Does Steep use Denuvo? How's the game? I want to play some extreme sports and the choice seems extremely lacking

Does Steep use Denuvo? How's the game? I want to play some extreme sports and the choice seems extremely lacking.

Extreme sports vidya thread maybe?

Beta was extremely lacking in many ways and I have no reason to believe the released product is any different. The game came out like one of those amazing shits that you don't even need to wipe and they just slide off the bowl into the pipe without a flush. No idea about Denuvo..

just play snowboard kids 2 for the n64 my man

dude that is a bad game

it doesn't have denuvo, though


i don't think it uses denuvo but it has an always online thing. gforce meter sucks every morsel of fun the game offers you. i'd only buy it if it was


good taste

I'm still not convinced the gforce meter works as intended. Seems to go off randomly at times.

What made the N64 so good for snowboarding and jetskiing. All that shit was so fun and easy on the N64 controller.

I don't have anything against the game. I just had to make this.

Was a good surprise for $5


Just play SSX3

Very good.

It doesn't have Denuvo, but it has something almost as bad - uplay.

Steep looks interesting to me. Worth a summer sale drop if it goes low enough.

The Wii had some well regarded snowboard games too. We ski series has an open world filled with sidequests.

Just that they were good.

My melanin enriched sibling.

I think it was the advent of 3D with the N64 having the grunt to do waves and decent physics (seemingly moreso than either PS1 or Saturn, there was one PS1 game, Rapid Racer, which tried to do speedboat racing, but the water was just a mostly static series of triangles) and the analogue made for some fucking awesome controls that allowed for nuance not seen before. Of course, by the time the following gen came around, Gran Turismo was on the scene and it was all around the "serious racing with real cars" and not the actual fun stuff.
I'm still pissed that Nintendo completely dropped the "Wave Race/1080/Extreme Sports" cast they were building up over several games and completely forgot about making any more Wave Race or 1080 or F-Zero any racers at all that aren't fucking Mario Kart.


Personal preference is SSX 3 (GC or XBox version since they support 480p), but those are indeed the four best snowboarding games in existence.


Its a Ubi game so it uses Uplay, no Denuvo.

Well meme'd

Yeah I was pretty surprised by SSX 2012 since it actually wasn't completely shit.