Miss opportunities thread

We will never have a good Robocop game

but we already got one in 1988.



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The only good Robocop vs Terminator was the comics. The game was your typical euroshooter platformer that may as well have been Turrican: Slow Edition. Just watch the gameplay. It was a shit game for no reason. Look at the last fucking boss.


I think a hybrid of Arkham games (style-wise) and some "open world but defined missions" could make for a really fun Robocop game.

Go out to catch perps, kill them or haul them in at times, shoot people in the dick, have some relaxing times bck at the station, go through the datavaults with your spike, have dream scenarios while you sit in your chair, and struggle with someone hacking your directives from time to time as the main plot point.

dilbert 3 was the only robocop game we ever really needed

I have played both Robocop games on Mega Drive and can confirm they were both pure shit, even for their time.

Is Robocop even a franchise that offers itself well to video games? Robocop moves slowly, for the most part he only uses one weapon, the majority of his oponents are humans who offer no real threat to him. Seems to me that any Robocop game that doesn't take massive liberties with the source material is doomed to be not very fun to play. Maye he could work as a character in a crossover fighting game, but beyond that I'm not seeing it.

Robocop game should be a point and click detective adventure.

This is a bit off topic but this thread made me wonder if one could use Watch Dogs' engine as a basis for a Robocop or a Judge Dredd game.

A Judge Dredd game would would need some kind of melee combat too I think though, and a system of arresting people.

A Robocop game would need gibblets.

That could actually work. With shooting segments like Snatcher.

This. With (don't hate me) random "quick time events" where you have to aim to shoot at an enemy when you see a crime happening in the background. Penis shooting optional. Catching the extra criminals unlocks extra side missions and story content, and promotions that can be used to unlock better gear. Of course, when scanning for crimes you use the cool red HUD and targeting reticules. That goes without saying.


The Blade Runner game had something similar like that, it was cool. I'm pretty sure penis shooting to save a hostage was featured too.

It could be an open world game like Crackdown or Saints' Row 3.

wasn't there a super chill, feelsy Robocop song for the GB game or something?

found it

Robocop's too limited for a game like that, unless you completely redefine what Robocop is, at which point you may as well not be making a Robocop game. Imagine a Saints Row game where you literally can't break the law because prime directives, and your character can't even run.

anyone got the dilbert version of this song?


thanks user

What nonesense are you typing? Robocop 2 arcade game by Ocean was fucking awesome.

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Whenever it's good or not compared to it's predecessors is debatable but as a Robocop game it's great.

I can't into webm, have a mp4

Dilbert xDDD

I don't know why but whenever I listen to this it makes me think of home, and then I get sad.

No, you go.


There are two ways you can have a fast-paced game in the original Robocop universe: either provide Robocop a way to be faster and more mobile, or have the player take control of Officer Anne Lewis (I'm pretty sure it could be satisfying as fuck to manage to get through heavy encounters while competing with a fully armored machine; you'd get a much deeper sense of vulnerability compared to what your college is able to do)

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Feel the same way for a good Dredd game. Hell, any cyberpunkish cop game.
I miss my cyberpunk, and nobody ever let me play the cyberpunk officer of the law.

I just want to arrest criminal scum

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The Game Boy version fucking blows, jesus. The only reason why the GB soundchip gets so much praise is because of hipsters that make shitty "chiptunes" with LSDJ.
Pic related is the real deal,

There should have been at least one RoboCop with a big gun Operation Wolf style, or at least light gun. The Wiimote would have worked fine, and you could still use the controller for regular platform sections as in Other M.

I'm afraid this is the only good RoboCop game.

The music for the Ocean games is still good, though.

Vid related. First time I rented this game, I was stunned at the music and allowed it to play until it looped. I didn't knew that that was the best part of the game.


Did they ever make a game of the Nu-RoboCop? The suit design is ineresting if everything esle about that movie blows.

I can think of a lot of movies that never had proper videogames.

Kill Bill is the first one that comes to mind.
Dark Knight at least had Arkham Asylum.

Anyway, if a RoboCop game was made based on the remake movie, I't would have been very cool to have different skins. The other suits shown in the movie were better than the black Batman suit that didn't look threatening at all.