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It might be because of a generic video driver. I can't find a specific one for this particular laptop.

That's really fucking cool user.
It's faster than some PS4 games, I fail to see a problem.

Ps4 games do 3d and shit, this is just simple bitmap manipulations, but I'm still quite happy that it works. One of my friends tested it on his 333Mhz laptop with Windows XP and it did work at constant 60 FPS. I Think this 166Mhz machine could also do it, but I'm using a generic video driver, even well optimized games like quake are choppy…. we'll see

From a game that looks like it came straight out of the demoscene I wouldn't expect anything less.

It is kinda of a demo. I won't be able to make this game myself, that's for sure. I can't afford to hire a graphician either, so I want to make a good demo and find a team. Also this is just a general demo of my programming skills, I didn't finish any school, so I need something that I can put on the CV hehehe


Made me remember how games used to have RADICAL flashy effects unrelated to the game for a menu, I like it.

What language and what libraries is it in?

c++ with sdl, but sdl is used only for input and creating a wjndow. I plot every pixel with my own routines.

how does software rendering work in SDL 2.0 (assuming that's what you're using)? The impression given by the documentation is that you wind up manually setting a texture in the GPU that is then blitted to the screen. I almost considered learning SDL 1.2 because it has support for much clamshell with mac OS 9

See code example on this page.

Most of the SDL_Surface APIs are still in place and can be used for software rendering.
But if you want to use GPU acceleration, follow the instructions in this migration guide and make use of SDL_Texture where possible instead of SDL_Surface.

And now I have homework

Godot has an HTML 5 exporter


Making progress with my mencraft mod.
Found a hilarious bug by accident. I had added a conditional that if players have a pickaxe with fortune, there's a chance they'll get a rare drop when digging underground. So it checks the currently held item of the harvester, which uh, apparently explosions can count as a harvester as well. So in testing, I ran into a creeper underground and it crashed right as the creeper would have exploded, this continued to happen every time I went back in because the explosion event never finished. The solution was to add a check if the harvester in the event is not null.

My javascript side is just a dummy renderer so I don't think an engines worth it. Everything else is server sided in C. The main appeal to me for WebAssembly was I thought it would make it easier to hide code so you couldn't hack it and cheat by editing one line, although I don't think WebAssembly is safe from this either.

should have just started with C In the first place

also, what is the issue with mixing javascript and C if its just a small part?

I dont know, i cant see the appeal in making a browser game, just because of how ugly webdev seems

sdl2 has surfaces, but they dont work like in sdl1. They are extremely slow, because theybesentially emulate the hardware textures. If you want fast software rendering on sdl2 you have yo do a small hack. Im using both sdl1 and sdl2 btw.

Create a streamable texture and a windom and render that texture. In your code you can then create your iwn framebuffer, do whatever with the pixels and when the whole frame is ready concert that into the texture. You've got finctions like SDL_LockTexture, which will give you access to lixels of this texture. Yhen you can change it.

I am learning 3d.

Repost, for some reason used spoiler instead of code tags.

I didn't realize it was a choice.

To compile C into Javascript you need to use this special compiler called emscripten, which spits out at 15kb file even for small applications because it has a ton of overhead. This isn't really a problem large apps, but for small ones it's pointless. I think webassembly was going to takle this issue by getting all the commands into bytecode that will make the file significantly smaller.

Ontop of that, my modules are so closely related I can't really cut one part out and make it into C. An example would be the inputModule. It gets the events from the javascript event manager, depending on what set of controls are loaded (this is a javascript thing) it will handle the inputs differently and update various flags and create a bytearray for specialized commands (the two parts that can be done in C). Every 50 ticks (like .05 seconds) the SocketConnectionModule looks at the bitflags and sends the updated data to the server.

So right away I have to import a bunch of javascript functions and objects just for a simple process. Plus a lot of javascript objects rely on other javascript objects, so I'd need to do like 15 imports or more for a single module and work with their 's and other ugly hacks bloating the code. Here's an example with just 2.


// Get web audio api contextvar AudioContext = window.AudioContext || window.webkitAudioContext;// Got an AudioContext: Create context and OscillatorNodevar context = new AudioContext();var oscillator = context.createOscillator();// Configuring oscillator: set OscillatorNode type and frequencyoscillator.type = 'triangle';oscillator.frequency.value = 261.63; // value in hertz - middle C// Playingoscillator.connect(context.destination);spoileroscillator.start();// All done!


#include #include #include using namespace emscripten;int main() { val AudioContext = val::global("AudioContext"); if (!AudioContext.as()) { printf("No global AudioContext, trying webkitAudioContext\n"); AudioContext = val::global("webkitAudioContext"); } printf("Got an AudioContext\n"); val context = AudioContext.new_(); val oscillator = context.call("createOscillator"); printf("Configuring oscillator\n"); oscillator.set("type", val("triangle")); oscillator["frequency"].set("value", val(261.63)); // Middle C printf("Playing\n"); oscillator.call("connect", context["destination"]); oscillator.call("start", 0); printf("All done!\n");}

I don't do it because I like webdev. I would LOVE to just do everything in C without it being akward as all hell. I'm doing it because I want to make a mmo-ish RTS, and if it's in the browser at least people will be more inclined to try it since they can just pop it into their browser, and it will make working on the alpha stage easier. I'm thinking of doing a C client browser if the game gets any popularity I suppose this is what minecraft did in a way

2epic4me. is that unity?


this isn't C.

I understand wanting to make your game run in the browser, how about making a java webapp, and then compiling your C++ into a .dll file that gets loaded in through the native interface? I know runescape runs on java and it seems to be fine.

I would just write it in C first, but thats because i have no motivation to make my games run in a browser.

related, maybe you could look at something like webquake, as an example of the kind of thing you are trying to do? github.com/Triang3l/WebQuake/tree/master/Client/WebQuake

source is DRM
U fokin wot, m8?

You're right. I originally was using just pure C but if you use the importer they force you to use C++ even though it works on the c version of the compiler emcc (em++ is the C++ version), so it's all weird. Java works because JSP exists I think. I'm not sure if .dll's have a version but they might. Right now I'm kinda stuck with javascript, because of their websocket library. Plus I made projects in C before and it takes way longer, so I'm probably going to stick with javascript at least in the alpha version

Yeah. I already got the javascript socket connection and renderer set up. I was trying to port to WebAssembly, but it's done a completely different way
(C or C++ => asp.js => WebAssembly)

Buddy that's C++, not C.


Well you're deliberately making the game more difficult to inspect for the sake of making it more difficult to inspect, not because it's a side effect of compilers.

Maybe if freetards could into games Microsoft wouldn't have a deathgrip on the industry

Several objections. Some online cheating problems are unsolvable. As a trivial example, how do you verify someone isn't calling on Deep Blue when playing an online chess game? Code obfuscation is a terrible idea for open source programs. Security through obscurity does not work, good design does.


There's no "the DRM". Generally speaking the point of DRM is to make it more difficult for the player to share the game which usually entails making it more difficult to modify it (e.g. find/remove the limitations). If people want to modify your game, they're going to find a way to do that whether you want it or not. Case in point your second image.

There's good reasons to want webassembly, but "making it marginally harder to do frontend hacks" is not one of them.

Idk why I said main appeal. It was more of a side thing. I thought I could also make the desktop C/C++ client by reusing code and found out it wasn't possible. Also, code obstruction for huge games with massive communities doesn't work? So? It's not like this game is going to be massive or anything, but I know a few friends of friends who are script kiddie shitstains.

Also cobe obfuscation is not DRM.

Oh come on, what pathetic attitude is that? And again, if you don't design your game right, your script kiddie friends will walk all over it, obfuscated or not.

So far I don't think the design is flawed, going off of how RTS' work. I only send updates for things the user should have vision of. After having wallhackers ruin a minecraft server I use to have it was something that stood out with WebAssembly, among other things, like the fact that the code would be faster and more compressed than asm.js.

Link didn't go through
8ch is being all buggy for me.

Yeah, it's Unity.

It's actually pretty fun to code astronomic equations into the game and have realistic results.

I'm a fan of photography so setting golden/blue hour colours was pretty cool too

I haven't applied an option to choose longitude/latitude on that Earth model yet, the script allows for it though.

Moon position is coming along as well.

It should be more fun for the player who to have freedom on how they'd like to execute a mission, taking into account things like
1. Moon phase (pitch-black night is a rare occurance, even though my game will have a stealth portion)
2. Time it will take to deploy to a location
3. Mission timers eg. hostages dying every hour or targets of opportunity
4. The fact that 1 second IRL = 1 second in-mission so that stealth missions shortly before dawn will require you to take into account the fact that sunrise is coming

Blocking bullets works, now I just need to to get it so that the bullets are deflected in the right direction.

looks pretty sick

Thanks. Just for fun here's what it looks like when I increase the pistol's fire rate.


Considering how I'm planning on doing it, that ostensibly would be possible if you're good enough.

the point is to as much calculations server side as possible. though something like calculating whether an enemy is visible from player's POV would result in horrible pop-ins so it isn't really done, hence aimbots and wallhacks

It kinda works in an RTS though because of the fog of war. The vision calculations are pretty cheap to.

That's the way DOTA 2 does it. They don't send player location information client side unless the player is within the client's vision.

UV unwrap fin
time to just like make texture

Dota 2 is surprisingly hack free. Although, I guess it's harder to tell when someone is using a hack that identifies shit like illusions.

He said he wants to make it harder to cheat. Sure, eventually someone would make a cheat for your game regardless what language it was written in, but if you can do it harder to do it… why not. Besides, using Web assembly in his case would also speed up the game, so it's not just DRM. And it's not my guess or feeling, I've made several cheats to this mmo game. It's not as easy as just editing open source.

The thing that kinda kills this is they already have tools to turn WebAssembly into Javascript. So it'll almost be source code, just harder to figure out. I guess it'll deter some people, but at most it's just 1 layer more than using a tool to compress javascript source into unreadable garbage on 1 line.

i was looking through my old youutube videos to find a video i can show you and Ive found this. This os a really funny bug in my opinion. You can go fishing in this game. What is interesting is that only client checks if you're near water, the server doesnt, so with a small hax you can fish anywhere on the map. I've released thich cheat and then fixed the problem itself on my own server. I did that many times, people in the scene (?) hated me for that.

Given a sidescrolling game, how would you map the actions Punch, Kick, Special Move Stance, Jump, Dash and Interact on an X360 controller? Second pick is what could happen, but trying to find out what the general preferred control scheme is.

I see

fuck i forgot to embed

There's an old rule "Never trust the clients input" for stuff like this. Although, I worry about stuff you can't even think of ahead of time.

If you're not sure if that's the right word it is, although community would be more common.

I guess, but community implies that its a group of people who at least kind of wants to eork together or likes each other. That was a vicious rivalry and lots of shit talking, riping stuff from each other… thats why i eventually dropped doing stuff un the client and moved to doing server side stuff. If someone took my idea and just implemented it it's fine, but I hated people who would just unpack the client and take the stuff for themselfs.

And in the long term i think it was a good decision, I've learned a lot while working on this, mostly reverse engineering and asm, as we just had a compiled server side executable. I could show more stuff, but without having a context it's not interesting at all and most of my videos are not in english anyway. instead i can tell you a small story

On this game there are 3 empires you can join. One day I managed to add another one, but i didnt show it on my youtube. Few weeks later some faggot on forum decalres that he's the FIRST IN THE WORLD TO MAKE MORE THAN 3 EMPIRES HOLY SHIT. So I thought I'll make a prank on him. I've publish how to make more than 3 empires for evryone on the forum. Then they started to msg me privately with insults and shit like TOU WANT WAR ? YOU'LL HAVE A WAR.
So i recreated all of their "exclusive" features anf published it on the forum for evryone. their server closed after 2 weeks or so.

im too retarded to delete the sage

Right shoulder
A button
Left shoulder
B button

Left shoulder button (dash) modifies movement, which is on the left hand side of the pad (stick and d-pad)
Right shoulder button modifies combat, which is on the right hand side of the pad (X, Y, and A if jump attacks are available)

Thank you for the detailed input, I playtested your mapping. The result is that it feels like I should put Jump on a shoulder button - probably RB - since the game is somewhat designed with close-to-the-ground jump attacks in mind and hitting two face buttons in very fast succession feels awkward to me. I would probably still keep A also mapped to jump since people may expect it to be there, and I have excess buttons. Stance stays on RT.

Also, currently, I have a backdash-like Sway mapped to Up. I tend to get it on accident, so I think I will put it on LT as a separate action, put a stationary version of it on Up and make it not trigger on diagonals. For pads without triggers, the mapping could be something like X = Punch, Y = Kick, A = Special, B = Sway, RB = Jump, LB = Dash, Select = Interact and axe the idea of a pause, which seems too abusable in a game that wants to test the player's reactions.

I forgot to ask, but where can I get the font you used there?

How do I into monogame?

got side tracked with non 3d stuff, probably will be a while until i get back into gamedev in full swing

really cool/10

keep it up user.

Looking good

I see the details came out nicely

That's bullshit.

What exactly is your game? I've never seen anything other than this character model.

that's prolly joystix

arena fps, mostly just using it as an excuse to learn in my free time, here's an old webm, didn't really do much gameplay stuff since then, other than fixing a few bugs with the movement.

Please don't.

I've made a quick experiment. I turned off almost all of my code, just left an empty screen and an FPS counter, it was at around 49 FPS hmmm I Think I've found the right driver for it, but it doesn't help. Why is it so slow ?

Is the character having sex with the ground?

Ripping all sound effects from porn would be a novel idea.

Make a basic human mesh first, then afterwards use it as a template that you can edit and rework it to any kind of character. It's a waste of time to redo entire meshes from the start over and over again for each character.
Just do some basic human tutorial first, then learn how to remodel it a bit so it deforms correctly when you rig it, and then use that as a template for all future humans you do, or rather two templates, one for male and one for female.

Actually a great feature and would sell especially good with edgy kids and DMC fans. There are barely any games where you can deflect or defend against shooting enemies, except finding cover or shitty halo shields. Will it cost stamina though? Because it might be too imbalanced if you can just run through the entire level and take no damage at all.

Is that a fucking snapping turtle?


fucking do it

ye, alligator snapper

The sound effect is placeholder, but the porn idea is actually nice, I might make it a thing for a single level as a joke.

Welp, time to do the PGP Pecheneg MG to replace the old MG barrel that looked quite plain to me tbh there will be 3 modifications to this gun: Some sort of Laser calculator for dem accuracies well it's visually only, belt feed which is integrated directly in the turret instead of the box and no buttstock. For the cannon part hmm maybe I should base it on some modern MBT with my own twist to them Or maybe a UT99 Flak Cannon like model :^)

It pisses me off there is no gud blueprint like images for this gun, preferably in high-resolution to make my job easier but at least somebody made a gun maker image which is better than nuffin I guess.

i wanna make a campaign in age of empires
i've got a placeholder cinematic and i've got a general idea of how the scripting works, although it's way of dealing with objects is a bit backwards

seems like a straightforward idea.

Will you make it 3rd person or is it strictly first person?

Abilities that one could use a snapping turtle for would be amusing, got any plans there?

d-boy's site is usually where you'd find most pictures of any gun

Oh neato it looks indeed useful and those pictures are sometimes even in higher resolution, in world.guns.ru or w/e it was named there is usually only a few picture with medium sized resolution of gun images at best. I bookmarked it.


so here's my idea for a shitty campaign
first mission, khazars invade, your brother holds them off while you escape
as you're escaping, you're gonna gather your tribe, while fighting off khazars from multiple sides
eventually you're gonna reach the danube river and once you cross it you win the scenario

I just want to finish a game goddammit.

I'd like to think that my base game and internal design knowledge will keep improving until I can build a game properly, without thinking that everything I've done is shit after a month.


I wanted to check few old games to compare the performance and see if my code is so slow, or if there's something wrong with this laptop. One of these games was prehistorik 2 which was probably my first PC game I played and this particular copy came with a neat C64 style crack intro. I never saw one like this on a PC before, the music is from Amiga and was composed by Drax.
I tried another thing. I commented out the SDL_Flip(), the function that puts the framebuffer on the screen. Taking out that one function speeded up my game to about 80 fps. Keep in mind, that all the drawing, memory moving and so on is still going on, you just can't see it. Why is SDL so slow… hmm
I think I'll try to port my game to Allegro, so I can launch it under dos, should speed things up quite a bit. 60 fps or bust !!

I was just like that about a year ago, I still have these projects lying around somewhere. This salami crap is something that finally stuck with me, or rather, I stuck with it.

I am working on this game, this is just a side activity when I'm in a mood.

fuck normal textures, making a new model instead of pulling my hair out over normals
lowpoly, a bit under 1k tris, barrel group separate with chamber so barrel change is possible

A link for downloading what iv'e gotten done so far in the RPG maker game from last thread. This 'demo' isn't too representative of what I envision the end of the game to look like, since I do want to try and add a real time combat system. (I was making this game with a normalfag friend of mine who wanted to make another rpg maker 'horror' game, while I wanted to make something a bit more akin to The Binding of Isaac. Ignore most of the 'writing'. Neither of us can write tos ave our lives.)


Isn't that just the first level of the french campaign?

It looks real neat tbh.

My PGP Pecheneg MG is almost done model wise, the only thing I need to do now is figuring out how to make a animation friendly lowpoly boolit belt that doesn't eat polys for breakfast like what I have right now hmmm.

There's a lot of game 'communities' like that. Reddit started referring them to "Toxic communities", although I wouldn't really call them that around here.

That's similar how I started to. Except I was just modding scripts in Gmod, NWN, and Second life. Asm is pretty hardcore.


Personally. I'm not opposed to people modding my game. I might do something similar to what second life did where you could script stuff, although this is kinda a side thing way later. Right now I'm just worried about a repeat of my minecraft server hackers. The ones I had where just pure shitters. My server was a town around a lake with me and my friends having their own structure, like I had a tower full of traps, and we had building protection on so no one could vandalize shit. Well, a few people in particular, who never really where apart of our group, used walls to find all the ore under our central area. It wasn't to be spiteful or anything either, just kids who can't play a game without having everything handed to them.

probably, it's kind of hard to think of one that hasn't already been done

I mean, fair enough, but Ensemble used that same mission format, Start out with only 1 unit and you roam around the map towards an end goal collecting units, several times, ESPECIALLY in 'The Forgotten' xpack.

I'm working on a single-player game now, so I'm not really worried about hackers, but when I was dealing with metin2 I was fixing bugs left and right, the original server executable had many funny bugs. They of course were fixed on the official server, but private server used some old ones that leaked at one point (the story of how they got to the public is quite funny too) For example:
You can walk while being dead, because the server doesn't check if the player is alive when accepting movement packets. At least you can't deal any damage, but you can still push people around, and of course they still see you lying on the ground, so it's like invisible man pushing you around.
There are "metin stones" which are enemy type that do nothing, but every time you take 10% of their health it spawns a group of enemies. If you get killed by those monsters and leave that character laying on the ground very close to this metin stone and then attack the metin with different character the monsters will ignore you and do nothing. It's because the monsters are looking for the nearest victim, find the dead character and try to attack him
You can mine ores, to do it You have to have pickaxe equiped and simply click on it. There will be an animation for few seconds and you either are lucky and get some piece of ore or not. The trick is, that you can mine those ores from any distance, you just need to send a packet with its ID and the ore will drop on the ground at player's position, not the ore's !
You can have an item with an attribute "x % chance to slow down target" and when you slow down a metin stone it doesn't spawn any enemies, sometimes it spawns completely wrong monsters, one of these metins spawns an unused Boss ! Seems like an intended feature, but it's in fact a bug. It happens, because metin stone uses movement speed and attack speed variables as a range of monster IDs, guess what slow down does to these numbers…

I can list more if you're interested in that.

What happens in 2017 when an otherwise amazing game releases without online multiplayer?

What do you mean, are you worried that it wont be as popular as if it was multi player ?

What matters is what's good for the game, would online multiplayer enhance it? Was it intended to be a multiplayer game? Can it be fun? If it's competitive in some way, would the game need to be rebalanced or some such to make the multiplayer fun? Not every game needs multiplayer, online or otherwise.

What I'm asking is, what happens when an otherwise great game that mainly features local multiplayer lacks online multiplayer?
My guess is it crashes and burns.

Actually, take out the "mainly".
Just any game that features local multiplayer.

no idea what else to do
historically that's sort of what happens
khan kubrat dies, and his 4 sons separate along with their clans, eldest one stays behind to defend Old Great Bulgaria
as for what happens while asparuh is travelling south, i'm basing this on the Asparuh trilogy, and in the 2nd film, he fights the khazars while travelling with his clan, so i figured that for a first mission, i'd need to introduce the khazars, and a chase mission kind of works for that
example is at around 38 minutes into this

In my experience I pass on local-only multiplayer games(since I don't have anyone to play them with,) but there is definitely a market for them. In my opinion if it has local it should have online, and vice-versa.

So you mean like a split-screen game not having a multi player option ? It's better to have this online option, than not have it of course, but I don't know if it's a deal breaker. It's not for me.

anyways, here's what i've got so far
first you must leave batboyan, his army is wiped out shortly after
you get ambushed by hussars, if you go a bit further, you'll be saved by bulgarian halberdiers
then you get ambushed by knights, bulgarian knights quickly come to help you. but if you didn't bring the halberdiers, you're not gonna be strong enough to defeat the ambush
then you go near a river, where heavy cavalry archers are waiting for you. they hint that you should cross the river
if you do, a group of paladins will appear behind the archers and will attack them
after that i don't know what else i can do, 3 ambushes is already pushing it

and of course the first 40 seconds are from a bugged one
start after 0:43

Is there a German/English version of this movie available? ZOGTube spits out absolutely garbage translation and thinks the language is russian.

1 - youtube.com/watch?v=30zw42X5veI
2 - youtube.com/watch?v=3dA2ddVtdm4
3 - youtube.com/watch?v=_e0bR9lfAhE
i should note that the first movie can more or less be skipped, it just sets up characters and story, the actually important shit happens partly in 2 and mostly in 3

Thanks famalan.

Now I can't speak for him with 100% certainty, but I'm pretty sure this problem is exactly what Ika has as well, except instead of letting the project rot on his hard drive he puts some finishing touches on it and releases it. That's what Red Sky is, that's what the other bunker game he made earlier was, and now he's working on his Sigma2 engine.
To a certain degree you should try to get into the mindset of a 14 year old on deviantart. Just make shit and release it, instead of working for perfection and quitting when it won't turn out perfect. That's probably a lot more rewarding than quitting all the time. Not that I'd know, my projects are also all dead and gone.

In most cases it would crash and burn, assuming it's only split screen and not LAN only (that can be "fixed" with external programs). The main exception to that would be party games, those can be acceptable as offline only. I know one indie party game (B.U.T.T.O.N.) that's offline only, but that's part of it's design.

At 32:25 where the man put his hand to his wife (?) mouth and the other man told to the foreigner that it is a Bulgarian custom, do the modern Bulgarians still do that? Just wondering.

which part? i've only watched these once two years ago, hardly remember shit

Oh sorry, it's part 2.

uh yeah, we totally don't do that anymore, no idea if we've ever actually done that
for the record, we also don't invade byzantium and ride horses anymore
by the way, if you skipped the first movie, the foreigner is Velizarii, a byzantian prisoner/ward, who's there as a friend of Asparuh. The story in all 3 parts is told from Velizarii's point of view

Alright I think I get the idea you (bulgarians) don't invade Byzantium anymore but are you sure about the horse part? Finngolians are still using a lot of horses :^)

Anyway, I am currently watching the 2nd part the first and 3rd part I will do it later, that they managed to gather 50,000 people for the making of this movie is pretty impressive especially for a movie not made by jewwood. At least it was the description of the other video which was separated in much smaller chunks.

trivia: since we haven't had any war in ages, the army doesn't really get to do much aside from border patrols
so they used troops from the army to play all the extras in the movie, hence why you see thousands of troops in some scenes
true кино
but we definitely don't ride horses anymore, you can still see some in villages, but they're relatively rare compared to all the cows and sheep

This kinda reminds me of a few quirks games had. In NWN if you switched between dual weapons real fast by mashing hotkeys you could attack once every .1 second.

There was also a glitch where if you countered a spell but the other guy didn't finish casting it, your next spell would cast like 10to over 100 times depending on your timing. One spell in paticular was funny. Timestop. It froze time on the server, but most servers disabled it however it would still work for half a second. If you casted this spell 100 times it would still work through the disable, and possibly crash the server. Dota's literally built off of exploits like this. Like neutral enemies spawn every minute unless there are units within an invisible box at the spawn point. So you can just attack the neutrals, run away every minute, and you can get multiple camps in one for other things.

I remember in second life people discovered you could literally copy items into your inventory with a script that exported the mesh from memory then recreated it like a mesh automatically in game, making their economy pointless. You could also hit people with props so hard it knocked them so hard into the air the phsyics would break it would literally just freeze 5,000 meters into the air, it was called orbing.

That slow hacking thing at the end reminds me of how in ocarina of time speed runners would mess abuse glitches that would let you mess with the games backend, and you could do shit like load the end of the game (vid related). I think one of the 2d mariosalso had this.

Super Mario World has a lot of credits skips yeah, through various methods.

That's because consoles and computers from that time did not had cache in CPU and they didn't separate data from code. You can do self-modyfing code (and many C64 programs do that) and with bugs like this you can do it within the game.

alright, i mostly got it working
after the river, when you go a little bit more south you find a small encampment
while you're resting there, you find out that a few hundred khazars are chasing you (no shit) after which you have to defend the place for 4 minutes
after that, you ride a little bit more south and find the Danube, once you cross it you win
it's a very short butchered version of the second movie
the siege event isn't perfect, since you can just clog the enemy spawn position and they won't spawn, then just wait 4 minutes
gonna have to rebalance that
but otherwise shit works

Computers today still do not separate data from code, Harvard archs are only found in shit like microcontrollers. Even if they had cache in the CPU you would probably have a way to invalidate it, like you do today.
What you mean is that today we have tools like segmentation/paging. Ordinary x86 paging doesn't even separate immutable data from code, only mutable data from code, which invalidates the trick since you can't write in immutable pages. But if you wanted you could have self modifying code in a modern PC with a custom OS, it's still all von neumann.

The player can't block bullets when attacking and can only block bullets coming from a certain direction. The idea is that with enough enemies it will be harder to clear a room without taking damage but a single enemy isn't a problem.
I'll keep the idea of a stamina bar in the back of my head. Finding a way to make blocking more skill based than just holding right mouse button and not attacking when in line with an enemy is something I want to do, and having to do stamina management is a way to do that. So long as I can find a way to keep people from running away or hiding behind cover to wait for stamina to regenerate.

Stamina + incentive to go fast + method of regaining stamina through skillfull play = fun
Incentive to go fast can be a multitude of things, ranging from time restriction (harsh) to score bonus based on time (mild).

Just do what bloodborne does, but with stamina.
You attack an enemy, and u regain the stamina you lost from their attacks; thus an intrinsic incentive to go fast… without any reliance on poor "incentives" like timers, or score systems. Which only work for particular games well, and feel haphazardly thrown in most of the time.

Would be pretty neat imo

I already have some incentives for moving fast, like how the amount of damage dealt to an enemy is proportional to the player's horizontal speed, but that's not really what you're talking about when you say there needs to be an incentive to go fast. I could use that as a way to regain stamina, if the damage dealt is above the base damage dealt when standing still then they regain a bit of stamina, and the amount of stamina gained increases the more damage they deal in a hit. Now it's an incentive to both move fast and be aggressive, plus it gets a positive feedback loop of the more you attack, the more you can attack.
And as I'm writing this says the same thing.

kek approves

I don't get that .gif, Why is mark killing Karak ACG?

Well I guess I have to do it now in order to please kek.

Nice digits, and that's Shia LaBeouf on the left.

I'm using the sculpted blue mesh as a base and try to retopo.
also after I'm done, do I use the subdivision surface modifier to make it "smooth"/rounded like those retopo examples?

I hate the fact that it's going to suck because I've only done 3D modeling for half a year. shit's tiring.


i feel ya.
That's why I've learned to write out my thought process for each complicated algorithm during steps where i'd otherwise get lost.
Thus it's way easier to just pick it up and go.
Also, I like writing out my more complicated algorithms on paper while relaxing on my veranda, and then implementing them; which makes it easy to sit down, read that, get that previous mindset, and get right back to it.

Aiming bullets is now pretty much done, and I really improved the bullet trail effects so that they glow.

Muh dick
Trails shouldn't be curving like that though.


top ten anime battles

I don't know why the trails are curving. The deflection is handled via a single velocity change. It looks like the engine is doing some automatic smoothing so I'll have to find a way around that.

Thanks. That's what I'm going for.

Aye, while I'm not a big fan of the trails I can understand them for gameplay purposes, but they should be making straight lines only, not curving.
Or least the angles of said trail curves should be lower so its less jarring as it kinda kills my suspension of disbelief as it is.
This is a videogame after all, one based on an near impossible action at that.

Great job so far though, lots of neats thing things could be done with this mechanic, the more obvious one being directing the bullets towards explosive barrels.

Well done

I actually agree with you about the trails, and I've been slowly shortening them, taking a break, coming back and thinking they should be shorter, shortening them, rinse and repeat. At this rate I won't have any trails by the time I release the game and the curving will have solved itself. But if I do decide to keep trails, just because one part is unrealistic doesn't give me an excuse to slack off, pic related.
I'll think on adding explosive barrels. It would add some nice depth and variety to killing enemies.

Why not just make a game around a bunch of different mini games? That why if you stop at least it could be a mini game to add to it instead of wasted assets.

Fuckin A user
Keep up the good work


make SS13 but not shit

can't you call from a dynamic path?

I have no fucking clue how to because the tutorials aren't that good

but nowadays we have segments with can or can't be executable. Especially new consoles restrict that very much to prevent hacking the system. You can for example have a segmeny of memory which is executable and not writable making self modyfing code not possible. Even if we have all segments executablr and writable, cache makes it impossible, at least in a close proximity. self modyfing code that rewrites a function 10kb further from where you are will work, but if you for example have a loop and you want yo change something with in.. no. Yhis whole block will be loaded jnto cache and uour modifications wont have any effect

I honestly barely know how to use it myself and am not even sure exactly what you are doing to break it


I made this game over 6 years ago. Now, I work as a code monkey writting more XML code than actual code for 800 bucks

follow your dreams

sorry for the clickbait thumbnail

shouldn't the node be referencing a script in the script folder?

In your ribbon data module there's a checkbox for "Tangent Recalculation" or something which you can uncheck, that's what makes it blend if I remember correctly.


I wonder if Godot 3 will be a good 3D alternative to Unity.
Can anyone evaluate how likely this is going to be?

i think i finally got the shitty siege to work sort of how i want it to
this time, there's more enemies spawning, all my infantry/cavalry died, i only survive because of the gate
sadly i have no clue how to get the AI to do what i want. instead of attacking the gates, they try to attack the archers even though they can't reach them

They claim that some of their new systems will be "better" than other engines after they're done.

I'd guess that it'll be a decent alternative but Unity will still be better overall, but it remains to be seen what will really happen.

Last time I got into this thread I remember there was some Doom mod being developed by a literal tumblr fag.
Did he even release his mod?

texture done, came out better than i expected.

Was this inspired by Turrican?

Well of course, it uses Turrican 2 graphics for now. But I plan on making more complex game, with many weapons at the same time for example and no lifes but quick saves, keys to open doors etc.

MoM user here, with Week 2 of the Weapon Analysis, this time focusing on the Cross Bow Weapon, the Auto Arrow. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any!

Also, I just read this now; Are you referring to me user?

(((sheer coincidence)))

Fuck, meant but I can't delete the post.

My goodness, I didnt even notice that. You could say that golem is Rock Hard

no but seriously, I am not trying to be a faggot on purpose or anything anons. I-I mean it!

Something I've been asking myself, are the levels going to be arenas or otherwise?

I am, lad.
I thought you where dead for some time.

The levels are not going to be Arenas. It just so happens the level I am using for these demonstration videos is an literal arena. Think of the Arena from Oblivion.

Also, just to put some anons minds at ease; I just post stuff on Tumblr. I dont get triggered or any of that dumb shit. Some people have given me a bit of flack for posting here, even

Disregard the fags that diss you for being here.
Nothing good comes out of someone who dislikes you because you use a Cantonese basket weaving forum.

how make gaem?

give up and make mods for dead games instead

Install Gentoo.

You cant

Oh, I am nore offended or mind. I understand where Anons are coming from, I just want to make it clear that I am not some kind of over sensitive faggo. I enjoy the banter!

thanks to all the encouragement i will make gaem


I noticed by reading your language that you are neither American, British or Australian.
Where are you from mate?

Aye, great to hear, theres going to be some real work needed on that map design to make it work with the layers of gun depth and enemy varity, hopefully you can make it happen.

The flack is likely due to you using Tumblr, the cartoony non violent art design and the antropomorphic characters.
I think its alright though, the sprites and animations are extremely well done, the weapons, enemy reaction and drops look really satisfying with said weapons/charactets having a nice layer of depth and skill ceiling.

While I like edge, especially in Doom, games, things Chex Quest, Adventures of Square and Action Doom are prett charming and this is no different.

I personally can't wait to get my hands on it.

Willing to bet he is from Central Europe.
Likely from one with French on it like Swizerland or Belgium if not afrance itself.

I am actually from Britain. my grammer can be a bit wonky due to the fact that that I missed a pretty important year in high school and spent a whole year learning to read/write from video games

I actually posted one of the non arena maps awhile ago which is the forest area. If you want a good idea of how the structure of the maps should be, think System Shock 2, albeit non science'y corridor'y. It should be noted a lot of fantasy games are the impression for this project, with Might and Magic 6-8 being one of them!

They should be a demo coming out soon!

sorry m8, central europe is us slavs

Peeing with a boner is a bad idea, but it's not like a stone golem has any other choice.


How would you loose a whole year of highschool? Some kind of illness maybe?

school is a waste of time, any sane person could just skip it and go searching for a job

Just switching high schools. My first highschool was a chavvy mess, so on the first day back on my second year, we decided to change schools. I had to wait a whole year however due to changing schools on the first day back. I didn't get held back a year, but my speech and writing is wonky due to it.

but brit friend why, if you don't go to shool the only job you will be able to do is cleaning slav toilets


simple workers don't get paid a lot and without agricultural or architecture knowledge you won't be able to get any promotions

I went to school to feed off of Pell Grant money. I've learned so much more out of school than I ever did in school. It was a huge waste of time in my opinion, but at least it kept my mom out of my hair.

If you're a cool enough dude you can become self employed.

Can't wait to play it, pick it apart and shit on it with no remorse.

European Caliphate is only bound to happen in 20 years though.

Honestly I think it's a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" sort of situation.
If you attend school, you get propaganda and homework wasting most of your time but giving you some free time to do some actual studying and work/game dev.
If you don't, half your family and friends will have a hissyfit because they think you're making the worst mistake of my life and will turn their backs to you- then you're stuck with a day job eating up most of your time.

The best advice I can give you in order to fix your writing and grammar is to read a book nigger.

That's bullshit.

The funny thing is in regards to the demo, I actually going to release it as soon as the assets for the demo are done. All that is left really is to map out like 3-4 more areas, and work on a few bosses. The Demo will cover the hub, first area and first dungeon of the game, possibly with the first boss (Meaning it will beat least 1/7h of the game, in theory).

I guess it might be the case

no its slav shit

Just like having a degree
You forget that Art and Writing fags exist and that for them a degree is fucking useless.
Unless you're learning a Trade or certain Scientific roles you're fucked, might as well learn shit at home.
Learning various languages, making an atelier, writing, editing, painting translation, entertainmment, biology, zoology, none of those require a degree for you to actually learn, college students are less certified than certain people I know that just focused on an aspect of their lifes and made a job out of it.

Certification is a fucking joke

Sage for offtopic

Thanks for the heads up

and you think school teaches agricultural knowledge?
nigger it's a job where you learn from practice
besides, working in construction is it's own reward

I guess, its your life.

Getting back on topic is it okay to start my adventure by learning java or should i just kill myself.


mind as well learn it, every codemonkey job requires it

It'll be more juicy EVENTUALLY.

good to know thanks user

Ain't this the truth.
Even though I live on my own, and pay my own bills, half of my family is annoying as shit about this (the family that I live close to is the annoying half).
They think the bare minimum shit I should do is working full time, and going to school full time; in addition to the idea that, and I quote: "developing is a complete waste of time". My other half of my family is great though, and thinks I should pursue my development.

Which, the whole expectations of the "family that's close" is bs as development is impossible with that schedule which they expect me to maintain, and they simply have no conception of how important it is to me to have time for development.
Which, now I realized many months ago that they can go fuck themselves, and I just don't tell them that I'm developing or anything as I just get that look of complete disproval.


I've cointinued the delign of thet mutation roguelike. Here is a recreation of the mutations in the first pic as pixelart.
I had the idea to make the player able to see the details of diferent mutations and implants it has installed, and a detailed image of said mod.

Are those sprites from a tloz game?>>11814207

The niggers that hand that shit out base your eligibility off your parents, even if you have little contact and pay your own bills.
Considering getting married for those sweet shekels.

Thanks user. I'm still getting a little bit of curve but it's a lot less noticeable now.

As long as u have proof of independence you can get the full dose of pell grant money. If I lived with my parents, or lacked said proof, I'd get 0 shekels.


What engine is better suited for a 2.5D rpg? Im stupid

Vroom vroom I made a bike.
It's surprisingly fun.

If I end up cutting it from the game then I'm definitely gonna release it as its own thing.

they base independence differently from federal taxes. If you aren't 24 (or married, or have zero contact) the year of the grant, your parents are expected to contribute to your college funding.

Anyway, your reasoning doesn't actually follow

A -> B
If I lived with my parents
I'd get 0 shekels

It doesn't follow that !A -> !B
If I don't live with my parents
I do get shekels

A little bit of pixel improvement, time to make time lapses of me improving all my rocks now.

Make the colors look slightly more orangey. They both look like painful poops.

now this is modern art


Unavoidable B)
The colors work with the tile set though.

pixel art is the hardest art medium.

He said "modern art". i.e not art.

You may have dubs, but you ain't right, kucke.

If art's not art then is everything that's not art art?

Just become people call it "art" it doesn't make it art.
Dumb fag.

Stop being so ignorant and check your privilege already.

Glad to see you agree with me.

I mean pixel art is basically the same as mosaics.

But the crazy thing about pixel art is that value effects shape unlike any other medium.

You should make them blue instead of orange. And reduce saturation.

I realize that I could make it not look like poop by changing the color, but in the tileset it looks best as poop rock

Last I saw of that user's game it was really similar to Link's Awakening in terms of style, but way more colorful. Honestly the brown fits way better. Even in Links Awakening the blue rocks pop out so much you know it's part of a puzzle

Your character doesn't look very medieval for a game like this.

It's not that I'm against blue rocks or anything, and I'll have them, just thematically for the location they're in they gotta' be poop colored. Blue-er rocks will look good too.

There's character customization. But he's wearing like a gold trimmed button up shirt thing. I dunno why I could really do to make it look more medieval.

Kinda like this kinda style stuff.

there, explained all the details so u understand sarcasm, and the original context of post u autist.

So you play as some kind of aristocrat or some shit?

Whatever happened to that user making that loli kindap game?


all checked. :^)

That guy only posts on the actual /agdg/ board I think, and not very often. A quick cursory glance tells me he's posted not too long ago though, so it's not dead. Just slow.

I've just started solo'ing a game where you play as a loli going to a witch school.
Now, there's like a 52% chance I might get this project done because I know the technical aspects of most of the shit I need to do, but I need some anons to help me ideaguy a little.

How should the magic system work, you think? Because what I have right now is about on par with Skyrim, where you can learn a spell then shoot a fireball or whatever with the click of a button. I want it to feel a little more like an extension of the characters themselves, a little more involved. Any of you fags have some ideas I can steal?
pic unrelated

Spells have to be prepared by inscribing them on your body. Removal is as difficult and painful as tattoo removal.

There are different types of inscriptions, e.g. fire mana generator, fireball emitter rune, mana corruption moderator, etc.

I'll write it down. thanks user

Sounds neat

I've got a great system drawn up to the smallest detail, algorithms and all.

yup, fills that requirement, and feels intuitive with lots of customization; it's also generic enough to work with not just "spells".

>Any of you fags have some ideas I can steal?

Honestly, when I try to come up with an alternate system it's always thematically inspired by the core idea I've developed for awhile now.
Sure u can figure it out though.

Although, here's what I recommend:
Develop the lore first, do some world building, and build your in-game universe's cosmology; i.e. how shit actually works.
Then, once you figure out these core aspects, you'll easily figure out how "spells" (if that's even what they up being) work, and you'll get so many approaches for how to implement them you'll be overflowing with possible systems.

Sounds kinda lame, and likely they'd find an alternate method like henna.

Imo the DnD method of inscribing tatoos that act as a type of "link" to their worshipping god is better (permanent for a reason, i.e. as a sign of their commitment to their god); which gives the followers power from their god due to said connection/commitment.

Also, if you want some interesting inspiration look at the origin of "spells"/"magic".
F.e. words are formed via spelling, to spell a word is to enact a "spell", "the word" is a spell (christian mythology), logos are sigils, sigils are symbols of power, logos means "I say", which is to "cast a spell", which hints of norse mythology w/runes, christian mythology, etc.
Also, magic from various esoteric practices are interesting; in addition to the "logic" behind it which is explained via various pseudo scientific approaches to our cosmology.

Trips tell the truth. I'll look into older philosophies and history. Maybe even paganism. The main goal is to have magic kinda just "be" in the world, where non-practicers range from "huh, that's neat" to, "I just don't have the time to study."

Definitely want to keep a surrealness to the atmosphere. Best way to do that I guess would be to shine some positive light on pagan/cult practices. inb4 soccermoms call my game "satanic". I would love that, actually.

Thanks, user.

Should reiterate. When I say just "be," I don't mean avoiding consistent logic and "science" behind the magic. I just mean where it's not regarded as a strange phenomenon or "scary demon stuff". A villager could see a ghost spawn right outside his window, and worst case scenario he'd maybe tell the ghost to go away.

I'd recommend to take a gander at table top games too for inspiration on how to properly do world building, and setting up your own cosmology.
The only vidya game that i can of that does this well is morrowind.

My personal favorite mythologies are norse, and the runner ups are buddism/hinduism.
Paganism is hit and miss, and the newer stuff is mostly about the right/left hand paths.
I'd definitely look into older material for paganism (druidism, old wiccan… not the new bs, but most of these are based on the systems created by the norse runes/sigil magic).
There's also various "systems" used by these practices which is where u can get great material for inspiration.
Like, how they make "rules", and how the system works to create "magic", i.e. the "logic".
However, again a reference to my initial post, the "logic" is all rooted in their approach to our cosmology, and how our universe works; thus their method to exploiting their knowledge of said rules of our universe… as to gain power to perform magic.
Although, to find the best stuff you generally have to download a book on it (from the "experts" who've studied it their whole life f.e.), or find old texts that have been translated.
So, what I mean for "old texts", is stuff that was buried/hidden, and recently found in the past century or two… due to the catholic church destroying/burning all texts when they were in major power, be it pagan, original christian texts, or anything that disrupted their narrative.
f.e. the Nag Hammadi Library is a good resource for real christian mythology without the church's influence.

Humm, it sounds like you may want to take a gander at the various spiritual practices based in japan for mythology/spirits.
Although, I have yet to really delve into that, but it's mainly inspired by buddhism/eastern philosophy; though they definitely have a neat approach to the personification of things into deities which borders on the mundane (huh, a spirit, sho spirit, sho), malicious, to god like spirits.

Oh yeah… so, the only "old texts" you have to be choosy about is for the western mythology/mysticism materials n such.
As eastern mythology/mysticism was largely untouched by said influence.

polite sage for double post

ids habbening

is that marching cubes? they all have the same kind of boring look to them

That's probably due to the usage of triplanar texturing which gives it that "same kind of boring look".
Not necessarily the fault of marching cubes itself, but an initial necessity due to the usage of an isosurface contouring algorithm.
Due to the point that it makes creating coherent texture coordinates a bit of pain; especially so if you can edit the surface (which i know they can, with SDFs, as they've posted in the past).
Although… this problem can definitely be rectified with quite a few approaches, but is generally something one tackles after… as optimizing the MC alg, in addition to expanding it's capabilities is generally the first steps; rather than fidelity/appearance.

One of the guys doing the 80's horror RE-style game here. Haven't posted in a while.

Still looking for a couple more people for the team, just to make the workload lighter. Mainly someone with experience (even a little) in rigging animations and/or texturing medium-low poly models. If you can do something else and the idea of an early RE/SH-styled survival horror game based on 80's slasher films tickles your fancy, get back to me and I'll see about getting you onboard.

Is that a poo?



csg blending w/mats, nice

Trying to learn how to sculpt and model. Could be better.

That's one hell of a busty female ya made. What's she used for?

She's one of the main characters for an FPS game that I'm helping someone out with.

Those last 3 pics are non-canon just so you know.

Wow that's pretty great, I'm a fan of the more voluptuous body types for my females. So she's a moth girl by the look of it unless she's something else?
I'd play this if it gets to a playable stage, if you drew those you're pretty all right, good amount of detail where it counts.

Thanks, I put a lot of effort into her. But it wouldn't have been like this without the help and input of the team. Her final iteration changed a lot from the first idea. She went throug many tweaks until we were satisfied with her design.

And yes, she is indeed a moth girl.

yo you should canon the fuck out of them tiddies

Oh, the tits are definitely canon, but not the scene though.
She's a also virgin.

Is Krita a good replacement for photoshop? I need to do textures for blender models.

There will never be enough thic female characters

Not bad, you hit the alien look for sure while retaining a nice female.

oh dearie me that makes it sweeter. She'd be perfect marriage material.

"thicc" is for niggers and plebs. It's voluptuous.

smh tbh fam

please reconsider

It's not that kind of game and I'm also not calling the shots. I'm just an artist who's helping out.

I'm still gonna continue drawing her in my freetime of course.

You have a blog I could follow you at?

I guess.

I don't post very often though…



alright buddy

I still don't know if I've fixed it. The code looks like gibberish to me.

Second HUD, for people that want simpler displays or don't like helmet HUDs.

Placeholder graphics, as usual.

sometimes that sort of shit just happens. you can fix it, but it's easier to save in iterations to try and find out when you added in the faulty code.

With that overwhelmingly human head?

Are you switching to ZScript or staying with DECORATE?

I still haven't exactly figured the exact design out but actually her head is somewhat insectoid in shape. She's just so tall that she got used to angling her head to look down on people which has the side effect of making her look more human.

meant for

Staying with Decorate for now.

Since ZScript is brand new, that undoubtedly means things are gonna be busted to shit while everyone moves everything over to there and discovers all sorts of new and interesting bugs. Combine with a severe lack of documentation on what things do or how they work, and a code rehaul to the new system would be basically shooting myself in the foot.
I'm not disregarding it, though. Looks pretty powerful. Would make some things a lot easier.

Ah, it does look more insectoid like that.

I know Haskell and I still think that joke is shit

I wonder what happened to the user that was making this

His blog is weaverdev.tumblr.com/

I think he's just been shitposting.


I've come up with optimisation idea, it's about 1/3 faster than my previous routine, the down side is that now I have a 4px wide border on every edge. The idea is that with such a border I can crop every image by 4 pixels if it's beyond the edge of the screen, so I'm always 4 bytes align and I can copy stuff much quicker. Also I modified lots of the code, so it's not that much FPS bound. Most of the game was already FPS independent, but, for example, the scrolling tiles were moving every 16 ms (60 times a second) so it was going slower if the FPS was lower than 60. I planed to make the whole game run on 60 and no less, but I think I've made a good decision. There's still a little graphic bug, you can see it when the watter scrolls down slower. MP4 in 60 fps

Well for one, he never posted here. That guy's from 4chan. That happened to him.

You love moths so much. But do you care that part of their lives they live as caterpillars, just like butterflies?

Moth cordyceps? They exist?



I'd love to hold hands with her

Nice to see some more of this dress type.


ZyklonB is showing some wonders eh.


How's prague?

lol I've read it as I have nothing against blue cocks

Is he okay?

It looks alien enough for me, no nose nor a mouth just some piercing strong eyes to give you a gaze. I regard aliens as something not human user, simply that I mean if you really want to argue alien's I wouldn't have any right saying a large multitude of things aren't. Odd shapes don't make for an alien however, humanoids with approachable humanoid body qualities can work fine, the alien aspects could easily come from culture or religion from said creature. It's like having a human from another planet, they'd still regard us as alien and yet we're the same but different beliefs, culture, religions hell even speech and speech patterns.

Ehh nuffin special, just a textured cannon.

Alright the Cannon and the PGP MG is ingame now and it's fully animated the only thing I need to do now is adjusting the position a bit then its done for gud.


Gotta upload that damn mp4 to mixtape since 8chon doesn't let me upload x264 encoded video for some bullshit reason, what packages do I need so that I can use H264 instead? t. gahnoo+loonix mint user.

What is this

Take away his pants and make it a robe instead.

Just convert those mp4s to webm.

hmm alright I will try later messing with it, since it seems to be a bit different when using the ffmpeg encoder instead of OBS default one.

If you map the bullet chain on the machine gun to a separate tiling texture and then shift the UV while firing it will look like the bullets are feeding into the gun. Something like vid related.

here it is featuring a little description and a picture of the implant.

ayo hol up that dude got 4 arms?

Yeah you are right doing that way would be actually much better, tomorrow I will fix it since I don't feel like it doing that way now, the UV map in this case is rather poorly done and is not a perfect square. And wasting the gun texture a few times is pretty bad as well.

Yes you can grow a second pair of arms caled "minor arms". It's useful for dual wielding two weapons that require two arms.

Can I grow a minor phallus

are you making turrican?

More than just Turrican, I'm using it's graphics for now though.

babby's first compute shader

There's robes as well in that style, but not as a default clothing option.

It's good. I'm trying to find an apartment and it's taking a lot of time, as well as getting a new passport so I don't get deported. I just wanna DEV.

ded bred
ded drem

Most people don't like posting progress in a thread that will die in a few hours, they'd rather wait until the new one. Plus making progress is more important than posting about it.

Here, have a new bread, then.

You're kinda not supposed to make one before this one hits page 14, but whatever.

Oh, my mistake.

Kinda reminds me of the Skull Wizard from Hexen II

Confiscate their coats