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I Didn't Ask For This, Desu


Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune will be released February 9th on the PS4 (Japan only)
MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies is out on Steam now
SuperDimension Neptune Vs. Sega Hard Girls has been released for the Vita

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Re;Translation for Re;Birth 3 has been ported successfully over to the Vita! >>>/nep/3563

Actual version: 1.422
MD5: 6AA1AA1C3822D649FA0750457993B77C

Actual version: 1B
MD5: 9CD6DB8EF7087B7FA57BCE2EB7B35660


Re;Birth mods: >>>/nep/822
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Start with Re;Birth 1, then play Re;Birth 2 (with the Re;Translation) and V-II. Skip Re;Birth 3 and play it later.

Translation Statuses are:
HDN, HDN Mk2 and Victory: NISA cancer.
Re;Birth 1 and V-II: Translation is alright, no worries from these ones.
Re;Birth 2: Not obviously bad at the start, but gets much worse as it goes along: in particular Neptune and Ram were screwed hard during localization. However, there is a Re;Translation made on our very own board (see above links).
Re;Birth 3: Better than the original NISA translation in Victory but still quite a lot of cancer. Main game has been retranslated, translators still required to translate DLC content.
All of the spin-offs: Varying translation quality. These range from cancer to mediocre.

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[x] Marry the Nep

I want to Hold Noire's Hands Lovingly

Noire seems to be getting love this week. Wonder why.

No idea. I still want to have children and raise them with Nepgear, though.

I want to impregnate Nepgear and take responsibility!

I remember when there were almost no Noirefags here, they increased in number pretty quickly.

Also, here's some more 4GO gameplay and another Purple Heart figure announcement for those that missed it last thread. Starts at around 15 minutes.

I want to eat pudding with Neptune and play videogames with her as we laugh at dumb, unfunny memes into the late hours of the night

And I want to lick pudding off of her naked body

You disgusting man. I bet you want Nepgear to walk in while you're doing it, too.

I would


Its worth pointing out because usually we have Blanc, IF, or Gear posters like and being fine people with different opinions

Wonder when the gap between Japanese releases and localizations will shorten though. Would be interesting for a Nep release to have a simultaneous worldwide release.

Sorry, i had to do it.

Hug the Uni!
Spoil her rotten with sweets, headpats and gun parts

I will fill her with all of my love

I wish to gaze upon Nepgya's smile!



that set was never bad, can't wait for translation, it never fails to arouse me

Do you take edit requests?

I personally don't like the 2nd and 3rd.

1st one is pretty good

As long as it's not NTR, I'll try.

Fuck right off piss stain, you and your ilk have had a myriad of edits done by the likes of him already. The last guy already fucked off because you kept hounding him.
Sage and spoiler for off-topic.

Is the guy stabbing PH with a syringe in pic 3?

Still doesn't make it any better.

She's being mindbroken and drugged.

Why yes Satan.


>not also hugs

hopefully if they bring it over the multiplayer component won't be dead

You seriously didn't know?

C'mon, man, pay attention.

I don't know who or what you're referring to, or how Rosalina hair color edits relate to the post, I just saw it scrolling through the index and wanted to ask.

Cool, thanks. I hope mosaic censoring won't be a problem. I have more, but if editfags really have been pushed for edits in the past, I don't want to ask too much of you,

Never ever. Time to wait a year before the PC version.

Yeah, hopefully the Unreal Engine is easier to work with so the multiplayer doesn't instantly crash in lobby every time.

Also pocket Neps.


Giving Uni hugs was already happening outside the spoiler though

Well, you know how love works and all. Like two peas in a pod.

I meant spoiling her with hugs, But I also didn't read that user's post carefully and missed it

What if I was that user? Because I am



I want to molest 4GO Uni

Don't molest the Uni, she's a premium daughterfu!

A far superior course of action would go along the lines of lovingly teasing her in front of Nepgear and getting Gear to unknowingly assist you (probably by calling Uni cute) after a while, Uni warms up to you and starts telling you about herself and her days. You get to comfort her, take her on adventures and do a million things. Once Uni is used to you, she'll slowly shed her tsundere shell around you. You get to watch Uni grow into a great young lady

Quads confirm patrician taste.

But I want to molest Uni without her consent until she likes it and not involve any other nep in it

Bow to the quads. You can't deny that.

Uni confirmed best imouto, so says Super Satan

You're a heretic if you dont bow to satan quads.

But not in the chest department obviously.

Trips confirm, Uni is doomed to be flat.

Uni best daughterfu

Uni doesn't need big oppai to have a great heart

But I just said to hug her, not molest her

Blanc and Uni don't need to compensate for anything by having larger breasts

I was on mobile, I couldn't really choose a post effectively.
You have premium taste as well brother

Sorry to be rejecting, but I haven't figured out how to unfuck that so I can't do it..

The only girl better than Uni is Linda.

So patrician, virtually no art is made of her.

Don't be so sure

Reminder that you're a disgusting casual if you can't even last a week without sleep.

This year surely will be the year ploot finally gets justice and we get her CD!
we can hope the oracles, IF, Compa, Linda and Rei also get thiers

That's what degenerates and fools believe.
Everyone knows that the best life is one of plenty of sleep and healthy foods.

I went and filtered through as much art as I could handle. Dump inbound.













thats all for now

this is the kind of heresy that makes me closer of being absolutely livid

Plutia is a lazy retard, but that is part of her charm. Definitely a top tier nep.


I really loathe Iris Heart.

I like Plutia when's shes not on sadist mode.

I can only hope for Rei

well didn't have them, thanks

I thought that picture because she was crying and it looked super cute.
Ploot's words not mine

I don't usually save Blanc but those were too premium for me to avoid posting.


How did you know?

But if IH didn't exist I'd actually like you ploot



Now I know how Kanye feels.

You're triggering the writefag in me, I read your poorly thought out greentext as a writing prompt of:
Lewd the Perfect Heart passionately

However, I'm hungry so it's going to take a bit until i get breakfast done.

If I may add to it, can you make it as comfy as humanly possible?

I'm on nofap, that might be too much

But yes, I can try.

do it

realized i had perspective problems in that

fuck me, I cannot post properly today

When Homer wrote of Helen, he claimed that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. As the woman in your arms tensed her voluptuous body and wrapped you deep in her embrace, you knew that the old Greek was mistaken.

Your woman's voice could melt an inferno or light an iceberg ablaze just with a simple shift in tone.No man other than yourself had made these eyes purse like they did, enraptured in your being, for reasons even you did not understand fully. Just the way she gazed into your eyes sung epics of what she was about to do with you.

The sweater that your graciously endowed lady wore looked innocent until she had given you a slight pirouette in the doorway to the living room just previously. The entire back of the garment was missing, giving a window to her immaculate body. This beauty, Purple Heart, was not simply suited to the mere title of "woman". Purple Heart was a goddess, genuine and immortal. Describing Purple Heart is far simpler if you speak of another sight.

Your lady's body is that of the northern wilderness, rolling and curving with the hills and streams, glorious and majestic as the evergreen forests. It takes a simple glance to understand that her personality and will follow that same trend, willing to smite the cruelest of winter storms or cradle you as the spring fields would. There is an unbroken pride and power in her motion with an impossible to tame, almost savage impulse that lies just under her soaring honor.

So with this in mind, one can understand why your hands met her lean, powerful back. Her shoulder blade's teased your fingers with their tips as they followed her curves down. As one would expect, this gave Purple Heart the initiative, pushing herself onto you and down into a familiar old couch. Your lap was her property, for no other woman was worthy. Purple Heart's velvet thighs slip across you, straddling your figure and crushing you into the seat's back.

Purple Heart's finely and firmly shaped endowments demand your attention, every little twitch of your hands finds a way to become the masseuse of her lower back, soon meeting her thighs and behind. A noticeable surprise creeps onto your face when you find that she has forgone panties. Purple Heart gives you a smug yet lusty grin as she notices your discovery. There was a slickness on your hands as you followed her curves back to her breasts. Your lady's desire was barely contained as is, and every motion brought her closer to you. As your hands slowly and deliberately caress your lover's sizable breasts, she guides you to her nipples, almost tweaking and pinching them herself. Any of her inhibitions are gone, the wild inside wants out.

Purple Heart's clever nudge with her nose exposes your lips fully, letting her get a good taste of you. How her tongue slips around and ties you around yourself makes you wonder about other activities.

You can't lie either, this is just the sort of time you should take her.

As she shifts, you feel your pants fall.

Purple Heart's body accepts yours like an old friend, every little crevice feels like hot, lubricated silk. It's been a while, and she takes her time sliding along your shaft with a circulation cutting tightness. She can't stop oozing lady cum, your loins are nearly soaked in your woman's work. For every constricting seize of her body, you get a little closer to leaving your hot seed inside her. She takes a long moment after a final heavy pass at your member, nearly compacting you with a deathly grip. You can't resist that, and every little bit of manly liquid you had is pumped into her body, lazily leaking out around your firmly joined bodies.

"My, I never thought you could~"

Her compliment is cut short by another series of tremors by her overwhelmed body.

"Nev… Never mind~"

Purple Heart pulls you with her as you pass out on the couch in a blissful rest.


The beauty of a new day shines over the back of the couch, a blanket covering you and your lover. While your pants are still on the floor, you don't mind, Purple Heart's thighs kept you warm in the chill of early morning.
You press a soft kiss into the goddess' head, flattening her hair for a moment. Her drowsy eyes look back at you, a crystalline pupil flickering for a moment while she gains her bearing.

"Morning Sweetheart~" the stern voice says.

"You have to get out of bed today you know."

"Just one more moment… with you."

The goddess' index finger chases circles around your breast, running along what seems like every lifeline of your body in what seems like an attempt to get you going again.

"We're getting out of bed, sex or not."

"Awww~" Her eyes beg and long for you to change your mind."

Well. If she's going to do the work, no reason to not stay.

This is why we use Pastebin.

Silence, either way I had some fun

Take it from me m8, use Pastebin

Damn, nigga. Chill the fuck out.

I want to know how deleted posts appear now, I've never managed to fuck up so much now

Okay, You open the door in the morning and see this. What do you do?

If that is true then congrats, you broke 8ch with your lewd nep story



playfully bully her and then spoil her with sweets and headpats afterwards

kindly trigger the hell out of her autism and post the results for fun

Enable and encourage my new imouto's bloodthirst until we can go full blood for the blood god and cleanse the sector and release our brothers from the foolish slavery to a corpse emperor.

Anything is possible!

shut the door and wait for Uni to arrive

Quick question, why are the Oracles so good in RB;3 and so cute, especially Mina?

Pic related is my current party and so far the only characters that even appear on my radar in close to equivalent stats is Child IF and Nepgear.

DLC characters are always stronger and cute. Forget HDD, Histoire ended up being stronger than my CPU's for a good chunk of the game.

I set Mina as my party leader and now I want her to read me a book before I fall asleep

What if she never arrives though? You gotta plan this shit out ahead of time, like using Nepgear to get to Uni.

Chuckle and drink the day away like usual, it's only a hallucination.

Japanese meems.

American meems.

*Wake up*

I want some Histies


damn, this is just sad that old people in japan can't even afford a real dog.

Why not? Are they that expensive?

Or do you mean they just neglect it since they're at school/work like 18 hours a day?

In a study 15 years ago, the average cost to buy a dog or cat in Japan was $1400 and $800, respectively. After that entry cost, yearly vet visits are mandated, which is another expense of $500-600 a year per pet. Food costs would be about $50 a month per per, so another $600 per year. This is before animal toiletries such as kitty litter and so on, as well. Plus groomers and other low-level QoL professionals add extra costs. Of course these values might be different now as the study is somewhat old, but still I would imagine it's not much better or worse today.

There are many people who get to "step one" on the cost consideration, but then get overwhelmed with the additional financial burdens…which is where Animal Control comes in.

I wouldn't want a dog inside my tiny-ass apartment.

good thing i live in countryside. Just get cats from relatives when their own cat is birthed bunch of kittens.
Alltho i heard some places young boys like to use cats as a target practice with air guns or shotgun

No wonder they want catgirls so much, it must be cheaper to raise a pet human than an actual pet out there. You've got to be really dedicated, but maybe that's for the best.


That's a bit mean, but as long as they are plastic pellets and not the metal kind they're just scewing ar-
What kind of sick fuck uses cats as target practice with a shotgun?

Niggers do that a lot apparently.

I hate cats and I don't know why but, I understand why one would use a cat as target practice.

hunting practice or just for fun. Farm cats can breed alot.

Not only niggers t.Mongolian

Wild cats smell bad, piss on everything, tear stuff up and shit out babies, maybe its something city folk don't get.

Yeah, I figured as much. Are these doable instead?


I want to stare into Historie's eyes and jerk off while she's nagging me.

you could've just asked for condesending Histies

How can something that cute have such a sensual voice?

I want to get her to jerk me off in exchange for me doing my work.



Shit games. Come back when you get SRW and some good taste.

Guess what, IFI lied, ADF won't get released on steam in summer

So they're releasing it earlier?

Dont forget no Zone of the Enders anywhere to be seen

where are the coop games like Lost Planet 2?


Nep + Spelunker Z stuff. Looks like you get to screw around with Nepu and Buran in the latter title.

My backlog is so big, and yet I keep buying.

How come Spelunker is so popular in Japan? I thought it was Spelunky but its based on some clunky NES game.

Spelunker was a solid game back in the day for several early 80s 8-bit systems, and interestingly is actually a case of a western IP that's made it's way east, since it was a Irem and Broderbund collab.

Yeah, just tell me what you what edited and I'll try to get it done. Not sure what needs to be changed in 2nd pic.

There are good retro games but on NES Spelunker had a retarded death system where you die from a pathetically small height.

Is that Hagrid?

Dumping Nep 4komas (translated).

That wasn't too unusual for that era, so I wouldn't fault it for that since it just a mechanic that takes getting used to. Now if you coupled unresponsive controls with it (which doesn't seem to be the case for the NES port), then you'd have a problem.




What kind of coffee would each Nep prefer every morning?

Assuming they do drink coffee?

Noire - Black (hahahaha get it?)

Uni would probably choose black too, but then silently complain it's too bitter and wish this was sweeter.

Bert's a tea grill if what I just posted is anything to go by. And Nep = pudding shakes.

Noire - Black
Blanc - Hot Chocolate
Vert - Black
Neptune - Coffee Flavored Pudding
Nepgear - Onii-chan's coffee
Uni - Lastation Navy Sauce Flavor
Twins - No Coffee

Wait, there's a drama CD where Blanc gives her coffee order

Oh, then that answers that question.

It's thick and creamy right

It's pretty fucking autistic too; basically the whole menu of a coffee shop in one cup.

The Lastation Girls can't get enough of it.

No wonder she can't cook.


Holy shit


Autism compelled me to improve this edit.


That's a good edit BTW

very nice

Grown up Rom-chan never ;_;

Just the skin of them to be lightened.

So what kind of game do you guys hope for after 4GO?

Actually who's turn is it to get a themed game?

Noire got one, Blanc has one, and this is Vert's, so who's next?

One of the Candidates perhaps?

2D Run'n'Gun feat. Uni

IF would pretend to like black coffee but quietly add sugar and creme.

Compa would have no shame in having half of her mug be creme and sugar. She would probably see IF adding stuff to her coffee and bully her lovingly

Cave would be autistic enough to order some sort of fancy espresso with a very specific order, just to become discouraged when it doesn't have enough caffeine for her. You would think she was sad until she turns around with 4 giant pastries to share with the Twins and Blanc

Rei would confuse the barista with her stuttering and then flee the scene OR burn the place down and level the accompanying city block.

Histoire would probably drink a mocha or take some of Vert's tea if someone could get her a thimble of it.

MAGES would reject the group's Feeble attempts at beverage enlightenment and then proceed to attempt to summon Doctor Pepper. This of course leads to a disturbance in space-time and MAGES must make a series of incantations, phone calls and then rapidly leave to stabilize ==THE GATE OF TIME==

I think my heart stopped beating for a second there.


But what if Hisu smiled back at you and put a piece of her little blonde hair over her ear and then looks at total peace as she blows calmly on the steaming beverage

Uni or MAGES/ Makers. Most opportunities for chaos and fun.

The Adventures of Pish.

No really, I think she has a lot of potential as a protagonist.

Plutia, make it a comfy platformer similar to kirby and then make it painfully hard when doing a hard mode of the game and boss rush just like the kirby games

Nep Factory. All the Neps are dateable, so no one Nep is getting their "turn" per se, but all of them do depending on which one you end up marrying.

Weapons-grade cuteness

Do it for the Motivation Fairy user!

Would it just be like a VN, like a Harvest Moon system, (as much as I hate to say it) Bioware system or similar to HuniePop?

Dating a Nep is a big deal you know.

V-III Needs to happen.

Given that V-II basically showed the franchise can do more than stagnate into fanservice like Senran Kagura, and 4GO is the second Nep game with what looks like a proper budget, I'd like to see it happen. Though I wonder if it'll have the "three games in one" approach that V-II had, and if there will be any new characters

Have you never played Rune Factory? Because it would literally be a clone of that.


It hurts me every day that I think about it.
And there's even a Marvelous Nep, who owns the rights to RF. Someone that can speak Japanese seriously needs to email CH until someone finally takes note of the idea.

Please don't remind me of this

Well we have an entire PC continent that hasn't been revealed yet, multiple dimensions and Celestia. There's lots of room for new story and new characters.

I haven't owned a console since Gamecube and GBA, emulation just doesn't do it for me. After looking up the game you're talking about, it seems that Harvest Moon may be pretty close to what you're talking about.

It was a dungeon crawling ARPG spinoff of Harvest Moon. So yeah, it does share some similarities with Harvest Moon.

U wot m8?
PC Continent was visited in V and then there was a DLC character in V-II that was from there. Canonically, the PC Continent has no CPU. After the events of MK2/RB2, the remnants of ASIC moved there and continued their operations, albeit they are really just doing petty crimes now.

Rune Factory is still better for this though, due to RF having combat.

I doubt the Neps would be impressed by just being a really good farmer.

Each Nep could have specific requirements for marriage, and Arfoire and Rei could be secret choices.

I get the suspicion that you may be incorrect. Though, having Combat is quite important for a Nep game

I was talking about Hyperdimension, since V-III should continue the continuity there. We know there's a PC continent there but they never did anything with it.

V-II takes place in Hyperdimension and that is the same PC Continent to which ASIC moved.

Well, that's why Arfoire is there, she'll be more than likely the candidate for marriage if you do zero combat, and make every other CPU hate you. Just like the witch in Harvest Moon.

Rei would probably need multiple events, or probably subduing her megalomaniac tendencies, so combat, without killing her.
Neptune, you'd probably need to go through Histoire and somehow stabilize Planeptune, and gift her pudding.
Noire, help her see that there's more to life than just being a workaholic.
Vert, help her … with something. I'm not sure, as messed up as Vert's schedule is with all her gaming, she seems to be the most normal one.
Blanc, probably anger management, and helping her out with her writing.

The candidates:
Nepgear, either it's almost like Neptune, or you have to go through Neptune who's actually really protective of her little sister.
Uni, you'd need to give her the courage to be able to move out from Noire
Rom and Ram, uh… would Blanc even ALLOW you to go near them?

Have to do lots of quests for Noire, IF, and Uzume. Need to do babysitting to get close to Blanc (since twins are off limits in terms of marriage).
Building and forging anything increases points with Nepgear.
Building guns gets you closer to Uni.
Cooking pudding makes you closer to Neptune.
Collecting magic tomes gets you closer to Histoire who eventually becomes human sized in one of her heart events (or you shrink to her size).
Rei is special. You have to unlock everyone else's heart events and give the most socially awkward answers in their events to increase Rei's love points.
Arfoire = eggplants

I feel like Rei just needs someone who will accept her for who she is, her clumsy weak-willed self, and show her confidence without it going over her head and going full Goddess of Tari.

Maybe she'd need the player to delve into a dungeon to find something from her old nation. Wouldn't sound too farfetched if she's going to be one of the hidden candidates.

And that PC continent hasn't been revealed yet in Hyperdimension, only being a reference in text once. Are you really going to argue about this?

Comes home to:

Neptune: Passed out on the couch, pantsu tantalizingly exposed she isn't really asleep, she heard you coming and prepared

Ploot: doing crafts then napping with your many children

Compa: cooking a great pot of stew until she notices you and then proceeds to try and greet you, promptly faceplanting into you and following up with a hug

IF: whines for a moment about her feet being sore and the people she had to deal with being idiots while working with the guild until you drag her into the steamy bath with you, casually talking with her while she blushes heavily and tries to justify liking the situation

Noire: Why is Noire not at work with you? She acts tsundere about this until you either tease her into submission or just leave

Vert: sleeping after multi day gaming binge, you rouse her and spend a moment together, sharing drinks before going to bed yourself she bullies you about your monster kill count saying that she could do better until you rest in her busom and she is satisfied

Uni: Shopping for guns on the internet while cramming paperwork, you enter the room and make her panic, leading to a search for a single spring. If you find it, her wedding ring is replaced or will be a section of that spring

Blanc is stuck writing novels and with paper/questwork in Lowee, so if you travel to other places she wants to hear about them to use in her novels
Then she goes from just using the places to using you as the stand-in for the novels protagonist
Then she wants to add a heroine to the story so she goes with you
The last obstacle is to find a publisher for her that is actually willing to work with her and editor to iron out issues with the story

Did you read my original post? A DLC character in V-II is from the PC Continent who tells you a lot about the PC Continent and explains that since they don't have a CPU, they have to fend for themselves.

>Neptune: Passed out on the couch, pantsu tantalizingly exposed she isn't really asleep, she heard you coming and prepared

ID change

That picture is perfection. May I save it?

we don't call Nepu the lewdest Nep for no reason.

You may not because that picture is the intellectual property of it's respective owneYES YOU MAY SAVE IT


So do a lot of people.

So what? I said they didn't reveal the PC continent, and they didn't besides namedropping it in a DLC. Why does it even matter that there is no CPU there, and why did you even respond to my first post in the first place? Calm your nitpicking autism

Well at least spoil the image! Yandare neps exist and are out for their husbando's blood if he has other neps

Co-Op Shooter like House of the Dead with playable Nepgear and Uni

Also unlockable DLC other neps

Or a board game, something like 100% Orange Juice but with neps

I want to do the same but with Blanc, and maybe throw in some roleplay


My love for Nep shall not be contained or censored!

im ded xd

user, pls


The ultimate would be to present the Makers as initial bachelorette choices and give them larger presences in the story, with the CPUs being unlockable later on through share gathering. I can't see the candidates being possible because they're too young to have kids. Marvy gets a more prominent position, having needed to give up her ninja escapades to help rescue her family farm which recently went under. She employs you to help, which is how the farming gets worked into the game.

Your presence in Gamindustri is what is causing the conflict in the plot to happen so you have to return home to fix it all. The ending is more soul-crushing than the Conquest Ending.

Call it Rune Industri. Somebody contact IF, because this really should happen.

Logically, I still want to see a Neptunia prequel with Rei Ryghts during her reign in Gamindustri because it's a curveball for not having the main crew as stars & V barely touched her past besides "She was once part of a nation with no CPUs, her people turned against her due to her tyrannical behavior, and then she destroyed her own nation." (But then I wonder, do the Japanese even care about Amiga, ColecoVision, Odyessy, or Intellivision?)

this hurts more than it should

It hurts all of us. The Phantom Pain

Just finished my first neptunia game normal ending
Why is Histoire's voice so loveable. I like the mix of serious and cute in her voice. I also happen to like the fact she looks like a fairy despite not being technically one

Which game was it? RB1? And yeah, Histy is very cute. She'll appear in all the next main games, with some different forms too.

Have some best motivation fairy.

Hisu could motivate a rock to move I think. Nepu doesn't count because she should be a boulder by now with how much junk food she eats

yep it was RB1, I have RB2 but haven't started it yet. It's funny how Broccoli is just Puchiko from the older anime and how she's been in a few modern games so far but for Histoire, looking forward to the next times I see her.

I have zero idea what Japan's gaming industry was like during the time of Atari, ColecoVision and what not, they probably just heard of the video game crash and Nintendo just swung by.

Here's a fun fact, Histy's VA was married to a guy that's now Nep's VA husband
Puts a whole new dimension on their relationship

I hope it was a mutual divorce.

Who knows, I do wonder if CH had to schedule their recording sessions differently so the two wouldn't met

maybe it served to make histoire's irritation toward neptune's laziness seem more genuine

Next level dedication

I wonder if Histy is lewd, she'd go under the table and pleasure you secretly, all the while Nep is looking for her, and you try to not rouse suspicion.

Here you go!

Guy you're replying to, thanks bud! You want a link to any Humble games in return or something?

What happened here?
Where is the source of this? The baidu upload has been taken down

iirc that's the modder that delayed his uploads becuase they werent good enough, I think his other neps are still up so he might have decided this one wasn't that great and wants to make it better first

I don't need anything in return, but thanks.



it's gonna be too much. take some nep instead


I apologize for my on topic shitpost.

holy fuck

It's been a few years since it was made, wonder if there's any plans for a Season 2.

I would hope so, at the same time I hope it would be more original content instead of a shitty adaptation of mk2/Victory

I would suck Warechu's filthy, smegma-covered, aids-ridden mouse penis and swallow every last drop for a season two.

I love Neptunia's characters and story but…fuck JRPG grinding.

I assume I can pre-order that at the usual spots?
My dick is ready.

I found that here

Too bad you gotta wait until July. Cant wait to hear the hotglue stories.

The grindan wouldnt be bad if there were more areas or enemies besides reskins or even literal different names.

So is she wearing shimapan

It was a bit cheaper here than where I was gonna order it, so I got it from there.
This is gonna be my first fig.

This is how it starts, there's no turning back user.

Pantsu? Yep, just hidden behind the camera angle.

Or if there were actual interesting strategies instead of just spamming whatever.

Thats true, its only for a few moments in the game where I felt like buffs were necessary. For the most part you can grind and then button mash like a retard, use buffs, or exploit the EXE moves by using lots of rush attacks.

Was there supposed to be an image there?

I like these threads


Lots of people like these, if only for the cute neps. There's no need to be ashamed.

You're more than welcome to just lurk for the cute Neps

I just did a rough translation of this doujin.

Translation here:

Namefagging because everyone in the Discord knows I did this.

If you want to make an actual scanlation out of this, be my guest.

I've been a bit curious about this series for a while, is there any reason to start with the PS3 originals over the Vita remakes? I'd much prefer handheld but will go console if they're terrible.

Oh my god no.

There is no reason. Actually just go play the PC versions.

You are the gentlest of men

You can start with either version, though the first game on the ps3 is not the same as the first game on the vita at all.
Also, the first game is retconned by the second game on both the ps3 and vita, so if you do start with Re;birth 1, don't be surprised that there are new characters in Re;birth 2 and existing characters have different relations with each other in Re;birth 2. Re;birth 2 is the first game of the current canonverse.

Vita it is. My laptop is old software freedumbs waifu.

But the second and third are closer to ports?

Re;birth1, 2 and 3 are basically remakes of the original HDN, MK2, and Victory.
The battle system for HDN is completely different from everything else since the battle system of Victory was the basis for the Re;births.

Unless I misunderstood your questin entirely.

I just wanted to know whether it was safe to skip the originals in favour of the remakes if I have never touched the series and prefer to play on handhelds. It sounds like I should at least try the first one on PS3 some time.

Well, if you REALLY want to try the very first game, go ahead.

Just know, the gameplay is really terrible and there are some differences in the game's story and it's remake.

RB2 ane RB3 are direct remakes of the second and third game respectively.
Regardless of what others say, RB1 is NOT a remake of the original game on the ps3. That said, the original game on the ps3 has one of the worst gameplay mechanics of any game ever. I cant recommend it even if the writing in it is one of the best in the series.
You can just start with the vita games. Start with either 1 or 2. You can skip 1 because it has no bearing on the canon, though I would recommend at least playing it eventually.

It is quite safe to skip the originals as like what the others have said, Re;birth2 and 3 are direct re-makes of the original MK2 and Victory. Everything except the battle system is the same in Re;birth2 and 3 for MK2 and Victory.

Re;birth1 on the other hand is a re-imagining of the original HDN, and while the writing is much better, I'm not sure how much better I'm just parroting what the others have said here and I've seen that Neptune there literally killed a man in cold blood for disrupting the mood, the gameplay in HDN is absolute garbage and would most likely turn you off from the series completely.

Well, that was unanimous. I appreciate the input, thank you!

Have fun with the games user

The new sweater meme lives on.

Japan has failed us

Romance is a development that needs to die in games. It wasn't any good all the way back in Baldur's Gate 2 and it hasn't gotten any better since then.

Victory 2 sequel for sure.

Is David Production doing the fifth JJBA part? Seemed sort of up in the air, if that's getting farmed out to someone else then they'd have a clean schedule to pick up Neptunia again. Mildly curious to see what'd it look like after such a hiatus.

The fact this sweater is a meme means Japan has failed already.

Thats because that was western garbage. I bet the only games with rimance in them that you play are all shit.
Play a good game once in a while like rune Factory 4.

That would be contingent on me having any interest in the 3DS or Nintendo handhelds in general, which I can safely say is around 0%.

Anyway since all games with romance are shit, then yes all the game with that stuff in them that I have played are in fact shit.

Romance in western games are is shit. This is not a western series.

Romance in planet Earth/Sol-3 games are shit. And it was made somewhere on this planet.

Emulate the first 3 games then, they're still great.

At least its still technically Uzume.

What is it with Japan and meme dresses anyways?

I don't like these meme dresses

But OH's personality is completely different so you can't tease her like you could with Uzume.

meme sweaters are great


Shit that looks taped on and it'd not even 3DPD.

the funny thing is that it looks best from the front.

But anons, these dresses are great.


Might as well just wear an apron. At least then you could pretend to be a housewife instead of just a slut.

Traditional and normal is best.

this guy here has the right idea, who wants to show off their waifu's body to others. Plus you could reach under their cute clothes every know and surprise them.

Or you can foster and galvanize Rei's powertripping tendencies and despotic personality traits, conquer the world by her side, and be crowned the "king" (largely a symbolic role, the CPU's still the "prime minister") of the New Tari Hegemony.

>she is marriable
>now I've been playing this game 5 hours straight and doing it for her
what the hell user, tried this series before with the ds game and I didn't enjoy it but somehow I find this one more enjoyable than the other times
now I want a nep factory too ;_;

suffer with us

Glad you enjoy it. The only issue that the game has is the RNG, but aside from that, it's probably the best game on the 3DS.
Also, yeah, a literal Plutia is in the game. Even a narcoleptic marshmallow.

Extremely high grade, expertly prepared, and served in fine china with exquisite foam art by her loving imouto, although she doesn’t really have any major preference or taste when it comes to coffee, she’d enjoy free hotel lobby coffee just as much.
Although she usually prefers tea, and can certainly afford better, while late night raiding and getting sleepy she needs a cup ready FAST, she just pops a cup of water in the microwave and stirs in some instant coffee, a little milk and some whiskey, and returns to the raid.
Would probably get something convenient like from the coffee machine at work and compensate for its low quality with a little creamer and sugar. She's too ambitious and proactive to 'waste time' on brewing a nice cup at home or sitting down at a cafe. What she most frequently drinks is by her own admission ‘terrible’ but sufficient.
Cutesy sweet seasonal things like pumpkin spice, peppermint and chai
60% hot chocolate, 40% coffee liqueur
Goes to a coffee shop and takes too long deciding what to get from the listing and panics when it's her turn to order and randomly picks something with a fancy or long name and high price and drinks it sheepishly while finding it quite mediocre.
Iced coffee, extra cream, extra sugar, caramel syrup
"Black" officially, but she slips in 5+ packs of sugar while nobody is watching

So huggable

Your argument has four good points.

The whole point of a sweater is to show off a woman's figure without showing any skin.

Also something about staying warm but who cares.

Have there been any Marvy stories written?


So what do you all expect from 4GO? Will it be good, will it be bad?

Its the first Nep game with a proper budget, and its still likely to be the best Nep spinoff alone if nothing else. I just hope it doesnt take long to get localized.

Not until Nep Factory.

Not sure. Famitsu rated it only one point lower than VII and it's selling over there from what I've heard, but we'll have to see the user feedback of course down the road. I suspect porting won't take too long from a technical standpoint, and indeed will probably look and play better on PC down the road care of UE4 being employed. The main work will be localization, but I don't know how dense the script is. Either way, expect Sega Girls on Steam before 4GO.

As to the other point of your question, my expectations are basically that it'll be a somewhat refined variation of the other Neptunia action games released so far. The only significant concern I have is with beta testing for its PC release here, since the rounds for VII and Blanc did not go smoothly to say the least.

Blanc should have had a multiplayer only beta where you could play through a limited selection of missions.

Since it's on Unreal Engine, I better see some modding.
Can't be any worse than U, but I really hope they actually beta test & not give it to the same idiot who thought the bug in V-II wasn't a problem. Oh and no 4kids-tier localization.


Uzume, will you give me your confidence?

Nepgya will I smile today?

Neptune, will you give me trips so I can hug you?




Rei let's go on a date together


Thanks man

Do you want to get innawoods with me Uni?

Uni pls

Uni still can't have me, she's my daughterfu not my waifu

Noire, can I have some of your home cooking

Nepgear, I'm coming over. Should I bring condoms?

Follow up question: Does that mean you might not mind getting pregnant?

Nepgear is a very lewd girl

It was kind of a slutty answer. Basically prostitution. Only with getting pregnant as well.

Planeptune confirmed sluttiest nation

That's rude

I mean, what nation has the most lewds out of everything

Planeptune. The evidence doesn't lie.

True. Though uni gets sexualized more by CH than the other Neps. So you could claim that she's the lewdest Nep officially. Nep and Gear are the lewdest when pff the charts. I guess that includes Uzume now, too.

Someone that is good at editting amd such, hurry up and finish what translator user did by placing his translation into the doujin!

After watching some livestreams, I like it, it definetly has some issues but the gameplay itself looks pretty good


Some people live in Japan? I dunno.

Early shipping maybe? Copies put up before actual release? Things like that happen with western games as well so it's not suprising

I suppose early copies are possible

With credits to one not-shit person in 4chan's /nepgen/
Enjoy, the translated screencaps of the threads from 4GO's website

That Nepgear programming one rustled me on how bad most of the other CPUs are with code considering they are supposed to have input on their nation's console designs and first party games.

Vert, Plutia and Rom have patrician taste, everyone else the bamboo vs shroom thread is a pleb, especially Neptune for using Simpsons memes.

Linda attacking Gear's underwear autism is super effective, she should have done that back when they were playing for keeps.

Seriously, how do the CPUs not understand the most basic codes?
Also, I didn't realize nopan Gear was on such a notorious thing that CH would have other people mention it. Especially Linda.

Things like this incident must happen fairly often. No wonder Planeptune shares are always in the toilet.

given that Nepgear's panties seem to be missing often, they are probably in the toilet as well



Don't act so pure now, given the chance you'd use them to fap as much as possible and would only want to do similiar things to Gear herself

If I found Nepgear's panties lying around I would carefully wash them before returning them to her because a man can't have an honest relationship with a goddess if he jacked off in her panties.

I wouldn't do them to her pantsu without her consent. That's tantamount to rape. RAPE!


gear strikes me as someone who'd turn around and become a cute dom when she catches you fapping to her pantsu and decides oniichan needs to be punished

Gear is a lewd girl when punishing onii-chans


I just realized that, no reason for me to roll on this anymore





Give me Uni, Compa or Aiefu!

That's a solid Aiefu, I'll take her on many adventures!

She'd probably push you down, take off your clothes, bind you, and then sexually tease you knowing you can't find release on your own

well that get speaks the truth I guess

I guess I'll roll eitherway to see who I get

Nitroplus I think

Rolling around at the speed of sound


tfw I'll never get Rei with the current configuration of rolls

Here we go
Good to go


New thread