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Very, very nice.

Fuck off Ritsu


hey everyone

His thread got deleted actually.

Hey 4am, would you guys say 25 is too late to join the Navy as a sailor?

Mornin niggers

Hey fam, how're you doin'?

Morning all. How've you guys been?
Been playing the shit out of Yakuza 0 and Gravity Rush 2. They're both a blast. Not very far in either however. Gonna take a few days break from FFXIV though, finally finished ARR in that.

What games have you guys been playing recently?

Morning everyone!

Replaying wizards and warriors a bit. Might play Alien Syndrome later. m8 recommended it yesterday.

Might spend a few hours today and finally blow my 100 amazon funbux. Though not exactly sure what I want to get yet.

Missed the last thread (or maybe two), anything good happen? I went to bed early because I broke 4 dishes and cut my hands up cleaning the mess.
Anyway, trying to decide what I want to play, out of Guardian's Crusade, Mega Man Battle Network, Pokemon Moon, and Oracle of Seasons.

I thought the cut off was 26 to enlist.

alright, though I'm tired

Nothing good ever happens here.

What'd you do today user?

Mostly way of the samurai 4 but I've grown bored of it.

Hows life going?

The GC battle network? If so play that, its great.

How'd you break the dishes?

Same as always nigga, how's life been for you recently?

Wait, do you have to be over 26 to enlist?


How bad was the booboo?

Don't do that.

Gonna sleep soon?

Take back control of your life.

go back to the gas chambers

The GC one is Network Transmission. Battle Network was GBA.
I went to put them in the sink. Put them on a table first so I could pee. Came out, picked them up, and then just kind of lost them. 3 plates (two of which were relatively new) and a soup mug broke. I've had the shakes pretty bad for a couple days so that might have contributed.

It's a bunch of little ones.


What's good bruh

What was his stand name again?

Drive, have an interview, drive, feel regret that I have no money

It's only 8pm here

Never heard of Guardian's Crusade, or played MMBN or Oracle of Seasons. But Pokemon Moon, while cute, is kinda bland and boring at the end of the day.

I've heard good things about that game, i've yet to check it out myself. How is it?

And same old same old. Just got through a funk with my back, missed two days of work over it. Somehow managed to throw my back out on Monday, second time this has happened now except that this time I was just getting out of the car. I fucking swear i'm an old man in a young body. They gave me four different prescriptions, though one is for my sinus infection.

Pretty okay. Back pain aside. Gravity Rush 2 and the new Yakuza came in, so i've been playing the shit outta those, and nuDoom. I've also got Resi 7 on the way.

Under, but I meant that once you turn 26 you're too old and they won't let you sign up. I think, not certain.

Ahh maybe oracle of seasons then. Didn't care for the GBA BN games.

Whats causing the shakes?

What is this?

How do you think the interview went?


Oh no, not me, I never lost control.

Oh so nothing deep then?


p e d o

Guardian's Crusade is a fairly entry-level PS1 RPG. You're a knight with a baby dragon you can train different ways, and lots of living toy things to help you in battle. I've been struggling to play Moon but I want to finish it by March because there's a promo Pokemon you need to beat the game to get.

I personally liked BN, I just don't know if I want to get into the series again right now. As for the shakes, I'm like 3 or 4 days into quitting a bunch of drugs at once.

Nothing deep, thankfully. I feel bad about breaking them, though.

no plebs allowed

That's weird as shit to think about. I thought they'll accept anyone whose not impaired or a senior. I was hoping to join either during college or after to help pay tuition fees.

Fuck off pedo.

Probably went good
I've been up for about 17 hours after only having 3 hours of Sleep last night

We need to start a band, our lyrical genius will take us to the stars!

jus random shiz monica

i thot it was 33 tbqh

I'm usually out by then, but to each his own.

You can always work as a civilian subcontractor. Cleaning toilets, cooking, offering discount blowjobs, driving and shit.

Woulda been more fun as a platformer. Or with a bigger map or something imo.

Shit good luck m8. Which ones?

I miss being able to do that all the time. Now that only happens if I'm crazy depressed. That level of exhaustion is comfy.

I'm not cleaver enough for that sorts

that sounds kinda neat.

Oh, what promo pokemon is it? Not that I really see myself picking back up Moon. I stopped playing after the first island.

How stupid was the shit?

Were they yours or did this happen at work or something?

You know what

Rhymes with 4am?


i can help monica i'm gud w/ lyrics

das a rare ass yen sid tbh monica



Started playing Odin Sphere Leifthrasir earlier. Pretty fun and looks beautiful (of course, being Vanillaware), but I'm not real sure what to make of the first arc's man-hating Valkyries. It's like the only guy they have much liking for is Demon King Odin (who they're happy to serve as part of his army) and he's got some family issues and doesn't exactly seem to be that good a father. That said, I'm only on Chapter 3, or whatever.

I still wish I had the full version of pic related.

Don't mind me, just testing the new embeds.

33 is the max total of AV you can take in a Tank in the W40K Skirmish game Killteam
Can't think of a tank with a max total AV of 33 though, only 32, 31 and 30 As well as higher numbers but not 33 itself

Well I can't sleep when it's daylight unless if I was already asleep and wake up, then I can go back to sleep but only then

go on then

I honestly have no idea, I'm sure you could find out what the oldest they'll allow people to enlist is through google or something like that.

They all need to be shoa'd.

I really had fun with them. It's just 1 is kind of basic compared to the others.
Mostly prescriptions. Those are the ones I regularly use. Crack sometimes, heroin if it's offered. I've done a little of everything. I drink a lot, too.

My parents'. I moved back home not long ago.

It's a nice goofy game. Not great, but alright.
Magearna or something like that. I just finished the water chick's trial a few days ago.

Robute Guiliman did nothing wrong on Calth

Just checked, and apparently it's 34 years to go as an active navy, while 39 is for reserves.

Thing is, tuition aside, I actually do want to become part of the Navy.

It does?

I still regret it a little. Fuck now I really want to see those titties.


Honestly monica I got no clue, maybe I'm thinking of the army or something.

making them work for it is better then not

Maybe I'll skip 1 and try it again some time. Both times I've tried the series I tried from 1.

And good luck with all that then. Pills are a bitch to get off of. And with booze you're going to destroy your liver if you don't get off this shit now.

I'd probably reply to you more if you stopped posting spider dick in every post. You seem like you could be a cool guy.

Me either, maybe our shit shit skills will cancel each other out and we'll be super good.

Nah I follow Nurgle but while Robute is normally an Ass I support him for beating the shit out of Logar, no body likes him and his shitty OC

How old are you user? Should have got some milf ass while still young imo

death to all niggers


Is this a rare pepe, I never use it.

Fucking casuals don't even follow Malal.


i thot dat we wuz talkin about enlistment age tbh i myta responded to da wrong nigga. dayyuuum u can fit 33 space hulks in a whip tho?

washu mean monica

yea u membuh biden's son got a special dispensation from biden or obama to go into da navy at an older age n got kicked out for pissin hot w/ cocaine monica


Yeah, I know. I've been kind of wanting to die for a long time. Just decided that's not how I wanna go, alone in a gutter. The best MMBNs are 2 and 3, I'd say. If you're gonna skip 1, the main thing you'll need to know storywise is MegaMan.exe is a special navi made from the memories of Lan's dead twin brother. But 2 and on add styles/souls, make the different areas of the net look different, and some other cool stuff. 1 isn't bad (4's the only bad MMBN) but it's barebones.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir has been on my list for a while now. I'd love to get to it. I enjoyed my time with Dragon's Crown Reggie and I never beat it still…

Magearna? Sheesh i just can't keep up anymore. Which one was the water chick? I've got no clue honestly. I love Team Skull though, they're so dorky i love it. If i ever pick up Moon again, it'll be just for that.

I'd stop but it's funny to see autists get worked over me tbh

well I've always thought that the issue is less that I'm unable but more that I've not got much to work though so it could be the case here

While I wish he was canon, let's be real he's practically an edgy recolour of Tzeench that's an Insect

I'm 22 and I look even younger than I am. It's why I grew out a beard. I'm probably in the milf eye sights for a good awhile. I'll look 20 when I'm 30 anyhow.

Thread theme.

do the voodoos mr hooloo

Have you tried getting some really thicc curtains? Or a sleeping mask?


Apparently it's a robot thing.
Best girl, duh.
I'm enjoying them a lot. Given how ineffective every team is from a gameplay perspective, I think having a goofy one like Team Skull works.


nah, thread theme

I might have been more into the BN games if you could create your own navi. I think the nips ended up getting some game that let you collect and battle with different navis actually but it never made it state side.

And yeah death via dead liver would just be pure shit. Better to go fast honestly.

Thats good at least. Hopefully your fat milf shows back up next time you go. What song did you sing anyway?

I don't think they'll be too peeved and I doubt the dishes were that expensive. All the same, hope your hand gets well soon man.

He was more or less renamed Malice, but they'll never bring him up because they can't be creative to save their company.


dem rulez

You didn't respond to me, I'm just tired and saying random shit
Though you probably could hold a whole chapter and it's retinue on a space hulk that's over 1000 superhumans, probably 10000 servitors in most chapters, and a lot of Rhinos, Razorbacks, and other shit




very nice

not helping. Pics man, pics.
I have to agree. All the past teams were trying way too hard. Though I recall Team Galactic(?) being pretty nefarious.

It would have been nice to make your own. I know there was Battle Chip Challenge, but I never got far into it.
Yeah. I've just been to scared to outright do it.

The dishes were pretty cheap. The mug and two plates were part of a cheap set they got a couple months back, I guess. The last plate was free because there were a crapload of dishes in a camper they bought before they kicked me out.

This one. The DJ said it sounded pretty good, but he might be playing friendly. It's why it's important to find people who can give honest criticism. I'd suck even more at singing without it.

I was going to post a picture and I forgot. I don't even remember which one Galactic is. Gen 5?

Galactic was D/P/Plt.

that's ominous

you always say that when I post about karaoke. you got stage fright or somethin' you big wussy

Just think about how fire our mixtape could be fam.

Oh, okay. I should have known that.

er, I think Galactic was the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum team, so gen 4 if memory serves.

it's been ages since I played it, i don't remember everything.

I put a fuckload of time into the series, but dropped it after Black/White thankfully.

Don't get me wrong, it seems like a really good game. It's just that if I wasn't like 90% certain that the English script was ripped from the existing PS2 version, it would raise flags of having been [CURRENT YEAR]ed. As another plus to it, it's got dual audio anyhow (and even general NPC text is fully voiced), so I would assume some user would have readily pointed out any discrepencies between the scripts early on.

Fucking rip. How'd that turn out?

Don't worry, there's better games to remember.

Ahhh that one sounds kinda neat. Doesn't seem like it has enough characters though.

Think the one I'm thinking about had physical chips and shit, big reason it didn't make it over here.

And you ever seek help for the suicidal thoughts? Or hell rehab for the drugs?

I always figured karaoke was more about singing cheesy old hits more than newer stuff honestly.

Galactic were the borderline retard cultists in Gen IV. They even need a sign in their nap room at HQ to not sleep in an already occupied bed.

Cipher best team.

aight aight monica cool dem space jets monica dayuuum dey got any trainz in wh40k monica?

You know who I'm talking about.


I really really really really really really like this song.

I can see the appeal of playing crowd favorites, but I like to sing the songs I listen to all the time. I have more fun that way. you do any karaoke yourself?

It's not as good as even the worst of vaporwave songs.

I always say I'll quit after one and eventually pick it up. Not really into the comp scene, I just like playing around in the main story.

Well, the bulk of my drug use was after that and they didn't see me for 8 years.

I remember a thing with physical chips coming over because my brother had one as a kid. I think it was more like a tamagotchi thing or something.
Nope. I couldn't even hold a job down most of the time.

I know Cipher was one of the spinoff teams. Pokemon XD?

I wish I did, but I got no clue.

then why not


Sounds fucking awful user, are you alright?

Nah. I'd sound horrible. Though if I had a fair amount of booze in me and was hanging with buds it'd be pretty damn fun.

That's all I really ever did. I remember being pissed off at B/W because the level scaling for everything was fucking shit and when you unlocked the post E4 content, all the wild pokemon were under level 10 while trainers were in the 60s.

I'm okay now. Eating better than I have in years.

I don't remember much of B/W except the big central city and the desert route with the crocodile thing that evolves to get sunglasses.

You can't handle the truth, not yet. One day you'll see who's truly responsible for this.

I just really don't like it fam.

More like the original chanarchive, which had shit going back years and years. All gone, all dead. Glad I took screenshots of some of the threads there; it seemed a bit dumb at the time when I could have just bookmarked them, but in retrospect that turned out pretty well.

Or the filename could also be sickipedia; I miss that bastion of hilariously offensive jokes.

Colosseum and Gale of Darkness. There were technically two teams in that game: Cipher, and Team Snagnem. Cipher hired Team Snagem to do the heavy lifting of stealing Pokemon. Meanwhile Cipher pretty much had rule by shadows over Orre and their goons were shockingly competent in ambushing the player and compared to teams in other games didn't simply stock the same handful of mons over and over, having actual varied teams. And as another plus, their admins used actual tactics the play needs to get around or at least survive, rather than simple type advantage.

Well that's great man, it's good that you're doing better now. Hope that it keeps up for you, user.

I never played those two, sounds pretty cool.

go back to shitting the showers alphys

Thats neat, didn't know we had those in the states. I can't find whatever the fuck it is I'm talking about honestly. Know it exists though.

You working now user? Or just being NEET and trying to kick the shit?

The games tend to not stick around because of the fact that they're pretty bland.

I'm just glad 8archive is actually fucking working now.


Did you not bother with going to Giant's Chasm, or hell, the entire eastern side of Unova? I remember being able to find, in addition to high level Audino to grind on, stuff like wild level 50+ Metagross in the grass. You're right though that there was a big discrepancy between the level expected between beating the elite four and fighting post game trainers.

You ought to at least remember Black and White having pretty nice music, you know.

oh nice. I didn't expect dual audio. I'll have to grab it if I find it on sale sometime.

Black 2/White 2 was a pretty good follow up to Black/White tbh.

true enough.

I understand that. I made the mistake of trying to sing for a Holla Forums musical and got trashed pretty badly.

if you ever do you want to get better at singing, it's mostly practice. you might not sound like a famous rockstar, but you can get a lot better if you want to.

? i been hearin nigga shillin mpv a lot but i ain't had no problems with vlc neva in like 8-10 years or so i been usin it exclusively 4 video monica wuz good fam?

I'm not sucking dick for pills so I'm doing better by default, man. I don't know any dealers here so I couldn't fall off the wagon if I wanted to. Just gonna get fat from eating so much and have a heart attack at 30.

I'm looking for work right now. Not much for me, I've got a record. The thing I'm thinking of, all I remember about it was the little chips came with the toys of the navis.

Yeah. I like HG/SS better than this.

My memory's never been much good. The music in this one's alright, though. Your rival's dumb as a sack of hammers but it's pretty funny.

fair enough.

They are. For spinoffs, they were neat, but I remember them getting a fair amount of hate from people expecting minigame-fests like Stadium 1 and 2. They could actually get a bit challenging, at least compared to main series games, and the music was superb. Colosseum has the better atmosphere, while Gale of Darkness has more refined mechanics and team variety.

Woops missed this post. Way of the samurai is alright, a bit unpolished. Tons and tons and tons of crap to unlock if you like those sorts of games.

And fucking shit. I hate that feeling of your body falling apart. Been having my leg all fucked up all week for no reason myself.

I plan on doing the same thing, except instead of eating it's smoking, so I can't really fault you hombre. On the other hand, if you're gonna be eating so much, you could also become a gigantic bodybuilder. Just a thought.

You do realize I'm still gonna call you out next time you swing by and post >karaoke stories, right?

I'd rather work on learning an instrument than singing. Though I can kinda understand the appeal.

Plus I've been smoking for 8 years now. My lungs are destroyed. Singing would kill me.

What'd you get arrested for?

I didn't get all that far before quitting and selling the game because I disliked the game quite a bit.

I stopped after B/W so I have no idea what's going on. I do like the May redesign though.

From what I understand VLC is built for streaming. I use CCCP because it has codecs for animu translators already in it.

HG/SS was the last one I enjoyed tbh.I'm really upset I deleted the /vp/ folder I built up from when it first opened on cuckchan.

kill all the niglers

oh shit fam u do one doin da translatin? funnily enough i ain't neva got vlc to work streamin nuthin otha than .m3u

Nah, I just watch shit occasionally. I haven't seen anything recently, I should probably look for shit.


Funny, I'm not a smoker. My parents always said they'd whoop my ass if I smoked so I never did.
I'll probably get a gym membership once I can afford to. I'm a hungry skeleton right now so building some meat back up wouldn't hurt.

I remember hearing you could catch like evil Pokemon or something in them, from other trainers. That's about the limit of my knowledge.

Drugs. They let me off easy but it's still on my record.

I never used /vp/ but I've got some pics built up from different sites. A lot are from pixiv artists who post on twitter.

Then I better keep posting them. I need those (you)'s, man. I'm addicted to them.

I'll have my people talk to your people.

What's this style/genre called?

kill miggers

probably not before the lung cancer gets you.

I checked the archive for 4/vp/ that exists just to see how far back I could go, and it doesn't go far enough back to actually pick up when I posted which is a shame.

Sounds neat. Can't say if I'll ever get around to it, but my interest is piqued.

hear hear.

what's not to love? The redesign was leagues better than the original honestly. But my favorite fem mc design is still Hilda/Touko honestly. Remake Haruka is second on that list however.

what style?

Watch gabriel dropout, its the best show this season.

Ahhh. Thats pretty bullshit. It make it really hard to get work? Or do most jobs not mind once you explain it wasn't thievery or assault or some shit.

Eh, I'm actually fine I'm just rambling on because I'm tired
And I don't think the Imperuim has Trains but the Webway and the Warp serve similar purposes

My old man didn't want me smoking cigarettes since his brothers got the cancer. Good thing these are cigars:^)

/fit/ might be able to help you out if you can withstand the barrage of homoerotic shitposting.

u eva see gankutsuou? i liked dat shit a lot tbh fam

If memory serves, the PS2 version also had native dual audio. Probably one of the few times Atlus has actually done so.

Still have to get used to Psyphons needing to be manually collected or called rather than automatically gaining them, the way souls in Muramasa are.

The Unova games are admittedly rather divisive. Still, I found them rather solid, and the music certainly helps.

In retrospect that place was a shithole, but at least the drawthreads, distribution threads, and wifi generals had merit. At least compared to "got yer feetz" tier trash.

Basically, they're broken Pokemon that have been tormented into closing their hearts off to humanity and each other. Orre is a shithole desert and Cipher's agents control it from the shadows. The protag is an experienced trainer that used to be a Snagem goon, and has a change of heart, blowing up their base, their main snag machine, and making off with the only portable snag machine. You basically go about liberating Orre, stealing Shadow Pokemon again, and unbreak them

Naaah I just mean like getting all winded and shit. Ain't going to live long enough for no lung cancer to get me.

If you ever get in the mood for some max weeb shit, running around with a katana slicing up gaijins its good for that. It has tons of different sword styles and a few hundred swords. Plus you can customize all that shit. Its fun.

You have a problem! We're your >friends and you're hurting us and yourself with this addiction!

Found out my old man will most likely be retiring this year. Obviously that will mean a slash in my tendies budget, but it also makes it uncertain as to whether or not they will be able to support their stay-at-home son for much longer.

That's a shame. I'm sure there was some good shit.

It looks really bad because everyone assumes you'll start using again at the drop of a hat, or still are.

My dad smokes like a stove and always has. They just didn't want me doing it too.
I've done so much shit for drugs that nothing they can say will phase me.

Oh, I see. Sounds pretty neat.

I'm Colorado-user, by the way. Are you guys gonna do another road trip? If it's in the Summer, I might tag along if I can.

I just started collecting Neo Geo games. Thoughts? Yes, I am a billionaire.

How old are you that your dad is retiring?

I really like the color pallet for Emerald May for whatever reason.

I saw bits and pieces of the dub when I actually watched tv.

It was a shithole, but it was fun to fuck around in. I had fun back when it /tr/ tbh.

It was stupid shit, but I wish I was on Holla Forums instead of /vp/

I'll have my spiders talk to your people. It will be very professional I'm sure.

There's a lot of old archived stuff I wish I could find that none of them have. It's a real shame.

Can I have 5k mr billionaire?

Ahh yeah that makes sense.

You ever look into any kind of self employment?

Maybe later.

It's a shame we've lost that culture.

That one never gets old.
You have no idea how useful an asset that's going to be when it comes to /fit/. It's really, really gay.

Whats some of the big names on the neo geo anyway? Never looked into it.

So what does it feel like to be in a state of perpetual happening?

Sheeeit negro, the last one really put a dent in my fundarinos, but I'm pretty sure there's a couple guys in the southwest who'd be able to hang out with you without having to drive for two days, like I would.

Not back then. I didn't have a steady enough life to bother. Lived out of a shithole, no cash. Too fucked up on everything for my skills to be any good. I could fix computers now but I don't think that'll pay the bills alone.

Yeah. It was great at first.

Good thing I can turn off the part of my brain that says "man this is hella gay why are you doing this". Pretty useful when you're broke and starting to come down.

Yeah. Genius Sonority made a surprisingly good pair of games. Then again, maybe I'm just biased since for whatever reason they based the setting for the games in part off the area I live in, though admittedly we're landlocked here and we've got no equivalent to Gateon Port (unless somehow the lake on the western part of the state with fucking London Bridge counts).

Just wait till they have to pay for the wall.

cant wait for the shithole known as mexico where i live in to get fucking shoah'd

Why do you think we're having them pay for it?

I hope it gets better.

oh you gotta collect them manually after an enemy dies in OS? I could see that getting a bit tedious…but I guess OS isn't nearly as long as Muramasa either.

Sounds pretty nice.

eh she's all right. not very high on my ranking though. I really like Mei too fem mc from Black/White

I still see her buns as wheels that she uses to get around.

You live in Mexico? As a Neo Geo collector I have to ask. What's with Mexico & Their love for the Neo Geo?

nah. it wouldn't be the same without you. you are a cool dude.

dat shit got a dub?


Better than nothing. What kinda skills you got besides that?

night peeps. I need sleep.

We're going to be the kanye west of shitposting. Here's to a successful partnership.

Night user! Good luck in all things

It was probably cheap and got a lot of games or they had a shitload of systems for it like Brazil did with the Genesis. The Genesis was still being produced in Brazil recently.

Yee. Just get the fansubs like anyone who actually gives a shit.

Oh, those weren't by the usual guys?

It did, for now.

I don't know how you guys can remember all those MC names. I just go by features and only remember the girls. We've got Crystal or Krystal or whatever with the blue hair, May with the titties, the chick from fr/lg with the skirt, the loli, the puffy hat girl, applehair, bungirl, the blonde, Maya again, and chicken-chan.

Bowling. Bowling and fixing computers.


they were and still are pretty widespread

As in the best games?

It's never going to recover. By 2009 imageboard culture was dead.

Become a pro bowler then. Though be careful, thats a world full of drugs, booze, and women.

Yeah of course. Might end up emulating it some day.

Let us know when you get Arnold-tier gigantic fam. Then you can beat up our bullies for us

What Genres do you like?

da arcade machines stayed da same I think n da owners could jus buy new arcade carts. so buying more boxes was more profitable for a longer time monica. das wut i heard anwyay.

It's not exactly tedious; if you're nearby they slowly drift toward you and if you touch them, you collect them, but I find myself having to often use the "lift Psypher into air to channel them" method. Also a bit annoying that Psyphons are not just used to strengthen your weapon and learn abilities, but they're also needed to grow plants which are used to increase your health, level, and make potions.

On older consoles mostly platformers and adventure games

Her buns eh?

booru tags and hours of fapping i how I learned (most) of their names.

Oh, and I can kinda do voices. They're always a little off on recordings but they sound okay to me when I'm doing them.

It was a perfect storm of normal people.

I'm not that good, man. I'm good enough to maybe hustle people if I could find people retarded enough to bet on it who aren't also good.

I don't think I'll hit Arnold levels but I'll beat your bullies up anyway.

Curse you, shitsu.

Nope, GameFreak didn't make them.

Flattery will get you everywhere, but damned if I legit am out of dollaridoos for that trip, at least for the foreseeable future.

I've fapped to most of them a lot too but I'll be damned if I can keep those names in my head.


I mean i talked to a nigga dat been a serious league bowler his entire life n went pro for a short time he said u rly rly gotta luh dat shit n suck sponsor dik, then like in his case he hated doin it almost killed his love for bowling as corny as dat shit sound and he had to pay his sponsor back when he quit.

Nah nigga, look at her head. They're literally wheels.

It feels bad.

You might like crossed swords if you want an adventure game. Imagine arcade punchout with swords & shields.

You can have these if you want
It's all the Fullderp I have


I used to watch the various anime seasons growing up (and still watch it with a friend and his dad both for old time's sake and to laugh at shit like embed related), fan translated Pokemon Special scans, and played a lot of the games up until XY, so you kind of get a feel for the names as time goes on.

Image boards are dead, but given the way of the internet, there may still be hideouts for thousands of years in which their memes may be shown.
-And we…
-We can not stop them.

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

Drunk driving is a myth. God speed user, enjoy the donuts.

Never really got bowling honestly. Done it a few times, not all that fun.

Sleep cool, Dr. Brule.

Forgot muh embed.

Don't forget this.

IRC may be the bunker we need.

that's WHY i remember them honestly.

i know you, it was a pun

u lik chubby buddies unni?

You mean, it's a bun?

I once beat cuckchan using 4 mons, losing only 1

gay theory skeleton is phil colins

What? The fuck is flash crash and why is funbro not banned.

Damn that does look really fucking fun. Thanks user!

yes, it's a bun pun

Seemingly post apocalyptic solar punk.

You're quitting?

Noice. dem numbers

Good times.

Nintendo seems to whore the spinoff games to other companies. In addition to Colosseum and GoD being by Genius Sonority, you have stuff like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games being developed by Spike Chunsoft (given they're the guys that make stuff like Shiren the Wanderer and the Torneko games for Enix)

iz it a attitude thang?

It has a Neo Geo CD sequel, but that system sucks, so someone made a Neo geo conversion if you won't want to bother tith the shitty neo geo CD.

You also want to check out shock troopers. It has a sequel too, it's just not as good.

Good, here's your first target.

aight, i'm outta here. Catch you guys another night.

Sleep tight everybody.

That's great.

I guess that explains it.

It's pretty satisfying once you get good. I'm not great but before I quit I could tell right away if the ball was going to be a strike, barring anomalies like managing to do everything wrong in just the right way so that you get them all.

Still impressive, to me. Then again, I could name pretty much any FE character by looking at their portrait.

Yeah, I knew MD wasn't made by Game Freak. I don't mind letting other people do spinoffs. Getting a nice Fire Emblem musou because of it. Gotta buy a Switch or a new model 3ds though.

Half payment up front fam. I take cash, credit, and pizza. But only good pizza.


I can't believe I fell for it again.

Well yeah, but breathylyzers and random DUI checkpoints are not.

I mean, I can maintain consciousness and still talk to people with a BAC of 0.40… not bragging, don't do this, get addicted to xanax instead, at least it won't rek your liver


Never been big on those kinds of shooters honestly.

You deserve it!

Night! Was nice seeing you!

the skeletons are shit anyway toriel best tbh

Sitting here in my motherfucking jacket and got the heater running, no snow but dat windchill. Tried for the last three hours to get some sleep, no dice. At 1pm yesterday, I made the mistake of taking a "nap". I ended up sleeping for 8 fucking hours. Fuck me.

Do you like space-ship shooters? The Neo Geo has 10 or so of them.

I wouldn't buy a new system until it gets more of a library down the line, but that's just me and I always get into systems late anyhow. But still, I mean, what if the Switch turns into another Wii U in terms of library and censorship?

At least you didn't run into a situation where you went to sleep for 8 hours but only slept for 1.

I probably want the Switch version but even if I can afford one when the game hits, that's a lot of cash to drop. I've been wanting an FE musou for years though

Why is /tg/ so gay 4am?

There's literally nothing wrong with being gay.

Just feels like I'd rather be playing at an arcade or something the few times I went. Like after the first few rounds I'd rather just being doing something else. Hard to keep my attention really.

That shit should be illegal.

Flash Clash was some GF ladder from some time in 2016, it's basically 1v1 using the Nintendo rules rather than the Smogon Rules
Meaning Funbro was allowed
Unfortunately those die every month, but not before there was an over 8000 turn battaru

You'll get the rest after.

Except the whole liking dicks part.

yeah that's true.

because they suck penises, of course.

I'm not falling for your tricks merchent.

What if they're girly dicks?

Funny you mention that
I got pulled over today

Eh. I like it, myself. I even like the smell and sounds of the bowling alley I used to go to. Maybe they'll hire me.

I swear to god if there's pineapple on this you're next

What did he mean by this?

Like vertical shooters? Not really.

Oooh neat. Now I'm bummed I missed that. I really need to get back into fullderp. I haven't been in forever.

What for?

You'll pay for this.

Traps are gay.


It's fucking awful, more so that I have a class on Tuesdays during the day and I usually sleep during the day.

It's 2017!

If theres one place that probably wouldn't care about a drug offense, its a bowling alley.

I already have.

What, since this image was made?


Don't you know clitorouses are essentially small dicks? It's a matter of genetics. Some girls have ginormous clitoriouses, complete with a shaft.

They worship Slaanesh, the most basic bitch chaos god.

Since before that. This game better fucking be good. Then I want an FE Theatrhythm after it.

Might check it out if I can borrow the car tomorrow.

Yes, yes it is.


Of course not, what do you think I am, Hawaiian? I'll see you bully him. The rest of the pizza will still be warm.

Maybe you should be more inclusive.

kyo wa samui desu ne
"It's cold today, isn't it?"

Try to find some time to get some sleep, user. Your studies will suffer if you don't.
Nah, I'm alright with my coffee and my jacket. Should put some more blankets on my bed, though.

Luckily it's a piss easy class.

Gotta be in threads over than here :^)
And I got pulled over for haviung a busted front light, so no trouble and then told the officer to keep up the good work

What about Horizontal ones?

Well shit fam what can you do that's show business

guess again gayboy

It'll happen overnight, when the thread's dead.


What are you studying?


bai nycka

only if you give me more (you)s

There's only one thing left to do, then.

Ahh hate when that happens. Freaks you the fuck out at first.

Hate those even more tbh

It's SQL. Once I pass this class I graduate, which is great.
Too bad.

No witnesses.Over and out.

Dude you are casual as FUCK.

reeee normalfags get out

Nice. Hope you can find work.

I'm not planning on going into software development for quite a while because I don't fucking remember any of it and would have to teach myself all of it. Besides, it's only an Associates degree.

Meh just don't have a lot of fun with them.

How long you been learning nip user?

Well what confused me as the cop was indicating behind me at an Intersection so I thought he was turning and then I realised that he was trying to tell me to pull over

Never had a cop do that before. Always got the lights even with minor shit like that.

you're still better off than people who have no education beyond a high school diploma. Like me

Around a month or so. Got really motivated thanks to the learning threads. I'm still really shit at grammar, but I know a lot of Kanji now. Being a NEET and all, it's pretty fun to do something constructive with my time.

I only got it because the state paid for all of it.

The Lights were flashing too, just no Siren

Shiiiiiiet congrats user! Keep up on it.

Ahhhh that explains it.

tbh slaaneshfags are just absolute pleb tier tbtqoh

I already spent the money and have filed for bankruptcy. Do what you must, I've already won.

what a lucky bastard. are you a nigger or something?
I'll certainly try.
I'm afraid that gay spiders will infiltrate my blankets while I'm in the middle of shitposting, and they'll surprise me into giving myself a concussion or something.

I'm a fucking white male.

Well it was 6am near some houses so I don't blame him

I'm out. Time for some Gungeon before bed. I guess they updated with some free shit the other day.

Then why did the state pay for your education? Did you get a scholarship?

Sleep tight hombre

One is a federal grant, the other was state run that was given because parents were just poor enough to qualify. If I was given the choice, I wouldn't have gone because it was a waste of time.


Eh as much as I don't want to take Spider's side but Slaanesh is more so the god of Autism rather than sex
Well CWC was Autistic about that shit
Khorne is the most basic bitch chaos god as all you need to do to praise him is hit things with an axe while for the others you need to Make Space AIDS, Make Space AIDS autisticly or Make Space AIDS JUST AS PLANNED or make all the other gods fight over space aids

I went to community college for a bit, and I too felt like I was wasting my time. I had to spend my time studying the class material, and my teachers outright told me, "I don't give a fuck what you do, but you can't come to me for answers. Form a study group or something if you need help". Well, fuck you. Why the fuck am I paying for enrollment when I could just study at home for free?

Basic bitch in that only horny ravers and child molesters worship him, by and large. Khorne is just buttmad knight templars who have no personality, tzeentch is for nerds with an inferiority complex, and nurgle is for people who saw their dad's benis as children and thought "boy oh boy I wish I could suck that forever".

I'm in community college because I didn't give a shit while in high school and wouldn't get accepted anywhere else. I'm just going to pick up a dead end job until I get enough money to go innawoods.

Eh fair enough, though Slaanesh is meant to be the deity of extreme excess over something rather than degeneracy, if it was Degeneracy that brings Slaanesh to life then Slaanesh would of been created in M2.928 or M3.007 Rather than some time in M25

Sounds like a good plan. Good luck, user.

I know he's not about degeneracy, but most people who side with slaanesh are just plebs tbh. Not in the lore by the way, I just mean people who play the game. Everything I've said is about the fanboys, not about the actual lore.

I just hope it kills me quickly if it decides to kill me.

Oh, then everything you said is exactly right and I agree, it's almost as bad as harpies painting their Khorne Daemons Purple Yes there is rule of cool but it has to be cool to pass the rule*


Yep, I mean sure you don't have to paint them red, I mean a White Paintjob suits them, hell even Orange may work And weirdly they work pretty well as Pestigors with minor adjustments

is it as bad as niggas say? ne1 kno?

It's Shit

Haven't done any of the tabletop play myself honestly, but I can tell when something is downright dumb and purple is one of those things.

Fair enough, Purple only suits Slaanesh and the Various Eldar as well as the sneaky gits as have you ever seen a Purple Ork

Gonna head out, got shit to do and all that. See you guys later, everybody take care.