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Let's try this again, shall we. How's that campaign doing?

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Pretty comfy after a few choice tweaks.

Play a real X-COM game ya poofter.

Crikey user, only so much x-piratez a man can play.

Why'd Mark bannu last thread?

I don't know but it's a well known fact that rats and snakes don't mix :^)

So did they EVER fix the optimization issues? It's been close to a year and I haven't checked back

If you're a fellow AMDfag you should probably get that Dual-Core Optimizer, other then that I run it medium-high on my toaster.

Old x-com looks and plays like garbage. You all "oldfags" are too fucking old to understand that good game at least needs non-pixelated interface and full resolution graphics. Only pretentious hipsters play this shit and pretend its good because its old. Its rotten already, aged like eggs.

Here's your (you)

I get burned out on it too. Thank fuck more mission types were added. The underwater ones are spooky though

So how big is this game? Tempted to download but I got to ration my jiggawatt space since my old hard drive died and it'll be a while before I get a new one.

What the fuck was wrong with the first thread you made?


With all the melee weapons and shit they added and considering the baseline mutantgirl stats compared to aquanauts the watermissions and lobstermen don't seem so scary anymore. I do miss muh cover the world in fire tactics.

Best I can tell
And I do apologize for full-on /vg/ tier formatting but apparently that makes a thread kosher

What does "full resolution graphics" even mean?

Full resolution graphics are graphics that have had 1080p technology put into them to ensure they're the highest HD possible.

Imagine the kind of graphics you'd see on a PS4 or Xbone, those are full resolution graphics because Microsoft and Sony ensure that the maximum amount of HD 1080p technology is packed into their consoles.

shouldn't you be playing overwatch?

Snake eggs?

but all interfaces are pixelated? what do you expect some vector based interface?

That's a pretty big file size.

Nope, after ripping through 3 of my gals and eating 2 sledges to the face they are still scary.
I dont even think My guns were penning his armor. I tried bombs and fire and only killed it when I had my medic Gal pick up a hammer and finish it off. I don't know if I was getting some shitty rolls or what. Its all good though, because I made him into pie after.

Off-topic, but I like how 1080p was standardized in 2004

That jabrony dlc gear, though.

Also, don't know how I managed without that uniform mod.

Is LW2 crash happy or is it the unoptimized piece of shit base game?

I was skeptical of LW2 at first but I must say it's closer to what they touted XCOM2 to be (Guerrilla fighting, stealth shit) than the original.


how can I get more missions where I actually take dead bodies for autopsy? 90% of missions are hit and run and fucking need dem corpses.

also AP bullets or Shredder bullets?

Pick the 10% that rewards in material, don't use explosives and hope for the best?

AP stacks with everything but shredder on the other hand was finicky as hell in LW1.


This trooper's been smoking weed and uses the gas mask to hold in the fumes.

"Dude… have you seen how big my gun us?"

"Whoa..duuude. do those snakes have tits?"

"Do you ever feel like you have the perfect shot but for some reason you miss? Like this one creep is right in-front of my shotgun but he ducks under it as soon as I fire."

420 blaze it? but yeah, it takes a mans man to hotbox a power armor :^)

LW2 crashes after the first mission Gatecrasher, or when opening the global map.
Anyone else with a pirated game got it tot work?

For some reason the game runs like shit since I switched to an i5. I crash quite often when returning from a mission. The camera fucks up, too.

Anyone know why the game eats so much fucking memory?
Almost every time when I go to loadout selection, or during a loading screen, the game closes down due to having eaten up all the memory. In the worst cases my save game even gets deleted.

Clear the cache, fresh install? And you can always try the version from the OP if that doesn't help, as I can vouch for that one working.

I've got a X4 860K and a R7 series, and if that shit can run it I really don't get how better (or even comparable) hardware can't.

I suspect one of the graphics options is horribly unoptimised. I think there were performance guides for X2 that mentioned it.

Which one? I downloaded long war 2 from nexus, the base game is the CODEX release, plus the DLC pack from CODEX and the 20161108 Update from CODEX.

I just looked for the most recently posted/updated repack and this one worked out fine.

I wouldn't be half surprised. I mean even CiV still has issues with some of the leader scenes.

yeah, apparently this has the hotfix that was released on 1/1/2017

Is the game worth downloading for Long War 2 yet or is performance still ass?

Get a load of this rookie.

I'd like to know too before I bother pirating it again on this laptop, it's just about good enough to run modded New Vegas without ENB at 60.

If I put everything at lowest will I get at least 30FPS, or should I just not bother?

I pirated it several weeks ago and idk about the fps, but the memory leaks from the initial releases were fixed it seems.
On the other hand the targeting was screwed and the camera sometimes didn't always focus the guy you were going to shoot, which made it unplayable for me… I mean I have just pulled out a few shots and let my guard down, then BAM wrong target, get fucked

is that shit fixed in the release mentioned here

You mean like enter targeting but the camera goes to some other guy or gets stuck on your own character? And no, I haven't seen that happen.

I did manage to fire a rocket thru a wall, and not in the way you might expect. The motherfucker literally moved his arm thru a solid (brick?) wall and fired from the other side.

I've no idea what specs you've got but I wouldn't bother if you couldn't run the first game on say medium or if it's not Dx11.

Yeah, you'd have noticed it if it was there, looks like they fucked up some patch, and after certain actions the camera focused the wrong targets

Is the game still you get one move and one action or one longer move, or is there a proper action point system yet?

I imagine I would.

It was never that to begin with. By default you have two standard actions per turn but moving two times is mechanically the same as moving and reloading or moving and shooting. What's preventing you from shooting twice in the same turn is how most main weapons or say overwatch end your turn automatically.

What LW did is expand on shit how certain classes can pick perks that allow for more flexibility; rangers can shoot their rifle and not end their turn, grenadiers can prepare in advance and barrage multiple grenades for no action cost and so.

still waiting on the latest patch to be cracked

I am not spending a penny on this poorly optimized game

But it is an AP system, user.
But you only get 2 points and discounts.

the R.G. mechanics version of the game already has the latest patch.

On another note, why the fuck is my hit chances so fucking low? why even bring weapons at all if they are going to limit us to use grenades anyway?
Also, anyone have already ported the Ace Combat squad symbols to the game yet?

Friendly snek

How is the mod?

The alien mod was good. THough some alien are unbalanced and most of the m are overshadowed by vipers, andromedon and chrysallids
And the traits basically essential at this point.

I'm curious if you can play as the ayys in multiplayer like before or not.

Before the game's release, Jake claimed the game was so moddable you could even add TUs again if you wanted. Don't know if is it true or not, I'm waiting for expansions to play it

They should've hired todd to do their PR

send help

What kind of missions are you sending them on? What difficulty?

The regular kind? second

You're playing LW, right?

No user, I'm playing my little pony: the pinball. that attrition is killing me man, 30+ days for what's a vanilla flesh wound

Downloaded it, played it, then something fucked up and the long war aspects of the game turned completely off, removing traits and completely freezing resource and intel.

Restarted, got going, and after around 12 missions I just quit.

I'm doing fine with recruits, taking in a rookie or two per mission has me with a surplus of units. The problem is that Long War 2 is just to god damn long. I entered my 4th 'rescue the scientist' mission (more on that in a second) and when I saw that even with 151% infiltration I had a five turn journey to the holding cell and another five turn walk to the extraction point I just exited the game. From a strategic standpoint I wanted to go on that mission, but when every god damn mission takes half an hour to get through if things go well it just isn't worth it anymore. That isn't accounting for having to load because of bullshit, I'm talking things like having concealment broken because civilians only got rendered two move actions after I put someone near where they would show up.

So, the missions are just overly drawn out to the point of being completely un-fun. The strategic overlay level is great in theory but absolutely no effort was put into it other than getting it working. I would wager that infiltration is supposed to be a mechanic and intel is important but I wouldn't know. Literally every mission I got had an Intel reward greater than the intel cost to boost it to max. Not to mention that I'd send a squad to infiltrate on a mission with 3 days available, then four hours after it would just say I had to launch the mission right then. However, Like I said, Intel rewards made it a useless mechanic cause it was always a net positive to just boost it.

The real problem was resources. As in the game didn't give me any supplies. As in I think it was a bug, but I'm not sure. Several times I would get to a progress report, it would say that I had gotten 193 supplies out of my 200 for some reason, then my supplies wouldn't show up and I got an investigation mission to go get 7 supplies. Every table, every expendature seems to end up with me supposed to be gaining resources but I don't. So even after 10 or so missions I don't have enough supplies to even try upgrading anything. At least it seems that the hit percentages reflect what the game is running with, even if they have no basis in reality. Just playing a little bit conservatively worked great at the beginning, but I'm starting to see enemies that seem capable of moving, firing, and then entering overwatch (which procs on attack for them). Having higher level troops totally nullifies any challenge this presents though. Things like needle grenades trivialize risk vs reward and the fact that you don't get corpses anyways means there's really not much reason to hold back.

I like almost every idea that Long War 2 puts on the table, but it seems that it either doesn't work right in my case (I am going to uninstall it and reinstall to see if that helps) or implemented in the stupidest way possible. I threw 10 god damn hours at this mod and I haven't been able to start researching and developing new weapons yet. The game would rather I dick around on missions endlessly and without new weapons and equipment that gets really god damn old, and by even giving half a shit about safety you end up with plenty of soldiers to the missions aren't difficult, just tedious.

there's the new x-files mod user. no excuse now

Advent is stealing all your resources. You didn't get 193 supplies they stole 193 supplies.
If you want to make it fun stop boosting for intel. Yes it makes the mission easier but at the cost that you get almost jack shit from beating it since you wasted so much intel on boosting. You only have a limited amount of time so you have to create a squad that can infiltrate around 100% but not get stomped. If you have more people on intel missions in a haven you'll get a higher chance of detecting missions that will be 7-9 days before they expire instead of 3-4 days. Never waste intel boosting shitty intel gain missions because that's a little redundant. Use intel to boost missions that you can collect bodies like sabotaging advent monuments or raiding supplies. Dedicate one engineer to a region to boost all the personnel supply missions. One haven can rake in 250 supplies when they all go for supplies and have an engineer. Scientists boost intel gathering (though this is pretty shit and intel is mostly used for detecting missions), and soldiers boost personnel recruitment
as well as hunting down advent spies so that they stop taking your resources at the end of the month

Also don't take every mission. Sometimes they are not worth it and don't count negatively against you unless they are going to complete a dark event or if they are raiding your haven obviously.

Pic related is a months worth of activities and only one haven focusing on gathering supplies. Notice how I have no negatives even though I skipped many missions, that's because they don't affect me negatively. I never went for missions that I thought wasn't worth it or couldn't complete with the amount of time left and I never go for missions with less than 5 days left. I forgot to mention that scanning an area also boosts the chances to detect missions quicker so you should always scan in areas that you are focusing on intel gathering for 7- 9 day missions.
If I start doing what you do and boost missions with intel eventually the advent strength (listed as a number under each region) will rise so high that in those regions that I'll get overwhelmed. Intel is super important early game because you need to expand and get other contacts othewise advent will focus fire on those regions. Long war is a battle of attrition where you try your best to stop them from advancing while they do the same. I forgot to mention in my last post that when your soldier that you stationed in a region finds a spy, you actually have to hunt him down with a bunch of weak ass rebels and the soldier himself. This counts as a lootable mission where you can gather corpses of enemies. Corpses are extremely important for research and building now.

fuck I forgot the image

Maybe I mispoke. Intel was never, ever, ever a problem and Advent forces never got above 1. Every time I spent 25 intel to boost a mission and make it easier I got 37 intel back. I also paid very close attention to the group infiltration size after the first few times missions seemed to creep up before they were due and as far as I can tell it didn't actually do anything.

I'd also like to point out that I didn't know missions to steal supplies even existed. I hadn't recieved a single mission in the game to do that. I was under the impression that it was just rescuing scientists (no engineers, had to buy mine) and resistance members or those shitty intel drop missions because I never got another mission type even sitting in a territory and scanning the days away. If there are supposed to be missions that do other things, and I didn't even know they existed that far into the game then I really do think there needs to be some changes made to it.

As far as advent stealing the supplies, while I 100% believe that's the case, that is bullshit. If the mod is saying 'you have to start with a 96% reduction to your most basic resource' then the mod is just shit. This isn't even later in the game penalty for letting a dark event go off, or not paying attention, this was the case for the first monthly report 2 separate games. One where I didn't expand at all, and one where I seized a whole territory.

Do you have to go to a supply drop to pick up those supplies? Or do they get transfered to you automatically?

In the beginning of the game supplies aren't that big a deal because you have instant loot by excavating. When I start I buy an engineer at the market and start excavating. Then I put all my available havens to recruit so that it can build it's personal armies. Gaining 17 intel profit is hot garbage for the risk of losing/injuring soldiers, just one new contact is 80 intel and after that it's 160 intel. You haven't gotten very far into the game if you haven't researched weapons. You just keep taking loads of missions for the same small progression as if you carefully picked out missions to maximize reward. Advent forces I've never seen go higher then 1 in the first 4 months. I'm still at advent strength 2 when I posted that image.

To answer your question you need to go get your supplies but it only takes one day. I'm around the 2nd or 3rd month here but I have one haven generating a fuck ton of supplies while my other haven under that is generating intel for my missions. The haven in asia is new so I'm setting it to recruit otherwise it won't produce shit. Never take missions to rescue resistance personnel unless it's a scientist, engineer, and maybe a soldier if you recently lost a mission and you soldier got captured ( not killed) because sometimes you can rescue the captured soldier. The supply missions are later in the game when your havens get powerful and they can try to fight advent on their own and fail, but then you can come in to take supplies in a raid mission
If the advent thieving gets ridiculous put some soldiers in a few havens. They detect spies once every 2 months or so. Usually they only steal around 60 - 80 supplies and since you can generate 250 + from one haven it doesn't matter other then the first 2 months.

Don't take missions that make you steal items from trains, you only have 9 turns and I keep getting fucked

You can increase both the base timer limit and the impact of infiltration on said limit.

Well that was a nice distraction.

If only this mod wasn't buggy as all hell. This is the second time I encountered a game breaking bug. After the intel defense mission I can't scan any areas.

Holy mother of weak bait

should I google for the repack or is it in the OP and I'm just too lazy

Disable in game AA, it's unoptimized as fuck, usee your card's built in systems

pls seed

Snek is team mom?

You will never have a dominant mommy snek as a gf.

The class of the resistance liason doesn't matter except during battles, right? They all give the spy discovery bonus?

This is shit is absurdly unbalanced.
I'm tired of this autism, gonna tweak the shit out of that .ini

Is LW2 as autistic as LW in terms of the late game?

Ara ara

i'm giving the ini a look, and it seems that it is actually worse.

Give him the advanced+ silencer ASAP as that shit seems to be scaled, also there are a couple of infiltration improving projects and such out there.

Nvr 4get

You know an Xcom that has a secondary game of political chess going on between humanity and the different races of xeno would be amazing. Optional objectives to turn factions against one another or win over some to fight for you, either for the purpose of self interests or high minded morality.

I'm hoping that the 'cannon' story going forward is that Xcom was successful in sabotaging the leaders in 2 enough that they die out of their space inbreeding and this has resulted in earth covered in xenon with no purpose and every reason to want and take over.

That's what XCOM Apocalypse is, or, well, was supposed to be. It only has some of those elements in it when it released due to a tight schedule (Pitting humanity's gangs, megacorporations and governments against each other in order to reap the rewards, or ally all of them to get equipment and soldiers, or just raid all of them to fuck their shit up).

Man, that game had so much potential to be the best X-COM.

i'm still waiting for the open apoc project to get mod support, so we can overhaul that shitty art, it's the only thing i hate in that game.

Right now the main thing to wait on is for it to be complete.

Would be nice that they would do a game with an alternative story were the ethereal and humans are in a race to conquer/unite/research/JUST the lesser ayylium planets

There's already something in that vein.

That game would be awesome if it wasn't for the time limit.
God, i hate fucking time limits

The what now? Only two time limits I remember are the one before you setup your missile batteries so the beastmen can't rape you and the martian superweapon which you can delay indefinitely by not terraforming over 75% or something close to that number.

you have a hard timer on the cryostasis chamber of the base, at least on the 3rd game of the series, which i think that one is.

is the magnet link in the OP the same as the one you're talking about?

it's a R.G. mechanics torrent, but the size is different from the one i downloaded

look for xcom 2 on the share thread, someone posted the torrent magnet there.

As far as I remember that's only if and when you run out of water, and you'll never run out of water provided you finished the missile bases in time. The first game had the biomass "time limit" and the second had the mutants nuke you.

In the game they even give you a date that they will have to defrost everyone, and the game had a mod (that don't work anymore) to stop the timer.
Timers are a fucking shitty mechanic that are used to make easy games seems harder.
Devs that use it should be hanged

Reminds me of StarCraft 2 missions.

The only time limited mission i remember in starcraft is the first protoss mission, though i deleted a very big part of the game from my memory.
The only reason i even remember that mission was because it was the first fucking mission in the campaign.

Oh yeah, there is that one in the zerg story where kerrigan is having a kamehameha battle with someone and you have to destroy some crystal or whatnot to make her win.
That game was fucking horrible.

doesn't even compare to the first one, lw2 is unplayable even on the easiest difficulty
I played lw1 on classic to the end and enjoyed it a lot, this one I gave up on the first infiltration

I could swear you're free to do fuck all you want as long as your base doesn't fall or you don't reestablish the water supply within ~48 hours but I guess it could've been that mod.

Based on what? You really shouldn't run small SMG squads unless you know the fuck you're doing and a couple of rangers or gunners can handle almost any shit. Also always bring a dedicated hacker.

or if you reestablish, rather


from the share thread, seems to have no actual files but is 20 gigs

it was years ago, i could be wrong, but i remember at a certain time they say they will have to open that shit because they can't hold all those people there forever, and you will need i think it's 75% of the planet terraformed until that date.

I actually hope i'm wrong, because that entire series is a fucking blast to play.

yeah, that's the filesize of the one i downloaded.

Why didn't you save them user?

Wait, you can actually do that?

The real x-com that doesnt suck is currently free for the next 48 hours or so


Assuming we can talk about the rest of the series, heads-up: Humble Bundle is currently giving away X-Com UFO Defense Steam keys. In case you still haven't gotten around to buying or pirating yet.


What the hell is up with hit percentages in overwatch? How is it calculated? Because using it while an enemy is in cover (but is expected to move on their turn) is nothing but misses all day every day.

It's (aim * 0.70) + bonus/penalties in most cases unless you're in concealment then the 0.70 is removed.
Sometimes there's a weird bug where the cover is still taken into account but it's fairly rare for me.

Sorry I fucked up. It's (Aim - 30) instead of * 0.70.

Base chance - enemy dodge - any cover penalty + any aiming such as from items, status (tags) or perks.

In theory it's good (for lowfags) because it gives them a chance to roll against pure dodge and not dodge + (high) cover. In practice that perk that extends overwatch to all enemy actions was garbage even in vanilla. Especially since there are now a bunch of new ((force movement)) skills.


I have to ask because I started getting the impression it's better to just risk a 30% chance to hit rather than rely on overwatch when some lancer piece of shit decides to bullrush from cover and everyone fucking misses.

In vanilla in most cases it's better to just shoot someone if they're in half cover unless you're trying to exploit their AI by zoning the fuck out of them.
Stun Lancers will just charge you regardless of overwatch.

Yeah, you can rescue captured soldiers.

Use some of those auto melee overwatch perks if you're going up against a ton of lancers and such. But what really pisses me off about overwatch is how five of my guys will waste theirs on the first fucking drone that pops up and then remain holding their dicks while lancers and shit prance about.

You can fix accuracy but you can't fix stupid.

I'm getting some Jagged Alliance flashbacks nows. Is it like a special mission or a regular jailbreak?



I like both games for different reasons.

One day I'll die still telling steamshills to kill themselves, their families, their pets and any other seamshills they may know. It will be a good death.

I'd even settle if they prioritized via the weapon (range). Snipers over MGs over rifles and so.

thats a reasonable position and i dont fault you for it

so pull it off a torrent site what difference does it make to you.

At this point I'd just be happy if anyone can explain to me how overwatch has a negative aim penalty, when your tactic there is specifically watching for an enemy to move out of cover so you can get a better shot? At the very least they could trigger overwatch with an aim penalty, that decreases until its an actual bonus depending on the amount of cells the target is moving out of cover for. So, you know, a quick dash across 2 half cover walls to the other side keeps the target safe but the muton charging at my unit from a 20 yard distance doesn't get off scott free.

Here's a tip for you: it doesn't matter if you're getting the whole cock or just the tip (You)'re still gaben's bitchnothing personal :^)

Stop being a bad goy

mfw I still have the floppy disk bootlegged version somewhere

If one was, say, wanting to play EW Long War, would there be a good guide beyond "just go fucking play it?

If you need anything more then it's ((probably)) not for you.

It´s a regular jailbreak as far as i know. Maybe Longwar does something different but i´m not sure. Also stealth is finally viable in LW 2. It feels surprisingly satisfying to sneak into an advent prison, get your people out of there and make it to the evac point without ADVENT even noticing anything.

You get an aim penalty on Overwatch because you´re shooting at a moving target and not a stationary. At least that´s how i interpreted it.

Xcom turns are simplified actions going on.

If you've played a tac fps, you'll notice s peeking advantage. Not just ping stuff, but the advantage of controlling your view window. As you move around the view block, you have less to focus on, as you've cleared what you've already seen.

Overwatch on a open area leaves you looking all over the damn place and snap shooting at movement.

Best explanation I got

I love TFTD but after replaying it for a bit, I really really don't miss cruise ship terror maps…

Only took fifty fucking turns.

At least I got a live Deep One out of it.

I didn't like xcom 2 tbh

No one does.

Just now it doesn't like to play nice with pirated copies of the game, you'll need to do some extra steps that I've forgotten to get it to work.

You could rescue captured guys in vanilla Xcom2 too, right?
Did they lose stats?

Wouldn't advent be alerted as soon as you free the prisoner?

Regular jailbreak but get to scanning the area and put a few guys on intel watch because I think the mission spawns a soon as the soldier is captured. Plus you have to remember what class and rank that soldier is so you can see it in the reward panel.

What the fuck just happened?


see, not only does the game have timers in every mission, it has an overall game timer.

Just to make sure you aren't lagging behind, enjoying the game you bought TOO much.

Yeah, but this only breaks your concealment. If you´re clever enough and spend a lot of time on infiltration the very few pots will be scattered all over the map and you can easily avoid them even without concealment.Also the evac zone is always very close to the prison. So if you avoided enemy contact until then, you shouldn´t encounter any more pods after that.

The avatar project is in LW2 active from the beginning, but you don´t know anything about it except if you make special missions. I think that´s one of the problems of Long War in general. It obscures way too much. I think it should be very clear from the beginning what the losing condition is, and how far away i am from meeting the losing condition. But then again, i´m not a Long War dev.

considering I've been poking around again on their forums and steam page it seems the devs are rather stupid.

AWC is fucked in such a way where abilities won't unlock for all classes if it's restricted by one due to how the guy coding it did it. What I mean is he coded a line to keep shinobi from getting lightning reflexes, but the way it was done blocks it from all classes

Also on a last note the version I have is
Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016 5:11 PM
Changelist: 234736

That matching up with everyone else? because I still get CTDs after the end of Gatecrasher, and only mod I really use that alters the game is the music mod with Deus ex 1 music

Another user in here was having trouble because he played the mod similarly to vanilla. This mod desperately needs a list of every single change it made. I thought it was just a war of attrition not hurr hiden abatar projact.

Taught me something new about infiltration but I'm not sure if I should even consider stealthing missions since troops wouldn't rank up at all.

Playing devil's advocate here: You should have known that it was still in place after playing Vanilla.
I do agree though, the game needs to clarify a lot more going on behind the hood or at least explain itself. It was a problem in LW1 as well.

I was fighting muton centurions and sectoid commanders and I never got a mention of the avatar project.

I have a confession everyone. I always save scummed my games. I typically finish games with a empty memorial

The Long War devs absolutely love RNG, Luck dependent mechanics and Randomness, so everything in the basically boils down to luck, it's like playing a Roguelike, but that takes a week or two to get to end of a run and die there.
i've been editing the inis in the mod for 4 days now, taking most of the random aspects as well as all the wild RNG within RNG shit they put in the game (14% of hitting a enemy for 3 to 8 dmg + 25% of a additional damage point)
I just need to find a way to do away with the avatar project timer now, because arbitrary timers are always shitty

Date: Wednesday, November 02, 2016 3:18 AM
Changelist: 232800
and it works with no issues.

I've done like 3 installs and it gives that shitty exception error after gatecrasher before closing

They also seem to think good pod design is cramming a lot of ADVENT into one pod and calling it a day. a good difficulty is less enemy numbers and more how the enemy uses their numbers

Oh last bit, latest patch seems to have removed the in-game menu options for LW2 during op gatecrasher.

Listen user, I doubt it's a version mismatch since your version is actually newer then mine. So, either your base game isn't working or you didn't install the mod correctly.

What I'd suggest is to first try whether you can play the base game without LW. Play a mission or two in vanilla, and if that works delete everything outside your game dir related to XCOM2. My Docs folder, any roaming shit and even the dedicated pirate saves/config folder.

Then redownload it from nexus or wherever and unpack to your mods. As a side precaution lower everything to minimum since the crash may be memory/performance related.

And just so we're clear this is entirely dependent on the type of mission, the advent strength in the region, the types of aliens in the pod and your infiltration level. I've seen anything from 1 to 6+.

Funnily you can actually abuse that system and fight more enemies then usual if you're desperate for corpses and material.

See I've done like 3 installs fresh from the ground up and still have the issue. using the R.G. repack as the basis.

I've played the base game, the game with the first long war mod pack installed no issues. (except original LW mod didn't play so well with base game's op gate crasher and I had to actually go grab a mod to skip Gatecrasher or disable the alien pack just to play it)

Does anyone know how i find out about the state of the avatar project in LW2? I really want to know how i´m doing on the bigger scale.

Liberate a region.

So how does everyone keep their havens working? I usually keep one haven dedicated to supplies with an engineer and have any empties filled with recruiting. Is there any way to make the spy hunt mission more likely? I'm tired of advent stealing muh supplies

This is bait isn't it? There is no way my intel team could actually do something this useful.

Mission timers run whether you know about the mission or not. Looks like they hit this one waaaaay before normal. Enjoy it while you can.

When will they release the expansions for this game? Also I really liked Shen's Last Gift's soundtrack, I hope they keep its composer for expansions

Expansions? You mean DLC? Because that's all you're going to get. Firaxis is really bad at long-term support.

I stopped following Jake long time ago but IIRC he specially said that DLCs(Alien Rulers and Shen's Last Gift) didn't take place of expansions and after Shen's Last Gift was released he said there would be more free and paid content in the future. Also this is a Firaxis game, an expansion is bound to happen. Civ 5 and XCOM's expansions were released like one or two year after the games' releases

Their support for XCOM2 has been shit though. The shat out their uninspired DLCs, made like 4 or so patches and that's it. There are bugs in the game that have existed since launch.

Civ6 for example isn't looking much better either, it's gotten about 2 patches but desperately needs more.

2K and Firaxis can such a dick as far as I am concerned.

They were focusing on making the console version of XCOM 2, so that might explain why they stopped making as many patches for XCOM 2, doesn't excuse what they've been doing with Civ 6 of course

I thought they were making this game a PC exclusive so they could concentrate on doing something right, but the PC requires a stupid amount of resources that aren't needed (sure, game looks good but the game keeps getting hung and stalling in the most stupid places).
I actually hope they can make a console port that actually works and they put all the DLCs on it as expected.

It was developed for the PC exclusively but that doesn't mean it won't be ported. That's their excuse, as far as I know.

As far as I'm concerned they can port whatever the fuck they want to whatever they can as long as the PC version comes first.

Is there a proper rip of Xcom 2 anywhere?
All i found was a rip with english vocals but russian menus which is kinda annyoing to play with tbh even though i can guess what must buttons mean.

You've got a couple of repacks itt but a rip? As in missing vids, int localization/voices and shit?


Is there a mod that gives missed shots a chance to hit someone else like in the old games?

It's already a feature in LW2

Another reason to start using that.

Oh does LW2 let panicked soldiers shoot each other by the way? Thats the other main thing i want.

In vanilla XCOM2 panicked soldiers shoot at each other when they have no LOS to an enemy target. I think LW removes that.

I've never seen that, I've seen one chuck a grenade at civillians though. Fucking collaborators deserved it.

Oh, it can happen even if they have LOS to enemy soldiers. I just found this old gem. Switch to 8:10 and you see it.

x-com newb here I made the fatal mistake of researching magnetic weapons last because It takes so long. I did not realize the benefits and I'm probably fucked.

I'm not playing LW2 but I am playing modded vanilla no dlc x-com 2.

Another issue is the codex/avatar mission
You have to skulljack a codex. But that summons some purple bitch. Who's impossible to take down with conventional means. So I ended up losing one of my dudes to her mind shit.

Any tips to facing her. I'm probably just going to start a new game if I lose.

I´m pretty sure, if you encounter your first Avatar you already should have access to plasma weaponry. And he only has half hp. So if you spare the codex until it is the last enemy left you shouldn´t have much problem with him.

Kill the avatar in one turn or give everyone mindshields.

I do not have access to plasma research sadly.
I don't know what gives you it.
Mindsheilds make sense. I think I ignored them because I kept running out of resources and HQ kept saying I needed more troops.

I'll get used to it these games are hard.

Don't do it until you get better weapons, unless Avatar project is nearly close to end you can just delay them for a while

Researching elerium gives you plasma weapons i think.

The R.G. repack has the option to install english menus you have top check it at install instead of mindlessly hitting "next"

Does anyone else find that LW laser weapons look pretty sexy?

I see you're running a deep dark infiltration. and yeah, very much so

That scene is the only good one in the movie because the main characters aren't in it.

I wouldn't really know but I do like the aesthetics.

Does anyone else have problems with LW crashing after finishing missions? It happened twice to me in a row and it really gets annyoing.

that from rogue one?
never finished it cause I feel asleep half way in

Fixed it by disabling anti-aliasing
Though I crashed due to being out of memory, so I don't know if the same works for you

There is an error report which says "pure virtual function called" or something like that.

Basically LW 1 doesn't like the alien pack and like 1 or two other LW mods in the gatecrasher mission so it CTDs unless you run the "skip gatecrasher" mod

LW2 will CTD for a myriad of reasons

It´s just weird. I didn´t have any issues with crashs on my first campaign, but after i started a new one i get them regularly. Although i actually have disabled a lot of mods for my second run.

how come it seems like it you're better off entering a mission without infiltrating before hand as if I leave the mission for infiltrating the rating will still go up anyways

You what?

Can someone make a mod for LW2 that bypasses the first mission? Or maybe makes it so that you start with all rookies? I hate when it gives my guys a class at the start randomly like it does because I want the characters from my pool to have the specific classes I created them for.

Tried Commander's Choice?

Yeah doesn't work right with LW2.

Problem is on the first mission of LW2 it starts out three of your guys at Squaddie rank. A couple campaigns ago I did have a button in the view soldier screen that would let me change the rank of a soldier who was at Squaddie rank, but it's gone now for some reason.

The stun lancers suicidal run across the entire map just to smack someone with a stick always trips me up. The advent captains mark and shoot to crit on the same turn always ends up with someone being gravely wounded.

You sure about that? But yeah, the intro mission is a pain in the ass.

menus are so damn slow in this game when im customizing soldiers

Revival protocol minimizes the effects of stun lancers and flashbangs help with both of them.

Always go into full cover, that will help to limit the captain's mark. Flashbangs are OP and are very versatile so always carry some into missions.

This game is really shy about providing full cover though. and when you download more map tiles from the workshop, modders continue this trend.

Someone want to tell me why a lamp post is full cover but a waist high cement highway divider you're fully crouched behind isn't?

Someone post the Coil Guns in action, please. I don't want to reinstall this just to test them.

Is xenonauts acceptable talk here? Cause I need some guidance on the mid-late-game to where I can stop savescumming missions like a bitch

Hope you don't mind a little cancer

Why wouldn't it be? And also a friendly reminder that it's perfectly reasonable to do the fuck you want in a singleplayer game if it improves your general comfy/fun levels.

Got hundreds of hours in that game. What would you like to know?

thanks. do you know at what point they use them?

Shit, there's some customization at start, a reaction shot or two towards the beginning-middle and I think he used a double shot with the coilfag near the end. To be honest I just glossed over it.

well thanks anyway. it's shit the way you can't find ANYTHING about the new weapons anywhere on the internet.

forgot to ask: what tier are the laser and coil guns? are coil guns before or after plasma?

How to not have an average causulty rating of 2-3 every mission, and how to handle landing ship spam without bankrupting yourself on keeping six foxtrot's running across three bases.

Also should I be running full wolf/buzzard armor by the time I hit plasma?

Never go on night missions unless completely necessary, time it so that the dropship arrives during daytime. Assign soldiers a weapon fitting their stats. You'll want those with high TU's to have shotguns, and so on.
I personally skip making Foxtrots and just buy Condors until I can make better interceptors, but that's just me.
Make sure your starting base is somewhere with a lot of land, like Russia. This lets you get more early game money so you don't bankrupt yourself.
I always prioritize armor over better weapons, because armor only cost a fraction of what weapons do, and are at least as helpful.

i gather from reading this thread that x-com 2 isn't well optimized. is it more stuttering/graphical issues or does the game crash a lot?

It's both
There's some Bethesda tier optimization going on

What determines a full cover isn't the material the cover is made of but how well that cover can hide a body

Entirely dependent on whether you're a toasterfag like this nigger.

Far beyond recommended specs you double nigger

I'm sorry for hitting a nerve, user.


My man, ignoring the stupidity of using explosives in a 15x2 paper-thin airdock corridor mostly filled with your own allies do you suppose Vader couldn't [force shove] said grenade up the old ventilation port?

This is easily the game I the most regret buying. I just can't accept playing something this unoptimized. And I dislike the new enemies. I wish I could just the first NuCOm with the shitty RNG maps.

why arent people making total conversion mods to change the game into star wars or warhammer? is the modding kit not easy enough to use for people to be bothered or is it just not a good enough game for people to give a shit about spending so much time into making a big mod like that for it?

They're waiting for the game to finish, either for expansions to come out or Firaxis to say they're finished with the game. There is no point in doing total conversions if the game's going to get further support and fuck up your mods. That's why I haven't started modding at least

I think he's talking about how storm troopers didn't just grenade hunkered down rebels and shit.

All I see is a xenophile scum.

You were warned faggot.

Would be nice if someone would get on that tho.

i hate the art direction for this game and the tone

i wish the game had a more moody and dark atmosphere

I wish the game did more with the whole resistance angle. I was hoping XCOM would conduct terror missions of their own.

Like take over a haven? It couldn't involve killing civilians.

Not enough 80s in general.

>its a sectopod
>its a fucking stargod base

Was getting your shit pushed in part of your plan?

You have no idea the ass pounding I'm about to take.

This game has poor optimization going on, I have both a toaster and an above average computer and it's the toaster that's playing the game well while the other one chugs.


I assume he meant more like go into a city and blow up some buildings/gene therapy clinics and kill collaborators.

So does Long War still require like 70+ hours of flawless play to reach the end?

Graphics that don't look like 640x480 pixelated garbage?

Attention anons:

Fuck Lobstermen.

That is all.

Yeah, that's what I was trying to get at

gotta use the tazer user

My dudes often can't reach the lobsters though.
I fought a map where I landed right next to a large USO crewed with nothing but lobstermen. Even with blasta rifles I couldn't beat the horde.

HQ missions in LW2 are so boring. The maps so big and the aliens so spread out I spend several turns trying to find the last group and it all takes like 40 minutes.

To be fair they're kinda meant to be tedious long and at least you often get to bring friends keep corpses and shit.