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Visual novels thread

So I've been playing for a good 6-8 hours and I've not hit a single choice.
Does anyone who have played this stanking pile of genious know when the romance plots start?

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You have to go back. We have no choice, no choice. We have to send you back.

i miss the days when a good story in a VN was just a preamble to some good porn

The kike proclaimed them halal so no need to worry about that one. Your shit taste though? That is a reason for concern.

Are there any western VNs worth playing that aren't KS, or should I just stick to the Jap side of things?

But the best VN is a western one

I finished reading pic related the other day, it was alright, would recommend.
Kent > Shin > Ukyo > Touma > Ikki

It's actually pretty hard to find a decent highschool romance/comedy series mad in recent years by a larger company that isn't heavily fetishized.

I'm not talking about KS, but pic related, it's said to be about 50 hours long.

Are you shitting me? OK, objectively good shit is rare but that's like that most common theme for these kinds of games.

I'm mocking you for being a turbohyper accelerated sublime mega cockfaggot of the ultimatum who thinks 'long' is "6-8 hours". Along with a whole slew of other things, such as your demeanor, diction, and contenance.

You need to go back to whatever shithole you came from. Probably gaia or something.

Yeah, the problem is that they also have to be good.
I'm a plain type of guy, with plain preferences. I'm not into supernatural, mecha, fantasy or any of that crap in my VN's.

Some good ol' highschool drama with a relateable, if somewhat more loser-ish than me protagonist with guy friends I can boss around and girls to fall in love with.

Oh please, the elitist attitude went out of fashion in 2013 along with the hipsters after people realized that being an unsuffurable cunt by criticizing people by their taste and demeanor was neither charming nor very pleasant.

Tried Sagara Family? No supernatural shit of any kind, great art, it's barely more then a nukige with decent writing so you know it's short and there's even a cuck bad end.
Maybe Otoboku? Other then being a crossdressing faggot because muh guy in girl's school it's very vanilla and rather comfy.

Either should be right up your alley.

That may be so and it's truly deplorable, but even still here I remain, ready and poised to shit a nugget of culture on you unsophisticated rabble. And as you've made abundantly clear, tearfully and resignedly mewling on the asshole of your betters in desperation is your only recourse in life. It's all you have. It's all you'll ever have.

So sad. So sad.

on my chinese cartoon imgeboard

Now, now, this particular cuckchanner at least tried to make a half decent thread. And considering all the shitbait we've been getting like say those fifty-odd generals that refuse to die or let's regurgitate New Vegas or Witcher 3 some more, I can live with a template Katawa Shoujou thread.

Yeah, it was pretty good, but I got too attached to the characters so I felt bad about making them have sex with the PC.

You can take the cuckchanner out of cuckchan, but you can't take the cuck out of the cuckchanner.

They have to go back. We need to preserve the superiority of our board and memes. We've got no choice. They have to go back.

Harem Pregnant Ending A BEST!

I read it a few years ago, Grisaia is actually pretty great. The english version of the sequel was released on steam some time ago iirc, but it doesn't have the H-scenes in. No idea if there is a patch for it.

I'm currently still reading S;G 0, so far it's probably the best VN I have read.

Why was the last VN thread from a couple days ago deleted? I came to check it and it was just gone. I thought VN threads were allowed.

There's h-patches for the first two games, the third is unreleased as of yet.

You're kinda late with that one.

Shit, I don't know. Princess Evangile? I assume even Hoshizora is too fantasy for you?and for bonus points you can take a hint and try Majikoi

You never know with the kike.

Nothing beat Muv Luv trilogy still but it's quite sadly you have to read 2 prologues before shit gets real on Alternative.

First Grisaia? Romance paths don't start for about 30 hours. The common route is long. Took me 3 days to get through it. Also Sachi best girl. Keep going though, I was a bit sceptical at first. But then you hear the Angel's Howl and it changes you.

I'm playing Labyrinth right now, adult version cam out like last week.

Was it deleted? I thought it slipped off the board, wasn't the post count over 300?

Fuwanovel Fate / Stay Night good enough to enjoy, or need to have all 3 routes as their own application?

The fuck is the difference between the two outside that?

That just got translated for Vita as well if any fucker cares.

I am almost certain that it was under 200. I guess I might be wrong, though.

I have since called that tablet my very own VN tablet.
You should try this. Shit's portable as fuck

She is watching you masturbate

I know some people that use e-book readers and the like for portable reading. Wouldn't take much to get one to read a VN.

Nah I'm not even using Wifi of that shit to prolong the charge.

an intel atom is all you need to run a VN. I'd say it's the perfect device for VN.

The Grisia girls are pretty good, but that fucking MC is the worst cold steel edgelord I've seen in a while. The fact that its played straight really turned me off of the series, which is a shame since I've didn't even get to the romance arcs.

The music on Majikoi made me orgasm before I got to the lewds.

It has an anime and I can tell you that I didn't like it very much.
Maybe the source material is better.

The anime is absolute trash-tier while the VN is one of the best English-translated ones.

Been playing Majikoi for the last few days thanks to the recommendation of an user in the previous thread.
So far, it certainly feels like you're just a normal guy living in a world where absurd anime/manga shit just happens all around you but you're just there to enjoy watching it or help out. I had some thoughts on it so far, spoilers are spoiled.

I liked Miyako's story, though it felt weak initially because it's just SEXSEXSEX all over the place, but it really picked up later. Personally I felt like she was being so lewd it was messing with how she was supposed to be portrayed. She seemed like she was supposed to be the one who is entirely devoted to you alone and holds no-one else but you in her heart, but with that I would expect her to display small signs of affection in daily life to try and sway me (wanting to spend time with me, giving gifts, etc.). Instead, the excessive lewdness just made her seem slutty, even though she's only got eyes for you. Some lewd is fine, but holy shit girl acting like a dog in heat is just going to weird me out if i'm not already intimate with you.

Kazuko's was excellent, she was a great character with a well-written story that really hammers home that you can't accomplish everything you want to. She became lewd a bit too quickly once you sex her, but thankfully that's all right at the end so it doesn't have time to really mess with her character. Hers has been my favorite route so far.

Chris' story was just too discordant for me to really enjoy it, though it did have plenty of fun moments. I think that the MC getting shoved into a kinda bad manga protagonist role hurt her route. A bit too much absurdity that prevented the relationship development from feeling real. Especially the "break into her room, tie her up, and fuck her because somehow that'll make her love you enough to break her conditioning to obey her father". It's just completely unrealistic since there's no prior buildup to this. There's nothing to indicate that sex would be the thing to keep her there, so it's completely out of left field and left me pretty damn uneasy throughout that section. The threesome could maybe be justified by excessive drinking, but that's another can of worms.

Overall, the VN's been done well in that exploring each route really does expand significantly upon each character. There are all sorts of little insights into their personal conflicts that you'll encounter outside their routes, some unnoticeable until you've done that character's route already. You'll have a vaguely similar overarching progression of events, but so far with those three routes I've completed there haven't been repeats of events. You will never do the same thing for the same reason twice. You might get on a plane, but where you're going, why, and what happens on-board are going to be completely different.

Coming from Katawa Shoujo being my first VN experience and wanting something that's more in-depth and longer that dips its toes into fantasy/absurdity, I'd say this is a solid choice.

Yukie's next, so let's see how that goes.

so who /morenatsu/ here?

My god, trust in neo/v/ to misinterpret japanese memes. and just wait until you do the agave route.

I just finished Grisaia and was going to write up all the complaints I had, the main point being that all the girls were the same in the end so I'm glad I'm not the only one who caught that. I didn't like any of the routes because all the girls devolve into such crippling depression (due to hilariously contrived plot convenient reasons) that it becomes a drag. The other main complaint that I have is the protagonist, which seems to be a common problem people have. Only the most hopeless chuuni could find this retard cool. It hurts my opinion of the other characters that they go along with his shitty witticisms all the time. While I didn't have a favorite character the worst character by a mile was PC's sister. The constant repetition every other line about how perfect she is and how she is such a genius with her special snowflake super power of remembering things made me want to throw up. Failure to create a compelling character and compensating with constant narration about how she is oh so great is a mistake I would expect from a zero-experience amateur.

It gets a final score of Thedialogwasfunnysometimes/10.

Nightcrawling: "At night, young unmarried men would silently enter houses with young unmarried women. A man would silently crawl into a woman's room and make his intentions known. If the woman consented, they would sleep together."
>If a women consented
>Tie her up and pin her so she can't stop you
>MC does not ask her for permission, instead states he is going to fuck her for [reasons]
>She repeatedly indicates she does not want to engage in this and attempts to free herself
Yes, she indeed does later decide to accept it and give permission, but until that point it's textbook rape. It's not proper nightcrawling, which based on what I'm reading about it seems to just be pic related.

Regarding the threesome, it's mostly just the "everyone goes along with it" thing. To be fair, you yourself have to go along with it first for it to happen. I'm just highly doubtful that someone with such views on sex would would let themselves end up in such a situation.

Wanko being lewd, it wasn't that she was too lewd (she was just right), just that it felt like it happened too fast. It was too quick a shift from complete innocence.

wew lad.

You're applying some right and proper wanna-be intellectual rationalization to what's an intentionally turned up to 11, slice of life, slapstick VN. To make things even funnier you haven't actually finished it yet, so you're just spoiling to get fucked and have the story spoiled for you.

Now, if you find neo/v/ to be problematic, I can use r/reject or even a dumb-ass newfag with feminist tendencies.

As for Wanko, yeah, her arc has some rushed pacing they fixed in S.

Slice of life slapticks shouldn't have rape scenes.
I mean you can but it just ruins the mood.

Have you played the original S;G or C;H or C;C?
Don't get me wrong S;G0 is really good still but I found it's not even the best SciADV game.
If you have played the other SciADV games, why do you feel S;G0 is better than them? Personally the only thing I didn't really like in 0 is Kagari and the fact that the true end just kind of cuts off so you can fuck off to the manga or the drama cd's to see what happens.

Kawakami war arc is best arc. Almost wish my school did that sometime.

And yeah, just wait till you get to Agave. There's a continuation of all paths in S by the way.


You had like five straight up rapes in Majikoi and I don't hear you whine about those. Hell, can you even remember them? But fugging the tsun right out of Chris is too much I guess.

Holy shit you have the worst taste of any human.
That being said, let's make this a "celebrating Sekai having another year in the red" thread.

Not that user, and haven't gotten the true end yet, but yeah Kagari just was useless.
What was even the point of having her in there? Just getting rid of the character and getting rid of related shenanigans wouldn't have effected the story a single bit.
Unless I'm missing something, I only beat the TUTTURU route until now.

So I've gone a whole route on YU-NO. I haven't really been having fun with it at all. All the clicking around, reading the same descriptions, and all the older women. It's not really my deal despite the sci-fi stuff and the neat idea with the orbs.

Does it become worth it in the end? Is the twist worth it, or is it pretty much the same throughout the whole thing?



So basically you only like high school SOL, the most boring and generic style possible where 98% of them are the exact same thing. Quit being such a faggot, OP.

Alternative sucks too, it pretends to be a sci-fi story about mechas and aliens but instead is 50 hours of every character crying about their personal issues. I don't mind stuff like that in a story, but it completely dominated the whole thing and fucked the pacing by making the plot move at a snail's pace. Also that coup arc lasted like 8 hours and had absolutely nothing to do with the plot.
However, Sumika is love.

any of you faggots read any good office vn with qt OLs?

Wut, it takes like 10 hours max, the game isnt' that long

I'm a slow reader.

Fair enough, but where did you get your torrent for the adult version

First result I got on nyaa.

If you're interested in playing the side stories, Afterglow and Melody, you can find them here:

Is there one for the labyrinth 18+ I'm not seeing any

I got it from here:

All the torrent place I usually go to seem a bit sketchy. Just download it using google drive, I get a good speed on that.

Was wondering, what's the deal with S? Is it a new story that continues, or a redesign, or what?

I've never done the parts thing, Do I just extract them all in the same folder?

Yeah, parts are just the whole zip file that's split. Get them all together then extract from the first file and it should go okay.

It's sorta both. One half is after stories for all the heroines in Majikoi but S has 5 new routes featuring some returning and new characters. Tatsu, Margit and Kokoro return while two new comers get introduced as well. There's side stories and stuff as well. Including a chance to change something Yamato did in the past.

S is half fandisc with after stories for the original characters and half new shit, and the newshit itself is half true ending continuation and half what if stories. A games are either after stories or what ifs that follow S.

Do any of you have Night Shift Nurses? I have been trying to find the game for ages but to no luck.

Give me a VN I'll enjoy more than Tsukihime.
Sorry, can't help ya.

Need to be a bit more specific. Do you want more action, more comfy, more romance?

I know it isn't translated, I mostly wanted to extract the cg.

I'm an American, so I clearly want more of everything.

Kagetsu Tohya

Already up if you know where to look.

Melty Blood?

Thanks brother

The best part of Grisaia is honestly the common route, or really any of the general skit/banter bits.
The actual heroine routes get way too fucking melodramatic for their own good, the rest of the cast are usually pushed way off to the side during them, if not ignored entirely, and they make The Juice's Gary Stu factor kick into overdrive.

Some of the best parts are at the start of the romance paths as well.

Wait so the first file is all I need since it has an installer right?

Yeah, think so. If you've extracted it all and there's an installer, try running that.

What's the point of the other 5?

The installer was split over the 5 files, if you only extract the one, it won't work. Download all the files, extract from 1.rar then run installer. That easy.

Good lord they couldn't drop the cringey edgelord writing even for the sex scene. Yuuji's narration and comments was awful. Probably one of the worst sex scenes I've seen not to mention the mood before set by the other story event it didn't exactly make it any better. Seemed forced to be honest. I'm not exactly picky about what I beat my dick to but this didn't even get me hard. Probably going to try and finish the whole thing today since I doubt there's a whole lot left but damn I hope the rest of the routes aren't as much of a downer as this. I get that it's supposed to be all fucked up psychological issues and shit but there's a limit where it just become too much and is unbelievable and ridiculous to the point where you just throw your hands in the air and roll your eyes. The kinetic nature of Grisaia sure doesn't help with the ridiculousness either since you can't even pick an option that's slightly less ridiculous and instead you're just tied to this rollercoaster, waiting for it to derail.

I get that Yuuji is an edgelord but I strangely understand him. Even when he goes off on a tangent about something military in nature or teasing one of the girls, I can understand why he's like that based on the traumatic events of his past.

I dunno, it's hard to explain. You could say Grisaia in general has too much angst but I still keep reading simply because I'm hooked.

are you sure because the installed game is 5.9 gigabytes

It's a repack/compression. It'll get bigger when you install it.

I know I'm saying like there's a 6 part download on IGG games but I unpacked the first 1 and there was an installer and when installed it's 5.9gb which is how big Steam says the the game is, which prompts the question are the other 5 parts necessary?

The whole thing is weird. They pay so much attention to detail and the little, often even totally meaningless, things that build the characters nicely but there's something they're missing. It's like they've got two different modes, one's the happy-go-lucky SOL stuff and then there's the edgy drama and they never really make any effort to bridge the two or blend them together. They just change from one to the other in a blink of an eye making the difference in tone really jarring and even more pronounced leaving me feeling like someone just slapped me in the face out of the blue and then walked away. I feel like if you took the two styles and separate them as they are, you'd easily have two separate games. One a high school SOL and the other a high intensity military/political thriller. Maybe they do better in the 2nd and 3rd novel (though I have no idea what they are about. I don't even see them discussed in these threads ever.) but they could've and should've done better in the 40 something fucking hours they had in Kajitsu.

I honestly hate Yuuji the edgelord, how he can somehow fucking fight off squadrons of people as a 16 year old kid who has like what 5 or 6 years of training against people who are more developed and have 20 years. The whole thing is bollocks, but still

Like I said, the installer which is compressed is split over the other 5 files. If you download the first and tried to install it, it wouldn't work because it's only 1/6th of the total file. You need all the files and you need to extract from the first one.

Not sure if this torrent is still active but it has an installer in it.

I get what ya mean. I just finished up Sachi's path in Labyrinth and while it is abit jarring as you say, the fact that both of them overcame their tragic childhoods and found some sort of happiness. It's saccharin really.

It's the ultimate power fantasy to the point where it's like a caricature but they write it as being completely serious, causing it to just be incredibly unbelievable. It really adds to the feeling of disconnect I was talking about in

That's true, I just hate how he knows what the fuck to do like in Kajitsu with Michiru Hey she's being moody because she has multiple personalities and says what normal 16 year old girls do of I'm going to kill myself so I'm going to fucking bury her alive that'll fucking work It's just fucking stupid honestly, I love it because I love how the girls are presented with their problems, how they solve them well they're always so god damn stupid and over the top, hell all of them are now that I think of it especially Sachi

If I recall correctly, it was because Michiru had progressed to the point where she wished she was dead or no longer wished she were alive, so Yuuji faked her death, got the girls to cry over her, especially Yumiko and then buried her. No half measures either, otherwise she wouldn't be able to accept herself. That scared her into eventually accepting herself and she went off to meet with the parent of the other girl who resides in her. Same with Sachi blowing up the school, same with Yumiko confronting her father, same with Yuuji accepting Amane's life so she would eventually get over her suvivor's guilt. He doesn't do things half way because it's the only way to push the girl in a more positive direction.

Let's be honest, there's ways of going around this that aren't 50/50 success rates. the school bombing completely fucking unnecessary, strong arming a billionaire doesn't make sense, Amane's makes sense, burying michiru and drugging her so she thinks she's dead is so god damn retarded and 99% of the time would have been a death of dehydration or some other shit, either way fuck the plot writers of this game,

With that being said can't wait to read part2!

If you thought all that was bullshit, just wait till you hear about Thanatos.

Can't wait for more over the top bullshit and Yuuji most likely taking on the entire Japanese, USA, and NATO militaries while effectively toppling the illuminati and a plot twist at the end with the reptilians controlling them all which he slyly tricked by making Makina dress up as a grey thinking he was in cahoots with their mortal enemy and a made man in galactic circles thus saving the world and his love

Every time people talk about Grisaia it makes me want to read it even less. Jesus christ it sounds retarded. I can't stand melodrama.
What are some VNs with the opposite of melodrama? Where characters are hot-blooded and take action instead of spending the whole story crying about their personal hangups?

Well that's literally Yuuji from Grisaia and it's not like rest of the cast whines about their problems. If anything they don't whine about them enough and instead the story just treads water. I'm guessing what you want is something that's more realistic and down-to-earth rather than trying to be larger than life drama. Maybe look under the Theme tag section on vndb and work from there towards whatever tropes you find interesting. Slice of life usually comes with all sort of personal problems so that might not be for you.

I almost wish I hadn't started Grisaia. It's such a massive time sink and the pay-off doesn't seem to be there but now that I've spent ridiculous amounts of time reading it, it feels like a massive waste to just drop it and instead I'll just keep going hoping it'll get better. Maybe I'll stop once I'm done with Kajitsu but I'll make that call once I'm done with all the routes. I still have about 4 chapters left of Makina's route and so far I'm not feeling strong.

How does a little girl survive alone tied to a pole next to a corpse for six days without any food or water? The max a normal human can survive is a week and I reckon a small child wouldn't survive even a couple days. I get she was all sorts of fucked up after that but she should've been dead and not just hospitalized. That's the kind of over-the-top for the sake of extreme drama shit that I don't like at all about Grisaia.

Makina's probably the most screwed one up there, I'm actually kind of surprised she's that sane. Amane is to thank for some of it, being a mother figure towards her. But seeing your father not just bleed out and die in front of you but to rot for close to a week? That was screw up anyone.

Might have rained though an open window and down the pole she was tied to. Might have drank some of her father's blood. Who knows.

Yeah, on the whole I'm not big on SOL VNs. I tend to enjoy them at first when everything's new and the characters are still being introduced, but then they get bogged down with all the nothing that happens and I get bored. But there have to be some SOLs out there that don't do that and stay interesting throughout.
And I'm not saying that I don't want any personal problems at all, just that they shouldn't dominate the entire VN.

It's on my backlog of VNs but I've heard Majikoi is pretty alright and might be somewhat what you're looking for. seems to agree but as I said I've not read it myself and don't know much about it because obvisouly I don't want to be spoiled.

You could give Ever17 a go. It's more a survival situation than slice of life and I can't say anymore for the spoilers.


Amane's entire plotline was shit. We don't need the 3 hour long "oh this is a bus, it crashed, now here's a somehow larger mary sue than the MC, you must like her because she is 100% the best at everything"


Holy fucking shit, are you all cuckchanner newfags?


More like ClannAIDS

No I just don't give a fuck about your culture. What is this, Reddit? Are we all part of a community now? Fuck off.

Western VN?

Try Planescape Torment I guess.

Alternatively you could stop acting like a retard.

fuck, you got me

go away

Or Depression Quest. It is a perfect example of western VN masterpiece.

I really wish there was a VN written by Brandon Sanderson or Terry Pratchett.

Ok I managed to slog through the Makina route in Grisaia.
What the FUCK is this demon in the hand bullshit, are you fucking serious?
Who the fuck is this magical deus ex machina known as the Professor that tells JB to take the plant to the hotel? Speaking of the hotel, good god the hotel scene is beyond ridiculous
They couldn't have made Makina's mom any more evil unless they gave her horns, a big nose and a hitler moustache
And what THE FUCK was this ending? Yuuji takes a shotgun blast to the shoulder, somehow manages to wander off, spends a few days on the run, manages to get to a train station, have a little chat and board the train, all this while not having his wound tended, and THEN passes out but then still survives. This is just beyond stupid. Then they even make Makina take the job for Yuuji in a ridiculous half-hearted open end that leaves no one satisfied.

I'm seriously thinking about just dropping this thing like it's burning trash. Can anyone tell me if the rest of the routes are this retarded or is the Makina route just an outlier?

oh the bad end is even stupider.
He takes a single pistol round in the arm, gets to the train station and dies, which makes Makina go crazy and hoist his body around in trashbags, also be pregnant


>He takes a single pistol round in the arm, gets to the train station and dies, which makes Makina go crazy and hoist his body around in trashbags, also be pregnant
You're joking

oh you also forgot the best part of the good end.
He completely loses his arm, he literally leaves it in some bushes because the shotgun pretty much tore it off

And no, I'm not it really is that poorly written. I remember going for the bad end first because "eh why not I can get some CG" and that just made the good end so much worse.

my nigga

It's a pretty good route. RIP Matsukaze

Jesus christ. Can you comment if the rest of the routes are as bad?

Not that guy, but I've heard her ending was the worst of the bunch and the others are better.

I just want cool fights in powered armor

leaping among the spires of a city with metal burning in my belly

having a qt honorspren companion


They're worse. Makina was probably the best route outside of the ending.
Michuru is okay, her's is just MELODRAMA the route.
The rest are pretty fucking awful, read at your own risk.
Amane introduces a horrible mary sue, who inspite of everyone else dying except Amane, lives because she chopped up the bodies to make it look like 13 as opposed to 12. Probably the worst route story wise
Maid is the MC blowing up the school for reasons that I'm sure made sense at the time of writing. Something about helping maid get over her compulsion to help people
Knife girl has him fighting legions of dudes, throwing frozen turkeys into planes, riding a bicycle faster than a car, and then using Makina's money to overthrow the board of directors so Knife girl becomes the Primary Shareholder. All while fighting dudes and somehow makes the MC's age not add up at all, unless he went into the US army at the ripe age of 14 for 5 years and then de-aged to join all these other militias

I have to play the point and clicks. It ain't a VN but it's something.

End this suffering.

oh right the MC, in spite of being a super soldier who can fight billions of dudes in Amane's route
somehow has trouble with a random hunter, because truly hunters are more adept at fighting than this random dad who lost his daughter

A Brandon Sanderson VN would be Nasu-tier levels of explanation with his love of world building and HERE IS EXACTLY HOW MAGIC WORKS but FUCK would it be cool


Ok, fuck it. I'm dropping this shit. It seems like you and me are somewhat on the same wavelenght on the level of the writing so I'll trust you. Those spoilers seem like I would hate it just as much as I did Makina's route. From the little digging I did it seems like a lot of people say that Makina's route is the best as well or at least not much different from the rest. Surprisingly a lot of people seem to think that it was actually good and not just the least bad which is pretty frightening in its own right. I've already spent 40 something hours over about 9 months to trudge through this. At least the main route before it branches was pretty ok at spots so it wasn't a total waste.

Now I need a palette cleanser though. Guess I'll look at Hitomebore next since I've got that already installed. It's a bit shorter so it should be a decent snack and even if it's a kinetic novel with a traumatic heroine, at least it seems a little more down to earth than Grisaia.

My VPN keeps acting up so my ID keeps changing so I'll just put them in the name field to clear things up

Grisaia is a love-it-or-hate-it VN. You either enjoy the dumb writing or you hate it, simple as that. Dropping it now is probably the correct decision.

Holla Forums is for video games only

Never underestimate how willing people are to eat shit. There's a reason stuff like this keeps getting made.

Tell me about it. I started looking into the routes and what people generally think of them after I uninstalled it and after going through some unknown forums with a bunch of people thinking it's great I ended up on reddit where some guy was summing up his favorites after spending 100+ hours on finishing the whole thing and he said he cried and some shit. I'm pretty sure I have cancer now but I did this to myself and should've known better.

It's really weird. Everywhere I look on forums people seem to be praising the game. Saying it's their "favorite VN" or "in the top 20 of all VNs" and there's hardly a bad word said about it. Then I look at sites or blogs that review VNs and there it's the complete opposite with people calling it out on bad writing and horrid pacing and the general mismatch of the story where it makes promises that it then takes hours to make good on (if it does at all) and hinting on some greater pay-off but never delivering. Though even if most of the reviewers say that they don't like the writing and think it's outright bad more than once during the game they still give the game 7s and 8s. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they're putting what's essentially the "gameplay" here on the backfoot like all reviewers seem to do when it comes to game reviews.

The fuck are you doing here?


it really doesn't matter we can tell from the context and even if we can't it's not really all that important

I just figured it can be a little jarring to have the ID change. On second thought I guess having something in the name field will cause even more confusion and possible derailment.

Any good upcoming VN's?

The first part of Kuroinu should be coming out soon. Sucks that mangagamer decided to go full Jew and release it in parts though.

Maggot baits is getting localised soon, mite b cool, though I generally find that the h-scenes in Clockup games drag on a bit too long and tend to go a little heavy on the ahegao wailing. I usually have to mute voices during sex.

It's an unfortunate truth that most people who read VNs have terrible taste. I've never been able to work out why.
I guess all we can do is try to find the diamonds in the rough.

I finished Steins;Gate 100% today and I loved pretty much every second of it after it started picking up a bit in chapter 2. Is SG0 any good? The only VN I've read otherwise are Ever7 and Amnesia.

Steins;Gate 0 is honestly one of the better examples of a sequel out there. It's not as good as the original, it's got a few redundant things and a bunch of missed opportunities but it's almost there. It definitely feels like a sequel/prequel/midquel/whatever to Steins;Gate, and doesn't just feel like a repeat of the first one like a lot of sequels tend to do.
It also introduces second best girl and the soundtrack is even better, plus the story also alternates between the point of view of more than one character and has two pretty hype moments.
The biggest downside would probably be the new artstyle, it's still pretty good, but it doesn't feel as unique or stylish as the original one's artstyle, which is also kinda jarring considering sometimes they'll go and use sprites from the old game in certain sequences for some reason.
Unlike the first game though the routes deviate in a root like progression instead of being a straight line with the option to stay in an ending or continue the story, and there's an order of routes you should probably take in order to enjoy the story a bit more, so I'd recommend looking up a spoiler free guide for that.

Tuturu a best

Not a big fan of Grisaia (especially the maid-route, what the fuck were they thinking?), but I think you're making a mistake if you're reading them for the overarching plot/story, VNs are usually about character interactions, seeing how they deal with different circumstances and stuff like that which works pretty well, because you're spending a lot more time with those characters than you would in most other mediums.

Also you're trying a bit too hard to hate things in order to feel smug about yourself.

Muv-Luv re-translation is supposed to be finished quite soon. It's out on steam but the adult version should be out soon I think.

Paradise of Grisaia, third chapter, supposed to be done soon as well.
Nekopara Vol 3 is the end of April, the 28th. There's one called Quantum Suicide out in August that looks like it draws from 999.

That's about all I can see right now. Some have dates set for 2017 but nothing specific. So with noting coming out right now, it's a good time to finish that backlog.

Because In Japan the notion is that inner strength trumps training. A more Confucianism type of hero where a man masters his inner self and pulls power out of his ass to mop the floor with dozens. A more western notion is the idea of the hero's journey. A man who is called to action, received divine assistance, and ascends to herodom. A more modern version of this is the Die Hard hero, an ordinary man who rises to the occasion. Give him a gun and a purpose and he'll clear a whole building of terrorists out no problem.


It's an absolutely ridiculous notion that VNs don't need to have a good plot as long as it has good character interactions. The plot and how it is built is an integral part of the character interactions and vice versa. Any good work of fiction ties the two together. Especially in VNs where the character developement usually is the main driving force of a VN so it's basically impossible to have one without the other unless you have random stories of small events tied together by a loose thread which to me is the hallmark of bad literature no matter what genre it is.

What the fuck does this even mean? I'm not trying to hate anything. I don't need to try to hate Grisaia because it's making me hate it and I even know the reasons why I hate it and elaborated them clearly. Considering I even said that the main route of Grisaia was fairly ok it's absurd that you think I'm going out of my way to hate it. If anything it's the total opposite.

I just started reading Mistborn, fuck this shit is pretty good. The whole metal-based powers are so fucking original and creative that they put most modern fantasy writers to shame.

Anybody got a list of the endings for Unteralterbach? I just got raped by Demon Hillary and want a better ending.

Looks kind of neat. I'm a real sucker for that 999 style thing where people are trapped in a place and have to escape. I hope the final version has better art because the art in the demo looks a bit iffy.

To get the good ending you just have to fuck the lolis without fucking any adults.

But they are!
I guess I will skip that vn