For Honor

Post YFW you aren't a retard who is going to buy this then forget about within a month

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Why does Ubisoft shill so much here?

Everyone's hyping this shit up.

I can't wait for it to be dead within a month of launch.

I wouldn't even give it a month to be honest. It'll be worse than The Division.

this game looks like everything ive ever wanted
and I just know they'll fuck it up

The stats on items makes no fucking sense to me as they only have any effect in one of the three game modes, the shitty 4v4 one that everyone will abandon after one day of play. Why even bother implementing the entire loot system for something that's only relevant in 1/3rd of the game?

When I saw teams weren't locked by faction AKA you could have a samurai and a viking on the same team it kind of killed the whole "three rival nations" thing.

Played the close beta. It's not as fun as it sounds, this game is better off as a single player mountain blade type game.

Theyre going to give this game the e-sports treatment huh?

I played it too. A whole bunch of bullshit. The controls were clunky, the rng for getting gear drops is ridiculously bad, pretty much making it so you have to "buy" salvage, but the drop rate of in game money is shit. Yes, microtransactions are in this game's future. Too bad, it had potential. Character customization sucks too. One day, my anons, we'll be surprised with a unicorn of a game. So majestic and beautiful we'll all weep in sheer awe. This is not that game though.

No duh

Unless 60 was confirmed, it's probably more like $70 to 80, with $100 for the Digital Deluxe version.
The price of AAA games went up at the end of the 7th gen.

A Q&A user here leaked that it was shit

Why would anyone give a fuck about this turd? The only thing it has going for it is the art direction, other than that it's the same Ubisoft turd as every other game they make.

Also, muh female warriors means the stench of Marxism is all over it. Might as well wait for Bannerlord and play the multiplayer.

Ubisoft ban squad must have gotten him by now. Poor underage faggot

So another The Division in terms of loot?
In that case, I'm not even gonna bother with this game.

The item stats only work in the capture and control mode

the 1v1 and 2v2 modes dont have item stats

Got a screencap?

Doesn't make it any better. In fact, that's even worse.
Basically what you're saying is that, to do well in the actual game mode the game is designed for, you gotta grind or pay money for good gear.

That isn't a server then, retard.

The game isn't designed for the 4v4s though, the mechanics just don't work with that many people running around and everything that's exclusive to that mode like the AI soldiers or the d-pad abilities feel vestigial and shitty. It's probably the most publicized mode but it's by far the least functional or enjoyable one.

Oh the games terrible in the 4v4 mode

The real meat is in the 1v1 2v2 and 4v4 modes

They took out the good modes for the closed beta and it sucks

Not saying the games perfect but I personally think its fun but not the worth $60 fun defiantly gonna look on G2A or CDkeys to pick it up though

The Division is okay though

And you wonder why this place is dead.

You need to go back.

i realize it's not exactly the devs' fault that players play like faggots but this is the exact same thing that killed war of the roses for me: why would you design a genuinely cool melee combat system then encourage players to completely circumvent it?

Which is why the revenge system is in place

Revenge is very OP in 2v2s but useless in dominion since they still will gank you

Tell your friends about how you got told to go back for being a cuckchan alley monkey, go and tell them.

Hence why 4v4 will be dead the day after release and everyone will be playing 2v2 and 1v1. Most of the objectives don't even have good choke points to try to even things out.

Would really like a hardcore mode with no threat indicators

git gud my dude

I bet you bought No Man's Sky you faggot.

As is the case with Ubisoft, they have games that are teeming with potential but they squander it massively to make it the most bland, inoffensive, widely appealing game they can shove out.

Shit, ubisoft has at least some skilled and able people working there but you can clearly see that they have marketing and suits forcing their bullshit through.


Nah. I got roped into Blade Symphony and the same shit happened. Learned my lesson quick with this. If it was 15-20 bucks? Yeah, I'd buy it and even shill it. Too expensive for PvP exclusively.

There is a single player but who cares for that shit

The bots do seem like they can kick your ass but they are probably cheating reading your inputs

Peer-to-peer isn't bad for 1v1.
If they honestly expect it to work for 4v4, they're kidding themselves.

My friend got into the beta and liked it, but then again the fucker kept buying asscreed games.
From what I see it's like 3d nidhogg mixed with assfaggots, and I don't like overcomplicating a simple concept.

Yeah it kinda sucks how there's like a huge gap in skill between people who've maybe glanced at the move list once and people who've autistically hammered out a thousand plus matches over the betas and have perfect execution and mind game the fuck out of you. Knowing like two simple combos is enough to completely lock the former out every single match but the latter make things seem just as effortless in the other direction.

When did this become a thing? What the fuck happened to dedicated servers?

There isn't even the "Dream Match" (Smash, Marvel VS Capcom) factor, so there's no passing "OH COOL I CAN SEE DANTE AND RYU FIGHT" spectacle that won't make me tolerate losses a little better.

General problem with PvP tbh. Skill gaps ruin competition, and when the gap is massive with the gods constantly improving, there's no point to bother beyond friends, since loss will be the constant.

Costs too much shekels, maybe?

No it costs nothing to release server software and let players play on their own servers.

What it does is give players the freedom to play as they wish, modding the game to their liking.

Sometimes it sucks when a shitty mod becomes popular but overall it's a good thing if the community is healthy and big.

This is even more pathetic than the "pirates vs. ninjas" shit from fucking newgrounds

A Roman Centurion and Ninja are getting added later

It's less pathetic than what battlefield 1 did. Atleast here they just admit "ah fuck it"

They'll add some Zulu nigger down the line, I guarantee it.

It was never meant to be historical, but an arena figthing game with cool warriors.

I see no problem with that aslong as we see other cool warriors through time.

The centurion better use his great shield like they were supposed to.

I played the beta and it's pretty much Berserker+Spamming sideway attacks and 100% winning ratio
It's horribly balanced and combat is shit, certain classes are just dominating the 1vs1 and 2vs2 always
And there is no chat, even for PC
Too bad I wanted to spam 'DEUS VULT' while playing knights
Also there is no sword+shield for knights, just shitty mace and it sucks
Remember to play Orochi or Berserker, they are superior to every other classes in game
shit game 0/1 would not play again

The opening cutscene is literally the home territories of the Vikings, samurai, and knights being teleported into some magical land where they just decide to fight forever. Realism was not advertised.

Is this the usual 8/v/ making shit up? There is even a quick chat system

Your correct on the cockroichi but the Berserker is literal dog shit tier

See now that actually sounds fun and has a lot of potential, to bad ubisoft can only sell potential and not actual substance. I can't wait to see how they fuck this up

I actually looked the game up because it looked half decent, I expected a $20 price tag at most.

Do they seriously think this thing is worth $60? You can tell by the character selection and "equipment" that they're going to smother it with microtransactions.

So they saw people having fun with dedicated servers and thought "we can't allow fun" and came up with the laziest and worst idea possible.

Dedicated servers were also more than just freedom to play as they wish and mods. It created groups of people that always had a place to go to find familiar faces that they enjoyed playing with, which created populated servers that would attract possibly new people that could experience the game better.
Rather than getting tossed into a random match through a random matchmaker with a bunch of random assholes.

I honestly miss joining those familiar servers and playing with people who were often there, having outright fun and was skilled, even though I only sometimes contributed to it.

Dedicated Servers are fun but what if the only servers left are full of faggots?

I miss this, too.
TF2 and CSGO killed off most of the fun community servers and games like Overwatch or Paladins lack any degree of user-generated content or servers.
It's a dying style

The gameplay has a lot of potential, it's just deep enough to allow for strategy and counterplays and shit but not so deep that you can't figure everything out in just a few minutes. Unfortunately it's very clearly designed to be balanced around 1v1 combat which is clearly not the focus of the game at all. My guess is the idea for the game went in a different direction before some asshole suit decided it would sell better if it was pushed as a potential esport.
It could have had the potential to be something, but it won't.

That's why people keep calling you a cuckold.

I know, pressing `, but It's just fucking command list, user. Or is there any way to actually spam DEUS VULT?
What's your class recommendation?

Well I actually prefer the Conqueror and Kensei. The Vikings are all boring tier

Cant you just spam in all chat deus vult?

Theres nothing wrong with adding more characters to a fighting game.

We Vikings vs knights vs pirates 3 boys

But all the dudebros on Twitch are getting paid to played it, it must be cool! They are sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks! XD



There's nothing cool about a spear chucking nigger because he's a spear chucking nigger.

Maybe it's time you took some time off the internet and thought long and hard why a cucked company such as Ubisoft decided to feature European knights, Vikings and Samurai only.

About as cool as Zulu niggers. They're only good as fodder in DEUS VULT simulators.

They're not gonna feature them since those savages fought naked.

Too far ahead historically.

Shit taste/10

but but I want a pirate

If they are bringing a fucking ninja in might as well go all out

There is nothing really redeeming about this game. If it was F2P it would actually be half decent but since it's a payed $60 shitshow $100 for Goyim Edition This game will just be like Nu Male's Sky; i.e. hyped to shit with no real lasting gameplay and it will be forgotten about within a month.

Oh god I remember Jiggly's Fun House


People said the same thing about Rainbow 6 Siege

When I press ` it shows just some command lists like radio from CS.

I actually do want this
You know, medieval times middle east was pretty cool. Cool weapons and armor. They were civilized and advanced until modern times and WW1 fuck them.
Do want, I want to shoot musket and pistol to these fucking armored scrubs

Every time.

Muslims ever being anything but violent criminal dumb primitive savage animals is one of the most retarded leftard xenophile wank fantasies ever.

It's entirely the devs' fault, it's their job to prevent that being the dominant strategy.

Sounds like Dark Souls
just dropping this here so you can see how "MUH SAMURAIS VS EUOPEAN KNIGHTS" ended IRL

*angry nipponese screeching*

Nice proof you bring there, man.
If they couldnt get their shit together, they would have never been able to take most of the eastern roman empire and hold it until today.

Maybe they did sudoku because of how disonibru it was to outnumber the enemy that much.


No fucking shit.

They didn't, the entire Roman Empire was effectively destroyed because the islamic conquest only consumed like a leech and didn't create civilization.

Siege is a bunch of shit but that has a lot of variety and can be fun with actual working dedicated servers and an anti-cheat system which surprised everyone since Ubishit can't into multiplayer typically. They also brought the price down significantly for it rather quickly with the $15 Starter Edition which boosted player numbers a lot.

Is such a thing even possible?

it's shit lmao


nod an adgumend :-DDD

as I said they also used gunpowder and outnumbered them 25:1 and lost lol

1000 naked men with bare hands could probably take down 40 men decked out in the finest 1500s gear

Not even the same century, go readup on some history.


The japanese were essentially unarmored and equipped qith weapons designed to be used against unarmored foes. What fucking point are you even trying to make?

>The Japanese are the most belligerent people here. They bring artillery, many arquebusiers and pikemen. Body armor. All provided from the portuguese industry, showed to them for the bad of their souls

You'd be surprised.

Books nigger, read books, be an actual man and inform yourself, investigate and learn, dont just conform to getting told what to believe.
Your claims dont even make sense seeing how the muslim dynasties fared through the middle ages.

IIRC this was when the Italians tried storming some fort no?

Islam wasn't around for about another 300 years after the Empire fell

Pretty much.

I knew musou series were based on real life

I bet machineguns and grenades did most ofthe work while everyone else just took popshots.

This is a ruse right? Is there something in that tl;dr video that shows that we somewhere "lost" 300 years of history?

The only thing I can think of is that he means the Byzantines, since the loss of Egypt and Syria did royally fuck them

user, thats what happens when you become too contrarian an dumb to care about actually recorded history and just pay attention to random people that says things that you like to hear.

Even still, that would be the eastern roman empire, and even if crippled by that huge loss, they still kept going for centuries.

But he said "entire" Roman empire, not Eastern Roman Empire.

Yeah and even then, by that period the ERE was far different culturally than the empire of old

Yeah, but it was the first nail in the coffin for them as one of the great powers since they lost their wealthiest regions, the second was letting the Turks have inner Anatolia

To be fair then, the ERE did have lots of damage inflicted upon it by Islam, despite that user being off a few hundred years. If you asked whether whites controlled places like Egypt and Syria in 400AD, I would bet most would answer no and is sort of kingdom that the West has forgotten.


despite getting into the other tests, when they finally give us an unrestricted test period they dont invite me, anyone got an extra pc key?


nice numbers faggot.


i think i do
you can only invite ubi friends though, not just email


More wrong than the guy who seriously thought that Islam had invaded and destroyed Rome

NashobaHanta is my uplay name, thanks for the effort, and twice the thanks if theres a key

it's for the closed beta 26th - 29th if that';s what youre lookign for, i dont see a full on beta other than that. but i'll send one your way after you add me as a friend, sent a request

I think you shoud lurk more

Are you so fucking retarded that you can't bother reading a thread before posting on it? How the hell is this guy shilling when he is shitting on the game in the OP?



Thanks for the webm anyway


Pretend to be a retard still makes you a retard.


Sadly you are not pretending.

They did invade Italy and desecrated holy relics that were outside of Rome, the shrine of one of the apostle I think. Why do you think crusades were declared? Why do you think Muslims conquered the whole north Africa and only got stopped at Tours? Why do you think coasts line were not developed but instead fortified?

Muslims occupation of Italy lasted generations, Rome is the only one of the 5 holy Christian cities to not have been conquered by Muslims. Invaded and destroyed Rome is not so far from what happened.


He wasn't referring to the city
He was referring to the Roman Empire

Maybe with bigger games, but what about smaller games, and mods of older games?

Orochi is trash and you're trash if you use him. That is all.

Gotta reconfigure the chatbots Jim.


I play like this as Nobushi but that's kind of the fucking point.

There's not a boost to running but some of the characters have sprinting heavy attacks that catapult you super far forward while chasing people. You'd be surprised how often you can catch someone trying to run with a ten mile leap attack.
If you're a conqueror trying to chase a peacekeeper or orochi though yeah there's jack shit you can do except waddle back to the objective and sit there for passive points which is boring as fuck.

I think the point he is trying to make is that the game don't bring the idea that it's best to be courageous, and to fight with fucking honor.

Play Mount and blade

Oh yeah, totally. 4v4s is a mode for only the scummiest scumfucks and the only reason to ever be anything even remotely close to honorable in it is to not accidentally feed a revenge mode to someone your teammate has nearly killed.

so what you're telling me is that this is a reverse psychology shill thread.

It's enjoyable.

There is nothing displays when I chat with T key. Is chatting blocked in Beta?

Shouldn't be, I've used it just fine and seen other people typing with it.


So it's pirates vikings and knights minus the pirates and plus samurai?


Fug, I can't see it anywhere on the screen. Settings are fine, chat box enabled. Can you take a screenshot with chat messages so I can find out whether it's bug or it's just me dumb? I'm level 17 and I thought there were no chat for beta. What the fuck.



sage for doubleposting, but what the fuck are peer to peer servers? you either have a server or a peer to peer network or am i retarded?
the only server you would need for peer to peer is the one that handles matchmaking.

I leaked this about half a year ago in alpha and nothing has changed in the closed beta i got into. Combat is trash still, no skill required and boring, uninspired game modes.

also this

Peer to peer means that one of the people playing on the server is also hosting it as a listen client. This gives them an unfair ping advantage, of course, but it also means that Microsoft and Sony aren't paying for dedicated servers for games, they just run the master server for matchmaking and then players use their own machine and bandwidth to host a match.
It's as retarded as it sounds. And console tards actually pay fucking money just to use that "service". It's the most cucked thing I can imagine.

I didn't even finish it because meaningless grind but yes, it's ok

thats not realy peer to peer though, its just a local server. there is in principle nothing wrong with that, but yea for actual competitive matches its compeltely retarded.
and paying montly for a fucking matchmaking server is fucking hilarious.

He's probably one of those guys who think any kind of discussion is advertisement and who'd probably ban or wordfilter any mention of certain games if they had their way.

I miss when people used to get banned for not bothering to read threads and sage bombing for no reason.

I don't know guys I think it's kind of fun
Combat is pretty entertaining but boy this game is not gonna have a large life. They wanna have "seasons" and shit but I don't think it's gonna have a player base past season 4. They've gotta pump it full of shit if they want it to live or its gonna be another division

but user
Holla Forums totally hates all and any vidya, if it isn't a LOL thread it should be sage bombed right?

You're joining the wrong servers. You're an idiot for denying that dedicated custom servers with mod capabilities will form a better community than strictly matchmaking games.

As someone who got into the closed beta, here's my honest experience of the For Honor Beta.

If I do manage to get a match where I'm not disconnecting, I'm always scoring better than the enemy team or being the MVP.

But user, everyone knows quality is more important than quantity. The filthy gaijin may have had more iron, but I bet it wasn't even folded

You'd be surprised what you can accomplish with a can-do attitude and some good ol' fashioned moxie.

My experience with this shit has always been

Ganking in this game is too easy a strategy, plus each teams home points are useless and solely exist to capture when no one's looking, I feel like they tried to make this a land acquisition game like overwatch where the teams end up holding a point in the map and push against each other. But the maps are so open and boring that it just ends up being a free for all landgrab where the winner is who can run the fastest.

Plus stamina is shit and for the life of me I can't see a bar or indicator of how much I have left, how the hell can I manage my stamina if it's not on screen.

PLUS why the hell can't we change classes in a match, you don't know what they're picking till you're already in and then you've got 4 tanks vs 4 assassins and can't move fast enough to do shit

Never forget

What was it about this dynasty in particular? Strong anglo-norman genes? Was it all just one time travelling man?


I'm not sure if Holla Forums or the american education system is to blame for this kind of stupidity.

Jesus fucking christ were the baguettes wearing power armor or something?

To clear things up, during the Battle of Muret, Simon de Montforts Knights managed to kill King Peter during the initial charge, which caused his troops to panic and run away.
"Losses" does not mean "Casualties" but simply means that, since the entire army dissolved and went home, it was "lost".

There is a chat actually, I just had an enemy go "Come on, not again!" after being pushed off into the abyss twice (which to be fair might be the worst problem with this game for me, one throw can instantly kill you on certain maps).
T brings up team chat, no idea what brings up all chat.

Since everyone is bringing up their experience, here is mine.
Overal I enjoy it, I've only had one match where one of the players had a bad connection.

We had a thread about this a while ago. Looks like garbage and it gives me the same feeling as most Ubisoft games do, which is to say I get the feeling the merciless cycle of preproduction, production, marketing, betas, etc. hasn't allowed the game to shine or the developers to put in any little touches. Seems just as soulless as the rest of their games have been for the last seven years, and I'm sure the online infrastructure will be a joke.

Not to mention the fundamental gameplay flaws which they've managed to keep under wraps. Fortunately, one user played the beta and gave us a thorough breakdown based on his experiences.

that's what i get for dragging three images at once instead of one at a time, i guess

Everything they make is as soulless as a Hollywood movie, just look at R6S.

I predict the reception of Umbrella Corps.

What the fuck, I remember seeing a trailer for this like 2 or 3 years ago, why is it only coming out now?

It's admittedly strange considering Ubisoft is usually known for rushing games.
Maybe Ubisoft was so proud for making a game that isn't just a tired anual cashcow sequel they couldnt wait with advertising it.

But is the game fun?

How many big guy classes are?

Not going to buy the game, but it seems at least slightly amusing.

They wanted to shove in a shitty single player story that explains the multiplayer, because apparently the premise of the game was "too videogamey" and an attempt needed to be made to swing that in their favor by turning it into deep lore or something

My cousin is a millennial who is about to turn 21. Since he turned 18 he's had a free apartment all to himself (ab12 foster extension). Every time a new game is hyped he pre orders it with the 200$ bi weekly he gets to just exist in the program. Over the past 3 years he's spent every single dime on wax(dabs, cannabis concentrate) and video games. He had 1 internship in this time and got his GED. He has no job skills, no job history and no life experience. Iv been telling him for 3 years he needs to get a job and save some money but he never listens. He has a month left before he's out of the program and now he's saying he doesn't have the time to get a job so he needs his gma to give him rent money or let him live with her(she lives in an old folks community so she cant but he says just sneak him in) Problem is she recently gave him 1000$ a week or so ago and he already bought 160$ worth of hash and re7. His gma calls my gma crying because she doesn't want to give him more money but he basically forces her with guilt. Now he is about a month away from the end of the program and he is still getting high everyday. His social worker found him a new place where he'll be in a dorm with 13 men between 18-35.

Those are the kinds of people who buy games like the one in the OP.

at least the Italians didn't lose to a bunch of literal Emus.

Good lord this game looks terrible. Peer-to-peer melee combat with a shitton of animation priority, stun locks and people just fucking ganging up on your ass. Looks incredibly frustrating to play.

Even most fantasy worlds filled with sentient organized monsters don't have it this bad


So you are saying, we have to suffer shit vidya, because everyone is dead in spirit?

That was worth a few chuckles. This is the only promo trailer the game needs.
So basically, you were just running around being a cunt? Reminds me of doing that kind of shit in Max Anarchy.

I admit I think the game looks great…without the HUD and the pre-set camera. Then we see the actual game and it looks terrible. Bit of a shame because I'd love a game with knights doing all sorts of fancy moves with a deep combat engine but no goblins or dragons or any of that shit, just other humans as enemies.

Jesus christ, i'm 20 and i can barely afford anything while i struggle with a shitty dishwashing job.

Think they've been sitting on a shitty multiplayer prototype this whole time and it's gonna be an unfinished mess with sparkly single player?

I don't really know what I was saying. It was mostly venting.

Oh shit I remember making those posts.
They fixed a lot of the buggy stuff but most of what I wrote there about the game design is still true. The matchmaking has also gotten seemingly dumber, it used to be if you stayed in a lobby after a match it would fill it up with bots until it found new players to put in but now if anyone leaves the lobby you sit through the minute and a half of readying time before it notices the lobby isn't full, spits out a "too few players to continue" message and kicks you out to the menu.

In 2v2, if one person leaves a spot gets filled by a bot, but if a team leaves then you sit through the ready time until you get kicked out. Sounds like a bug.

Well the multiplayer's been shown off to ecelebs and such since E3 2015 if I remember correctly, and not much about it seems to have been changed since then aside from new characters being revealed, so take from that what you will

Have some webms that I made, the quality could be better but I'm not very good.
The most fun I have in this game is to throw people off edges, it never gets old.
Game is pretty bad and unbalanced but I haven't had this much fun kicking people since Dark Messiah.

Why does the clearly male knight have a female voice actor? Oh, Ubishit. I hope you didn't buy this shit.

Almost had me.

You can pick the gender and race of characters, I know of one character that's locked to be just male. That clearly male knight also has a ponytail.

Look at those fucking shoulders man, that ain't female, I don't care what shape the breastplate is in.

Great to hear the game will be chock full of diversity though, being able to pick my helmeted characters race totally isn't a waste of time, especially when his background is European knight or Japanese samurai. We all know those guys were like shades of the rainbow with how diverse they were.

Doesn't each group already have a preset female character (valkyrie, naginata user and the dual dagger user)? What if I want to play as a male valkyrie?


They never promised realism unlike the shit BF1 pulled off, I think they even show in one of the trailers that they get warped into fantasy land and just fight for all eternity.
Also I have a fetish for girls in armor.

Off the edge.

Each faction has one preset female, one preset male, and two you can pick the gender of.

That doesn't mean it's not more common to see a girl with a ponytail than a man, making it not clearly obvious.

Some characters show more skin than others. They should have added more unrealistic colors for the hell of it.

I think it's stupid too, but games having classes that vary in options for gender isn't uncommon.


For some reason the one of guy behind For Honor really likes SSX Tricky.

What the hell does another shit game have to do with this shit game? I hope your terrible taste didn't compel you to play that either. Also supporting ubisoft because they cater to your fetish is nigger tier, kill yourself.

Yeah from their real-life-based historically accurate original locations, that explains the option to be a strong independent knyght who don't need no king.

Are you seriously taking the time to defend this shit? I just hope you enjoy laying in the bed you made for yourself.


I like options, nothing gets worse with more options.

Identity gets worse. Please excuse the Holla Forums image, but it's the closest example of what I can think of.

I could continue but really your retardation is already evidenced by your presence in this thread.

I like variety too, but being able to change your character's gender sounds pretty fucking retarded to me.

I think it'd be neat to add warriors like mamluks, rajputs, and janissaries but the thought of them being able to be female sounds so fucking stupid.

I agree with you completely, but it's a video game that has distanced itself from realism, the same rules don't apply, it's like saying that you shouldn't be able to create blue skinned female characters in Dark Souls because those didn't exist in medieval times nor in the lore.
Unless they pull an ASSCREED Marx on us I'm fine with it.

The best part about the original comic is that he learns to see people from other cultures for who they are by meeting a whole bunch of cliche stereotypes.

that webm is even better because of the textchat

OK, that makes more sense, in a fantasy videogame setting logic. But this is from the insightful minds that brought us "heroes like Karl Marx". But I'm just here shitposting with no actual interesting in getting this game.

I thought there were preset female classes and every other had the option to play as female (typical Western dev kowtowing to the almighty uterus as usual) but >11814440 clarified.

So are the classes gender pre selected? I fucking hate it when Japan/Korea does that shit with mmorpgs.

but then
What a waste.

I watched a stream for an hour and the dude playing got disconnected every 10 minutes.

I made it my mission to only kill him using the ledges.

The connection gets to Siege levels of bad at points but it's mostly okay in 1v1 and 2v2 scenarios. Dominion is fucked beyond repair.
the 60€ price is what kills it for me.

That is one of the few things you can actually chalk up to it being a open beta. Its still going to be fucked on release because of peer to peer though

If this game was $40 cheaper I'd consider buying it tbh

I will admit, I got a boner seeing that viking slam that dude into the wall.


Instantly dropped

Reminds me of Dark Souls invasions in areas with lethal falls.
I would be willing to try this for

To be fair counter-guardbreaking is like the most finicky shit in the game. That guy is a fucking retard for continuing to fight near edges though.

If this would be free to play with some kind of cash-shop, Ubisoft migh tactually be onto something.
But as it is i can't see this garner a big enough community to stay active for more than a few weeks.

This looks like another case of babby's first competitive 1v1 game. Even more salt harvesting than the early days of SFV.

I wouldn't put any faith in ANY ubisoft game, no matter the price

Guardbreaking is pretty hard to recover from, however you can still dodge roll or attack to avoid getting grabbed so I really don't see it being that bad.
Spamming that shit is the only way I found to deal with Warlords, if you get a Warlord that knows how to parry you just can't win without abusing it.

Almost every Ubisoft game trailer is a total lie. Why bother having any hype for those hacks?



hey hey. FC games are not great. But so far as i remember what you see in the trailers is what you get.

If anyone should be mad at this, it should be me, because women in full armor is my fetish and they clearly just slapped a ponytail and 2 extra boob polygons onto the male character model, but come the fuck on it's not a big deal

Honestly if it was 15 dollars and not ubisoft, I probably would get it, but it's neither of those things.

maximum wew

missed opportunity, could have gained some following like that

The thing I've noticed with a lot of people who don't understand how to counter guardbreak is usually they're trying to counter too early. The best time to counter the guardbreak is just as it hits you.
However, I just got done testing with my friend every character matched up with everyone else, and some characters naturally have disadvantages when an attack is blocked. For instance, if you're a berserker (dual axe wielding viking) and your light attack is blocked, the enemy can ALWAYS get a free guard block off of you because you're still in an animation reeling back from the hit, but the timing to do it is usually too quick for most people to handle. Anything else in his arsenal is safe on block. To make matters worse, the conqueror (ball'n'chain with shield) naturally can guard break after blocking any normal heavy attack, meaning the berserker is royally fucked unless you start combos with dash attacks.

I imagine that it's different depending on what type of block it is. Did you do the hold block, the timed block, and the parry?
Anyway the quicker characters rely on their super fast movements to get in anyway so I don't think it's necessarily that bad
What I DO think is bad is how some of the characters have moves that do a ton of damage at lower risk than a heavy attack. The peace keeper grab n stab does bleed for like 50%

Plenty of people talked about the game play here user.

It's actually worse when you realise that some developers even do the matchmaking on their own, so it becomes little more than a yes/no switch for whether a player can play online or not.

I waited 20 years for Bushido Blade to be imported into the Assassin's Creed engine? The only real game mode in the game is 1v1 because the combat system is just a duel simulator, 2v2 and dominion are an afterthought. Dominion was added to trick you into thinking there is an actual game behind the business decision of "throw 3 stance duel sim into our Ass creed tech investment from 10 years ago". Throw some creeps, leveling up, 4 skills per hero, and some cosmetics and maybe they'll think it's dota/smite. Ass creed ASSFAGGOTS asS ASS SHIT GAME with peer to peer networking.

Keyboard controls seem fucked like a bad analogue stick emulator too.

did they actually include a swastika in the emblems?

No, you get a background pattern and 5 symbols you can move around, resize, and recolor.

I mean, was that one of the symbols or did you frankenstein it together?

One + sign, 4 bars cobbled together.

Just experienced that as a conqueror with the heal on block feat that you can stay alive for a pretty long time despite being out manned.
I was the last guy alive and the whole enemy team ganged up on me, and I was there just blocking all the attacks and got healed when doing so.
I lasted over a whole minute alone against all four on me before going down.
Truly the conqueror is the best class in dominion, especially with the heal on block feat equiped.

Now if they can only do something about the god awful netcode

I actually like the Conquerer. Played a bit of the beta since my friend decided to throw me a beta key. Th Conquerer does have a chest piece (and I assume probably other pieces of armor might have it) that gives a sprint bonus that you could probably upgrade if you did want to chase down, but their main point is to rush them at first as they rush you, shield bash their faggot ass as you're sprinting, hit them with a heavy attack, block one of their attacks, and then hit them for half their health on your return swing. If you start quick attacking you can usually take them down quicker than they can usually disengage, but yeah sprinting for your teammates is usually a big fucking issue. Maybe have it so that stamina is used up, or if you're badly injured you run slower, but it's still going to be a fucking problem.

it will be a garbage game anyway The Division was still wasted fucking potential.

Tab changes text channel from Team to Group or All

Orochi is objectively the best class if you know how to use him, basically can 1v1 anybody.

Orochci can fuck people up, got stuck in a 1v1 for like 5 rounds trying to figure out how to take it on as Conquerer.

Realized as long as I blocked rather than let the fucker take poisoned potshots at me I could actually counter them reasonably. Guard break still fucks you of course

Orochi should never use guard break, it's way too slow and risky for him.

Pro tip orochi players, use your zone attack for a free guard break, nobody sees it coming.

I played a bit of the closed beta. Mostly focused on the 4v4 mode with some friends using voicechat. Here's some thoughts.

To be honest its fun for a few hours, especially if you can coordinate on a team with people. However definitely not worth 60 dollaroos. I predict it will go free-to-play within a year of release.

The game is downright frustrating to play.

I'm glad I got into the closed beta, I feel like I did all there is to do and now I have no wish to buy it. Not even on a sale.
High level play is just about who can abuse guardbreaking the most, it also doesn't help with how unbalanced some characters are over others.

The reason you could only join one of your bros is because Ubisoft uses a p2p system that makes no usage of nat punching. So if you have a strict or moderate nat type you are pretty much fucked and fortunately for you, you had a bro with an open nat type. Oh and I doubt that it will go free to play, more than likely it will just do what siege did and be perpetually 20 bucks.



Guardbreaking is easily countered right now and is still going to get nerfed at some point.


Stereotypes exist for a reason user.

How fucking new are you guys, chat is T/Y like in most pc games for the past fucking 10 years

Why can't we have a good medieval melee game

Why is every player like 8 feet tall compared to the AI soldiers? Just looks fucking goofy.
Nope. This is enough to make me sperg the fuck outta this game.

For me the best way to counter guard break is to spam the key as soon as I notice the guard break coming, because I usually do it too early, and spamming it has no disadvantage (there should be some option selects with that).

I also think that at the very least you have a slight frame advantage after blocking lights

If you're good you can definitely destroy people in 1v2.

Just block and wait it out. Or even better, let the focused guy block and poke in.
Revenge is still vulnerable to parries and guard breaks.

High level players will not be hit by guardbreak unless the guardbreak is guaranteed. They will also seldom be in situations where a guardbreak is guaranteed.



I would like to clarify in this autistic pissfest that the samurai DID in fact use shields on occasion, square ones in fact, and I am not referring to their much-loved Tate pavise shields with which they'd make endless on-battlefield pillow forts for archers & matchlockmen to pelt the other poor gook shits with. It was in highly specific context, and was a highly specific make with singular utility, but they did have a form of handshield in the form of an exceptionally thick squared-off wooden buckler without any reinforcing rim, basically a wood block with a handle. Its sole purpose was to protect oneself- and more than anything the face- from matchlock bullets on the charge or while cleaning out the usual deathtrap that is a Japanese castle. I can never find the goddamn citation on this bullet-buckler when I go looking for it, which I rather hate since I want to reconfirm it myself, but this is what I've read if you can trust it.

No, it isn't equivalent to the funky rhomboid shields the For Honor samurai soldiers use, but it is a precedent however small; the Japanese were still using shields and spears in the 6th century on brushing up, but discarded them when fighting the Emishi, who were a bunch of horse archer shits that they had to copy to beat, and since you can't draw a bow with a hand shield, they discarded them for most contexts. If they didn't have to fight horsefuckers it's plausible that they'd develop a shield in similar styling. Alongside the knights using an absolute fucking mess of chain, plate & naked leather strap cobble and vikings running around in varying degrees of nakedness, faux-samurai troopers using shields in an overshoulder ASSFAGGOTS Pirates, Vikings & Knights rip are forgivable enough, since soldiers exist solely to be fodder to get hacked down in the center push and to mysteriously never seek out the back caps. You would think with a three-lane setup that they'd actually have three lanes to begin with.

Less forgivable is how obnoxiously grungy and ramshackle everything looks in aforementioned chain-plate-strap mess and the gap-filled garbage coat of plates the knights & samurai use. I'm just not a fan of it, it's designed to look badly designed and manufactured and frankly it doesn't fit the 'thousand years of war' motif as much as they think it does. The craftsmen have had the time to refine their arts and learn how to make a lot out of only a little material, armor should be leaned out, and possibly battle damaged or have certain expediencies taken, but it should be largely and uniformly functional where this is not the effect one is going for, because otherwise it's questionable that anyone is wearing it with the huge and seemingly unnecessary gaps in protection, not just bits of chain uncovered by lamellar, but these big gaps that don't seem to be covered by any other layer of armor, naked and begging to be stabbed through. Maybe I wasn't looking close enough, I don't know, but if some poor fuck is going to be handed munitions armor instead of some shitty quilt, then he's at least going to have that munitions armor cover the body where it matters instead of being penny packeted all over in uniform ineffectiveness. Or at least the mundane uniformity is going to be all-covering, like a simple chain shirt, rather than quilt with sew-ons that don't totally cover the chest & gut and yet still have plates across the back.

>Not wanting to hear a female warrior moaning screaming

That was way too much autism to disect artstyle pandering to absolute retards.

It's a wonder how this shit always manages to look both ugly and impractical.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be the closest thing you can find to that.

I don't know. It's not that ugly & impractical can't work if the ugliness has a psychotic slant to it like the Mad Maxian style of scrap-studded bondage biker gangs. It's just that they choose the worst contexts to implement it in the form of gritty warfare, where things need to be potentially ugly as an expedience and always practical unless someone is using an exaggerated weapon or heavy armor taken to its furthest logical conclusion because some madman wanted something outside the norm for his level of ability. The Samurai somehow get away with not being too ugly and instead just have gratuitous amounts of lacquered wood over iron plates on the Kensei and chunky stitching on the Nobushi peasant-spooks' clothing for their grit.

It's not all bad, mind. The Crusader has the excuse for his bare arms in that the class consists of convict soldiers scraping together whatever they can find and use past whatever they're initially issued, while the Lawbringer is built like an absurd brick shithouse with a mean streak, but is clad in full beautiful platemail outside of the thighs which are cloth for whatever reason and guts people with a pollaxe. And the Warden, although his chestpieces are uniformly awful as far as I saw and the helmets aren't too great either, would probably have made the pre-exodus 4/tg/ fechtposting threads cum on command with his mordstreich executions.

Both of the former two are aesthetically ugly and not entirely practical, but they actually look good. The Lawbringer in particular I love, because bevors do not get nearly enough love and because he has some bastard child of an armet and a frogmouth helm with pinholes to see through. The latter makes up for the ramshackle armor design by having a wonderfully animated pseudo-technical swordfighting moveset. Why do the vikings have to be so goddamn uniformly ugly? The helmet designs are lovely and the Warlord isn't half bad, but the rest of the classes go full Viking: Battle for Asgard in a setting which seems to be going for a semi-grounded look otherwise. It's just bad direction of an otherwise good gimmick, it's comic book and pulp shit taken outside of its intended realm and slathered in mud. It just looks silly and ugly.

Lewd but I don't want female knights. That's just fucking dumb.

Only normalfags get hyped for shit like this.
Hopefully it dies fast so I can laugh at their stupidity.

Females pretending to be Knights is Both a time honored /tg/ and western tradition. In fact It's kind of a fetish of mine

I have kind of middling appeal with 2v2, I think it's because my friend wants to just exclusively play 2v2s, I'd rather see a 4v4 once in a while at least.

Oh fuck you, degenerate. What's wrong with you, user?
The fact that some flat women pretended to be men in the past doesn't make it any better.

Beyond redemption, this one.



Ubisoft please.

I feel like certain characters grabs are almost impossible to avoid like peacekeepers, maybe my timing was just shit but I could never counter a peacekeepers grab for the life of me.
Berserks can just beyblade you to death if they catch you off guard for even a second, they are fun to fight against unlike peacekeeper who is just such an annoying bitch.

I'm not surprised they made her OP considering that she is the asscreed of the game.

Tbh, I thought the game looked pretty fun from the webms posted around here but after reading
I already forgot about it. Just like that, this game is noise to me now.

i think it's probably the posture. they usually get a guy to do the mocap acting and i guess they figured since everyone's wearing armor it didn't matter that much. remember, this is ubi, it wouldn't be the first time they used the same male animations for female characters.

I just wanted something that isn't full of autism like M&B or Dark Souls.

So is this game purely PvP or is there a single player/co-op mode where you can fight hordes of enemies?

This user gets it.

Although M&B is far from autistic, I can understand you if you're a fucking casual.
Git gud you fucking scrub. You best not be underage,

Theres singleplayer
But you need an online connection
Its going to be shit

Jesus fuck

I kind of hope they vary it up on the executions. The kensei for example had pretty weak ones.
I read somewhere that jap armored soldiers had a technique where they would tackle an enemy to the ground and stab them with their tanto/beat them to death with the metal end of their scabbard
The knights and Vikings have decently visceral executions but the samurai all just have basic decapitations

is the combat actually good? looks like it could be.

soulsborne games have similar combat, but what makes it fun and keeps it interesting is the exploring new worlds and running into new interesting enemies. this is essentially a gauntlet of the same few similar enemies over and over. what do they think will keep people interested?

To be fair Emu's are unstoppable.

Oh fuck off faggot
The most similar games would be stuff like chivalry, which get on just fine without leaning on exploration to carry the experience


They also storm a gunner team.

Not that it only accomplishes anything other then Ausniggers to accidently hit more Emus then average but the fuckers try.

You realize call of duty has more RPG elements and character building than this game does, right

I'm sure there is a correct order for those words to make sense, but not today, not from me.

Everybody remember The Division? How long before cheaters will flood this one.

I love the aesthetic of the game but when I played the beta some months ago it just didn't click with me. Neat idea and I'd love to play something like it in a singleplayer game, but for the most part it just comes down to bringing two guys to any fight and whittling down one guy before the other, or getting the drop on a guy if you can sneak up behind him. Otherwise it's a coin flip who will win honor duels.



People complain about the Nobushi bleed all day long, but ignore the fact that the peacekeeper bleed is twice as big for their combos and it also stuns you.

They're both definitely some of the more annoying aspects of the game, both bleeds being super low risk to apply for super high reward. As far as I'm aware no other class than peacekeeper can get a full half your healthbar off a single missed input.

wokou are japanese pirates
the spaniards probably had plate armor lol

Yeah you definitely played BC2. Why the fuck were so many servers "NO SWEARING ALLOWED"? We're playing an M rated game with blood, violence, and swearing built-in, but we're not allowed to drop some f bombs?

Fucking christfags

i played an alpha of this, it was a bit fun but the meta was shit and i doubt it got fixed, you could easily run away from another player if you were low on health until you found one of your teammates to gangbang your foe

good idea lost to the ubisoft machine

I'm going to be the voice of dissent here or retardation and say that it was a lot of fun. Played almost non-stop for the weekend and never got bored. Mained the Conqueror and fucked shit up royally. Only class I was unable to consistently destroy was the peacekeeper due to her retardedly strong bleeds and my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to how to counter guard blocks like I see everyone else do.

I also played the warden a lot and had a ton of fun with that classes' kill em' slowly playstyle with a fucking awesome 2-hander and the FIRST GODDAMN SWORD GAME THAT I CAN FUCKING DO ANY KIND OF HALF-SWORDING. Given it's not much, but I also fucking love that one stance they have. Pic related. Looks beyond badass. Only wish it wasn't JUST your overhead guard.

Either way, I fucking loved the game. I won't be supporting Ubi; I'll just pick it up for like $40 off G2A from some Russian bot. Also never seemed to even have a desire for microtransactions. I agree that the steel gain should be buffed a bit (maybe to like, 50ish instead of the current ~20 per game.) But other than that, I didn't have anything to really whine about.

I would say the blocking system sucks donkey dick, but after I swapped from my shitty wifi connection to my ~10ms ethernet, it worked like a charm.

Classes are definitely balanced, almost to the best degree I've seen in any class-based game in awhile. The only thing I feel is a little too strong right now is bleeding damage, but even that is completely manageable if you play right. Either way, really happy with the state of the game. HOWEVER, I have a feeling the Lawbringer and whatever the fatass weeb class are going to throw the class balance for a loop when the full game arrives as nobody's been able to test them. They've been the only classes never in the betas. I'm just hoping they aren't going to be the indestructible powerhouses they (lore wise) should be, as if this is the case, they'll likely outclass every other heavy class in the game right now. I trust the team though, they've done pretty well so far.

Fat weeb, lawbringer and the valkyrie were actually in the previous technical test, but it was under NDA so there's not been much discussion about them leaked outside of that phases' official forums. Shugoki was nothing to really write home about, Valkyrie was apparently so broken they hotfixed her the first day of the test though I didn't get to experience that since I missed the first half of the testing period, and Lawbringer was sadly pretty shit being a slow class revolving around command throws that were so telegraphed with such restrictive hitboxes they'd never connect on anyone with a brain and they couldn't even be followed up on with reliable attacks.


I liked when I found a good server mostly filled with Holla Forumstards without needing to look far.
Good times.

You are definitely not alone user. Im pretty sure that the majority of people that were interested in the game before hand and played this beta enjoyed it. Most Holla Forumsirgins are just don't want to say that they actually liked it because of muh hivemind so we're left with the vocal minority of naysayers.

if this game can fix the fucked up netcode and provide enough content, I can see it becoming another siege on here

It would need a shitload more content, even at release Siege had almost twice the characters and easily twice the maps.

As this user said they were in the previous NDA beta.

Shugoki was pretty weak but had some neat mechanics including hyperarmour on any first hit on him, which meant you could trade like a god. He also had this uber telegraphed backbreaking grab that cost hp to use, but gave hp back if you hit someone with it, super risky. The best part about it was that if you were on red hp, ie extremly low it oneshot people, which was fucking hilarious. Dominion shitters complained a fuckton about his backbreak though, it wasn't nearly as useful in duel.

Had a friend play valkyrie, as the other user said it was really strong, had a lot of neat sweeps and long range attacks, think nuboshi but without bleeds and longer range.

I didn't actually face any lawbringers, and i didn't play it, but i read it was considered pretty weak, however a friend of mine played it and apparently lawbringer had a push that was amazing. This guy is amazing at the game though so who knows, he might've just been making up for it with skill.

I really do hope they fix their connection issues, it would kill me if the game failed because of that. Cause it's a great game, really great game and seeing it fail because of fucking network issues. Would suck.

How about you shove your imaginary tradition up your not-imaginary arse knave ?

Siege characters are largely the same though with slight differences. Some of For Honor's characters are a little samey but most of them are pretty different from each other and give a lot more variety than siege had at launch, not including the 3 new heroes that weren't in this beta.

Definitely needs more maps though

Man I really want a grappler

was it really a thing to grab your own sword by the blade and swing with the hilt end outwards?

So I bought a new GPU (1070) and I can either get this Ubishit game or Ghost Recon, which is also Ubishit and looks fucking terrible.

Should I bother redeeming muh code? Is this fun? I probably will regardless of what anyone says because muh halfswording

It's too late now anyway user, beta's over. See if you can pirate the game when it comes out if you wanna try it out

It is a really fun game, but don't take my word for it.

Here is a link to a twitchstream from a dude who topped the leaderboards in 1v1 duels this last beta.

There are some rumors going around about another open beta the 9th to the 12th, so i'd say to try to give it a try then, cause just watching the game really doesn't do it justice.

Yes. It was an actual technique where combatants used the pommel and hilt of their blades to either puncture or dent enemy armor, causing concussions or perforating damage.

Look up halfswording.

No user you don't understand, I can get this game for free because I bought a new Jewvidia GPU. I was just wanting someone to validate my decision ;_;

I guess if you think Ghost Recon looks like shit then you might as well go for For Honor? You could try to sell the code if you wanted but really if this looks interesting to you at all there's really no better way to try it than for free.

BF2 was that game for me