Games That You Want To Give A Second Chance

There are shitty games out there. But some of those shitty games had good or fun ideas in their shittiness. Post games that you would love to see remade, with what you'd have changed from the original.

I'd just like to see this game with the original tone intended, before Insomniac decided to listen to twelve year olds. It probably wouldn't have affected the final product beyond story, but it may have made the product easier to swallow.

Obsidian games typically have amazing writing, but fail when it comes to gameplay because the actual coders and gameplay developers aren't worth shot. They need to take a page from Yoko Taro's book, accept that, and let a studio good at gameplay develop those elements while they write, and the first game that comes to mind where I'd like to see it done is Alpha Protocol.

Just try again without idols. You don't even need to use the characters like the reveal trailer implied, since honestly I don't know how the FE cast could measure up to the SMT cast. But try again at combining the themes of both games WITHOUT IDOLS. That killed the thing for me.

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There was a surprising amount to like in this game if you pushed past the first few hours. I think a remake with the original concept of more crazy aliens, first person gameplay and more Brother in Arms style combat would work very well. Also there'd be less anger about the genre swap since there's already a TBT XCom out there.

Just make a competent 40k FPS for fucks sake. Maybe something more like Battlefront 2 if you want to go the MP route.

Remove DFM and all the overly scripted parts and the lame ass "final boss". The game could have been an okay real world Ace Combat game with these removed.


This sounds good but only if they keep the RPG style of your character's stats mattering more than the player's personal skills. It can be hard to make a satisfying combat system that also encourages roleplaying and failing that I'd rather have clunky but roleplaying.

I love the idea of games taking place during the timeframe its releasing in, like Christmas. I also don't mind the idea of exploring not just the Wilamette mall but also the town itself. But basing the game off of 3's mechanics, dumbing the game down so much that they recently had to patch in higher difficulty settings, removing the psychopaths, changing Frank West's actor and then claiming he's returning like in OTR on top of making him sound a lot more obnoxious ruins a Christmas themed Dead Rising on top of killing him off and including Overtime Mode as part of the season pass

This crap, maybe there's something to it that i'm not aware of.

I feel like there's some similarly/outright plagiarism between E3 Overstrike and Overwatch, but I may just be paranoid

You have a point. I think it mostly comes down to how you handle the penalty of not investing points, and then there's properly integrating that into the story. A gov't agent who can't shoot straight is pretty unbelievable, isn't it?

Hopefully never, i love reading spergoutd like this one.

I want to say that Blizzard probably took a look at it. The names sound similar, they have similar artstyles, and both have age ratings meant to appeal to teens. Or at least thats what I assume with Overstrike, Insomniac said they originally wanted to appeal to people into their late teens. I just hope Insomniac is kicking themselves over this.

Alright, this isn't shit per-say.. It is something you should pirate then play, but the big draw back is the fucking level design. Every mechanic in this game is solid. The levels on the other hand don't use them to their full potential, and it all ends just as it starts to become fun.

I honestly never got why people were pissy when this was first revealed. The idea of Xcom with Light Tactical shooter elements and bizzario enemies sounded cool as hell.

True enough.
Didn't hurt Deus Ex too much but yes, it can be a bit strange.

The problem was there wasn't a TBT version of XCom announced at the time and because The Bureau was announced as an FPS it sounded like a case of stealing the name and shifting genre completely. People are sensitive to it for a reason, many good series have gone down the shitter that way.

Probably a coincidence, OW did use elements recycled from Blizzards own (unknown) Project Titan, while OS is basically "over the top style shooting weapons" but then used in a real world setting

It's basically the issue of a "spin off/genre change" game in series is revealed when the main franchise hasn't had a game in it's original genre/good game in many, many years. Eg: how everyone felt about Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

One of my favorite games of all time but it was clearly rushed with tons of scrapped content. Just let it have 2-4 more years of development and you'd see an RPG that will never be topped

Todd memeing aside, this was our last, best hope for a Fallout game with actually decent exploration and combat.

What we got was so bad, even mods couldn't fix it.

low energy baiting my friend

But do you think that FO4 is even remotely salvageable? If i was in charge of the franchise, i would completely remove it from the canon and add something actually decent.

I would salvage their weapon mod system but turn it into this.

Or maybe you should stop blindly defending something because everyone else does. There seems to be some unwritten rule here with Morrowind and other games and what you can say about them.

If I were in charge of the Fallout franchise, I'd just turn it into a Diablo clone with guns. Get the best of both worlds.

I took a few shots at it, but it always feels like it's missing something. I get bored pretty fast.

Do some bugfixing and make the combat feel more weighty and you've got a dumb but fun time

Jak II and III.

Bring back the fun of the first but expand on the driving, combat and platforming. Throw in more puzzles.

Even in that pile, there are some decent ideas. Like the location. Settlement building if it were worth a damn. The weapons?

The Jak series definitely needs it. When they tried going down the serious route, the world lost its soul and color. It just wasn't nearly as fun to jump around and explore. Plus the tons of retreading through boring Haven City, when you were always going to new environments in J&D.

I almost want to include the Ratchet and Clank Future series, but those games are just near good. And I can't say for certain if I'd enjoy more of the same as the originals, and Future tried to present itself in a new way which worked in some cases and didn't in others. 1.5 of them you played without Clank on your back, Quest for Booty had dialogue choices for some reason(and started the trend of releasing shorter games), the weapons never felt as fun or big as the originals, the humor was flatter. Yet I hesitate to say that they're necessarily bad, and I can't think of how they could be done and still be fresh.

I've played through necrovision four times, and the sequel twice. It's such an incredible game but now it keeps capping out at like 20fps and I can't figure out why.
Also has a really cool intro.

I don't know any other games with barbed wire-mancy.

Because there hadn't been a turn based Xcom in almost a decade and it was shaping up to be a shitty reboot(which it was)?

anyone have a working torrent, looks pretty fun and I want to give it a try but the only ones I can find seem pretty dead.


modern obsidian would just fuck it up regardless, all of their talented writers have left and only tumblr tards are left.

Sanzaru obviously had no idea what made the Sly Cooper games, particularly 2 and 3, so damn fun. The humor more often missed than hit, the villains were completely bland, the character assassination was abhorrent, the disguises sucked, the ancestors were beyond one note, the few gameplay elements they added weren't fun. Really, the only time I remember having fun was during Bob's montage. I'd love to see Sucker Punch give us their version. Hell, I just want Sucker Punch to make cartoony fun games again. Same with Naughty Dog.

I thought a Crack in Time was as good as the first series, but the first game in the Future series was clearly a rush to get something out for the PS3's weak library.

I had a lot of fun with Future series and bought a HD remakes of originals but I dont really enjoy them that much

I wish this version of Space Marine was made than the shit we got. This literally would have been Dark Souls before Dark Souls was a thing

This is why play testers should be ignored.

Alpha Protocol was a good game - it certainly stood out.
It was a bit more difficult to play, and did not allow saving or loading - which was a gameplay design - in order to force you to accept your decisions and follow your instincts.
The idea was replayability and to give a thriller kind of feeling.

Moreover, it was funny - interesting characters, locations and dialogue.

For me it was memorable - unlike most games from the last 15 years.

Like most Metroid fans I can tell you Sakamoto's shit 6th grade writing and directing is what really drags this whole thing down. If we had someone else at the helm we could have gotten good writing, multiple control options and maybe some actual god damn exploration.
It had the potential to be GOAT if it didn't actively have it's development sabotaged by Konami. I see no reason to not believe that Konami did all the things to KojiPro that the rumors say they did. Just look at Kojima during his final few months at Konami. Gigantic fucking bags under his eyes and the look of death about him. Jesus Christ he couldn't get out of there fast enough.


user Overstrike was butchered because EA forces studios to do exactly what focus groups tell them to do. Meanwhile you got Hideki Kamiya and other guys saying "When they told me it was too hard, I just made it harder."

Whenever I gave a game a second time it just disappointed me twice. If you're not having fun in the first 2 hours, it's not worth playing

Interesting lore and world with decent gameplay although not too great. I would love to see it redone with more attention to storytelling as well as better gameplay.

If they fixed the jumping and tweaked combat a little bit, it could have been a really good game.

Not because it's a bad game, but bring back Forge and make Enroth great again.

It looks like Ryse, with the pistols from DMC tossed in.

I wish the 3D Bionic Commando game hadn't been meddled with. It was going to be a direct sequel to Rearmed, instead they were constantly told to change everything, over and over. After the release the director apologized for it and said even he didn't understand what the hell the game actually was anymore.

EA doesn't understand what focus groups are for. You are meant to take everything they tell you and do the complete opposite.

Original Ratchet games just feel old today. In the future series they took full advantage of a standard shooter style control scheme, but in the original 3 they didn't by default. I think there's an option in 2 and 3 to change it but IIRC it's slightly wrong, which is irritating.

Played morrowind for a lot of hours.
Most of those hours were spent walking around in dust storms across identically boring, empty landscapes fighting the same fucking wamprats ten thousand times, which after a while just meant one hit one kill.

Was designed for 10 hours of gameplay, stretched to 50 by spreading out the landscape.

Eye, tried it. Dull and empty.
Like an alpha for a freeware linux game.

Have you actually played it, though? It's not really marred by idols and they even work in song and dance because it helps harmonize with demons/gods, like the Demon Summoning Program does for people with hyperfrequencies as far as I've understood. It's a really firm 7/10 with the uncensoring, in that it's enjoyable if you like JRPGs and has a sorta neat combo system and the characters are okay, but unless you want a JRPG, you can safely skip it and not miss much.

I fell for that meme again, damn me

What I was imagining for that game was way better than that shit, I was expecting something like the gameplay of FE but if a unit died then you would have had to fight their demons since the demons wouldn't be obligated to ally with you anymore

Yeah Bionic Commando was made by Grin studios they made Wanted: Weapons of fate a move game that was better then the movie.

It's a shame they keep getting screwed over. They were working on a Final Fantasy spin off but Square pulled the project for bullshit reasons. Near the end Grin even sent in actual Final Fantasy concept art but then Square said that it wasn't Final Fantasy enough. then Grin had to shut down.

and Capcom didn't learn anything from Bionic Commando because they did the exact same thing with DmC.

Long Live the Queen, that princess VN game. It had a lot of promise, but almost none of the choices would lead to the right ending. It pretty much makes a guide almost mandatory if you don't want to trial and error it over and over.

I I feel is hate for Inafune

What do you guys think of the original DMC: Devil may cry? Would it have been better than what we got? It might be hard to tell, since it is only a teaser trailer.

I rather it go full edge than what we got, hell a taunt where Donte throws cigarettes at enemies is crazy enough to work

I think it's fuck you

They originally revealed the Bureau instead of the turn-based XCOM.

It was pretty good. I thought the humor and characters were fine, other than Penelope. Disguises weren't a great system but Sly 2 and 3 aren't renowned for amazing gameplay in the first place. The story and mission setups are what make Sly 2-4 work and 4 did it just fine.

If they keep it like that I would have had more respect for it in an artistic integrity kind of way.
but if Tameem was still writing it the result would have end up just as bad.

I would prefer just a DMC5 they could remake DMC2 so they could unfuck the end of the timeline.

We're going to have to disagree on that. The humor fell flat, the story wasn't that interesting because the villains and the Ancestors, other than Tennessee Kid and the Armadillo, were either boring (Nolan North tiger) or just bad(The Grizz). The main gang never really evolved or went through much either if I recall, except for Bentley with Penelope, but that's a WHOLE other can of shit.

God damn, Donte's a hell of a lot more enjoyable to watch when he's not speaking. Not to mention his character model here looks much better than what we actually got.

just got the urge to replay it. the controls are really awful. Instead of 'sticky' cover and wall mounts, they should have just used a MGS style of cover (press into).

I can't really explain what I'd like to change with this one. It just feels like it lacks polish and finesse, especially in the end. I'd just like to see another game like it,

I'd like to see a reboot. The first game would be a 4-player co-op game based on the First Contact War. No Shepard, no old big bad villain, no faggots, just the war. Something between Gears and Halo Reach.

le "Fuck Konami" meme. Come on, Kojima wasted a lot of time and money, it's the first time that someone said "no" to him.
I can't wait to see the Kojifags doing the damage control for his new movie (it already looks like a rehash of MGSV).

The first game's aesthetic, music, style, and worldbuilding was so fucking rad. It's a shame they had to flush it away.

I really would want another - more competent studio - to try to redo the ME series. The first had an amazing story and great world, and it had all the building blocks for a great sequel. If they actually did an ME2 that continues after ME1 where the player explores the galaxy for Prothean or other ancient ruins for secrets about the Reapers and where they tried to research more about the weaknesses and the motivations of the Reapears along the lines of the old story, it'd be fucking rad.

The original-ish idea for ME3's culmination from Karpyshyn - that the Reapers were a mechanism to stop civilisations using the universe-destroying Mass Effect (which radically increased the amount of Dark Energy in the universe) technology too much - made for a great dilemma for the player. Instead we got the shitshow that was ME3 and it's ridiculous organics vs synthetics dichotomy.

After playing through the entirety of Thief: The Dark Project and some of Thief 2, Dishonoured 2's stealth felt…cheap to me, but that's just because most of the game's stealth relies on using your abilities, which you don't have during the prologue. Then again, I was playing on Hard, but this goes to show how the stealth of the game would work if you decide to use your powers as minimally as possbile.

Focus more on Social Stealth, intel gathering, and assassination rather than combat. Add replayability by changing how you can assassinate depending on which intel missions you do. No unnecessary Forrest Gumping. Make Ezio's personal story more tied to the Assassin order. Don't make the hood an icon, have assassin garb change with the times so they can blend in easily.

The amusing thing about Overstrike is how cartoon shooters with quirky characters are incredibly popular now. To the point that we actually have people on Holla Forums bitching about them. It's hard to not imagine those 12 year olds that was in the focus group using imageboards now.

They could've been hailed as the trendsetters, but now all they get to do beat themselves up over it. It wasn't even a unanimous decision, I remember reading how there was a near fifty-fifty split on whether or not to change the tone. I'm pretty sure if their Spider-Man game isn't a big hit, Insomniac's finally going to sleep.

Alpha Protocol is one of my favourite imperfect games ever. It has so many good ideas, and lot of them are done well, but it left an unfilfilled cliffhanger, and the combat is… unbalanced.

It is just so fun to go through multiple times with all the choices. Even now I get new options.

Does anything need to be said?

The setting for the Bureau (early Cold War) was really cool too. I bought it on sale for like $3, played the first few hours and stopped at the part where you get to walk around HQ talking to people. I might revisit it at some point.

I'd like to see ME rebooted as a sort of episodic series, which each game being its own contained storyline with no relation to the others (e.g. ME1 could have been Shepard vs. the Reapers; ME2 could have been a random Cerberus operative vs. the Collectors; ME3 could have been anything other than what it turned out to be; etc.)

We could actually get that FCW game people kept asking for. Y'know, I wonder what might've happened if they switched the storytelling methods of ME and DA, had ME as the episodic and DA as the stories following a single protagonist. Probably couldn't be a Grey Warden, though.

I don't know what that is

First Contact War, when the Turians tried to fuck humanity's shit up for activating the Charon relay. It ended when the other races, particularly the Asari and possibly Salarians, stepped in.

Right, I should have known that. I've never seen the acronym used before.

It was used on the BSN. Just fan terminology. I remember a lot of people wanting a game set during that time and after the ME3 debacle when the future of the series was uncertain, people were hoping since they wouldn't retcon the ending, we'd get more episodic content focusing on the background of the ME universe, like the FCW and even before humanity, like the Rachni Wars, or being a Shadow Broker agent, are just a few of the things I remember. But nope, we got to go to a whole new fucking galaxy.

Fallout New Vegas needs to be remastered in a new engine. That doesn't mean new voice actors, new quests, or any new content though. Everything is as close to the original game as possible. I don't eve care about the graphics, I just want the jankiness of the engine gone. Don't even care if it has mods, I've never felt the need to mod F:NV

A Shadow Broker agent story would be pretty badass. It's a shame that there's so much potential in the setting, but it's stuck with Bioware and their shitty writers.

The only salvageable thinks in Fallout 4 are weapons customization system and power armor gameplay minus depletable fusion core bullshit. Rip those two things off and put it into New Vegas and we're done.

the team that made KotorII !

Something like the new Hitman game? That could be nice.

Protocol is a game I'm actually playing through now. Dear god the combat is a mess, but I really like stuff like a timer to your replies. Hated it at first but once you get into the swing, it's great fun. My biggest regret though is how Sis…

…I dunno. She struck me as a very interesting character, but she barely shows up in anything. She feels like squandered opportunities, I guess?

For me personally I'm thinking Bionic Commando, the remake. It smacked of a studio not having the budget to work it. Open worlds are expensive as hell to do decently and while they nailed the mechanic to the game the linear corridors squandered it. The most fun parts are when you have an 'arena' area and you're allowed to roam about a bit.

It would need Bethesda not watching over its shoulder entirely, that means both getting rid of the rushed time limit AND letting Obsidian do whatever the fuck they want with it.

Only then could it be more legendary than it currently is.

Honestly, Mass Effect is one of the few property's I think could've worked as a multi-genre, maybe even multimedia franchise with a massive EU if they tried. If they weren't so up themselves about Reapers and "Artistic Integrity", the amount they could've done with the galaxy is staggering, honestly. The cool lesser races like the Elcor never got proper spotlight. They even created new races like the Virtual Aliens, or that Avian species who destroyed their space faring tech to avoid the reapers. There were STILL huge parts of the galaxy we never visited. The potential for the franchise was there, and any sane businessman should've been able to look at the franchise, see it, and stopped Bioware from shooting themselves in the foot before Mass Effect 3 literally destroyed the galaxy and pretty much everything they built.