Pogey man

Post your favorite Pokemon. Now make a short adventure about you and it, or not. Doesn't matter.

-Why do you like it?
-Is it good at fighting?
-Will you make an emotional bond with it?
-Do you all look like best bros to the public?
-Do you want it to have a MEGA Evolution?
-Where did you catch it?
-Does your team get along with each other?
-Is this Pokemon your "Pikachu"?
-Are there some you want that don't exist yet?

Sixth one

It's good at being cute and thats what matters

Fuck, I'd love to participate, but I'm on mobile right now. Be back in a couple hours lads

bui get out

I fucking love Hoopa Confined, it's a trickster that loves to pull fucking legendaries out of time and space, it's fucking tiny, and it's a fucking strong legendary. To think this motherfucker has two forms is absolutely incredible

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OP posted six so I will too. The first three immediately came to mind and I had to look at a list for the bottom three.
Omastar's friends encouraged him to stop being such a shut-in and come out of his shell. At first Omastar refused, but due to the peer pressure he decided to fulfill his friends wishes. He crawled out of his shell, dried out, and died.

Top three always find their way in my rbg playthroughs. Victreebels attack stats, Electrode's speed, and Golbat's everything make them dependable. Omastar wrecks shit with his special stats, Toxicroak looks nice and is poison typing, and Heracross wrecks shit as well and looks nice.
probably not
Various routes
ye but they split up after accidentally killing omastar
Golbat is
A radioactive pokemon with steel/poison or rock/poison typing

Anyone like me and uses a different team for each game?

a turtoise with a garden on it's back, the best starting birb, a literal land shark, a cute ice weasel, a yuki-onna and a glitched program is diverse enough role wise for me and comfy
always my way to go team when I want to get shit done
I would rather do that with my whole team
certainly the majority but not all of them
>Do you want it to have a MEGA Evolution?
only if torterra gets of a typing that gets rid of it's horrible ice weakness
various routes
when half of my team is weak to ice and the other is ice types you know some shit is going to arise from it
that would be porygon-z
there is a need for more poison type variations poison/electric, poison/psychic, poison/steel, poison/fairy come to mind that could be interesting

I do this with each gen and only use pokemon of that gen but cross gen evolutions get a pass most of the time specially with gen 2 and 4

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Which pokemon would you fug Holla Forums?

Which Poke do you know is shit but you'd use competitively anyway?

xatu would probably be my pikachu. cute psychic bird.
An adventure would probably involve having to drag them around if they were outside their ball a lot. Might be a little weird trying to figure out what they are feeling half the time being so apathetic in expressing emotion.

The bunny.

the mountain witch

Jolteon was my bro in XD and Mimikyu is the most interesting S&M 'mon and has a useful ability. It was a bitch to catch, though. I'd breed a better one if I cared about post-game.
The only way I beat Moon's Elite 4 is by spamming battle items and potions on Mimikyu and Carbink. Everyone else dropped too quickly because they were 10-15 levels under and I didn't pay attention to natures or stats. Barreling through (the story was so forgettable I forgot her name) Disappointing Climax Jellyfish Woman's entire team twice with just Mimikyu was hilarious.

Obviously Gardevoir.
I'm not into negresses like Jynxfags.

Would go to a SuMo adventure with my Gardevoir and become the Alola Champion.
All Gardevoirs are attached to their trainers so there's already a special bond formed during the adventure.
And wish would dress in cute cosplay clothes

Pic related



It's really versatile, even if it isn't good at a lot of the things it can do. Trick Room, ST trapping, stallbreaking with Heal Block + Toxic and even a physical set if you're enough of a madman. Outside real fights it has Frisk + Thief, which makes it one of the best pokemon for farming heart scales with.
It would be cool to just sit at a pier with one and work together catching fish and stealing their scales for an hour or so. I always figured they were quiet, bored pokemon that don't really talk much, so it would be nice to relish in the comfiness.

As for pokemon I want, I want a proper gorgon pokemon. As in full on snakefro, turning enemies to stone and all that. Closest we have now is either Arbok/Seviper with Glare or Thunder Wave + Rock Slide Gothitelle.

I think you know where this is going.

one time I hugged Ninetales, then almost kissed her doggy clitty, but got too embarrassed

(Going with Murkrow for the questions)

-Why do you like it?
Eviolite and Prankster makes it a pain in the ass to fight against. It's design isn't overly edgy too which is nice.
Crows are also cute as fuck

-Is it good at fighting?
No but it's a good ruseman for when shit hits the fan

-Will you make an emotional bond with it?
Sure why not

-Do you all look like best bros to the public?
I dunno

-Do you want it to have a MEGA Evolution?
Mega Honchkrow would be interesting but I really can't see it

-Where did you catch it?
I didn't. It just followed me randomly

-Does your team get along with each other?
This is getting a tad autistic for my liking

-Is this Pokemon your "Pikachu"?
I use it all the time when playing competitive so why not

-Are there some you want that don't exist yet?
A pokemon based on the Yatagarasu would be cool.
I'd also like to see an Ice/Bug that's a Mosquito cross with a Fencer
I'd also like to see a Mega Shedinja It grows 6 angel wings, so like a bug seraph Where it's Max HP gets set to 10 Any damage dealt to it only does 1 HP It's also immune to the effects of Pain Split, Dragon Rage etc. But gets shut down by Bullet Seed and shit since that can deal up 5 HP in one turn


Pokemons are for cuddling!

Sic semper pokemonis.

Sure. Hardcore cuddling.



If you're not a cute girl, you'd better at least be an unattractive girl, and not some sort of giant faggot.

all of them

I bought a sylveon plush and it sits on my car's dashboard. That little cunt is officially the cutest shit ever.

What kind of normalfag are you?


Top-tier taste, user.

Gardevoir doesn't have tits, retard.

Probably a high-end one.

Gardevoir's Trace ability means its body changes to become more like nearby creatures that it focuses on. That's why it's Amorphous, not Human-Like; Gardevoir has a degree of shapeshifting ability.

The best devoir

What pokemon have "tits" ability and what does it do?


Fug, I meant to spoiler, not sage.

Well that was fast. Threads over.

Anyone of these girls.

Gardevoir-fags are truly the worst.

I didn't say "to become more like nearby Pokémon that it focuses on".

I fucking hate that ribbon-plastered little faggot.
I also haven't found a single fairy-type that I liked enough to give a slot to.

Kalos was a mistake except for espurr/meowstic, tyrunt/tyrantrum, and skiddo/gogoat, they're okay.

I'm going to marry Scolipede!

Sylveon is a mighty dragon slayer, and can balk insane battering even from steel types while obliterating everything in vicinity.

Liked it more than any other starter and ended as my favorite with the pass of the time

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Speak for yourself, I love the Kalos region pokes

Gen 6 gave us Malamar and Avalugg. That's enough for me to overlook any weaker designs.
If you're still looking for fairy types, gen 7 has really good ones. Mimikyu is great, and it's ability lets it tank the first hit without taking damage. You can literally just set up swords dance under the enemy's nose, or switch it in on a Z move.

Haven't got S/M, but I definitely like the sound of that, and Mimikyu's design is easily the best I've ever seen on an original fairy-type.

Lets do this, which is your favorite SuMo girl?
I can't get enough of this brown girl


what is this?

I like Psychic and I like Steel.

No Jigglypuff love? Admittedly, much of my love for Jigglypuff is because of Super Smash Brothers, but that game makes Jigglypuff all the better.

Everything you're looking for can be found in sadpanda, fam

What kind of pastries is she eating?


Looks good

I feel like the only good named female trainer is Olivia. As for the generic NPC trainers, the Alolan Lass is one of the best lasses yet. Both female swimmers are top tier too.

She's just this perfect mix of sweet and cute.

pls make your own thread, I just want to talk about rad pokebros without it being derailed by pervy shit.


Metagross is the metaBEST. But the rest of my team is also great.
Awesome imposing steel/psychic type with a useful ability, a master of disguise and mischief that I could potentially talk to, mushroom fighter with a big enough tail to slap people with, fierce eagle that can carry me through the skies, bug of painful searing death that is also soft and fluffy, and also a big electric cat. What's not to love?
Ideally they'd all be excellent fighters.
If I didn't, I think I'd probably consider myself a failure of a trainer.
Fuck yeah.
Metagross already has one, and I suppose it's pretty sweet, as far as megas go. Not really a huge fan of the mega evos in general, though.
I'm moderately sure that they can all be caught in Unova, so I suppose I'd have picked them up from an adventure in that region.
I could see metagross and volcarona being the two oldest of the bunch, and watching over the rest like older brothers or something. Zoroark and breloom would have a friendly rival relationship, based on their similar forms. They'd probably be pretty close, and spar often. Braviary would be the youngest, and be constantly trying to prove his power to the others, which could sometimes generate friction, but he's ultimately friends with pretty much everyone. Finally, luxray would be the outcast edgelord of the group, trying to pull off the "lone hunter" archetype but fail since he cares about his teammates too much. Very prickly sort.
I could see zoroark being more of my "pikachu", honestly. I could actively communicate with him, and his Illusion ability would be a blast to play with. I could see the two of us being bros4lyfe, no doubt.

All the pokemon I want to fuck barely get any good porn.

so, uhhh, you gonna post source?


Darmanitan triggers my autism, in a good way.

Big Pecks

If you can't find mewtwo or banette porn, then i'm sorry, but you might actually be retarded.

It's my boy, Hydreigon. I thought I'd hate it when it was first revealed to me through Ghetsis in B/W but holy fuck it's so adorable in poké amie I just melted.

Fuck fairies though.

did you even read my post you retard?

Good old Starmie.

High versatility, could go both on the offensive (with various types for his moves), the defensive (few people see coming a Cosmic Power / Recover set) or the support (with good old Rapid Spin)
It's hard to make an emotional bond with a flying star who is communicating through signals emitting from its core, but I'll do whatever I can. Like making it learn Morse code
Probably, as weird as it can look.
It's fine as it is, so should it have a Mega, it could be something that changes it drastically (like a Water/Steel physical attacker with Water Shuriken as its main move)
It's a mystery.
Depends of the team members. I tend to use it alongside a Breloom and a Houndoom, and they work well together.
Can't carry it on the shoulder. Unless you want me to look like Ash-Greninja, that is.
Absolutely no idea.


Motherfucking Crobat.

Never really used Zubat because it sucks at low levels, but I decided to give it a chance in Black 2 after seeing all the shitty Zubat memes. It became usable after getting Wing Attack and just kept getting better. Ended up carrying my team to and through the Elite 4.

It's not bad competitively with decent defensive typing, but it did really well in-game for me.

If it were real, I guess in the same sense someone might have a bond with their pets.

I guess.

No. Fuck megas.

The Crobat I mentioned earlier I caught in Castelia Sewers. I think my first Zubat was Mt Moon.

Zubat becoming useable thanks to Wing Attack and Bite surprised me a lot when I began training it in Blue, and from them on, I knew what to expect. I only used a Crobat on Soulsilver, though, but it was a nice addition to have in the team.

Oh come on, remember DiaPer?

Absolutely fucking no, everytime i've seen someone say something about it they said DP or diamond and pearl

How about RuSa?

Lel, but no

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