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Are the Resident evil movies the only good video game movies? It seem to be the only video game based movies that was successful enough for sequels.
FYI Resident evil extinction was the best one



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The Resident Evil movies are pure trash.

BUT Holla Forums said they were kino.

How about novels we'd like to see made into games?

The belgariad would be a perfect setting for a /gsg/ with RPG/total war elements, with the magic system already written out in meta terms..

But as for your topic, how about fucking legend of dragoon, it needs to be a movie

Holla Forums is a shitty board run by a faggot who let's Holla Forums shitposters run wild like the board was meant to be a Holla Forums clone.

Log Horizon

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie is the best game-based movie. It was so good it inspired the Alpha series. And we got to see Chunners naked!
Monster Hunter would make a good movie. A mix of action, adventure, and horror when the big bad finally chases down the hunting party. It doesn't have an overly detailed plot, it would just be about a random iron-age village defending against a massive fucking beastie. Other movies could focus on different villages with different beasties, and maybe have recurring characters that travel in caravans from previous movies showing up in the new village.

I've always thought the Conan stories would make a great game but I've yet to see it actually happen.

More of the first chick?

That's all I've got. I crawled a cosplay thread a while back and grabbed a bunch. Sorry. Try TinEye?

they're shitty Alice in Wonderland fanfics that the producer has his dyke of a wife star in to get his rocks off
they're barely even connected to the games

Resident Evil films are great fun, don't be sour.
They're not amazing compared to other horror or action films, but they're still good.

Now it's funny you mention Monster Hunter, my dear user.

Capcom were talking about doing a movie last year, and there was a little buzz, then it was forgotten. They've been hinting at it since 2012 or so, however.
Now, Paul W S Anderson, the guy that made Event Horizon, Resident Evil films and Death Race has been wanting to do Monster Hunter films since 2010 or so. He apparently has rights to to the series, and says he's penned a script.

Only problem is it's shit. It's an American gets transported to MonHun world, montage to learn to fight monsters, then comes back to defeat monsters invading Earth.
They say they've got two films planned, but I just can't get over how crap that plot is. They really should do something like adapt the loose story of MH4. It's interesting enough and isn't deep so they can expand on it well.

Capcom say they like the script, so there's either a revision or they're stupid, and I know which option I'd bet on.


What's the point of seeing the film if it's the same as the games?

But user, Monster Hunter is set in the distant future in which all humans are either dead or have mutated into superhumans with enhanced strength and endurance, and all the monsters are derived from giant mech-dragons with the power to create monsters at a whim.

Oh, and I want to see a Dead Space film.
John Carpenter wants to do one, and he would probably just make The Thing in space, but I can't tell if that's what I want or not.

Can't be a worse fate than Dead Space 3 or The Thing 2011

The Phoenix Wright movie was pretty good.

I'm sure you thought the Silent Hill movies were "fun" too huh?
of course not, but a moderately faithful movie adaptation isn't too much to fucking ask for, hell its not like the game's story is far from B-movie nonsense, but creating a COMPLETELY alternate story with a couple of character cameos here and there does not a faithful adaptation make
that'd be like making a Super Mario movie where the Mario Bros get sent into an alternate universe where dinosaurs evolved into people and live in a dystopian cyberpunk city
the writer obviously wanted some kind of sci-fi, edgy take on Alice in Wonderland, and used his power over the movie to squeeze his "brilliant" ideas where they didn't belong, that is before it just turned into a dime-a-dozen action film they could churn out for a profit

The first Mortal Kombat movie was the only good vidya movie.

I really don't get why you keep bringing up Alice in Wonderland. This truly puzzles me. Are you stuck on the fact that MC is given the nickname Alice? Must every form of media with an Alice be based off Lewis' book?

And the films are exactly the kind of schlock you'd expect from Resident Evil. What's the problem? Granted they're more like RE4-6 than 1-3, but they're still pretty fun.

Anyways, I don't see how these films are bad alongside the main RE franchise. They're clearly a step up from 6 and 7.
You couldn't adapt RE1-3 and keep audiences entertained. The games are based on player input and player response to on-screen things, like reacting when a zombie jumps out of nowhere. In films, this has been done a million times, so it's nice to have a different take on it.



Resident Evil has the worst fucking movies of all time even worse than SH. You need to improve your shit taste, OP.
No depth to characters, horrid soundtrack, boring action, "horror" that falls flat on its ass, and acting that almost matches theā€¦ glory of the games.

Nah fuck you. 1-3 are entertaining as fuck. I'm not willing to call them good at anything but the cheese seeps through just like the original game.

good job remember the shitty story genius
what you really mean is you couldn't make a dumb action movie fit into the setting
you can fuck right off
that being said I wouldn't mind a movie about some smart-ass pretty boy fighting off spanish parasite hosts to save the presidents daughter, or a mixed race duo of agents fighting off slightly angry africans
but we don't fucking get that do we? just more Alice kicking things with the most expressionless face in existence and sometimes a big monster

I'm sure they can be entertaining in the same way something like Birdemic is, grab some friends and a beer and laugh at how awful everything is, but they aren't good movies, they're schlock with a video game's title pasted to them

I remember there was a Dead Space animated movie but I think it was bad. Not horrid but just not as good from what I remember. Probably average but I'd have to watch it again to better judge it since I haven't watched it since it first came out.

Also, anyone seen the unnecessary animated movie of Heavenly Sword? Not sure who thought it was a good idea to release a movie 7 years after the original game came out and with worse graphics than what it was based on.

There was 2, I think.
I only watched one of them. It was some chick as the head of security and detailed the infection in DS1.
Animation was eye-bleedingly bad and the VAs were shit.

Also, the MC was an annoying rebel-look chck with a coloured mohawk, if I remember it correctly.

Worth watching only for the dismemberment in a few scenes, though.


Don't forget the cameos by characters from the game and how they're cucked by Alice because she's the greatest thing ever. I mean come on, making the original characters act like little pussies so Alice can save them and be better than they are even though the timeline they're introduced into the movies means they've dealt with this shit already and even worse shit than Alice has. If they didn't cameo and cuck the original characters and just said it is a different city/town than where raccoon city is they'd be bearable, maybe even enjoyable. As it is, all these fucking Milla jovovich fan girls keep watching this shit because they think she's actually good at acting and bad ass, and the series just needs to die and be redone using a different actress in a different location, or actually base them on the games. I just watch the animated movies that keep coming out because they at least are in the same universe and star the characters from the game. The ones with lsk are the best ones.

You act like this isn't exactly what a Resident evil movie should have been. The last thing I would expect from a Resident Evil movie is solid writing and sensible motives behind every bodies actions.

yeah there were two
the first one looks kind of shitty but has some decent gore and is moderately entertaining to watch
the second one looks like cheap anime garbage, has an awkward sex scene, focuses on the Marker dementia, but in that edgy anime way where the camera focuses on an over-detailed eye and shit, and makes the necromorphs look like inuyasha demons

pretty sure they have similar appeal to xena warrior princess

fair enough, but I would like them to actually be about Resident fucking Evil
like I said, 4 and 5 are action schlock as hell, but the movies didn't exactly take much from them besides a few characters for Alice to prove shes better than

The problem with Resident Evil is that it's not a very smart universe. In gameplay this is fine because it can make up for that fact but I would hate to be the director for the movie. What the hell would you have to work with? Given the material the movies are probably the best we're going to get.

you can say it would be tough to work with all day long, but in the end shouldn't the product appeal to the fans of the games?
hell the games have you fight giant alligators and shit, wouldn't that be an easy "insert dumb action sequence here" bit? My biggest problem with the films is that the protagonist is an unlikable cunt with a blank face, and that it completely abandons any semblance of the game's plot by the second movie
if the films didn't have Alice and felt like they paraphrased the games at least alittle they would at least be bearable, but after a while you get some kind of bizarre mad max attack of the clones shit, with the occasional shot of Wesker or a zombie dog

Try translating that to a movie with a budget. The first movies aren't cheap but they certainly cut corners. The things you're suggesting wouldn't excell the movie for me though. We all have that perfect vidya movie in our head but when it all comes together you're impressed if you can pop out anything at all after making a movie.

Uwe Boll spotted.

You don't have to actually make it super high budget to make it a good movie. Those of us who are fans of the gaming series would have loved it if the first movie paralleled the game and as long as it did that it could have had cheesy B movie special effects. Hell, if they took the fmv cast from the first one and had them be in the movie we'd have loved it even more. That silly acting, it would have brought enough nostalgia to eliminate the cringe factor of it.

The only answer.

So the problem is that he was given a high budget? Again I'm not saying the movies could have been better I'm just saying that what we got wasn't that bad.

What video games would make good movies?

I think Yume Nikki and Lisa the First could win awards at the Venice Film Festival.

This shit was dead the second they chose that idiot Anderson over fucking George A Romero.

The problem was the deviation from the source material and the usage of a shit actress as the mc.

If they just stuck to this Alice's story and didn't try to inject characters from the games while also having a different actress and sticking with the games universe it might have been good as a series. As it is, it is just a mess to watch. I can't find any redeeming qualities in this shit fest of a series.

The problem with video games is they have such a quantity of action sequences that you need a break. they'd be more suited for a series of short films or dare I say 30-minute televised episodes.

That being said, I'd watch a 4 or 5 episode animation based on Mark of the Ninja

Eh, if you can't that's fine I guess. I'm pretty happy with the first 3 as their just a mess of poor writing and a completely batshit premise.

Best vidya animu movie

Box office shekels =! good movies

It's doubly retarded considering Romero directed the Japanese commercial for RE2

What in the everloving fuck. I know this plot is as generic as you can get, but monster hunter has such a unique style, the mere idea of injecting it with real world shit took me completely off guard.

Best vidya movie coming through. No other film is both good as a film in its own right and a proper adaptation of the game it's based on.

Shame they couldn't get Coleman to be in it like they originally planned.

Not to far off from yours: The Elenium.

I'd love a game set in the Zemoch War era. You could play as a Pandion knight and focus on skills in different areas: Leadership, Ground Combat, Mounted Combat, Magic, Diplomacy, etc. You'd gather together a party of NPC allies, and parts of the game would be strategy based, requiring you to coordinate battle-field planning based on the input of NPC advisors, intelligence you've acquired, and the skills you bring with you into the game.

So I guess kind of like what DA:I would have been like if Bioware was good?

What? 90% of Holla Forums posting is screaming about cucks.

You forgo Dead or Alive and Silent Hill

i can't go there anymore because every single thread derives into Holla Forums circlejerk, i used to love that board

What was the reason for that, out of interest? If he was up for the original game I don't see why he'd be against the film on a moral basis.

The prince of persia movie was decent actually, really surprised me.

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I think it was scheduling conflicts.

Ah, that makes more sense.

That's stupid even for Hollyjew standards.

Only the first one is passable. The rest are disjointed action schlock, but not the fun kind.

Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are the only good ones.

Super Mario Bros, Silent Hill, Doom, and Postal are slightly passable.

The rest are shit.

It's more faithful to the second game. Remember 1 was intended to be a 2edgy horror-ish game, and the humor was not as transparent.

As long as we're theorizing it might have had to do with him contracting epidural hematoma and dying before they were done filming. Skip to 1:06 for the statement.

Wasn't the RE film series only created in order to hide the fact that one of the actresses was a child prostitute that the director ordered from Eastern Europe?

If it was a fact I'm pretty sure the director and anybody associated would be in jail.

Did he fug her?


Holla Forums is just Holla Forums circlejerking pretending to be Holla Forums, but they're so good at it, that Holla Forums thinks it's not satire and joins it, at which point everyone shits on them, like TS and Sudocuck.

Thanks user, I really want to learn more about this shit.

Fair enough, Postal 2 and Postal 1 are worlds apart.

His wife needed roles. I don't know about the child prostitute bit.

True, but than again Postal 2 was the good one and I don't think the numbering really mattered.