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translate.google.com/#ja/en/あなたは訪問されました 愛の豪華なワイフ 恋に幸運, 手術での幸運, 濃度, うぬぼれ, より良いPC, シルズを発見する能力, ダブステップの代わりにオーケストラ, 魔法をMEMEするための簡単なガイド, あなたの敵の塩. しかし、来る、あなたの妻の写真を投稿した場合にのみ, それに続く言葉 彼女のために、ゲーマーゲートの最悪の悪夢 常に大きな男であることを、忘れないでください 彼女のために、ゲーマーゲートの最悪の悪夢



This shit place getting ddosed or something?


previous bread


Are we having fun yet?




lefties attacking twitter? Well I can support them, make those wankers see that lefties are not their friends. Lefties don't even like other lefties.

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This is a fun year so far.

2016 was like playing Dark Souls, difficult at times, but push through and we got our reward.

This year is like playing Banjo Kazooie. Not really that difficult, but fun and rewarding.

never EVER get a piss fat
its super gay

This really is the best timeline. archive.fo/Y9fF3




恋に幸運, 手術での幸運, 濃度, うぬぼれ, より良いPC, シルズを発見する能力, ダブステップの代わりにオーケストラ, 魔法をMEMEするための簡単なガイド, あなたの敵の塩.

しかし、来る、あなたの妻の写真を投稿した場合にのみ, それに続く言葉






Not yet, but soon enough.

One of these days, I'll learn what you are saying. I understand the Hiragana

Now that I realize the only thing I got right was the FOR HER, THE WORST NIGHTMARE OF GAMERGATE part


does anyone have that digging guide? I got free time tomorrow so I can try my hand at it




translate.google.com/#ja/en/あなたは訪問されました 愛の豪華なワイフ 恋に幸運, 手術での幸運, 濃度, うぬぼれ, より良いPC, シルズを発見する能力, ダブステップの代わりにオーケストラ, 魔法をMEMEするための簡単なガイド, あなたの敵の塩. しかし、来る、あなたの妻の写真を投稿した場合にのみ, それに続く言葉 彼女のために、ゲーマーゲートの最悪の悪夢 常に大きな男であることを、忘れないでください 彼女のために、ゲーマーゲートの最悪の悪夢


Umm, what the fuck is this shit?

Are there any new edits of this dicks comics?

It's a jim video, but if you want to see a collection of some of the best hwndu shit, it's good

I keep forgetting Barron is only 10.
Oh my

Right here.

This above your recent post

Thanks friend.

Better than mine tbh

I got a "huh" when I saw Guru Larry in the comments. I didn't know him and Jim were friends. Love his stuff.

these niggers are killing me lol

ESA Says Preserving Old Games is Illegal Because it's 'Hacking'

Why do i get the feeling thats a goon
Although goddamn, its funny just how asshurt he's making them that they have to nitpick over shit his family does

I'm not supposed to be surprised, but everytime you dig more information about the ideological agenda of the ESA, a supposed non-partisan association have these feminist agenda behind the curtains. HOLY SHIT.

one of the few fairly large youtubers who supported gamergate who hasn't gone full retard with the election of Trump.

Well, he's a hell of a lot better artist than I was at his age.

You gotta be fucking kidding me, it's literally reading data.

Shit, I think barron's going to be the next raita.

Well let's see…
>tries to act in a witty Hey man I know everything & you don't manner, typical of a goon
It checks itself out.

Larry's cool. His videos are pretty great too.

He's a good guy. Very interesting videos.

I love them, great to zone out with while I emulate stuff.



What is it with these fags new autistic obsession with Trump's son? All he did was make some bad drawings of cartoons and anime. This reminds me of how that Jesse cox faggot talked about why censorship was good for video games since it causes rape and then shit talked Trump and his son for being censorship supporting dictators.


Trump's 10 year old drawing anime. Think this will get squashed? Like how my skills were at art?

I'mma laugh my ass off if he becomes a top-tier artist in a few years and gets published or sells his shit at anime cons. There's potential here. He definitely hasn't had formal instruction, but he's kinda figuring out how things work. With the big hero 6 crew, the proportions are almost there.

Give it a few years, I can see the headlines already:

Their main mistake? Not knowing just how many people actually play games.


Isn't PS3 Linux an official thing? They might have removed it later, but you could set that up without hacking the console just fine.
Does this have any precedent in books, music, movies, or art? When you hook your tape deck to your PC through an audio cable and record it, are you hacking? When you rip the Laserdisc version of a movie and burn it to a DVD for personal use, are you hacking? What about photocopy machines? It sounds like they're trying to push the idea that ROM dumping is some creepy stuff involving multicoloured wires and CSI-tier keyboard mashing.

Jim and Lowtax seem to be friends, or at least, they both share a hatred for Schmorkey and have a sort of bond over that.

I knew that, yeah. It's weird because most of the people whose stuff I watch seem to know each other at this point. I found them all independently from each other but apparently they're just all friends.

If I remember right, that artist died to spinal cancer, and even while dying kept on drawing sexy women. I feel bad for his wife, but in this industry shes probably a sjw

Courtesy of the FBI

That actually looks pretty good for 10yo doodles.

It's better than what I can do, and I'm a grown ass man.


Brexit is dead.

Poor kid is gonna have those up forever, instead of being able to throw out/burn his age 10 autistic scribblings like the rest of us could.

I don't have a reaction pic that can convey my smugness.

Simply ruining their Twitter hugbox would be enough to justify GG's existence. It would happen much faster if they hadn't made it impossible to comment at all on someone who blocked you, but that had the hilarious side effect of them not seeing Trump's victory coming.

It was one guy covering her game, not reviewing. The disingenuous fuck hold onto details like these to discard the whole story.


Conflict of Interest between Merrit K and Christine Love


Also, remember the FBI findings? They have finally been officially reported on their main twitter account


Pretty much why I'm still there. We have a community of shitlords who just shitpost and ruin their shit now and give them no room to breathe. it would be nice for twitte tto die, but now that Trump is likely keeping his twitter account which will flock all the angry faggots for the next 4 to 8 yeras twitter isn't going away any time soon, so, might as well ruin shit for the gaming journalists, and sjw culture warriors

But either way solid account on the hilarity

Wasn't one of his sons spotted here and on cuckchan? If we could convince him to ask his father to switch to Gab or some GNU Social thing, Twitter would suffer a massive popularity hit. But on the other hand, it might allow them to become a socjus hugbox again.

Isnt that the aunt from one of the other ara cheesecake comics.

Brits, you need to kick her out.

Look forward to working together with you shitlords when Briana Wu runs for congress. It is going to be truly glorious shitposting.

Holla Forums

All she knows how to do is make impossible plans to ban everything she doesn't like and intercept everyone's emails. Garbage.

This will never not anger me.

The problem is, is that there's no alternative to the conservatives.

Any local weeb smut experts around happen to know where this if from? Before you bitch about the file name, I got it from Twatter

No way in hell she'll win the primary.

That's the tell. All that other shit the ESA can try to hide and handwave away as an 'honest' mistake. Even the Sarkeesian bullshit memory hole retraction. But that shit there with the
really tells anyone with a functioning brain and basic reading ability where the ESA's real priority and concern is. And it sure doesn't seem to be the protection and preservation of vidya when it really counts.

I look forward to it.

Twitter filename's don't start with tumblr, and they're only 15 chars.
If somebody hosted the image on tumblr and linked it, that's even worse. For a site that exists to share images, it's such a fucking awful host. They resize everything.

Don't underestimate sympathy voters.


Art style looks familiar but I don't think I could tell you. I'll take a look around.

Also great diggings lately. These past breads in January has been pretty good for the most part despite the derailing.

There were definitely accusations of Jr. possibly browsing imageboards, not sure if it was ever confirmed.

Search Eroquis around and you will find it, that should give you a starting point.

if you download an image off twitter it wouldn't have that filename

Scott Campbell's still around. You're thinking of Michael Turner. Still hurts, user.

I wonder what kind of noise the FBI agents had to sift through for this report. Also, if Gravity Rush 2 had the same amount of shilling as CLove's VN, then there'd be at least ten more preorders.

What would have been better is if that person linked the GG wiki, Hell, even ED has a better summary than that.

I'm pretty sure that's a woman or a raging faggot by the writing. Usage of stale memes and no Baneposting at a time it was at its peak indicates it's no user, most likely a goon.


Incumbents are cutthroat as fuck when it comes to defending their positions.

They'll use the kid gloves with Wu initially because of the whole tranny thing, but if by some miraculous chance Wu doesn't back down and somehow secures any sort of support, then they'll dredge up shit on him that even we haven't guessed at and pound him so far into the ground that he'll never think of trying again.

you are right, though their art somewhat similar, but he was one of the few who managed to not sameface all the time.

It was either a goon trying too hard or a baphomet guy having a giggle.

The usage of commas rules out 99% of baph

Yep, noticed the style and hair and was right: Cidney from FF15 by Eroquis

so is this guy implying that Barron contacted him to spread his drawings or that he has access to his house?

Is Scientology involved with the video game industry?

Now back to Kristin's tweets
Why the Government Is All About Fun, Games and Funding Games
Kristin's tweet to the article below
Lara Croft Has Company: More Female Hereos Appear in Big-Budget Games
Kristin's tweet to article below
Women Gamers Rule World Of Video Games: Why Are They Dominating The Industry? (This false bullshit. I would accept it if they talked about Japan but as usual, they don't)
Kristin's tweet to article below
Amy Poehler's Smart Girls and 'The Sims' partner to inspire girls with gaming (Seriously, this women in gaming shit is out of hand)
Kristin's tweet to the article below
Women outnumber men in the top game design school's graduate program (Somehow, I doubt that. Also "Striving to make more diverse games." Yeah right)

Nah, having old art around is good for an aspiring artist. Assuming he keeps on going with it, and at some point gets depressed/angry about his artwork, he can look back at his early drawings to see how far he's come. It's like coming back to a game you played as a kid and realising how shit you were then and how good you are now.

We can prove the ESA discriminates against nips for shit like muh soggy knees just by hammering the question "Why is there nothing about Japan?".

How big a blow will that deal to credibility?

Artists like me and others I know tend to hate and despise their art days if not hours after it's done, mostly since it never matches what they REALLY wanted to do.

Probably because CERO has yet to formally join IARC and many of their American subsidiaries are members of the ESA who want to control the narrative that vidya is for kids and can't be sexy.

Choose better life goals.

I love this.


Probably at one point they wanted into vidya, but are too much of a joke now. A big question is how many of the ones shilling scientology are now shilling islam?

This is angrily true

They would probably tell you "We're partners with Nintendo, Capcom, Square-Enix, & SEGA, We like Japan!" I think a better question would be "Why are you fixated on other races yet, you never give any spotlight to Japanese developers? There's more to Japan than [What I listed] and you talk about welcoming women into gaming, yet you don't talk about female Japanese developers." (Or something like that)

Where did I say it was a life goal to be good at games? I was using it as an example.

Stop that.

Is pegi in the IARC?

Hmmm.. kinda looks like ButchaU/Eroquis.

Cant place it tho.. mayhaps its from their new cidney/ffxv douj i have yet to read?

Interesting of you to say that, because I found a huge client list of Advantage Presentation Services…
Look who is in there
>Entertainment Software Association

Yes they are. Only CERO isn't.


CERO is considering joining, though.
We really need the Japanese to tell them not to.

I don't think I've drawn Shantae yet. I have some dumb MSF doodles

Thanks guys. Once you said Eroquis it was easy to find.

Is any user from Canada familiar with Entertainment Software Association vs Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada? Found that out while I was doing some digging.

Stop with the ridiculous hype. So far you haven't found anything surprising, it's not a "happening", and they aren't going to "cover their tracks" (I don't know what you even think they would be covering).

Have you noticed the Video Game Voters Network condemning the UN report that Zoe and Anita went to the UN over? It was pretty cool at the time, I think I remember some antis got mad on twitter over it:

Why hasn't she been MAGA'd yet?

More kids should be encouraged to draw boobs.

All I remember is it had something to do with copyright fuckery. I think I have some papers and info on it from my highshool law class form years ago. I'll try to dig them up tomorrow and scan anything relevant.

He's joking right?


Someone crossposted this to KIA from /r/4chan and called it "4chan's Take on GamerGate".


Is it just me or does this piss anyone else off? It's full of misinfo and the title sounds like someone who doesn't even know where GG started, yet it's getting upvoted faster than real info.

I know, its rare to see such talent at such a young age.

Kristin & the ESA retweet a Democract in California on creating more gender diverse, inclusive environment.
Kristin tweets about the article below
Women Are Seen As Better Coders - But Only If Their Gender Isn't Known
Gamasutra article Rated and Willing: Where Game Rating Boards Differ (This is from 2005, during the GTA:SA Hot Coffee controversy)
ESA Foundation mentions EA & Humble Bundle (If I already talked about this, ignore)
Kristin's tweet to the article below
How 'The Sims' And Amy Poehler Are Helping Close The STEM Gender Gap



Kristin, Rich, and the ESA retweet Ling Ling Chang saying I'm grateful to have the support of leaders like @ESAGovAffairs and @EverFi who recognize the importance of #GirlsinSTEM
Kristin retweets women and democracy
Kristin general retweets
Kristin retweets Washington post about Demographic profile of US video gamers (Source by the ESA…yeah.)

Here is where the ESA supported SOPA (And eventually dropped it), you'll find familiar faces
archive.fo/MtibA (Gamasutra)
archive.fo/9Izvc (Jason "Dragon's Crown is for pedophiles" Schreier)
archive.fo/HZU4s (Erik Kain)

user, know that your effort isn't going to waste. I'm going to make a nice infograph with it, so keep going!

user, know that your effort isn't going to waste. I'm going to make a nice infograph with it, so keep going!



ESA at Republican National Convention featuring Mike Gallagher and EA's Craig Hagen
OK…looks like I'm done on Kristin Strobel's Twitter. The last thing she has done is retweet Video Game Voter Network over a senator trying to pull a fast one with an anti-gaming bill. I got some book marks saved earlier from her Twitter last night that I may not have posted but that was before I used Tweetsave.

The comics world has succumbed to cancer. It is completely infested.

You don't say

Mostly ESA's own twitter account.
Entertainment Software Association Applauds Passage of Customs Re-authorization Bill
Great news! Georgia's video game tax incentive has been extended.
Today is the first speech by U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Danny Marti!
The ESA applauds the Senate for confirming Daniel Marti as the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator.
Get to know one of our ESA Digital Living Project students in this infographic!
We are proud to be a supporter of the @WashKastles. Go Kastles!
Thank you @ericgarcetti for helping officially open #E32014!
ESA retweets Rick Perry
Senate Legend Dee hangs out at the Senate Healthy Aging Expo.
.@AmyKlobuchar (D-MN), speaks to the #AtlanticTechEd audience about #STEM Education. (Another Democrat)
We're hosting a video game lounge at the #CapFileParty tonight! #WHCD


Never mind, looks like the site is falling apart

I refreshed and thread didn't change

Basically what I do is hit New Reply, close the Quick Reply box and hit [Update].

I think were getting ddos'd because opening new threads or page 1 on any board sometimes doesn't load properly

I really don't want to say pure coincidence after we've been digging up info on the ESA…

I like that picture more than I should.

Remember when the site would get attacked whenever DiGRA got dug into? Maybe ESA has something really sinister behind it

Like faggot leftists who lost really fucking hard this last election, not only in the grassroots with all the money being pumped to Sanders, but also with Shillery's "we spent the most money in a Presidential Campaign ever" run?
The same faggots who got their asses kicked because of videogames, who are now desperate to not be found no matter the cost in what they think is a little hidey-hole that they thought we missed?
Nah, totally (((just a coincidence))).

Even though the documents concerning the FBI's investigation came out around Gamergate's 2nd anniversary, they had only just now publicly announced them for all to see on their official twitter account. Maybe that's playing a role, as well?



Its probably more to do with HWNDU and how the media and angry autists caught wind of the festive discussion and fun-having people are having here.


Aw shit, I remember that Ghazi post way back when about one being upset over how few GG figures were arrested. Then proceeded to theorize that we had the FBI by the balls or something. That's a classic and even more hilarious now that Trump is firmly in power. Those poor delusional fools.

Anons, have you ever stay so much time without masturbating than your balls start hurting once you decide to beat the meat?

I'd go down on him in a heartbeat.

I never masturbate and occasionally while looking at large amounts of porn, my balls start to ache terribly. I like it

In any case, let's continue…back to Huey
"Entertainment software is bigger than music and movies combined" (Funny considering that the ESA has two guys from the MPAA, RIAA, & Viacom)
ESA's Erik Huey checks out the Olivia Thomas' game at the #WhiteHouseScienceFair.
Huey: We need to strengthen the pipeline into STEM jobs. #TechinDC @BusinessForward
Senior Vice President Erik Huey featured on @NPR @Marketplace
Article in question (Video game lobby answers 'call of duty' on the Hill)
Reminder: ESA's Erik Huey is speaking at the @WhiteHouse today and we'll be tweeting his remarks. Join us at 2 p.m. #TechInDC
Watch the ESA's Erik Huey speak at the San Francisco Chronicle symposium on violence in media.
Symposium on Gun Violence in the media
ESA Senior VP Erik Huey kicks off the Tech in Education forum.

I forgot to mention that Kristin also retweeted Paul Ryan.


Watch out for GamerGate
The public enemy of the world #1
It is the main hashtag responsible for…
☑ Being on the wrong side of history
☑ Fondling 55 eggs by surprise
☑ Molesting people in VR
☑ Plays DOOM better than Polygon
☑ Safeguards vagina bones
☑ Are the LOVELY, horrible people at 8E8ightC-han
☑ Told God check my quads
☑ Seducing AVGN to the dark side of history
☑ Turned waifus into Gamergate's worst nightmare
☑ Turned Notch into a woman hating MRA rapemonster
☑ Cuntfuses a lot of ovary-acting womyn
☑ Captured all goon territory in EVE
☑ Delivered the final leg drop on Gawker
☑ Corrupted Milo into an internet super villain
☑ Called a jew a nazi
☑ Bullied Reddit's abandoned daughter
☑ Memed life into Liru
☑ Refusing to ban Liru
☑ Uses celebrities lives as fuel for the meme magic
☑ Leg dropped gawker into bankruptcy
☑ Filled up Codemonkey's disk with shitposting
☑ Made Mighty Number 9 fail
☑ Attempted to kidnap someone at E3
☑ Hired 5 fictional toads and a fictional conman to gangrape someone
☑ Using a time machine to harass innocent localizers
☑ Gave a toddler meningitis
☑ Made it rain in London
☑ Causing the UK to leave the EU
☑ Casted the original ghostbusters as all men
☑ Keeping the MN9 booth from being set up
☑ Refused to play with Stephen Tortilla
☑ Playing Pokemon without fear of repercussion
☑ Not watching Grillbusters
☑ Talking to girls who play Pokémon Go
☑ Waging war against Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones
☑ Got Milo bampersanded from Twitter. Again.
☑ Leveled up on the DNC
☑ Barbecued worst Korea
☑ Chasing topkek from kotaku
☑ Appropriated and augmented a group of racists
☑ De-funded paranormal investigators by linking them to a suicide group
☑ Channeled the powers of love and death into misogynistic flowers
☑ Komm Süßer Troll'd
☑ Surviving for 2 years
☑ Ejected a fascist nicktator and toppled his dishonest empire
☑ More effective than New York Media, Silicon Valley and Hollywood
☑ Being Gawker's biggest enemy
☑ Celebrating their daughter's birthday
☑ Continuing to be the #1 hate group online
☑ Forced aGGros to spend christmas and new years whinging alone
☑ Owned some bitch
☑ Caught the Arby's killer
☑ Became a verb
☑ Made Pepe great again
☑ Inspired Trump's campaign
☑ Seduced the Occulus Rift founder
☑ Hacked the DNC
☑ Forced Pepe into the American school curriculum
☑ Bought 4chan
☑ Defended Devin Faraci
☑ Forced the UN to gather 800 gigabytes of white supremacy frogs
☑ Marketing of Nintendo Switch
☑ Infiltrating the emoji selection committee
☑ Hiding millions of anti-Semitic tweets
☑ Virtually raping a woman under the name BigBro442
☑ Unintentionally prepared all of us for the 2016 election
☑ Made halfchan go bankrupt
☑ Bullying a comic writer off twitter
☑ Turning S.Korea into a chinese girl cartoon
☑ Using free speech to undermine the freedom of the press
☑ Triggering Blizzcon
☑ is actually the FBI
☑ Making alternate earth great forever
☑ Creating fake news
☑ Ordering pizza without pineapple
☑ Genesis of the alt-right
☑ Outliving Castro
☑ Corrupting communist mascots with glorious capitalism
☑ Laid the groundwork for online harassment and conspiracy
☑ Glorious Winged Faggot Extraordinaires
☑ Funded the most diverse game in history, eliminating racism, sexism, and the game/animation/whatever itself from existence
☑ Being associated with white supremacist groups
☑ Spent Christmas with Liru
☑ Actually had fun for Christmas
☑ Destroyed the alt-right
☑ Became meme warriors
☑ Toxic gamer culture
☑ Weaponized nostalgia
☑ Shutting down every woman who tried to even have a forum
☑ Causing Battleborn to flop
☑ Carrying meme associations with the presidential inaugural speech
☑ Made Antifa shoot itself in self defense
☑ Set a limo on fire
☑ Taught the right wing to collectively target sponsors

That's what blue balls is.

Better than taint cramps.

I didn't even know this was possible.

Found a Lobbying Spending Database, the ESA was on there.

Battleborn flopped on its own.
It tried to be the next Borderlands, but ignored a lot of what was good about the first two games, reliance on meme humor aside.

They're not great.

Find out who lobbies for the ESA. I smell big Democrat politicians behind that curtain.

Every entry on that list is a joke.

That's a nice website. Hopefully I'll use it myself in the future.

Didn't stop them from blaming Gamergate.

Some redditor made a oc donut steel tier gg comic.
red dit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/5qertx/community_i_made_another_batch_of_gginalola/


Thats the one anita shilled, yes?

To be fair, Pitchfuck and Birtch were about 80% Kool-Aid in addition to being glory-hogging narcissists.

I'm LITERALLY crying under the bed right now wtf


What's wrong with you, user?


Why would GamerGate ever feel the need to intervene in such an unworkable concept as 'Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but as a MOBA with even worse writing'? Whether or GamerGate was involved, it was gonna fail on premise alone.

I can see what you're doing there.

The 8 ribbon is bigger because it is more important, but the clover is in the center because it is the origin. Such deep symbolism.

I want to fug gook

Any new pizzagate revelations?

I wish we could trick her into attacking anita.

I just want to have some booze with gook.



closer to sitting on a porch, looking out to the horizon, taking a big swig, and asking, WHERE THE FUCK DID WE GO SO WRONG?

Rewinding back to the 2016 elections, hopefully theres more sources to confirm the already suspicious "Non-Partison" organization with Huey supporting Democrats
The Democratic National Convention Is A Great Place To Be A Lobbyist
>Super PACs funded by mega-donors, meanwhile, were even more visible at the convention hall than they were in 2012. NextGen California, a super PAC funded by the billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer, hosted a bar for select VIPs and delegates on the ground floor. On the suite level, House Majority PAC and Senate Majority PAC, the two main Democratic Party super PACs working to elect congressional candidates, provided a curtained-off private space for VIPs to relax, eat, watch the convention and even play video games. Why video games? The private space was sponsored by the Entertainment Software Alliance, the lobbying arm of the gaming industry.
>A long list of corporations sponsored the popular Distilled Spirits Council party. (Who doesn’t like free alcohol?) The majority of the sponsors were not from the alcohol industry. They included the Entertainment Software Association, Ford, McGuireWoods Consulting, Boeing, Quicken Loans and Monsanto. The Wall Street Journal was also a sponsor.
Senate Races Flooded With Never-Before-Seen Sums Of Super PAC Cash
George Soros' Media Matters back in 2011 talks about Conflict Of Interest In Politico's Policymaker Awards?


The artist made her look like she has a beak.

The list is literally just shit we've been blamed for. It is 4 parts long.


you have a beak

181 Clinton Foundation donors who lobbied Hillary's State Department

This is like that one fetish where beta males donate money to women just to get their rocks off. Not even donating to camwhores, it's just a donation fetish. I can't conceive any other reason why the ESA would donate to Hillary.

Makes me think how they will switch tactics considering how the election turned out. I need to read all of this and get a better picture of how far in they're with the current industry. Look at this shit, they must be reeling right now and trying (failing) to save face through these women's and /hwndu/ protest shit.


drumpfcucks will be beaten in the streets soon, dont worry

I can't get over that Krogan. They somehow made it look like they're even bigger outcasts in the galactic community.


what do you mean?



Also, I love that switch from high hopes to despair when going through their timeline, nevr gets old. Even did a 50% discount to get rid of their crap, too.

The very one.




Why am I not surprised?

The art is just off man, and you can shitpost better than that.

Welp. Those in the establishment DO think that video games are played by children. What better way to entice them into the van than with the offer of a shiny new console.




Shit, I recall seeing something about them before. Of course they're all connected, but to actually see Podesta's name up there…

How much dirt does the clique have in terms of blackmailing others, exactly? Their defense of srhbutts just feels like scratching the surface of their depravity.

I wonder if the ESA had some idea of what Podesta was doing/does.

ah ha

No, all of a sudden it explains everything.

Smells like money laundering.

B-but Nyberg is a virtuous pedophile. He even has a connection with "virped". :^)

I would probably say

I won't be surprised, but still get a bit dizzy if solid connections to pedowood's found, somehow.

Isnt the esa donating to clinton,who pays podesta, who in turn owns the esa? Isnt that monry laundering?

So, I think you just figured out part of the democrats' money funneling network.

Might be laundering, might be cheese pizza, might be perfectly legal agenda pushing, but you've definitely found something interesting and potentially worrying.


Just remember, America, you dealt a blow to this. You threw a wrench into the oligarchy they were building by electing trump. The media is throwing a tantrum now because they are the mouthpieces of these people.

I don't even know what to think or say anymore…I'm kinda scared of the discovery. This isn't Leo-like of me, but I'll be fine?

It's called protection money: pay up or the Democratic powers that be won't do it again. Make sure to make worship at the Altar of Diversity and Progressiveness for extra brownie points.

There's also the possibility they're just masochists like postulated.

Here you go:

Is it possible to recopilate all of this and send it to the FBI and at the same time make Trump aware of this shit?

There is always a fucking pedofile ring or a money laundering thing attached to everything that makes everything around us so fucking shit.

Does that mean we were Holla Forums this whole time?

Why haven't there been any pizzagate arrests yet?

Because of that one actor who got paid/bullied into doing something stupid at Ping Pong Pizza.

because just like gamergate there's no actual hard evidence of crime, you just have a long trail of suspicious shit and people covering over each other

also in GG's case most of the crap has relation with collusion and cronyism which aren't actually crimes


Kek-damn those alphabet agencies outsourcing to shitposters.



vid.me, xhamster, pornhub, redtube, tube8, xvideos, youjizz, vimeo, twitch.tv, dailymotion, vaughnlive, liveleak, nicovideo, streamable

damn it codemonkey, test shit before you put it out



Oooh, dis gonna be gud.

Like that >>>/anita/ board? Might do some trolling there now that their idols have been absolutely defeated.

On a more positive note:


I've been saying this for a while now. I'd love it if we can compile all the things we've gathered and it send it to him if the connections are huge, thorough and damning enough for him to take action. Maybe get Breitbart/Milo, someone to whisper things in his ear about it if it all possible.


Not to mention Anita and Quinn not only going to the U.N. and falling on their faces, but the latter having White House contacts. Tried posting my finds on that about Holla Forums, but other stuff took up my time. I will resume them later on and see if there are any more juicy skeletons hiding in their closets.



Outrage industry pales in comparison to the establishment racket.


Forgot to post more butthurt:


I'm sure that's only a coincidence goy user




Be careful not to leap to conclusions, or you'll end up like Seattle4Truth.

Keep it in mind, but don't assume you know what's happening until you have more than just the fact that they're giving a politician's shell group money.

The second you give into impulsive speculation is the second that the truth takes the backseat to your personal idea of what's happening. Find all the facts first, then piece together what they mean.

Sorry about that…


I'm out of the loop of something that isn't vidya, but you guys are probably the only faggots I can trust to have even half the facts. Should I ask about it, or should I let it float? It's about the latest 'controversy' around Lauren Zuke

May as well continue the dig, this whole thing is just…jesus.
'House of Cards' star snags White House Correspondents' invite
>The Golden Globe winner — who stars as the sinister VP’s equally conniving wife Claire Underwood, in the acclaimed political drama — will celebrate the annual black tie shindig with Capitol File magazine and the Entertainment Software Association. The bash will take place at the private residence of the British Ambassador Peter Westmacott and Lady Westmacott next Friday, the night before the dinner.
Transforming Education Beyond Common Core: Crony Capitalists Promote Gaming in the Classroom
First Winners of Governor General's Innovation Awards
>Entertainment Software Association of Canada
Holy Cybersuit! Online fantasy worlds are attracting a new type of player: lawyers.
>Kiblinger says he has repeatedly gotten threatening letters from the Entertainment Software Association suggesting he is selling goods he doesn’t own. The trade group declined to comment, but Kiblinger asserts his customers have as much right to their imaginary castles as the company that created them does.
Suite Talk: New shop in town
Previously, Mercurio was an attorney at the Entertainment Software Association, the game publishers’ trade association, where she worked on legal and legislative matters. In her new position, she will direct the association’s government relations and advocacy efforts.

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

There is nothing superior about it. Japanese gamers have no taste. They just consume whatever has the best graphics or the cutest waifus.

All this digging on ESA is amazing. Keep it up, guys !

And a chin chong to you

Honestly, they brought it into themselves.

Stay salty.

This is what I have at the moment concerning Valkenberg's White House contacts.

Noam Ross

archive.is/E0JLF archive.is/4DIDa archive.is/vCq7z archive.is/8FSSj archive.is/rQHOU archive.is/pN1tf archive.is/w30Sn

Miriam Goldstein

archive.is/0b5fj archive.is/dnVsP archive.is/aJMYs archive.is/oODG archive.is/oZGn5

And someone by the name of Mark DeLoura was also brought up in the CON Leaks

The devs are fine. It's the consumers that suck a hairy one.
They have all these games with excellent controls, great stories, and interesting gameplay, but all they seem to want is waifu simulators, games where one button does everything, and the shittiest 'fighting' games out there.


Unrelated to the ESA, but a reminder that Cards Against Humanity is cucked


But I can't be Holla Forums. My love for yuri and delicious 2D brown is nonnegotiable. Same for 2D porn.

That's called a colonizing fetish.

Oh dear…
ESA's Mike Gallagher, EA's Craig Hagen and Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence @gopconvention

It's OK as long as you say you're doing it for colonizing.
I know that feel.

Jungle Fever

Reminder to sign this petition if you want never-ending salt.


Only 10 and he still draws better than John Flynt.


To be fair, Flynt only knows how to trace.

We've been though this, that motherfucker has connections to every fucking one in the vidya industry.

For now, I'm going to say that might just be a really bad coincidence. Maybe, for now. Don't jump the gun just yet but jesus I reaaally hope it's just a badly timed coincidence and nothing more.

Also I hope some of you winged faggots have been archiving the digging into ESA, reposting the digging on gamergatehq and 8diamonds, even saving it locally. You just never know if someone decides to ahem figuratively, wipe a server with a cloth or something, or suddenly smash some cellphones with a hammer.

Honestly, his faces already look pretty decent. I've seen professionals draw worse.

(Trump's faces of course, not Flynt's)

Real talk if this happens I'm getting my shit together and moving to the US. Somewhere not too hot, but with alright gun laws and relatively few dindus.

If these turn out to be real, the only way the leakers got their hands on these involve breaking several criminal laws that's going to put this goon away for a long time.

Going to go get some rest now. I apologize for the worrying-wart sperging, but I really hope one of you anons continue to dig into the ESA for more solid leads & evidence because that Podesta connection combined with Pizzagate going on should give you some incentive into finding more links. With enough information collected, the damage that will hopefully be dealt with will be bigger than what GG gave Gawker.

How was Frasier that generation's Big Bang Theory? The two have widely differing premises.

You all remember this, especially with CTR 2.0 confirmed lurking around. archive.is/dDpPH

Don't ask me, I don't watch either show.

Yeah, they're like clones…

The goony beardmen or the shows?

The Goony beards.


He's tall, handsome, young, rich, and White. He is the devil for them, and their attacks on him are just part of their general hatred for strength and beauty.


Here's an archive of the article.



Drawings of naked women is morally wrong!

But going topless on protests, being a slut, aborting babies and cuckolding is not!

Just fucking dismiss. You already know it's bunch or retarded shit like anything else spewed about this. Nothing to debate. No clear sign of intelligence to dignify with an argument, let alone civility.

Shitheads like this are beneath you. Spread and mock and nothing more.

None of which bullshit has to with enjoying sexualizing and making attractive characters.

Skimming the article it seems more like this fellow has deep issues. He sees his wife as a "piece of meat" when he's fucking her, and so he assumes everyone does as well, and this is wrong. Like many of these sorts, the idea that it's simply him with the issue escapes him.

Sex is haram, kaffir


Fellow? It's a retard and something this pathetic and insufferable I refuse to acknowledge as a fellow human being. Honestly my view of esjaydubyas as a whole.

How is possible to look at this shit spewed out and not immediately view the progenitor as something lacking basic common sense and human nature?

Honestly, that seems to be the way with a lot of folks who try to reduce humans to their base attributes.
Take that Freud motherfucker. Guy had an unacknowledged Oedipus complex, and decided that meant that was normal, since he's so smart and introspective that he can reduce a person down to a few words. Somehow, this netted him an entire branch of psychology named after him, though admittedly one nobody takes seriously.

I love that he literally became a meme.

He's like the 'Milhouse is not a meme' of psychology.

>Implying feminists aren't the people-objects which they have denied being so far
Ask a feminist on anything. They hold all the wrong opinions, and you thought a broken clock could be right twice a day.
For example, the feminist critique of Privacy is that "oh, Privacy can be used to hide abuse of women". Yeah right, the fuck.

Except he became one before it was even a thing.

I can't wait until the usual retards defend and agree with more of this delusional, unarguable shit. Why is it so hard to not be pretentious?

Gamergate according to halfchan Holla Forums found on twitter

Memes have always been a thing. We may have not had a word for it, but they were a thing.

I want to say that they tried to insult, but that thing is a canuck, thus its life is a joke. Plus they forget that thanks to us, we hot the fcc off their ass to smack down some vidya sites, and costed gawker 7 digits, enough to fuck them over in the hogan lawsuit.

pretty accurate. Although he left out the part where websites, such as cuckchan, censored discussion on it to try and appease the games journalist cabal. I'm sure if he knew that he wouldn't still be on cuckchan.

I noticed that omission too. But it is cuckchan after all.

Is this what being SEGA feels like?


And I'm assuming the thread was deleted immediately after out of asshurt?

I know, but I'm talking about the joking kind, not the serious "DNA of the soul" kind.

Honestly, combining both (like most notably for example "Tits are Life, Ass is Hometown" being a charming, playful embrace of natural attraction for the female form) seems perfect for opposing pseudointellectual nonsense. Because just by the human nature you and I feel we just know that liking such things is perfectly healthy and to be expected. None of that implies we don't actually care about the characters in question. It's obnoxious actual projection and it's something only natural to react with anger and disrespect for.

I just hope anything I make doesn't get too much autism.

The right word is promoting. The review thing is an aGGro strawman.

And? It's literally about the skin color, you fuck.

Tans and dark skin are easy to make sexy.


2d brown isn't the same as 3d niggers, it's just reskinned caucasian bodies, like picking a different scheme for a 2d fighting game.


I know that is a furry nipple. You can't fool me, marche

I recognize that animu.

fite me

Yes, but I'm pointing out the skin color is literally the intended appeal. Just the color.

It's like demons occasionally being humans with horns and red skin.


I just started on the manga after finishing aria. I love the faces she draws.

I'm gonna go to bed, see if I can figure this 'circadian rhythm' bollocks out.

Wait til you have children, then you'll learn to love the circadian rhythm.

And being attracted to 2D depictions of brown caucasians doesn't exclude you from being Holla Forums.


To be fair actual Caucasians (as in people from the Caucasus) tend to be brownish.

do you mind not calling them brown
the correct term is african american

Just like I said last thread, just when you think they can't get any worse, they go and surprise you. These people are so flagrantly terrible.

Only with very special dispensation following an extensive inquiry.


Good evening, anons.



What about yuri? /u/ is literally going full right.

Hey you winged faggots, baker here. I have to attend to something and I will be away from my main shitposting machine and I might not be back in time to bake new bread.
When it's time for a new bread and if I'm not back in time. Those who can bake a legit bread please do so.



Can I punch Richard Spencer too?

We can make punching him a meme. He'll come around to it.

I just suddenly want to see someone become a punching meme after hearing it happened again.

Let's republish that Punch Anita and Hillary flash games.

make sure to put it to darude sandstorm. That apparently makes violence okay.


I'm not sure these new embeds are working properly. Every time the thread updates it pings smilevideo.jp

Did Gookanon get scared away from GG forever?

I got 5 minutes before I have to go, so I just want to make the best of that 5 minutes in this bread to say this to you. I know they didn't teach you this simple fact when you went to abbo school, and instead you learned how when the first of your convict based nation britbong rejects landed on the shithole continent. The very first thing your ancestors did was to have a gay ass orgy. And aside from Crocodile Dundee, Yahoo Serious, Men At Work, it has been downhill ever since. But the important thing to understand here is that you are a furry, it's time to face facts. You abbo cunt.

Offtopic shit, not to distract from any digging


Seizing the Memes of Production

Meet the army of young leftists fighting a surreal war of ideas on the Internet.

Some select quotes:

Seriously, why the fuck haven't Australians abandoned their deathtrap of a country yet?

If the UN were worth shit, they would have banned living there a long time ago? All those truly monstrous animals and insects are seriously fucking scary.

Everybody wants to fuck him apparently but I think he was here yesterday

Wait you can webm and pictures at the same time now?

Does she eat spicy goodness like a boss?

You've been able to since forever as along as the combined filesize isn't above the maximum.

The Dailymotion and Vimeo embeds don't show up for me

I thought you always could? You couldn't embed and post an image at the same time.


Great Emu War was better.

It is sad that the guy who made this ended up becoming a huge SJW who pushes censorship and regrets making that video.


Then let that retard's own former intelligence and sense haunt forever.

Wake up, faggots! It's morning at Burgerland! Eat your breakfast already, god damn it!

You cropped this just enough so it won't give out any answer when reverse searched.


Nigga I found it immediately using saucenao.

I didnt even crop it
Thatw a full fucking page

Google gives me bullshit.

Than use iqdb and saucenao. It's not hard.

They rarely helped me so I never bothered after a while.

I'm getting tried of laughing and its not even been a week since the coronation of The God Emperor I not sure I can survive 4 years.

Polygon Fails To Make Disclosure While Promoting Game

Now that's what i call a sticky situation

Who made it?

Good old usher.

It's being a while since last time I saw anything by Usher in these threads. Did people just stopped posting or is it because not much is happening?

There's around one or two per thread though. They're shared regularly.

Haha, time for emails!

I'm tired of being depressed all the time.

Hasn't been that long since I saw anything Usher related posted here. Then again, time goes fast and I think the latter's another reason why.

All you need is a reason to be happy, user. Don't forget we're there if you need to vent or share.


I find enough reasons to enjoy my existence. That's all I need.


They never learn.

Have you considered DUDE DRUGS LMAO? Dissociatives and LSD microdosing seem to be very effective against depression.

Also slatestarcodex.com/2014/06/16/things-that-sometimes-help-if-youre-depressed/

Are you asking me for sources?



Are you retarded?



Did you even Google?

Whom did he offend?

I got NO idea!

it's time



Even if you ignore the effects on health, you do know why that is still a retarded idea, right?


Or you can just find something better and let twatter haemorrhage like its been doing for a while.



The point isn't to use a drug to "escape", but because they have a very real and well-documented chemical effect against depression, even at sb-recreative doses. With the depression cured, the likelihood the person will abuse that drug absolutely craters. And LSD microdosing is literally harmless. Again, Google it.


And if it doesn't cure it then what you end up with is an autist that is continuously taking drugs until it hopefully goes away.

You seem to be thinking that all drugs are the same and they are all bad


Notch is at it again.



There's currently lunar new year celebration is going on in gookland which is the biggest event in there and I'm having comfy time with my family

Have we found another rabbit hole? I admit I was skeptical at first because they backpedalled so fast but this is amazing. Make few tweets and piss them off and all your dirts, connections, and pasts are exposed.This is concentrated autism in good way.
BTW I sent an e-mail to Korean vidya company Softmax to verify whether the ESA corporation who acquired them ever related with the US ESA. Expect answer after lunar new year celebration.

too bad the PC version is gonna have Denuvo meaning I can't support the one good thing Bamco has done in years


Honestly? I think it was a black dick porn spam.

That, and the fact that most drug users aren't addicts. We immediately associate drugs with junkies because that's all the media shows. Drug war propaganda.

They are using it in all their new games, the new tales has it too, pity I wanted to pirate it.

The fact that every single Bamco PC port has had Denuvo since God Eater and their statement on Denuvo for Tales of Berseria.

On that point, what is Denuvo?
I know its a DRM but what does it do?

Stops free games.


Does it though, I mean I like to pirate most of my games but did buy MGS5 and didn't find it had any issues. Benchmarks of the cracked games work the same also.

Depends on the game;
God Eater only let you launch the game in offline mode ONCE, after that it refused to let you run it without being connected to the internet.
Other games it blocks the possibilities for fan modes and patches, but that depends on how jewish the publisher is Hint: Bamco is capcom tier kikes

A corpse
It makes anything touches it stinks because it's dead and is rotting

Shitty crypto DRM that scrambles the code in runtime, can cause performance problems depending on how it's implemented, requires online activation every once in a while and uses data from your hardware to encrypt, so Denuvo games are automatically on life support unless cracked. It's also the reason why PC retail games like MGSV come with just a Steam installer and the rest of the disc is empty.

Why are we so slow? Did everybody go to the Shia LeBuffoon thread?

I guess this is the end, it's time to #CloseTheGate

everything alright

I actually think this is a brilliant idea. I'm not sure if I trust crowdfunding, and Chuck Johnson though.

Xenoverse 2 thankfully hasn't from what I've read.

Freud noticed that a lot of his clients talked about having sex with their parents, as children. He put forward the theory that there was a massive, unacknowledged problem of incest. The backlash he got was strong enough for him to withdraw that theory and suggest instead that there is a tendency for people to fantasize about sex with their parents on some level.

something awful in a nutshell boys and dickgirls

CPY cracked it and they take their time to do it for whatever reason, the biggest I think being that A) it still takes time and B) companies dont get their money back after three months so thats when the crack comes out. Just basically build a backlog and enjoy older games and stick to never buying anything with denuvo like I've been doing and maybe people get the hint that it isn't worth it


Is Bad Angler kill for anyone else?


I was watching a Funhaus video and it involved that nazi guy who got punched. I really can't understand why so many people are championing a guy getting assaulted. Like they'd think the Boston Bomber was a hero if he blew up a pro-life rally insetad of a foot race. I just think that's wrong and a shitty attitude to have.

People are saying it's American tradition to punch Nazis but I don't see anyone defending slavery and black people as 3/5 citizens under American tradition. More than that using extrajudicial force against people you don't like is a terrible terrible thing because when you've decided that the law doesn't matter, who do you think is going to protect your side from the them?

American tradition is to punch actual nazies, not LARPers

There's your fucking problem, you're watching a bunch of industry shills who are being replaced by fucking libtard interns slowly.

I'm only getting a loading bar, but nothing loads.

Shit. The site had some issues for months, only showing a few archived articles, but I guess it's gone for good.

A pity. Bad Angler was a very convenient way to see if Polygon et all had written any bullshit without actually giving them sitehits.

Dang it. Does bad angler user no longer come around here?

it keeps loading forever on my end

Not that I know of, but he only namefagged when it came to the site itself.

thever ge.com/2017/1/27/14412594/fbi-gamergate-harassment-threat-investigation-records-release


Didn't that report come out several weeks ago already? I saw someone linking to it on Twatter and could have sworn I already read it.

tl;dr. Twitter guy makes an FYOI act request. Gets it. Releases it. Weeks later, FBI releases the same thing on their site. So exact same thing, but now it's publicly linked to the FBI.

Top kek at selective reporting.

That was the FOIA request, they didn't report on it because reasons and bullshit, now that the FBI released it, it's time for damage control and narrative framing.

Well, it wasn't public yet, but someone had requested access for it, and made the best parts available to everyone on twitter. Basically : there was no actual danger to anyone during GG, the only actual "crimes" and "threats" were made either by anti-gamers or even by close friends of the "victims", and overall everything GG said since the beginning was true.

Woo, look at all those lies of omission in the first paragraph.
You forgot the part where a lot of them were non-credible or were done by the "victim's" friends.
Gotta accuse people of incompetence fast and hard, especially when they've already determined that your friends were the ones sending the threats when it wasn't a 12 year old, right?

And AGG are on twitter are still saying this proves GG was about harassment.

FBI helped Trump and Gamergate!

Ask them to point out the specific parts that showcase that indeed GG was about that.

Of course they are.

I'm already seeing people trying to avoid that particular line of questioning. It's obvious that, just like TheZoePost, they never bothered to actually read the FBI report and automatically assumed it was bad.

That's exactly what they would think.

neofag chimes in



… is the FBI report just a Rorschach test where people see what they want to see?


Who would take this seriously ? Oh…


See for yourself. The pages released show nothing but a waste of taxpayer money.

Altho to be fair, they still have Gamergate-related investigations going, so there might be something actionable in the future.

Is anyone on neogaf taken seriously? How prominent is that site/messageboard/whatever it is

Their admins used to get press passes. Used to. They also used to call journos out on their bullshit, but that was before they decided to ban anyone supporting GG or speaking out against the Hipster Clique hivemind, in the hopes that cult of personality would carry them into the future.

isn't this the same report that proved gg didn't do anything wrong?


Again, you're expecting any of these fuckers to actually read. They couldn't even be bothered to read Eron's post detailing exactly how they're going to be duped by Chelsea.

Prominent fans (interviews, digging of old abandoned projects, and proper indie developers) still congregate in that shithole, they still got a lot of valid credibility as long as it isn't identity politics sjw shit. That and they do it for free as Sonygaffers.

You expect them to give us the benefit of the doubt.

aGG see what they want to see.

It's frustrating to see a gaggle of hateful dumbasses wield influence. Gamers that hate gamers and gaming. What the fuck. Shit makes me want to slit my wrists.

Get ready to read some pure concentrated salt

That retard will never be elected to congress. And if he ever is I'll kill myself.

Calm down there, Amy. The pizza place across the street isn't the reason why your restaurant closed.

If Wu runs for congress, i.e. becomes parto f the political system, could it force a second investigation which unmasks her as even more of a fraud?

Yeah, but they only see what they want to see, and thus will forever wonder why the FBI doesn't do anything about gg.

Obviously it's because we control the FBI; couldn't possibly be that we legitimately dindu nuffin.

And i don't know about that, possibly, if anything his opponents will find all the shit we did a while ago and his public face will be sunk pretty good

And by we did, i mean the stuff we found


he is delusional

If they actually think that then I say use it to harvest salt.

Dude, he's directly challenging the Democrat establishment in a district where they run unopposed. His campaign's going to crash and burn before it even takes off, the DNC hates any form of competition on any level of government.

In all honesty, I can't wait for him to claim that the Democrats were taken over by GamerGate.

God, i love flynt drama

Oh please, his personal Butters was long since proven not to exist, and he can't keep an employee around because he yells at them non-stop. It was probably Frank doing all the doxing.

Sometime I think god exist only to shitpost on reality to give us something to laugh at.

need source on that reaction image, STAT.

Im searching for it as we speak but nothing is coming in.

And here I am pissed that its another shitwindows 10 exclusive

To add, do you have a solid state drive? With denuvo, not anymore.


So the party returns to being openly both those things instead of behind the scenes like it is now?

Yes, but I only have the OS on it.
The games are on the other HDD.

I am unsure if it eats the solidstate regardless or not, but never put deneuvo games on it, even legit ones.

What is this

DRM of the most sinister kind.

I don't understand, how does it eat a hard drive?

As an user above puts it, it scrables its own code live, and solid states apparently do not like that, so it hurts them.

Oh, so it physically damages a solid state drive. I thought the implication was that it somehow affected other games.

So what it does is prevent piracy, right? But it's really shitty and hurts hard drives.

Not really. DRM already has been cracked.

What said, it pretty much mainly harms legit ownersand only one of 2 reasons I can shill consoles, the other is the ability to resell physical titles.

Only the first ones. The latest interactions won't scramble your SSDs with meaningless seeks anymore. It's still DRM, therefore cancerous trash.

you need to draw faster mate




Pence looks like hes about to Volgin some faggots

Of course it had to be Kotaku. Of course it had to be Heather Alexander.


Well, I guess this is what they want. I'm sure they hate capitalism nowadays.

thats some good tracking.

Congress, what?

Didn't you hear? Scooby Wu wants to run for congress.

Fantastic, that will keep the pirate fags away, more importantly it will keep the PC fags away so another community isn't ruined like they did with souls.

What a great thing to wake up to.

Underrated post.


Off-topic, but…is that whom I think it is?



Where have you been? Mark's been a meme here for days now because of his Jewish autistic screeching.

he won a shouting match against a rabid feminist


Jontron getting redpilled on GG in Sargon Stream.

Oh Jesus fuck, this is too good to be true

Link you fururu

Link for the stream?

e-celeb shilling

These last days have been surreal.

The fuck is our daughter doing with that retard?

He just came out full GG


no he didn't

Wait happened to Sargon and how did Jon Tron get involved?

Status: divided and broken.

Sargon got banned.
Sargon started streaming to shitpost.
JonTron hopped in to talk and shitlord with him.

Wow, Jontron was a shitlord for 4 years.

Is Neofag having a proper fit right now?

Wtf I love Jontron now

I always did because I like his type of comedy.


Spotted on /cow/.

Incidentally, LW seems to be trying to worm her way into the moderation of mastodon.social, which happens to be founded by a former(?) pedo defender.


Why did he get banned?

They didn't give him a reason, it seems.

I'd guess it was because he posted gay interracial porn.

Who is the wierd voice cunt?

They have hundreds of thousands of followers you dolt. They still are relevant and don't need that for it.

Seems to be another youtuber, nobody knows him though. Probably one of sargon's friends.

I remember that a lot of the GNUsocial community were trying to mass-trigger Mastodon users after it launched.


dr layman, german academic shitposter

they took a hit after their disgraceful Candid shilling

Whatever happened to Candid, anyway? All I remember is whoever that fucker was that shoved a banana up his ass sperging out for several solid months against Sargon.

Not really, they haven't lost their audience at all; and their shilling was basically a "we get what the issue is, we simply don't really care because we enjoy the site regardless of how shit it is". Which is fine.

He seems to have quite a bit of that when he needs it

Yeah, amazing atheist was a tremendous faggot about it, he was FURIOUS at harmful opinions and shit. Was pretty funny.
The site seems to be doing alright. The entire drama kinda forced them to stop trying to promote the stuff with youtubers. I'd assume they're just staying there and letting things happen more naturally than by paying people.

That shitmakes me mad.


Harmful showed everyone how you can share and hide CP using candid.

Harmful proved it's very likely a pedo haven.

Because they were paid shills for it. Come on, Val, you can't be this dumb.

To be fair, you can do that on twitter or reddit too
also quads

They were paid for it BEFORE it was found out, user. When it was found out they admitted that it was shitty but just said "yeah we won't shill for it anymore but we won't stop using it"

Okay NOW quads

None for you

Fuck's sake Holla Forums go faster I'm failing at quads by going too early


Looks like even the digits know you're wrong.

I wish I could piss on Val forever.

Just because other sites are pedo havens doesn't mean it is alright for this other thing to be one as well. Don't you understand justice?

You're also failing at quads because you are a cancerous namefag

This isn't my point. I meant that it's something that happens on all sites because most sites don't really care much. Hell, even Holla Forums has a more efficient and thorough sense of duty against CP.

Funny because twatter is filled to the brim with porn accounts that do nothing but post porn gifs or videos of all kind.

It wasn't a secret for them, they knew and shilled it to their audience. They wouldn't blindly agree to a contract without reading it a thousand times. When people started questioning them they also threw a massive fit and started mocking and attacking people. Don't let your love for Shoe blind you

Don't we all? Cake Kike: The Divider should just ban his faggoty dubs forcing ass already

Dude. They're youtubers.
Also while people like mundane matt and amazing atheist DID go full on retarded, I don't recall neither shoe nor armoured skeptic going through a "massive fit" or mocking anyone.

Wakey, wakey, faggots! It's morning time!



remember, they blocked around 50k people

Hes right, but rambles a bit too much.

Probably wets himself when he enters a room with any white people in it.


Including kfc, which means they hate black people.

Better watch out Nazis.

I never really thought about it before but, all this "bash the fash" shit seems to stem from the urge to be the bully because these cucks were too weak in high school so they got their shit kicked in. Its amazing how much of social justice is just sheer vindictiveness because they were weak pussies with no social skills to stop bullying that just want to be the one beating on someone

Didn't people get banned for posting pictures of the useful idiots?

January 27th 2017

Guess who knows?

Halfchan knows!:


How long will those threads stay up?

To me the professional victims look more like the school bullies still trying to keep their status while people like amib spent their entire school life being cronies and toadies. People who were too weak to be bullies but were lucky enough to not be singled out and instead started kissing the popular kids' asses.

The actual bullied people are usually really nice but cynical in my experience.


Or they become so jacked/decent looking that the old bullies never know how to react.

I see Nick's still acting like he totally wasn't exposed as a pedo who TRIED TO GROOM HIS OWN COUSIN.


Oh, and remember, all these motherfuckers totally don't fish for "harassment" by acting like Holier-Than-Thou jackasses. DONATE TO THEIR PATREON!

I read this thing by Auerbach archive.is/GFIj5

I heard about the farms shutting down. What's the site imploding?

sorry if slowpoke

That's what really pisses me off about Twitter making it impossible to reply to someone who has you blocked. You can't really expose these fucks to their audience. They can control what their viewers can see.

You are expecting anything other than smug bullshit from him?



Not really, but I'd expect someone to realize that slinging shit doesn't work when you're already covered in it.

Spoiler for offtopic:

Would anyone happen to have a patch for Super Metroid that removes the item jingle?

I heard someone drew gook fucking commie cat

No, all art of gook is him getting fucked. Two of them by gilda.

We just need more commie cat.
Alunya best pettanko/loli.


I drew gook being fucked by a gildafag, all I did involving either gilda or alunya was them hugging/cuddling with gookanon

Hi gook


Hi gook. Have you said your self esteem boosting sentences today?

god damn. It's cool to see how Jontron has gone from backing away from gamergate due to SJW harrassment to going on a stream with sargon.

Grooming a cousin's not that bad on its own but he's an ugly tranny too. My cousin fucked me but she was thicc in the right way at the time.

I want to see this.

they don't see the irony of doing this, god dammit they are retarded

I'm currently battling with my self-hate ego who pops out and tells me that I'm shit, if I keep doing this I may actually stop thinking about killing myself, thank you
also how'd you guys know my identity, I hopped my IP and was planned to subvert this gay meme pretending I'm random user who against this new gook sexualizing culture but I failed again like always
I don't know what to do anymore, I ain't accept this mind breaking fate, I will resist, maybe if I ignore this then this shit would go away

good shit lol

Hi gook, greetz from the Trumpenreich.

It's too late for that now. All you can do is accept that asian boys are made for white dick.

I don't even think its their property, and trolls will always get in.

reason not to kill yourself:
-are you anthony burch, if not, that is a huge reason to continue living.
Also go watch The Grey if you want a good somber but upflifting manly man movie.

Yea you just like the attention, faggot.

No, and the people that would listen to your braindead schemes are not watching Johntron anyway


if pol is right the museum is next to a Synagogue and the wall it's on belongs to them. so that's how they can ban them from the property


☑ Evaded the FBI

Maybe if it ended in zero fucking prosecutions you were just wasting their goddamned time to boost your victim bux?

Remember when Trump was wrong to question the FBI's findings on Hillary? I'd love to see what these "journalists" had to say about that.

is cuckchan mods sleep? how is this thread not deleted archive.is/CEX0b


I forgot, what was the source for the song?

The fact that they found only now makes it pretty damn clear they never bothered reading it.

Your cousin probably wasn't six years old at the time.

My cousin was 14 and I was like 8. Maybe it's different because I'm a guy.

I'd like to imagine that they're too busy trying to think of reasons to live after Trump won

They probably think the USA is on its way to a communist revolution because trump will fuck up hard.

I love how they're trying to say that getting investigated by the FBI itself proves that there's wrongdoing. By that flawless logic, I suppose Clinton is automatically guilty of compromising state secrets, then. Hell, by that logic, I should be in fucking jail because someone put me down as a reference for a government job.

Keep on going with the self esteem building. I believe you can and will get there.
The way someone posts is like a fingerprint. Unique despite any changes in terminology or pictures used. Anons have just figured out what your fingerprint looks like. Remember that you are gookanon, not a namefag like Val or a furry like Marche.
I hope you have a wonderful day today.

☑ Co-opted the FBI

Didn't one mod get relieved already or something on their /qa/ board, which was a big entry point for their cancer infecting everything went on a mental breakdown over Holla Forums being responsible for Trump's victory and was spared from getting tossed in the trash by the higher ups in the end?

I forgot how fucking bad was that place

well its dead now, probably because most of the people in the thread were pro or neutral aside from the op and maybe 2 other aggros.

Yep. People are starting to recognize me too just based off of my flowery way with words. If unwanted user dicks were flies, I'd be a mass grave of bloated moose carcasses

I find it great, it is one of the few situations where containment actually works because they aren't on the same site.

No idea, I heard about some drama after a mod started banning the fire safety threads and I think that one got removed and there was also some bullshit about actual confirmed purple haired landwhales being mods. I just pick up info from here, havent been there since a month before the first exodus.

Good afternoon, anons. I'm gonna get ready for more ESA diggings.
Any Dutch anons wanna give me a hand in the Touhou tea pic? Or any others whose language I haven't translated.

Thanks for an idea, pic 1.

Classical painting reaction images are the best, thanks for the idea! Pic 2

Sure, what needs to be translated

If they thought that, they wouldn't be acting the way they are. Either they have a severe issue with being too in love with "take and hold" strategies something I am guilty of or they can't plan long term.

Just this simple image.

remind me what's the original and I'll give you european portuguese


>All these weird autocorrected typos from hipster fags on their iPhones
I'm embarrassed to admit I once perused that shithole. What the fuck happened?

Where can I find those?


Joke's on you; I pre-emptively bullied gookanon at the start of the thread.

I don't mean to be pedantic, but I don't think I've ever heard "Mistress" used in the states. It probably should say "Ma'am."

I knew they are crybabies but at this point they are beyond pathetic, it's actually amusing to watch
Also what's with this late coordinated bombardment from media? Isn't this fed report months old? Were they busy making arrangement at GameJournoPros for weeks?

If that is true shitposting is indeed a profound thing

I gained will to live again. Thank you.
I must lay low. I ain't gonna give (You) for you homosexual predator anons. I don't wanna be hated like Val or Marche. I want to shitpost without feeling guilty or ashamed. You anons making me look like I seek for attention. This is new age of bullying. I never asked for this. I have no idea how this went this far. Mod says you're faggots. He will ban you faggots to hell!


#GamerGateLegalAdvice is trending
Man the battlestations and shitpost

Sounds like a hardsell approach.
Reminds me of something about greeks with wooden horses and trusting them. But maybe I'm mistaken. Maybe.

Maybe I'm looking too deep into the wording. But why did they say "publishers" first, it's like they're saying what their real priority is. :^)

fug i failed i tried to reply not 11809395


Was hard to think of "Mistress" because noone talks that way in the slightest, especially not when used to refer to the person you are talking to, so I replaced it with something more fitting instead

That's why you lurk instead of post. No one of you faggots can tell who am I


I thought it was Rob.

Are you an American?



-Trouxe-lhe o seu chá.



Now then, here it goes…
I found the ESA being a platinum sponsor of SIEGE along with Tripwire Interactive (Killing Floor) & Hi-Rez Studios (Tribes)
SIEGE 2016 Sessions
Entertainment Software Association Joins Local Leaders to Analyze Explosive Growth of Video Game Industry, Explore its Future
I find it interesting that Tripwire Interactive is on there considering that during Killing Floor 2's…beta testing for lack of better word, people have been complaining about Tripwire handing the banhammer to those who would dare try to act all sexist and typical PC jumbo and if I recall correctly, someone at Tripwire blew a gasket over someone asking a simple question about females in swimsuits & the guy was like Nooo thats sexist and unfitting! We'll never do that! (Ironic of them talking about realism in a zombie game that has a guy in a chicken costume, a terminator chicken costume, a santa suit, and the grim reaper itself)
SIEGE itself is an event by the Georgia Games Developer Association
And I found a page that mentions the IGDA Leadership Track (And a Global Game Jam is trending)

What's the font?

The comedy and laughter will truly never end, will it?

Are you a male?

At least not until San Francisco collapses up its own asshole.

How many followers does he have?

The font I use for English is CC Wild Words. For German accents, CC Comic Crazy. For non-German accents, CC Samaritan (German accent works fine with it though.)


Forgot to add: Samaritan is all caps while Comic Crazy isn't. Pic 1 is Samaritan and Pic 2 is Comic Crazy. I personally like them both but for non-English needs, I might use Comic Crazy more.


Way to ruin it


Context of the tea scene, wondering if I should just do the whole page as opposed to that one shot. Might be exploitable And good for me to understand different language laughs

We have known rock bottom and then we learned how to fly, we can only go up now.


we need to take those fuckers out while everyone is in a panic about trump. they are getting their money from DARPA

what was crazy was the amount of push back we got when we started looking into DIGRA

The new hashtag is #GamergateLegalAdvice. Have fun.

Not related to the ESA but I interestingly found Iran's rating system, the Entertainment Software Rating Association. Just like with CERO, they have not joined IARC with the ESRB or PEGI.

I saw a German one but that used a wonky translation where Sakuya said "Ich brachte den Tee".

It's a very literal translation from English which sounds very odd, as it implies that Sakuya has brought the tea some time ago, rather than bringing it in right now.

It should be something like:

S: Herrin, hier ist Euer Tee (Mistress, here is your tea)
R: Danke.


The Marcille is not for the lewds!

Hold up, CERO did something right for once?

The Danish one is wrong on several levels.
Firstly "Jeg bringe te" is gramatically incorrect. The proper tense would be: "Jeg bringer teen'" (I bring the tea) which sounds very stilted and unnatural.
Secondly "Elskerinde" is the female form of "Lover" that's not the meaning of the world "mistress" implied here. "Frue" (Madam/Lady) or "Min Frue" (My Lady) would be more appropriate.
A more natural thing for her to say than "Jeg bringer teen" could be:
"Her er deres te" (Here's your tea (with deres being the plural formal-singular form of "your"))
or "Jeg har medbragt deres te" (I have brought your tea)
or "Jeg er kommet med teen/deres te" (I have come with the tea/your tea)

At the moment, but they have however considered joining them in the future so it's not an outright No. The Japanese need to be warned about this.

i'm genuinely impressed. the fire spread far and wide.

Cero did nothing right so far. They have been getting stricter over the years.

Just like back when Tumblr threw a hissfyit over the April's Fools Draenei model for WoW being fatshaming (due to her being less slim than the regular model).

Also keep in mind its way past midnight here

I'm watching the chaos that is the "hewillnotdivideus" stream

title: Karateka Edition
vid embed:
Published on Oct 25, 2016

Gamergate was a fairly international happening from the start.

Call it gamergate not so grump edition
Because the sjw sault from jontron being on sargon stream is beautiful

I have mixed feeling on high foreheads, but that forehead is just awful.

We got anons from all over. I still would love to see a rough map.

That was the first computer game I completed solo back in the 1980's

It's a parody model, user. It's ugly by design.



I don't have a map, but I've been using that twitter cluster as my background for the longest time.

I walked, not ran from fight to fight in that game because I always thought it looked more badass.

Next thread we should make a compilation of every sjw getting triggered over jontron being on sargons stream next thread
Truly Jontron was the superior grump

How do I help GG get the "Trump-senpai" treatment?

Isn't this like tumblr's third hissyfit over that chink? they had one back in the summer over this and one pre-release over concept art

All I know is that we have had anons from evrywheres, even the middle east, asia and europe.

As fun as gathering sodium from socjus is, there's some breddy gud digging on the ESA recently.

Scratch my comment about using CC Comic Crazy, while some accents like German work fine, accents like Latvian didn't work. So that only leaves Samaritan which still works fine as a Wild Words international counterpart. Even Russian runes work with it.
Any user skilled in either Russian, Czech, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, or Spanish? Or correct my other mistakes?

Apperently pbg and jontron are no longer friends
Hmmm right when jontron appeared on sargons stream

Also I'm not up to date on what that is if we get a new bread explain that to me next thread

Looks like pbg went full sjw
A friend sent these to me I'll be posting the link of the tweets soon

Literally who?

I thought each instance of DRM was unique, so each game with it has to be cracked individually, which usually takes a couple of months. Since devs/pubs only care about mitigating the supposed influence of piracy during the release window, when the game gets the most sales, this seems like a good thing to them.


Well I'm not surprised at that considering PBG likes Zelda but I could've sworn I saw another thread of an user saying that PBG was pulling a Linkara 2.0


Hopefully being cleared innocent will make people who have been lied to And aren't cultists fucking see past the bullshit.

I know of some of those names, but I don't particularly care that much about them tbqh fam. I'm not against them, as long as they're not being aGGro or faux neutral that's fine. I got no beef with them. I personally just don't really care in particular about them

There is a link in the OP text, or scroll up in the present bread.

6. Dig for info regarding the ESA, (also ECA, IARC)

Are you all forgetting the education system is churning goons out in droves?

What a terrible time to make that decision. That's like attempted to get into dot coms in 2002.





It's kinda sad really
To break up a friendship over political stances
Also rip normal boots again

who are you

I really don't expect to see a crossover in userbase between SSMB and this general and yet here we are

Remember Maddox? He ended the most profitable thing he's ever done (50k a year split between two people, could have become more) and killed a friendship because the guy banged a chick he broke up with years before. That's the level of pathetic we're dealing with. Coincidentally, Maddox has gone full SJW in recent years.

It's a shame. His Spiderwoman's ass video was (and I guess still is) good redpill material.

As much as I love Mei having an outrageously huge ass and giant tits, I wouldn't hate if Blizzard put out a chubby girl to make up for it.

I was checking up on Paragon and the last two characters have been cute girls, which is usually ideal, but every single woman in that game is identical and it's getting so boring. And it's not even like they're in shape to fight people, they're all featurelessly soft. No cute musle girls, imposing monsters, plump girls, or even varying heights.
Even HotS and League which are super serious about their waifu potential have some outliers and body diversity.
Really doesn't help that the last 6 dudes have been melee bruisers/carries. Easiest role in the whole game and anyone who wants to play support or ADC are stuck with the same exact charactesr from the game's launch.

I didn't expect to see that myself either. An overlap with cuckchan's a given since it's the more popular one of the two sites and I've seen them reference it from both there and the Sega Forum, but what are the odds of it happening here on Holla Forums?


Is that what happened? Dick slept with his old fling and got butthurt about it. I started listing to the dick show and new who maddox was but wasn't sure if he was talking about the same guy.
Jeez what a huge vagina.

Mei is still thicker than all the other girls (Save Zarya) even at the size she currently is. She just isn't fat, which is what they wanted.

Now that I think about it, he showed all the signs, all he needs now is for his gf to come out progg and him to be gg cucked like linkara.


Especially as SSMB is pretty pozzed, I'd at most expect references to Retro in here if anything

He's very left-leaning on a lot of things. Some reasonable, some not so much. He defends cuckolding, for example, and is reportedly "that crazy ex" who will call you all night in tears (while living with his girlfriend) because he thinks you banged someone else. His current venture has also lost all sponsors but Candid and is ridiculously unfunny. Meanwhile the friend he cut off is pulling in 18k a month. Oh, and he also cut off another friend with the vague reason that "he did something gross to my girlfriend but I can't talk about it because it could ruin his reputation". He knows damn well what he's doing by wording it that way. He's leaving it up to their imagination, what this (beta as fuck) guy (who is just too nice for his own good) could have done to his girlfriend from across the country. Never trust an Armenian.

I could live with a chubby character, but as a general rule I don't like pandering to an agenda. I can live with the Russian broad because she's racist and manly as fuck. 10/10 would hang out with.

It's been confirmed through bonus episodes and such. I can put the bonus ones on Mega or something if you want. He's also taken to telling an embarrassing story about Maddox every time the latter talks shit online.

pretty much yea
she isnt unfit in any way at all or has a rolly polly fat flabby belly
she just is thick

having sex with a guy saying its a girl?

So FBI investigate Gamergate and found nothing, again?

I think hes referring to how he spurgs about zelda and has game theory teir theories about it and attacks anyone who disagrees with him.

No these are the documents they released a few months ago, for some reason the media is reacting to them now.

ok, I know nothing about linkara except all the lolcow stuff

They just released their 2015 findings

I guess Jontron is still too based
Its weird I have more respect for arin because despite their political differences at least they stayed friends
He'll I doubt rain and I really disagree about politics it's that Suzy I keeping a leash on rain so he won't trigger their feminist friends

I would have joined Retro a long time ago, but their vetting process is supposedly strict, so I just resigned myself to lurking. Met a proGG guy and Yakuza guy on the Sega Forum. TimmiT, who is from Retro is behind the sonic twitter with at least one other guy (besides Webber) and both of them shat on Gamergate. TimmiT sperged out on election day and he blocked me on twitter when I showed him Klepek's Deepfreeze article when Gawker bit the dust in court. Top Kek.



That reason probably being that they're scrambling to re-establish The Narrative… By accusing the FBI of not doing enough to stop mean words on the internet by refusing to arrest a 12 year old or illegally detain anyone they're currently investigating.

no scalies

It's nice for him, I guess. I don't have any friends to disagree with politically in the first place.

TimmiT is an SJW sperg as is Scarred Sun but otherwise Retro's surprisingly balanced, mostly consisting of neutrals. Even Scarred Sun, while probably not liking GG in the least, went the "don't talk about this here" route instead of TimmiT or, as in SSMB's, route of "staff says this is shit"

the guy you're thinking about that runs the account is Gene, and he's mostly neutral too. Or rather, don't doubt he probably dislikes it, but from what I know his attitude is mostly a "look just don't shit around", you know? I remember when Schaefer did the sockpuppets thing, his reaction wasn't "fucking gamergate" it was "fucking schaefer stop starting shit"

the retro vetting process isn't that hard, if you can post here normally you'll get in easily. make a paragraph explaining why you want in, mostly just to prove you can write good english and thoughts and aren't a retard, and things should go smoothly.


And then tell me you source

Somebody hold me

Don't be gay user.



I can give you a firm handshake, no homo.
But since it's now safe to shitpost blogpost.
I had to go downtown today to do something. That's not a euphemism, I really had to go to a downtown location to do something. It felt pretty strange, disgusted and conflicted. I have never felt a stronger desire to find a rural area where I can live in my own cabin.

One one hand I wanted a JDAM or two dropped on it to improve the downtown scenery. The dowtown area where I'm at is 95% sjw hipster faggot central On the other hand not everything is black and white, and never judge a book by it's cover is still a thing. One person I thought would be a walking Holla Forums incarnate from the way they dressed turned out to be more or less a leftist liberal. And one person who was textbook nu male balding beardo gay lisp turned out to be not overly cancerous in person.

Just let me know when feminazis bitching about 2D get shit pushed in even harder.

Maybe because it was crazy stupid bullshit that wasn't true?

Once again, Digra is not funded by DARPA. UC Santa Cruz has the Immerse project that is funded by darpa. UC Santa Cruz had a job opening that was posted on the digra site. Some illiterate moron that couldn't tell that it was just a cross posting made up a stupid picture complete with a random Ron Paul picture.

dump this in the new bread, no one will read it here, and the bread was already frozen.