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Here's $350.

I guess I'm reposting it in here.

Really makes you think.


Fuck off

never EVER live in a pineapple under the sea
its super gay

They've lost so hard.

Here is Julie Kitt.
Just like with Huey and Kenneth, she also has a law firm.

You have been visited by


Good luck on love, Good Luck on Surgeries, Concentration, Smugness, a better PC, the ability to spot shills, Orchestra instead of Dubstep, an easy guide to mememagic, faster Japanese learning and Salt of your enemies will come but only if you post a pic of your Waifu followed by the words “FOR HER, THE WORST NIGHTMARE OF GAMERGATE”

Remember to always be a big guy






They've gone full contrarian now that Trump is in office, which I guess means doubling down on love of muslims and advocating for killing the jews. They're turning into weird nazi/sjw hybrids.

Can someone kindly explain what Holla Forums is about for me? I just got banned for speaking my mind there.
They're pro-violence, and some of them are threatening to go to ywndu to beat the shitposters up or something.



There are plenty of reasons to want it to happen, it is just that SJWs always pick the wrong ones.

I always figured they were commies.

I'm all for bombing Israel, but that's in addition to the surrounding muslim countries, not instead of.

Obammy isn't in office anymore

Even many of the people who don't mind jews would be happy if Israel just dissolved.


You gonna share the source, user?



Forgot to post the article where I got the first pic from.

There are plenty of reasons to hate Israel in both sides.
Lefties hate them because of their oppression of the Palestinian and apartheism, right wing people hate them for their puppeteering with USA, high treason, false flags and providing nothing but trouble for the USA.

Good morning, faggots!

Give up you silly fags, it's over.


What's the best browser to use? Firefox and Chrome are shit.



Holla Forums exists for the sole purpose of being an anti-Holla Forums board, they started the board because they got tired of having to justify their views on Holla Forums. Since they were no longer on halfchan, where they couldn't make their own board, they were no longer forced to listen to other opinions. These were the classic retards that would proclaim that Holla Forums was a hugbox when it still had minimal intervention, while at the same time banning anyone they didn't like on their own board because "lol the title makes it pretty clear that this is the LEFT Holla Forums". Then came Holla Forums, and since goons are naturally leftist, their communities ended up overlapping fairly easily, Holla Forums even assisted them in some of the raids on other boards. And during the election, as expected, the already existing level of cancer went up tremendously with Reddit flooding in, especialy with the Chan Outreach Program.



Now that we're approaching a new era and it's going to kick off with Black History Month, how crazy are things going to get from now on? Besides the potential defeat of The Mary Sue at the end of the year, what new lows will the game journalists hit? Will the ESA and co. mobilize to respond to us directly?

Smell ya later

To top it off, there's a not-insignificant chunk of judaism that opposes modern Israel's existence, and Israel goes to a lot of trouble to keep them under the rug because it harms their ability to plead that they totally represent all jews, so opposing Israel is like being Hitler.

Always beware the jew though, their religion is just as bad as the islam.

Also I know that there is bound to at least one fag just waiting to throw in a "no u" in response so I am going to say it in advance: Holla Forums moderation at the time of Holla Forums's creation was at an incredibly low level (if at all existant beyond joke bans) and on top of that the BO for Holla Forums very clearly did not make the board for free speech as shown by his willingness to not only to ban people based on their views but also to even dictate an official board stance on the Ferghuson verdict.


Why do you want the death of trump family?

Fine tuned Firefox is the best you can get privacy and productive-wise. Get uBlock, Decentraleyes, Self-Destructing cookies and noScript. Here's a list of things you can disable to make Firefox not phone home or datamine you


Trump just signed the EO on banning foreign lobbyists and made officials unable to lobby for five years.

If that is the price that must be paid then so be it

Firefox right now is fucking terrible, after the update a few days ago I cant have it open for more than an hour before it takes up all memory and crashes.

Oh and you also have to disable some shit because it fails loading pics from sadpanda



What is it? Seriously, i was checking some shit last night that got posted in the threads and it just straight up isn't loading images now


Try Cyberfox or PcxFirefox

ESA and ESRB appears to be quite bigly in size. That is both a pro and a con for them. For now I'm reserving judgment on whether they are outright malicious or have 2big2fail syndrome along with drinking their own koolaid of 'social change through appz and interactive media industry buzzwordsalad'.

Been using cyberfox and it works well for me.

HSTS Priming, type in "about:config" in the adress bar and then search for "security.mixed_content.send_hsts_priming" and set it to false. forums.e-hentai.org/index.php?showtopic=201984&st=0&#entry4745010

Trump's pretty much declared himself an enemy of the press, so expect the press to go gradually insane trying to paint him as the absolute worst thing to ever happen in American history.

People are already being more skeptical of the news, and once the media starts melting down then people are going to realize that Trump might have had a point about the news being full of shit. It's probably going to divide this country hard though; the people who believe the MSM are going to unwittingly become fascists in the process of trying to stop Trump from succeeding.

He needs to slow down on the winning.

but wait there's more

see you next thread


That reminds me, a current angle the MSM is using is that he's signing too many orders at once, and they're trying to portray it as recklessness.

portable versions so you don't have to install anything and if you don't like it you can just drag its folder to the trash bin


Ah, thank you, jesus christ thats ridiculous.
But yeah, i did notice its suddenly crashing a shitton out of the blue.
Fucking palemoon doesn't want to let me use ublock and chrome can eat a bag of dicks

I read his tweets every day, follow him on twitter, just to stay angry.

Is there something wrong with me?


So is that a yes?

BTW, how are pipelines endangering lives?


I've seen what those refugees are doing to sweden/germany, he can keep deluding himself but they aren't good people

If you said to mock him, I would have said no. Getting mad at his ignorance just isn't worth the effort.

Oh please, that's Detroit's fault.
Thanks to insurance companies jacking up the rates under the ACA.
Numbers don't support it.
They've done surveys to reroute around the issues that popped up.


Recap of previous thread…
>thegg.net interviewed Dan Hewitt of the ESA regarding their stance on Sarkeesian, it was mostly damage control thegg.net/interviews/interview-with-dan-hewitt-of-the-esa-concerning-communication-within-the-gaming-community/
And Reimu Sklar worked for Warner Bros.
Requesting any user skilled in Russian, Czech, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian for pic related

Archive, nigger.


Yes. Go seek professional help with your mental issues especially if it has a physiological component. There's only so much a mongolian bbq board can do for you.

I think I'm addicted to being angry. I do this to make myself miserable, and I know it. I picked up a drinking habit because of it too, but at least I am polite as fuck to people IRL because nothing anyone says IRL can top the shit I see on the internet.

Well that's mainly because they're not here. He's right, they can't endanger people if they aren't even in the country.

*>Anastasia Staten was formerly a part of People For the American Way, a group founded by a jew and funded by George Soros and has Tony Podesta as a former president, making that two Podesta findings

Who to contact? i feel more comfortable getting help anonymously if anything.

I love being angry.

He might actually get banned. Twitter doesn't like it when you shit talk the tribe

Pretty the UN finally fucking admitted that at least 2/3 of "refuguees" crossing European borders are economic migrants.

The level of butthurt these people have maintained since election day is off the fucking charts.


Oh, they're here, it's just that, unlike Europe, the US had them go through a vetting process before letting them in. AND GUESS WHY THE SAN FRAN HIPSTER CIRCLEJERK IS MAD AT THE US?


Adding "Un-American" to the everyone is a Nazi playlist


Not a ban, and it's only like what, a month?


I think its untill they have the new screening methods up and running

Bob is making U$3,200 per month.

isn't that one of LW's cronies?

My sister is terrified of the police because she was in a protest where a dude was shot in the head with rubber bullets and died, apparently. Don't even know what the idiot was doing to get shot with rubber bullets, but she doesn't know the guy. Sis was at the Trump inauguration as one of the few peaceful protesters.

If people like her keep having a scared attitude with the police, well, it's not a healthy relationship. People are so strung up by individual incidents, with little knowledge of what goes on. The first reaction with these people is fear, because instead of thinking for themselves, they've been taught to fear everything.

I live with two of these people in my household. Half my family is infected by this shit, and my father's mental illness has only gotten worse because of it. My sister is a sweet girl, and It fucking pisses me the fuck off that people use people like her.

This has been personal from the start from me. These fucks invade families, tear communities apart with this inconsequential media sensationalism bullshit, they're useless, useless people who only bring us all down.

They had better hope they go bankrupt over this shit. Because if they're just gonna try more corrupt retarded bullshit, well, everyone knows how that will go down for them.

So I asked what happened early because i've been out for the whole day and someone told me something like "Trump did an exec order today and almost everyone, even legal american residents in other countries, can't get into the country"

What did I miss? I thought this was just the wall.

Good digging so far, the following is just my opinion and such so with that caveat out of the way.
Interesting, but may not have a direct connection with the ESA other than ESA butthurt.
Similar as above. They're textbook examples of horseshoe theory, but do they have direct connection to the ESA or ESRB, did the ESA ever do anything with those guys, beyond maybe just schmoozing.

Everything else has been breddy gud digging and recon.

He's right tho, refugees aren't endangering lives in America because our borders are closed to them.

Lol someone's overreacting.


Mark Kern is going ham


From what I read, Trump passed a thing saying that non-citizens in certain countries can't go to the US for 30/60/90 days different sources say different things
Having a green card won't help, because that doesn't imply proper citizenship. If you live in the US on one and leave to go to Iran or somewhere, you're going to be turned away on your way back.
I've heard a few Iranian university students who went to visit their family over the holidays have been fucked over by it, but other than that I haven't seen any legit issues.

Problem is that no amount of screening replaces what isn't there.

Many of these refugees are people from small villages that don't have identity papers or means of verifying themselves and never really needed any until the war fucked everything up and they needed to flee to somewhere else. There is no earthly way of verifying who most of these people are, and unfortunately that means either letting in potential terrorists or turning away people who have thrown themselves on our mercy.

It's spreading up here in Canada, too. Most of our cops are pretty chill, but we still get BLM having hissyfits until cop floats get kicked out of parades. The cops where I live are the kind of guys who will see you sitting on the front porch getting hammered in the middle of the day, and go around the block so they can slow down and wave to you when they pass by again. Fear is a powerful motivator. Just look at the gun control arguments. I guarantee if you taught everyone how to operate a basic firearm, the gun control argument would lose momentum fast. A lot of the most vocal proponents of it have no fucking idea how guns work. Teach them the different between single-action, semi-automatic, fully automatic, etc. Teach them about 3-stage holsters. Teach them everything you can. Because otherwise you get people like this who see a gun in a coffee shop and think "I could take that and kill everyone here and nobody could stop me. Guns need to be banned." Make them shoot a few guns too to help kill the "hurr durr why didn't you just precisely shoot a moving target who is trying to fucking kill you in the hand instead of aiming for center mass they do it in my cop shows all the time" bullshit.

quads of truth

I guess that means a lot of turning away then


Quad satan speaks uncomfortable truths that are still true.

Don't forget BLM condemning community-organized barbecue parties with the express purpose of helping cops get familiar with the neighborhood.

I see… I'll wait for an official source but it seems it's whatever the websites tell?

Also i asked this guy for a ource because his statement was quite serious and I wanted to be sure. 30 minutes later I asked again for a source and still nothing. I checked his twitter and it's full of the usual "TRUMP IS NAZI" SHIT.

Sad, but what are you going to do? Risk everything because of a sad story?

That too. They're actively killing attempts to rectify the problem. When the police are part of the community, they're a lot less likely to blow a guy away. But you ostracize them and make them fear for their life. Now you've got a bunch of cops who are scared and jumpy and have guns. I'm glad I don't live in a big city because I've had encounters with the law and they thankfully turned out okay.

This is great. With all these leftist getting their panties in a twist they realize that they really have no power to do anything to stop it aside from saying "that's mean". This much salt is bad for my heart and we still have 4 years of this to go.

Watch out, Mark Kern's going:


It's cold, but there's no moral wrong in protecting yourself from probable harm, especially considering that ISIS deliberately abuses refugee programs in order to get through borders, as evidenced by the Paris attacks.

It sucks for them, but there's no real alternative.

HWNDU has got shut down
there is a fence and they are only letting 4 or so people infront of the cameras at a time
Holla Forums won


MOST of those refugees are dissastified affulents with cash to move here looking for more money. They hate their own countries, and they ruin it for the poor who come in on a boat.

The many in that case aren't the majority. And because of that we must close our borders to all of em. They have to fix their own country, we really can't do shit about shitty countries. Either they fix it or they die.

Darwinistic? Yes. Reality? Yes. But that's how it is. Unless you have a way to filter out the 90 percent bad, there's no reason to bring them in. But we call that "vetting" and we already do it.

Thats the problem though, the western world has a ton of compassion and there are plenty of sick fucks ready to take advantage of it. Its our strenght and weakness

Think bigly.



In an ideal world, compassion would be rewarded, but it doesn't work like that.

For example, I donated 3 thousand dollars to infinity next, and look what happened to that

Yeah, western countries largely got the genocidal stuff out of the way early, with exceptions here and there. We're ready to settle down and be nice now. Personally I think we should just glass the first middle eastern country that starts trouble as a warning to the others. "If any of you fuck with us they will be writing about what we do to you 1000 years from now."

What beautiful irony.

Holy shit, Frederick is a fucking dumbass sloth.

And they said that having a wall isn't going to ensure safety.

that's not compassion, that's called getting duped fucking hard.

In an ideal world there wouldn't be the need for compassion.


So far with Joe Biden, I have not found any direct connections, but
archive.fo/ZUn0U (Jason "Dragon's Crown is for pedophiles" Schreier)
PSA Reminds Parents to Check the Ratings [Video]
What Biden’s Meeting With the Video Game Industry Really Meant
Video game industry defends its work in Joe Biden gun talks
Biden talks video game violence with industry representatives today
ESA, other video game representatives meeting with US VP Joe Biden today
Quite frankly, this whole Sandy Hook thing feels like an orchestra by them…

Your operators infiltrate through humanitarian aid they infiltrate through refugees.

This hwndu event has been great. Just to bring an update for anyone here who poked their head into it at some point over the week and want to know where they are at.

They built a wall to keep mass Holla Forums immigration out. There is now legal processing known as a 'queue' where people are let in at a capacity that has been determined. SJWs unaware of the irony

I did it for Frederick and Holla Forums.


They are dividing themselves with a fence and are using it to keep undesirables out,ebin simbly ebin

They still show favoritism though. Letting lefties cut in line and give them more time than the Holla Forumsacks to speak.

Well, I hope the museum enjoys losing its tax breaks.

so you're saying they are doing background checks and vetting on the people coming in the make sure they aren't musl- I mean, Holla Forumsacks

according to >>9024132 "chanters" get 10 minutes while Holla Forumsacks get 5, with one minute removed for each offensive thing they say.


fuck >>>Holla Forums9024132


So they are deporting people for do things they don't find acceptable

And they will never realize the irony of this shit.

This year just keeps getting better and better

best performance art. Bless you shia, you didn't expect it, but you made a great example of the left's hypocrisy while trying to virtue signal


That's called supporting the site so it didn't crashed and burned and people had to go back to cuckchan. People didn't know Josh was a scammer and that he was going to use the money on 8yo Philipino trannies



Good for him.

She was trained how to handle weapons in some capacity yet she doesn't know how a duty holster works, or that the model in particular is a level 3?
Fucking idiot.



I think "her" weapons training is probably just watching police procedurals, if it exists at all.

Strange, I use ublock as my go-to and I've had no problem with it on Pale moon. Any idea why not for you?


Alright this is my own read on it regarding that meeting with Biden and ESA and other industry bigwigs. Biden comes across as slimier and more disingenuous than my lowest expectation somehow.
Oh go fuck yourself with the horse you rid on, Joe "if you're a woman you don't need an AR-15" Biden.

And I agree with this part from the second link and blurb you mentioned

On this specific part IMO Biden is the slimeball with the old tired and busted "vidya is as deadly as guns and muh school shooting, vidya must be involved in this somehow don't you agree?" dog and pony show. The ESA in this case did not seem to fuck up, though that Blastman3 non existent game for demo purposes struck me as a bit odd. Again IMO only, this one I think you can temporarily put a pin on since it's Biden that comes off as a complete ignorant vidya hating retard. The ESA did not fuck up too badly on this one, the worst thing I can see at the moment is merely a pattern that the ESA has no problem when it comes to defending vidya against bogus virtual violence = real violence bullshit. But is strangely silent or bought the line that vidya is of course inherently racist and sexist.

(that endgadget archive is showing blank here by the way. Not sure if its just on my end or edgadget blocks archive.is)

The interior facing side might have some kind of a thumb lever or button, combining that with the backstrap would make it level 3 retention, can't tell from the picture angle though if there is any thumb mechanism.



Azooka is best grill

So, none of this shit is new or deserving of the hyperbole that the media and the NYC Muslim Taxi Union has been giving it.


Works fine for me.

Damn it mark.

All this Rei vs Asuka talk, not enough Misato love.

I'm pretty sure it has a button.


I didnt know he is a muslim

Yeah that kind of looks like a thumb lever I guess, thought it was the backstrap reinforcing at first because of the shit picture quality.

America does have a problem. Its problem is that it lets people in who have no sense of SELFpreservation and responsibility. That people are being forsed to be codependant rather than being SELFreliant.

Let me get this straight. The HWNDU people have put up a wall to regulate how many people can go in, in order to stop people from messing things up? What would happen if Shia (or whatever his name is) was to be called Trump-lite because of it?

The left would fall apart more than they already have.

Remember your worst enemy hates tiddies.

You will never lose.

sheeeeit, somethings preventing it from showing on my machine then.

If that story is true, that the devkit machine HDD got wiped because the fucker didn't know what he was doing. All I gots to say is although I'm not an xbox faggot even I found that act of destruction to be sad.

Back to the ESA topic. The two angle or pattern that seems to be re-occuring with them is the following, and you've pointed it out previously so this is just a quick recap so far.
-ESA in the past does not believe in the bunk of virtual violence=real life violence. That's good. Unfortunately it seems to believe in the bunk of vidya = inherently racist and sexist. The Sarkeesian tweet seemed to be a tip of the iceberg.
-ESA protects publishers first and foremost, not necessarily devs or the preservation of vidya as a valid and protected form of expression.

We should meme that. If leftist want a wall, we get our wall too.

They gutted the XBOriginal devkit!? That deserves death.

Durr, maybe it would be more accurate if that's fixed as

-ESA protects publishers first and foremost, and it's own continued existence as an org, not necessarily game devs or the preservation of vidya as a valid and protected form of expression.

Praise Kek
Praise Kek
Praise Kek

I'm pretty sure there's other kits floating around in possession by collectors. I don't know why they won't share.
I'd gladly chip in to buy an emu developer one if they were qualified and had a proven track record.

You are correct on the recap. Whenever games get accused of being murder machines, serial killer training, whatever they describe as super fun happy violent times, the ESA will quickly jump in and say Nuh-uh, that's not right. which would be OK but then they're silent on racism & sexism which will be their downfall if they don't acknowledge. It doesn't help that the people who slander gamers might make them think & be more conservative (If I recall, someone said the Millennial generation would be the most conservative than the Boomers of the 1950s)

They're either jews, retards who don't understand preservation, or both.
Same. I saw the link in the thread that had the debug Xbox being sold but I don't think that would help the Xbox emulation scene out.

For a second there, it sounded like Bob was telling California Condors to get the fuck out of our pristine parks for the folks that work there.



Might I ask what was your opinion?

Come to think of it, looking at the ESAs twitter and how much they like to preach that video games are good for you, they are healthy for you, they treat your depression, they make you feel young, etc. Theres not one single thing by them that says Don't worry, you won't be racist or sexist for playing games.

There's a ton of NES/SNES/Genesis prototype games floating around that are gonna die (if they haven't already) because the flash memory doesn't last forever and the fucking idiots won't take it out of their certified and graded plastic shell they paid a ton of money for

I don't even know what the point is of owning a game if you're just going to throw it in a collector's case instead of playing it. They aren't collecting anything, just speculating on an arbitrary market value under the guise of collecting.

Not the millennials, generation Z. The generation after millenials, most of us here are millenials.

Subtle endorsement of feminism and multiculturalism in video games already raises a red flag. They're conditioning people to be brainwashed by using video games to indoctrinate us. Let that sink in.

I believe >she could have tried to disarm him and would have been immediately had >her arm broken. >She doesn't know why pickpockets bump into people as they steal or why pickpockets work in pairs. >She sounds like one of the people those people who claim "I studied martial arts so I know how to take down a armed gunman and kill him 12 times before he hits the ground!"

Also, as far as martial skills go, there is no such thing as "partial" training. "Partial" implies "full" training exists, it doesn't. There's only training and levels of it. As you learn, so do you adversaries. Thus, it is impossible to be "fully trained" or "partially trained". Weapon's training doesn't cover disarming people.

What a fuckstick.

That holster is a generic single retention type (no finger lock). Even so, its position means she would get as far as opening the snap before getting armlocked and either thrown to the floor or he elbow broken.

Not to mention that going for someone's gun is prima facie evidence of attemping to use it, meaning the carrier is free and clear to shoot your ass if he can't out wrestle you for it.



so whats this "muslim ban" I keep hearing about ?
Is it only for a little while ? How many countries does it affect ?

I think I'm the cusp of the end of Gen X, or what is deemed the "Oregon Trail" type (born 1982)


I don't know why either. If the idiot wanted to make some money off of a development kit, he could've sold it to a museum or someone who wants to emulate the damn thing, there would be a lot of money thrown at them. I will never not be angry that & wish I found one of the kits so I can get the ball rolling before another retard destroys theirs.


I've been thinking that with the info of the ESA being all about diversity, women, stem field, making games on social issues (Why the fuck does it need propaganda? Do none of you fuckers understand that a democrat like JFK says that "Art is not a form of propaganda"?), turning games into movies, DARPA, yeah I'm not getting any good vibes from them.

It's temporary, until a better process can be put in place for vetting travelers and immigrants from those nations.
The media is just blowing up over it because it's the convenient thing to do.

If you aren't a US citizen and are going to the US from Iran, Somalia or a few other countries, you aren't getting in. Green cards don't count as citizenship. It's for 1 to 3 months depending on who you ask.
If you're in the US on a green card and leave on holiday to one of those countries, you're fucked. Aside from that it doesn't really make a difference. Also the ban doesn't include Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan, so it's not an outright Muslim ban.

IN a way I hope videogames become toxic again, so reviled the SJW are burned with the industry. There is nothing good left to save anyway, might as well burn it all.

Remember, Archon always reminded us about the methods of these people under cultural Marxism. They lay down the foundations for their agenda, subvert and subjugate it. After that, they'll take over and boom, they got another means to indoctrinate people regarding whites are the banes of the world, feminism equals equality and Muslims are oppressed, and all that jazz. That's why I really don't buy the earlier "apology" made by the ESA PR guy. He can go fuck himself and the ESA.

Fucking retarded.

Thanks for clarification.

Of course the media is going to inflate this to preposterous heights for attention.

I think a crash could serve to benefit the industry, but it also could destroy it very quickly.
Real games die and mobile shovelware could live to see another day just because of how cheap it is to develop and publish.

Fucking why.

Hey Acid, speaking of Saudi, didn't you in a previous thread talked about the ESA having some odd connection with the Saudis?

Well considering he is a PR guy, I'm not surprised it sounded like damage control for what they've done. I can't recall a successful PR person who's not a dipshit.

Sure it's incredibly cheap to make but it's way harder to make money with. It's why most mobile developers just continuously push out games till one catches on then that gets support.

They kinda already have. That's why they keep pushing this casual shit like phone games. If they don't keep expanding the term "gaming" to encompass more and more, then they're going to lose more to us than what they've gained.

I remember they used to call kids in the 80s-early90's Gen X. Then they kept nudging forward.

I still remember when Yugioh-GX aired in the US the first time, and the horrible dub lyrics in the OP had a chorus of "Yu-gi-oh-GEE-EXX! GENERATION X!" and I was like "nigga wut? Gen X was a long time ago."

I let Holla Forums know. They didn't seem too interested

Yeah, there was a Saudi prince who attended ESA events, and was a keynote speaker along with one of their bigwigs.

Take that fucking back.

Trump signed an executive order issuing a temporary ban on immigration from 7 predominantly Muslim countries so they can work out a better and more secure process for vetting their people. Media is making it look like he just put up a big sign written in bacon grease reading NO SARACENS ALLOWED

This along with his immediate plans to get The Wall built has led to some interesting (and by interesting I mean retarded) arguments that, I shit you not, "Walls have never worked". It's been pissing me off all day. I just can't believe we're at the point where I have to explain to people how walls work and how they form the first line of defense in a series of other defensive mechanisms that form a defense network.

The armies of the Ming dynasty were able to hold off Manchu invasions for 44 years because The Great Wall of China was such an excellent fortification.
The Babylonians repelled their Assyrian besiegers because they had fucking walls.
The Greeks held off the Spartans for over 30 years, again, because they had walls.
The Mongols suffered harsh casualties whenever they were confronted with harsh walls because they lacked the equipment to either get over them or penetrate them (Until they commissioned Muslim engineers to build siege equipment for them after they had thoroughly fucked China.)

We're at that point where we have to explain concepts that humans have understood for tens of thousands of years because the Left doesn't know how defense works.

You didn't think an American president would ever step on the precious toes of the house of Saud, did you?

what a noble soul


Tell him to donate that award they gave to themselves.

All of 15$ So noble.

Also, "partial" is code for "half assed"


All I know is hearing from a 12 year old how not having the latest iPhone is like a bully-me sign. And I come from a time where having "high water" jeans after a growth spurt was mocked and even mentioning video games after a certain year made you a fucking nerd. Still had the vice principal ask me tips how to get through Zelda II in middle school, despite it being after DKC came out

History books won't look back on Trump kindly, realistically speaking. We know what he's trying to do, but people will look back on him as a monster, and that's a sad reality.

"Walls have never worked"
Along with your examples, add today with the HWNDU shit.

So this is why reading these thread recently feels like walking into a Starbucks cafe, I'm surrounded by know-it-all millennials.

You know what would be really funny? Jack Thompson's first case when reinstated is to drag all these fucks in court, with him representing Gamergate.

My guess is, Trump's kind of an oldfag.

Republicans are primarily older people, both in voters and politicians. There is a fucking insane grudge over the Iran Hostage Crisis and the failure of Operation Eagle Claw that persists in that entire generation of Americans. To the point that its irrational. Add in a healthy dose of "Muh Jews" and "Muh Temple Mount" and you have a recipe for outright stupidity when it comes to anything Iran, that pervades an entire American generation.

The whole thing was our fucking fault, too. So letting up on the hate might mean having to face the fact that we deliberately dicked over an entire nation and got rightfully bitten in the ass for it. Instead they double down against Iran every time. Meanwhile we buy way too much oil from the Saudi's and they have the most pull in all of OPEC, so our economy is screwed if we fuck with them too much.

At least the Internet will know the truth, and the internet never forgets.

Why the fuck do people like JOI?

Remember Unitinu?

He's 70 years old (same age as Du30, coincidentally), you can't get any more oldfag than that. Or Soros.


Only if we lose, stop being blackpilled.


I kinda miss being bullied for liking video games. At least I could get away from them with vidya. Now the people who bullied me for liking games are the same ones calling me a misogynist for not liking certain games.

I have no idea which generation I am because they keep moving them. I was born in late 1990.

That and the picture was taken in Manhattan. Chances are the dude is a professional. A cop or a security guard or something. Otherwise he wouldn't be open carrying in Jew York.

Maybe it's like a femdom thing? I'm more of a POV mommy incest guy, myself.

jack off instructions
it's a video of a woman telling you how to jerk off to her

Of course.

Partial probably means "I started going to a self defense class but stopped going because it was hard."

In terms of other bad English dubs OPs that are fun, I'm quite fond of Rave Master's for some reason.

I had the opposite problem because all my shit was hand-me-down and my parents couldn't afford stuff. I got my cousin's clothes, and he grew a hell of a lot faster than me. Though I am taller than him now, which is nice, unfortunately not as /fit/ though - I'm too lean because I don't really like to eat a lot.
You might ask why I didn't just wear older stuff, but that was given to a younger cousin when I got "new" clothes because they were worse off than I was.

you being the mom or the son in this POV?


Wew, how about that localization

I got clothes from my cousin too, but my cousin was a girl, so I had a fucking sack of sweaters with pictures of horses on them. My mom was pretty overbearing when I was a kid, too. For a long time I didn't get to pick what I wore.

If I was the mom, I wouldn't be a POV mommy incest guy, I'd be a POV mommy incest gal.

borderline Z/millenial

Cool, I guess. I don't feel like a millenial, though. I always think of them as being like 5 years younger than me. When I think millenial, I think iphone, starbucks, doesn't know shit about computers, that kind of thing.


What the fuck is it with feminists and using "badass" to describe women doing something? Not everything is badass you dumb niggers

No shit. By the time I got to HS nobody played videogames except pic related.

My school was a redneck school, so we just had a small clique of gamer/tech geeks. Getting called to the office out of class once in a while because a teacher was too dumb to get their computer to work and they needed help was a pretty rad feeling though.

Funny because most millenials are older than you.

She could have more easily taken the baton and beaten his head in with it.

I'm fine with police having guns but Johnny Anybody tromping through businesses with them on show like they own the place need to be put out on their ass every time, doesn't matter who it is. I'd never let anyone with a gun in my store and they'd certainly not be served either way.

At least muh soggy knees has been almost completely reduced to ridicule.

All thanks to 2D.

But concealed carry is fine, right?



When you want to know you have failed in your life and career. No wonder journos are looking for causes to support, they want to believe they mattered at some point.

The sad truth, that they know deep down, is that they don't and never did. A gamergater like you probably accomplished more in his career than a useless professional clickbaiter. Their only legacy is on social medias, and once they too disappear, so does everything they ever accomplished.

But user don't you see? It's OK for murder as long as you're describe it like a logophile! Describe how that character got penetrated in the vag and let 'em loose!

All right! Is it gonna be Bayonetta?
Come the fuck on…

You live in San Fran, don't you?

There's nothing wrong with open carry.


I saw the early signs of games becoming popular in my first years there. Mostly Guitar Hero and MMOs. But you could still get bullied for playing games, especially if they had "nerdy" names.

See, it's the whole generation slippage thing. It's like how "thick" in porn means "fat" now and "milf" means "25 or older". "millenial" is just used for everyone under a certain age, and I don't give enough of a fuck to learn all these generations, so I just figure "oh they must be younger than me".

I've got no problem with open carry because I was raised in fucking hicksville. My great grandmother was blind and nearly deaf when she went into a nursing home but she still kept a loaded shotgun under her bed.

Thank god.

So they've discarded Tracer and Mei and moving on to D.Va? Do they know that this is the same D.Va that is portrayed by fandom as a as a dorito-nibbling, mountain dew-guzzling, gamergoblin shitlord bullying you to "Git Gud"?


It takes away the mental burden of masturbation. You don't have to open up a shitload of different porno to get off, figure out which one to bust your nut to, or when you want to cum. You open one video and go with it to the end.

But finding a nice video to bust a nut to is half the fun.


Minami fits better in that meme

Different strokes for different folks, as the old saying goes.


Muslim ban no more

Hint: All but five are porn. Nhentai and Gelbooru are a disease.

Decided to check pbgamer subs and jontron subs
Jon is going up and looks like pbg is sinking

I say we get the shiftier muslims into the gated communities.


Pretty much. And it a similar reason why Turkey isn't on the ban list either. They are our gate way to the Middle East, They have us by the balls as much as house Saud.

Holy shit those adds though

Interesting. I wonder how they can hope to push this, especially since there's precedent for an executive order literally putting japanese Americans into concentration camps.

Fuck em. They want a fight lets give em one.

You have no one to blame but yourself.

It's a stay for people still in transit, not the win the leftist circlejerkers are trying to make it pass as.

Oh, it's disgusting.

You can only trawl porno for so long before it becomes tedious, is the thing. When you hit the wall of Sturgeon's Law, you realize that putting up with shrieking harpies that turn your stiffy to a half-chub, if not a total softy, just isn't worth the trouble any more. Much better to cut out the bullshit and get what you want.

Yakuza Taiga is way more attractive. Whoever this Minami slut is, the fact that she needs whips and corsets to get a man wrapped around her finger proves she can't fuck worth a damn.

It was a mistake calling it a Muslim ban rather than a foreign National ban, there's plenty of precedent for that and it's much less likely to step on Constitutional toes.


To be honest, that's hilarious.
Hopefully you learned how to dress yourself well to avoid future humiliation.

While this is especially true of today's youth, I really doubt your parents' generation was much better.
Most people are just retarded.

I don't carry, but if you do want to carry, it's probably best to do it openly.
You won't have to fumble with a concealed carry setup if you need the gun, and authorities won't have to worry about whether or not you have a firearm should you happen to have a run in with them and they'll likely be less nervous around you, because pen carrying is a declaration of "yes, I'm legally allowed to have this gun."
It's also more convenient from a practical sense. You don't need to have multiple pairs of pants of different sizes depending on whether you are/aren't carrying at any given moment if you want your clothes to fit properly.

It's not even a muslim ban.
It just happens that predominantly muslim nations are involved. A christian, jew, buddhist, or atheist could come from the same place and they'd be sent home.


not for the media :^)

Shh, japanese were never treated badly, only blacks, muslims and jews :^]
But serious talk, aclu will probably get defunded for this, as will adl.

Oh man, now I can't take you seriously

Still wondering why is this when the US can produce their own oil.

Going to trigger George Takei again?

Its amazing that Jon gained so many subs while every sjw was pretty much pissing themselves for the factt he was on sargons stream

This is #unsubTB all over again

I'm still going through Insex's whole collection I downloaded a while ago. I don't go on stream site anymore since it's a pain in the ass with noscript.

Look at pbg's ad

Nah, I dress like shit. There's a dress code at my job but I pretty much ignore it.
They're bad in different ways, I think. My mom can't figure out not to download certain things because they're probably viruses. But teenagers and young adults, a lot of them are so used to modern browsers that they flip a tit if their saved passwords get reset because "I don't remember my passwords the phone does it all for me".

Anyways, back to digging!
Jenny Lai (Keep in mind she no longer works for the ESA)
>New Media for John Wiley & Sons, Inc (Best known as the For Dummies book makers) from July 1993 – 1995
Her Twitter
Unsurprisingly, another Democrat organization spotted.

If no-one knows it's there then no-one knows it's there.


It marks you out as a source of potential problems and they're not problems I want in my place. I'd not let anyone with a fucking sword or a knife or even a bat in either so gunfags are nothing special.

The long and the short of it is that a lot of our oil is more expensive than Middle East oil and of lower quality. Remember oil isn't just used for fuel, it's also used for chemistry. There are also political reasons.


I'm just imaging a woman walking into a netcafe and getting pelted with chunks of dog meat.

Because the "feminist group" was a bunch of hatemongers… understandably a normal way to describe most feminist groups in developed countries.

Her haircut is shit too.

Any previews? I really loathe browsing 3DPD myself.

What happened to Tekken?

Long term vs short term economy.

If the US really went balls out on infrastructure we could do 100% of our own oil with enough left to export. But the investment would take decades and cost billions if not trillions. And look at just the stink one dinky little pipeline caused.

Its just easier to buy from other countries provided they aren't shafting us on the price so hard that it pisses us off. They can also dick with us during the process.

I knew a lot of guys who went into geology and shit in college because American oil was booming in the private sector, driven by four-dollar-a-gallon gasoline. As soon as we started to make real progress, OPEC said fuck that and tanked the price of oil, putting most of those new American businesses out of business. Most of those guys I knew? All got laid off. Unless we had a government total commitment to develop American oil all the way, hell or high water and damn the investment cost to recoup it in the long term, they could screw with us like that for decades and really jack the economy.

It used to have to go through each tab to see if any images were worth saving until I could close firefox, but ever since I got a session manager I just save the session and can finally get some sleep.

Fuck most of these YT fags in the gaming sphere most of them don't care about games and willingly ignored the cancer that has been killing gaming for years.

Zelda Torrential Downpour potential discussion:
The original link- Breath of the Wild can switch to any language when you change the Switch's language- yet dual audio is not an option.
1. Get clarity if this is true (Disk has multiple languages on it- both text and audio. You could even ask NOA- but phrase it in such a way so it isn't obvious you're fishing for dual audio potential info.
Don't copy what I've written word for word. Multiple people asking the same thing in the same way will raise a red flag.
2. If Dual Audio is basically there bar the menu option- meme how bad the VA work is on release. It's a major AA title that everyone will talk about, and Nintendo can "win" good PR by patching it in later. If not, NOA becomes a little more synonymous with bad VA work even amongst normal fags.
3. Debate whether writing to Nintendo Japan is possible (translators needed) or even worth while (will they reject all foreign letters and emails- even if they are large in number or in Japanese?)

What a week
Trump doing half of his to do list in a few days
Sjw rioting
Antifa are being what they hate
The women's March
Shia getting arrested
Jontron being on Sargons stream
And peanutbuttergamer disowning jontron for his political beliefs

It went full jew and the pc port will have denuvo

Plus the whole "think about teh enviroments while we let china and saudi arabia do 10× worse" you do get some oil from western canada, but it is not enough.

Don't forget the wall & Holla Forumsack vetting around the HWNDU stream.


Guys the internet is for porn, and this thread is going very poorly.

Hell, why cannot they do it while ifi, who has an infintesimally smaller budget can.

Insex was some pretty hard bdsm site, might not be up your alley.

The complete collection is floating around on torrent sites, I got it on empornium.

Antifa hates Violent Communists?

Overcuck please
Blizzard is a shit company with an even more awful fanbase and you're a goddamn idiot for buying their casual boring trash.

I wish they'd open up registration again.

Blizzard is the child company, Activision is the shit company.

I missed the whole thing with Jontron, what happened?

Was this something people were not expecting?

He went on sargons stream and did not kiss the ring of leftism.

Blizzard is Activision you fuck.
Its been like that for several years you retard.

you will never EVER be as dedicated to shitting up any discussion of a game as the guy that posted a picture of $50 to prove he could afford to buy overwatch and has spent every day shit posting about it since

I doubt Korean Garfield is on the radar

They only give invites to a select few too, I have none sadly.

Where does Shia's art project leading to his arrest and feminists in the fash sector briefly sperging out about the Miss Universe's costumes this year fit in?

Denuvo? After Tales everyone knew it would happen.
Season Pass and DLC jewing? No, Tekken never had DLC as bad as what they are planing for 7



That's putting it mildly. "He went FULL SHITLORD" is a more accurate description.

I posted 300 of my pocket money and my purchase of EDF 4.1 as well just to spite you Tumbltard faggots

11 bodies
3 male
8 female
4 niggers
3 white maybe
1 to 3 half breeds
All women leading conversations
Bitch in green has a fat ass

I've just noticed that 99% of 'black leaders' are in charge of bullshit programs and foundations that promote patent untruths to civil society about them merits of ape peoples, funny that.

I heard trump wants to fight isis and shit, you guys think that will turn out well?

It's kind of a pain finding some of the stuff I want elsewhere. Rarbg has some of it, at least.

If you thought jontron was redpilled
Just wait till you hear him talk
Thats when he comes in also they talk an Gamergate a few times as well


He already bombed a Isis base and made one leader surrender


when did that happen lol? Also, how is the relationship of russia and usa?

Fairly well, yes. Stop giving Saudis money, stop attacking SAA, support SAA with bombing strikes on ISIS and let them play ground clean up. That would greatly weaken ISIS.

Wouldn't know since I dropped 7th gen altogether and the last Tekken I owned was 4.
I wasn't expecting anything less from Bamco though.
Harada is still based despite the damage control, I'm sure he has no choice in the matter.

90921a is a shill

When are people going to stop buying games from these fucks? How much damage does Rami Ismal have to do until people stop buying Ridiculous Fishing, Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne?

Haradas just trying to make sure his team is being paid.

you don't link to the post when you call out a shill.

your webm dont even have fucking sound
go away retard



moar arya plz

I didnt buy it
I just know how autistic you are because I banned you

jesus fuck are we being raided because of HWNDU?

nigger are you gay? why you want to see that guy?

It seems more like cuckchan Holla Forums.

Kind of surreal

But bretty gud too

Needs more Pepe.

Which one of you faggots did this
Top kek

I hope Jontron becomes a regular on sargons stream
And tbh let's see if Disney drops him or keeps him on
Only time will tell how the YouTube community will treat him
Rip normal boots

Also can I get a edit of capt civil war but with people from normal boots

Fucking hell anons, I'm starting to get nerverous.

I'm afraid Minorities and Socjus will start actually to Chimping out, Trump is punching to hard, to fast and to effectively.

And I have no money to buy an AR, damn I have to ask my uncle to lend me his SKS

Marku revealed his power level for us. Use this power anons, let it not be in vain.

Holy shit, you are retarded.
On the low end, around 1 in 5 people carry a pocket knife on a regular basis, if the statistics I found are to be believed.
You don't want 1 in 5 people to enter your imaginary establishment because something could happen when these 1 in 5 people aren't causing trouble in the first place, and if they were going to cause trouble, they'd do it regardless of whether or not your rules allow for it.

probably cuckchan, or reddit. Anonymous is mainstream now, but I say it is the same kind of people who back then when they were not that known, talked about it outside of 4chan. You know, the kind of faggot that uses user on steam as a name and shit like that.

I might be autistic but I'm not a retard,

Here is Careen Yapp.
Her Linkedin didn't provide much info so I looked around and found more detailed information.
Interesting of Konami being the sponsors…
Also they have a Twitter
Again, Japan fucking laughs at you

>>>Holla Forums9027216
Found this,

ChrisRayGun talking about JonTron


Who isn't a Nazi right winger these days



Who is this guy


Trump is writing down names in the death note


isn't he signing those docs? Wouldn't that mean he puts his own name on that death note?


Answer seriously. What did JonTron say to get called a Nazi by retards?

To leftists, 90% of the world are nazis, and the word is losing power.

But didn't he outlaw anime or something?


one of the reddit admins

Not that I heard of. He just introduced tariffs.

that image was just a nice track on the sheet.


sheit, I guess I downloaded the thumbnails.

I wish the kikes at EA hadn't kill the C&C franchise.

Mark The Cake Destroying Fat Kike Divider

you got banned multipul times and you still cant contain your autism
and somehow mark is the dumb kike here


Well now, doesn't he feel so special.

Not at all, tumblr called themselves it, probably due to fight club, then it was easily twisted into an insult.


Speak of the devil


I was literally fucking using this myself just by the comparison being perfect. Retards think they're somehow special and get treated differently than others just because.

b-but twitter told me it snowflake was slang for ashes as in holocaust joke!


Nice setup. The tweet is old though.

Much better.
Oh joy, that guy who was off his rocker about violent vidya & was talking about some random murder case that was somehow tied to video games and says violent is so prevalent, he doesn't go after the fake news.
Gonna look at it more…

it was literally posted last thread wanker.

aloha snackbar

>Hey rabbi mohammad, what're ya doing?

I mean the date, it should have been posted 2 years ago.

Man 2017 is crazy and we are still only one month in

All these videos talking about jontron and all these irl shitposting to Shia

And even after all the SJW shit people are still defending this garbage.

And the amount of new people awakening their Mememagic, don't forget that.

We have Reanon and his killing mememagic and Me and my contrarian mememagic.

I am not wondering what other wonderful powers we will find in here?

you guys do hate cs:go, but in the early days, beta and first few months after release they listened hard to the community. But then hpe got fired and Valve started to work on it, shitting on yommunity.

John Hurt is dead you monster.

Serious fucking answer please. I just want to know what ammo I have.

I know damn well that's just from a Holla Forums video my brother watched.

Matsuki Miyu as well and everybody stop complaining about that, but that doesn't change the fact we are still sad, she had a wonderful voice.

As they should be.
That is true.
Also true, but that feeling is lost on many people nowadays.
I…don't know what to say on that.
Still don't know what to say.
Well, I'm concerned of all the propaganda that the ESA wants to push…
I'm still ticked off they haven't addressed the racism and sexism issue and are only making it worse by being coy or silent about it.

Wounds are still fucking fresh.

You figure they'd learn after years of the right calling everything Obama did socialist. Same "Everything I don't like is ___", different people.


So I went to go lurk DU to see what kind of salt was brewing.


These fags are going from comical to dangerous.

Could I finally get my /k/ommando dream of marching in an army to liberate Commiefornia?

Don't know if anyone archived, but there was an article a day or so ago about Genesis games having environmental messages in them back in the day. It started off okay, mentioning how Sega of America was trying to tap into the hip culture and how the big save the environment stuff was in the early 90s (to say the least, living through it and having dance people sing about it in school). Then the writer showed their hand how the article is all to slam Trump for the EPA shit that occurred.

Wait is that the same one as;

Lauren has done what Holla Forumsacks should have done as soon as turd made the shitty law. Holla Forums needs to step up.

These are just snippets from the big threads on the first two pages. The whole forum is like this.

I mean, the ruling was politically motivated garbage that needs to be overturned, but do they not see the issue with insisting that the absurdly wealthy businessman only won due to foreign financial backing?

Throwing everything at the wall hoping something sticks.

Pretty much this tbh

I hadn't heard about Mark Kern recently, apparently he's working as creative director for a new game? Hope it works out.



ESA as usual doesn't deny their racial and sexist bias. Haven't found anything on Dorian Rehfeld other than she(?) is at 2K.

If you ever do, spare San Diego; those guys are cool.

I have a feeling the parts you quoted use some sort of mental trick: go with a premise that makes sense or that most people would agree with, then push an unpopular idea in hopes that whoever reads it accepts the second part as easily as the first. Or maybe I'm too paranoid.

Found it:


I can't save it.

Remember guys, the Anita Sarkeesian endorsement tweet was just a "slip".

Anons, I didn't favorited that article when Japan tell to the UN to fuck off regarding the ban of lolis and manga who is discriminatory againts women.

Some of you have the link so I can save it?

I REALLY want Calexit to happen just so liberals get a harsh dose of reality when they try to survive without us "redneck nazis".

Too bad there is zero chance of it actually going through. Secession is literally an act of war so the government will have free reign to swoop in and do whatever the fuck they want to prevent it.

Besides, none of those cucks actually want Calexit. They just want to virtue signal. Which is a shame because watching Commiefornia destroy itself after seceding would be the greatest HAPPENING of the century.


Here, have the PDF itself.

**How exactly? As far as I know, saving is as easy as right clicking, then clicking "Save As".

I would love to see that shit happen as well
But the they would get slaughtered by the drug cartels in a week

Firefox, i had to use opera to download.


I beg your pardon?

Something else just popped into my head. The ESA wants to talk about diversity in race? Look at the fighting game community and tell me "Yup, it's just straight white males and their patriarchies." what about women? Japan says hello.

Basically, it would be two parts:
1. Statement that makes sense to ease reader into accepting whatever else comes along
2. Statement that the reader wouldn't think too much about, most likely something that the writer would push for their own sake
I'm not sure if I'm onto something here or not. Feel free to dismiss my looney ass hypothesis, I'm a little drunk.

We really need more Japanese women speaking out to really crush this kind of retarded shit once and for all.


I can see where you're coming from, but I don't think you're really onto something as it sounds like a tactic thats been used for years. I don't know of a proper term besides bribing or persuasion but it really sounds like "See these points? You obviously agree with them! Now without thinking too much, you're now more accepting of this controversial opinion and you don't even know it!"

Holla Forums is going to need therapy after this


That's called Confucian Argument. It's how Asians structure anything where they want to express their personal opinion. First, they build common ground by discussing something that most people would agree on, then they slowly move to their main point that some people might not agree with, but after agreeing on the first thing, the new thing seems more rational.

which board was it that had that stuff? I forgot.


I haven't been looking up much of the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, so I found something. Who knows what skeletons they have in their closest, maybe Trudeau works there!
Women are almost half of the ‘gamer’ population in Canada

Keep digging, and I got this feeling that Mia Consalvo got some connections to the Canadian ESA. You can count on that prediction of mine.

I should start doing that.


Now, cut anyone who soley games on web or on phone. That ratio drops hard. Not to mention factor in who spends more, and it will be guys.

If Holla Forums is smart, they will use it to get leftists to go after jews with ties to isreal which is a good chunk of hollywood and tech

All asians hate eachother, which is not that much different from all muslims hating eachother, all niggers killing eachother, hell all white people hating eachother.


Unrelated to the ESA diggings, but on thegg.net, I stumbled upon an article where Nintendo was talking about the possibility of doing a SNES mini. Since it used Futura, I gave it a shot of a N64 mini using the same font. Pretty easy to make anything retro looking, just find a space background, a neon grid, slap the futura font on there, and presto!

kill yourself, shill

Please provide sources on each aside from jolly ranchers in case I need to use them to shut up libtards.

some random T_D posts

The ranchers one is random, but the others are about the lefts hypocracy, and the saudi hypocracy.

Thats a shame, sources would help shut up leftists.

That Obama one should have the documentation on when Obama did that along with a link. That would make it exponentially more effective.

ESA of Canada is mentioned in an article by Japan PR company, Total Communications System Inc.
The Quiet Giant of Video Games – Subsidies, Training Help Canada to No. 3 Spot in Global Gaming Industry

This hits close to home a bit literal and what they are trying to pull here? They pulled the 2-% unemployment out of their ass, as junior employees are not considered "looking" if they never had a job in the industry. Not to mention that most of the vidya compqnies up here have even shittier work conditions than the states. And now they want to bring in foriegn workers to flood the available positions, which are never really there, to drive up competition and down wages.
I hate the digital and tech industry up here, and with the liberals axing animation grants in nova scotia, works going to be harder to come by for me in that sector. I am seriously going to have to look into poland for a job as they have started to grow I know, I am being a hypocrite here, not wanting foriegners but wanting to work in a foriegn country, but if I cannot find work, I will have to try everything.

Speaking of Mia Consalvo, I found her in an article during Sandy Hook.
Video games a flash point in Connecticut school rampage's aftermath
As if a fucking Rockefeller of all people have any room to talk about "I am worried about what kids see."
They can't even sell the damn AO games so theres no reason to bring that up whatsoever.
There's Leland Yee again.


So how hard is it to move to the US anyway? Because I'd love to have a leader that cared about his country as much as Trump seems to. The turd just keeps sitting there talking about feminism while everything goes to hell. He should have been kicked out for bringing over people with sticks to try and put out a massive fire rather than actual firemen.

I'd like to add that it's hilarious seeing all the people asking "where da #AllLivesMatter people at now that trump wants to kick muslims out?" as if sending someone home and shooting them are the same damn thing. Their lives can matter somewhere else.


Ever since Trump appointed someone who was anti-net neutrality to the FCC, I've seen people come out the wood works to say that NN is a bad thing that gives ISPs monopolies and other powers to control the internet. Not a single one of them in these past several threads has said how NN grants them dangerous powers, only that it just does. So unless that point can be made, I advise anons to assume those making these claims without evidence are corporate shills who think now is the time to make a move since there is now an anti-NN head of the FCC.

Those types have been around a long time. I seem to remember seeing them a lot on halfchan back in the day. That and a lot of uninformed people who think net neutrality would mean the companies can do whatever they want, which isn't the case.

I have a lot of family in other countries, and they've said it's hell.just to get a visa to visit, let alone permanent resident status. In hindsight, I'm really glad I became a citizen before Muslims fucked things up for the rest of us.

Fuck. I don't want to be stuck here anymore while this gay french piece of shit lets the country fall apart around us.

They want economic migrants to kill the "nazis" and seem to blank out the fact tha if muslims become majority, they are all fucked too, even if they praise allah.

His mom is not french, and hes part cuban. He is becoming seriously hated.

But Islam is a religion of peace! They would definitely never be evil!

He's from Quebec, that's french enough for me. Fuck the french.

This is just disgusting, even more that the ESA of America wants to be like this.
Canada’s Video Game Industry Welcomes Federal Government Commitment on High-Skilled Foreign Workers

Killing da "nazis" is not evil :^]
And I hate the cicular logic "calling them evil will make them evil" that is a falsity. I do agree not all muslims are bad, but the moderates tend to enable the radicals often, and the vetting process will never work, and watching turkey, iraq and saudi arabia, they will not take back any of the criminals, so we are stuck with the tax drains, that is if they even will get arrested for commiting crimes. Still never heard if the one mudshit who was illegally bringing in muslims into halifax by claiming the "family" status, but can only assume he and every mudshit involved got pardoned.

Attracting Foreign-Born Talent Can Take Canada’s Tech Sector Global – Huffington Post Canada

The body was too long.

You either have to be really good at what you do and are willing to work for awful conditions on an H1B or you can marry somebody.
Your pick.

That could be useful, if the senior level workers we are getting in canada are actually "high skilled". But they are not. Is the blind leading the deaf half the time, and some of the older seniors who have worked in the industry and are citizens of canada are retiring soon, what we need to do is nix the whole "need 4-5 years with 7 aaa games shipped" deal and instead look into training canadian citizens who are interested and encouraging taking risks in hiring from people who are native to canada who may not have had a chance because of catch 22 cant work on aaa without having worked on aaa before. It would help bolster the whole "women in tech" situation they love to throw around.

I don't think they're evil, but I think their culture is largely incompatible with ours, especially if they're actually religious instead of being flexible about it. Their countries are shitholes for a reason: they have a large number of shitty people in them. You can't recognize that the countries are shit and decide "living here is their god-given RIGHT!" but not acknowledge that "Yeah, we need to be vetting these people because there are a lot of bad fucking people over there."

Man, the only American girl I know is my ex and she married a guy from the US to get citizenship so that's right out. I'm decent at what I do but not the best. I'm good enough that they gave up on making me wear dress shirts and slacks and nice shoes, and they let me wear jeans, tshirts, and fuzzy pink slippers.

Yeah, untill the axe their whole team one day without warning and neglect to pay them for months of work while the celebs at the top still get their paycheck. And that shit and abuse in tech will only get worse in canada with an influx of foriegn workers.

Indeed. They are not compatico, they engulf. And they should work on making their own countries less shit on their own. All countries should have non interfatory pacts, but sadly we do not.

Also any refugee caught pretending to be underage should be shipped back and blacklisted from every western country.

Found Mia Consalvo again!
Who's cheating, and why? Explore the ethics of video games at Thinking Out Loud 2016

do you like my keyboard?



Ehh, hes the most believable considering I have known people with faces similar to his between the crows feet and stubble around 18 years in nova scotia years ago. The other 2 pics are rage fuel.

And most people choose neutral/good path first because the evil path is usually dicking around when it comes to vidya.

galko tbh


You have something against the law, civilian?



I'm not too familiar with Canada politics…
Tanya Woods
Jennifer Krpan
Julien Lavoie
ESA Canada's twitter
Jennifer Krpan's Twitter

There are a few other things, like often the evil path has lesser or less satisfying rewards. Then there is the fact that the big example is Bioware, who can't write either good or evil protagonists to save their lives.

Goodnight GoofyGoobers.

I thought this girl have learned after a taliban tried to shoot her dead and her friend got killed.

Well, these are muslims for you.

Maybe I'm 12 and don't know it.

Isn't this conspiration to comit a crime or some shit?

Can't learn when your a mouth peace for your father.

So she was a puppet after all.

The whole "punch out a nazi" has that problem where "nazi" is nebulous and too far reaching. Remember that King of the Hill episode where the teens called anyone ordering them or asking them to do something they didn't want a "nazi"?

Almost 35 years later and it still hasn't changed one bit.
>The arguments are familiar, conclusions are subjective, and the future of adult videogames is unclear.
That game features an enactment of a white male ravishing an Indian woman made me laugh, sounds like something Carl the Cuck wrote.

I swear to g-
… wait, why am I convinced I've seen this name somewhere ?

same last name as "entitled gamers"

So he's a different guy ? Damn.

You're probably thinking of Colin Moriarty, Mr. Entitled Gamers himself. Not the same guy.

Heres where they talk about Joseph Liberman during the 2000s election of Bush/Cheeny & Gore/Liberman. I will never not be pissed off at Nintendo for throwing SEGA under the bus.

I'm still catching up a bit on the digging, but there's a couple of things that caught my eye here.
That's already potential sign of cancer.
Ok now that's almost a guarantee of cancer, especially when you see anything with "game studies and design" most of the time it's like a bunch wannabe academics who does not understand vidya at all. And is just using vidya and "design" as some idiotic way to push a preconceived notion or agenda.

Anyhow there's some factoids in the article that IMO are very dubious.
-Good vs. Evil. What is the factoid is talking about specifically in relation to vidya, single player or multiplayer? More importantly though, what in the hell does a virtual choice in a virtual and fictional game have to do with anything in the real world version of good and evil. Why is it even in there, it seems like a 2academic4u way of insinuating there is any correlation between virtual and akshual reality.

-Who's cheating?
I thought this factoid was about multiplayer vidya where a topic of cheating like say wallhax type of cheating would at least be semi relevant. But it reads like the factoid's definition of cheating stems from someone who does not understand or never picked up an actual vidya.
Even ignoring for a sec the PR sounding buzzword term of
It does such a poor job of defining and bringing context in what constitutes as cheating. Asking people to join or joining a multiplayer game to help someone advance is not cheating, at most some people may consider that cheesing in terms of power levelling, but powerlevelling or boosting another character within the game's ruleset is NOT CHEATING. Jesus tapdancing christ there are games with multiplayer components that boosts the enemy's damage while also increasing the loot\gold\exp reward to exactly play into this so called 'cheating'. And if anyone asks what game, prove it then. Just off the top of my head Diablo2, Borderlands2. I'm sure you winged faggots can think of more.

TL;DR: What in the fuck was that factoid even talking about cheating in the context of vidya?
Fuuuug. Might as well ask the pope on how to sexually pleasure a wife.


Watch out for GamerGate
The public enemy of the world #1
It is the main hashtag responsible for…
☑ Being on the wrong side of history
☑ Fondling 55 eggs by surprise
☑ Molesting people in VR
☑ Plays DOOM better than Polygon
☑ Safeguards vagina bones
☑ Are the LOVELY, horrible people at 8E8ightC-han
☑ Told God check my quads
☑ Seducing AVGN to the dark side of history
☑ Turned waifus into Gamergate's worst nightmare
☑ Turned Notch into a woman hating MRA rapemonster
☑ Cuntfuses a lot of ovary-acting womyn
☑ Captured all goon territory in EVE
☑ Delivered the final leg drop on Gawker
☑ Corrupted Milo into an internet super villain
☑ Called a jew a nazi
☑ Bullied Reddit's abandoned daughter
☑ Memed life into Liru
☑ Refusing to ban Liru
☑ Uses celebrities lives as fuel for the meme magic
☑ Leg dropped gawker into bankruptcy
☑ Filled up Codemonkey's disk with shitposting
☑ Made Mighty Number 9 fail
☑ Attempted to kidnap someone at E3
☑ Hired 5 fictional toads and a fictional conman to gangrape someone
☑ Using a time machine to harass innocent localizers
☑ Gave a toddler meningitis
☑ Made it rain in London
☑ Causing the UK to leave the EU
☑ Casted the original ghostbusters as all men
☑ Keeping the MN9 booth from being set up
☑ Refused to play with Stephen Tortilla
☑ Playing Pokemon without fear of repercussion
☑ Not watching Grillbusters
☑ Talking to girls who play Pokémon Go
☑ Waging war against Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones
☑ Got Milo bampersanded from Twitter. Again.
☑ Leveled up on the DNC
☑ Barbecued worst Korea
☑ Chasing topkek from kotaku
☑ Appropriated and augmented a group of racists
☑ De-funded paranormal investigators by linking them to a suicide group
☑ Channeled the powers of love and death into misogynistic flowers
☑ Komm Süßer Troll'd
☑ Surviving for 2 years
☑ Ejected a fascist nicktator and toppled his dishonest empire
☑ More effective than New York Media, Silicon Valley and Hollywood
☑ Being Gawker's biggest enemy
☑ Celebrating their daughter's birthday
☑ Continuing to be the #1 hate group online
☑ Forced aGGros to spend christmas and new years whinging alone
☑ Owned some bitch
☑ Caught the Arby's killer
☑ Became a verb
☑ Made Pepe great again
☑ Inspired Trump's campaign
☑ Seduced the Occulus Rift founder
☑ Hacked the DNC
☑ Forced Pepe into the American school curriculum
☑ Bought 4chan
☑ Defended Devin Faraci
☑ Forced the UN to gather 800 gigabytes of white supremacy frogs
☑ Marketing of Nintendo Switch
☑ Infiltrating the emoji selection committee
☑ Hiding millions of anti-Semitic tweets
☑ Virtually raping a woman under the name BigBro442
☑ Unintentionally prepared all of us for the 2016 election
☑ Made halfchan go bankrupt
☑ Bullying a comic writer off twitter
☑ Turning S.Korea into a chinese girl cartoon
☑ Using free speech to undermine the freedom of the press
☑ Triggering Blizzcon
☑ is actually the FBI
☑ Making alternate earth great forever
☑ Creating fake news
☑ Ordering pizza without pineapple
☑ Genesis of the alt-right
☑ Outliving Castro
☑ Corrupting communist mascots with glorious capitalism
☑ Laid the groundwork for online harassment and conspiracy
☑ Glorious Winged Faggot Extraordinaires
☑ Funded the most diverse game in history, eliminating racism, sexism, and the game/animation/whatever itself from existence
☑ Being associated with white supremacist groups
☑ Spent Christmas with Liru
☑ Actually had fun for Christmas
☑ Destroyed the alt-right
☑ Became meme warriors
☑ Toxic gamer culture
☑ Weaponized nostalgia
☑ Shutting down every woman who tried to even have a forum
☑ Causing Battleborn to flop
☑ Carrying meme associations with the presidential inaugural speech
☑ Made Antifa shoot itself in self defense
☑ Set a limo on fire
☑ Taught the right wing to collectively target sponsors
☑ Revealed their leader to be grand nazi Jonathan ARYAN Jafari

Some parts I find interesting about the article

Good morning, gamer gays.

This can be used to slam DiGRA for fearmongering.

That Gook needs to be fucked in the ass inside his jail cell.

Oh also, double posting. Good evening faggots. Are you ready to go:


Alright I think it's safe to say so far these are the following general patterns that your digging and observation have produced. Right now I am not approaching this as attack attack attack. At the moment I'm still willing to try a more judo like approach to it. There may still be a chance to make the ESA live up to their own words of not wanting to become an adversary to vidya. Myself I'm inclined to adopt a more sun tzu approach right now, but clausewitz should also be at ready just in case, figuratively speaking.

-Whenever games get accused of being murder machines, serial killer training, whatever they describe as super fun happy violent times, the ESA will quickly jump in and say Nuh-uh, that's not right. which would be OK but then they're silent on racism & sexism which will be their downfall if they don't acknowledge.
The ESA might still be thinking it's the 1990s where the attack on vidya is mostly on the violins front. But when it comes to "vidya Y U RAYCISS" + sax and violins, they either fall for the bunk, are in on it, or can not free themselves from that false narrative or bogus guilt trip.
-The ESA seems to have a pre-occupation with enacting social change through vidya tech. Why? It seems there is a practical limit on what vidya can do, and is it even the ESA's job to try to enact dubious social changes through vidya.
-Related to above. The ESA itself seems at least inconsistent with it's own mission statement regarding non discrimination. Especially with vidya related grants and fellowships that discriminates on the basis of sex gender and race.

-The ESA does not hide the fact that it is there mostly for the publishers, it says it on the tin.
My question then, is it worth that membership dues if the ESA continues the way it's going. At the moment I can not find a firm number on how much it costs, but it's likely not cheap. There is a potentially yuge sea change of public opinion in current year+2. The ESA imo runs a risk of being even more out of touch, if it continues it's behavior in staying silent possibly complicit in the vicious lie that vidya is inherently racist and sexist.

Huh? DiGRA isn't mentioned.

Mia Consalvo is the president of DiGRA and her word is gospel on the think tank.

Also I just remembered the ESA's event of Nite the Unite (Fuck these confusing names) is next month.

Ah, my mistake.

Inconsistency as a whole seems to be a giant theme in the ESA. The ESRB is inconsistent with their rulings, the ESA says they're for diversity yet discriminate those who aren't women or a minority, ESA says they're for gamers yet they have supported many Democrats & people whom hate video games with a passion like Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton.

In many games there is very little benefit to going evil. If anything, it often forces you to go out of your way and potentially screw yourself over just so you could pursue it.

fuck off jew

Found a short article from PBS.
Eight Myths About Video Games Debunked
Not one single mention of "Games make you racist" and this is about as close as it got to talk about sexism
>Almost no girls play computer games.
Even then its not an outright "Games make you sexist."
This line here though is a goddamn farce.

Found on twitter. Was going to post this in the LL thread in /a/, but decided GG will appreciate this more as another case of aGGros eating each other.

Alignment is an exploitable system that's only a tool for DMs to railroad players, and for players to justify abusive behavior. Like all labels, it is best if alignment is employed to describe your character, not let alignment dictate your actions or use it as a shield as cover for improprieties.

Ok, I think if your digging can be be distilled down to a paragraph, it's that.
(For the tl;dr crowd or as an opening text for say an infographic.)
With this one while I agree with you in the overall terrain, my .002 cents on it be careful and have an absolutely rock solid nugget especially with anything to do with the slippery as eels Clintons. Same with Podesta, I recommend only going with rock solid evidence and connections. Not because I don't believe that the cheese pizza thing is all fake news, on the contrary I think there are some real shady shit going on with the Clintons, Clinton Foundation, and Podesta. But the MSM is running interference for those fucks, and it has become a briar patch that can easily distract and divert attention.

In short, anything to do with Clintons, only use 100% solid connections regarding the ESA\ESRB and such, because if the Clinton machine were any more greasy they can be used as a biofuel oil refinery.

Whatever you say, schlomo

ESA Announces Staff Promotions

Already lying through their teeth with the evidence saying otherwise.
…thats 3 Podesta findings now.

Correction, the Huffington post article I posted earlier about the Democratic National Convention Is A Great Place To Be A Lobbyist mentioned Heather & Tony Podesta but I missed their names. Still, fucking 3 Podestas…

Side note: Backless sweaters are taking over Japanese artists right now, just like the heart-cleavage cutout sweaters.

Ed Desmond no longer works at the ESA but nonetheless, did some digging on him.
>Built government affairs program for the video game industry from a one-person office to a state, federal, and international team of 6 internal staff and numerous external state and federal consulting firms.

Unless I misread it, it appears be a good word put in by a lobbyist regarding another lobbyist for a lobbying group, which the ESA basically is I guess. But is Heather Podesta directly connected to the ESA, did she ever do any work for them? It might be a small lobbying world in washington K street, though it's not very comforting thought that the Podestas seems to be everywhere. (This is the same Heather Podesta of Tony Podesta's ex wife?)

If you switched the name ESA to MPAA or RIAA, I would not be able to tell the difference. :^)

bad google translate says its called "virgin killer sweater". It looks really great if you're an ass man.

Besides being mentioned or one of the groups connected to one of their organizations, I haven't seen any Podesta work for the ESA.

The cutout sweaters were ridiculous enough to begin with but holy shit

I love Japan.

I wish Tekken 7 and Dead or Alive would add this newest lewd outfit craze to their costumes!

What are the odds the PC version will be shit?

A convention was going on in Ohio in July of last year.
Elemendorf Ryan to lobby for video game group (The ESA)
Elmendorf, Sullivan, Jones bundle for Clinton

ESA switches to Don't fuck with video games mode
Guns Drawn on K Street After Video Game Survey

That was a serious answer, JonTron said the 14 words.

I found photos of the ESA's 20th anniversary and…I've got to ask, am I the only one getting creepy vibes from them?
Heather Podesta is on there too but that really just begs for more questions.

I wonder if you can get Holla Forums to get into this too, since this is fucking connected to John Pedosta and Pizzagate. Holy shit. Keep digging, until you get into the other side of that abyss!



Have you seen the requirements? 60GB, that's as much as an original PS3 model. Really worried that it might come with Denuvo, too.

As an aside:


How many voice actors have totally lost their shit over the past few months, again? Poor Ash Ketchum can't even win an election

Gonna post the photos from that site in case it gets taken down.



Not enough




Get help from anyone! /gamergatehq/ and Holla Forums. The need to find out who these people are will be crucial to expose these monsters into the light!

End of set.
Seriously though, who the fuck are these people, why am I getting creepy vibes from this shit? For a 20th anniversary, it looks like the worst place to celebrate it at.

Found Huey in Park Partners
>John Podesta, Chair and Counselor for the Center for American Progress, offered insight into views on park issues from the perspective of his time as Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton and his major role in Democratic policy development. He reminded the group that the Congress was as divided during the Clinton Administration as it is now – but also that a divided Congress was able to rally around parks. He said Summiteers must remind politicians that investing in parks will create jobs and help drive the economy. Asking political candidates to go on record during campaigns puts park advocates in a good leveraging position if that candidate makes it to office, he said, so target all candidates. Mr. Podesta ended his remarks with a reminder to drive home the local argument – when an issue hits close to home, it really starts to matter to people, and to those they elect.

autosage this thread everyone

They look like what I imagined lobbyists would look like. I'm not exactly convinced they have a love of or for vidya beyond what it can do for them financially. I don't expect those who defends vidya to be playing vidya all the damn time, but I hope they at least have something of a fondness for the medium in general and would defend it on principle of freedom of expression. Not just because it 'sounds cool to put on a resume of an entertainment sector lawyer or PR drone'.
Probably one of those 'friend of a friend' invites or lobbyist general invite. Though that is an unflattering looking pic of her, way too close to looking like cruella de ville.

The console machines on display is nice looking. And them setting up a projector to play some vidya, not a bad idea at all, I'm down to play some vidya on a yuge scree-

I think it because its people who don't play games at all, and dictate what games should be.

This is surreal. The people and the subject matter do not match. The people look "artsy" and corporate, while it is video games and the backdrop looks like a standard convention center with some video game stuff set up.

I am surprised to see a pro life Georgia rep there, though.


do you get off to this shit?

Nika Nour
Ali Amirhooshmand
Tom Foulkes

kek wills Cruella

Does anyone know ehat this is actually from

What are the odds that this guy would have been smeared by the clique?

Special Needs Monthly.

Nvm found it

Oh you mean the guys talking about the picture. I can't remember.

Gonna go get some rest before I pass out. Y'know the ESA isn't really too transparent about who works there besides the 5 guys mentioned on their site and considering the photos I just uploaded…I need some fucking sleep.

Also I must know the secret to Payne

Sleep well, digger. Remember, don't force yourself too much.

>tfw Gen Z
>January of '99
>Been here since the first Exodus

I was born in '87 what generation would I be a part of?

1984 is still Generation X?

L to the O to the L

Iran shouldn't be on the list, this is only to appease Israel. I hope Tump doesn't become Netanyahu's puppet

He's got 5 months to convince people in charge that he isn't a snackbar.

Come on user, you know any Murkan president is gonna get spitroasted by Saudi and Israeli cock.

Here's a quick dig on Nika Nour. Summary:
* Former congressional staffer
* PR director for Internet Association (lobbying group)
* Travels in Republican / Libertarian circles in DC
* Once appeared with Heather West
* Appeared at SXSW "harassment" summit

Nika Pari Nourmohammadi (Nika Nour), Congressional Staffer
08/01/10 - 08/31/12
legistorm.com/person/Nika_Pari_Nourmohammadi/154364.html archive.is/k4sgq

December 7, 2012 | News, Press Releases
The Internet Association Expands Its Team
CONTACT: Betsy Barrett 202.803.5783 / [email protected]/* */
Names Gina Grandinetti Woodworth as Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs
Since its official launch, The IA also hired Betsy Barrett (former Communications Director to U.S. Representative John D. Dingell (D-MI-15)) as Director of Communications, Nika Nour (former New Media Specialist at the House Committee on Energy and Commerce) as Digital Director, and Alezandra Brady (a recent USC MPA graduate) as Office Manager.

Open Source: Internet Association Website Connects Users, Policymakers
associationsnow.com/2013/07/open-source-internet-association-website-connects-users-policymakers/ archive.is/2SeJy
“This is a project that we collaborated on with Project Madison,” said Nika Nour, digital director at IA. “The goal here is to get feedback and engage with individuals line by line.”

ESA names new gov't affairs directors
Trade group taps Nika Nour, Melissa Foxman, Kevin O'Hanlon to advocate for games industry with US federal officials
Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Women on the Move: ESA Hires Nika Nour and Melissa Foxman
Behind the Games News December 3, 2015
archive.is/C1tE8The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has hired Nika Nour and Melissa Foxman as directors in their Federal Government Affairs department. They also promoted their employee Kevin O’Hanlon to director status.

Nour was most recently the Director of Communications and Creative Strategies at the Internet Association. Before that, she was a new media specialist for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.
Foxman joins the ESA from the Women’s High-Tech Coalition, where she served as the Executive director of the nonprofit. The Women’s High-Tech Coalition promotes the exchange of technology policy ideas between women leaders in public and private sectors.
O’Hanlon was hired by the ESA in February to provide management support for their federal government affairs efforts. Previously, he was the Managing Director of Polaris Consulting, LLC.

Upcoming talks on the politics of “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”
By Ilya Somin July 19, 2016

She’s Millennial, Republican and Muslim. What Does She Think About Trump?
December 14, 2015
bold.global/carrie-sheffield/2015/12/14/check-out-this-millennial-muslim-republicans-response-to-trump/ archive.is/8ZIZ5

Pummeled online, SXSW announces harassment summit

POLITICO Covers the Foundry’s Launch
ilpfoundry.us/politico-covers-the-foundrys-launch/ archive.is/ApEmt

Senator Rand Paul Among 'Yahoos' Spotted At Internet Pioneer's 20th Anniversary D.C. Party
revamp.com/story.php?StoryID=3302 archive.is/fZC0A

Managing and Protecting IP Across Borders
getglobalexpo.com/sessions/managing-protecting-ip-across-borders/ archive.is/LSVt6
Thursday, October 20
5:15 pm – 6:15 pm
Plaza 2

* John Lord – Attorney, One LLP
* Nika Nour – Director, Federal Government Affairs at Entertainment Software Association
* John Tehranian – Founding Partner, One LLP

Maybe he should try and fix his own shithole of a country instead of fleeing like a faggot.

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

There is a difference between fleeing and going to a university overseas though. Considering how shit the situation in Iran is, I doubt there is a very wide selection of universities to start studying engineering topics. Shit like law and medicine are pretty much a given in any university, but if you want something deep into STEM like chemical engineering then there's a pretty good chance you are going to have to look either halfway across the country or internationally.

not sure if legit but Shia might be DMCA'ing HWNDU videos

Why should America be teaching it's opponents people skills that could be used against them?

I like how a bunch of shitposters are forcing them to become everything they criticise Trump of doing

Top digging.
It's efforts like these that will make sure gamergate wins the day.

Education is suitable grounds for being let into a country legally for most countries, including the US. This also applies to non-Western countries. And in almost all cases, they have to go back afterwards, with the exception of families with anchor babies, which the US will probably fairly soon eliminate the possibility of. So in the end the user from Iran would still have to go back, just after finishing his studies. And considering how expensive universities are in the US, you can be fairly certain that very few people apply just to have an excuse enter the country.

Do it for 2D

I hope your family and loved ones will disown you and you'll get kicked out of your current occupation just so you can really dedicate yourself to your digging.

I tweeted at Trump that literally forcing mudslimes to assimilate would be a much better idea and Iran isn't even the right fucking target.

I've noticed a lot of digging done while I was inactive. Would anyone mind a TL;DR?

That would require letting them into the US to begin with. If they are detained until they assimilate then they will just lie until they get out, and if they are not then they will just look for ways to avoid it, assuming that they don't use it as ammunition to proclaim that they are oppressed and push for forceful assimilation to be declared unconstitutional. Trump may be president but he certainly doesn't have absolute power so they are bound to try to take advantage of the other two branches of government.

try again. Consalvo is the former president since august digra.org/the-association/about-us/the-executive-board/
and digra isn't a think tank.

I'm talking rigorous legally mandated human rights classes including literal homework and even reports as part of the immigration test to make sure it gets drilled in not to forcibly cover up or rape women and leave everyone else Christian or atheist the fuck alone.

I think this could really work as conditioning if pushed hard enough.

Hi Staffan!

That type of conditioning only works on children and grown adults that already believe that shit to begin with. I have yet to see a single person come back from "tolerance training" believing any of the shit taught to them. You almost always end up with people that are even more disgusted than they were before, the same will apply here.

Ill be honest that guy sounds like a fucking bad ass.

Or, how about not letting in pieces of shit in the first place, or on the flimsy hope that every camelfucker wanting to get into the West is somehow the next Steve Jobs who just needs a bit of help.

sound autistic

Why would they be taken down? Stop with the ridiculous LARPing.

Archive everything.

Except there would be nothing to sympathize about and people pissed off at white knights would especially help push in shit.

In question we are literally just talking about forcing mudslimes to learn actual civility if they even want a chance to get in.

Most assignments would be required to finish in class to make sure it's them actually doing them with a deadline to have them turned in.

Why the fuck does every retarded apologist just want to make excuses and not actually focus on the root of the disease? Why aren't we trying to make sure children don't grow up to be like this either in order to get the head of snake?

Yes, it'd be more preferable to quarantine the retards away from absolutely everyone else, but you all already know that damn well isn't a choice. We absolutely have to address the ones already living here and set an example of how to fix this cancer, especially if we drill into the ones that aren't fanatics yet.

They're gonna say they're triggered about being rationally and calmly told to not rape or control women and what are they and retarded liberals gonna get by everyone else except chickenshits that run away and block when losing an argument? Blown the fuck out.

Then go lead by example and put your money where your mouth is. Go house a camelfucker in your own home. I gtfo of my birth country in no small part due to the threat of extremist militant islam, and I got more than a few useful idiots in my current neighborhood who just loves to think they got all the solutions to the militant islam problem, if
just all educate them more. So again, put your money where your mouth is and either house a camelfucker in your own home, or go visit one of those places where militant and political islam is the majority, and stay there for a decade or two to learn just how worthwhile your idea of educating extremists who don't want to hear your kaffir infidel blatherings.

And why are you replying to yourself.

Was that they guy who was doing a little dance while holding a pepe sign?

There's a difference between archiving everything on general principle and acting like "they're going to cover up their secrets!" when you haven't found anything secret or particularly interesting. A lot of his posts are way too reminiscent of the sort of roleplaying you sometimes see from overdramatic people on Holla Forums who will act like random shit is somehow super-important or confirms their pet conspiracy theory.

You too, this isn't /cow/. I don't know who Steffan is but I'm quite sure they aren't lurking in this thread waiting to nefariously correct inaccuracies.

Jon had a little bit of a loss after he… "came out" I guess but has been rebuilding it after people cooled down.

And to PPGs credit, he's calmed down and apologized at least for his tone

What part of
do you not understand?

Archiving something takes very little effort and telling people not to do it is very suspicious. Just ignore it if you dont give a shit but crying "shut it down" isnt going to do anything except the opposite

Its the Internet, so yes.

What does he mean by this?


Then the retards stay the fuck out if a little common decency isn't fucking negotiable. You're still not addressing what to do about the shit already around and how to stop the cancer from spreading.

And I'm saying wherever the fuck immigrants go to take tests now has to do this.

Extending a post after submitting it too soon.

It's not about archiving, I archive everything myself. Technically he didn't even archive, he posted them in this thread. I'm archiving a copy of this thread with full images right now using Chan Thread Watch, so I suppose technically I'm the one archiving the random images he posted:


It's about him acting like the random stuff he's posting is going to get deleted in a cover-up or something. I guess I'm mostly going by his posts in previous threads where he more explicitly said stuff like that, if it was just the one post it would be less bothersome.

Why isn't it dead yet?

Not my cup of juice, but I guess it's nice.

For those who don't get the Game of Thrones reference, he`s saying he wants a kill list for anyone who says Hillary is worse than Trump.

It`s creepy as shit.

Of course, no one buy retards would let these things shack up with them if they were unsalvageable anyways.

And when I say we I mean we as Americans and people who know any other culture triggers the shit out of the subhumans when that far gone. Taking strong action to make the cancerous parts a thing of the past in our civilization where we're the fucking majority is very much possible unlike those shitholes ridiculed endlessly.

Damn it, also meant the bottom for

It's like a naked apron in sweater form. I could see Danielle wearing this.

Gods, I love this image.

Still happily not a waifufag.

Do you have any personal experience in dealing with the type of people, culture and death cult you think education, even enforced education at a young age can magically solve?

And if you so badly want me to address what to do about the shit (call it what it really is, militant political extremist islam). If it was up to me I'd put a freeze on building any more mosques. I would order the finance books of existing mosques be opened and inspected carefully for any shady ties. (As well as any materials for IEDs or mysterious firearms that somehow just magically appeared in a mosque somehow) If any shady funding ties are found, no tax exemption, no hiding behind muh freedom of religion, GTFO. Cut funding and space to any bullshit CAIR type orgs. Those who don't like it, can apply for a "free" one time, one way ticket for a permanent hadj to camelfuckingtopia. The only cost is if they are already a citizen somehow, they just need to revoke it. No takebacks, revoke it and never comeback and a free airplane ticket to cameltopia is theirs to claim.

I've already tried tolerance even when on more than one occasion I've been told I will spend eternity in the hellfire for being an infidel by the religion of piss, and received threats of violence and acts of violence on myself. I've reached my limits with the death cult from the desert. If they can't adapt peacefully, they can GTFO. Them and the libtard progressive apologists for all I care. No more leftists insane social experiments at the expense of law abiding citizens, and no more excuses. They can GTFO.

Also the kitty paw holes that lasted for a short while.

That's literally what I'm talking about, you nigger.

Make the shit (and I refuse to dignify it by name) conform by punishing crimes like rape or murder committed by those immigrants severely and if something as simple as "Hey, don't do this if you want to live here" doesn't work, then leave the shit where it belongs and wait for nuclear hellfire that can't come soon enough.

Things like banning a religion aren't options we can take and you have no fucking idea how much I want to just kill every last one of the subhumans at this point.

Make the ones that aren't retarded conform to modern eastern civilization or make the things fuck off. That's literally what I'm talking about.




Heh, you really don't have any personal experience with the death cult do you.
Uh huh. So on one post you refuse to dignify it by name, then in the next you can still call it a religion. And talking about options that
can not take. Nah, see I'm not leaving any options off the table. Not when it comes to the problem of militant islam.
Go read your own post. If you think the ratio of those who can or will conform is worth the effort of what you're talking about. There is a nigger here but it might just be

Because that's what it officially is even if I hate it. I'm acknowledging our constitution makes that out of the question.

And I already said I just want to kill the subhumans. Trying to force reform or weed out the retards anyone else could see is incompatible with civilized society if failing is the best way to address the root of the problem. Slowly create a split and make sure the shitty tumor slowly becomes completely replaced as only proper citizens and human beings thrive.

Bad Angler is still down.

And the point of this is to show the masses whether any can be redeemed or if the things all need to fuck off. That's what actually making an effort like this should boil down to.

If it doesn't work, then it completely destroys any and all mudslime whiteknighting. It also hurts the retarded media even more when it inevitably bitches while the people at the Muslim Reform Movement would straight up praise it.

Have you noticed that militant islam does not follow the U.S. Constitution? Yet militant islam expects everyone else to not only obey sharia law, but also alter or grossly misinterpret a non islamic country's constitution or secular laws to tie it's own hands, while also obeying sharia law.
And that is not what I asked, I asked if you have personal experience with the death cult. I have, and all I want is for militant islam and their apologists to GTFO. From all my dealings and experience to date so far, the few muslims that are ok are basically non practicing ones. They don't go to prayers 5 times a day and demand their employers to make accomodations for that or else islamophobia! They do not follow haram halal food guidelines and then cry islamophobia when non islamic stores carry pork products, they don't follow any fatwas death orders, they have no contact with extremist imams and have cut off contact or split with questionable ties with extremist family members a long time ago. The most they havea prayer rug or a koran but they give it no functions other than decoration. In other words, they're barely muslim by most islamic standards. And I don't see that as a bad thing. If there is no more mosques or hijab even if it was a hijab in the red white and blue, I'd be more than fine with that. I just want militant islam to I'll say it again. GTFO.

See, I don't view the goal to be replacing militant islam with the "good" islam. My view is the goal for militant islam to be replaced with not practicing islam. Because in my experience so far, that's the only type of islam I can reliably count as "good".

Psst, here's the spoiler if you just want to skip to the ending.
it doesn't work

I wasn't going to post here today but I have to share this. I think I found him. The most asshurt motherfucker on the planet. Check the comments of this youtube vid, he's the top comment.


Expand that chain. It's endless. I lost count of his replies. For weeks on end. He is assblasted by Trump, and trying SOOOOO hard to co-opt anti-SJW language, but it's just sad.

Oh my god they're fucking lunatics. What even does Bob do anyway, isn't he just a low tier youtuber?

Do these sweaters actually exist in real life, like the key hole sweaters did?


Then please tell me how to fucking accomplish banning mudslimes. The masses would have to be completely stirred against the retards and outnumber any whiteknights for all the actual degenerate cultists.

excuse me I have a few internet searches to perform

Never seen it real life, only in jap AV so far. But a man can dream.


>despite the fact that there's nearly 50 years of evidence of her "pay to play" corporate shilling bullshit, that she willfully destroys evidence if it doesn't fit her personal narrative, not to mention the decades of fearmongering over various forms of media, including VIDEO GAMES

Does he even do anything anymore besides ranting on twatter?

Is Bob poe or has the fat reached his brains?

I get the feeling that if Patreon didn't exist to give him enough income to rent out a basement in Boston, he'd shrivel up and die.

He must truly be broken. Think he'll off himself? He's gotta be close.

I wonder what kind of psychology leads to this superiority complex, in someone so drastically disgusting? He's so…inferior in every way yet all he does is rant about how surprior he and his supposidly are. How do his follower tolerate it?

He will not divide us
We will divide us

Rant against politics he doesn't like on YouTube. No, seriously, people are paying him to review movies and video games and shit, but all he does is make politically charged attack videos.

According to people who knew him in high school, he was always like this. He claims he was the one that was always bullied, but that claim's long since proven to be bullshit.

IMO it would not happen overnight, and it would take a tipping point where islam is no longer viewed as a religion but a cult. And any apologists for it no longer getting airwaves spot and progressive goodboy points or free tendies. This is of course very difficult, but it's not impossible. Consider that there are such things as dead religions, some of them may or may not even deserve to die off but they did due to decline in numbers \ popularity. Militant islam though, it's got to go and stay go.

It should have happened on 9/11 if not earlier with the USS Cole, but isn't it funny how there was such a political push for it to not be a war against islam. I freely admit even I wanted to believe it for a time, if nothing else because I do not relish or look forward to violent conflict unless it was absolutely the last resort. Yet with every new attack, what more do people need before they realize just because you don't declare war on islam. It does not mean islam has not declared war on you.

Same psychology that made him abandon his grandma's funeral to play Super Mario 3 in his car. He doesn't give a single shit about anyone but himself.

And once again this thing spews.

Please give me some good news about mudslimes getting BTFO because I never stop getting pissed over those things.

A bit much coming from an asshole who wrote a Lets Play book

Wait, they unironically like his reviews or did they just never seen his escapist content?

I'm still wondering how he even got that gig at The Escapist, before he self sabotaged it.


Yeah, surprisingly, he has fans of his shitty green screen work and poor attempt at copying Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation voiceover format.

Well, we all know there's some level of gatekeeping and backpats going on. The thing is, Bob was psychotic enough to get kicked out of that so he can only find work if he begs Devin "grab 'em by the pussy" Faraci enough.

Which is why I keep saying everyone needs to attack the shit for what it is relentlessly and I want exactly that encouraged.

I can't think anything more cosmopolitan than a fat fuck sitting in his basement, ankle deep in water cursing Trump and drying his tears on a Mario plushie.

Most of his patreons are just people giving him money. Hell, I can't remember where I saw that but most people on patreon get money from people they give money to. So they don't always even actually make a huge profit since the money they get they give back. It's a massive financial circlejerk, hell I'd call it money laundering at that point.
Nonetheless, many, MANY people pay bob right there to keep tweeting and don't bother watching his vid or don't even care.

That's what gets me about him, he's a living, breathing stereotype. I mean, everyone thinks that basement-dwelling neckbeards think themselves superior to everyone else, but Bob unironically thinks that while being holed up in a poorly-furnished basement making green screen videos about how everyone who doesn't agree with him is literally Hitler.


That shitty photoshop never fails to make me laugh

Sad thing is, had it been made on purpose, it'd be actually amazing and a lot of effort and thought would've gone into it. It doesn't just look immensely cheap, everything about it is terrible : the two "bobs" are reversed when they're seen from the back; he didn't even bother filming himself from the back, which would've literally just required to turn himself after filming himself from the front, so he just picked some random shit from google that looked NOTHING like him; he didn't bother looking like he was standing in the air, on a cloud, or anything, he just… stood; there's no mixing, he just put some wind sound there and thought it was enough; he looks absolutely goofy and awkward, like he turned the camera on, went to his spot, stood there for five seconds, bored, then walked back to his camera…
Overall, again, had I seen this from some joke channel, I would've found the dude creative and potentially very funny.
But it's not a joke


I'm not even mad, more amazed at the level of psychosis + diabeetus that would make him shit the bed that hard.

Attacking islam for what it really is, unfortunately IMO is only half the problem in the big picture. The enablers, and the treasonous fucks who virtue signals for the deathcult is not just limited to e-celebs or regular celebretards. The fact that Killary is not arrested for treason and serving a lifetime sentence for it kinda tells me how fucked things still are right now, and shit is still far from being fixed away from another disaster.

Well now you have my attention.

Deepfreeze update. Five conflicts of interest on journalists covering Christine Love, three of them original digs


Aevee Bee

Maddy Myers

Kirk Hamilton

Nathan Grayson

Merritt Kopas

I know if we keep pushing, we can stigmatize all the retarded shit into oblivion. That's what makes me never pessimistic about GG's battle against this cult.

I'm baking next. Does that need to be updated in the OP text?
Specifically does this line in ONGOING DISCUSSION:
- reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/5j7az8/deepfreeze_deepfreeze_update_new_filing_system/
need to be replaced with maybe:
- reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/5qva0e/deepfreeze_deepfreeze_291_update_five_new_entries/


The fucker doesn't learn

I'm for it.

You mentioned it…

Aight den, gonna update the op text. Anyone else speak now or forever hold your own benus.

But remember, Totillo totally takes his job seriously, nothing unethical ever happens under his watch!

God fucking forbid anyone at Gawker gets their shit slapped for their bullshit. No, let's let everything pile up until you get slapped down with a $140 million lawsuit, then double down when you realize that your actions have very real consequences!

It looks like netflix's CEO is now sperging out about Trump as well and might do something against anyone who supports trump and has shows on netflix.

Allow me to provide a random excerpt:

He also did another piece like that 2013.


Sounds good.

What, cancel the shows so Amazon can just renew them for Prime?

Looks like I need to sell my Netflix stock.

Updated OP text.
Previous DF update item in ONGOING DISCUSSION:
- reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/5j7az8/deepfreeze_deepfreeze_update_new_filing_system/
replaced and updated with:
- reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/5qva0e/deepfreeze_deepfreeze_291_update_five_new_entries/

title: The 7th Guest Edition
vid embed:
Published on Oct 2, 2014

Man, and I just got netflix too.

I'm not pessimistic about it, I'm just wondering if I'm lucky enough to see the end of that specific bullshit in my lifetime. I mentioned Killary because she's the most recent example of how fucked up things really are, but if you want to go back further IMO Bush Jr and cabinet dropped the ball hard in many ways, and so did any Western so called leaders who continues to kiss and genuflect for the house of Sauds.

A lot of companies are sperging out and losing business now it seems. Uber did it, and they ended up losing drivers and customers over it. Microsoft and google are now trying to fire Trump supporters working for them or some shit.


All of this over Trump banning muslims from war torn and terrorist prone countries?

The guys who short sell SJW companies are going to make a fortune.

I like these.

Not those two, I never fully listened to them, but audio in general is pretty damn good imo.

Not going to believe this without real evidence, sounds like an exaggeration of a letter disagreeing with a policy or whatever.

Blob, clearing the entire game 100% in a single night isn't that much of a feat, let alone a world.

That's pretty good chen.


Good night gaymurgays

Fug :D:DD


This would be a HR and PR nightmare, I don't really believe it either. Though it is rare to see CEOs take side for simple virtue signaling points.

We live in weird times.

…I don't think I've ever heard the word "cosmopolitan" used in my life, much less want to know what it means coming from a narcissist like him.

I can never remember whether that clue was in the original image or not.

Pretty sure I saw that last joke in an Asterix movie.

Asterix and Cleoptra.
Good shit.

That exposed back/heavy frecklage combination is amazing.


Whatever the definition is, I have a sneaking suspicion that not many people on this Holy Terra would use it to describe movieblob's daily activities.






I actually went to search for the word just now, and hilariously enough the first thing that comes up is a fucking women's magazine.

Shoulder freckles

But I'm not getting excited over you, I'm getting excited for freckles

That was clumsy as fuck, m8; apply yourself.

It's like printed clickbait.


I dont know mate, I think you just got BTFO

All it is is printed clickbait.


Going by the merriam webster definition, it's something blob wishes he was but will never be.
adjective cos·mo·pol·i·tan
Definition of cosmopolitan
1: having worldwide rather than limited or provincial scope or bearing < … his cosmopolitan benevolence, impartially extended to all races and to all creeds. — Thomas Babington Macaulay>
2: having wide international sophistication : worldly

How's the E4 comic coming, man?

Now you're just pandering.
I didn't say stop.

Maybe the 2-person version of that joke, but Looney Tunes and MGM have done it where a cartoon character cuts a small piece of cake themselves then grabs the rest of it to shovel into his mouth.

What is a "bae" by the way? An acronym?

Ghetto speak for babe.

Shitty magazines and tabloids probably inspired a lot of clickbait tactics. That's why they're displayed at supermarket checkouts, they're meant to catch the eye and get people to impulse-buy it. Meanwhile a regular newspaper physically doesn't show most of the headlines until you already own it, and often sells via subscriptions besides. Until the internet shifted around the incentives, so now even regular newspapers are rewarded with ad revenue based on the number of people they can get to click on the title.

Yellow journalism has always been a thing but it's interesting how much the format/medium influences incentive structures. "Fake news" (not biased or sloppy journalism like people immediately started using it to mean but the sites that outright just make shit up) is just a repeat of how supermarket tabloids are infamous for making up stories, especially about celebrities.

"Rootless cosmopolitan" was Stalinist dogwhistle for jews.

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