What type of Screen setup is the best?

Finally making enough shekels that I can afford a semi-decent pc system (i7 6 core overclocked, 32GB DDR4, NVIDA Titan). As I'm waiting for parts to come and put it together though, can't decide on the sort of monitor setup I want.

It seems like the 32 inch, 1080 would probably be best for games and fps. On the other hand, when there's a happening I like to watch a feed from ruptly, while following twatter to save the good image/video before ZOG removes them and also have a tab open here on Holla Forums.

Don't think that 9 monitors is really feasible, thinking maybe 6 or 3 (assuming my system could even handle 6). For those who have that sort of setup, how does it handle games?

It's a bitch of a trade off because for work shit.happenings, would much rather have the 3 monitors laid out. On the other hand, am I then ruining quality of gaming? Any ideas from experience appreciated.

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I use three monitors. One 32 inch and two 24 inch. I only use the 32 when playing games, as the other two site above it.

that sounds like a decent compromise. Are the 24 inch 4k? the 32 inch go anywhere from $1,300 For an ASUS to about $700 for a dell-level and then a few hover around 325. I think I could get maybe the dell level 32 and still have enough left for semi-decent 24 k.

can you give me a rough estimate of how much all 3 monitors ran you and if you're happy with the quality?

Have they made augmented reality interfaces that make monitors obsolete yet?


I'll stick to the one monitor myself.

I like the idea of having them lengthwise so you can keep the info/streams more within your realm of view. A great example of how shitty it is to have one screen was the Paris happening in Nov of…'15 I guess now.

There was so much shit going on, trying to watch RT and get info off twatter and then check Holla Forums here for translations local news from French fags.

Like the idea of having 3 (in some configuration) and then, depending on the happening level this year, maybe investing in a few more as needed.

No 4k, I've had them for a few years. They're all ASUS and in total (with quad monitor stand) cost around $2500 ausfag dollars.

This would be perfect for me if the middle monitor had the same height as the other 2.

What my setup is is basically I got two monitors on the left and right for 35 bucks a pop during amazon sale and my middle BenQ is very nice and meant for gaming. The stand was another 35 bucks and I had to get a piece of wood to make sure that it was fully straight instead of leaning forward and slowly dying on me. I usually have discord open on the right, left is a video or if not blank with rainmeter having my music player along with other info, and center gaming, Holla Forums, etc.

Like on the same level or a really big monitor? Because either one isnt practical and this set up is the most optimal with what I had at the time.

If you were on the site last summer during that 2-3 week period between Nice and the priest beheading, you'd probably understand more.

Maybe you don't give a shit about politics or current events and don't need your computer for work, if which case I'd probably go for the 32 or 34 ASUS.

Just not sure how I'll properly arrange to get the 34…I have a decent-sized electronic synagogue (now already basically obsolete as not OLED), so I can chromecast one feed there which usually takes care of ruptly. Then maybe other 3. one for here, one for twaater to DL the good clips before they delete them, and use the 32/34 to just roam and look for a good feed depending on happening?

I think it's a safe bet that it won't be a quiet year. Could also have used multiple monitors on election night to watch Holla Forums, young turds, and one of the networks…

That's an amazing deal. And they were new? Also, can you twist on axis to make them vertical if you wanted?


I know this isn't strictly gaming, although I'm expecting at a minimum massive riots this year in Germany as Mutter Merkel has to get rid of some of them if she has a prayer for election.

I'd like to be playing "Crusader Kings" while watching the fallout from French election and whatever else religion of peace has in store for current year.

Yes I got them new but these are very bare bones as I had to buy DisplayPort to HDMI cords since my card only has 1 HDMI port which I use to mirror my shit so I can play games on my TV with friendos. I could, you literally mount them in the back and screw it in. The first plan was to have them horizontal but I realized that looking side to side was fucking stupid. I had them face me and the end of the main monitor was where the side ones would begin. It isnt 100% but is the best I can do and its really comfy having all this screen space right infront and hanging instead of taking up room on your desk with mounts. Pic is my entire setup in action.

If anyone else has handy, can you post pic of your setups to give me ideas? yes, I know I could look at (((magazines))) for ideas but interested in what people more on my level do and what's actually feasible than someone trying to sell me shit…

Good set up and a comfy chair too. Amazon has these way overpriced "gamer chairs" in pastel colors that like over $200. Going to head to either Walmart or Costco and look for one like that– faux-leather, wheels, and armrests. Hoping I can do it for $60 or so.

Curious, do you have a small pair of speakers? Think I can get small logitech speakers for a fairly decent price..

Pic related is my dream set-up.

Main Monitor.
Smaller Monitor in Portrait orientation.
(Right now, this is my laptop that I have lying on its side. It works well.)
My smartphone, clipped to the top of the main monitor.
(It comes in handy if you just want to keep track of something small, or for programs running in the background)
TV, for games you'd like to play with a controller or for videos you'd like to sit back and relax while watching.

With the actual pic related this time.

I have Sony MDR-V6 and if I don't want to wear headphones I use the BenQ or TV speakers depending on what I am doing.

Quality over quantity. Make sure they are all at least 144hz.


What is this image supposed to convey to me?

144hz is a meme, you can do with 120hz

What exactly are the benefits of going over 60fps?

Fine then. My point is if OP is looking to buy like 6 fucking monitors they should be quality.

lcd monitors are so fucking shit, you need it at 240hz to actually play games without everything blurred up and if you crank up the backlight so much it fucking hurts to see because of the blacks being lit up, hopefully oleds fix this

reduces motion blur if you don't have gay motion blur reduction gay shit

I have a two vertical monitors and a horizontal monitor the vertical monitor on left is for shit posting the one on the right is for for DS games and vertical reading, the one in the middle is for regular vidya and photo shop. it's all up to how you use the monitors so I can't say there is a best setup just what's best for the user.

I know fuck all about hand-on setting up monitors and windows. Made it through UG and Law School on scholarship with a macbook air I bought from older brother for $350. I know they're for hipster faggots, but was living on peanut butter and bread most of the time and trying to doge jew landlord when no rent, so looking like a douche with my faggy laptop not priority.

I know this is a newb question, but is it a pain in the ass to change orientation of screen on windows to go vertical? Haven't used it since high school and it was a bitch then.

Also, are the $130 logitech keyboard and $60 mouse worth the shekels or pretty much a scam?

Is it a mechanical keyboard?

haven't picked one yet. Saw someone else mention in another thread, that cherry/rapid is a safe bet. Ideas for gamerfag mouse? Actually far more comfortable with xbox controller but want keyboard/gamefag mouse for Elder Scroll Games and Witcher, because too many functions to use an xbox controller..

here I just made this webm to help you out I dont know about mac or how to do position windows on it, also did you know I was using logitech keyboard an mouse? because I am, I got this keyboard amazon.com/gp/product/B009C98NPY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and any mouse that has decent dpi is good especially if you can customize it logitech is decent I think it's worth it but all people have different taste I hope I was helpful.

thanks mate. I pretty much know I'm going to get ripped off on this shit, but after 7 years working like a nigger and terrified of losing scholarships plus working, want to have something I enjoy because I'm not risking fucking my life up with pussy yet.

Does this seem about right or can I go even cheaper?

thanks, going to save for when I get my materials and finish build so I know how to adjust..

no laser, no trackball that's for ergonomics not for competitive edge, flip a coin if you want ps2 or usb (2.0 or 3.0/3.1/3.1b/wahteveritscalled doesnt matter), most of the god damn time a non-ambi mouse just doesn't make sense. avoid the g502 because imo you're paying for weights + scroll wheel "speed"/action, billion dpi garbage and various of unnecessary buttons.
in short, just rock a two side buttons ambi optical mouse that's large enough for whatever snowflake grip you have, don't worry about maximum dpi, you're in the ballpark of less than 4k for sure. high sensitivity + low dpi seems the way people rock. unironicly, look into mouse accelration dont use windows' mouse acceleration, quake pros set it up so its like low speed into a capped max speed, so think of a small ramp into a line, if you can picture up a graph.

got kind of bored reading this? Just pick up a zowie fk / fk1 or whatever is on this png except cross out the razer deathadder, you're in a snake field for that.

I honestly don't know much about keyboards but the main selling point for mine was that you can set hotkeys up pretty easily with the included software and I also used to have a logitech G15 keyboard that feels pretty much the same as my new one only not mechanical.

thanks, saved this too. I knew was no way I was going to sit and program different shit for Elder Scrolls with all the buttons on side. This makes life easier. Logitech not too far from what I have now for shitty 2012 mac.
One I have for old mac is wireless. I assume it's about same for PC mouse ir is the connection really impt (yes, did order a book on windows so I can stop asking newfag questions, should be here today).

do you have any good sites for researching this stuff? I know mac sites, and all the main "magazine" types are just trying to sell you the most and most expensive shit.

Leddit probably has some decent info, but out of principle I refuse to go near that fucking place. Any cool window peripheral/gaming sites anyone knows offhand?

It's probably good for me to get autistic about this shit as a hobby since in a new city and my gym faggotry, don't do fuck all outside work and having a focus calms down muh anxiety attacks. Thanks to people in this threads for not being dicks.

After I got my glorious trackball, I won't use a mouse if I can avoid it.

I'm using a new Zowie EC1-A (biggest mouse they have) and it's nice. But my old Logitech G500 had better button placement. Look into G402/403 and G502.

I've been using a logitech where I manipulate the page up and down with the button for so fucking long, hoping I can transition to another logitech for PC. They're also great IMO since they can move around on pretty much any surface.
What seems odd to me is that all the PC mouses seem to require a cord, which is a major pain in the ass when you've been used to a wireless. Gonna need to do a lot of research.
Any sites/magazines that can be trusted to tell the truth more or less?

I believe Holla Forums might have some decent info on what you are looking for but I have not been there in a while but I just found these sites they'll help you pick out the keyboard and mouse you want although I have personally never used them.



What the fuck am I reading. And why are you constantly doing random spaces at the start of new lines?

Please tell me you don't do let's plays.

Lol Pleb

For quality:
1x 10 or 12 bit vertical lcd
1x 120+hz 1080p display
1x multiformat crt.

For budget
1x crt @85hz

For space and budget
1080p lcd

one or two 4k monitors over 40" and a tiling wm if you really need the real estate. Don't bother with 1080p screens as 4k really is the equivalent of four of them but without borders

thanks. came across this, which have no idea how it would go with "Witcher 3" or "Elder Scrolls." For something like Elder Scrolls, the mechanical keyboard is a most since (having tried it out on ps 4) there's just too much different shit to be able to do without keys programed ahead of time.

Think I like this, though about $50 more than I hoped to pay…

thanks, bookmarked them. In general terms, try to keep away from Holla Forums as they tend to be edgy teenagers who think they are some sort of fucking hackers, while also not liking Holla Forums attitudes toward things.

Example– based on my experience, I genuinely know a shitload about law and politics, but I never treat anyone asking genuinely asking earnest questions like shit. And yes, I get the difference between banter and someone just repeatedly being a prick.

This is a decent idea but any name brand 40 inch 4k is near 1k. It sounds good in theory but having used a 50 inch sony as a monitor through an HDMI, not quite sure how it would work out as far as being able to draw clear distinctions between getting 4 different feeds on the same monitor.

PBP works fine, if you install synergy it's seamless.
Or you could use a tiling wm.

I almost purchased that mouse myself actually.

WEW, you sure do like to throw that money out the door.

Are there any high quality LCD monitors without fucking borders? Tiling them like that is a nice idea in theory, but those black fucking bars make it disgusting.

I made a mistake of picking up a BenQ that had great lighting, contrasts etc but it also had horrible ghosting. I remember seeing threads on many forums of people saying "just deactivate the AMA option and it'll be great" except that once disabled the screen gets so fucking blurry.
Now I've got the Asus VG248 and I'm quite happy.

in my experience triple monitor gaming is decently supported. I havent been able to get mgsv to work with all 3 but thats the only real issue ive run into.

I admit, I got fucking hosed and now I'm fucking semi-suicidal over it since could have used the shekels for lots of other things. Luckily, close to time bill comes due will be right around tax refund time.

I wanted something I could keep without a major upgrade for 3-4 years in case VR ever puts out anything worth exploring.

how do you think they are lit?

just a friendly reminder, LCD is still inferior to CRT.

MY goal would be to have a game like Elder Scrolls or Even Witcher 3 where I could constantly keep one smaller, maybe vertical monitor opened so I know what I'm holding and how much.

Gonna be a fuckload of experimenting, putting it together and then figuring out monitor situation. Think I'm sold on the Logitech mechical cherry kyeboard, although just found out the windows 10 Logitech is actually up to $120, when it's literally exactly same thing as previous model for half the price but for Windows 10 compatibility. Really fucking thieves but have always relied on their mouses and been happy with them.

I can appreciate that, I bought the DK2 before Cockulus got bought by Cuckerburg. So when he bought the company I pretty much had no choice but to accept that I'd just bought a god damn lemon because once Cuckerburg's name is attached to anything nobody in the industry wants to touch it.

Just anted t see what was available in OLED monitors. Nearly 6k shekels for a 25 inch. Guess will be another 6-8 years before that's within range for most of us. Would be curious if there is someone on here with the shekels to put up $15k for 3 OLED monitors?

Why would you pay $15,000 for a monitor that will only last 5 years at half brightness?

Shit, what do you all think of this one? It's a Samsung, 27 inch for $300. Compared to others, feels like a good deal.

you're paying stupid amounts for an 8-bit display.

Here's a story about OLED. After Christmas, I had one picked out, a 55 inch OLED electronic synagogue. Was expecting price to go down. IT was Dec 27th, that night went to bed thinking "fuck it, just going to do it."

Woke up on DEc 28th, 2015 and the Sony OLED 55 inch had been RAISED by $1,000. I shit you not. Called Amazon, they confirmed, it has been raised 1k over-fucking night. And this was AFTER fucking Christmas. So, instead had to settle for a 4k, non oled electronic synagogue.

haven't paid anything yet mate, thus reason I'm asking you all. As admitted above, used a shitty mac book air bought from older brother for $350 to use through UG and law school, just praying the fucker made it through another day.

I know fuck all about PCs, so now that I have some shekels and can afford the decent PC I've wanted since I was a kid to play games I could only play at friends houses, trying to ask around. And where else would I go but my home on 8 chan?

You are in the ball-park with Samsung, but avoid curved monitors. But it is in your best interest to ask in the pinned question thread at >>>Holla Forums.

Polite sage for off-topic and spoonfeeding.

I got this one, but on sale for about 200 shekels.
The 27" is glorious with 1080p, and I don't think I'll go back to any smaller. It also has the whole 1ms response time, plus the 144hz.

Dual monitor setup is pretty legit, but get a fully ADJUSTABLE arm stand. In otherwords, don't get a shitty barely adjustable one that gives u only a few degrees of freedom.
I went with a dual arm gas spring stand, and I'll never go back to those shitty static arm stands.

How much money do you set aside every month for savings? Seems like you spend all of your money on electronics, with some idea that Cost = Quality. Lemme tell ya, Amazon has got some interestingly priced items on their store. Like a pair of Monster Audio Cables for something like $25,000. The price itself is a glitch, they don't care, they don't bother to fix it. But there's people on Amazon just like on Steam who troll for items listed like that, and then leave joke reviews.

You could buy a pair if you just wanna feel like you've got the biggest pecker around, but slow down and do some research. Anyway, you don't need top of the line priced shit anyway, no matter how good what you're buying now is, within 3-4 years you'll be upgrading SOMETHING. That's just the way that it goes. You bought a Titan, but you could have just as easily bought a 12gb 1080 and gotten the same level of performance. The point of the 1000 series was to make 4K possible among consumers, even the 1050 and 1060 can do 4K. The Titan was made for 4K back with the 900 series because they weren't ready for 4K yet.

I like this once. 34 inch, it's $725 (yes, a lot bit given the beating I took for system, might as well have a good monitor to play my games while I'm eating bread and water for a year).

No curve, so could easily set up a monitors on each side on it, maybe a decent 4k one. Does anyone have a curved monitor as part of their setup? I really think I'd need a flat screen like this if I wanted a 3 monitor set-up..

Anyone have anything similar?

avoid curved, look into 10-bit, 120+hz displays, depending on what you do, you may want CRT instead (especially considering how inexpensive some can be). If you're settling with LCD, you want ones with freesync, not g-sync - as g-sync is being retired in time with freesync replacing it. Sorta like Nvidia 3D.

Nah, I'm not as dumb as I'm coming off. I spent 8 years in a row working like a nigger in a cotton field to keep scholarship to UG and then to law school, got a bretty gud job.

I did research on Titan and VR through a bunch of book have been reading to be able to assemble my machine correctly, and whether rightly or wrongly I trust them. But no, I don't blindly throw away money like a nigger for…gold teeth just to feel like I'm a big shit. Got the titan based on reading about VR performance and also performance on flight simulators, which I want. But not apt to throe away 25,000 on some nigger headphones.

I do research. The Titan was a close call between it and 2 1080s to take advantage of LSI. From what I've read (admit I could be wrong), Titan is a good bet for Future of VR (chance might need to add a second card in 3-4 years) and for Flight Simulators and games like Witcher 3 from what I've read.

By the time I'm 50, goal is to have a a 2 seat piper plane and a pilot's license. Think it's doable so long as I avoid any major pussy drain on my wallet…not I am trying to "brag" or claim to be a "rich fag." If you are Whtie and score high enough on standardized exams and keep a high enough GPA, even with AA and the rest of it, they can't keep you out.

thanks, copying this to save to notes I'm compiling on monitors. Ideally, looking for a 3 monitor set up.

lol, buying a Titan to play at 1080p or even 1080px3. 32in 1080p is going to look like shit. I have 28in 4k and I can barely even stand my 27in 1440p now. Enjoy your giant pixels stretched over a few feet. At least you'll win all the benchmarks with your ebin Nvidia and Intel!

FHD is too low-res for 27". At this point look for a QHD or UHD.

NYC has a huge electronics store called J and R run by the greasiest Orthodox kikes you can imagine– the black suit, the hats, the kind that probably eat goy flesh for Purim. Do have to say, needed to get my older brother an Apple router on Christmas eve s few years ago (and got paid $50 for making trip which I needed).

They were only ones who had it. It makes my skin crawl to go near place and the thought could genuinely be indirectly supporting White slavery in Israel, but it's good as far as a place to look at everything available and ask the Jews questions.

Yeah, $300 for 27" seemed too good to be true. For a decent one, seem I need to spent around $700. Going to search around for different advice. I hate all the "Pc Magazines/Guides" because I feel like all have an agenda to sell me something.

I recommend 1 high quality 10 or 12-bit display. These are usually 4K displays too, so you can stand them vertically and still give 1080p video its full allowance. I use my Ikegami HTM for editing, it's 10-bit monitor. I also use it for 240p/480i gaming. Along with the 10/12-bit display, I suggest a high refresh rate display, 1080p at least, 144hz is common these days. It should also have freesync hopefully. Lastly a CRT display is far more flexible for games from every generation. My HTM covers that task, as well as supports 15khz sources. What you're looking for may not match what I targeted for my set up - I wanted to cover all options, essentially.

You're the exact kind of vicious piece of drek one expects to find on cuck chan. It's not even fun or witty banter (or even creative insults). I've seen how it looks on a variety of monitors. All are good, 4k or others.

I really want, ideally, something I can use for games but then also the 3 setup so that during happeings (paris and nice were great examples), I want to be able to have a twatter open to save shit before they delete it, this board open, and then an Rt Ruptly feed.

The i7 is delayed for 5 days, which gives me more time to research and sort out. I suspect that OLED prices going to drop like a rock for monitors to where may even be reasonable by Christmas.

Going to spend all night reading about it and trying to figure out priorities…..thanks, adding that to notes I've complied.

Two monitors is ideal. One for games or video, the other for chat and shitposting. 3+ monitors is only useful for specialized gaming (i.e. racing or flight cockpit sims) or production work (imaging, programming). Of course, if you have money to burn and enough display outputs, go nuts. Anything after two is more of an aesthetic choice.

Don't buy a graphics card with the intention to use it more than 2-3 years. development goes quite fast. Better to buy a 600 dollar card and sell it for 400 next year, than a 1200 dollar card that is worth 600 next year.

whats wrong with curved? don't really have experience with it, but I see a lot of high end screens these days are curved.

the one in particular he was looking at, he could get a high end professional quality display (or just below pro quality) for the same price. At 4K, and 144hz, 10-bit color too. But instead you get 1080p, 60hz, and a curved display. No benefit for a much more expensive manufacturing process.

Generally you're spending money for dude, curves, lmao. Nevermind how inconsistent the geometry will look in portrait mode. Nevermind how you can get a better flat display for cheaper.

I see, so it's a marketing gimmick to increase the perceived value of the screen. Spend 10 bucks, jack up the price by 100, makes sense.
I was afraid there was some fundamental design flaw with it.

I think there's value in curved displays at large sizes for rooms with wide seating arrangements. For a desktop? It's a joke. I haven't looked much into how curved screens work well wide viewing angles, but I believe that was their original intent in LCD.

I personally prefer my display curves to be convex, not concave. Pic related is my crown jewel.

Curved is apparently pretty nice for 30"+ but for 27" it's just an expensive gimmick.

if only we could make SEDs, flatscreen CRTs that don't weight a brick

SED would likely be notably heavier than LCD, but very thin. I've heard the argument in the past "as far as CRTs weight goes, you aren't moving your fridge every other day, are you?" CRTs are kind of like furniture in this sense. You settle on a good spot, and it stays there doing its thing. My 2050R is 85lb, so I'm not keen on moving it, but it's not like it's a pain or anything.


I couldn't find the monster cables, but while looking for them I did happen to find this. Check them reviews.


I dunno if Amazon just knows when an item's reviews get fucked with or not, but this was also in the "Customers also viewed" section.


This was in mine

Mine too, but it was a little too tasteless for me to link. That fucking review.

Anyone have thoughts on these? MAybe I'm wrong but I'm thinking if you're going to go with 3 or 3, you need both without a curve.

This seems like a decent setup, though ,re than I'd like to pay but have been saving for this since I started my job in August. The 34 can seemingly be easily divided into 2, and then the 4k ASUS (either the 25 or 37) can be easily manipulated to either horizontal or portrait.

Anyone see any obvious flaws here for purposes of gaming? It seems like I can adjust the height stand ans essentally, it if wants get one really long monitor. If all goes well, get another ASUS 4k once I've absorbed some of the damage and then maybe have the 34" and 2 ASUS 4k.

Any obvious problems I'm missing here?

ok, found an ASUS 144 hz and it's $279. I heed to get my ass into B an H Camera (they sell everything and have literally everything in display) and see what these look like up close and also get some advice.

For the anons talking earlier about getting ripped off by Amazon, I never will since I always check B an H and a few other sources. Also, I'm not that dumb.

Probably need to shlow down and take a break and realize not going to get everything I want and it's going to be a learning curve, but is there a consensus here that the 34 inch no curve is a bretty good buy if I can get it close to $600-$650?

This site has always been chill even to talk about ps 3 games and has none of the angry little jerk-offs you'd find on half-chan before GG or (sometimes) tech now. When people give info and specs here, it has a purpose. Feels like Holla Forums usually just ants to show off their knowledge of specs and how very plebeian one is if he doesn't have the the same knowledge.
Apparently no one has told them that and 75 cents will get a bag of crisps.