4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite fighting game?

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Evenin' folks.

Never really played them.

I slept until 7 PM today and still felt as exhausted as when I first went to bed at 7 AM.

join our discord faggots

Have you taken the Phil Pill yet mateys?

Yakuza 0 is fun.


Probably Streat Fighter IV.

slow day

i have a tinder date (hangout?) tomorrow, getting kinda cold feet about it now but fuckit i'll see what happen
oh that's easy, my favorite 3d fighter is tekken and my favorite 2d fighter is guilty gear, honorable mention to mortal kombat

frick off pedo

Morning everyone!

Playing 100% orange juice with a m8 the last couple days. Its kinda fun, but a bit simple. Like mario party but without the fun mini games.

Oversleep is just as bad as undersleep for a lot of people man. Gotta find a balance.

Been trying to play Oracle of Seasons on my gay android thing I bring up every time but the emulator I have doesn't play nice with it. The first dungeon's boss had ridiculous slowdown. Disappointing. Probably won't be here long because I only slept from noon until 3 pm

hey fams
did the move thing, living in the hotel now, pretty nice

ended up checking SIRs tumblr and saw his new years comic, apparently his CURRENT YEAR +2 is going well too

also vesides all the cute animal shit on his tumblr there was a cleverbot exert

GGXX I guess
2D fighters are more my thing but I like sould calibur 1 and 2


Hi guys, I'm new here. My name is Nigger Jones.


I ended up transferring Pokemon all day through Bank, but a legit Kyurem won't transfer for some reason.

It's messing with my head, like when one of my figures is missing a belt or something.

Also down cause I'm thinking of her

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND.
Best BlazBlue story mode, best gallery, also nostalgia.

…so, today I learned that Amazon.co.jp has English customer service. Neat. Turns out the problem I was having with shipping prices appearing inflated was a system error. Gonna order NieR: Automata now that I know when it ships I won't be paying an arm and a leg for shipping!


Do anything fun today user?

Hey its finally happening. Can't wait to hear how that date goes.

You finally nail down the details?

Is it better than the Todd pill?

more like slow gay haha lmao

That's a fight nobody wins.

Believe me, I tried to get up earlier, but just couldn't manage to drag myself out of bed any sooner.

Played more Odin Sphere.

mein fuhrer does it have the rage inducing aspects present in mario party as well?

Why so little sleep user?

Having your laundry done for you must be nice.

Been there user. Don't let yourself spiral with that shit.

Whats some of your favorite pokemon in your collection?

Be sure to high five her and give her suggestions based on her performance.

Hey you gay pedo spider. How's your day?

Yakuza pill is still king then.

Just couldn't get comfortable I guess. It happens.

Try the vaporpill.

I guess you have one over me. I haven't dated in 4 and a half years, and then I found out they weren't dates.

She probably was attracted at the beginning, but she lost it cause I couldn't read any signals.

Yeah it fucking does. I was one round away from winning when an AI used a card that fucking made my buddy come from last place to winner.

Hate that shit. Once I'm awake, I'm up for the day so its even worse when that happens.

Melee Or if that doesn't count then probably 3rd strike.

Evenin smokes.

Morning senpai. How does that play if it has no minigames?

sort of, definitely looking forwards to having my bedding changed every week, and the towels
not enough wash cloths for a week so will probably have to use some of my own
everything they don't provide I gotta do myself tho but I'm looking forward to begin able to do everything at once at a laundromat instead of taking a day to do multiple loads

this shit keeps getting better and better every year
jesus fucking christ

I'm losing control, I think I've genuinely forgotten how to make friends. I used to be able to warm up to people pretty easily, but I've been in the same friend group since the start of high school and now I'm in college I can't find anyone who seems like a cool person or has common interests. I've become to cynical to like people anymore. Help me.

Same. It's why I make a note to always take a leak before bed. As I'm getting older, it's harder to get back to sleep if I wake up, even to use the toilet.

she decided to come on down to my town for a drink, considering my town is one of the two in the entire state with anything resembling night life it makes sense, dunno the exact time but i figure since its my turf i'll just go to the bar with the most pool tables to do something engaging. i might enlist my roommates to show up for a bit to get guards down? i dunno what the hell i'm in for


i've had a girl i'm friends with straight up tell me i can't read singles and long missed a chance to bang her, so i know how you feel there.

i still can't read worth shit i'm just throwing my thoughts to the wind a bit more when talkin with broads now


Hi Nigger Jones

I always thought you had to get nips to order you shit off their amazon? This changes everything.

You just kinda move around a board collecting stars. Also has a really simple turn based combat thing that happens. And a small hand of cards with effects you can use at will.

What you been up to fam?

fucking christ

hows your night going man?



I just like the way Bank lets through obvious hacks like shiny Gyrados and perfect Dittos, but not a Kyurem with Jolly and BW2 tutor moves.

My old team from Emerald for sure. I actually got semifinalist at an official Nintendo event.

Actually, Im sad, since I think I sold my GBA Pokemon games. I was deep in debt as a college student and probably needed the money.

Thank God I don't owe anything to anyone anymore.

Everyone in college are all smug pieces of shit, anyway. Just try to learn small talk if you can.

Yes it is.

Can't you just like request more wash cloths? Or will they tell you to fuck off since you work there?

Well what kind of interests do you have user?

It also helps if you wake up when you aren't in deep sleep, you gotta time when you wake up juuuuuuuuust right.

What the flying fuck am I even looking at?


No more fighting

We'll do it without the lighting


How's it hangin' muchacho?

Nope, hell Amazon.co.jp even has an option to view the site in english, if you need that.

I didn't, but it was a nice surprise to be greeted by English when I asked about the shipping.

I literally can not go to sleep if I don't take a piss before laying down. Hell if it takes me more than an hour to fall asleep I have to get back up and do it again before trying to sleep.

Yeah just make sure you got code word or some shit to get your m8 to leave you two alone when you want.

I'm on the videogames board, what do you think? But if I join a video game or anime club they're all the cringiest, LoL playing, ramune swilling, retards I've ever seen. I need to somehow find common interests with people who aren't big enough faggots to actually show they have that common interest.

I don't know man, I could probably try
I'm really looking forward to the pseudo neet life where I can just work on what I want without fucking interruptions on my days off

I remember you posting about that last time. Good luck nigga~

That kind of sounds like a boring board game. What makes it fun?
And I've been hitting the grindstone. I've been pulling long nights and getting shit done and I just woke up a couple hours ago after my post-editing nap.

Financial freedom is very nice, I'm thankful I never had to go into debt.

P good, I thought I would lose control but it turns out I'm clutch as af and I got a lot of shit done. What about you?

It's not uncommon for me to lay up for a few hours. Usually at least half an hour unless I'm dead tired.

This nigga gets it.

comics by SIR
the /fit/ drawfag

Was pretty ticked about that one. Plus this game has tons of dlc and shit and dunno if the good items like that are locked behind paywall. Has me worried.

I'm bummed I lost my 100% completed version of red from a lad. Well didn't lose it, traded it for f zero and a couple of other n64 games back in the day.

Big thanks user! I gotta check out their fig market there. Been craving an ichigo figure forever but they are few and far between.

Thinking about it, I'm kicking myself not seeing it.

It's aight, same as always. How's the new hotel hombre?


Shit nigger, I would've got it from the head lean.

I miss my ex. The worst part is I'll never truly know what happened at the end.

Eh might as well give it a try. Might be another loser or two there who isn't full on leddit cringe faggot mode.

At worst its just a single wasted evening.

What if someone calls in sick and they come knocking on your room to get you to work?

Ahhh sounds miserable honestly.

And mostly the luck of it all. Plus trying to fuck over your friends I guess.

I used to have that problem really bad but as I get older I'm tired all the time. Its hard for me to stay up 16 hours honestly.

Nothing new goin' on here m8, thanks for asking though. What kind of clutch shit you pull of mayne?

Ive had my Pokemon games stolen twice. Kid from across the street tried to claim he bought it and it was clear the lil shit wrote over my name.

Get out rapist.

What you mean by that user?

You told this story too many times. Sorry man, but you gotta move on.

The teeth aren't as bad as I expected from some of the negative reviews. They are still hard plastic and kinda scrape as they drag along, but they don't bite.

Comedy gold.

I'm usually pretty tired too. I can just never sleep until I'm dead on my feet.

i actually take umbrage with lines like that, the chick who told me i couldn't pick up the lines was like "we shared a bed and you didn't make a move" when i remember she specifically said "ha i aint gonna jump your bones" when i had to double take when said bed was shared so i figured she wasn't interested

i spent that whole night holding in a fucking fart too

cant you like, pirate it from IGG?

ah well fam, you still have chances

glad to hear it, no news is good news
the room is like studio size and while it's not an apartment with a living room I have no complaints
all utilities paid including modest wi-fi and they do a quick clean of the room on fridays
still getting used to it to be honest

I hate "no means yes" games.

I take no as no, and that's that.

Is anyone gonna see the Yugioh Movie this weekend?

Kinda disappointed honestly.

You should start working out a couple of hours before you want to sleep.

Maybe I guess. Will probably need to do hamachi shit or something though and I'm too lazy for that shit.

Say what

She fell of the face of the earth for nearly a month, not even her friends heard from her, and when I finally confronted her at her house she had moved.

I finally got a text that she obviously didn't write herself a week later, and that was that. Granted, I cut the relationship myself after finding the house empty but talk about weird shit. She just up and disappeared. My best guess is her parents were avoiding the feds for tax evasion, and forced her to go with them and cut any ties.

Probably. There's so much stuff I should do that I panic and do none of it.

I didn't know he did the Gloots for the Sloots comic, that's one of the best. I say that sometimes irl and people just give me looks.

(second dubs gee wowzers)
It's not miserable really. Well it kind of is, but it's really rewarding. A friend of mine knows an esports guy and we was gonna try and talk me up and get me a job through his nepotism powers, so I stayed up till 7 getting a reel together. A couple nights before I wrote 23 pages of screenplay in one night. I'm really glad I've gotten both done though.
I think I'm too tryhard to enjoy that kind of game, but it sounds fun while drinking.

See above. Wrote 23 pages of a screenplay the night before it was due (I had been struggling with writers block before then and had to power through it) and then threw together a reel last night. I just slept a lot though so I'm basking in my control now.

Is this a picture you took?

This shit is impossible to deal with. Especially with alternate-rape accusations.

i can't actually reveal to these particular friends i'm on a tinder date since me and the tinder chick agreed to make up a funny story as to how we met if we're around other people when out for a drink. its a small town even i'm smart enough to just relocate if i'm feeling so bold that i want alone time

i'm confident this will just be hanging out having a beer and figuring out if we ever want to hang out again though. i even jacked off like 3-4 times this evening so i can stay focused on not being a complete social fuckup


I'll suck it up because they only ever need me for night audit and maybe to come in a couple hours early to cover, and covering a night isn't bad becasue I spend half the ngiht doing this, shitposting with you guys, or working on projects like softmodding my small NEW 3DS I got on black friday, see pic
I also now live within walking distance of all the properties
and I like money, because I can sue it to buy things to play with, like the fore mentioned NEW 3DS and SBCs to play around with doing computer things

Why is pic related such a pussy magnet?

especially in this fucking day and age, i almost want to have a fucking written contract for girls to sign on hand before trying anything under the sheets

Ohhh think you've mentioned that before. Thats pretty messed up but at least it sounds like she didn't get killed or left you because she wanted to or anything.

I hear you user. Though I just can't force myself to do stuff. Takes me weeks to get up off the games and shit to do something small and productive.

But he doesn't.


That's fucking wild I had something similar for me, and even if you get closure it still sticks with you for a while. Sorry man.

I thought that jacking off before dates was a good idea but if you do it too often I think it desensitizes you to actual women, so I'd recommend against it unless you have trouble being a quickshot. That's just me though.

I like how /fit/ is immune to the pozzed effect of lib
I'm glad he still does comics and art too

I'm sure you'll be more accustomed to it once you have your first prowrestling match and piledrive someone through the coffee table. How's the bed, is it comfy or is it shit?

what about game ranger?

In Yakuza 0 he almost drowns in it.

In Yakuza 0, he's not showing that much off, but the eyepatch and not giving a fuck are good reasons.

How is that possible?

What kind of job with esports? Like filming events? That would be fun.

And whats the story in the screenplay?


if i had a feeling i had any chance of getting in bed i'd have not jacked off for a week or something to reset my cock, but this coming evening i think its smarter to go in with my balls depleted

Fuck writer's block, enjoy the basking nigga, it's well deserved.

yeah SIR is the classic /fit/ drawfag

The worst of it is that it's not real closure. That last text was phoned in like a mofo and wasn't ber writing anyway. I'll never know what REALLY happened.

Anyway, the whole thing has done wonders for my already shitty self-esteem.

want attention and (You)s but i dont feel like talking

All properties? What properties?

I've only ever used that once for like battlefront or something. Seemed equally annoying.

I don't know how he does it either.

post pictures then

Actual womyn don't know anything about anything, but they especially don't know what they're doing when it comes to down there. The only good thing about their vaginas is they are warmer than a room temperature onahole.

Don't you start, spidey!


I know the Japs are into weird shit, but come on.

more firm than my old queen bed, liking it so far
thread count is lower due to cheap hotel but it doesn't feel bad, feels nice and clean too.

play anything good lately fam?

the owners own 3 hotel properties within a mile of each other
the one I am at is further from the others but a mile walk is nothing

it's not equally annoying to setting up a VPN on hamachi, I guarantee that

I wonder how this nigga gets so much material for what everyone is doing in the background. Never figured an artfag would ever be boss of this gym.



nigga i ate a gyro n mah bowels b all stomped up

( ' 3 ' )


Do you work at all 3 of them? I figured you just sat in a single lobby all day.

Yeah, maybe making small documentaries about their players to help brand them, or record events. It's fairly popular. The story is about people who live together in this house after the zombie apocalypse. They kind of want it to stay that way forever but it doesn't. I might've talked to you about it before.

Ah, that makes sense actually. As you were.

Appreciate that familial relation.

Something important to realize is you can make up any kind of story to explain what happened. If you're in a bad mood you'll think of a bad story, but if you're in a good mood you might think of a bittersweet story. If you try and internalize this you can choose to make up stories that help you live with yourself.

I appreciate the honesty instead of just shitposting. (Not that I don't enjoy shitposting.)

Here you go bro.

crossfit fags and fat fags are commonplace at the gym

I still need to swap out an HDD in my PC to see if that's its problem. Just can't be fucked to do it. Just wanna hibernate for a few months straight.

Hey DMX, you have PS4? If so try and get Yakuza 0!

This is a more accurate 4am image tbh.

Ay yo monica. Why can't black people swim? They afraid of getting clean in water or something?

Hope you get the job then! What happens if you snag a job like that while still in college?

Shiiiiiet that'd be the one thing I'd be jumping on. Couldn't live without my computers.

Speaking of 4am threads someone once drew this for me in one of these threads and I quite like it.

hey fam

well for starters I'm night audit fam, so I work the 11pm to 7am shift
and I work at 2 of the properties as the cover guy doing 2 days each, but in a pinch I am trained for all 3 properties so I can work at the one I am staying at too
usually I get 4 days of work a week but so I'm gonna be doing 5 because one of the main guys wants Tuesdays off and I like getting money for doign a little bit of paperwork and shitposting 4 hours a night

It still mostly works. It's pretty weird about what will run and what won't. I've had Overwatch since launch and never played at a steady framerate because it's been probably about 8-10 months since this thing shit itself.

don't tell anyone

I graduate this spring so they'll probably just take me after that. But the job's for a cinematographer so I'm probably not good enough to get it. I'd take an internship or something though, even though it'd mean living in socal.

Are you living in one of the rooms as part of your payment or something?


Wish I had a job that easy. Though still sounds like shit if I'm being honest.

That don't sound like the HDD

Ewwwwwww. Guess thats just one of the risks of your job though.

How fun is it to bounce on the bed, have you done any totally wicked flips yet? How's the bathroom, you hitting your face on the shower head or did they take non-manlets into consideration when making the room?

as an employee I get half off on rates, and I chose to pay from my account after they pay me instead of them taking it out of my check
also I'm getting the weekly rate first so it's like 170 a week

I replaced literally every other part in it.

Th-thanks X

Did you replace the case? Could be that!

well compared to never ending NEET life everything gonna sound like a downgrade fam
but this is pretty close to NEET life from what I can tell so it will do for now at least I'm no longer 30 living with my mom and her "partner"

On the bright side I'd have a lot of people to play smash with.

You could do a lot worse I guess. Is that good where you live or just ok?

I'm not buying a new case unless I have to. If I ever get around to it, I'm just going to hook the new HDD up, and since my games are on the other one, test a couple. If that doesn't work, I'll assume it's the other HDD. But it's not just games. It noticeably has trouble with webpages that shouldn't give it a problem.

yeah but shit like a weighted dab machine and someone riding a unicycle on a treadmill are pretty fucking original

She gay?

And I'm hoping to grab a comfy 3 day a week job. Can't handle much more than that.

Yeah but they are pros, you'll get your butt whooped!


You do like a complete system wipe? Could be a virus or just some buggy shit going on.

(that's your third dubs dude whaaaa)
I hope so. I just wanna learn about 4th dimensional thinking and learn to master my emotions through abstract competition.

Plus can get a medical card and smoke up all day.

i better clock out, i already drank a bunch of my pricey whisky and have errands to run tomorrow before this fucking tinder meetup thing

i bet i'll be back tomorrow to tell the tale, see you cunts later

It's definitely not software. After running every scan known to man, I did some pretty extensive memtest testing, and it's still giving SOMETHING a fail. So this is all I can think to do. But I really don't want to think about it right now. I'm halfway getting ready to just put a movie on and read /k/ so I don't have to think about what a pain it's gonna be.


Night user, good luck!


cultural meme


naw no ps4 for me, I gotta stop mah self from coppin one last once a month tho tbh monica

Feels bad nobody was there.

awww u saved mah kaki nigga


What movie you gonna watch?

Don't think so. They always drowning in rivers and shit.

did some stretches, pretty good for that
the room is non manlet size but the shower head is at manlet height
shower could fit liek 2 or 3 fatties in it or a hentai bent over shower scene end to end

I don't think I actually would. A week or so ago I got wasted on strawberry vodka+sprite, then proceeded to buy 10 bucks of pot brownies from the drughead that was there. Not only did I vomit all night but all next morning on the way back home.

I'll try and make it so I can hear. Good luck again!

Don't forget the high-five bro, it's the most important part!

I can't see myself using one of them because I'm a disgusting slob and I use my own cum in the onahole as lube for next time so that might interfere with it. Speaking of, I need to get a new onahole sometime.

Fuck if I know. Gonna poke through my streaming setup and see what other people are watching I guess.

naw naw it's like dat self-fulfilling prophecy type shit tbh fam, niggas think niggas can't swim, don't teach they kids to swim, think public pools b white privilege n all dat monica. so dey dun learn how to swim cuz whitey b racis

hi guys! you sleep well? didn't realize so many people got up early, too.
it's almost too early, i think i might take an hour or so nap before i get my coffee.

Most likely the booze. Thats the only real medical thing about the junk. Calms the stomach better than anything else.

Streaming setup? Eh?

I've been sleeping 8 hours a day and its killing me. Not used to it. Want to go back to 4 hours a day.

Never forget no one else can but us at this point.

For streaming from the internet, not to it. There really needs to be a different word for one of those.

It's true art my nigga.

(fuckin noice)
Are you shitposting

Maybe, but I've been drunker and been fine. I also didn't ask if there was anything else in the brownies. Point is I'm retarded and will probably never drink strawberry vodka or eat pot again. Besides, it's not like I have a good reason for wanting to do it unless I'm fucked up and losing control.


Fucking poor people.

Ahhh what do you use? Why not just torrent higher quality stuff?

should call dat shit broadcasting or sumn nmonica

ye yu welcome monica

well that's about par for a studio including utilities
plus I'm getting someone to change my bed and vacuum and provide me with some fresh towels and stuff weekly
my mother was trying to get me to go for every studio that popped up and they were all pretty bad by comparison
if you're lucky you can get an apartment with 2 rooms for a better price but those get grabbed up quick and are rare because of it

I think the unicycle is just making fun of how ridiculous crosfitfags are

yeah, and the partner is a busybody who pushes her health and productivity views often, it's more tiresome than it is annoying faggotry
most hotels do a split between night auditors of 4 and 3 days, the one I'm sleeping in usually does that for example
a least thats my take

night fam

I mostly use it to watch shows as they air. Easier to just fire it up a bit after the show ends and watch that way than to download it. Program's called KODI.

Yeah, that would work. I think we'd have to rebrand the one where you're watching, though. The phrase "streaming" is pretty entrenched for broadcasting video over twitch or whatever.

Get out shitty kyoko knock off.

RIP fam. I fucking love that shit. Though I like flavored rums even more.

wuuuts good monica?

Fucking rip, it's not too bad is it? At least the shower itself is pretty decently sized.

nigga plz

Wew. She been lesbo all your life or have a crisis and dump your dad in her 30s?

Whats that like?

Ay thanks I'll look in to it. Need shows on my laptop going while gaming.

Why are you posting Tokyo Ghoul Re?

Well it sounds like you have a pretty good setup then. Just don't ever get fired or you're fucked.

I'm going to at least try it, I spend like 20 bucks or so on it. But first I have to ask my friend where it went because I was too hungover to remember to take it back into my room.

It takes some setup. You'll want these guides.
This is for an all-purpose streaming addon that's good for movies and such.
This will add a whole bunch of addons for different stuff like documentaries or anime or whatever, and you can pick which ones you want to install out of the list after that.



mornin fam

shieeeeet fam u kno had a bangin ass gyro but dat shit was dense af tbh n i'm payin for it, kinda fucked mah day up tbqh w/u monica

japs get fucking houses


I've got to go pick up some super cheap shitty booze today myself. Monday's are my drinking day. Got a couple of anime and shows lined up and have a nice fun morning.

Welp. I'll bookmark it anyway I guess.

hey everyone

It was drawn back during the migration. We were two of something like 5 people who were on beta.8ch.net when the main site was down, and we literally kept killing it because I found the glitch that let users post 5+ times with one captcha so we all started spamming. Ended up getting half the posts on the board in that one thread.

What'd you do today user?

Eh it wasn't so much as find but that doing the shit we did on this one made heaps of post happen
Shit was fun

Nice. I'm gonna see if I can drink with my drinking buddy tomorrow night or something. But I should get to work on editing before then.


Remember to buy an Ouya everyone. She needs a good home!

Unless she got kidnapped or sold to the cartels.


I miss when the irc was dead 99% of the day.

Please do not actually buy an Ouya.

Why not? Save on lube and no struggle on re-entry. I'm glad I'm not the only sick fuck who does this.

oh yeah it's great
also great that it doesn't have a bitch made "efficient" shower head so I can soak instantly and take less time showering by virtue of massive water volume I don't even pay for
shits nice that way

more liek 40s
which part?

pretty much
fortunately every property has like 4 hours of work TOPS becasue I am a smart enough mother fucker to use spreadsheet programs to make my work go faster
payroll plus room cleaning averages is like a 20 minute job max now and at one of the properties making the list of rooms to clean went from taking an hour to taking 5 minutes
just export 2 excel sheets from the hotel booking program and copy paste their contents into the program and it fucking done
then I print like 7 copies and it's gold
lazy cunt method is best paperwork method

Not much, though I had a put too much on these wraps I put together and I'm full now

Fuck off, everyone should have an ouya.

I thought the IRC is dead 99% of the day

There was a period where I would vomit every time I smoked pot. I still won't touch the stuff unless I'm drunk enough to suppress the inevitable panic.

I always hated drinking with other people honestly. Is a lot more comfy being able to do whatever I want then pass out when I'm tired by myelf.

Having a carpet munching mama

What'd you use in the wraps?

We're here every day man, feel free to drop by anytime. Hope you have a nice and comfy day, user.

It's pretty easy. Mostly just typing stuff in the program and then picking which bits you want. I set it up on my tablet no problem, even. Only thing is the android version keeps deleting my fucking settings. That and the tablet's internet connection isn't great. It's for emulating games, not streaming movies. Oh, and the program can also play local files. I wanted to include a screenshot but I don't know how to take one on the tablet.

Pretty much, man. It smells terrible but I only fap before a shower.

Pulled Pork, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Cheese and some of those deep fried noodle things you get in packets you don't cook them

I know it's fucking hilarious and pretty original. That's what I mean, it's full of funny shit like that, shit that I'd never think up to put in a comic if I were making one like that.

Yeah thats anxiety though.

That sounds like pure hell.

Sounds amazing besides the tomato. haet tomato.

Do not actually buy an Ouya.

There was a time where it was 4 people during the day. This was well before Ritsu showed up and turned it into his hugbox, as it was a place for Homoko to have a way to blackmail anyone who showed up in it.

Hello, how are you going

Why are you posting a picture of the Switch

Imagine her face if you told her you were buying her, you take her out to dinner, you convince her to suck you off in the bathroom, and then leave her with the check.

Holy shit that's amazing.

I enjoy both. The more people you have the less personal it gets, but I also enjoy being around groups of people. Or maybe not because it makes me lonely and I drink too much and fuck myself up. Actually maybe I shouldn't drink with groups of people.

I'm going good. I'm about to start working at the same time as I lurk here. What about you?

sorry to hear dat fam
muh day be goin well, side da beaners blastin mexican shit middle o da day

I mostly smoked when I went to parties. Was better in case I needed to get the hell out of there and drive. Though it was annoying having bitches try to get up in your stash all night.

None of you are allowed respond to me again. And stay away from ouya chan.

It was a simpler time. It was a funnier time.

you cheeky cunts

Hey man what's good.

Tomato is great, you probably just get shit tomato

I know
I was there in the thread before Tom was alleged to have committed suicide

The screen's pretty decent quality and I use headphones anyway, so I wouldn't mind.

Not like it wasnt deserved. Josh killed /sp/, took 13k of donated money from anons and waffled it away on drugs for an unfinished product.

Well have fun at work
I'm playing the Vidya version of Blood Bowl on my PSP

I just wanted to know why you posted a picture of the Switch


m8 both my grandparents have nice big gardens. I've had great tomatoes, still hate them.

Yeah but holding it or propping it up and all that.

I am infinitely jealous, my shower is basically someone pricking a water bottle with a needle a couple times. absorutery shamefur.

Maybe the government ruined their soil

Too bad.

I think it may have played a part in why the migration failed, because we were constantly running into issues where the entire thing was dead.

Remember when people were talking about making an Outer Hea/v/en with specifically the threads?

Josh did nothing wrong.

I'll get one when they are 20 bucks and then put cyanogen on it because that is a thing now

the feelings are complex and there is a lot of shit to it
I try not to think about it

fucking circus of retards, it's amazing

the job or the spreadsheet shit?

having the opportunity to laugh at mark like that alone is a good time

Rule 1 was formed then too

I've watched movies on it before, it's not that bad. Pic is the "people watching" interface for the program. Basically just shows what's popular with people using the addon lately.

Was that when you were single or taken? Because I'd exploit the shit out of a situation like that.


I'm just editing videos, it's not work work. What's blood bowl?

There's literally nothing wrong with breaking rule 1.


fucking josh
everytime someone talked about his shit site on Holla Forums my response was always alogn the lines of
bunch of faggots

fuckin hate that shit

it doesn't help that josh was a total retard and completely unwilling to accept any amount of blame

Her girlfriend cute though?

Seems like it'd just recommend a bunch of normalfag shit though.

Was mostly parties with my ex and girls she knew. I could have probably swung a threesome at least one time but was a dumbass so

Sure, if you use that option. You can always just search for what you actually want, though.

Not sure what I want though. Or else I'd just be torrenting it.

He was only picked up to do Next because everyone was too retarded to actually check his code on the board stats.

So the worst possible situation, damn. Why didn't you try and fuck one of her friends?

I've just found I prefer to stream stuff, usually. I do still torrent some things, though. Mostly movies I really like, or stuff that needs subtitles.

Looks like shit especially the Island Nigger one
I bet they got The Rock to do that Movie

I'm only joking
Are you having a good day?

rip infinitychan, never forget.

Cause I still gave a shit about her at the time.

Its nice having a big ass collection of stuff. What happens if the net goes out cause of a storm or terrorists blow it up or something? What will you watch?

>people making jokes at my expense
It's aight, how's yours?

Fuck if I know.

Probably one of the anime or movies I have downloaded. Or an actual hard copy of something.

I told you you werent allowed to respond to me anymore. Leave the thread immediately. You cant come back until monday now.

Cyanogen sold out to microsoft though. Why would you use nu-spyware?

Man, that entire year was a clusterfuck. And the worst part was, the only big issue was the fucking UI. He just needed to listen to the community on the UI. But nooooooo, he had to have it look like fucking reddit. Course then he has errors on top of errors. I wouldnt have been surprised if it turned out josh was actually yandere dev with the level of his programming skill. Like the time he leaked every single nextchan users I.P.

Cause her "friend" was another dude. And ritsu aint into pegging. I think?


I'm sorry, that must've been rough.

Too bad.

Not many. I got Redline on blu-ray as a gift from a hooker a couple years back. Don't own a blu-ray player though.


Missed a lot of chances of great poontang cause of her. Though its still 3dpd so it might be for the best.

You the guy with that nice hooker?

And you should pick up a cheap ps3 some time. Its worth it at this point almost for the bluray alone.

There's nothing wrong with it gayboy.

I was meant to be making a joke with you

Fair enough, just seems like that that Island Nigger is in a bunch of shitty movies

Did you know josh was into hurtcore on little kids. His dox showed him admitting to it. Isnt it interestin that HUEY is also into hurting things? Quite the (((COINCIDENCE))). Has no one ever asked why we've never seen huey and josh in the same room together!?

I'm a monster for enjoying this so much.

Don't worry, she got better.

I guess. I don't see her anymore because it's expensive but she called me on my birthday anyway last year. Nobody else fucking remembered. I wouldn't mind getting a PS3 but I can't see so hot so I don't use my tv.

I'd be in shitty movies too if they were paying me what they pay him.

True patricians get off to hurting themselves.

oh god it's like being a kid all over again.

Do you not got glasses?


Huey did nothing wrong
Huey wouldn't hurt a fly

Oh I don't blame him really, just the (((people))) propping him up


Post more pics if you have them


I did nothing wrong. Josh did nothing wrong. We're both good people.

I got a few more.

It's okay I'm used to it.


Yeah but my vision's pretty trash even with them. They don't correct me to 20/20. If I take them off I can't even read anything on this page. I can vaguely make out the red of a quote and I can see where there's a spoiler but that's about it. With them on I can read the screen but it gets blurry fast at any real distance.

Gotta make bank somehow.

I don't like me because I know all the shit I've done that would make people hate my guts.


People can change, so can you.

You need to go get a new pair jesus. If I take mine off I can't see even the letters at all. Like as if they aren't there but with them I can see perfectly.

haha tricked
I was just playing a joke on you haha

It's a self-perpetuating cycle of exclusion of the goys. The actual number of true kikes that hate Mel Gibson can't be that big, but no one wants to piss them off by touching the unclean actor, so the effective conspiracy is larger than the people controlling it. At this point even if you take them out he probably still couldn't get work just because of the people excluding him because they think other people are.
All that being said I'm still trying to play the game to a certain extent and suck up to these kikes, so it's not like I have room to judge.

Much thanks friendo


Only because he's too busy bulling the ouya! You should be ashamed of yourself, defending a bully.

I wonder if the reason he was/is propped up is because so they can have more diversity in action movies
Though He has played a Negro/Mulatto in a few things

Last ones for sure.

There's only so much a person can change. You can paint a rotten egg but it's still a rotten egg.

I got my eyes checked last year and I was told there's no point in getting a new pair unless my frames break because my prescription is still the same. "Near blind" is pretty much the best I can hope for. Hell, the lady at the DMV had to fudge my results so I could drive because if you can't drive out here in the countryside, you're fucked.

I think it's just because he's a tough looking guy and they want to have lots of tough looking guys available so they can always find one for their movie.

He's not necessarily "Propped up." Movies are sold by which celebrities are in them, so they're making money off of him. Although I don't know how he actually got his start in the industry, maybe they were trying to shill him because of his race back then?

People aren't eggs.

I lied.

Got you fam.

Make me.

pick one


I'll never forget his shit aesthetic changes
god damn travesty

what a piece of shit
but yeah, the UI was the biggest problem of all
at least lynxchan attempts to look like the classic UI

We kind of start as them, though. Most of what a person can change is superficial stuff like what music they like and how they talk. When you've got a bad person, they're still gonna be a bad person.

Fair enough, I do at times get a bit jumpy on that shit time to time especially in Industries filled with the hook nosed beady eyed sorts

press f to pay respects

At least it was fun.

Did the Ouya even get any games

I remember this
I love this pairing

This is your fault, avatarfag.

Just google it, im not going to find a link.
Not really mechanically, but it was the biggest problem for anons, and the smallest one for him to deal with and yet he just refused to budge. Guess thats the price of so many autists on this board. No one williing to give in.

If you think you're in a cage, you'll live like you're in a cage. Don't downplay your own will power, it's what's gotten mankind this far.

If I remember right, it's more or less an Android phone you can't take anywhere.

Those numbers confirm.

Love you too bae~

Yeah. Basically the kikes can decide who they try and turn into a celebrity through things like good branding and exposure, but once they become their own brand they get more power and start standing up to their handlers more. Sometimes if they step out of line they get Mel'd (Gary Oldman), and sometimes they just aren't popular (that one negress who won miss universe or something, the star wars bitch maybe), but more often than not they play ball and have a hate-fear-greed-money dance with the jews.

Actually, I wonder how Mel actually managed to shake away a fair amount of that Stigma for his movie to do decently well critically

Bullies must exist to enforce the ideas that make the weak stronger


What if you're actually living in a cage. Like Fight Club?

You had one job.

fun to hate

I used to only use my onahole before a shower, but after a few months I gave up on that policy. Now I just try to avoid my servants after I use em.

Infinity Next would have worked! Josh is a good developer!

I'm not looking to change anyway. I'm rotten enough to do bad things but not so bad that I'll force myself on other people to keep doing bad things to them. Just cut myself out of their lives altogether and I can't do bad things to them anymore.

I ooze for a while after I finish which is a pain in the ass so I only fap before a shower. Otherwise I clean up and half an hour later I need to wipe down again.

So it's got The World will End with You?

So you think the careers of the cast of Cisbusters is over after the sequel?

Depends if you put yourself in that cage tbh

If you can load up a ds emulator, you might be able to play it.

it also wasn't an improvement and the shit UI was incredibly wasteful and anons would prefer to use FULL MINIMALIST ASCII over reddit shit

I kinda want an ouya just to mod it tbh
run some nice linux shit and have fun


So it doesn't even have the full Android Library

Please do not actually buy an Ouya.

heres your F

what about second hand

That's what bullies tell themselves to feel better! You should be ashamed of yourself too!

What if you're tricked into the cage, like the ending of Resident Evil 7?

Maybe he'll learn from the experience? Or did Jim really feed him to his pet pigs?

You forgot the U for him, here.

I never paid attention to what it could actually run.

Thank you.

Please do not buy an Ouya.

More than one way to skin a cat fam. Whatever you think will make you happiest, barring killing someone or something, do it.

Stop telling people what to do! Ouyas deserve good homes too! It's not her fault her lead developer was a woman! This is why you're going to end up alone!

feelings are for squares

No I'm a pathetic weak piece of shit
I am no bully

Fair enough
Is it worth $1 for the chips and shit

Dunno, maybe critics aren't kept on as short a leash?

Well they all came from SNL. Having a hatedom is not the same as not being popular, it's usually just an alternate path. I'd say if their SNL careers end it's over for them because their attempts at branching out and expanding their careers flopped. But the kikes don't want it to flop so they'll get chances. Melissa McCarthy is fine though, her brand is probably good for the forseeable future because of her sitcoms and talk show(?)

There's nothing wrong with bullying.

Ouya a shit and belongs in the trash.

one can only hope
the samurai clubs 3 doors down

but I want to mod it

sounds like feelings are pretty hip

That's what you get for fucking with hicks. Around hicks, prepare for dicks.

It's not really about being happy so much as making sure there's no temptation to make them unhappy because I'm just not around.


but it's cute


Only in the 1980's.

Would you want a bully to bully you?

You're still here? I told you you were banned until monday.

For whic part?

Do you know that from personal experience?


Fair enough, and I didn't know all of them came from SNL even though I know the Negress did some weird disgusting skit with the Midget from Game of Thrones, I didn't think SNL had enough Sway for all the lead characters to be from the one show


Oh I get it. You want the bullying. You need the bullying.


Because being weak is even more shit

Don't you get lonely nigga?

Well I've known you for a while and you are one horny gay motherfucker so yes I guess you could say so.

No, I want you TO LEAVE!

Why dont you work out or something then? A bully will just make you sadder.

Make me.

I need a motivation to be stronger

What? Who do you think I am? And why do you know horny gay guys?

Well, the mods ARENT DOING THEIR JOBS. So I cant.

You just said you WANT to be stronger. That is motivation.


but does it run in the 90s?

see pic

How cute, having to rely on others instead of standing up for yourself. Give me your lunch money nerd.

Whoops, mixed you up with another shitposter. My bad.

but if it's android then it has CUH-RAAAAAAAZY TAXI

Not so much. I like being alone, most of the time. Sometimes it gets bad.


So does the Dreamcast.

Yeah but so does the Ouya, I guess.

But just because I want to do something doesn't mean I act on it
I'd really want to be Trump but it ain't happening
When shit needs to done I think I can't do I need forcing

The PC should have a copy, and it exists in the arcades.

Yes but it's tacky and retro.

I'm pretty sure the original ghostbusters did the same thing. And snl people making movies and turning that into their main career is a big thing: Eddie Murphy, whoever did the Blues Brothers, and David Spade all did it.

I'm doing it

but tacky and retro is great


We're not all made for people I guess. Limited contact is better than no contact for a lot of those types of people.

Oh, well it's not like SNL is that popular these days though

If it's half the price then it's worth it for the HDMI and the Controller

How cute~

If I could ban you myself, I WOULD!


Just do it. If you wait for motivation you'll never do it. Thats literally what every motivational person says.


ho ho ho

Only if you got the skill to pull it off.

You disgust me.

I've said too much. Forget this ever happened.

Don't do it, it's not worth it just for crazy taxi

I just don't wanna fuck up the good people any more than I have already.

Well I have to get a job first though


Yeah. I usually cringe at it whenever I'm shown skits from it. But it's riding off its momentum from when it had good talent back in the day. Media consumers take a long time to realize something's not the same as it once was.

But is it Haemorrhaging veiwers like the NFL is?

You're the sad one! Bullying Ouya-chan of all things. She's sad enough!

Yes, yes, good!

Is this some secret crush of yours or something? Because I wont judge. My cousin is gay, and we've accepted that he likes stuffing things up his butthole.

She needs to be bullied.

No, you dont. You're making excuses already. This right here is why you'll never be strong like you want. Strong people dont wait, they do.

You need to be bullied.

What are you going to do, get a swirly at me?

It's a noble thing you're trying to do, but, and I could be way off, it's often misplaced for a lot of people.

But I can't do any thing that would get me strong in my parents house especially without making noise and interfering with me finding a job

I couldn't say. I can't see it being as big as it was with eddie murphy, gilbert godfrey, and bill murray though.

Maybe, but I'm just one of those people who hurts everyone around him. I've done things to people close to me that I could probably be locked up for. I try to be good to them but I always fuck it up. Got no willpower.



I'll take your bed and make you sleep on the floor.

You cant run and do bodyweight exercises? Really? You cant go outside or into a quiet place and do pullups?

Well TV is going the way of the Newspaper, it's shrinking but being used as something of a Liberal signal more than ever


Think about it this way: It might be harder and more inconvenient for you, but that just makes the reward more valuable.

I already sleep on the floor. Do my math homework loser.

So why are gay guys always friends with other gay guys? My cousin is always friends with a new gay guy everytime he comes over and it just seems weird to have so many friends with people youre attracted to. It's weird isnt it?

Okay. Just remember it's your fault you're weak and arent getting stronger.

True. I'd prefer it to stay a big containment center for jew propaganda though, because when it truly goes the way of the radio you'll see schomo move onto our internet in a big way. We'll always have the chans though. (I hope.)

I know, that shit is a strong determinate in me trying to find a job, It's basically become a job that takes money away from me

Oh, im so sorry. Are you too poor to afford a bed? Are you like a real life ouya?

Will is just like a muscle, you slowly build it over time until it becomes strong enough to do anything you ever need to do.

I sleep on the floor because it's hard like me.

I try to hold back but I'm no good at it. A lot of what I do boils down to putting my penis where it doesn't belong, like my ex-fiance's sister. And her best friend.

Yeah gays are confusing.



Yeah Though I can blame the shitty system where getting a job is impossible

I said Newspaper, not Radio
Radio has become something for the people who drive a lot, while Newspapers have become something Liberals signal about, like A lefty will think they're smart if they read the New York Times and will boast that they read that rag

I really should of said maybe

Remember, if you base your identity around being a special ass-fucking snowflake, normal people will not relate to you as well, so you have no choice but to make friends with other degenerates.

Heading to bed, night everyone. night senpai.

Start small, build your discipline, that's your best bet at regaining control of yourself user.

Like attracts Like despite people saying the other
So a degenerate lying to himself will attract other degenerates lying to themselves

Im sorry I was mean to you user. I'm sure you'll get out of your rough patch real soon! I know you can do it!

I remember my cousin got offended because my uncle refused to drink out of a glass he drank from, even if it was washed. It seemed really rude at the time.

But it is! Just try and imagine porky pig stuttering and apologizing to josh as he eats his legs.

Must be nice, making yourself into the victim so its never your fault.

Nite user!

It's a lifestyle choice. When you grow up you'll understand the floor is better.

Yeah but wouldnt they always want to fuck each other? LIke how guys cant be friends with women? Wouldnt two gay guys always end up having sex with each other because of the attraction? Seems stupid in the long run.

It's kinda late for that. Already broke up my own relationship and stole a lot from family over the years and stuff.
Anyway I was watching a speedrun instead of a movie but it's pretty much done so I'm out.

gross what a savage

I know it's my fault mainly but don't act like today is like the 50s where you can walk into a place and get a job
These days hundreds of resumes going out turns up nothing
Though I'm not going to give up I can't pretend that getting a job is easy

some do


Okay, I learned my lesson! Thank you for teaching me something new!

You never share drinks with family?

I was going to leave but then I saw this and I can confirm that sleeping on th floor is pretty comfy if you have an okay carpet.

Buy me a new onahole instead, mine's fucked

Relationships and people come and go, everything starts anew eventually. Best we can hope to do is learn from it and also watch some cool movies I bet you some good cinema would've been way better than that speedrun anyway goodnight user.


She'd love you forever!


Stand your fucking ground, horpockets
remove avatarcuck threads

I wouldn't expect a manchild like you to understand.

Who knew there were men of taste here.

Most don't.


It's been 3 fucking years.

I didn't mention Mark
he's busy sperging it in front of Shia's gay project anyway

Im not a manchild!

You must not be very close to your family.

I thought he was very brave at the camera thing Shia put up. He stood up to all those hipsters and black people!

They all listen to Mark. If he doesn't have a spine, none of them have a spine.

You are a little baby manchild. Don't worry, you'll get better eventually.



You fell for the ruse.

simply calling you a nigger isn't even enough for this statement

She'll love you forever for this!

If they didn't listen to Mark, the threads wouldn't even be here right now.

the fuck you been the last month, even yesterday shitsu's thread got nuked
it's just a little step from there to keep his ass out permanently
but that's work and their fucking kryptonite

one of the fun things is I actually like making shit hardware do good stuff

partly because I think stuff like vid related is really cool

If you think you can do a better job, why not apply to be a mod?

Nigger, they aren't going to kill the threads and the only way you'll get them to do it is if you bitch and whine a shitload directly at him on Twitter and Steam.

You're implying I'd do more than Mark.

What am I watching here?

do you understand

never asked for that
make em clean again, it's really simple

current year vidia on toaster 116mhz hardware
windows fucking 98 type shit

A lot of the people here only show up to talk with their "heroes" so banning Ritsu and Smokes would make a huge portion of the threads leave thus killing it. It would be far better to just ban it entirely.

But how else will he gets the results he wants if he doesnt try himself?

Wow, thats really impressive. Is the waviness a byproduct of making it work?

Fuck off, huey
go be a pretend bogey man elsewhere, maybe on your dead fucking board

You seem upset. Is there anything you want to talk about?

please be more specific

Gonna bounce, see you guys around. Everybody take care.

Yes yes, it's all mark's fault, good goys.

You're the one baiting for ebic (you)s with your admitted pretend bogey man nonsense
It's clear as day you got shit to do since /4am/ got wiped by its own retarded new BO
hope you feel better you gave it away to this moron

night fam

At the beginning of the title screen its super wavy. I thought it might be because they were making the software work on much older software..


At this point I don't even care how Mark runs the board, it's just fun to watch people sperg out because he did something.

You're acting like I didn't take it from the guy who made it after he dropped it. You're acting like I actually give a shit about the board or the threads. You're acting like I'm here for any reason other than shitposting. If it wasn't working, people wouldn't be even humoring me.

are you talking abotu 00:17 to 00:34?
that's demoscene screen, like old hacker graphics for old cracker stuff
I'm not sure what you mean by wavy

you whined for a whole thread and on the board itself
your spaghetti is all over the fucking place, just like your shit

But its LITERALLY wavy. It's like an ocean title screen. The music is really really catchy though.

I wasn't complaining about how the board was killed, I was complaining about how you're too retarded to actually fuck with the cancer that makes up the thread. If you had just spammed the irc instead of continuing to proxy-hop on the board, we wouldn't be having this conversation. The more I think about it, the more I have the feeling you just want my attention.

it's intentional man
haven't you ever seen an old cracker program?
also they like to use old music from stuff like ocean games and other old games

you'll need bait better than that
this lame shit is because people hardly bother replying to you to begin with
you make it so very obvious that it's you every time and yet nobody bites, how's that feel?


fuckin keygen music man
classic shit

It's better to shitpost poorly than being a tripfag for no reason other than because someone bitched about how you were an avatarfag and scream slippery slope every time you get told to fuck off. Besides, if you really wanted to get the cancer in the threads banned, you would be doing things to get them banned, not screaming about how they're trying to get attention to their face. It seems like you just want some of the attention but are upset there's a handful of people in here that get more replies than you.

hey abloo bloo bloo
I just started paying attention to your conversation
how have you been doing?

Old games have really good music. Too bad new music is so generic nowadays, it's really not as good as the older stuff.

Reminds me of music from arc the lad actually! I was going to say chiptunes too, but its more synthy than chippy tbh. These are good too btw. You have good taste in music!

nah, you're just as bad, only less "popular"

my heart weeps

all in all, you're wasting more time than I ever did
so I don't get how you put yourself into that preacher position

d-don't talk to me!
doing alright, had to replace something broken, been a hassle

shit son, what broke?

Your moral crusade against the threads and constantly being triggered by me because I'm able to get you riled up so easily even though I agree with you that the threads are cancer which you can't seem to understand. If you really want people banned, the easiest way to get the threads hated is become a tripfag and then start advertising it fucking constantly so the entire board hates it. I don't think you understand how little I actually give a shit about the threads. I'm only here to laugh at Ritsu and Smokes for being so desperate for attention. Could I do that without posting, sure, but shitposting is more fun.

washing machine
thing's served me since 2001

on that note
Japanese shows tend to use premade songs for their intros and shit whereas american shows tend to make their own song for the show
I would not be surprised if that happened in vidia
user I was just googling old music keywords, I dont even listen to this regularly
keygen shit is good

well that shit sucks man, at least you got it fixed

No wonder the thing died. It's probably older than a lot of people on 4chan right now.

don't bully smokes, dude is alrgiht


And you aren't desperate for attention?

you're making these assumptions again
it's all about you, the reason you come here at all anymore and make it so obvious it's you is for this sole, sad purpose

Oh I got that, so what?
Do we have to be pals now?

That'll only get the entirety of 4am banned and give mods more excuses to rulecuck
I got time and patience

tip top gobbelty kuk
You sure love giving a shit when it involves me, eh

And yet you don't even see it when his threads get nuked
I think you're here for yourself

at the time it was top notch quality, when shit was made to last for a while

I'm going to be honest. He tries way too hard to be nice and it comes across as fake in order for him to get something out of you or make fun of you. That and his taste in humor is fucking shit and you end up sitting there while he laughs at a joke that nobody else is laughing at.

I'm not the one individually replying to posts while avatarfagging the entire time :^)

If I was here for me, I would have kept avatarfagging and then jumped over to tripfagging rather than just posting in a way that makes it clear it's me. Why they couldn't do it, I have no idea.
I'd rather have Mark be a little stricter by actually banning shit that's clearly not vidya than him banning everyone and then going back on it, then banning everyone again then going back on it again.
Yes. Come give me a hug.
I was here when his thread got deleted. It was deleted only because there was a duplicate. Why are you so tsun for me?

he's a nigger

no you wouldn't
because like this you are with the more vocal side, obviously this side has more to offer in terms of shitposting

Obviously, but he caves in at any negative feedback, it's like a child who just stands there and cries



Except for Mark, did anything noteworthy happened on those cameras?

Shia attacked one of his own protesters in an autistic fit of rage and got himself arrested

and I actually got a call, gonna go pick up my new machine, might come back in a few

nah fam, you just don't appreciate the chill mindset

unless you were in the car with him I'm going to doubt your word

the shia cam?
I hear sam hyde is gonna go on there on saturday

Shia got arrested for attacking a dude too

later fam

Autistic Screeching in the flesh at 13 seconds.

I could easily rev up the shitposting by going full tripfag and then making a signature that is on every post and then mark how many posts I make in the thread, but I don't.
It makes things more enjoyable when anything happens though.
It's not gay, it's just two guys showing their good feelings towards each other.

I appreciate chill mindsets. What I don't appreciate is how he's "friendly" to the point where even Belrose didn't want to put up with his shit.

if you say so fam


If he didn't try so hard to fit in no matter the situation I'd have a more favorable opinion of him. You must not be in the discord where he spent something like 5 minutes making "I got a dick in my pants for you" jokes simply because he was being "funny".

(60) not looking for attention

cool guy, would hang out with

Having a conversation for a portion of three hours tends to drive up post count to be perfectly honest family. Besides, cad83c has 66 posts and you're not shitting on him for "not looking for attention".

Not when it's constantly like that. He comes across as a normalfag tbh. At least he's not Tuna who comes across as a Redditor who's trying to get those ebin maymays.

He's not avatarfagging though.

I'm not avatarfagging either.

I'll probably never use the discord because I don't actually like being a commanding presence in the room
fuckin voice chat

There's always using the text chat. It usually ends up being a situation where you're using only text chat because Homoko is never there despite being logged in because he's getting shit to blackmail people, Red's usually been offline when I was recently been there, Smokes is an annoying faggot a lot of the time, and the only other guy there barely says anything.

I see that the discord is your preferred 4am

Nah, I only used it because I don't see the point in using the cytube when you run the risk of getting fucked over by a rouge mod because they decided to give everyone powers or using the irc when Ritsu gets triggered by me being there and complaining about how I'm not banned from it yet. I much prefer the board because I'm one of ~4 people who even look at it. If it ever picks up more traffic than it has I'm probably going to stop using it tbh.

that's weird fam
speaking of, how is the board doing?

As dead as normal. I would occasionally try to dump shit in the webm thread, but I'd get flood detected messages after every post so I stopped trying. I sent a claims email to see if I could put all the banners and title back in because the current BO is a flaming faggot who refuses to undo the wipe.

sorry, cpu went blue screen, ram overload I think

have a good night anons

Looks like I'll need a couple spare parts to assemble the new beast, gonna take a while as well connecting the thing
also smokes sold out, he's just a nigger now