4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite mini game in a game?

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Evenin' folks.

My fav minigame was the surfing Pikachu one.

hey fams

This last couple weeks has been amazing, praise kek and hail emperor trump
I don't know about favorite but pong on your watch in Commander Keen 4 is what sticks in my mind

Morning everyone!

Just woke up from a nap a few minutes ago. Still pretty groggy. Tired of waking up every day with a head ache and feeling like crap.

Tried playing a little mgsv today. God this game is crap. I need a good stealth game. Might give the thief series a try.

That actually happened?

Was that in yellow? I don't remember that at all if so.

What'd you do today user?

And yeah watching Trump make good on so many campaign promises so damn fast has been insane. Its making liberals heads spin so fast they are puking everywhere.

I really liked the racing in Sleeping Dogs. Being able to smack around the other cars was a lot of fun.
Anyway, I'm just chilling with Oracle of Seasons for now. Trying to get the flute for the best companion which is obviously Dimitri. After that I might put on a speedrun or something. Maybe play Enter the Gungeon. Fuck if I know.

Is dimitri that flying bear thing?

Dimitri's the one that can swim and eat stuff.

Ohhh dunno if I got that one then. I really didn't understand the companion system in that game honestly.




The criteria are different in each game, and I only know Seasons. If you buy the flute in the Horon Village shop before you go to Natzu (the area by Sunken City) you get the bear. If you win the one from the dancing minigame before you get there, you get Dimitri. If you get neither, then you get the kangaroo.


remind me of dat forklift shit in shemue but dat was essentail shenmue gameplay fammo


fucked around in the hotel trying to get my linux mint machine to not shit the bed on the wireless
I'm starting to think its not drivers and the wireless dongle is going bad with how frequently it disconnects and disappears
bought a 90 dollar router, returned it because it could not connect to the hotel wireless as an access point for ethernet, bout another on newegg for 25 that is supposed to support DD-WRT firmware which should let me do what I want to

also didn't get enough sleep or find time for taxes or modding the small new 3DS, only had enough time to get the files for the modding
probably wont get anything done this week since I'm gonna house sit for my dad

It's so fucking weird man, I didn't know a president could move that fast and get so much shit done and have so much power

fucking bush and obama were always fucking around with golf and shit

I never played Shenmue. I just really liked zooming through the city in Sleeping Dogs, smashing the other racers around while Warp Radio was blaring.

Smokes more like SMOKED

Ahh thats some force to read a guide shit to understand shit tbh

Shiiiiiiet I haven't thought about the lion king game in fucking forever. That shit was hard as fuck.


shenmue wuz fukkn great tbh n as much as I loved it it rarely pops into my head anymore like sum half remembered dream or sum shit monica. wuz wonderin if da yakuza games had sum sorta flair to em like shenmue did cuz dat kuza nigga been tellin mah blak ass 2 get on dat shit

ye ye real talk monica shit was rough. disney had sum winners back in da day fo'reall now they fukkn up dat nigga marvel shit monica

Yeah, it's pretty bad. When I played as a kid I got the bear. He was alright.

That's what I get for not getting into pokemon as a kid, miss all the cool shit.

I've heard they were pretty fun. Weren't there supposed to be like 17 of them?

I fucking hate routers and wifi and fucking ports and every fucking thing to do with all that shit. Fuck computers.

And yeah its because he actually wants to get shit done and Make America Great Again. Unlike king nigger, dubya, bubba, etc who just worked for the you know whos.

I'm gonna have to beat that now, thanks fam needed something to play today.

Nothing better in gaming than beating the games you couldn't as a kid.


Eat anything good today user? Have any weird dreams?

i heard dat shit bak in da day i kno game 2 was actually chapter 3 n dey did sum sorta mange for chapter 2 or sum shit so idk how ebin dey planned on makin da shit tbh. would be pretty awesome modern day epic w/ games n possibly like ovas or sum shit. like tears in rain monica

wheneva i gon bak n play da shit da level w/ da giraffes n shit iz way harder than i remember tbh monica

posting the cytube just in case

I never found it either fam, it dont matter tho

it's my shit tho, fuckign with routers is new for me tho so I'm working with my base computer knowledge and what I read at this point
(((you know whos))) need to be gassed

I've lost control again
stayed up all night, maybe i'll be able to sleep early today because of it.

You dare question my fucking power?

hey there sexy come here often?

are you trying to sleep with your computer on?

shit, is it really 4am already? seems like the last 2 hours just disappeared

I used to enjoy playing minigolf in gmod tower

I think thats as far as I got as a kid. Though I was probably like 6 when I played it so.

At the rate Trump is going, the gas chambers might not be such a far fetched dream anymore.

Whats got you up so late user?

his son already got away with saying traitors should be gassed

No. Why do you ask?

My dick.

Sounds like me user. But replace 2 hours with 8 years

How has your day been?

i beat dat shit da second to last level had mah ass goin fo awhile monica it's labyrinthine af tbh w/u. if you wanna play old disney nigga play quack shot tbh.

been too long monica

Never did like it too much, other than the movie that came out decades ago.Otherwise I never really saw much of it.

Man, there's gotta be a better GBC emulator for Android. This game is running like shit. Even just walking around the overworld there are areas with really bad slowdown.

because the lights and sound will keep me up some times
I used to play music when I slept but the computer got louder so I stopped for a while until I figured out how to make this play music over PC speakers

His two oldest sons are great. I really hope they follow in Trump's footsteps and get into politics. Gotta have someone to fill the void while we wait for Barron to get old enough to take the white house.

One of those 4 hour fap sessions ay? Rarely is worth it imo

Quack shot? If thats some donald duck shit, I fucking hate donald duck

the feelings getting bolder

da free myboy shiz?

A little bit.


ain't no donal dug nigga u indiana jones

ye ye u kno it

I strained my neck cumming.

Nah, GBCoid. Does Myboy work with Gameboy Color exclusive games?

worked wif dis

You lookin to throw bro cuz I'll fuckin throw bro I'll fuckin throw

That like some kinda top down shit? That one goof troop game was pretty comfy. Even though I fucking hate good troops shit too.

How'd you manage that user?

I saw the first two pokemon movies and those were pretty cool, I fucking cried like a bitch in the Mewtwo one

fuck yeah, America loves dynasties


sidescrollan metroid lite sorta thang goin on tbh. pretty neat.

i luh melania but i rly hope dat she don't make anything in da white house super slavic or nuffin

I would love to see Secret Service agents squatting in Adidas

I ain't even played metroid back on snes all that much. I'd rather play that.


Looks like they have one just for GBC, yeah. Guess I'll pirate the paid version real quick and test it.

Trump live is not NEET life fam

Bad cumming posture I guess.

If I were raised by Trump I'd probably have a work ethic and all that jazz.

bannon is a pretty gud artist

it don't do da metroid thing to heavy iz kinda more aimed fo kids in dat regard but iz actually got sum legit challenge 2 it idk

ye i played dqs 1-3 on dat bitch n i was fine. oddly enuff i did get sum slowdown in certain overworld sections but neva w/ da battles tbh monica

It's been so long I can hardly remember anything about it, other than ash got rock hard or something.

I know it's hilarious.

What's good user?

Nah I can't sleep with all that noise, even though my PC's decently quiet. I used to listen to music when getting in bed as a kid, but that stuff just made me stay awake for longer than I would without.

Yea, although I'm not sure how long it was this time. I was fairly tired so it might have been longer. Didn't want to quit that far into it so I just kept going kek.
Ain't that the truth. I gotta quit doing it late at night. It's one of the reasons I stay up so late.

Play any good games lately user?

I've been really wanting to play metroid prime lately. I need to fucking set up my wii fucking now.

Too lazy though and don't have a card to pirate shit with.

sayin kek keep u from cummin fam?

only six more months, then it's time for me to pick up tokyo ghoul again. I hope when the story's finished, the ending won't suck.

my dad had to yell at me to get me a work ethic, after neglecting to give me one when I was younger
I still have shit work ethic but it's made me smarter about being lazy so I can find the ethic if it means I can be more lazy later

shit did he make that?


me too fam me too. i dig ishida's sense of humor tho dats prolly more then anything wut keep me goin. still think dis is da most important line of da story so far

Should just buy a good onahole

My parents pushed me to do shit I hated a lot as a kid, probably made me resent that kind of crap.


I played some GBC stuff on the shitty knockoff emu this thing came with just fine, but Oracle of Seasons is beyond it. Tried the legit version and it can't handle the game either. MyOldBoy seems better so far, though. Thanks for the recommendation.

No way dude.

I don't lol fags

u do

or do i

u better nigga

u welcome fam it was always da first one to pop up for me on their monica


got put on probation because I accidentally clocked out too early a week ago. I remember telling a manager I was leaving and they didn't say anything about it, and I didn't find out I got on probation until today so apparently it only begins now. I think my manager misplaced it and fucked me over. otherwise, I wouldn't even be in probation anymore.

I also suck at starting or continuing conversations. No idea how to do that shit all day. you?

you should have listened to chill music, like air
also look into a blue light filter like redshift jonls.dk/redshift/
blue light tells your brain its time to be awake and the lack of it will help you fall asleep better

Why not? You gay or somethin?

The fuck is probation at a job like?

without good management it feels like busy work
bet they didn't give what you were doing meaning

or an ouya

Your boss sounds like a cocksucker, how bad's the probation? Also best way to git gud at conversing is to practice it with people you already know and are comfortable with then move on from there. I'm doin aight, just sitting around not really doing anything, only woke up about an hour ago tbh, thanks for asking.

I think the biggest thing that led me down the road to NEET life was my highschool though. Was so shitty and I spent half of every day in computer "classes" emulating ps1 games the entire time. I mean it was comfy and fun but shit.

I'm at a movie theater, so it means no free movies or discounts. No big deal, it's the circumstances around it that piss me off.

Ahhh so you still get hours and work though right? And yeah thats pretty bullshit. Thats the kind of thing I'd start looking for another job over. Its only a matter of time before your boss does something to get you fired.

Hey everyone

nice numbers

I spent all m time at home playing games doing no homework getting by the skin of my teeth since I tested great but my grades were shit because no homework
up until the start of 8th grade my life was standard user issue pariah shit

hey fag

ye dey is how u doin fam

Why are you talking to yourself

What'd you do today user?

no free movies or discounts on food. not a huge deal. As for the conversing, I'll try to break out of it, but I always feel anxiety then I overthink things and don't know how to respond to people.

oh and Gorillaz and Arcade Fire's songs protesting Trump suck donkyballs. Musicians should stay out of politics.

you too fam

Back at ya nigga. What's good fam, how's life?

I'm doing all right

Pre Order some dice

Are you? Yes you are.
Buying shit like that is like a point of no return in my eyes. Not to act all normalfag here, but I'm never sticking my dick into some silicone pussy. I'd rather become a wizard.

it's an entry level job and I'm finding myself caring less and less about it. I want to hang around so I can see Lego Batman and Logan for free.

fuck you.

You like skipped school constantly?

I did that a lot during elementary school. Pretended to be sick constantly so I could stay home and play games.

For what?

How long until you go full wizard user? Might just be time to embrace the life.

rip, how long does probation last?
It gets easier the more you do it fam, just like everything else. Eventually it'll come naturally and you won't even give it a second thought.

ye i feel ya fam if dey do say sumnthin political it should b in protest of an idea, movement, war or what have u cuh cuz dey shit is supposed to be dealin w/ abstract shiz cuz it art monica

nigga u got on probation at da fukkn movie theater dawg? how early did you leave? did u fug up sumn by leavin? wuz u in trouble b4 or somn or is it jus first 90 days shit? seem mo lyk a no harm no foul type situation get yo ass a talkin too but iz prolly sum corporate bs i'm guessin fammo keep ya head up monica

Depends what type, Parody Musicians are fine as that's what they are, though musicians who aren't that should get out




Blood Bowl, seeing as the Skaven dice sold out pretty quick, and they have Dwarve dice out I wanted to make sure I had it

Best part of working jobs you don't give a shit about is being able to be lazy and do it really half assed and not caring if it leads you getting fired. So at least you got that going for you now.

because I'm a lonely pitiful soul :)

How much did that set you back?

Isn't Logan the current high Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves and also 40k's version of Santa

My favorite pair of glasses broke today.


That's gay

no, I went every day I could
I just never did my homework because no motivation and no drive
on the other hand my parents were in fucking college at the time, fucking liberal stereotypes
I was too honest to lie, too trusting in authority too

Groovy, my dude.

20 dollarydoos, so they weren't extremly fucking expensive and now I have dice

So how are you doing?

I'm sorry to hear that, when's the funeral?

Same as always, nothing new under the sun and all that, thanks for asking though user.

I wonder if Malcolm did it in order to increase spending

Losing a good pair of glasses always fucking sucks and it always seems like companies stop making a style only a year or two later. Sorry user.

Ahhh. God I fucking hated school so much now that I think about it. No wonder I ended up NEET.

Not bad. Figured branded dice would be all jacked up in price.

thanks I needed that. it just feels shitty sometimes when I want to hangout and chill with friends, and I can't keep talking the same way they do.

how did you end up in 4am? I think we've been here since 2014/2015, but every time I come here it feels like no time has passed.

apathy to life is normal after the lives we grew up with
I'm glad I found my innate desire to be a family man even if it only barely kept me afloat

or will you

I don't no lols


koala are pretty weird creatures

It was when I was ushering. apparently, I didn't clean one movie theater. it lasts a week then it's over, but I swear there were other ushers there too. I don't know what happened.

I'm weird but not that weird.


Thanks. Yeah, I know what you mean about styles. All the new ones look so faggoty too. I hate them.

Koalas are cute

Nah man, I still got more than seven years to go. If nothing changes in my life by that time I may as well off myself.

Most 'entertainers' have no business spouting political agendas as entertainers. Musicians especially piss me off because nine out of ten times they know jack shit about any of the things they talk about. Just keep your shit apolitical and keep your politics away from your professional life.
Of course I bet a lot of pressure gets put on them from their labels to act like a good goy, but fuck that shit, man.

I feel like you're being tongue in cheek, but I'm gonna respond seriously anyway. It's the new Wolverine film with X-23 set in the future. Logan's healing factor is degenerating, so he's starting to age.

Eh fair enough, I hope you are having fun doing the same even if it is a problem

Shit is already sold out too, though the shop should get one pair of dice in
Though I shouldn't be surprised, Blood Bowl is doing pretty well and a fair amount of people are making their own team, so they need their own dice
Also so you know it's 12.50 burger bucks for 2 d6s 3 blood blown d6s a d8 and a d16, and they're bigger than usual dice but it's not shit you buy more than once unless if you really like the look of another type of dice

Best of luck to you user, I know you'll get the hang of it.

I was just lurking around the board ages back around this time and saw the thread and just started coming regularly, how about you?

Time's a weird thing, it's starting to feel like a bit of a blur for me, know what I mean?

Older I get the more I want kids. Might just adopt a 2d daughteru honestly.

Yeah same here. Every damn time I'm forced to get a new pair it takes me fucking ages to find a style I can tolerate.

I really like the ones I have now though. Plus I made my folks upgrade and get me some of that flex shit so they never get warped and will be hard to break. Should last a good long while.

but, what of waifu?

I figured you meant him, didn't know they made another Wolverine movie
Wolverine should get a futuristic slay


We still don't have the technology to impregnate waifus, sadly.

Just hire a hooker.

Whats stopping your from getting laid really? 3dpd is easy.

I've never really had a need for those kinds of dice and yet I've still got a ton of them laying around for whatever reason.

We'd raise her together obviously.

So cremation then? Not how I'd do it but we all grieve in different ways.

Remember to filter Ritsu.

they eat poison and store it in their tear ducks

n o

Malcolm Turnbull, the Jewish PM of Australia may of broken your glasses so you spend more in the economy, he thinks the broken glass fallacy isn't a fallacy

well, yeah

you and ritsu?

Fair enough
I think it's fun to roll dice for no reason every now and again

We will in our lifetimes

started browsing 4chan in 2011, then migrated over here when gamergate happened and mods were deleting threads. I miss when /x/ was good on there. I think my low self-esteem and need to talk to people brought me here. A few years ago, the only way I could talk to me people was with canned lines. Even saying hello was difficult.

Time feels like being trapped in one of those rooms where the door shuts and the walls start closing in. You can try to get out, but you know there's no way to escape it. Eventually, you either resign and accept your fate or fight until the end. I'm going on a tangent here, but yeah I know what you mean.

this tbh

Yeah who else?

I can't complain. Nothing to really complain about anyway tbh.

a futuristic slay?

but how will you provide a robot body for your waifu?

By 2009 4/x/ was horrifically shit because of all the tripfags there on it along with the near constant Holla Forums raids.

Nice quads, but I meant a sleigh
Like Pic related

Thats really out there user. You ever see anyone about your social anxieties? Yours sounds pretty serious.

Unlike some waifuists I don't really think we will ever see that in our lifetime. I think waifu AI or wAIfus will be more likely though.

I just pick the one i hate least out at the eye doctors place and place the order. I'm too impatient to look around.

No, I put it in the garbage and drank an entire 2 litre diet pepsi bottle in one sitting while I watched youtube videos and felt bad for myself.

Nobodies perfect.

Good thing I dont live in australia then. Unless he went global. Whats the broken glass fallacy?

there were still good threads during 2010/2011. There were a series of stories an user released in the summer of 2010 that were pretty great. sucks for you if you missed them.

would be cool

nope. I don't know who I would talk to, and it's not like I got the money or time for it right now.

By late 2011 I was spending all of my time on /vp/ and only occasionally would skim other boards.

hahaha you're a funny guy man

Same thing as an onahole to me to be honest. Might as well keep using my hand.
Lack of social skills, lack of friends, lack of any reason to go outside, even when I had a job that'd be the only time I'd leave the house.

Says the autistic tripfag in a 4AM thread. Buying a hooker doesn't count as being easy dude.

I thought you did because of the Koala
And the Broken Glass Fallacy is that people thinking that someone breaking a glass window will stimulate the economy as the owner of the shop has to pay a glass place get a new one forgetting that the shop owner was going to spend that money elsewhere

Do you wear yours 24/7? Thats the only reason I'm picky cause its something I'm stuck with on my face for the next 5 years until I get a new pair.

Yeah for sure. I mean chatbots are coming along just fine at the moment. Just need the ability to feed it data about a character, and an easy way to tweak the personality and bing bang boom you got yourself a waifu AI.

At least you got 4am to help socialize in. You got many online buddies? That helps a lot too.

Shit man, that anxiety sounds pretty bad, but you're better now at least, right?

Which one did you end up going with?

Me too, I don't know how th efuck to talk to people, I can't relate to them and haven't a clue waht to say. I just sit there. Sometiems I can bullshit a bit but most of hte times I sit there.


wasn't there some shit in star trek DS9 where they reconstructed a cardasian holocaust doctor as a hologram doctor?
or was that voyager?


m8 I was able to have a long term gf and bang a few 3dpds while a dorky NEET back when I still cared about them.

They are dumb as bricks and easy as all fuck to manipulate.

Thought you committed suicidio tbh

No clue how to do the online thing. I usually shitpost in the comments on Transformice, and every now and then I inadvertently attract people who want to be my friend. Then they never log-in again, or I stop playing the game.

Your story touches my heart user. Make art out of your suffering so that the world can understand your pain.

It's a feeling so intense.

So did he begin a policy to discreetly break shopkeepers windows to stimulate the economy? Is this why I keep hearing about immigrants breaking stuff in melbourne?

Yeah, usually. Unless I go swimming, then its contacts.

I cant draw though.

Never been big on star trek, gotta ask the threads token nigger.

Could always find a shitty mmo to play or do some the group Holla Forums things.

Tell me about it amirite?

I can't do contacts. Touching my eyes freaks me out so damn much.

I don't know if you're serious or not. I merely seek to leave this mortal world like I always had, which ironically I am faring quite well in. Did you know I have a job now? Things are terrible because they are good. I don't like control.


it's been a slow fucking grind all the way up. It's why I've seen a speech therapist, done singing lessons/karaoke/performances, and started talking to people at bus stops and in classes, etc. I might have to spend a year or two off grinding my social skills so I can tell my anxiety to fuck off and start getting girls.

Fighting in whatever way I can. I can't give up because I get bored feeling hopeless and sad. and you?

Shiiiiiiiet what kind of job fam?

DMX even in tonight?


Has it always been that way for you? I think I used to be better when I was younger, but something fucked me up along the way. Now it's like I'm trying to repair myself without knowing exactly what's causing the problem.

Yeah but he bounced forever ago. He'll show again I bet.

ah well

Take the dive user, let the shit skills you have at art be your muse. Draw about how shit you are at drawing about your broken glasses and your suffering. You could be remembered forever!

No, there was apoint I was the most atalkative likeable guy, I'd have everyone laughing ever 2 lines. I don't know waht the fuck happened to me it's like my brain flipped a switch. Didn't help 2 years later I became redpilled and in turn a jadede asshole. It's gotten to a point where I'm actively seeking books and shit to learn how to talk to people and have fun with them. Pretty much the same boat you're in.



I feel like that would make my sense of humor even more decrepit. It would only be a matter of time before I start to emulate everyone's autism. I'd end up on the entire spectrum.

so they're setting their kids up to be millennials

Well the breaking of glass is a metaphor though there is some reality in the metaphor with Apex crime gangs and Allahu Car bars

There's literally nothing wrong with being a millennial.

Existing is a good enough dream tbh.

Sounds terrible to be honest. How'd that go for you?

I've been looking for a new hobby with normalfag potential or just something to keep me occupied enough to forget how terrible video games are these days.
What do you guys do besides video games, if anything?

Shit man you're really nailing it down then, yeah there's no doubt you'll definitely have this shit under control in no time.

I've given into the apathy tbh

that's so fucking weird. How do we even get to this point. if I ever find my way out of this, I'll have to write something up for people online. Maybe I can get other people out of this funk.

There isn't inherently wrong there is issues with a majority with people in that age group, same with Gen X and Boomers

This thread needs more skeet shooting.

Bounces off and sticks to me huh, alright then how about you're cool Haha bet you didn't expect that

It's not so bad once you're used to it. I can touch my bare eyes with my fingers now without bothering me too much.
Koalas dont quack?

I'd rather just masturbate and watch youtube videos instead.

Your PMs face is gonna be real red when he realizes he was wrong, especially with all the apex crime gangs he invited in.

I hear improv classes are fun. Dance classes give you more confidence with moving your body and comfortable man-handling girls especially in Salsa.

except the lack of meaning and purpose in your life

If it wasn't for the late boomers and early gen x parents, we wouldn't be where we are now.


Performance art huh? That takes skill son, I can respect that. When's the art showcase?

you have to eat them all


You have to buy these eggs!

you have to eat them all

I dunno man, I think at the time I was overthinking conversation and ways to make people laugh and shit and it's like my brain fucking imploded. I'm looking into it too. I'm gonna check out some of these books listed here.

hold on, I think I have a vid on the subject

no, I have that, I'm not a millennial

why are you doing this?

We were both NEETs so it was pretty comfy actually. We just sat around gaming and watching shit all day plus smoking a lot of pot


Early Boomers had a part too, though one Early boomer is fixing shit

Line cook at a restaurant. I actually like the job, the pay is good, I'm getting good experience, it's close to home, it's a nice place. I'm miserable.



He doesn't really care as long as he remains PM and seeing as Labour currently a pretty boring guy as its leader
But Pauline or Bernardi could get him

What makes matters worse is that millennial age groups change depending on who you ask, and it almost always ends around in 1995 and will start near 1980.


Nigga's an old boomer isn't he?

Yeah no shit. If you work you die.


ducks do

have the vid


very nice

I work on computer shit to make my life easier, fun projects like learning how to use linux mint and making my own cloud servers
and then once I learn how I share it with anons like here >>>/poltech/66
I love talkign tech with people

It's funny how they keep calling him fascist when he's Classical Liberal at best

What is performance art?

I said the same thing the first time the man did it to me, but you get used to it, especially with practice and always putting them in and out.

I don't know who either of those people are. Do either of them believe in the broken glass fallacy?

He's 70 years old, but if you're interested you can look.


You misunderstand. I like my work. My life is going well by all accounts. This is negative to me currently. It's probably just because I'm up late. Actually, it's definitely that.

He's literally Hitler. Don't forget he's supported by the alt-right and the monsters like Sam Hyde that turned Pepe into a nazi symbol of hate.


Shitting in front of people basically.

Yeah maybe.

Work with any cute girls?

glad I learned something from ym shit life

You're up late, so you're tired and your guard is down. Now you can't hide from your real emotions.


Baby boomer generation started in 1945-1946, trump was born in 1946, so he's an older boomer, not a younger one.

You need to continue


according to the afore posted vid starts at 1994 or 1996
fucking hate the slide on generations

one of the few worth a damn

I mean Early as in Born early in the Boomer Period

That's more Hueys thing I think.

Ah, right. My bad.

Don't worry, they'll eventually decide on a date.

Stealth shitting is far better.

Shake things up by jacking it in public, they'll never see it cumming.

Are you kidding? There's an overabundance of waitresses. They're all fine, by 3d standards. Nigger have you ever been to a restaurant? On a related note:
man flipping teriyaki chicken is hard

fuckem all


Holy fuck that killed me.


What is stealth pooping?

You're very horny today. You should probably go masturbate and stop all this flirting.

So do you enjoy being a chef

sounds like you've been broken down over time. what happened to you


It's not gay if you say no homo.

yeah lot of women in housekeeping too

dat shit cute af monica

girls below your status in the restaurant will suck your dick on the job. or so I've heard.

you're a total homo

That's good
I'm probably going to become one my self

Chinchillas are the cutest

Don't flatter yourself


Are you one of those fruitcakes that likes girls or something?


Young and rebellious, Stormboyz strive to stand out amongst the anarchy of Ork society.
They studiously ape authority figures, practise things until they can do them right, and openly polish their boots in public places, much to the disgust of their elders. Yet no matter how much they fly in the face of greenskin values with their wilful forward planning and blatant regard for the rules, Stormboyz are still Orks. They live to get stuck into a good, bloody fight as quickly as they can. To this end, Stormboy Korps strike deals with local Meks to equip them with large, noisy rokkit packs. These they use to propel themselves toward the foe amid resounding (and suspiciously well synchronised) bellows of ‘Waaagh!’, striking the enemy line like ballistic missiles and hacking apart anything unlucky enough to find itself in arm’s reach.

It's what people who aren't proud wafflestompers do.


How so?

That's also good
do it

but user that's heresy

i bet you kiss girls fagot

who would've known, women are good at being women :^)

I bet you hold hands and cuddle girls you freak.



Oh okay good. I was worried I was going to have to reject you. Stop talking about my penis though, it's very gay.

I don't want anything that looks like it can eat my kitty if it wanted.

No one would actually wafflestomp poop would they? That's horrid.

disgusting xenos

apathy usually comes over consistent disappointments and let downs. kind of like how anons here don't let themselves get excited about video games anymore after being soured by so many botched games.


Doesn't change that it reminds me of something

Did you miss this entire event?

are you saying you'd say no to a blow job while frying up some chicken?


not the ones living in the west

Just bros being bros, bro :^)

but capybaras are cool

and god damn i hate niggers

To be fair Kitchens are usually pretty small so not only would it be hard for it to cook while getting a blowey to begin with but they'd have to contort in a weird way to do it

you take that back you man born of a woman whom you respect

fuck nigger are you crazy I would say no to a fucking research grant while I am frying chicken. You know how busy rush hour gets? I'd be impressed if she could keep up with my movement as I'm trying to fry four simultaneous dishes while slicing bread sticks at 45 degree angles


muexy muexy xenomophs

If he's not careful hes going to end up with an infection. Poop is not sanitary.

Most gay relationships start between bros bro

So are mountain lions. But I wouldnt want one either because it'd eat my kitty or my doggo.

Life is just an unending series of disappointments fam.

But you just said they were gross?

I shall not retract my statements at this time.

If you do it in the shower, you don't have to worry because you have the shower right there.

it was phil the shill, what are you, a pleb who doesnt like miami vice?

Bro don't be gay bro, it's just bros being bros, that's all broski

lions and housecats get along fine fam

Lion did nothing wrong
Unlike Leman Russ, Magnus the Red and Logar

I'm tired. Good night you filthy niggers.

Not true, if showers always cleaned away the danger, gay guys wouldnt need to worry about aids if they just did it in the shower.


shush and post more

Sleep easy taco cheesy

night fam

But soap and water could clean off the poop and bacteria in the poop. Nothing can fix a disease with no cure.



Now you're overcompensating, which is very suspicious. Lets just agree not to talk about my penis, or your penis. Wouldnt want anything lewd to happen.

Until he gets hungry. And that still leaves my doggo in danger.

Night austronaught-tan.

But that'd break rule 8?

But what if it got into your cuts and bruises before you could get the soap?

Whatever you say Brometheus

I'm apathetic because I can't amount to anything.

Only when you agree that vaporwave is good.

Simple. Don't get cuts in the region. If you do have cuts in the region, what the fuck are you doing?

That's why he's still alive

PHIL COLLINS = SHIT HOLLANDAISE (because it's very annoying to make and I hate it)


tinder hangout went okay, what did i miss

I'm glad you understand.



show me some good genesis vaporwave then you fucking pajeet

Then it's settled my dude.

I'm not comfortable answering that question considering the circumstances.

Smoke-user hit on me.

Anything touched by Genesis can never be good. You're asking too much.

its a shoop

Don't believe his lies it's just bros being bros

Give me the information. Otherwise I can't help.

Did you tell her ""hi_**?

It's a shame you shot upside down. Now my wounds are merely upside down and not fatal

we hung out and it was cool i think? after she left i talked wth my roommate for awhile and got drunk i'll wait till tomorrow to see what she days i guess

That doesnt help my doggo. I still remember the 4chan greentext stories on mountain lions. No thank you. Too much danger. Better to just dress the kitty up as a mountain lion for halloween instead.

It's fine. It's in the past now.

But it's embarrassing.

That just makes it more interesting.

Did you go in for the high-five?

what's the board coming to

Not for me, just very embarrassing. It's worse too, because its kinda sexual, so not easy to talk about.

none of that was porn though?

There's a rule against porn dumps. I wouldn't expect a pedo like you to actually know these things though.


correct, it was softcore

no shit

smh fam

How cute.

No way, it's too embarrassing. I couldnt handle it.

But sofcore is just not penetration. There was no nudity?

You were the one talking about my penis! I never talked about yours


I haven't said anything like that at all Brotato Chip go back and read my posts not once did I mention it.

insecurity problems are a bitch I'm sure

I suppose, so it should be fine

You're the expert on that.

then go back to your designated shitting shower you fucking pleb

you too nigger

No way. Not to mention he might browse imageboards for all I know or the story could get out.

Bullsht. You were talking about masturbating and pooping, and dicks. It was really gay. I had to tell you to stop before you got too into it!

Only when you go back to your Reddit pages you filthy casual.

I dont think its smart to the listen to the guy always getting banned.

Is it Chris and his piercing under his dick getting infected? Besides, he should be shit on for being retarded enough to get cuts down there.

maybe the gas chambers at auschwitz would be better for you

had my share of experiences but I wouldn't call my self an expert on that as such, however once you've seen one case you've seen them all and I'm seeing you alright

do as I say not as I do?

Nigga you're the one who said they can't draw Brolympic gold medal winner, Broscar Pistorius

I use the superior 8/mu/. I don't think you'd know about them.

It's cute how you think you're right about anything.

No, and its not my penis, its my foot.

I hate when my parents tell me that. Its a stupid phrase.

Theres too many bros there, I dont know what it means.

Jim likes to make fun of people who go to /mu/

love all that imagination, keep it in your inner voice ducky though

well your parents want you to be better then them in all things

you will be part of the 600 million kikes and plebs who will die in the real holocaust when the day of the phil comes and phil collins with the help of donald trump round up all the niggers, kikes, plebs, spics, gooks, fags, japs, chinks, pajeets and cucks and throw them into the gas chambers.

Oh. You're one of those footfags.
All that time on the pig farm must have gotten to him.

Brocean Man it's just bros being bros Broseidon it's not that big a deal Brock Lesnar

I know all of your lingo, you're not going to get any kids on my watch!

I'm sorry you don't have taste Phil.

i bet you dont even have an h™k™ g™3™ bullpup™ bolt™ action™ rifle™

Im surprised you're not banned yet.

No, I think its a disgusting fetish
Not the jim, the other one.

You think about bros too much. If I hear brojob im running away fam.

don't worry there ducky, I'm not wanting in on your ring there

I'll be in a minute I'm sure since

Bullpups are the worst guns. /k/ would laught at you.

You even have shit taste in rifles.

Until you tell the story, I'm going to assume you're a footfag.
IA here, holy shit!

I got a ring right here for you.


Why does your spider have a fedora on?

Yeah, that jim.
It's better than what you'd think if you heard the story tbh. So im okay with that.

Why don't you use a Nugget instead?

Whatever foot licker. I bet you even smell used socks.

I expected a pedo to not be able to spell.

That's gross
Why is he wearing a top hat then?It makes sense too actually. Its too big to be a fedora

Sorry Todd, it's just how things are.

Broklahoma that's pretty gay bro no homo

out fams, have a good night

I'm gonna head off bros, time for this bro to hit the brold dusty trail bros. You bros take care, I'll see you bros later.

Don't worry, you'll eventually understand English.

fuck off you cyka nigger

How are those World War victories?

That picture is from warhammer 40k, not fallout. You've clearly never played fallout before.

Yeah, we should avoid the gay at all costs, it just leads to trouble and embarrasing shit.
The british wear top hats still? I thought that died out?


I almost expected a brony engraving on it

I hate to say this but you have a point

I'm the world's biggest Fallout fan.

Love you bae~

Whatever Mohammad. Go back to fucking goats and 5 year olds.

atleast that shit was on a replica gun/shat up by gommies in the first place then unfucked by someone else

Which games your favorite?
Are top hats like shoes for blacks in america? The better your tophat the better your status?

Communism is what won the war and what everyone was fighting for.

4 is the best, followed by 3. NV, 1, and 2 are garbage.

pick one

fuck niggers btw

3 is better than 4 actually. Even todd admitted it.
Collar? What's that?

It's not true Communism.
Nice deflection.


oh shit im sorry truthseeker i didnt know it was you

I don't have to be truthseeker to know he's right.
It must have been really hard for you.


I completely forgot!

No, for once he was telling the truth. I understand why you're skeptical though.
Like how priests where white collars on their necks and wrists?

What if you dont wear a white or blue shirt? Do you get in trouble?

I don't trust you.
So you know someone who is willing to give you ideas that they don't claim?

So you buy and sell children?

But salesmen can be middle class too. Especially if successful.

But i haven't given you any reason not to trust me!

You haven't given a source for one.

You're the one who tried to justify having sex with a 15 year old.

Oh, you're one of those.

Give me the source!

So castes within castes. LIke the dwarves of orzammar.

Fine, here.
exhentai.org/tag/parody:the elder scrolls

I was there when you did it.


How is that?

I take it you're convinced then?
You were there when he had sex with a 15 year old? Was it a threesome?

Not at all.

Nope. It was your words.

I didn't change any of it. You said you tried to fuck a kid who "said they were legal".

Just like how you don't fuck kids. This is just going to continue forever because you've the brain of a child, so I'll leave and do a bunch of file sorting.