Stop me before I kill again

I need good Android games to keep me from murdering my family. Bonus points for full version links or cash shop hacks.

lmao i bet it was a 7200

Get Lucky Patcher on your phone just in case. Hotline Miami 1&2 are available for Android but they require a controller so uh, emulation seems like the best choice. ScummVM works perfectly on a touchscreen.


Sue your family for every penny they have.

and as the good goy you are you still do your best for them hm?

Let me guess, you thought you were going to make it big on Youtube.

They sold all the leds lights for cheap?

Nice blog, faggot

I'm an in-home care provider. There was a fuckup with verification for the hours I worked that just got cleared up.

It was clean room lighting from a decommissioned lab. Each fixture sells for 500+ new, and I had around 70 of them in good condition.

Maybe you should have actually tried to sell them instead of cluttering up the basement for years. Your Mom's house isn't a storage unit.

Do you happen to hit your patients every now and again?

Epic blog where can I subscribe?

Just do Granblue Fantasy like everyone else interested. Otherwise, this is not your your fucking tumblr page.

Holy cuntwaffles all I wanted was some fucking video games.

I guess they're not very bright, uh?

Get a real job, not something college dropouts do out of desperation.

Wow, those have got to be worth at least $50 on the secondhand market. Your family did you a favor.


>>>Holla Forums

Redungeon is pretty fun and actually somewhat skill based.
Magic touch gets fucking brutal, in order to get past 80 I learned to draw with both hands to not waste time.
Hoplite is hoplite, you know that game.
Super Hexagon/Super Graviton
DS emulators run Ace Attorney well.

Op, you're in worse shape that you think. Mobile is is horrid. Enjoy your fucking candy crush and crappy FF1-6 remakes.

Smash Hit is a pretty fun game.

Don't make request threads, and don't turn them into stories about your life. Then i'll talk to you about videogames

in home care providers never ever get paid correctly, change jobs when you can.

What wrong with 7200?

I found Pathfinder Adventures to be bretty gud. There's a lot to it, bunch of stuff to do, etc.
Kept me entertained for a few months, aught to check up on it since they released a bunch of campaigns since I last played.

Shouldn't you be in jail?

Why not just kill your family user?


Anything by Foursaken is usually good.

this. I just ordered one.

That reeks of newfag to me.

Now begone, and just play fucking GBA emulators you utter dickhead.

Not now at least

this tbh OP you fag


In all honesty take up reading. I had my house broken into last year and all I had until my taxes was my phone so I read a bunch of staff.

Alternatively invest in a PSP/3DS/Vita

Oh no you don't you little shit.

Don't bump recommendation threads

Minetest has an Android version. It's shit to play, but if you're stuck on mobile it's the best free way to autismblocks. It should pass time at least. You might want to get a manga reader or something too.
As for your work don't let up on something like not getting paid. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile, and all that.


But he right.

Delete this thread.

I feel you user, sometimes I wonder how I have the brains to walk and breathe at once but they don't.

Haha, what?

scrap your family and sell their organs to make up for it.

Emulate Heroes 3 .