Has ANYONE ever beaten King of Dragon pass without a guide?

Has ANYONE ever beaten King of Dragon pass without a guide?

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Too close to home.


What, the blind seer showing up every couple of years to tell you what to do not enough?

option #3 sounds the best, she's gonna need it.





I think I've just gotten used to it, but it still hurts a little though.

Never heard of it, sounds like some DOS autistic patience tester.


The guy who made the guide.

What kind of shitty clan manipulator spirit are you?


If you didnt know the devs are making a new game

He's calling you a millennial fuckboy newfag.

How the FUCK does it hit close to home?
It literally says "but i have a good heart, i am kind", how could this even remotely possibly apply to any of you?

The creator of the guide

ib4 he used this guy's guide

They're all carls in the clan.


Hits too close man.


I haven't beaten the game yet. But I have managed to make my clan prosper to the point I have to split it. All without guide, just trial and error. Including being raided and raped by the ducks.

I have. It was so easy.

how fucking old are you? Kill yourslef monster


I fucking hate those ducks. Fight me 1v1, don't go crying for fucking help from other beast races you gay fags. You raid my land you get fucking raided back, you can't handle getting fucking demolished don't go picking fights with humans.


No, they just stole cattle while I was out raiding. The spooped some herders and buggered off quickly, big cowards.

But then I stole back the cattle and then some, killed most of their warriors, and took their land and fertilized it with the blood and bones of their first born so my people could prosper on it. It was glorious. Shame they're bitches, I was close to genociding them.

Cool story bro but how was riding ironhoof that bull?

You tell me, or better yet ask your wife or your wife's son what it's like so you can tell me.


Yeah, I didn't really expect a proper reply from one who consorts with beasts. Away with you trickster.

Nice reply fag.

I spent it all genociding clans what can I say Orlanthi blood purity man. That and dealing with magical creature bullshit.

Lhankor Mhy got sick over your illiteracy and Chalana Arroy cried over your faggotry. On the bright side Issaries was impressed by your bullshit spinning and wants to offer you a job.

I remember those ducks, what the fuck.

I remember those ducks a lot, I remember playing this game when I was a wee lad, and that there was ducks, just like that, clad out like warriors, hard ones, threatening me and my party, being vicious and hardy as they were hefty and swift. I remember the dreams I'd have where these realistic looking duck creatures clad out in their armour, hiding among the bushes, pretending to be lowly farmers but with tantos and pikes at the ready. Slaughtering and sacrificing human women from a nearby village as they sexually molested ogres they captured from along their travels for their campaign their nation was having to look for more advancements for their race. They looked like how that movie, Howard the Duck looked, all sounding just like him, being as vile and sexualized as he was, being horny bastards looking for the next pussy to fuck, quack and pack. The Duck woman were whores beyond belief, lusting for semen no matter who or what it was, but they indeed were picky, for certain ethnic groups who dared pretended to be something they weren't to get duck love were tortured and kept half alive by the mages they had on standby, having them getting castrated over and over again as their genitals were mutilated for daring to try and mix with the ducks. From them being torched to being vivisected, these ducks were truly masters of their domain.

I remember how these dreams felt like years upon years have passedbut it turns out I just slept for an entire day due to a positively wicked fever, though sometimes the dreams would continue where they last left off, where the people in the dream, even the ducks were searching for me, they asked where I was, why did my clothing simply poof to the floor, how come they felt my presence but within their bloodlust rituals, and for the humans felt me as a ghost, a spectral being, a giant ghost whom stomped the land in what they claimed were random patterns.

The last dream I had, an asian woman found me, and we were in a bar, she asked me to come into the back room with her, to have fun for me being such a good customer, it was some strange oriental restaurant that no one came to but me within my strange RPG world.
I do not remember the name of this game at all, she handed me 100 dollars, or rather 100 drakes or gold coins for you younger boys out there from 4chump or faggit transplant, where kept hinting this was the end of that world, and she was manifested as the entire world I had in my mind to say good bye, she offered to fuck me, but me being a wee lad didn't understand what this game gook wanted, but she exposed her game tits to me, I remember going huh, ass she leaned in, and kissed my throat and the most painful sensation in all my life occurred, it was so wet, so damn cold to the point it felt like my life was being sucked out from my astral body, I was panicking, the cold was so damned intense I remember trying to punch the bitch in the head, trying to escape, the cold, the cold is all I remember and the sensation of not being able to breathe, the throat closing up as you felt these hard finger like appendages open up my throat manipulating my voice box, trying to get me to die slowly, where the cold felt like it was this thick thick saliva, but now I'm not to sure.

I remember willing myself to fight back, breaking this bitches neck, and I remember going around the tavern, and seeing dead corpses everywhere, even outside, duck warriors laid out with throats slashed, but not bitten like mine, they were laying about with prolapsed anuses, and other people mutilated in a similar fashion.

Then I woke up, with this intense wet/cold sensation on my neck, that didn't come from me or anyone else, and I remember washing it off and having these weir marks from where it happened and feeling strange. What the fuck is this game called? I want to destroy it cause I don't like remembering the shit that happened to me as a wee lil' lad about it. any of you mates get the same situation?

What an ugly stupid fucking kike, sorry lads, but this gremlin needs to be replaced by a real sonny jim. Not some beady-eyed, pube pasted, hook-nosed creature that looks like his head is too damned small like a fuckin' lil coconut that the little petrol huffing boyos like to play pump the pussy with.

I didn't like some of the quests forcing you to be trash tier degenerates for a bonus.

One scenario you get a chick to be married to a guy from another clan and before the marriage she fucks a bard and makes your clan look like worthless animals. There is no option to execute her pretty disgusting game TBH.


That aside
Game's called King of Dragon Pass. Don't get the Steam version, buy/pirate the GoG version.

it's appropriate to runequest/heroquest, though. the setting was created by a hippie anthropologist from california, the degeneracy is very heavily baked in from the beginning.

user what the fuck are you talking about?

Underrated post.

Doesn't the guy turn out to be a really good husband if you convice some woman to marry him?

I'm not entirely sure what the Orlanthi values say about uggos fucking. Probably "Do it for Ernalda, woman!"

Someone has to have. How else would we have guides?

Oh yeah he appreciates her dearly however she has had several husbands before him. The best you could get him is used goods.

Different bloke.

That was a pretty good read

Oh right, that guy.


i would play this game


So this game has been floating around for ages, how difficult to get into is it?

He legitimately looks like an orc or something. The first guy needs a dentist mainly, but he's something else.

Lern ur lore, faggit

Tuskraider. And yes, yes he is.

There's no wrong answer. For example I've on occasion literally killed Orlanth and passed the Humakt quest.

I beat the android version without a guide, but it was apparently somewhat casualized so maybe that doesn't count.

I'm dying here


In all seriousness, you were visited by aliens and you just fought off one who was trying to kill you.

Good job user. keep a gun next to your bed from now on.

This pic looks like it came out of a AWM comic.

What's the difference? I thought they were the same.

Steam version is a port of the phone version which had a lot of shit cut out of it. The GoG version is a port of the original version made to run on modern systems and has all of the originals content.

Will someone ever bother porting the new content from the phone versions to the original?

Haven't played many roguelikes, have you, OP?

The designers of King of Dragon Pass are too busy working on the sequel to it, called Six Ages. So probably not.

Or skinwalkers.

That a straight up lie actually. They fucked with the UI and the saves are a pain to backup/manage compared to the original, but the steam version has all the content the original/gog version had and even some extra scenes and bugfixes. One of the new quest arcs involves Vingans, so a mixed blessing.

Most notably pigs are easier to maintain in the endgame, raiding is more intelligent aka slave capturing/liberation is not random as fuck and you have something close to a dozen new artifacts.

They removed the tula screen as well.

Again, they fucked with the UI but the content and the mechanics are still there. And yeah, it would've been nice if the fucks applied those fixes and new events to the "vintage" version but kikes will be kikes I guess.

Speaking of ducks and dreams.

When I was a young child I used to have an odd fear of animated ducks from an old nursery ryheme from an old vhs movie which I can't really remember,
and a humanoid like duck,(that was not animated btw) that was on my country's national tv program, I'm a yuropoor that was part of some skit about taking over
the show or something like that.

Anyway that isn't really important, but the ducks from the old vhs I can remember I had a dream of them kidnapping in the middle of
the night, again I can't remember much but I've uselly had and still have very vivid dreams that can go on for days in the dream world.
So maybe there was something deeper in the dream which I can't remember that made me so fucking terrified of those ducks, guess I'll never know.

For the duck in the televison program now that I actually think about it I feel as if I did have a dream or two about it. Something like
the duck threating to kill my family or me or some shit, can't really remember it as well as the other duck dream even though the other duck
dream happened years before that one. But anyway I would remember before going to school I would be watching the televison and anytime I saw
that duck I'd fucking bail out of the room and start crying, I had a younger sister and an older brother who weren't as fazed as I was at the
time, of course my mum thought it was pretty fucking funny I was afraid fucking stupid puppet duck thing at the time.

anyway I'll quit the fucking blog posting

polite sage for having absoultly nothing to do with this thread it just brought up some werid childhood memories

You all know that you cant win against the natives right? Piss them off to much and they will shoah you

That's new

I never managed to finish a game

I just had another nightmare, after talking about it all these years, they came back.

I just want to sleep without fear of these fucking sexualized ducks damn it. If it happens again today, I'm going in, and I'm fucking killing them all.



I fixed your image.

The Storm Bull is Urox you twat.

Did someone screencap this work of art, or what?

Here you go you lazy fuck.

Since absolutely no effort went into this /r/4chan screencap.

The cake has been co-opted by the kike. The cake is in fact a forced meme-like deflection implying affection and him being one of the boys and not a slobbering, bipolar, attention whoring pig without any sense of measure what so ever.

The cake is a lie.


Only are hot-pockets are verified NEETS. The true face of Holla Forums is far more glorious.


i wrecked the cabbage ducks. never seen this game before but its pretty great

This is why I always stayed on good terms with the ducks, since I noticed before encountering them that beastfags had higher magic.

Magic is expensive, so I avoid enraging ducks.

Fuck off /ggretard/.

Sur, but Orlanth is still known as Bull in Gloranthian lore regardless faegit.

Those words and repeating digits sounds like the work of one who consorts with beasts

At least the fucking ducks will trade with you and follow the orlanthi ways

its called savescumming, thats how i beat it

but they are not pure orlanthi blood. thralldom or death and land seizing

Why, user?

Complete assholes, I always make them my enemy. You can get along with Trolls, and undead are a threat everyone has to face and even Beastmen can be dealt with one way or another but Elves must always die, elves deserve every bad thing that happens to them.

They fuck with your fields, though. And unlike the trolls or praxians they don't have the courtesy to feed the fields with their blood. Honestly, just pass them off to the vine making clan and say screw it.

Can you get fucked by the Ducks?

for those sweet hunting grounds for when crops aren't worth adding more farmers to

Can you rape monster women?

No user you pick the smallest possible tula for two reasons: first so that you have as many as humanly possible candidates for your future tribe and second so you can manage your secessionists. See, the need for splitting a clan comes from the wealth of said clan, and land features heavily in that equation. t. kang of a ~15 memeber tribe with a clan of several thousand and counting

And how do you know those anons don't have good hearts and are kind? inb4 "cuz dey go 2 v lololol"

tfw you wanna get captured and raped by the bull master race

Consort? They remain on their lands. By all means, send forth the cult of Humakt to inspect our Tula for signs of corruption- but do mind the snakes. There's a lot of fucking snakes this week.

i view it more as the guy in OP pic is prolly a piece of shit but like v he's self deluded into thinking he is a pure but tortured soul cause really, if you're good and pure person do you really need to tell everyone?

ill just seize more land from heathens, bigger lands for split off clans means bigger ally

I used a guide, but all the guides are shit tbh,

Of course you're going to take that land but as you can imagine having ~two dozen clans west of the mountains offers for more opportunities that having six or seven clans. Especially if most of them are your allies/tribemates/trading partners.
And the tribal events really pick up when you manage to get every recruitable clan out there.

its all randomized who starts out around you no matter what size you pick. just finished forging a tribe out of 9 nearby clans

It doesn't randomize as much as you might think, the Colymar will always be there for example. What the minimal starting tula allows for is expanding into the red zone, and if you do it in such a way that you're not actively destroying clans/driving them into yellow or if the yellow is already occupied you can expand to some ungodly proportions.

Essentially if you manage to bridge into yellow there's nothing stopping you from taking over all colored regions. all the other clans eventually stack one on top of the other in the swamp, now tell me that's not a worthy objective? :^)

And just so we're clear - I've had 20+ clan tribes.


Doesn't seem like the size of your tracts affects how far you can expand. I'll have try harder to make people respect my authority next time