Mortality and vidya

I can't imagine how painful that must have been but it certainly was no way for a man to go. He wasn't that much older than me and I was still pretty young myself. He didn't deserve to die.

Cherish your time anons…

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There is no life without death.

Remember that you, too, will die some day.

So get to playin some vidya before it over faggots


tbh i'm just gonna be brought back by an ai in like a thousand years anyway

What's your end game anons? Mine's waiting for the perfect vidya suited to my tastes so I can finally eat a bullet.

And it looks like it might be this year.

Having a person die in your hands sounds horrifying. I felt fucked up for the rest of the day when a little bird died in my hands however many years ago, but I cant imagine what its like with an actual person.

I don't know, and I dont want to think about it.

Gonna end it all when the pain gets too bad. Having a hard time even enjoying vidya anymore. Chronic pain is shit.

Nice blog, faggot

I didn't know he was dead at the time. When he left I was thinking "He's fucking dead." but honestly I didn't know until later.

The strangest thing was he was up and about, eating foods, playing games, and chilling with the rest of us less than hour or so before this.

In the span of about 20 minutes he went from living to dead. Such a contrasts of states.

like tears in the rain right?


I was going to end myself, you know, no friends, no goals, all hobbies lost meaning, yadayada.

Now things have changed. I somehow ended taking care of some cats and they actually seem to care about me too, we all know they don't give half a kitty fuck but they are good at pretending they do. I want to take care of them until the end of their lives.

Also seems the world is in motion lately. A huge happening is now a possibility. Not a necessity. But the world is ready for it. And perhaps I could live to see it. The cancer being wiped out, burning along with most of the non-cancer. Maybe the beginning of something better.

I feel like it is worth going on. I have money and nothing better to do. I spend my days replaying Souls games. When I get bored I will get a PS4 to play Bloodborne, Nioh and DQXI and Builders.

And that's it. Thanks for reading, suscribe to not miss the next updates on my blog :3


It's not the years of your life that matter, but the life in your years.
Don't waste the time you've got, faggots.


I can't find the one of the cat mourning the other one who can hit by a car

Have some more

Regular cat this time
I really love cats

That's cute but it just looks like the cat wants food. My cats do it too. They let you pet them for a moment then walk off when they realize you're not feeding them.


My cat awaited me in my abandoned home for nearly 8 months until i returned to get him back.

Did he drink alcohol? If I had to guess that's what caused it. Don't take pills with alcohol. Even stuff like aspirin can kill you, or make it really fucking painful for you for the rest of your life.

I'm 26 years old, and for 10 years I've wanted some kind of
scenario to unfold, where I physically resist against impossible odds.
I would have wanted it to be alongside friends in a militia or post-societal collapse situation, but at my age I have no military skills and probably never will. I'll probably just get mugged, beaten or stabbed to death walking down the street or contract some shitty incurable disease and have to make do. If that doesn't happen, I hope I at least make or do something that will let me feel smug when I fade away.

I still don't get what made this popular. Is it another prophesy?

I'm loosing my eyesight slowly every year eventually it will get to the point that I'll go completely blind until then I'm gonna play the fuck out of vidya. When I do finally go blind I want to take a trip to China and becoming a monk, spend months trying to cope with being blind and finding my inner peace and when they days come that I do reach that goal, I'll ask to be taken to the highest mountain I can go and meditate for a little and then just jump.

That cat didn't walk off after a moment did it? It was all over his owner and looking to get pet more.
You have to be able to read them to know what they want at the time. Just look at how these cats come begging for affection.

Fun Fact: Adult cats don't meow for other cats. They only meow at humans to communicate with them, and articulate the sound as such.

Thanks user. You mean the one in a parking, with a cat in a pool of blood? His friend walks all over him trying to wake him up and then he just lies by his side? I remember that webm. I cried a little.

They don't care but it really looks like they do. For example my cats always have some dry and some wet food available. And they don't give a fuck about my jeans when lying on the ground. Or if I flail them around. But once I start putting my legs into them they go berserk and end hanging on them doing their best to stop me from putting them on. Because they see after that I always get out of the house for hours. And when I come back they are there, by the door, waiting in ambush to jump onto and start fucking up my jeans again until I take them off. And there is dozens of small details like that. I can't help but feel good about that.

Mortality doesn't bother me that much. I figure if there's anything good happening after death I'm not going there, if it's just nothing that'll be alright since I'm already tired of life, and if it's shit then I've resigned myself to that fate. I'm not interested in offing myself because I don't think death will be any better than life, and will likely be worse. I also plan on living forever, although I'll probably wait until technology is more advanced to get my robot body. Or until I'm dying, then I'll settle for the early crappy shit, someone has to be a pioneer for that tech. I'll upgrade eventually, I'd have all the time in the world.

Maybe by the time the cats die, you can replace them with genetically engineered catgirls. Or at least robot catgirls.

I don't rekon so. He had RA for quite a while so I'm sure he knew what medical protocols to take. I didn't know him that much personally but even as cynical and autistic as I am I didn't want to see a fellow gayman suffer like he did and then pass so suddenly.

I know it sounds dramatic to say he died in my arms but that's basically what happened. I could clearly see in his face the look of death. That's something I won't ever forget.

Honestly i'm just waiting to fucking die while playing what video games that are still f-fun because last few attempts on suicide were botched up. I wonder if that shit that came out of bible on Revelation 9:6 is actually real, where people seeks death they'll never find it. Maybe i'll go try rob a bank with a banana see if i can get shot to death for that.

why'd you make me dig this up?

Go volunteer at a soup kitchen or a charity or something. If nothing else you'll see people with worse lives than yours but still have the will to go on. Maybe it'll rub off on you.
We all know none of you are going to do it


It's simple! I'll just stop time!

I'm too chickenshit/self absorbed to actually help people. I have enough of a problem trying to balance work and video games to stop being stressed out by work.

To have a family, continue my line of succession and allow my own sons, and their sons, and their sons' sons to have a shot at life, until a generation many years from now will finally break the cycle of mortality and live as kings of the universe with the rest of humanity - preferably no negros though.
Literally if you're not having a son-daughter or working for the betterment of humanity in either small or big ways you're a waste of space.

I'd rather go on a serial stabbing than doing that (not like kitchen soup is a thing here anyways). Plus i'd be removing towelheads and niggers while doing that.

man it would be fun to live forever. what wouldn't man do to be immortal?
no price is too high

I like to get lost in RPGs because I hate living but I'm too scared to kill myself so it's easier to pretend I'm in a world better than this one.


I hear cancer doesn't die. Might want to look into that.

That's actually how some have proposed to perform enhanced longevity studies. The main issue isn't the fact that the human body cannot go on living forever - it can, but it cannot control how it does so. Contrary to popular belief scientists are absolutely baffled by how different types of cancer actually work, we don't even know why exactly aspirins do what they do, just that they work right.

They didn't work well for OPs friend, Aspirin makes my stomach get fucked up anyway.

Clearly it's gay.

We might be mortal but our actions last forever, and change the world in permanent ways. I'm just going to keep on going, while trying to be someone others can look up to. Even the most mundane thing can be a positive change, such as being friends with someone.
Life is like vidya. You might lose repeatedly but you only truly finish when you stop playing. Either beat the game fully and leave satisfied or chuck your controller and ragequit.

Yeah, all I "know" about cancer is it's a cell without control over how much it reproduces and that's roughly how tumors form. I also know that we know fuckall about medicine and why some forms work better for some people than others beyond "I guess you have more receptors for this one."

Was he a big guy?



Why? Almost no one ever helped me when i need help the most and almost everyone tried to fuck me up

It's easier to be a loser faggot than actually do something.

Having my nuts bit off by a Laplander, that's the way I wanna go.

I've honestly stopped caring. When ya die, you die. Doesn't stop you living. If you spend your life fearing its end, then you'll never actually live.


Exactly, all my attempts on doing something almost always guaranteed to go Murphy's law.


Stay strong user. Vidya will prevail.
Hope we siege eachother sometime.

i don't wanna die

"If I die, I'm dead, so who cares. If I I'm alive, I'm not dead, so who cares."

But user, you'll get to meet your why foos in the afterlife.

i don't want to live to see what further horrors will manifest themselves in this world

i dont have waifus

Shieeet, trips confirms not having why foos.

what gaimu

This is my motivation for trying to get into game development. Only problems are my lackadaisical work ethic, lack of knowledge, and lack of skill. In all probability I'll just draft a few maps, get my artist friend to do some character designs and flounder stagnantly.

sage for blogpost

I get this. I want to be able to make vidya but between work, classes and music I don't have much time left to learn how to code. When I do have the time I end up distracting myself and procrastinating just like I do with class. This isn't a problem with music but that's because I actually care about that. The best advice I can give is to get started, set alarms for when to work. Take time out of playing vidya and turn it into making vidya.


Black Knight was shit, which makes it a bigger waste that the message was wasted on a mediocre game. But man, I loved the message. So basically the cute girl that was helping you actually was manipulating Sonic to get a macguffin that will prevent life in the storybook world from progressing and put it in a communist style loop because the Arthurian legend was going to end badly. And throughout the game we get the message that nothing lasts forever, so Sonic is arguing that the beauty of life is appreciating the time we have on it hence explaining why he has that cocky adventurous attitude. This Sonic game was shit but the message was done in a better manner than whatever AAA game would shit out. I just wished it was implemented in a better game. Sonic Adventure 3 maybe?**

Posted before the webm. Fuck.

inb4 you rob the bank successfully and become rich as fuck and live the rest of your life happy and rich

I think you should kill yourself, Dilbert

In the next 20 years you should be able to transplant your eyes without much issue. Beyond that you should be able to outright replace them with mechanical counterparts that are better than normal eyes.

Full ghost in the shell mode.

Medium build. He was a bit husky but not fat.

I wouldn't use the word reproduce, a better word is replication. Cancer not only replicates without being held to the cell cycle, it recruits healthy cells around it as well to feed it and grow. Using chemical signals it'll get blood vessels made for it and become hidden from your immune system, late stage cancer almost acts like a parasite once metastasis kicks in.

What if death isn't the escape but the imprisonment to something worse?

death is no escape

Keep saying that to yourself, maybe it will come true eventually.

Life is pretty surreal sometimes.


What anime

Yep, pretty much

I don't get to sentimental about the earth dying. What bothers me more is that the universe will end
I can only hope it won't be the end to existence and maybe it's just a part of the cycle

You must have browsed through many "sad dead cat" videos to manage to find this particular one. Have a pic of a happy cat sleeping on my balls so you can leave the pain behind.


nice blogpost faggot

What a wonderfully unique mango Ohga was. From start to finish you never knew what the tone of the next issue would be like. A hell of a trip. I'm glad it's over. Complete.
It ended right at the moment when it jumped the shark. Not after the landing when all that remains is cringe, but mid flight when you're still smiling over the WTF factor.
The perfect mango to cite in a thread like this.

Perhaps the same could be said of ALL relationships.

Contrary to memes, cat brains are structurally very similar to human brains (moreso than dogs)

They also generate oxytocin (the lovebond chemical) around their owners, although not a huge amount.

Why would an AI bring you back?

Continue to live in spite of failures in the hopes of succeeding. Lower the standard of success for each failure until I find balance, then continue to develop on success.


Is this supposed to be ironic or what? Because Jesus keep the /r9k/ shit there, faggots. Plus killing yourself is the pussy way out to deal with life because you have DEPRESSION PROBLEMS and FEEL REALLY REALLY SAD ;__;.

It's Ogeha, not Ohga. Shamefur dispray that it took me so long to correct my mistake.