Hey Holla Forums

Hey Holla Forums.
Recommend me some of the most recent "vanilla" RPGs. Vanilla as opposed to having weird convoluted battle systems.
Just good old fashioned "Attack, Defend, Magic" etc. turn based or action is fine. The Dragon Quest and Breath of Fire series are totally my jam. The comfier the better.

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emuparadise.me/Super_Nintendo_Entertainment_System_(SNES)_ROMs/Breath_of_Fire_II_(USA)_[En Hack_by_d4s Watercrown_v1.2b]_(Original_Title_Screen_Music)/33078-download

Final Fantasy 6.

Oh, shit, recent?
Fuck. I dunno that one, man.

Yeah recent. That's hard mode.

Bravery Default, maybe? I never played it, so I can't say for sure.

Have you played the Breath of Fire 2 re-translation, i guess it counts as recent.

I forgot about that game. Looks comfy as fuck. Good call.

What system is it on? Yeah I'll play remakes / rereleases.
Looking forward to DQ8 on 3DS.

Vanilla JRPGs barely exist anymore, everyone wants to reinvent the wheel with weird mechanics to stand out from those "old fashioned" games. Bravely Default and 7th Dragon games kinda get close, but if you want comfy I think you'd be better off with Etrian Odyssey.

I am Setsuna? Hear its a Chrono Trigger clone but dunno if it's good.

Etrian Odyssey. Don't know how I feel about those first person, move one square at a time style games… they look okay I guess.

Game is trash by the way.

Well, this style is even more vanilla than the later top-down view and even comfier once you get used to it.


emuparadise.me/Super_Nintendo_Entertainment_System_(SNES)_ROMs/Breath_of_Fire_II_(USA)_[En Hack_by_d4s Watercrown_v1.2b]_(Original_Title_Screen_Music)/33078-download

Oh I know it's on SNES. Was just hoping maybe it got a later re-release on handheld or something. But thanks, user.

Maybe Radiant Historia?
I mean there was an enemy grid with combo system, but it really is used by just, well, attacking and using skills n stuff turn by turn.

I'm not gonna push you into it, but if you're ever curious come by an Etrian Odyssey thread sometime and ask about what you've been missing and what makes them comfy.

Lufia 2 is great, mainly because of the puzzles. The game also does away with random encounters inside dungeons, instead having roaming enemies instead. The battle system is SLOW though, I suggest you have an emulator with speed throttle.

lmao jrpg crap

Final Fantasy - The 4 Heroes of Light

Is Nostalgia any good I was wondering if it might be able to tickle my JRPG fancy.

Wasn't 4 heroes of light hated by practically everyone?

CrossCode, nigga.

It's still in Early Access until May, don't think it can get more recent than that. Secret of Mana meets Phantasy Star in SNES-era spritework and music.

I think you are confusing it with another game. I never heard a bad thing about it.

Seconding Bravely Default and Radiant Historia. 2 of my faves, both are all-around fantastic as far as JRPGs go.

Bravely Second supposedly had a ton of cringey dialogue and didn't at all live up to its predecessor's standards. Not to mention the inability of the original's composer to reprise their role for the score.

Reminder that tabletop will always be superior.

Pairy Pencer Eps

No it's bad

This is more for SMT people. BUT If you can stand 1st person dungeon crawlers it's a good series.

This fits the bill

Not recent, gotta love how they reused the 1st battle theme in Ys8 for the beach areas with higher level enemies.



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There isn't one. Don't believe anyone who says Bravely Default or that shitty Atlus game.

It's a DS game and it's not a remake of anything.

Makes you think…

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Fuck no. It's shit. Trust me. I stopped playing halfway through the story cuz of how boring it was.
The only good things I can say about it are some aspects of its visual design and some of the compositions in the soundtrack.

I can't, for the life of me, get how this game got raving reviews.
Fuck this game. It's a soulless husk.

Pretty much this. Also, the Vita version has slowdown like a bitch. We're talking sub 10FPS when battle animations go off.

It's mediocre. Great aestetic, especially the towns, but the gameplay is really unbalanced and fairly archaic (you can't chose who you target, for example, which makes healing a bitch). You can see how it developed into Bravely Default, which is fairly good, and Bravely Second, which is just a flat out good game (and has a decensoring patch).

Nostalgia is a standard DQ clone but has a really good world map.

The new Digimon games are fairly "vanilla"

So it's kind of like Glory of Heracles?

I really loved DQ9. It's "multiplayer focused", but it's still perfectly good solo. You custom create your party members if you want them, so the personality is mostly held by npcs you meet.

If you can find some friends willing to play it with you, you can all wander the map as you please. It's good clean fun, and the story is still fairly strong. White Dragon Armour is aesthetic as fuck

This translations is technically "better", but it lacks the engrish charm that made most old RPGs actually fun.
I'd like to see a de-translation patch that turns everything into muddled engrish, personally.

ignore this contrarian ass , CrossCode seems like it will be awesome. Gave it a pirate and put it down because I heard the story does just end abruptly, for the moment. I want to experience the whole thing, without interruption, once it's finished.

There was a thread about this the other month. You could play whatever demo it was in a browser, and I did so.

It was okay, but the tutorials were far too long, the pozzed characters were way too chatty and annoying, and as far as I played, it's definitely not a RPG. Seemed decent though.

Anyone recommending Bravely Default never got past chapter 4. The last half of the game is a repetitive slog through a time loop, it's shit.

Luckily Bravely Second doesn't do that shit.

Between my seething hatred for the second half of the first game and even more censorship in the sequel I couldn't be bothered with it. I've been meaning to hack my old 3DS, maybe I'll play the uncut version for the fuck of it.

After you hack it, get the decensoring patch, it turns the cowgirl back into a slutty indian, as God intended.

The Quest


Wasn't that game shit?

I think I might have been confusing 4 heroes of light with Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Shadow Dragon wasn't bad, it was just ugly as fuck.

Patrician taste, user. Didn't think I'd see this game mentioned.

Don't go the fuck near this game. This piece of shit deserves to die in the dirt. My friend told me i should play this to get my jrpg binge to die. He was right, this game killed my need to play any jrpg ever again. I'm going to cover some examples of why this game is shit and should be forgotten about for the rest of time.

Its complete shit. I'll tell you the story so you don't ever have to play it ever again. You play as a kid who is exploring the ruins with his surragote hammerhead shark until you find some sort of artifiact. Then the bad guys come, steal away your grandpa and you go off to find him. You then get pulled into a shitty explained civil war, with a white marry sue, her dog, a pig, a black impowered women, and a robot. Everything is never explained, even the ending, you end up fighting some old god, which you have no idea why. Fuck that game. Theres a situation that sums up the experience of the game, where a robot and a dog are talking, and some side character talks about how he has no idea what the fuck there saying.
Basic jrpg, but it takes forever to kill any mob. And cause you get the most experience from fighting mobs in groups, your fighting a shit load of enemies that just kill you by attrition if you don't have a healer. Feels like a grind, is a grind, but sucks massive tree stumps.
3)Music (this is worse)
There where a max 4 songs in the game. No special boss music, just the sam shit over and over and over again. You get use to it, but it wears you out. Makes you realize that this game is shit in all designs.

The one only good thing about this game, but still done horribly, is the perk system. You basicly can suit up anybody you want however you want, its a good idea in a shit game. Sadly, its still pretty bad, but it has hope.

Other then that, never play this game, go outside, go talk about porn. Play tetris, anything is better.

Seconding this.

There is one bad aspect, and that's that after a certain major point in the story, the enemies start scaling levels with you, which removes any urge to level yourself up. Also some people might not like the early or midgame, where you mostly only control two characters at a time, though that does mean once you get all four characters together it's a major power trip. Otherwise, the game is fantastic, though.

I don't remember having an issue with the healing, but it's been several years. I should replay it.

Seconding DQ9, though the end game content kind of… doesn't end. There's no satisfying conclusion after the story's final boss, even though you can grind the various bosses from previous games to level them up, get better armor, et cetera. So don't expect to find a point where it's easy to just put it down and be done if you keep playing past the story.

Absolutely seconding Radiant Historia. Great game.

I found Nostalgia an enjoyable, lighthearted adventure mixing classic and more recent elements. It also awards exploration too. The difficulty spikes at each new elevation are a bit annoying though, but they can be countered with buffs (the spikes in the bonus dungeons are hell though).

If going for a physical copy, beware that some prints have a game breaking bug courtesy of Ignition.