Play WT planes

Any game based on tanks is for fags unless it is a legitimate simulator like DCS or Steel Beasts

git gud

also dubs

I tried War Thunder planes. I made the mistake of focusing on Japanese planes. Took a fuckload of bullets to do anything to anyone and usually only one or two back at me to set me on fire and burn my wings off.
The bombers were also possibly some of the least fun things I've ever played in a multiplayer game.

Once you get the N1K2 it essentially shits on every other plane in the entire game, even if you're bad.

First: The War Thunder flight models are garbage, and the devs have no clue what balance even means. Also, realistic mode giving you indicators screaming "ENEMIES ARE OVER HERE" in addition to the third person camera just ruin any chance of games being anything but climb thunder.

Sim tanks isn't perfect, but the flaws aren't what you mentioned. Enemies are glaringly obvious at range thanks to shitty LODs, and the lack of good overmatch mechanics in the game also fuck it up. Also, if you're getting flanked you're advancing too fast and not checking up on your friendlies often.

What, exactly, do you think tank combat usually consists of? Ramming hulls into each other then having the commanders turn out to beat each other with sticks?

Japan is shit on all tiers, their guns are shit, their turn times are not better than the spitfires and their climb rate is average at best, it was good and fun pre 1.5 something patch, I even got to early jets on Germany and Japan but it all went bussian rias and the highest paying country (read; USA) from there on out, shit was so broken I as able to easily unlock all USA planes including the end game jets

The tanks are fucking cancer, playing simulator mode in Tier 4 tanks with M18s running around is fucking retarded. They're cheaper, more maneuverable in every way, faster, have a fantastic gun, so your armor is just irrelevant, it's a situation where both players are pretty much dead if they are hit first, but one player gets to move around super fucking fast while the other one is in idk a Tiger I or a Panther D.

T29 is also fucking cancer. Tiger II H with HVAP CAN'T PEN IT'S FUCKING TURRET from the front even though, on paper, it should be able to do so easily.

"Just hit the hull, lol!!!11!!" They always try to hull down, so thanks for that stupid fucking advice, not to mention they'll still be shooting at me when I've just killed their driver and commander. Meanwhile they shoot me once in the turret and take out 2-3 crew members and my turret ring. Such balance! Wow!

Have you considered that maybe Russia and USA have the best planes because Russia and the USA did, in fact, have the best planes.

Reality is rarely balanced.

High speed tank destruction derby would be very fun.


Which is why you put stronger vehicles in higher tiers, autist.

Russia had shit wooden planes, they won the war due to throwing people at it the way normalfags throw money at f2p MMOs and while the USA did have incredible planes it doesn't justify how unbalanced the game is, it['s a game not meant to be realistic, otherwise German fighters would be stomping left and right, or did you forget the USA won against Germany by bombing the shit out of it?

As much as I hate the T-29, there are two things that make me fuzzy as fuck on the inside. One is going in as a FW with 2 rockets and surgical strike the dickhead, and the fact they usually get stuck in tier 5 matches against postwars.

That being said, the fact you can be unlucky and get stuck with postwars in tier 4 tanks is just depressing as hell. The only time I've killed a post war with a Panther was a lucky shot under the treads, between two wheels and somehow hitting their ammo. Beyond that you're shit out of luck with anything that isn't an 88mm cannon and a lucky strike on the side.

That all being said StuG III is by far the cutest tank other than a few of the Jap Tanks. And Grind Thunder is still garbage but all I have because I need my World War II fix


M8 german fighters a shit, the only redeeming feature of entire Luftwaffe as an organization that salvages it from being a complete and utter failure is their impeccable tactics and exploiting weaknesses in enemy doctrine. Hell, by the middle of the war the one and only single attack strategy they ever used was boom and zoom.

dakka>every other strategy
what else did you expect planes with multiple 20mm cannons to do, turnfight and lose all their energy from recoil once they shoot once?


And there you have it, admitting to german planes being such a shit that the single thing they even good for is climbing into stratosphere and plinking at enemy vehicles which with any luck wouldn't fight back (which they often didn't).

how is that shit? if anything it would work in this game if the devs actually gave half a shit about valance
japan: turnfighting
germany: boom n zoom
USSR: jack of all trades
USA: gotta go fast
Britain: alright dakka with good turn rate and climb
but sure, shit on anything that isn't specialized why don't you.

nigger did you know that the stuka had actual mechanical autopilot? or that the top no joke like 100 aces of WW2 were Kraut pilots from shooting down literally hundreds of shitty Russian planes?

I was referring to real german fighters. Oftentimes soviets just couldn't give enough shit to engage those k/d-fagging stratoautists and just flew on their way for the objective. They lost far more planes from ground artillery than from fighter attacks.

Stuka is an oddball in lots of ways; anecdotes don't trump statistics.
On account of them attacking in squadrons but all frags going to squad leader's tally, while engaging enemy that didn't give a shit to fight back - see above.


and we're talking about a video game on a video game board. soviets not giving a shit didn't stop them from getting shot down and oftentimes killed.
the fucking cannon yaks that are so popular in War Thunder broke down from the recoil of said cannons and unlike the game the gun would often jam if you shot more than thrice in less than 10 seconds

Hey, Germans benefit from having gear that's more reliable in game than it is in real life. Take for example the He 162 A-2 WHICH IS THE WORST FUCKING JET FIGHTER IN THE FUCKING GAME (for simulator fights), well guess what, the wings don't appear to be made out of plywood like they were in real life (I've been hit and they didn't instantly rip off), so there, it's even!

Except the plane is a flying brick that can't retain energy for shit and only has 2 20mm cannons so the dakka is nonexistant for it's battle rating.
It's literally everything wrong with the axis' aircraft; low maneuverability, low dakka, weak jet engine.

That was the joke. It does have a good roll rate, but everything else about it is shit, especially trying to take out enemy aircraft flying faster than you with barely over 200 rounds of 20mm.

At least I managed to fly it under a tiny arch in a bridge once.

not necessarily good roll rate considering it pitches down when you're halway into the roll thus killing the nonexistant energy advantage you might have against a prop, it's shit and everyone knows it's shit

That they didn't have enough people or materials or factories to continuously iterate the way that the Allies could and had to make do with stopgap solutions?

nothing stopped them from going twin engine with the Messerschmitt heavy fighters and they did go that route with the me 262, the salamander was a prototype and sending it to war was a mistake.

In the game spitfire's engine doesn't stall if you roll, either.

Engines were a major chokepoint in Germany's production. The Me-262 couldn't be built in large enough numbers to make a difference.

Also russian planes are fucking garbage. Just dont turnfight them and maintain higher altitude, they cant climb for shit.

There are German ace pilots with literally hundreds of confirmed kills, and I'll tell you one thing: they weren't fighting the brits.

Not in game they're not.

They're only as OP as they are in-game because almost nobody knows how to play. Russian planes excel at low-altitude turn-fighting, which is the form of combat most unskilled players default to.

*the playstyle you're forced into in realistic and arcade battles because that's where the fights occur

This. You won't see other players climbing past 6000M which is where the fun on most high altitude planes start.

Not to mention, even in simulator battles it's functionally impossible to spot people who are 2000m below you if you're even only at 3000m. And shitty teammates never call out targets. So you can't even boom and zoom the people with less energy than you because you can't find them, and if you can find them, it's because they spotted you from beneath (which is relatively easy to do) and they had enough energy to get on your 6 so now you don't have an energy advantage and you can't outturn them, so you can dive and run home, wasting your entire time climbing, or try and get them in a rolling scissors, but even if you do that fairly well they will still have many opportunities to fire at you.

This is how you know that someone hasn't gotten past T2.

Nigger every fucking time I play anything that isn't jets the battle happens within 4000M off the ground.

Any E- or F- 109 can outturn a La-5 on the deck.

and how about a spitfire

It's a good thing he wasn't bitching about British planes turnfighting on the deck or I'd look like a real moron.

Yak-9s outturn F-109s too

meant 109 F woops

That's cute.

tbh the only people who don't like warthunder are shitters and people who paid money in a free2play game

How faggy is Armored Warfare these days? Haven't played that bitch in a while.

You think thats cancer? 9 out of 10 matches I play with tiger E I get uptiered and see t29's, nigga thats fucking cancer. Like I'm not annoyed enough that every time I kill someone I have to relocate or get a bomb on my head.
I just want to drive my fav tonk.

There are like 30 people in queue at night and that's it. There's a thread on /vg/ that pretty much is bitching about the game being dead.

Last time I played it was like 5-15 per faction in each tier so theres about 20-60 players per tier and per region. So about 100-300 in a single region and what 300/400-900/1200 total? I dont remembe how many regions there are.

No that's 30 people in queue, in the entire world. There is the NA and EU server. EU server is where it was 30 people playing. NA has literally nobody playing and you can't even find a PvE match at times. It's dead.


Also rockets are OP as fuck i love using them. Ez mode kills against bombers specially the huge as fuck american ones that still get one shotted and it's normally harder to hit a figher but when the fight is head on you can normally wreck the shit out of people

Spotted the guy who only plays arcade mode although any of the simulation modes are extremely unrealistic and the developers gave up on making them good and actively make them worse so it's understandable by now


Drive me closer, I want to hit the gun barrel myself.

If you can't handle WT how the fuck do you expect to be able to play those, scrub?

Couldn't you see the outline of tanks, or at least it's name above it in arcade mode? At least, that's how I remember it.

It's no simulation, but if you want a game about awesome tanks shooting the shit out of each other, try Gear Up. It's free.

Are you retarded or lying on purpose? What do you gain from doing either?
I cant even go get a screenshot of the queue pages for each region since I get pretty much instantly sent into a match but this is what it usually looks like minus the higher tears, they're pretty much 3-10 ppl at best.

But thats still 165 people on a single server and there are 4 servers not 2 and these are just the people in que.
Id say theres around 300-500 people in que at all times during the day and slightly less during the night but this can be mitigated if you have good connection and que across all 4 servers.

That's you user cause if you actually bothered to check who I was replying to I was talking about Armored Warfare not War Thunder you fucking tit.

Yeah you can see names in arcade but anyone who plays arcade is a retard.
Its easier to play realistic since you're not automaticly spotted so hiding and ambushing actually works, enemies wont know where to shoot you unless they know your tank and 5/10 times they don't even on some shitty tank thats almost 'shoot anywhere to kill'. And as for you just learn the tonks and how much your shots drop.

Well shit

no~. I play realistic only asshole

How are the ship battles? it's been a long time since I last played the game, and I might go back to playing, but I am curios to know if they are good, decent or dog-shit.

Nothing but PT Boats.


From a technical perspective, actually yes the Russians were pretty advanced as far as their aircraft went
By '42 and '43 the Germans lost air superiority on the Eastern Front, the only reason they took it was because up to the war the soviets were focused on producing ground attack craft, which were going to be used in their suprise attack against the Germans in '42, but the Germans hit first and basically cleaned out the entire soviet air force in one hit

Since when did planes made out of wood suddenly get made out of steel? That's what a lot of bullshit stems from.

Blame Gaijew for this shit, most of their shit are based off soviet documents, mainly interwar ones which are crude as shit. As in, slavshits repair a shot-down FW190 and stuff in a yakovlev propeller and record in the flight performance.
This is soviet effeciency at it's finest, hence why Soviet aircrafts are almost superior in every way. Just think about it, why exactly would you tell your own airforce that their aircraft will have an engine failure after 20 minutes?
Game balancing is shit, slavshits in their IS-2 who can't sealclub hard enough because of german schnellbombers bitched to Gaijew to do something - ding dong, bombs now have permanent timers, no more accurate highspeed divebombing for you.
Fuck's sake, even the halfcucks dropped this fucking game once Gaijew introduced more and more patches to kick out what's left of it's playerbase.

Just for the sake of reminding everyone why WT is shit,
If you're looking for fun, play Flakpanzer I and load full APCR or go for Ju88 and light everyone up from a kilo away with 13mms.

The Japs had terrible aircraft. Even the feared Zero was a joke. The Wildcat had a KDR of 6:1, the Hellcat 10:1.

fuck off asshole.

Is this game literally just Heroes & Generals with no foot soldiers? That's kinda lameā€¦ though on the other hand, being able to fight for GRORIOUS NIPPON sounds cool. Plus it looks like this game has better damage modeling.

It's bad, yet it's still addicting.

Im done with Britbong T3 planes and i can research everything on T4.

What plane should i research next?

that's the laziest thing to do.


It's not a matter of what you make it out of, it's how you construct your aircraft.