Synthwave games

What games have the synthwave genre of music in them, along with the aesthetic and visuals? I know of that one VR Arcade game and Power Drive 2000, but I don't know of any others

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Bomberman Hero kinda

Thanks user, although that doesn't sound like synthwave at all, I still might check it out.

I've been meaning to buy myself a decent analogue synth and try my hand at it, since I already own a midi controller and play around with VST's

I just hope PWD2000 is good, there's only been a few gameplay videos

I've also found Distance on steam but it's early access so I'm not sure if I should buy it yet, however it looks fun enough. It also looks like it'd fit synthwave pretty well

Has anyone played Distance?

I heard it's a casual version of Nitronic Rush

-Hotline Miami

Casual how? Just really easy? From the gameplay I've seen it looks fairly challenging. Avoiding obstacles at high speed and such

I loved Hotline Miami, however I haven't heard of Furi

I looked up the OST and gameplay and that shit looks great

early comparisons, they're like for like, but according to someone from /ogc/ "the later stages are frantic and crazy in nitronic rush, but distance, not as close"

I have it, its really good and there is a lot of content already because they have a map editor and a steam workshop.

its the only early access game I would recomend

I'll think about getting Distance then, It looks pretty fun and relaxing to play from watching some gameplay just now. I like the workshop intergration

furi is awesome,

protip: you can stay

redout it's kinda synthwave, in it's aesthetic at least

This looks fucking sick, going fast is enthralling with darksynth with a high BPM

It has a really complex map editor though, with stuff getting added to it all the time, so it is not like that matters a lot.
The mechanics are fun, the aesthetics are great and it has a nice soundtrack. Would recommend it as well.

If anyone plays GTA V singleplayer, one of the best things to do is get OpenIV, VisualV, and World of Variety. Then car mods so you can just drive the open roads and cruise with relaxing music on. I like to use 80's beach sounding synthwave while driving on the beachside roads. The jaggies aren't great here, but it's before I upscaled from 1080p

Almost forgot, Realistic Driving V as well. Makes all the cars control like they're not glued to the road anymore. The guy who makes that mod spends like 3 hours on each car in the game

Also a tip, Turn down the brightness for the games in the options. The brightness affects the actual lighting of the game, and turning it all the way down makes the game look WAY better.

payday 2 soundtrack has songs that are EBM, which sounds like Pertubator, Vulta and CarpBrut [angry synthwave]

Most of it is electronica though, and the game and community has turned to pure garbage along with the devs themselves.

that's why you listen to the soundtrack and then a couple of NBGmusic's mashups, then leave

Master Spy kind of. The aesthetic isn't what I'd call similar to games like Furi and so on but it has a kickass soundtrack. Maybe it's not even synth i don't know.
It's kind of like an action stealth platformer.
I feel kind of bad for the devs because level design is really good, the gameplay is challenging (the scoring system is ridiculous though, don't expect to get higher than F first time through), the soundtrack is great, and according to Steam spy they're not doing that well.

Sorry if this seems shilly. I turn mom-mode when I feel bad for someone.


Brigador has one, by Makeup and Vanity Set. There's nowhere near enough variety in it to last the game's long runtime though. That's why most games with Synth in them tend to have multiple artists in the mix. Also Mother Russia Bleeds, but that game suuucks

I heard outdrive was a not that great clone of PWD2000. The handling is said to not be that great at all either, so I'm wary about this

I remember hearing that he ripped off powerdrive actually


If you liked Hotline Miami then you will love this
Easily on my top 10

Be warned though, this is an Adventure game not a shooter.


Got a link?

Saints Row IV

my bad, I didn't read the thread


Synthwave is an entry-level synth genre, you are not special.

You're evil. Now go away.

Looked into it, got super fucking hyped, then saw it was Windows only.

I'm pretty sure 2017 will be the year of the ripoff in regards to synthwave. Be on the extra lookout for something original.

Somebody posted a synthwave station mod for Cities Skylines, but the Custom Music Station with soundtrack-y stuff, like OGRE Sound and Vangelis, combo'd up with the right building sets, is pretty comfy.

Somebody feed me some more buildings.

Brigador has some great synth/80s-ish techno.

Game's also breddy damn good, too.

Treehouse / Ploughman / Konig for life.

I like synthwave as much as anyone but I wish there was more of it that isn't just the same repetitive beat for 3 minutes with maybe 2-3 layers interspersed throughout the song.

Try listening outside of the box, explore lesser known artists and you wi be sure to find some good stuff.

As a big fan of Crimsonland, I have to say that Neon Chrome is very disappointing (I've only gotten to the second boss so far).

As far as I know that game is dead. There haven't been any updates for about 4 months. I\

Granted, maybe at level 6+ you might need better, but I've never found a reason to stray from Toro/Abbot/Confessor. The latter for any small opposition, the former for removing objectives and more hectic firefights.

Neon Chrome doesn't have much of a synthwave soundtrack. I enjoyed the first few sets of floors, but the right class/weapon setup allowed me to steamroll from the third section all the way to the top, and see how little variety the game had. And what you find at the top is fucking terrible.

W I P E O U T ?

Fuck you all, goddamn casuals.

Wipeout is more like techno or dnb

I'll bet you nerds think spacers are hard to fight.


less than like 1 hour if you go for the secret ending


Don't know if Vangelis-like count as synthwave, but here you go.

how the fuck did no one mention neon drive? It's very synthwave
Nice soundtrack and visuals, but it's a rhythm game disguised as a driving game tho

come back when you get rid of those mario kart rng weapons bs

Sounds to me like you got your ass handed by the AI.

nah I'm pretty sure I fucked them up

The only sources of synthwave I know of are neros77 and NewRetroWave on youtube