Tfw a game isn't nearly as good as you remember

Sonic Advance 3 just wiped the smile off my face. What about you faggots?

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I know that feeling.
I've never gone from such optimism to absolute repugnance so rapidly.

why is this game so terrible? I use to love it like 10 years ago. I'd play it every year until like 5 years ago.

Sorry OP but I never had that feel.

I replayed my Child hood games constantly until about 2 years ago when I got my gaming PC, and even then if i see a decent port of a game i loved I'll get it again in a heartbeat. just like how I resonantly started playing the PC Version of Rogue Squadron. One of the few games I didn't play as much since I sucked at it as a kid, and now i'm enjoying it far more now then I did then.
The games I played are engraved into my mind. If I pick up an old game now it's going to be exactly how I remember it. if I don't enjoy it now I probably didn't enjoy it that much back then anyway, other wise I would have replayed it more.

When I went back to play Goldeneye I played through all the difficulties and unlocked all the Cheats I never had by doing the level Speedruns. It was a blast and the reward was being able to duel weld the golden gun and the Moonraker Laser or use the Tank canon on foot.

I remember hearing about that. Apparently the game is virtually unplayable if it's the actual 64 cart.

The thing is I remember vividly playing 3, for example, since visiting my favorite relatives and trying it out and I played it so much over the years through circumstance I memorized all the great music that game has. Not even kidding when I say I possibly remember every single difference between what plays in all 3 acts.

Now fast forward all the way to 2017, especially after replaying the second recently and I just can't stop noticing how badly they fucked up basic stage design with shitty new elements, cheap hazard placement and even shat up just the way you handle depending on what character you select. It's not a good feeling, especially for literally the last game in its series. The worst part is that I'm not one to ever let nostalgia affect my judgments too much, but even back then I had decent educated standards for what makes a game somewhat shitty, outright shit, great, good or at least decent from the sum of all its parts. This was a game I remembered at least being solid as both as a Sonic game and a platformer.

I heard for years this game was a revolutionary masterpiece for RPGs. Both from normalfags and anons.

Why would it be bad?

It's only revolutionary in that
1. There's a lot of variables
2. the game tracks them for a few conversations
3. characters have narrative reactions but they barely affect game play and the reactions end for the most part about 1/4th into the game

Excellence is a much more subtle thing than that, unfortunately.

From: AGrossman//UnderNet.7823.37.908
To: WGibson//VersaLife.980.73.01
Subject: Finally Beat It
I managed to nail Nethack v54.3.1 just a few minutes ago. Made it past the Astral Plane, and _then_ back in time to work through all of history up to Nethack v3.2.3 (this, of course, has been in every version since 48.2), but after that the game jumped a thousand years into the future and I had to build an entire interstellar trading alliance (with only the Amulet of Yendor) before the aliens from the other side of the black holes showed up…took me six months to solve that part of the game, and then I finally won.

Check it out:

I hear v54.3.3 should be out next week.



Sonic Advance 3 was pretty interesting but some combinations were just shit.

Your dopamine levels are probably shit. Try some Mucuna Pruriens, L-Tyrosine, and/or Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and finally Ritalin if you still don't give a fuck.

What's the deal with Mother 3's story?

I'm not sure whether it's all some heavy-handed allegory for American culture erasing traditional Japanese identity or it's just a weird-ass sad game.

Everything's so gloomy and fatalistic. Chapter 6 is just the ghost of your murdered mother luring you into committing suicide to be with her, which your long-lost brother actually does at the end. The whole game expresses disgust at society at large, and seems to imply the most kind-hearted solution is to nuke everything and start over.

Chill the fuck out, Itoi. There's no real closure for anything, and horrible, heart-rending shit just keeps on happening. Your dad spends the whole game wandering around the mountains filled with dangerous animals desperately searching for his long-dead son because his life is now void of purpose, only to be killed by that son at the very end of the game. All this stuff just seems to be there for the sake of being upsetting.

The shift in tone from Earthbound is really quite on the nose.

That said, Porky's fate at least was beautifully fitting and very satisfying.

Hybris. I tried for a long time to find out the name of "that shooter game I played as a child with the gorgeous visuals". With that much build-up it couldn't possibly live up to my fuzzy memories, even though it's a pretty good game. Same thing happened to Crystal Hammer (breakout clone).

If I recall someone asked Itoi about this and it was more on the side of "weird-ass sad game." Itoi made a comment that the political undertones were unintentional, for example, the happy boxes were not meant to be TVs

That's a press answer if I've ever heard one, how the heck are they not meant to be TVs? They literally are TVs.

He probably just couldn't be arsed getting into it.

It's been a while since I played Mother 3, and I only played it once, so I don't remember much, but the main message I took away from the game was something like, "Life is shit, but if you persevere, you can learn to cope."

They completely fucked up just by what they did to Sonic, Tails and Knuckles depending on who you teamed them up with. Outright butchering their play style just by changing basic moves.


Medication for depression or autism would be pretty counterintuitive if Jews wanted a society without fangs.

The first need for speed. I guess for it's time it was good but it's a shit game to play now.

Sonic was never good, senpai.

You ate the bait.


It's true though
And then it never got good no matter what was added to the franchise.

Definitely bait.

Wasn't the whole point of Sonic learning how to play the levels so you could actually go fast while avoiding the traps though? If they weren't there, there wouldn't be any challenge.


I fell like i'm being baited by having people say i'm baiting.

Bad core gameplay.
Graphics aged like milk.
It's linear as shit despite being RPG.
It's baby's first serious cyberpunk business for a huge lot of people therefore it's revered as masterpiece, while it's mediocre at best.
It has good writing and music which helped the imprinting thing, but going in now and actually playing it is impossible for most people, including those who praise it to high heaven.

Anyone who played all of the originals can easily tell that's bullshit. Sonic Advance and the third are basically the only installments with completely unpredictable stage design leading to cheap deaths and hitting hazards.

Stop doing it first, you raging disingenuous faggot.

Here's your (You)

except some people have happy boxes and TVs.
plus they only look like that because that looked better in the pixelated GBA screen.


GTA San Andreas.

I'm disappointed because I put so much time into that game before IV came out, and I was feeling nostalgic for some SA to see how far the series had come.

Great game (for its time), but unless you mod it to the gills to make it palatable, there's just no going back.

I was going to revisit Morrowind this year, but now I think I changed my mind.

Vice City is the one GTA that never gets old to me.

You just sound like a huge faggot to me. This entire thread does.

Then leave, kid.

I was surprised by how…meh Kirby Air Ride was. Most of the game just consists of unlocking content so I couldn't be as satisfied with it than I was before, especially considering my completionist mindset now.

No you

I think I'll stay, thanks.

Enjoy your filter. :^)

I would love to revisit this one too, but it has even less features and a smaller map than SA does. The setting can only go so far if the gameplay hasn't aged well.

Ultimate Spiderman is pretty damn good for an open world spiderman game. Most details are pretty good for the ultimate universe. Shame there aren't good mods at all.

So you won't be able to read this? Good

ummmm i think u made clear that your the real faggot of this thread just fyi famalam

I find it odd that my favourite GTA to revisit is always 3, even though I like VC more.

Something about 3 keeps me coming back, and everytime I replay it I usually just play for a couple of hours without saving and then do it all over again next time I feel like playing.

trying too hard kid lmao
where do u think you are ???

GTA3 was amazing.
I'm pretty bummed out that none of the Renderware games aged very well. Even GTA IV is a mess to revisit.

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well im bored w/ u now so im gonna filter u too cya

The various shovelware I played in my childhood

Sonic Adventure 2. Other than the Fast stages it was fairly mediocre. Which sucks because I liked the 90s anime feel to the story.


Sonic Adventure 2. Other than the Fast stages it was fairly mediocre. Which sucks because I liked the 90s anime feel to the story.

Sonic Adventure 2 had best VAs


The only problem is I forgot what game, but I remember this happened.

Is it because of Sonic's physics? I've loved the ambition that game had and I still like it but really hate how they screwed with his physics. Starts off on a slog then moves to fast so platforming is more awkward.

You still have the "turn into a projectile when you jump" mechanic. Even without the speed mechanic, Sonic stands out because you rarely see video game characters turning into balls of death as their main attacks in platformers. Try playing Marble Zone normally like a Mario game but with the spinball mechanic in mind next time.

What dumbass got hotpocketed?

No, it's more the jarring stage design at parts even in good stages as well as senselessly removing the trick system, which added much more flexibility and smooth control to how to speed through a stage. Sonic no longer being able to air dash was especially bullshit as that hurts just how well your controls are. The fact that him being able to jump normally can be affected along with Tails and Knuckles not being able to use their most known abilities on top of not even giving the team mechanic enough variety and depth is just frustrating.

In Sonic Advance 2 I can enter a boost and retain it for entire stages by carefully using tricks, precision jumps, air dashes and spinning to traverse everything properly. And with how good at the game I've gotten I can really look at appreciate how it's overall designed and just how much effort they put into making it. Hell, I can even collect all Special Rings in some stages now while moving forward in case.

Could it be that I'm comparing 3 to 2 too much? Even if it's another sequel and would be expected to improve even more on top of what the second did for the first? Even still I remember the first Advance not having such jarring stops at times while not turning into a speedrun like Generations is intended, not that that's bad, just that it's nice that it feels accommodating and fun for both people who just want to play some Sonic or people that want to see how well they can get through the stage.

the soundtrack is what keeps me coming back to the old gta games. they were god-tier. gta4 and gta5 have too much throwaway filler imo

Which is why in 3d sonic has much more potential, since you can see ahead of you. The adventure games have issues to be sure but they, Sa2 in particular, nail how to do level design and the core gameplay right for 3d sonic, jank aside

One day I need to track down some real GTA CD images, not the gutted version Rockstar released as a freebie. I missed out on the CD music as a kid too. Remember those stupid wires you had to put between the CD drive and Sound Blaster cards?

I especially don't like the OST for GTAV. It's so repetitive, even moreso when online and there's absolutely no way to turn it off outside of mods which means you can't play online with it anyway.

The radio selection for IV and V were really weak, although TLAD added some nice tracks to the metal station in IV which was much appreciated

Some libtard in my family broke my gta 2 CD because they said it would corrupt my children and me and they did what was better for me. Of course, they did it over 10 years after i actually bought the thing and i hadn't touched it in a long time by then and i don't plan on having kids.

It's understandable, with gta 4 gta started being a cashcow and they couldn't go for big names with good songs.


Yeah, this sucks.

pretty much spot on. A game can't be an empty experience with a few memorable moments, and needs consistently good game play.

yakuza 2 is easily one of my favorite game of all times but with the advances made especially in yakuza 5 and 0 its age is really fucking showing and makes it less fun to replay

i hope it gets a makeover like yakuza 1 did


DX looked like shit even when it came out. I think they knew and chose the cover art was a warning.

I don't ever really like most of the games that have come out since, their stories are all ass, but I can't deny they look and play better and that ToS is comparison is just antiquated.

I wonder is Tales of Berseria is any good…

Man amphetamines really fuck you up, thanks for diagnosing me with ADHD doc can't remember shit past my 16th birthday.

I had a similar experience with ToS a decade ago. I played Symphonia a few years after it came out, then went back and played the imports. Symphonia was awful. I don't consider it one of the rosie nostalgia games of the early 00s because of it. I don't care for the characters and see the story as kinda meh. I think I will do the same for Xenoblade because the story is like tokunatsu level horrible.

Bullshit, literally only Colette was a bad character unforgettable just by how boring an plain she is

And the story was only mediocre when it was monologuing about who has a right to live.

I think they tried to make Advance 3 a sort of middle ground for all the Sonic games up until then. Fast while still having platforming, a team up mechanic like Heroes but you only controlled one character, hubworlds but with an act structure.
The problem was that they forgot everything else in favor of making it focused on "exploration" and needlessly complicating things.

The special stages for example, the big rings of Sonic 3&K would make the most sense to throw in here, since you'll just run past a checkpointand offscreen the stars before you can enter them. But they needlessly complicated it by instead making the places they could have stuck them instead be the prerequisite to earn a key to use the special stage in the hubworld.
What the hell was wrong with 3&K's method? Or hell, let's say you don't want to do that either, make it like 1 and CD then and have a big ring appear at the end after getting 50.

Then there was the level design. I don't know if they changed the physics from the Advance 2 engine, but it was serviceable mechanically. The problem was sticking cheap ass spikes and enemy placement everywhere, and de emphasizing your ability to just keep momentum in general.

One could argue that they went overboard in Advance 2, and sure they did, but it still worked. Because it's just an extension of keeping momentum in the Genesis games, and unlike Rush, you actually had to keep the boost going through just purely timing your motions properly, and the options you had were all based on this.

Hell, Sonic himself in Advance 2 was clearly designed like he was in 3 again, with his specific advantages over the other characters. He wasn't able to glide or fly, but he had the air dash and was faster, with his tricks in particular being the best ones. Things you need a better handle on the game to understand.

I could really go on about Advance 2, and why it's really good, but the point is that its goodness lies in the mechanics and physics, something we both probably didn't appreciate nearly as much as kids, as we do now. Whereas 3 only had ambition and shoving a fuckton of extraneous crap into it. As a kid you're like
And to a dumbass little kid, Advance 3 comes across as the better game just cause it has more stuff.

All psychopharmaceutical medications are counter-intuitive. It's better just to take the amino acids and neurotransmitters affected rather than the (((medication))) itself. Better to be at most deficient in some dietary component than turned into a zombie by some psych pills.

I know exactly what you mean, OP.
>go back and play Illusion of Gaia
>it's actually extremely boring

>go back and play Soulblazer
>it's actually exactly as good as I remember

I already know exactly what you're talking about with these 2 games.

I'm actually surprised just how good and flexible Advance 2 really is when you learn how to use all the move as your disposal to get through the stages. For just a humble sequel to Sonic in the palm of your hands.

I personally haven't seen San Andreas age that badly.

Then again, I mainly fucked in around Los Santos because later missions were bullshit at times. Still haven't beaten it, but the weapons all seems to work fine, stats work the way they should and were an impressive addition, standard, not frantic driving during missions is comfy with plenty of good, diverse music stations to accommodate various tastes in music like rock and funk along with rap that wasn't full nigger and the dark humor of WCTR to entertain along the way, sound is generally good and an entire state is simulated well enough, plenty of shit to mess around with and plenty of enjoyable missions.

This happens with all old games if you're not a sperg. Old games are all unequivocally shit if you're actually being honest and not some nostalgic hipster. Crap graphics, crap controls, and they use artificial difficulty to mask how easy they are. Ask someone to play Battlefield 1 or Doom (the old, crap one), see which one they pick.

Made me reply/10


I thought it wasn't that bad, then I played Golden and was annoyed. Thought it was that versions problem but I went and played the orginal and was still disappointed.

It has the problem with all media based around a single mystery, most of it loses its impact after you know the twist.

I didn't really care about the plot when I first played and spoiled myself by mistake but still enjoyed it. Now it just feels hollow compaired to P1-P3.

Sonic Advance 3 was never good.

Now Sonic Advance 2 was some good shit

I thought hating it was an ebin meme…. Maybe I should try modding it like some people told me to do, but I hate ruining expertly crafted experiences….

This better be well crated bait, but either way fuck off.

That's three strikes, plebbit

I understand you guys hate every single video game that isn't full of pedobait, but please, at least understand my pain…

Twinsen's Odyssey gave me some comfy feels when I played it again in december.

you forgot

I know that feel

What a shame gta 4 wasn't an one time thing

You were supposed to memorize everything in the stages in order to "be fast". That's the biggest problem of the original sonic games, it's basically trial and error the game. Shit, I know Green Hill Zone like the back ok my hand, and I can go around it with style, but that's exactly why I know that wanting to go through Sonic with JUST speed is retarded.
SA games more or less fixed this problem, but now the problem i that they doesn't feel fast enough, at least they don't anymore, I remember i felt really fucking fast when it came out, not to mention that scripted shit like doing loops automatically sucked. All in all, although SA is better than the original ones for practical reasons, SA still lacked a lot of shit That was actually fixed in Sonic '06, but nobody noticed for the glitches and the idiotic story

I tried to play megaman legends a few years ago. I have very fond memories of 1 and 2. How the flying fuck did teenage me deal with those horrible controls? I played for like ten minutes and then fucked off.

You don't belong here

Are you retarded? Legends controls aged like milk because Legends were early stages of 3D adaption, which was common in that era. Spiderman for PS1 also have terrible controls. The lack of a left analog really did a number in those games. Back then you just get used to the camera, having to turn your character in order for the camera to turn as well.

I guess it's not that the controls are bad, more like the controls we have now are better, specially for 3D games. N64 tried to fix that with the C-Buttons, and Analogs came out in PS1 later, but legends one don use them, I think.

I just started replaying the MML games today. It took me till the first boss fight to get use to them. Clunky? Yes. Game killing? Nah.

We didn't fall for your last thread or the STALKER one, and it's not working now


I make racist jokes all the time but I think I might actually be racist.

I never said that the controls were good, i just think that he talks like a casual faggot. Save your autism.


Alright, this is bait.

I find the aesthetics alone to be pleasing enough. Everything just looks nice and colorful and centering everything on this gorgeous island makes things more comfy and convenient to get from area to area.

I'm surprised I don't hear more people talk about Ultimate Spiderman. The only open world Spiderman that's better is Spiderman 2 imo, but they're close.

Spiderman for PS1 is still the best Spiderman game though.

I played Half-Life 2 recently and it felt boring compared to every modern game out there that does a better job. I wonder why i thought it was a classic all those years ago. Maybe i am just growing up past Half Life in general.

What is the appeal of 2?

It just works


It was "cinematic" and had "physics puzzles" and an interesting world. It was tech demo the game and was the gold standard for normalfag single player FPS for several years.

It works, dumbass


How well?

Nothing Medal of Honor: Frontline did it better.

Works for me. Every time.

Nah m8 I'm afraid I don't know that feel

Also, best fucking sound and music on that console.

still buttblasted this never got a sequel.

It's for the best user, who could we trust now to recreate the sound effects? the action gameplay? the vaguely-star-wars-ish music score?
We can always replay it and hope for other things in the future.

I mean back when Rare was good.

That game was fucking amazing. I remember picking up a copy of it for the PC at my local mall. That mall has long since been closed down so there's so many layers of nostalgia attached to it. I still have the physical copy and everything.

Doesn't a little robot bro die in this game?


It's bullshit how many great games didn't in general back when there was more safety in experimenting like that.

Sonic Advance 2 is why the "hold right to win" meme exists.

Which is a load of bullshit.

Try to not actually play the game and you'll never get past the last 3 areas. The first 2 are just to get you used to the way it plays and diverges and even then in those introductory levels you need to well time jumps and other moves if you just want to blast through everything without hitting enemies.

Persona 4 Golden is just a gateway game to get into the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series anyways its not supposed to be a masterpiece. Persona 3 FES legitimately has a better storyline and characters that are far more relatable than 4.

Trust me when i say this, once you beat Golden and then Persona 3 FES you will be more than ready to play Shin Megami Tensei.

I will say Banjo Kazooie is not as good as i remember it being. I still think the music, and the plot is really well done but the collectathons do become stale when they are repetitive.

Isn't Golden the one with that unlikable Mary Sue piece of shit?

I was thinking about picking it up for 3DS (now handheldfag)eventually if it wasn't butchered to hell, but I remembered that ugly ass detail.

I don't see a problem with it, source?

It was really hard to go back into Resident Evil after the GC Remake.

Yeah Marie.

Atlus trying to force a brand waifu into all their products, shes annoying as fuck mememaster.

I still cant believe this game was so good. It was full of extra content from the movie as well as alternative endings and characters.

yeah nah m8.

You never finished it

It was a Dunkey video, so take it with a grain of salt. He primarily fucks around, but he can make some actual serious commentary on what makes a good game or how to improve on a previous installment.

Sucks ass knowing an obviously superior version with more content in the palm of your hands gets that shit slapped on.

He's shitposting, ignore him

How about little things that hurt your enjoyment of a game?

Until recently I don't remember Doom having respawning after you die, but not the enemies. That's only for BFG Edition, right? Dying doesn't feel like too much of a punishment aside from having less fun after losing all your weapons.

the guy's borderline retarded and sucks at everything. his videos actively lower your IQ.

Bullshit, he literally does that for comedy. Completely harmless 3D shitposting.

Plenty of challenging games I've seen him good at when not just fucking around.

circlestrafing m8

yeah, like overwatch or lol i like dunkey's videos a lot but fuckin come on dude

Chewie and Fuckface are sucking at DS1 so bad that I was motivated to remind myself what it was like for the first time since 2012.
I can't understand how the sequels missed the mark so bad considering what they had for reference?

Played multiplayer just a few weeks ago with some friends. It was a lot of fun, but specifically because of how awful the controls were. It was described as "disabled epileptics in a gun fight"

Nigger you can skip an entire level of the game with the right variables.

>Decide to play it with him just to see his reaction to the autism also I never played the game

Honestly the cutscenes alone made this game 8/10

The controls can't have been that bad before rerelease. SADX has always felt smooth as fuck and Sonic alone makes it a joy to replay for the solid 3D platforming.

The gameplay isn't shit because the controls are bad. The gameplay is shit because huge chunks of it are automated and the whole game is pretty brainless. There are a few exceptions, like the level where you're in the sky and the station you're on is falling apart. Even then, it wasn't good. There was a part that was pure trial and error of whether or not you picked the right parts to climb on.

Personally I hated it because the camera went all over the place. Sega didn't have a good handle on camera placement yet.


Another thing I remembered was the snake on the last or 2nd to last level that was a platforming/puzzle section, which was interesting, the boss fights where pure hot-garbage and you just have to mash A to deal with any enemies within 20 feet of you.


Either you didn't actually play it and just watched some shitty LP or you're so shit you somehow went the entire game without getting half decent. Whatever the case I've replayed it plenty of times because it was enjoyable and I know how full of shit you are from experience.

Talking about games that aren't as good as we remember, you dumb nigger. Nothing (1) and done here.

Rare really knew what it was doing back then. Its mechanics are more impressive than most shooters I see nowadays.

I just don't feel GTA III. I don't know what it is.

What did she mean by that?

Now that I'm a weeaboo faggot this game got even better.

This game has a very surprising depth of gameplay. It brought back how customizable CRPG parties use to be.

I'm actually playing that now. I just finished Yakuza 1 and moved on to 2. I haven't played any of the other ones yet, but I knowing how much it evolves, I can see what you mean.


On the upside, when I replay kotor 2, maybe I'll actually be able to understand what the fuck kreia is talking about. So it should be better than I remember.

Why did I love this game?

There's much worse voice acting. Sonic Adventure can be hamfisted, but it sounds perfect compared to shit literally released today.

Dark side is so fucking stupid in Kotor 1.

First you're either a lying or forgetful son of a bitch. It's been years but I clearly remember that at the end of chapter 6 the grandpa says the dead mother told him to build a pile of leaves to break the kid's fall, the father doesn't die, and there's a small playable epilogue where it's shown that everybody lived through the ancient dragon thing awakening. The long lost brother does commit suicide by bouncing lighting off you though, right before that.
It's pretty clearly a nature versus technology shtick. There's a tall guy near the end of the game that says there was this apocalypse and everybody fled to this deserted island and wiped their memories so they could live as rural but ultimately happy people. Porknut's shitters come in gradually over the first couple of chapters and then once you get to the main game in part 4 everything's become more convenient but people's happiness have lessened as a result. The big floating city as an amusement park at the end should be a giant fucking giveaway in neon light about the theme of the game. Sure there's quirky shit because Itoi but it's not fucking high school despair levels.

Because of the Chao Garden

It's about kikes erasing traditionalism from Europeans to build a "utopia". Now post porn of Kumatora you fucking niggers.

Really now? I thought it was anti-capitalism and tried to explain how Americanism destroyed their perfect classless/moneyless communism and made people brainwashed and unhappy materialists.

It's probably why leftist hippies cling onto this fucking game so hard. because It's "SO DEEP YO, SUPER EMOTIONAL". It did make me cry like a motherfucker though

Forgot to mention
This might either be a reference to Animal Farm, or a subtle insult to americans. I think the message was actually masterfully ambigious! That, or it snipped parts between different political views and made them all into one big amalgam.

Ehh, potato, pahtato. It most likely a metaphor for the Soviets, the pigmasks were authoritarians that forced their ideology on newly conquered villagers and believed in a unrealistic utopia where everything is free, but the original message could be way different though.

I agree, as I said before, I think this was made for each individual player to make their mind up on it. You can actually mold the message into what /you/ want it to be.

Are there any other games that have this type of fluidity, that peer into your mind, dig through your subconscious and satisfy you by making the message powerful, unique /and/ versatile? Something that doesn't have an obvious agenda, but a journey? I need to replay this, I can't believe it's been 6 years already. Holy shit, Pokemon black and white came out almost a decade ago

Its the devs fault for making the old games not worth playing just because of the mechanics then m8

Black and White were amazing as far as a sense of mystery and a hero's journey.

First running across Skyarrow Bridge after all the Pokemon games and games in general I've played gives me good chills to this very day.

Other than that, Megaman 8 is pretty solid. How can Megaman's voice be so annoying?

Jesus fucking christ, spoiler that shit if you're gonna blow the entire plot of Mother 3, you asshole.

You have had NINE YEARS to play it in English, you stupid sack of shit. Are you going to start calling people assholes for posting the plot to MGS4 or Cave Story?

Or they just aged badly.

This series doesn't hold up well. The first game is still good. I just hate how fucking time consuming the later levels are especially the water levels. The sequels added a lot of pointless bullshit that made no sense. Why did this series need a fucking kart racing mode?

what the fuck

XDDDDDD SO FUNNY go back to reddit nigger

nice aneurism, autismo

Nope, user. Ratchet & Clank 1 is still as good as I remember it. Actually all those games are still good. Furries win again.