Shoshone is the best civ in civ 5. fight me

shoshone is the best civ in civ 5. fight me

I don't bully retards.

I don't even know anything about this game, but I think you're a faggot and I disagree.

England is and will always be the best civ in that game.



China will grow rarger

That's one shitty Trait.

Unless you get really, really lucky with ruins and starting location, you can't compare yourself to Babylon or Korea. Which goes for all other civs too honestly, Civ V isn't a balanced game

It's objectively Babylon, although Shoshone/Poland/Korea form the silver tier. They might be slightly better if you go really wide.

Best factions coming through.



Make a guido one.

I've always liked the Inca. You can stack a lot of gold if you stick to building roads in hills.

(((envious powers that dominate europe)))

i always swim in gold everytime i play with the incas, it's definetly one of the most underrated empires.


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I'm pretty sure the faggot who made those posted here or on /cuteboys/, quit shilling your own custom factions lad.


Let's show some credit where credit is due

While I like the 3D leader models and stuff, it makes the mods look lackluster since they're just still portraits.

oy vey!

I'm sorry user but standards have changed. Also with its expansions I'd say 5 is as good as 4.

Oh, really? I just like MSF's playstyle, and included the other one for memeposting purposes.

Oh wow, fucking Austrians, man.

Huh. It's a bit surreal to see him, since I read about him in a book on Babylonian history.
Eannatum (or Eannadu, as the book wrote it) was the best Lagash had, with maybe the exception of Gudea.

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Civ 6 is shit

Civ 6 > Civ 5


civ 5 had a better artstyle

1UPT still doesn't work and will never work.

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