Why are threads that encourage community participation to create things not allowed but twitter screencap threads...

Why are threads that encourage community participation to create things not allowed but twitter screencap threads, East vs West threads and incest generals are?

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It’s frustrating, but just because something is of such poor quality that it lowers the standards of the board doesn’t make it not Holla Forums-related. That being said, the community stuff I feel they should be a bit more lenient about, but it sometimes falls in kind of a grey area. I don’t know how the jannies do things, but I feel like they probably have to make a lot of judgement calls that lead to some inconsistencies.

>>117476990The jannies are ginormous faggots.

>>117476990im convinced a mod allows a group of faggots to make the threads and they badysit them until they are archived because when you do it the otherway around on Holla Forums it gets deleted with in mins.

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Don't forget political bait threads especially with lesbians

Is this about Ms. Holla Forums? Seems like that's not gonna happen this year after all.


>>117476990While that sucks, I just hide all the other threads that shouldn't be on this board. If the janitors can't do their jobs then I'll do it for myself.

>>117476990>incest generalsBut Gravity Falls has been over for years

>>117477749/qa/ is just an excuse to prevent any criticism of what gets removed or is kept up being seenThen they allow spamming of wojaks so no one takes that board seriously or sees the complaints


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>>117476990what happened to you guys, Holla Forums? i go away for a few months, come back, and the shitposting has gotten worse. i see fewer and fewer tripfags (boco doesn't count).

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>>117477742I haven't been paying attention, are they actually pruning Ms. Holla Forums threads? That fuckin sucks if they're not gonna let it happen, I was looking forward to drawfagging for it this year

>>117477871The last few discussion/hype threads have been 404'd. We'll see next weekend if they're gonna kill the whole project, and I'm not optimistic.

>>117476990>Janitor applications are now being accepted for the next ~72 hours. Apply here.

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Mods are gay. Get ready for the thread to be 404'd for calling them out.

>>117477742Partially but not fully, not the only project that was kilI honestly don’t know if they are just removing hype threads like the remove Toonami ratings threads to keep spam down and not the actual contest or if they’ll try to remove the actual contest itselfBecause everyone knows when it is and everyone takes part, so I expect this board to be the same level of chaos as if they banned Toonami General

>>117476990Because if people are allowed to post things they've created, it will remind the bitter complainers on Holla Forums how worthless they really are.

>>117476990At least we still got those "how's your webcomic going ?" threads and those super hero threads that pop up every once in a while. Both has actual good quality OC

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>>117477863Based bulumblebee and the omega brapper AT girls

>>117477742>>117477871>>117477912I think it's just that Holla Forums has been on a anti waifu/husbano thread spree. I thought it was about the threads that content create because it seemed like only the Draw waifu thread (thread where random people can draw whatever waifu people post) were getting deleted, but regular waifu/ husbando threads have been getting deleted too. So safe to say, Ms/Mr Holla Forums is probably fucked

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>>117477742/co/. why did you hate Ms/Mr. Holla Forums now?

>>117477776there's never less than 60 threads hidden from my catalog and it's beautiful. i hardly ever see a faggot tumblr post or capeshit anymore.

>>117478234>regular waifu/ husbando threads have been getting deleted toovery fucking based

>>117478324One janny who isn’t even mod isn’t Holla Forums/co/ will never get over if they disallow the competition next week

>>117478452It got me through the post-SU movie days. 30 threads of that shit alone. Where the fuck were the mods for the weeks it went on?

>>117476990My question is why dark crystal threads are not allowed but all other puppet media is

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>>117476990Remember what happened last time we tried doing a community based project?

>>117477742That explain why there’s no chat thread yet unlike last year.

>>117478557You discord group doesn’t count

>>117478547Wasn't it because of the porn spam

>>117478483Yeah, not the biggest loss really. They were just post your picture of your waifu basically. I mean, there was discussion sometimes, but not enough to make it interesting. Just post and move on.

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Mods don't get paid and hiro rely heavily on janitors and volunteer mods.While he cash on all the ads and 4chan pass money.It will never get better under him.

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>>117477870>i see fewer and fewer tripfagsYou are saying that like it's a bad thing

>>117478647theres porn spam in other threads I dont know what made the dark crystal so special that it had to be banned completely

>>117478234Good, miss Holla Forums is stupid bullshit anyway, and refusing to allow previous runners up into the match just makes the whole thing retarded considering The only ones who will be allowed to compete now are ugly literally who’s that weren’t good enough to make it in the previous miss Holla ForumsCancel the whole fucking autism fest


oh look the other thread hit bump limit. you can tell because they made another thread with another with the same topic

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>>117478971You don't understand the competition if you think thisFor example: top 7 minus the winner from 2018 are allowed back now

>>117479143Except Jenny

>>117479180Of course, she already won.

>>117479180>minus the winner

>>117479103is Holla Forums just really bad at not taking bait? i can never tell.

>>117478557Why can't Holla Forums be more like Holla Forums?

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>>117479264some threads are the fucking worst because people refuse to stop taking bait. I've been hanging out in the emmy threads and when someone starts a meta argument, 5 people take the bait and argue until the thread hits bump limit. wish people would just learn how to ignore shit

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>>117478452Same, but I never have to look at cartoon pedophile threads.I’m going to hide this thread right now.

>>117479381Sounds like five people are just having a discussion that makes you cry. That isn’t bait.

>>117479362Mods would ban the post asking about doing this in 10 minutes while keeping up another lesbian says something about how anime is better on twitter post

>>117479420you should actually look in the threads, or don't, they can be pretty bad.

>>117479264Wait until the thread gets 200 or more replies and see how many posters are in there.

>>117479381I reply to the east vs west ones specifically because mods refuse to remove them no matter what attention is brought to them and they'll keep bumping it at page 10So either it's low and you need to get it archived by various means or you reply to it so you don't have it clogging the catalog for 10 days

>>117476990>"This wouldn't happen if we got paid..."

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>>117477779Maybe OP means RWBY. I don’t know anything about the show but it seems like it would have incest.

>>117479541Just storytime a comic in it to kill it faster.

>>117479541>Holla Forumsdykes seething weebs have better toons

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>>117479729Your agreed upon "greatest" work (Cowboy Bebop) is a literal toy commercial

>>117479729keep your anime on >>>/a/ is it that hard to not shit post anime on every single board?

>>117479729You have a fucking board. Stay there.

>>117479766Like half the cartoons Holla Forums loves aren’t also toy commercials. Transformers anyone?

>>117479362/v/ has so much chaos within that they end up shitting out gold every so often/co/ just has a bunch of people that probably just stare at a wall and feel nothing all day

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>>117479900The greatest works in western animation are considered things like Fantasia or Looney Tunes which were made with a classical influence and personal ambitions Anime will never have art like that

>>117479947Look, I am not even defending the /a/ spammers on here but, holy fucking shit, dude... Couldn't you have given a more midwit tier take? Anime has as much artistic value as the best western animation has offered. Give it a chance.

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>>117479729>>117479766>>117479900>>117479947>>117480013>2D animation>art

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>>117477594There was an Emmy thread that was nothing but bitching and complaining and it was allowed to stay up while the Emmy thread that was discussing the comic and making fan art and memes got 404'dI'm pretty sure certain mods and jannies go out of their way to police threads they don't like, to make it hell to justify deleting them later on

>>117479947>”””classical influence”””>from a baby country not even 300 years old

>>117480061Nah, fuck you, dude.

>>117480013The closest anime has gotten to that artistic vision is Legend of the Forest by Tezuka which is really fucking good

>>117480061I only watch 4D these days

>thread complaining about /a/ bait threads>/a/ bait gets posted in this thread>gets multiple replies each postAnd this is why those threads keep getting made and last until autosage.

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