Ass effect andromeda thread part #2

2 months away

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second for Krogan dicks

I hope this is the final nail on Biokike's coffi .

What's the point of landing on planets with the land-rover if you can't fight shit? It's not like Mako didn't have cannons or that Mass Effect 2 DLC not-Mako didn't also have canons, so why couldn't they implement canons on the land-rover as well? If there is no fighting, it would have been better to just scan planets like in ME2.

I'm pretty sure the original studio is well beyond dead and "Bioware" is just what they call their intern teams churning out low quality games that exist only to justify certain PR strategies.

to increase gameplay time, and it has shield blast so thats weapon for them

got a screenshot of some of the banter mid combat. plot spoilers or something I guess.

Hello, Todd tier anons. Remember to buy this on day one, your overseer Mark commands you!

If only the story and presentation were as well thought out as in Undermeme.

Ass Defect: Diarrhea
If my shit took a shit it would be less shit than this shit.

It's a skin bag filled with worms.

Who here hyped for the funposting?

Faggot Age Cissquisition threads were some of the best fun I've had here.

You're not wrong.

ya know, there was gonna be a race like that, parodying the whole "human aliens" shit.

Don't forget to buy it YOU FUCKING WHITE MALES

That was a pretty cool design, shame it never made it into the game.


Digging into Matt Rhodes book of "never will be" art is pretty sobering.

It's what happens when you get bought up by EA: No more experiments! By the numbers! The money men won't be happy with risky shit.

Cant wait for one of the crew members to tell how they're trans and their parents don't accept them, also the number 1 problem in the universe is sexism and misogyny.

Yeah, they had so many cool ideas. Doing a Lucas pottery thing where you became Saren 2.0 in ME3 would have been great.

Spoilers don't have to be real to ruin a game launch. Let's find a catchy spoiler that ruins andromeda
There isn't hype amongst normalfags, let's kill the beast when it's down.

Matt Rhodes and Chris L'Etoile had more talent in their pinky than lead guys like Mac Walters had in their entire body. Read L'Etoile's blog post about what he wanted Legion and the geth to be vs. what the project leads wanted. It's very clear the only people with talent were low-level guys

I remember reading an article that was supposedly by some former smaller writers at Bioware. Apparently they had to rewrite Legion's character in ME2 to include all the Shepard-worshipping bullshit because some artist had drawn a piece of the N7 armor on a Geth and some director thought it looked really epicool and marketable.

So that's pretty much the pecking order for design in supposedly story-based games: branding > visuals > writing.


Whenever marketing and PR interferes with game development, the result is always shit.

Let me interject for a moment. That piece of writing, while garbage, completely misrepresented what Cole was as a character. It's technically not wrong. Cole is a spirit with great powers and shite. The thing is, he's a spirit of compassion, literally a fucking care bear. He does get all pissy and uses his powers to upstage you (or just fuck off to his dimension eventually) when you get all evil and shit, but otherwise, he's casper the friendly ghost commenting about the world as a naive retard.

It's a brand of cringe by itself, but it's nothing like that description is making it out to be.

Wasn't there a teaser trailer for ME2 that just showed Shepard dead and a geth(Legion) wearing his armor? I swear I remember seeing it, but can't find it on youtube.

Amen, it's a shame Chris wasn't a more prominent writer. His lore and planet descriptions really made ME1 feel more tangible and comfy and I liked all the characters he worked on. Ashley was a religious white (more or less) woman with a bone to pick with Turians and didn't trust aliens too much in general. Can you imagine nu-Bioware making such a character sympathetic and not a strawman? Legion being completely different from a biological character…

I collected some of the unofficial dev diary entires he wrote while making the game (they have since disappeared from the web) and some other stuff he wrote here:
Wanted to collect more of his writings about writing Mass Effect because he actually gave a shit and his take on the setting is really interesting but I kind of never had the time to go and collect it all.

We didn't know that back then.
All of those were made long before the game actually came out and people were trying to interpret what the official character descriptions were supposed to convey.


It told me I had to register to prove my age, and I didn't want to make a google account for that.

The Reapers could only travel 30 lightyears in a day, and they were billions of years more advanced. What kind of retarded bullshit is this to get around the lack of Mass Relays?

Oh fuck them they recycled Tali's concept art for a new species.

I'll never not rage at webm related. Man I was in the fucking thick of that shit and saw that feeble ass damage control everywhere.


I was watching another ME:A video that was released recently and I was wondering how old the siblings are because their father doesn't look that old.

Do we need this shit threads again?
Try finding something good to discuss instead of flinging shit at a pile of shit

Why is Scott Ryder such a fuccboi?

Why don't you make a good thread then, instead of complaining?

Why are you here then?

Said article:

Reddit had an archive link.

I like that armor the main characters are wearing

2nd one is made in paint. it's a trick question isn't it? am i wrong?

why has every male character in mass effect become a twink in awkward "feminine" armor? Anyone remember the walking/running animations from ME3?
Is this genuinely to contribute to "inclusiveness" and "diversity" or just unintentionally retarded?

I wouldn't be surprised if half of the people paying attention to this piece of shit buy it ironically, just like FO4.

Bioware always, and I mean always sucked at the animation department,only that back when they were making Kotor 1 or MDK 2 they had the excuse of being an AA studio with limited budgets, unlike when they were developing SWTOR or ME3 and were EA's favorite pet.

Only the third picture is real. The others were made in paint.

Wasn't this supposed to be a whole new setting with a whole new story and a whole new everything? Everything shown on trailers and teasers have been nothing but reiterations on previous works to the point that they've shown the same ayyliens races and only those appearing in the game, it might as well be another ME3 DLC ported to nextgen consoles, what a fucking joke.

Assuming daddy issues will continue to be the central theme of the series how likely is it that the father is going to be the villain?

I hated that it never felt like it made a difference if I had a squadmate of a certain species on my team. Bioware created extensive fluff for each species that set them apart, but it never made a difference in combat. If I have an asari on my team it should feel like I have a master wizard around who makes the laws of physics merely weak suggestions. If I have a krogan on my team it should feel like I managed to bring a wrecking ball with me. Instead they're all just reskinned ability dispensers.

I think he will die either in the prologue or in the first confrontation with the bad guys for the Ariel dies twist.

Yeah, the squad doesn't really matter at all except their powers. In the first game you wanted people who complimented you at least so that you could open locked doors and stuff but later on it didn't matter because squaddies became useless with the removal of RPG elements. The AI always sucked and I'm not sure if they could even hit enemies.

What does this even mean? Who even wrote this drivel?

Gotta love the
At the very end.

David Gaider.

In DA2 characters were Schrödinger's gay, depending on the player's gender.



This creature is one of the people in charge of making this abortion of a game. Let that sink in.

Am i correct to assume that they figured the MMO-tier ressource gathering treadmill they had in Cisquisition was such a resounding success that they are going to double down in this turd?


I hate that ME2 doesn't present the player with the roleplaying ability to deny that AI is alive. There's no dialogue anywhere that facilitates this. You simply have to accept that Legion and the geth are living things. The closest thing is giving Legion to Cerberus, and even then, that's done through a UI prompt, not a conversation.

Inquisition and success are two words that don't go well together in the same sentence.

From what I hear, The Witcher 3 was a bit of a disappointment, but I think it's still relevant to include details like this. Also posting some testimony regarding what it's like to work at Bioware, which seems congruous with every other pozzed game and media company I've heard about.

Actually goy I'm pretty sure it's xenophobia. Andromeda needs to accept more refugees, you see.

Even if it's a naive way of stating it, he does have certain point about the double standards of the Council Space. I think he understands the fact that the Geth wouldn't harbor much sympathy or hatred towards organics. How they would deal with us would ultimately be decided by calculated predictions of payoffs. I guess the writers should've explained to the directors how they did the AI culture in Hyperion or something.

You don't have to agree with everything. It's still a good view into how messed up the working culture at Bioware was.

pic related.

Compared to DA2 anything is a success. It sold so shit they never even bothered to make an "ultimate" bundle thing and a big expansion for it got shitcanned. EA actually considers Inquisition somewhat successful. It's hard to tell if they considered it a learning experience and if they will remove the tedious MMO gameplay, moronic fetch quests, busywork and facebook like timers but they will build on Inquisition for sure.

It was my GOTY and probably favorite game of the last decade or so. Only people really disappointed were graphicfags who believed the early renders.

They're gonna double down on that shit from all I've seen. They gotta pad the game out some way and it sure as fuck isn't gonna be with well written, interesting content.

It reminds me of something that I encountered in Deus Ex:MD during a dialogue with Aria at the task force bureau. All Jensen could say was basically "augs didn't do anything" or "it's not the augs fault".

Considering the trailer in the OP mentions the player placing mining drones to gather ressources which you apparently need to craft and uprgade gear i'd say there will be plenty of busywork.


Don't forget the waist-high-wall mount-and-slide animation use in ME2-3 and again in Andromeda. Bioware was crowing about how the Frostbite engine would free them from the restrictions of the old engine, but they've just imported all of their old shit so it can be reused. It makes them look really incompetent on a technical level.

BioWare sure knows their audience.

Where they sit, they must shit.

David Fully Gayder?

Why do they have to pad it out though? It's not an MMO with a monthly subscription fee. They don't make more money on players spending hundreds of hours of it instead of like 50 or whatever.

That's debatable and actually an interesting topic, is simulated/emulated sentience really true sentience? Shame we will never get a game about that. Except Binary Domain I suppose which touched on that a tiny bit, but it never took itself very seriously.


So they can put "100 hour campaign" on the box. It's a marketing stunt because Witcher 3 did a real number on them, they know CDPR raised the bar and they're scrambling to meet it, or at least fool people into thinking they did.

You'll even hear normalfags say that we live in a "post Witcher 3 world".

To try, keyword try, and justify the 60 dollar price tag, otherwise people would complain that they just spent 60 dollars for a three hour-long campaign. Plus they can then put on a shit metric like how many hours were played by all the players or how many monsters were slain to avoid showing the number of sold games.

To be fair, the scavenge and crafting system existed since ME2.


even though it looks like a rubbish webcomic, at least the inquisition concept art doesn't look like it was lifted from an MTG card

Do they really make more money by making the game shit to be able to do a marketing blurb instead of making a good game with less playtime? That's a rhetorical question, of course they do. Fuck this industry.

That doesn't make any sense.

"I like women and don't suck cock like some faggot. But if it's a really good dick I'll put it in my mouth."

Also this is the image I tried to find to try and explain what he might have meant with fully gay, they are fags though.

Hell even PS2 games had this marketing strategy

I dunno, user.

Anything past 0 belongs in the oven.

Nothing wrong with bragging of your game's length if you have the variety of content to justify it. BioWare, being talentless hacks, are basically selling you an eight hour campaign padded with MMO tier fetch quests and cooldown timers to stretch it out as much as possible.

The whole game is fucking embarrassing, the marketing campaign is embarrassing, the conduct of the devs is embarrassing, the assets, animations, gameplay, everything is embarrassing.

BioWare is basically lowering the bar into the negatives, that's how shit their games have become.

Homosexuality is a set of sexual preferences. Faggotry is a behavioural archetype that doesn't perfectly correlate with homosexuality.

Was Rogue Galaxy any good?

Its worth a try

The gameplay is both very hard and very easy at the same time, by that I mean that the enemies deal tons of damage(in two or three hits they kill you), but you have 99 potions that heal 50% or 100% of you HP and 99 potions to heal 50% or 100% of party HP, if you have the money. It's not turnbased, and you can even jump and attack or block to negate all the damage(if I am not mistaken), honestly I enjoy it. The story is simple and childish but has that sense of adventure and nonsensical fun. If you expect something like Xenogears or SMT Digital Devil Sage then don't play it. Exploration is enjoyable with minimal backtracking since there are savepoints every 100 paces that can teleport you to all the other savepoints on the planet and also heal you. There is also a bug catching and fighting minigame that is enjoyable and the crafting is top-tier. Honestly the game was designed to go from one fight to another, never having to worry about saving provisions since you could teleport to a merchant quickly and buy potions and the story is just for fluff.
I like it

didn't mean to sage
Oh and the party memebers are ok, I can't say they are fleshed out, but they are varied(you have the scotish Pyro, C3PO a robot, the love interest, the ara jungle girl, the giant dog with an axe to grind literally, a tea drinking shark or whatever the fuck he is, and captain Jack Sparrow crossed with Raiden from MGS), however some of them are annoying.

Witcher 3 was pretty fucking good. Like, a fucking legend of a game good. You should play it.

Nothing. Do you see the first picture? He looked really gay to begin with.

Sounds nice, will give it a go.

It really set the bar high, hopefully CD Projekt will be able to follow it up with a good Cyberpunk game. It's going to be hard to live up to that though.

The nigger that created the tabletop Cyberpunk has pretty high standards and held off selling the rights for a vidya of his IP for years, so there's hope.

I still refuse to believe this since W2 was pretty fucking mediocre.

nah, it was good, even great

Witcher 3 is miles ahead of Witcher 2. It does what W2 tried to do, but actually does it well this time.

Yeah, the cybernegro is a pretty cool dude.

I wouldn't call it mediocre, having completely different branching paths was great and it did a lot of things right. It was made on a budget though, the project was CDPR's gambit they made when they were on the verge of bankruptcy. TW2 was well above the competition but it was flawed. The Witcher 3 polished that, improved it in every way possible and added a ton of new stuff. There's nothing else like TW3 on the market right now, it's pure quality.

It is
Bioware is officially getting merged with a couple other dead studios

Maxis included just as final fuck you to everyone from EA.

May everyone working at BioWare get stuck making p2w trash for all eternity.

Too bad that there's no sweet wincest route. Cuz' I tell ya, Triss may be a thicc bitch, but Ciri is the real deal.

AIs are fucking faggots in those games, and it greatly upsets me that you get less and less racist with each game.
In the first game you could say whatever you wanted about them fucking aliens.
In the second game not anymore, but at least you could tell robots to fuck off and say they are not human.
In ME3 you are automatically best friends with EDI and love AI so fucking much.

Except for asari. You could be racist to them in every game, and I loved it.

The gameplay in W2 was absolute trash. Try to do a combo but every move is picked randomly and they all have different animation lengths. For a game with action oriented combat this is absolutely fucking unforgivable and whoever decided on it should be drawn and quartered.

Well fuck the new mass effect main characters has the same surname as mine. Guess it's time to change my name I'm sure it wont be that hard seeing how easily trannies get away with it.

Harem route would have been best route.



Where's the tali porn?

With the kind of people that populate the Cyberpunk 2077 forums, I'm skeptical if it'll even be a decent Cyberpunk game. Though I'm hopeful Mike Pondsmith will keep CDPR in check during development.

Yennefer is such a bitch

I'm already married. I don't want realism. I want a fucking fantasy.

Not quite.

Sadly Western writers think "muh gritty realism" is what people want in their escapism.

I want to be a badass and get all the waifus, not ruminate on human nature.

In the previous thread.

get a vn if you want fantasies

I have some if you'd like I guess.

Might as well give up hope on Bannerlord too. Developer forums are always a cesspit of asskissing faggots.


its the same team and they are just copying mechanics over
so yes

Is it? I heard it was a new studio and that they've only made multiplayer for the ME3 and assisted on some stuff before.

its anons like you that deserve to be bogged along side the sjw's.

its a mental disorder produced from child abuse and a breeding ground for diseases like antibiotic-resistant syphilis and Aids.

Hormonal disorder more likely

Its okay.
It was heavily shilled by fanboys.

Pathogenic, hormonal, psychological, doesn't really matter, they're broken and needs to be fixed one way or another.

It's better than 2 but worse than 1
The expansion packs are leagues better than the base game's shitty story

And niggers at CDPR refuse to release REDKit so people can make short stories like those

This sounds acceptable. Though I still don't see the point of seeing it as a condition, not any more than other brain chemistry related traits like moodiness or food-preferences.

Where did I say anything about gays being acceptable, faggot?
Reading comprehension. Do improve it.

nonsense, their is no evidence that its even remotely physiological. That is largely liberal propaganda pushed by the media and education system with absolutely no scientific backing. All the evidence points to it being caused by early childhood trauma, particularly being abused by other pederast.


I bet you think all homos are aroused the same way.

If you are so fucking smart, then explain me why I get significantly more aroused by males when it's 2d, but women only when it's real life or photos.

fag detected

It's because you're a deviant

How'd you figure out that one Sherlock?

There is no logic to mental illness.

So now you are projecting and making assumptions. I don't give a damn, its a disease ridden mental illness no different then being into Bestiality or Necrophilia. The scientific evidence suggest its born from childhood abuse. Regardless, they are inferior life forms that need to be emphasised for the good of all mankind.

I don't think that's the word you're looking for.

Tell me then, what's the difference between a fetish and mental illness? Because as far as I was aware bestiality and necrophilia are fetishes, whereas homosexuality is a sexual preference.

Only actions hold meaning. I find real wome quite attractive and want a traditional family if only it is possible in these turbulent times. I have never seen a real male and wanted to get intimate or anything, but when I see homosexuality in a stylized, usually non-human, more abstract form, I suddenly see an appeal.

Ignorance is wisdom, eh? Holla Forumsfags truly are SJW-tier. Just FYI, everything in this world runs by a logic.

Link the proof then.


Holla Forums is here now, time to leave

You're saying fucking animals and corpses is not indicative of mental illness?

Those are all mental problems.


I'm saying where do you draw the line? Should vore be mental illness? Should looks be mental illness?

Well mate, sometimes you just need to have that horse dick.

You are correct

You are not even trying any more.

what? I am saying they are equivalent mental illnesses to wanting to stick your dick in mens assholes. At least bestiality and necrophilia are largely still seen as mental illnesses.

Answer his question.
What's the difference between a fetish or sexual habit and a disorder?

They're just mad we're making fun or Inquisition and ME4 after all the trouble BioWare went through to pander it to them.

No, you fool, it's a comparison on how different developers create characters.


Why are we still having threads about this garbage?
Not even Inquisition was this bad.
This board really has gone to shit, goddamn.
I don't care if you want to laugh, you're just giving this shitpile free advertising, negative or not any advertising is good advertising.

Isn't it hilarious how the best leftypol can do is badly copy pol memes?
Shit, even their name is sucking pols cock.

The thread was fine before you mental ill pederasts came along to let us all know how triggered you are.

mark plz

Will it be day 1 piratable?

a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to something abnormal
is a mental illness

and both those developers are shit.

Do you have anything that's not heretical?

Let us know when Holla Forums moves past MS Paint-tier

It will have Denuvo, most likely, though why would you even want to play it in the first place? To laugh at how bad the game is? just watch a walkthrough on youtube.

That wasn't a very good answer. So would furries be sexual abnormality or as fetish, as they derive sexual satisfaction from something abnormal?

It amazed me Holla Forums newfags really think anyone here is triggered by nigger or Hitler.

Can you stop posting your shit bait already?

they are mentally ill user. They need to be removed from healthy society.

you're what is wrong with the world

The guy you're shitting on was agreeing with you.
No wonder you lefties keep eating eachother, you can't fucking read.

Considering you guy's keep complaining that talking about fags ruins everything, you do in fact seem to be triggered.
And if you really want a more focussed thread, don't make it about an anouncement of a shitty game franchise.

If you fucks weren't comstantly making threads about it I wouldn't even know this piece of shit existed you goddamn retard and I'm sure thats the case with a shitton of people here including the majority which are lurkers.

Fucking hell its cuckchan all over again, but then again I was alreadyexpecting this with all the fucking Skyrim/Fallout 4 mod threads.
Jesus fucking christ, thank god for Holla Forums derailing this SJW shit and all these niggers.
Fucking kill yourselves

Alright, poor example. Would a gore fetishist be mentally ill? Obviously it's not natural, but they derive sexual satisfaction from inflicting harm. So is it a fetish or mental illness?

You need to work on your reading comprehension retard.

No idea what you are talking about.

Are you trying to reinforce my belief all of Holla Forums belong in the oven by asking stupid questions or something?

could you just all fuck off into your own hugbox boards and stop shitting up ours maybe

Furries not only want to fuck animals, but they're almost exclusively homosexual.
If there is a word for having multiple mental disorders then that describes furries.

user we are getting sick of you Bioware shills, nobody give a fuck about your shitty games. We don't need and ass effect andromeda bread part #3. It's all ogre and is more evidence as to why Mark should allow us to post Gore in blatant shill threads.


You need to learn how to write retard, if you're replying with "You", it's directed to the person you're replying to.

The reason why we fuck is breeding. To breed is to produce offspring that is determined by the genetic heritage from both parents. The right to breed amongst population is decided by rivalry where in general the biologically superior, those with the best physiology and smarts win. Therefor: sex is the culmination of rivalry of living, thinking and physical entities.

Since all of life on this planet hold certain commonly relateable traits, such as the physical functions of an organic body, certain needs signalled via body movements, a more abstract sense of efficiency, it's no wonder that there can also be certain traits that can be interpreted as arousing even across the species-gap. A wide hip is a wide hip, well-formed muscles moving beneath the skin or healthy-looking hair can manifest all across many different species.

However, a corpse doesn't move. Even a freshly dead corpse has lost a significant amount of these factors that can generally be considered sexual. Usually when someone is aroused by corpses, they ignore these previously mentioned sexual attributes and focus on more decadent aspects of this two-way relationship. I haven't read much about necrophilia, but I can imagine it being commonly about absolute control, a fetish which usually is caused by mental trauma, and cannot be considered to belong in the spectrum of healthy sexual behavior.

So in a nutshell my speculation: beastiality is commonly caused by a strongly abstracting mind that can see the sexual traits of living beings on more overarching level. Necrophilia on the other hand doesn't belong in the domain of regular fetishism for it holds no or insignificant relationship to those physical traits that can be recognized in normal fetishism.

Its so bad that there are even niggers here who want to pirate this trash.

Bethesda didn't develop New Vegas you mong.



Well are you gonna answer me or just claim I'm baring all day? What about exhibitonists? Obviously it's not normal to want to expose yourself in public. What about vore, or cuckoldry, fetishes or mental illness? Give me a better definition of what separates mental illness and fetish and I'll stop asking.

Hes calling Obsidian shit you fucking tard

says the user crying for people to censor their opinions on a public forum.

Leave this place

Tell EA you're fucking awful at your job
Better yet, let me talk to your boss

Just because I'm a true communist and want a horse cock to pound my ass into oblivion it doesn't mean I'm mentally ill you stupid stormfronter.



Why is its ears pasta shells?


How can a robot be so gay?


btw, I want to add that I am talking about this focused more about fetishism and fantasizing, not actual practices. While I think that beastiality in some forms is a healthy fetish, going around and fucking animals IRL doesn't display a sense of good judgement. Our mental scapes are heavily biased into anthromorphizing everything we see. That means that fantasies are cleaner and safer, for they ignore the non-human elements that we cannot know by nature.

if you didn't see the 6666666 post on b Kek wills that gays have rights. So I think that is settled.

I think there are two forms of homosexuality. One is a powerful rape urge that emerges in dominance disputes, the other a passive strategy to avoid said disputes. This is why homosexuality is more prevalent in polygamous societies, like Islam and early mormonism.

Kekucks are obnoxious

The right to not be fags.

That's Satan's wish.


Oh we're going to love that game aren't we?

Do you even know what the word "contrarian" means?

Don't insult Kek (PBUH).

The only rights that gays should have is for the choice between cremation or burial



Here. And since it's made by Bioware it's shit.

There's no way they're not going to find a way to fuck this up worse then ME3. Think we'll have the opportunity to spoil this for the shit eating retards that are actually looking forward to it?

Trips of truth.

Christ, that reminds me of this one normalfag I used to know. He was quite smart (university degree in computer engineering, got hired immediately and to my knowledge is making $60,000/year), but his taste in media was absolute garbage. I suspect his wife's shitty taste had rubbed off on him, but I never met her so I can't be sure. He bought Cisquisition and installed it on his monster of a PC, which seemed odd to me since he had solid state drives and Denuvo fucked those because it constantly rewrote data and encryption and shit, whereupon he wouldn't shut up about how much he loved the game. When I tried to ask him about why he liked it or how he could look past the game's flaws, he hit me with a quote I will never forget:
>well, you can just choose not to do it! it's like in real life, if somebody came up to you and asked you to get him a coffee, you would probably say no.
From that point on, I knew the only reason I spoke with him was to get a free ride to our hobby event every week. You can't redeem someone like that.

That makes me feel better about having bought it, at least. I'll have to get around to playing the Witcher games this year.

Webms related.

Grow up.

I hope it will have some absolutely okay___ spess waifus

I couldn't roll my eyes harder if i tried.
Sounds like straight out of fanfiction.

Bumplocked due to complete derail, feel free to make a new thread and keep it clean.

What about those of us who are already badasses who drown in pussy in real life and who would like to get away from all the stress and do something more cerebral in games?

We end up reading books and studying history instead of playing vidya most of the time.

I think those people are busy wrestling with Gandhi on a flying pig.

Waste of trips for such degenerate brute.

What is there to discuss? Everything Bioware can is fucking garbage. Their working environment being an SJW-hugbox mixed with EA's way of treating workers as cattle quarantees is that the only people who are willing to work at that shithole are low-skilled hipster media students.

The cross-species and gender relationships are a key aspect of these games. You ain't gonna get a thread about them without some trigger-nigger coming along and turning it into politics, even if you didn't mention the developers that have been actively spewing LGBT-themed PR.

I won't pretend that I don't participate in these shitfests with glee, but I'd say that the derailing happens usually after the someone rightly points out that the devs are faggots, by people turning it into a discussion about homosexuality in more general level. If you think that point can and should be prevented somehow, feel free to throw ideas.

There's something wrong with their proportions in the third pic. Their heads are too big compared to the rest of their body.

It's understandable you don't have much to discuss about the game as it hasn't been released yet, but that is not an excuse to have offtopic threads.

Bumplocking isn't a death sentence in any case, thread already has over 200 posts.

Their thighs look too short, too. Probably a byproduct of Bioware's patented approach to 3D modelling which involves making exactly one female model and one male model, then stapling different heads to each one. It's not as obvious in Mass Effect since the armour is heavily standardized, but it sticks out like a sore thumb in Dragon Age since every character in Cisquisition had a necklace or a high collar coincidentally at the same horizontal point in their neck.

They still can't make waifus worth shit.

Get a load of this faggot

Jesus Christ why are her tits so low?

I think it has more to do with the fact none of them have ever been near a human body that wasn't grossly overweight.

I'm more perplexed as to why the arrow moves independently of the string and why it fires from her fucking knee.

I have started to enjoy following Bioware's trainwrecks, their incompetence is always hilarious.

That is no excuse, there is a free resource at their finger tips, and I am sure they could hire someone to come in to model like the Metroid Prime devs did.

What book is this from? From the text it actually seems to be talking about the subject of sexual fantasies.

Some psychology school book most likely.

My god Bioware.

Why were Bioware forums closed?


they moved to origin forum

No. The only sentience that exists is allowed to naturally evolved beings. Fuck you.

lol this is why



The first one is a woman.

Reminder that Mass Effect should have ended at the first one.


Calling such a well-made argument faggotry is faggotry.

Besides, I just this morning realized that I am actually 92-94 percent heterosexual, so you can't pull that shitty "homosexuals are fags" -argument.