MechWarrior: Living legends

==MechWarrior: Living legends==
I'm shit at OP's edition.

Get it here.

Frequently asked questions
Q:Hey isnt this dead?
A: No, some cool dudes at clan jade wolf picked it up and have been working on it.
There can be 3-4 servers up at a time and I'm seeing a ton of new people lately.

A lot can be answered when you spawn at base, there are signs but the gist is as follows.
Buy a mech with [ , ]
Get in and blow shit up for money, which lets you buy bigger and better mechs, which lets you blow more shit up.
Rinse and repeat
You can repair at mech bays and stations, some you can buy more ammo at but not all let you.
Repair your mech by powering down in the bay.
You can sell your mech with j at a base where you can spawn mechs, good for when some cunt shoots your arm off.
If your new, try to stick with a group and if you have any other questions don't be scared to ask. Most guys are pretty cool.

Remember shekelstein, the goyim are human in animal form and deserve neither pity or mercy

Other urls found in this thread:

Also if you see a guy named Bane the big guy, please don't encourage him. IIRC hes some shitposter from halfchan who does nothing but spout unfunny memes the whole time. Also I'm pretty sure I say a guy named furrygamer so I went ahead and scribbled him on bully list. You should do the same.
Otherwise everyone is pretty chill.

I was going to get this last thread, but forgot.
Have a bump, and I'll come play in a few hours.

Was fucking up redtext part of your plan?


The free training serve fucked off somewhere which kinda sucks. You will have to jump into it head first.

It's still there. Just scroll down on the ingame server browser. It's buggy and only uses half the screen.

Nice red text, nerd!

Welp, I keep getting randomly DCd from the servers.

Also, how useful is TAG? I keep using it at almost all times when my vehicles has it becuase well, it's there.

No idea

Pretty good, even better if you are working with someone.

The alternate launcher made it so that it happens to me only every few hours as opposed to every 20 minutes.

Thanks pal.

Some keys can be changed in the options menu, however, all the important stuff has to be changed with the action mapper in the launcher.

If you manage to skip that, and login, just join a server and at the main spawn there are walls set up that tell you some of the more important functions like buying, selling, looking at a map, etc. Everyone is typically noob friendly and they won't hesitate to answer dumb questions like "how do I buy stuff?" or "why aren't my missiles working?"

This game is fucking awesome, I've been playing it a ton since I discovered it.

thanks for the reminder, rabi

It still runs poorly on my pc for some reason

This and the guys rping as jews are cringeworthy

is this worth downloading if I'm Australian

That's really weird. Try downloading normal Crysis Wars and see how that runs? You don't have any dumbshit anti-virus programs running, right?

I play from Australia and it's perfectly fine. You'll have a shit ping but it's perfectly manageable. Just avoid using ACs or PPCs as they give unreliable hit reg, and don't fly Aero's unless you want everyone bitching about you warping around.

TAG is useful if you can stay on target, otherwise it's strictly worse than if you don't use it at all as you're essentially telling your entire team "please launch all of your LRMs at this small rock formation 3 miles south of the enemy"

What exactly are the advantages to using tanks over mechs? Besides a 360 degree turret and a lower profile, of course.

It is weird. Everything's set to lowest and Im around 30fps, usually below. It's playable but everyone says it shouldnt run like that
I recently changed my gpu and I didnt notice any change on the game (every other game improved), it only changed after I overclocked the cpu so I think it's using the integrated graphics card for some reason, but there's no option to change it anywhere, only a command to change the number of gpus used and that doesnt do anything

Right now tanks pack more firepower for their price than light mechs so it's usually better to get tanks when the match starts. After you get a few ranks you can choose between medium mechs with the same weaponry or slower, bulkier tanks. Late game the demolishers are a mass of steel with wheels and enough weaponry to contest assaults

Just to be sure, I have it on 64 bit and forced directx9 that shouldnt be the cause right? I tried all the options and it runs better like this

They are usually cheaper for the armour or weapons they have. They are also much more difficult to kill than mechs since all that armour is distributed over 5 sections rather than 9. Especially if you rotate your sides.

Downsides are shit mobility and terrain bugs giving you grief.

You do have your monitor plugged into the GPU, right? But it may simply be a CPU bottleneck. It is weird though. Tried without DX9 or 64 bit? Delete shader cache?

Bane is giving me cancer. Also the 'sunny d' black lanner is a beast

My cpu is running on 3.7gh that should be enough for a 2007 game but whatever

that means nothing at all. cpu architecture determines performance, not clock speed. there are cpus from mid 2000s that can reach that clock speed.

This Batuta faggot needs to kys


And so does everyone who can't stop begging for money for 5 minutes.


And control point means you have to take and control points, not suicide your shit mechs into enemy for 40 minutes over and over

Very if you can keep it on your target consistently long enough to acquire a lock on for your missile boats. If you can't, don't use it, it just fucks with friendlies' missiles.

Tanks are scary. Don't diss em.

Why are planes so fucking fun to play in this game? And how the fuck do I do proper strafe runs, it feels like despite me getting a TAG off and sending the rockets in, I deal absolutely no damage to mechs.

Go through with this step by step.


Downloadan. As mentioned before there are tanks and planes in this game. Are there any other non-mech combat vehicles you can use? I just love the David vs Goliath feeling to fighting a mech while in something not a mech.

Vtols (helicopters), hovercrafts and battle armor.

If you want David vs Goliath you can try something like Chevalier (wheeled tank) vs Atlas.
Funnily enough, Atlas can't shoot you if you're ramming his foot.

As in, just explain what I'm doing? I can't exactly remember the name of the plane itself but it's from the first category, the F model I believe. I simply fly down from a high altitude while getting the tag off, wait for the circle to turn red as well as to hear the characteristic beep, then when I'm around 300-600 meters range I fire the rockets themselves. I try and keep a low speed when descending / strafing - around 200 mph - then speed up with boost once unloading the bombs.

I'm guessing you were using TBolts? They have shit tracking, so if you were using them against moving targets they likely won't hit.

Well that would explain that bit. What's the best way to go about using them then, fly closer to ground level, get the tag off, fire it in their face, then quickly pull up and speed out of dodge?

Don't worry about tagging, just aim them manually. Obviously much easier against stationary targets.

You don't need to use the tag when guiding your own guided missiles unless you want to fire immediately without a lock. And if you do this, and you fire sans lock, and stop tagging the target, the missile will home in on the position the tag was last and NOT the target, unless the target was tag locked when you fired (the lock that happens when you tag the same target for 3 seconds). TAG is primarily for guiding other peoples' missiles, not your own, especially when yours can lock on their own.

Well that explains that, I figured it would last a few seconds. If I fire the rockets while the tag is still processing, will they then turn onto the tagged target once the lock is established?

Nah. Come in from above. Don't bother with tag, just get a normal lock or dumbfire them. You should only bother shooting stationary mechs or tanks. If you really need to hit a moving mech (if they are heavily damaged or something) then yes. Fly at them with a shallow angle from behind.

Aight, cheers m8s, appreciate it.

what servers do you fags play on

Whichever one has players atm.

Whichever is on terrain control

Funbucks, since it's yuro and gives good ping

This is some fun shit

The difference between a team that knows how NARC and TAG work and one that doesn't is astronomical.

Is this normal?

Oh, and just as I get in, I get booted out for having modified files. Apparently running the 8.0 installer then updating to 8.2 and joining straight away gave me time to modify files.

You must've done goofed, cheater.

Just used the two installers off the main page. What a joke.
Now I have to sit and repair files.

Oh wait, I don't have to wait to repair files!
Yay for me!
Apparently 0.8.2 isn't higher than 0.6.1, so I can go fuck myself.

How do you have so many problems.
I laterally just downloaded the 2 things from the page and installed them.

Not a clue. I did the same as you, but nothing wants to work.
I'll just connect to another serb and see if I get the same error.

You're that guy who always has problems when nobody else does, aren't you?

Also server list-

the one with "skeev" in it

Usually not.
I got into another serb, just not the one you guys are on.

This mod is fun, but overall sound quality is bad and i'm really missing MW2 computer voice.

Okay, now that I'm actually playing, I have a question:
Can I lock my mouse in windowed mode? I keep making my desktop appear in fights.

Use borderless fullscreen. Here's an AutoHotkey script that's great for vidya in general:

Is it always ok to use non mechs vehicles?

I haven't had a problem with vehicles so far but I've been wondering if maybe they're meant to be situatinal rather than a general answer since mechs are the main appeal of the game.

Oh yeah. Chevaliers, Ares, Demolishers, vtols, oreos, all good.

I need to learn not to charge in when I have long range weapons such as er ll.

I spent 95% of my time in tanks, when learning. I still start all my matches in an Ares; though I switch to mechs since they're more versatile/maneuverable later on than tanks of the same class. You can be a great asset to your team in any vehicle.

pure fun that's so good it should probably be outlawed


I dont iknow if it was you but

People who stay at middle of nowhere to fight BAs are the worst.

BAs are not much of a threat, but ba pccs are literally mech ppcs, one shot on my huller and the destroyed half of my torso and arm armor

No they're not.

No they recharge faster (probably) and have higher mobility
Practically they deal the same damage, as in they hurt a light mech really bad for a ba armor

I like to use TAG on my BA when camping from 301+ to 700 meters to the target.
The bad thing, that usually maps are huge enough so LRMs can't fly so far toward targets, and people rarely use ELRMs and Arrows

Nobody holds the line better than a small BA squad with generous amounts of cover.

It's honestly bullshit that a single BA can prevent a full lance from capping a point. I'd like if, instead of stopping the bar completely, it just slowed down when a smaller enemy group is present. Seems like it would keep things moving more smoothly, and reduce the necessity for 3 mechs to all have to stop to get rid of one cheeky BA because their variants lack anti-infantry weapons.

As long as the number of allies on the point outnumbers the enemy, you and your allies should still take the point.

What a fun game

So, you win.

I guess I just need to get angry at my lance for not staying in the perimeter with me, then.

What's the best sniping gun?

Yes I took a 10 min walk around the map, came back to the death zone and waited until the match finished. Boring as hell, and this happens too often but at least not as long as that match. I guess without coordination (someone rping as a commander and spamming the chat with Go to point) a team is just a bunch of confused robots

The machine gun dude! it has 1600m range!

Gauss, light gauss or er ppc. ER large laser might work too.

If they all just sat on point there's numerous things you could've done. Fbombs, arrows, erlrms, long tom.

seems legit

I was playing with gauss stuff but it didn't seem to be hitting hard.

Try 2 gauss Vulture.

If you want to shoot without getting shot back, that's the price you pay. Other than a Long Tom or ELRMs, you won't be doing serious damage at that range. Get a bit closer and try something with 3 or 4 ELLs, and aim for limbs. You can easily take an unsuspecting heavy's best weapons offline, crippling their mech until they buy a new one. Stick to the rear of your team and provide supporting fire, popping in and out of cover if someone starts trying to LRM you.

NARC does the same thing, but only activates when you hit someone. Way more trustworthy, since no one seems to hold tag for more than two seconds.

Beam lasers are the only hitscan weapons in the game. Think of all the ppc/gauss shots you missed and you'll realise how powerful ERLLs can be.

I want "dsp tries mwll".

Greentext rejected our offer and so we had to see what you were typing.

Some of the best brawlers in class use UACs, MRMs, or decent clusters of Medium Pulse Lasers.

In fact, the Puma with 6 ERMLs is very good against a lot of mechs, because you can open up with a very high burst or two by group firing, and then chainfire to manage heat and deal out consistent damage.

did any of you guys know that there is a audio clip from the lazer collection in the sound files?


I bought a joystick to play Elite Dangerous however that game was still somewhat meh, how is it for this game?

Joysticks are bugged in the current patch. Using one puts you at a disadvantage anyway. It's too much of a handicap on your aim. Joysticks are only really used by forum dads who promptly get their asses kicked and then write paragraph long essays on why Battle Armour should be removed and how the BLanner is the Antichrist.

But my comfy immersion though.

Mech cockpit ain't supposed to be comfy.

Seems like these threads managed to attract \v\ players.

what's a forum dad


Nothing wrong with picnicking outside of cap points for


People who constantly beg and never earn their heavies and assaults make me sick.

Should we use the mumble for voice chat?

Also good work at punishing the goyim shekelstein with them rockets. You truly were a greatest ally.


Killed 2 mechs in a ba and some good teamwork with another guy.
To be fair the mechs were also under fire from my team but it impressed a newbie.
The ac\2 for the ba kicks ass. I like to roll with the heavy laser or the light depending on my mood.

it's loads of fun. give it a try next time

he's talking to me, nerd

What a shitty OP, going by your description i don't even know what genre this game is supposed to be.

It's a turn-based rpg.


Was it a nigger lanner?

Cool your jets, MPC4utube, not all of us are as autistic as you.

Words cannot describe how much I hate vultures

I keep enabling them, I share with everyone that asks nicely for spare

They should just remove money-sharing out right.

Only one variant has than many LRMc, and they generate a lot of heat. Besides , they are cLRMs and thus a lot easier to get away from.

what do you want from me?


Why are hovercrafts so based? Too bad there are no heavy/assault hover death machines.

4ER ML Epona and 2ER ML Hephasteus are pretty dope. Their ATMs are dope too.

yep, I can only do well with those little death machines.
Wheeled are fun too.

All the chevies are pretty great. LXPL chevy is a great supporting vehicle, since it does decent damage if your aim is consistent.

Ares E is a light/medium mech killer.

I like the ac/10 one for starting off. If I'm clan I choose the light hovercraft with the 2 heavy medium laser and ATM.
I'm starting to find my favorite mechs. Mediums I'm loving the uziel, I like the model with the thuderbolt/5 and pulse lasers, I think its got an ac/10 too. Good for all ranges. I stomped 2 mechs and a tank in it once but I think they were new players.
Bushwacker with the rotary AC is pretty gud too, but I think I just like it for the cannon sounds.
Heavies I like the thantos because it has good speed. My favorite heavy has to be the nova cat though. I tried the avatar too, the model with the shit ton of ER lasers. I end up killing myself by blowing my heat sinks though.
I don't get to play assault much but I like the Mauler a lot.

For heavies try Thor, surprisingly fast and comes with jump jets.
Vulture is pretty good too, many good loadouts there's 2 gauss sniper one and 2 er ll + 12atms. with gecm.

Also I came to like the 3 er ll Puma with GECM, gotta watch heat but a very good 900m support.

Also Atlas M&C is the best Atlas.

Two LL and they are critical, they puch a punch for their incredible speed but I dont know if it's worth it. Just get a chevy

As far as assaults go, the Awesome E (with the three LXPL) is very solid for damage. You can go toe to toe with a lot of mechs and come out on top.


Game keeps your rank and dosh.

W-wait, it d-does?
Welp, guess I'll go kill myself now.

Stream it.

Side note, Uller cockpits are so easy to destroy.

fixed that for you

All light mechs are but Uller has this magical cockpit that just sticks out as if begging to be ac20d

Fag who has only played MWO and hates it here, how different are the gameplay mechanics between the two other than that you are not limited to one life and can drive things other than mechs?

The maps are much bigger and more open, so the game isn't focused into separate "lanes" like it tends to be in MWO.

So what is this game? The site says it's a total conversion mod of Crysis Wars, but is this purely a multiplayer game or is there any sort of single player mode?

Only multiplayer. Watch or any gameplay



Any recomendations when it comes to controlling aerospace? All I end up doing is crashing onto things.

Use left ctrl to level your oreo.

Assuming you haven't already. Change the controls in the actionmapper. The default ones are terrible. And make sure you've bound something to "pull up" like spacebar.



Have the ones with chen?

Holy fuck, me too. Him and every other slut that puts le epic unicode colors in their name. They never shut up.

Fellow brothers in arms.


Anyone on Now? I actually stopped playing because I couldnt stand this faggots needs to comment on every little thing, but If I have some anons with with, it will be much more bearable.
Also, whats the opinions on using something for voice chat?

Game needs mute option badly.

Is this a high skill floor game? I tried Mercenaries a while ago but felt like there was way too much shit going on with the controls.

Skill and game knowledge.

If you mean MW2 Mercs, then yeah that game has a lot of superfluous control binds.
If you mean MW4 Mercs, then this is about the same. Only thing it's lacking from that game is the lancemate controls, really.


I just want something like what Hawken was like in early beta, before it got too fast-paced and they added a healing class.

The game speed varies greatly depending on which role you want to fill. If you want to sit back and snipe or bombard enemies with mistletoes you can do that.

I really, really like multiple rocket launchers. If I could be credit to team by doing artillery barrages, I'd love that.

There are plenty of missile boats in the game, including tanks, hovers, mechs and air.

Watch and see if that's the pace you like

I'll skim it.

When I say pace I'm strictly referring to TTK, not necessarily match length - Hawken had a sweet spot early on where it didn't feel like old MechWarrior but also let you live a little under fire. It quickly degenerated into flak shotguns that could do upwards of 40% of someone's health per burst.

One of my fav mechs is Atlas, variant Master & Commander. It makes you a middle figure that basically has enhanced radar range and c3 computer which broadcasts enemy info to all allies. Comes with anti-missile system to shield you and your buddies from rockets, inarc which allows everyone to know where an enemy is and fire missiles at them blindly. Also comes with long rang missiles and medium range lasers. Amazing stuff if you want to both contribute, be in the middle of a fight (and survive) but not bashing heads against other enemies.

The 4 ERLL Rifleman (C?) is pretty great for killing lights/mediums and blowing up the arms/missile bays of heavier stuff. Cooking a Catapult's missle bays is especially fun. Just remember to use chain fire.

Riflemens are great against air too since they have 360 torso and it can be aimed pretty high.

Might be comfy if people can avoid shitposting with their mouths.

Right, and I also forgot about that variant having 2 MGs for dealing with pesky BAs. It's pretty much perfect for everything except brawling.

I missed a step, I think. It's asking me to make a gamespy account or log into one.

its not a real one. You can use any email

[email protected]

I've never played this before (I tried MWO but it was shit and P2W) and I just installed it
what should I expect

Nigger just join a server

it's an FPS battletech game
it plays just like every other FPS battletech game

well, that's not quite true. engagement ranges are a lot more realistic; usually ends up at 300 or more meters for large fights. melee (


That helped quite a bit, thanks.

Also, does the range indicator on the top left reflect the maximum range or is it the optimal range for my weapons?

Maximum. A few weapons can go slightly beyond that but most don't.

Don't you mean top right?

I see, thanks. Guess I'll have to go read the wiki for the optimal range.

Oh, you're right. Whoops.

while a ppc does hit and technically does damage at its maximum range, it's 99% negligible. a ppc's damage scales up as you get closer

This is wrong actually. It's like this: If you die with below the minimum amount of money, your cash is set to that amount. If you die with more, you keep your cash.

I saw someone with eight like 8chanPLnick
Know this- this is wrong.

*nick like
Pls stop spreading our top sekrit klub

Yeah, you can be way more subtle about it, like infinity or something. Or just not at all.

a bigger problem with PPCs is they still have the bug where they pop about 50m before they hit their max range and do no damage, the actual damage falloff at max range for a PPC when it works correctly is about half damage though.

Is this better than the dreadfully boring MWO or is this one also dreadfully boring?

Or how about not at all.>>11850985

Old version is better but the new updates suck. New devs that took over the project don't know wtf they are doing either so it's devolving into MWO basically.


Amazing fable, bro.

will do

wow! bugged game mechanics

it's not a bug, it's a feature.

is main serb down or something?

If you didnt damage him it was lag or a bulky mech with the anti ballistic armor. That laser was probably one (or more) heavy lasers aiming at your cockpit or a damaged part

Light gauss and lrms have good range for a reason.

Anyone here would be interested on a tabletop sim battletech session? Not any time soon, I have to see how it works on vydia first

Yes and I was at range

I meant they have good range, not so good damage, buddy.
If it was black lanner "sunnyd" for example then no wonder he wrecked you with all of his heavy lazors.

yes pls

An aero was harassing me, coming for another one of his runs while I was dispensing justice in my catapult.
And I jumped.
Easiest kill ever.

VTOLs can be nasty if a good pilot is in them.

Oh yeah, I've died to faggots who sit right above me, pecking me, fucking in the ass. Even Daishis die to aces.

are you mechpriest?


I'm only asking because I'm trying to figure out who is who in game. I know one guy because I memed at him and he responded in kind. Plus his name was a bit of a giveaway too. Also that was the name in the webms.

You've probably already met Bane.

Yeah ,hes pretty obvious. Battuta said lel the other day as well so I do wonder.
if you show me yours I'll show you mine bb
also nacho "if she bleeds she breeds" gunner I see you, don't think you can hide

Fuck that stupid motherfucker, he's worse than bane.

I have tried to be nice to him, but I've just taken to calling him trash after I kill him. How he manages to get a fucking dashi every time I'll never know.

Beg for money once the map starts, don't stop and you can drive one soon enough.

Yeah I've taken to making fun of money beggers. Like 2k, 3k here and there is fine but when you have faggots asking for 10k then the shit stops being funny.


You can tell who comes from here because we are usually quiet, dont spout memes and we're usually doing something useful, if not leading the scoreboard

Then I suggest you start reading guides, it is not really complex just a standard board game combat but it has lots of details to learn

I'm fucking up and dying a lot, personally.

What settings are you using to make LL look like that?

It's a shame LL doenst have black knights, easily my favorite mech

Dont rush and always let someone go first

What are the difference between the 3 long toms? It says standard/short/long range but what exactly does that mean.

Fire rate and range. Short shoots the quickest and has about 1200m range (depending on terrain). Standard and Long have progressively higher ranges but worse fire rates. Also do note the extra range comes from the increased shell velocity, so it's a lot harder to shoot over hills and things with the longer ones.

Personally I only use the Short LT. Best fire rate + ECM make it the better of the three. Standard one is okay, but the lack of ECM makes you too easy to hunt down and the Long is fucking retarded.

I want a Marauder or a Phoenix Hawk. Or just something that shits out X-Pulse lasers. They're the most satisfying weapon I've felt in LL next to RACs.

I figured out how to make the mech sheet interactive, I might have this ready for next week

I cant find either on this game but it's probably on any of the other battletech games on the workshop
Automatic weapons are an entire different set of rules and I havent mastered normal gamepaly yet

forgot the sheet


I mean piloting them in Living Legends.

What is that and where can get it? go on and bully
This with free workshop mods. You can probably connect to a server with a pirated game, but it's really worth buying, ignore the paid dlcs the workshop is full of free games. And it probably costs much less on steam key sell pages

That's probably why you die a lot. X lasers require short range and constant exposure to the enemy line of fire. Try to flank on passive or fight on bases. Also they require a lot of precision since you need to always hit one part to deal significant damage

I think you have the wrong user, user.


I've been wondering. Does dying in a BA costs the same points as dying in a mech?

I find BA quite fun but it doesn't seem to have a role in the game.

I think it only loses one ticket.
If you park an APC in some sweet spot then maybe you can use BA for some covert ops back capping.

Yeah, I just played one match where we had a BA death squad raping giant robots, fun as hell.
Too bad that there's not much I can do with the money I earn other than giving it away.

Shivaxi is a meme spouting ribbitor but you may wanna watch since it's interview with 3 devs of this game.


You can do it if you can try, user!

Eh it's not so bad, and he doesnt play on his server a lot anyway, speaks even less. The devs sound alright, good experience coming from years of different games (one of them even made nwn modules) and since we are bunkered by russian laws I think LL has a bright future


the devs already said they'll stop if they get an NDA because they're all in the US or EU


How much damage do the weapons do comparatively? I can never tell which mech variant I should get.

I meant C&D

Where does this game store its screen caps? I took one but mow can't find it.

How effective are fire bombs? I tried using the sulla C which has two but they didn't do much damage (Unless I accidentally drop it near an ally, then it blows him and his whole family).

Weapon stats are here: Just take in mind some of the stats are misleading since they don't take into account things like jamming (UAC dps for instance.)

My Documents/My Games/Crysis Wars Where the fuck else did you think they'd be?

They've been nerfed to shit. They used to be OP as fuck. Think instantly killing anything below 55 tons. Now they do very little unless it's a direct hit and even then it just tickles.



Oh fuck, sometimes I forget this is a mod.


Get on discord-
if you need tech help or just wanna talk about how your mechfu is shit

Damn, shame that it's the only bomb in the game too. Guess I'll stick with the missile spam then.

To whoever the faggot who keeps crying about team mates shooting him: Maybe you shouldn't have a special snowflake red name, faggot.

Also faggots stomping on me or moving in front of me when I'm trying to snipe with ppc, gauss or er large lasers

Literally go onto the community teamspeak and ask them

I literally won't do that.

The things I would do for the existence of a RAC10.

That or a RAC5 x4.

No need for half measures, just go 4x rac 20

A-user please, just imagining it makes me tremble.


I need to watch Titan A.E again.

I dont know what's with the urbanmech but this little clumsy can has blown off the uller's arms making it defenseless and sniped the other 2 with a uac10. Jesus christ

Either another aerospace, bizarre land formations like a huge spire out of nowhere, or mechs jumping really high. Every time

forgot pic

Forget those shitty LRMs-SRMs, these beauties is where fun is at.

Respect the robot, my man. The trashcan reigns supreme.


I think I developed a love/hate relationship with hovers, it's quite fun to drive one until it makes contact with water or get hit by an MG.

accurate rendition

Water is hovers' greatest enemy.

If I see another heavy mech faggot running away from a point that 2 bas are capturing I'm gonna shoot him in the back meself.

I just found out that EVERY non-mech has masc. Planes and vtols are obvious, but so do APCs, harrassers, and those heavy 35kph tanks.

It's also crazy efficient so you can sprint from one end of the map to the other.

Wait, are you telling me some mechs dont have masc? Another reason why vehicles are superior!

vtols don't have it

They do. You move 20% faster, and forward instead of upward. The tradeoff is that you can't turn as fast.

I played some matches using only vehicles and BA and just be an annoyance to the enemy team by capturing bases, something that NOBODY does.
I bought some BA weapons, there is one that tags at enemies, do I have to keep firing the lazer thing on the enemy the whole time?

Doing that shit with a group of people is fun as hell, no mech expects to be hit by 4 mp-ppcs while being bombarded with C8.

Be more generous it's old tradition to just give up your dosh to everyone asking. And asking for it when you in need for 10k to buy THAT ONE mech you want right now.

It creates a beggar culture. I saw a guy who just joined, LITERALLY JUST, and already went "5k plx".
It needs to be stopped.

I only give cash to people asking for just 1k (for ammo) and people I've played with before and I know they are useful

Yeah, the benefit of a small community is that you get to know who's good and who's shitter after only few hours.

I've been wondering, at what point does ping starts warping vehicles?

i dunno but one guy whined for half a game today because someone else was flying a plane with 150 ping

For some reason vehicles are not affected much, I've only seen it on people with 300 ping. vtols cross multiple dimensions if you have more than 100 ping


Guess I'll stick with ground units then.

To what server?

US east is around 150, west is 200 and EU is 300.

Are you an aussie?

AMA session with old Wandering Samurai developer and two community edition developers.


Hey guys check out this AMA I found


Look at those huge, juicy mouth watering improved heavy gausses. That is proper thicc.

Holy shit, I didn't think aero would be this fun and broken.

Worse, I live in SA.
Well maybe not worse since aussies seem to have +250 ms in every server.

Annoying mechs and tanks and giving radar support with the location of enemies is fun

I don't think the server ping is 100% your ping to the server, it includes server lag/load too.

Bonus points if you poke them enough to make them rage in all caps.

I end up doing that


I am fairly sure I was not the cause for that, but I had a bit of a giggle nevertheless.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of the beep sounds I hear shortly after firing all my missiles.

I didn't think being a missile boat would be so satisfying.




that's what you get when you fire them all at once, fire them 10 after 10 with 2 sec delays.
Aerofucks love this.

I know, that's what I do to them as the ER LRM Cata/Partyvan.
Fire one lrm 20, wait a few seconds, fire another.

stomp stomp stomp stomp

warms my heart seeing you nigs playing mwll

funny that, you can actually end up doing this in the tabletop, if you fail a high speed turn badly.

I Wish heavy hovers were a thing.


Clan has heavy hovercrafts. The one I like have ton of heavy lasers.
Also I've started taking potshots at batutta when he isnt looking, It makes me feel better. If you're in this thread, pls just stop talking unless you actually have something funny to say.

Oh, I know. I didn't really put it well, I meant a +90k or 100k cbills hover althought I doubt there exists a chassis that can mount a setup that expensive.

i wonder how much of the server pop is Holla Forums now.
everyone do this and his life span will judge numbers

He was pretty chill with me, he gave me some aero tips about a week ago.
The color of his name still gives me cancer.

why is it that violet-pink anyway?

Enkledaus and Clearcut are the absolutely worst maps in the game. Enkledaus tries to be a terrain control map, but as the map is so open it just degrades into two sides lobbing missiles and occasional artillery shells at each other.

Nah. Try Palisade.

I dont know the names but the ice map with the huge base has to be the worst. The base is impossible to assault, they can produce all mechs in it and vtol, and it runs like shit even worse than harvest

The one with low gravity? Yeah, it's pretty bad, and the capture zones are nowhere near points on the map.



I wish it was more common to see the map with the lake that evaporates on the day and freezes over night. It's obvious that there was a lot of work put onto it.

Too bad it's only TSA.