older iphones. What it essentially means is that people who put a fresh install on an older iphone (right now I think it's at the iphone 4) can't install your game anymore.

And the final nail in the coffin is that all these hipsters who spend 600$ on their phone simply refuse to pay for any games. There might be a billion of those phones out there, but if you're game isn't in the top 20 of sold games it's arguable that you will make 100's of dolllars a week at best.

The PS2 fucked the DC because Sony was deceitful about its power, making it seem far more powerful than it actually was.