not giving your shit video any views shitface check em

Is that fucking Mark?





Not everyone is Japanese, everyone I know prounounces her name like that.



20 fucking years you people have been at this.


This guy has lived with EVA his whole like and saw the show where they said Asuka and everyone says Asuka and weebs say Asuka and I've never heard it pronounced Azooka and Sam Hyde even knows it as Asuka and fucking kike Mark says Azooka?

Does he try to be this dumb? I hate jews so much.

Christ, Mark sounds exactly how he looks, like a fat autist. This the closest Sam has ever been to a Jew that is still alive.

Will the spiral stop before it's too late?



Doesn't he though? Mark sounds and acts like a complete failure of a human being.

That's not how it worked. Are you a kid or a foreigner? No one complained but retards online when Obama got elected, but libshits endlessly made fun of conservatives. Trump wins and conservatives still sit on their hands while progressives still make all the noise.


in Mark's defense, he's not Björn

Mark stop attention whoring. Jesus christ, you're the antithesis of anonymous.

If only he were merely pretending.

But the fights was the only good thing about the cartoon

This is now a pro-Mark board. Deal with it.


Man, 2017 is starting off well


Foreigner. Tbh, I am pretty sure that the amount of whining online must've spilled to some extend to the streets.

That stream is just terrible. Those protestors are clearly not okay mentally. Bullying them like that is just mean. Don't you monsters have any sense of empathy or decency?


I bet you have a problem with people laughing at Chris Chan.

You're a cake chugging cuck!

Just the usual or are you referring to something specific?

Nah, I like the stream when its just rain and some random autistic talking.

Those are the coziest times. The chanting and commotion are very grating.

Can someone kill mark already?

The answer is both, plus Mari and Mana.

I laugh at Chris-Chan just fine for he does most of the damage well enough alone. However, it wasn't funny when BlueSpike extorted him to shove stuff in his ass.

Mark is going to press charges against Sammy

Jackie told lefty to get fucked earlier.


I'll give you that, those were dick moves. Watching him do shit to himself is different from that.

Still, the "HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US" crowd pretty much brought most of their shit on themselves too. They opened it to the public thinking people wouldn't shout memes and shit on camera. The disruptions aren't even that bad. Someone shouting "PEPE" and making frog sounds isn't really bullying by my standards.

Everything is happening now is okay if a bit idiotic, but the bearded dude before was a massive fucking cunt who couldn't do much else but call the silently standing dude a fucking commie and a pedo.

Though now he could step in again…