Do you guys like rougelikes? When I play them I just end up becoming enraged if I die

Do you guys like rougelikes? When I play them I just end up becoming enraged if I die.

I remember doing this too. Of course, I was 5 years old at the time.


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you mean just pinching your cheeks? it's definitely cheaper than rouge, but personally i don't wear any makeup at all.

Incredible. How can one man be so wrong? So sad, and disappointing.

Delete this thread and try again asshat

You're not the only one to be enraged, I assure you.

I love games like Rouge Trader, but that is more of a /tg/ game really, try again OP.

No, that would be wasps.

Roguelikes are the worst game genre ever. Calling a game a roguelike is a cheap way to justify:

If a game from any other genre tried anything a roguelike tried, the dev would rightfully be hung from a streetlamp. Roguelikes are the niggers of game genres, and not just because they've killed many more white people than blacks.

Yeah, they should add a save fuction

A want a roguelike that's just plain challenging instead of having a ton of ways to die instantly.

They did. It's called save and exit.

I wonder if a thing like roguelike without RNG even exist. I mean I don't mind random loot and dungeons, but hitting nigga in the face and lol missed because RNG is unacceptable.

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Non venomous spiders are bro tier. There are literally nothing wrong with them.

It's a troll thread.

Roguelikes are shit.

no that would be me

Can you post a picture of your lips?

Someone's a little raw from dying from a level 3654756873 dragon that killed him in a vault when he was level 4 in Tales of Maj'eyal.

I've always been enamored with the idea of a proper RPG presented like a rogue-alike is. Probably because rogue-alikes are RPGs where you control a single character, and I like those more than RPGs where you control a party of characters, but there's also the simplicity in the controls and the replayability that comes from procedural generation. That said, I'd want something with a little more structure, like a static overworld and partially-procedurally generated dungeons, and making permadeath optional, but I think it could be done if made by someone competent. That said, I'm not a huge fan of rogue-alikes, mostly because I've never bothered, but having absolutely everything be random is a little bit of a turn-off.

Spiders are extremely unsettling, and no amount of pro-spider propaganda on Holla Forums will help.

Agreed, Holla Forums and Holla Forums are losers.

Play PoE or Torchlight


So what you want is a top-down tactical RPG where time progresses at the rate that the player does things?

So basically Tales of Maj'Eyal?

If you mean a TRPG in the sense of Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre, then no, although that would make for a good game. If you mean TRPG in the sense of , then yeah, something like that.

Based on the description from its site, something like that. Elona springs to mind as well.

pls no

I play like a bat out of hell in any of these games and make incredibly impulsive decisions in a vain hope that it will pay off in the future. I do it this way so when I die I can't blame the games shitty controls.

That's already a thing you daft cunt.

Google Elona.

Still haven't fucking beat that game.

Remember, user, when you die in vidya it's always your own idiot shitter fault. ALWAYS. No exceptions.
It doesn't matter if you can prove that the game's difficulty is 100% "artificial" whatever the fuck that actually means, because you're still the asshole playing that game in the first place.

You have two options:
1. Git gud.
2. Kill yourself.

You are correct. Though you forgot 3rd option, even though you pretty much called it in your initial statement.

3. Don't play shit games.

caves of qud

I have an idea for a game I want to make. I want to try doing vector graphics. It'd be like those hacking games you occasionally see, but you'd also be in control of a death squad trying to get to the bottom of a conspiracy.
The context is that you are their handler. You can only see what they see, or see through the use of drones or hacked cameras.
Your goal is to find and identify suspects. You'd hack into their accounts, you'd find as much about them as possible, you'd work with the local police force to find archives on the person in question.
When the time comes to actually go after them, you'd be able to use all sorts of things. You could have the police apprehend them, you could orchestrate a crime against them or frame them, or go after them directly.
Combat would work in an indirect fashion. You'd have to scope out a house and try to gain as much information as possible. You'd have to figure out what is inside the house and a route for your squad to go through. Once you get past the setup, everything is hands off.
Would this make for a good roguelike game? I want to it to be a sandbox that can be played for quite some time. You'd be able to go through the story or just fuck around manipulating politics and the like.

I have never ever beaten a roguelike, I once got 3 runes in crawl, babby's first roguelike, but I died trying to get the orb.



Ziggurat would have been much better had it not been a roguelike. If it was in the style of Quake, Doom or Heretic I would have enjoyed it far more.