I know, maybe not on topic enough for this board, but did you guys know your board owner Mark is IRL shitposting with Holla Forums and Sam Hyde at Shia LaBeoufs retarded protest camera?

Join us our brothers from another board. It's Holla Forums occupied territory. Any New Yorker Holla Forumsirgins get over here.
also Sam Hyde when asked said Asuka is best girl, Reifags officially perma-BTFO


why did you post this

Because I thought maybe Holla Forums would want to have fun. Silly me, this board is all serious business.
This event is hilarious, right now there are like 70 people there and 60 of them are from Holla Forums and 4chan. Shoah LaBeef didn't somehow anticipate this would happen.

Pretty hilarious if I get banned for making this non gaming related thread when BO Mark himself is there BTFO out of liberals

That doesn't make it video games. Anyone who cares is already on Holla Forums.

Maybe, but I wasn't sure if people here know about it and just thought I'd let anyone interested know.
Jeez, we have videogame and anime threads on Holla Forums sometimes too you know and don't get all assblasted about it being off topic. Whatever.

This is already unbearably gay

Probably because we've had a few threads already, there's one right here

I appreciate the random mentions, just like appreciate the "board culture" off-topic like dragons and CWC. Especially since I can't be arsed to go to Holla Forums due them being bunch of double-standarded, permabanning circlejerking faggots.

Isn't she some twitch streamer?

Hitbox because banned from Twitch for being RAYCISS


Go back to Holla Forums cuck. There's no double standard in banning you lefties from Holla Forums, there would be if we said we approve of freedom of speech. But we don't. We think you should be silenced.

Nihilism is a spook

Nothing new here. Poltards are never right, even about anime waifus.

And yet you whine every time you get silenced, even if it's as simple as a request to behave yourselves in public. Out-kiking the kike, eh, Holla Forums?

Buttblasted Reifag detected

What are you talked about LMAO, we don't come to your board. When have we in fact ever "whined" about being silenced? What the fuck is your argument here cuck, that we should not fight for our interests? Of course we will, until you scum are all gone.


I don't see any videogames, just irl shitposting. Honestly I wish I was there.

Fucking hilarious thing just now, some antifa came to the main camera and screamed "I'M SICK OF YOU NAZIS TALKING SHIT ABOUT REI"

Antifas confirmed for worst taste


Are you serious? We don't. I know it's hard for you to grasp because almost every thread you guys ever make is about Holla Forums, but we don't think about you. Like at all.

Yeah, those "vidya villains that did nothing wrong" that slide into real life politics are purely coincidental and works of random individuals who totally don't represent the real Holla Forums.

fuck off


? We were talking about Holla Forums coming to Holla Forums, I said that doesn't happen. As for Holla Forums, individuals from Holla Forums do come to Holla Forums because a lot of us play games.
However, those "villains that did nothing wrong" threads are made by you Holla Forums guys for sure.

You tsundere fucks…

Lurk more before you try liberating a board, faggot.

Every thread in Holla Forums where some Holla Forumsack eventually got triggered and the thread got derailed has always been because some newcuck started talking shit about Holla Forums first. And even the triggered Holla Forumsack is oftentimes just a newcuck in disguise. These fags just don't realize that the "every board in 8ch are just Holla Forums's different hobbies" meme is actually the truth, and when their b8 fails it's only because Holla Forumsacks decide not to respond.

Is this another Holla Forums-crying thing?

I am getting too old for this shit.

Do you autistically name all your filenames after the image subjects? Use folders for that shit, nigger.

Why does it bother you so much?