The living room is dead

Couch and TV or Chair and Computer Desk?

Couch-chair and TV desk.

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For what purpose?


I have a lazy boy I use as my desktop computer chair.

Life is good.


gets me every time

Why not both? Couch and TV for consoles, chair and desk for PC.

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Shia's best fucking move in his life. I wish I was there shitposting his stream into something worth watching.

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Do you want to look like Quasimodo when you reach 30?

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Computer and chair =true auteur

That's all there is to it. If you care about games do it on your PC, if you're an manbaby who is immature you're stuck in the living room with nintendbabies chad and his infantile whores.

Or you could not be poor and have both.

You're a fucking retard if you play on console, and again my computer costs twice as much as all the consoles this gen combined. You are the poor one, faggot.

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What, can't you afford an expensive PC and consoles?

I can but I don't by consoles because I'm not stupid. It's about intelligence not income. Buying consoles is poor judgement.

Truth be told, I only have a ps4 so I can import all my Jap games. The only other consoles I own are a 64 and ps2. Still, it's comfy as fuck being able to relax on the couch playing them and then moving to the desk to play my PC.

I don't see why it has to be a choice, it's not like it's impossible to get a TV or a couch for cheap, it's really just the computer you have to worry about.

wtf i love mark now

You already proved that you were a fucking idiot for having an expensive computer. You stated that you don't know how to shop smart.

Shop S Mart.

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I have to have an expensive computer to do my job. Don't you have one of those, little boy? Consoles are a poor investment as you can't do other things with them and they run their own games poorly. My PC can run all the games of the other consoles that I care to play.

inb4 if can't play some stupid current gen console game that sucks because there's no emulator for that current gen console.

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I get cold sweats whenever I see an input lag thread


I think you should get a real job before you waste all your little boy money on buying your console games.

How am I projecting? I told you what you are and you're just mad that the whole "you're too poor to own a console/both" blew up in your face.

How much do you earn with your 'real job'?

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I have no idea what the context of this is, but I saw another webm of the same stream(?) where a man is ranting in front of the camera.
Please spoonfeed no bully.

depends on the situation and how i'm feeling.
Lately, if i'm on my couch its because i'm generally winding down for the night so I actually just play handhelds there.
I generally play games on my PC or if through a console through one of the three monitors for my PC. That way I can keep chats and stuff easily monitored.

I live in an apartment that is essentially a big rectangle so its all one big room anyway. I just have designated "areas" in this regard.
Picture unrelated. Just my roomie.

Just look up HWNDU and prepare for a ride where your sides will not subside.

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A truly magical stream.

Speaking of Shia lecucke, did you niggers see when that faggot got arrested, that blonde cultist sounding bitch was trying to censor it.

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The fuck do you care about disease, satan? Aren't you fucking immune?

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Sure there isn't.

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there is actually bone in the eyeholes and most of where its broken is jagged and sharp. Unless that's broken all the way through there is no way to even think about sticking in there unless you want a cut up dick.
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>have even looked online and every single furniture store here in canada wants two fucking hundred dollarydoos to ship anything to my location
i don't know why owning the corner desk i want is such a driving need for me but it actually keeps me up sometimes. i hate this tiny ikea-brand piece of shit i'm on and just want a goddamn corner desk

is it possible to play/use PC this way(just sitting on a carpet) without enormous chronic back pain or pain on other body parts?

Holy shit that fight was incredible. Most of the fights I've seen on that show were boring. What even is the weapon the little robot is using?

it's some superfast spinning roller thing on the front with little teeth on it. it is easily the greatest battlebots throwdown i have ever seen

absolute cancer


Kill yourself fedoramaster.

Well in his case, yes, he has a fucked up back from sitting like that.

Wait I remember this skull and that room.
You had SC2 collectors edition.

Yeah. Started with getting the collectors edition of SC2 (I was so excited for that gameā€¦)
I couldn't allow myself to not complete the set.

The only one that had anything that was really worth it was the last one. The art book also hearkened back to the old SC manual with a bunch of lore and notes and stuff about everything.

oh my fuck all you need is a saw, nails, hammer, two types of sandpaper and some wood

oh i could build one that just works, sure. but i want a good one. finished, a bit of lacquer on there, you know, something nice