Games that take 40 hours to become good

This is the first time it happened in my 15 years of playing video games.
Mechs actually turn this generic single-player mmo onto its head and make it enjoyable.
Exploration becomes fast and exciting.
You can learn to maneuver your robot and do some cool shit like driving off some natural trampoline and transforming mid air.

Cool down based target combat actually makes sense when you're piloting a mech since its weapons would actually need to cool down or reload or recharge or everything together.
Instead of generic anime special attacks you have slots where you put weapons or special devices and use them in combat exactly when you need.
Also everything is actually properly displayed on mech, be it assault rifle, huge laser sword, shield generator or funnel station.
When activating it you see them actually reaching out and taking weapon before using it, it's amazing.
While mech customization is not as in depth as in Armored Core series, it's still pretty good as you can design each robot's role yourself and accentuate its stats. You can also paint them.
There are like 10 slots for all kind of shit, from shotguns and knuckle dusters to debuff-focused special equipment that only works on specific enemies, that can turn deadly boss into punching bag, while being useless otherwise.
Mechs designs strike fine balance between being humanoid and plausible transforming vehicles. I think only bunny eared one looks stupid, but that's just japs being japs.

I was bumrushing through story missions just to get there, but now I actually enjoy simply wandering around, setting up mining sites and massacring monsters that were unbeatable a couple of hours ago. Even the shitty default robot you get is 100 times more fun than on foot combat and exploration.

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Yeah I was doing this since I was twelve. I'm sorry I wasn't born earlier.
Or you mean there other games that turn upside down good 40 hours in? Let's hear about them.

Yes I was playing undub. Shitty translation is one of bigger problems as you can fucking hear that characters say completely different things that is written in the bottom of the screen sometimes.
But there aren't any other open world mech rpgs currently that allow you to customize your shit to such extent.

Where did you get the undub? I found it googling on some shifty site where you had to comment to download but would like somewhere more legit looking. Also does the undub have the uncensored costumes like the bikini? I tried to play the game a long time ago with Cemu but quit because the sound was so fucked up, now I want to kinda play again.

FF13 went from worse to bad after 40 hours; not bad to good.

DDXIII never gets good though.

What did I just do.

you need the jp dump and the usa/eur dump, then make your own abomination with the tools, the tools are on a gbatemp thread

Prolly Dark Souls 2 because everyone tells me the DLC's good, but fuck that

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neverwinter nights 2 is a prime example of this

The flying around is fun at first, but it's actually when ends up killing the game. Exploration loses its feeling of danger and significance when you can just blast off to anywhere and circumvent everything.

Exploration MUST be a painful chore in order for it to be fun.

I'm joking about FF13 fags. I quit at around 32 hours.
It was genuinely one of the worst games I've ever played.

Named what may be Square's last game before they go bankrupt.

The first Xenoblade

yeah dude, since releasing the undub without taking steps is like spoonfeeding to retards and also borders on the illegal spectrum

I found it to be the opposite. When I first started playing I was in awe at the massive landscapes and animals that could crush you underfoot, and because it took so long to traverse places it felt like a genuine adventure and a massive world. When you get the mech, it suddenly becomes much smaller and less impressive. Enemies that used to be a threat are minor annoyances and giant dinosaurs that used to give me a jurassic park feeling of wonder are now an obstacle I can just fly around. Interesting terrain that I had to find a creative way to traverse before, suddenly became non-issues with flight. I completely forgot how to fight with my on-foot skill set so the few times I had to leave the mech, I felt retarded. And probably my biggest peeve, the soundtrack that used to be a strong point of the game suddenly became literally two songs. Flight song, and battle song. Let's be real, nobody uses the ground vehicle mode. It's executed poorly so it's not even fun, and leaves you vulnerable to enemy attack, in addition to just being slower. And when you're flying you'll never again hear any of the soundtrack that added to the majesty of the game during the first 40 levels.


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The mechs are great. Only problems are the whole flying theme and the fact that the best mechs have their weapons baked in. Their burst damage makes them great for grinding, and I abused that giant rifle attack and the drones to chip down the same level 56 enemy robot repeatedly.
I preferred combat on foot. Overdrive chaining is just way too fun. I ended up beating chapter 12 underlevelled and mostly on foot, with a single level 30 skell to take out the chimeras.

Search for it on nyaa. Or do it yourself.

Hello mister Howard. How are Skyrim Remastered sales doing?

I'll bite. What exactly changes after 40 hours? I know there are no mechs in that one, so what could it be?

I played Dark Souls 2 everything, and it's not true. DLCs are indeed better than base game, but it's still shit.

Go into detail please. I tried to play it and dropped after like 10 hours of boredom.

I haven't unlocked flight mode yet. I guess I can just not use it? I barely use fast travel too. Mostly for city navigation, because elevators are pain in the ass.
And tbh soundtrack is pretty shit so far.

Yeah I know. I assume word "Doll" has some implicit connection with previous xeno games. I just call them mechs or robots. Skell is stupid ass word that doesn't mean anything.

Apparently the sound is still fucked up in Cemu. All my hard work for nothing. Maybe I'll just buy a second hand wiiu and run it through a capture card.

Thanks, I was searching tpb.

the updates happen often enough

Prepare to get the first few seconds of embed related burned into your eardrums. It plays every time you fly, and it doesn't remember where it left off so it starts from the beginning every time. Outside of that flying is actually pretty fun.
The soundtrack is shit but it grows on you. In the Forest and Black Tar somehow made it onto my music player even though they're objectively bad

Yeah the first 20-40 hours depends on how much sidequesting you do is a slog, the main problem is it's all pleb work and you have no fucking idea why you are doing it besides some vague bullshit. If you persist long enough though there is a good feel of power progression as your character goes from literal peasant trash doing pleb work to a significant person. The games picks up when you get your own castle that you actually have to manage pretty indepth.

Unless you really want your jap voices, there isn't anything to listen to in XBX. Music is mediocre at best, some hip hop shit at worst.
I'm glad I didn't have to give jewtendo money to play this

I wouldn't say "good", but Dragon's Dogma goes from utter shit to decent after 40 hours.

I have argued with someone IRL who was incredulous when I said Lighting has no depth whatsoever and that I thought 13 was absolutely terrible.
Though in retrospect I do think a character without depth can be enjoyable, but Lighting is still insufferable regardless.
I got about halfway through 13-2 It's okay.

I actually had problems enjoying it. Can go into more detail how does it change after so long?

40? I 100% it in 40 hours. It gets decent in 4 hours.

Xenoblade got so fucking bad after Sword Valley. Everything was talk before the battle cringefest. It was unbearable listening to those cutscenes and I ended up skipping most when I realize what they were talking about in the first 8 seconds. The battles barely change too, just more pumped up sub-boss enemies. So you can hardly say it got better in the last 40 IT GOT WORSE. Oh yeah and the story was a retelling of the first Xenogears…

I actually liked that song the first time, it was almost awe-inspiring flying around and taking in the landscape.
Then it had to play every fucking time I hit the jump button.

Better party members, more utility for the Menado, the plot picks up also. It may not be exactly 40 hours but that's not far off

Most people prefer the post-game, NG+, and the expansion to the main campaign

I don't know what you qualify as "100%" but there is no plausible way you fully completed the game with all nine vocations in 40 hours

Some of the tracks are worth it. Turn the music on for chapter 12 at least.
Sylvalum's music fits the landscape nicely as well.

I guess DD just isn't for me then. There'a aspects I like about it like an action RPG actually having decent combat but enemies seem to be damage sponges. Maybe it's the kind of game where specific classes are fun and certain classes like the warrior or knight or whatever are boring. I'm 11 hours in and it just isn't entirely clicking.

Drakengard 3. I hear it gets better storywise after Branch A but after finishing that I have no motivation to go further. Also GTA San Andreas, replaying it now the pacing is fucking abysmal with almost nothing interesting happening for hours of gameplay, its less bad in 4 but 5 while having a faster start makes the missions feel more "scripted and cinematic".

Love this game. Finished everything possible in it.

Recently defeated Telethia, the Endbringer with a level 30 Doll.
Took a month of work.

How do you upgrade your mechs in any meaningful way?
I was running in level 30 ones for hours now, my guys are about to hit level 40, but mechs stay the same.

Make new frames, equip equipment onto it that is up to the frame level. (goes level 30, 50, 60 for frames)

What the fuck were they thinking?

Couldn't you just download a saved game?

Do you expect Final Fantasy after Sakaguchi left would be any good? LMAO Square makes dogshit anymore I don't expect them to make anything good ever again and it's not just because he left, they're appealing to mainstream japan who has shit taste and is obsessed with aesthetics alone.

If you don't like questing DD isn't for you. It's a quest game like RPGs made in the 80s, it's not played for its main story but for being meticulous with yourself and your party and going on quests.

You can beat the game and do all the quests, minus the ones on DLC island or in the endgame dungeon, in 30 hours AT THE MOST.

XCX is a shit game.
Straight up garbage even without 4kids localization.

I just wish I could change the NLA and flight themes. I did find a guide ( but I couldn't get it to work with the SD card method, and I don't really like the idea of having to essentially stream the custom music over the network just for that.

This is with the physical game disc and the Brazilian USB method. I don't really want to do anything more permanent to the console because I plan on selling it soon.

Why would the make X if they then go on making a direct sequel to 1?
What's even the point of this game?

Bionis was amazing, but as soon as you step onto Mechonis the game instantly becomes exteremely tedious and dips in quality, and the map becomes a slogfest hallway.
Then during the final third or so it becomes good again, but that's closer to the end.

Wasn't X a prequel? I never finished it because it was such a disappointment so I don't actually know if that turned out to be true.

I don't think it has anything to do with 1, I may be wrong though

I think it's called Xenoblade X just to boost sales.
Maybe in Xenoblade 2 they reveal something that will tie it in, you know, like Nier is a sequel to Drakengard 1, buy you'll only know it if you played all endings of Drakengard and payed attention to some scarce catastrophe mentions in Nier.
Or maybe they just named it so they can ride on Xenoblade fanbase.

If you don't like mechs in general then yeah, don't see any redeeming qualities in it.
Hell, even though it has quite good graphics for a console game, you just won't see it with shitty WiiU's resolution lock.

You have to build through at least a couple failed factories, and then a couple shitty ones that are just barely good enough to beat the game, in order to gain enough skill and experience. After that, you can start to make really good shit, with expansive and beautiful systems and start really taking advantage things like train networks and circuit conditions. I'd say it's more like 100 hours before you become capable of playing the game at its peak and are doing more than just fucking around hoping it works.

XBX is totally unrelated to Xenoblade or Xenogears or Xenosaga. It's totally new although it looks like the old games (which no one seems to remember, giving more weight to the argument that Holla Forums is mostly underage)

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The game is nothing but trying to reach an un-achievable peak tbh. I'de say it becomes interesting once you start figuring out plastics and oil consumption. Drones are an easy pitfall for the new though even though they absolutely work albeit slower and less efficient but god damn it's cool.

Well yeah, but I don't think I'd qualify that as 100% completion, and I would have thought it was pretty obvious that guy was talking about Dark Arisen and the Everfall


If you think fast travel is a painful chore you may just be even more casual than many actual casuals
Well, the problem is that the sound effects are too loud, there is no command ingame to change the volume, and they are encoded in a obsucure format with no tools to edit them.

If someone has a solution, contact the ledditor who posted that.

People shitting on it are stupid.
You still need humanoid and vehicle mode to explore jungles and caves and shit.
But flying around and fighting aerial monsters is fucking great. It doesn't kill anything, it truly makes the game shine. If anything both Dolls and Flying Mode should have been introduced a lot earlier.

Is this true? I have the game and played it for a few hours and got extremely bored. Might boot it up again if this is the case.


So it's not the kind of game you play for story, just running around doing quests and just aimlessly exploring?

Yeah, FFXIV was good after all.

I waited until CEMU could run it well and for a decensor patch that already exists and is floating around. My only mistake was thinking the developer had enough competency to have their first game (which shared part of the title of the second) tie in to their second game in any major way. Don't get me wrong, I still want to see how XC ends, but I lost my save in a reformat, losing over 20 hours of progress, and when XCX is largely removed from the world of XC, I'm having a harder time motivating myself to finish it this time.

I never understood what being told "after 40 hours of shit, the other 2 are good" compelled him to pay for the thing.

Yeah, and that took just a whole purging of the original game and being forced to remake it from the ground up.

Whats the best endgame doll?

Im pretty sure it was a indirect sequel, considering the fact that theres a telethia in it and the planet is probably bionis.

Nah, you fuck off

Firstly, it's the first big mecha game since Front Mission Evolved, and we all remember what shit show that was.
Secondly you can unfuck most of the harm done with the undub version.
And thirdly I didn't give jewtendo a cent in my whole life and am proud of it.

My area of expertise is breaking the game over my knees, let me give you some details on this. First, build Mastema and Amdusias, and swap their armor. Then slap a Zenith Cannon on Mastema. The reason you do these is because Mastema has great ranged attack but Amdusias's armor has physical and thermal damage boosting, and the Zenith Cannon just fucking ignores resistances entirely. Load up on weapon attack augments to help a lot, and maybe a few others like slayers or opening art damage boosts. I also recommend an auto-attack weapon called Discbombs, specifically one with a magazine size up. If you upgrade that enough, you can send a fuckton of discs at the enemy in fairly sort order, and by the time you blow your load the one in your other hand will be ready. It's been a while, but if you equip one in one hand there's a glitch where the game thinks both have the magazine upgraded, so look into that. They also boost your TP fast, tear off tons of HP if augmented well, and can possibly crash your game if too many are on screen at once. Apparently you can beat the lesser superboss with just Discbomb volleys. Look up more details yourself later, this will involve some grinding on one sort or another. If you want to know about on foot broken-ness, you definitely want to ask me about Ether Blossom Dance.

I don't know why but I think I might have been the one to convince you to play X over the original, and I'm almost certain I'm the one who told you a little about how cool robots are in this game. Glad you're having buzzword, X is kind of terrible story wise but robots and exploration is where it shines. I'm sure you agree it was definitely worth pirating.

40 hours with extremely minimal grinding. It actually got a little more fun at the 20 hour mark when you beat the first main story but then the second one rears its head in and you need to spend another 20 hours to beat it and have everything officially unrestricted to you, then it's actually fun. Custom bullets with top end gear and all shot chips gets dumb fun.

Shop doesn't have most of that. The most overpowered shit I currently have is phoenix back weapon that burns area out and scythe shoulder weapon that does two melee attacks per use, I got both dropped from some mobs.
The rest is fucking shit, I dunno what else to use.
I guess everything you named apart from Amduscias is gotta be farmed from enemies?

Psst… Monster Hunter

The reason I didn't find it that fun was because of Monster Hunter experience
The reasons I listed for finding it fun are not things in MH

Do I need to play the first game to get into this?
I played some hours of Xenoblade chronicles but it was pretty shit and the camera controls made combat unplayable because it would switch constantly targets.
Is there a good emulator for Wii U?

It's literally the same here.

*Cemu in its current state does allow you to play and even complete games, but expect glitches and terrible performance even on the best hardware. It's in very early development stage.
It also resets rendering resolution when going into cockpit mode, and the only way to change it back is to restart emulator.

Is it possible to do stupid good against monsters without bullet autism? I'm playing Resurrection right now and I feel myself lose a little bit of my soul every time I don't hit monsters for 800+ with a burst charge attack from my buster. But I guess that's my Monster Hunter autism kicking in.

You mean the targeting camera is still broken?
Also I have no idea what's the deal with censorship if anyone could enlighten me. Is there any fan patch to fix it?

More like it's shit and good luck targeting specific enemy or body parts when facing squads of 8+ mobs. However you can lock your current target and prevent it from changing regardless of camera movement.

A whole bunch of stuff, undub/uncensor patch fixes most of it. It doesn't fix shitty memes and altered terms and names though.
Look it up.

*A whole bunch of stuff is censored

I haven't played Resurrection so I don't know what's different but it sounds like GE2RB is about as dumb, especially with hitzones (fuck you Sekhmet) and how monster AI behaves, the game tries to be difficult by simply not cutting you any slack, since it's aware of how powerful you can get.

I did play a shitload without resorting to bullet autism at times when the monster wasn't so fucking infuriating to fight (fuck Borg Camlanns and Kongous) and the main thing you need to remember is that all the weapons have very little in common with MH, technically. The Buster has massive range on the charge, can charge forever and change directions at will, so if you're playing by charge snipes like I did, you need to base your gameplay around that. On top of that, you can also cancel the charge with either movement button or a block (play claw). I find that usually when I had to block an attack, I had enough time to get a full charge and aim at somewhere with a huge hitzone even if I had to wait a bit. I had some hunts where I got 3000 on the regular during high rank equivalents (G-rank equiv gets about 5000 on average on weak zones)

Just git gud really.

they are easy as fuck user.

i gave up on Ressurection on the second mission to kill a Dyaus Pita
then i discovered the last boss of the game is actually another Vajra clone and i don't even feel remorse.

I'm including all of their reskins and marginal model changes. Susanoo, the electric Borg and every Kongou apart from the original are the main cunts that I just pull out the gun for and evaporate, the others I might feel like using the melee weapon but I still use the gun most of the time. They simply aren't worth the effort.
Also, any hunt that includes endlessly respawning Silky's (see: nearly all that have them). My first experience with them was already enough to cement them as the definitive worst regular enemy I've ever had to deal with in a video game.

i dunno user, i find both the kongou and borg clones really tame, and you can't put the blame on them if the shitty enemy is the silkies

what a shitty excuse. A game should be able to be fun and interesting the entire time, not after some arbitrary amount of hours has passed. If it's shit at the beginning, it's shit the whole way through.

Nope you don't need to know anything from the first one

Except that doesn't have to be true at all.

Game in question introduces brand new gameplay mechanic only when you progress through certain part of the story, which would normally take around 40 hours of gameplay.

When people say that original Xenoblade or Dragon's Dogma somehow becomes good after X hours, when all gameplay mechanics are available from get go, I call bullshit however.