>her face when American police killing innocent black men over and over and over ruined her from ever getting a sequel

>her face when American police killing innocent black men over and over and over ruined her from ever getting a sequel

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I thought they were working on a sequel.

>>117474529Furries ruined the sequel chance, not the minority of police beating black people. Get over it.

>>117474529>innocentJust fuck right off.

>>117474529Nah, the people who were making porn of it ruined the chances of it getting a sequel.

>>117474800>wereThat's the key word>Furries ruined the sequel chanceDisney has been farming furry money for decades, if anything furries are the ones keeping this franchise alive

>>117474529>innocentEvery single one they shoot is a criminal, you know? Resisting arrest is a crime. By running from the cops you are literally saying "it's okay to escalate force now." Europeans and niggers seem too stupid to understand this however.


>>117474823>>117474853Why would porn of Judy Hopps ruin her chances for a sequel when it didn't matter for Vanellope or Anna?

>>117474529>>>Holla Forums

>>117474964We're dealing with far diferent numbers here, user

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>>117475116the furry boorou have 21k of juddy.

>>117474886Even if that were true (It isn't) lethal force is only approved in specific contexts. If you're a cop and you shoot a robber in the back as he runs away, you're committing a crime.

>>117475185No you're not. Or at very least you shouldn't be.

>>117475185If you're a cop and you shoot a robber in the back as he runs away, the entire police force will do their level best to keep you from seeing the inside of a court room.

>>117475185You're not in most states with fleeing felon rules

Why do white police officers constantly kill black men? They never shoot to kill white people it’s always Black people

>>117475401is it that they never do it, or that you never hear about it because it's not reported on by media?

>>117475401because white people are more dangerous, they send the FBI to kill white people

>117475401>9 unarmed black men killed last year>27 unarmed white men killed last year>Most killed by black copsSo low effort, you don't even get a (You).

>>117475185No, in the US shooting someone who is fleeing is not considered a crime.It is fucked up, I know, but burgers are reverting to barbarism one step at the time.

>>117474529there was literally never going to be a chance for a sequel

>>117474529>innocent black men

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>>117475480The more white people are murdered, the better

>>117475116The Vanellope numbers are a lie and you know it. And the reason why tells you exactly which type of drawing upsets people more.

>>117474529>Zootopia 2 is about Judy and Nick stopping police corruption I did it, I stopped racism and saved a franchise.

>>117474529Good. Rabbits are sluts.

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>>117474529Not officially cancelled btw. Last we heard there were supposed to be two sequels.

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>>117475641I too also watched Beastars

>>117475675No way they use them as police again.

>>117474529>mfw American police killing black men over and over and over ensures the rise of the white ethnostate

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>>117474529>some chimp overdosing while being arrested ruined her from ever getting a sequelFixed

>>117475185>if you shoot a criminal, that's illegal

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>>117475872You do realize that I could declare you a criminal and shoot you right?

>>117475766> if you murder enough Black people, Asians begin to emanate an illness that murders White boomersThe human ecosystem is a fascinating one.

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>>117475237>If you ask not to be murdered, regardless of the prior offense committed, that is grounds for summary execution without trialAND THEN EVERYBODY CLAPPED

>>117475480Also, most of those unarmed shootings were because they had the big-brained idea of attacking police while unarmed. That is why these people get shot.

They won’t be police in the sequels.

>>117475936Running away from the cops is an attempt to escape, bro. No murders happen when people cooperate. Also, us police kill way more white people than black people, despite 13/56 yadda yadda. I want to speak to your manager, tell them a gaffe has occurred, and payment should be refused.

>>117474800Lol not now family.

>>117475907You won't because you're just an internet tough guy with no trigger discipline and who's too buys fapping to furries on a Norwegian deli meat forum

Considered recent Disney sequels - maybe its good that Zootopia won't have one?

>>117475989Its 13/50 dumbass

>>117476045You get the point

>>117475401They kill white people too, like that lady from Australia who called the cops because she thought she heard a rape. The cops showed up, didn't see anything, then heard a 'loud noise' just as the Australian woman approached the car. Both cops then fired their guns, killing the woman (one shot her and one fired at the ground) because apparently they have all the trigger discipline of your average dog.

nice cartoon thread you got here OP.

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>>117476091Cops have to respond accordingly to threats, even if they sound life threatening

>>117476091>>117476176It's almost like most police officers are drooling fucking morons and bootlickers will defend the poorest fucking decisions simply because they're blinded by the uniform.

>>117476164On an unrelated note, what's up with the sudden increase in Zootopia cuck porn?

>>117476199How many nikes and reeboks have you licked downtown today?

>>117475497If someone has been declared under arrest they literally cant be let go. It usually ends in a police chase or a hostage situation that endangers innocents.

>>117476249After my car was stolen and the police did absolutely nothing of value to track it down, I feel safer with my own weapon than calling a bunch of shit-for-brains to do their fucking job.

>>117476091>Both cops then fired their guns, killing the woman (one shot her and one fired at the ground) because apparently they have all the trigger discipline of your average dog.Many American Cops have minimal training compared to many other countries, and what they do have is super aggressive “Every encounter is with someone trying to kill you”/“You’re a sheep dog in a world of sheep and wolves, and sheep hate sheep dogs” training leading them to escalator into violence often. Absolutely why you see people going through a mental health crisis get shot by cops because they are not trained to deal with those situations and the training they do have makes things worse.

>>117476199As of this year there have been 33 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, up from 30 last year. And this is gonna go up because of violent niggers

>>117476199>>117476283If you live in a big city you should expect cops to be garbage because their entire structure is determined by the city government. Sheriff departments are much, much better and usually your actual neighbors who know everybody.

Anyone notice all the cuck porn with Judy and Nick?Why.

>>117476283I didnt ask for your sob story, kyle. I asked how many times you got on your knees to run your tongue along some jordans or air force 1s.

>>117476289>what they do have is super aggressive “Every encounter is with someone trying to kill you”Well no shit Sherlock, cops getting killed has been increasing

>>117474529Name the ones you call innocent? Because blm rarely picks clean cut cases.

>>117476326I noticed that shit too, i don't get the appeal of cuck porn

>>117476289>mental health crisisFunny way of saying some fieldworker was dragging a harvesting knife along storefronts or some niggy didnt want to get locked up after beating his kid with rebar.

>>117476323I'm willing to believe you're correct. It's just not surprising to me that the vast majority of these ridiculous riots are happening in cities all around the country. Living on the outskirts a lot of the shovelheads seem to spill over onto here.>>117476316>>117476339Maybe if they took their jobs more seriously they wouldn't make retarded decisions that get themselves killed. These days, I'm willing to believe that the vast majority of dead city cops get themselves killed because of their own stupidity.If they can't save us from thieves and rapists, then the only thing you can really rely on is yourself and the people around you.

>>117476369If Black Lives Matter, why was there no outrage for David Dorn? Or Secoriea Turner? Or every child in Chicago that gets shot every weekend?

>>117476326>>117476384Cucks like to draw/commission porn of characters or ships they really enjoy or know are popular. It makes the hurt feel real good when they can know or believe the love is genuine.

>>117474529>>her face when American police killing innocent black menEven the NBA doesn’t give a shit about George Floyd after the dashcam footage was leaked showing he OD. It all about the literal rapist of black women Jacob now who the new hero BLM rioting over.

>>117476454How can love be genuine if the other part of a relationship is cheating? Maybe I'm just old fashioned

>>117476405>These days, I'm willing to believe that the vast majority of dead city cops get themselves killed because of their own stupidity.Even if that were true there's still way too many hyper aggressive niggers who think getting stopped for a tail light is unacceptable and escalate for no reason, you WILL get spooked cops if they consistently encounter that shit.

>>117476417>Or every child in Chicago that gets shot every weekend?How about incel chuds like you fuck off back to Holla Forums and her punched

>>117476498Now its some idiot that had a spit shield put on him

>>117476513So then train them better or defund them so my tax dollars don't have to go towards a bunch of retards with guns. That's far more terrifying to me than racists with guns.

>>117476510It isn't, cucks are just broken people who seek out to ruin things to get off.

>>117476521Hey i thought Black Lives Matter

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>>117476543The ones who need better training the most are the niggers but no one's defunding public schools are they

>>117476510You're thinking of NTR, cuckolding is about consensual sex with others while in relationship. Either way, they're both about the humilation of "losing" your partner to someone *better* than you while seeing your loved one in a very hot situation being sexual satisfied.

>>117476417>David DornHe's a filthy pig>Or Secoriea TurnerNo evidence so far she was killed by white police officers, who cares>Or every child in Chicago that gets shot every weekend?No video evidence of them being killed by white pigs.All those cases you cited are irrelevant to the matter of white cops killing innocent blacks, no wonder that during the wave of mostly peaceful protests to raise awareness of white cop on black violence, people dont care much about those.

>>117476543Racism is a false construct

>>117476637>she was killed by white policeShe was actually killed by BLM supporters who set up an illegal blockade near the burned Wendy's. Her killer has never been caught

>>117476634>humilationOh so its for soi filled faggots with no self esteem or spine

>>117476637What about when black and Hispanic cops kill anybody ? Racializing the subject is not helpful.

>>117476588>>117476639> worship a bunch of buffoons in uniform who don't know how to exercise proper fire discipline> blame the people you describe as a bunch of savage primitives insteadIt's like blaming the dog instead of the dog owner. If you can't handle the dogs, then either get a new owner or fucking defund them.

>>117476637Also the cases i listed involved black on black violence.

>>117476634>Loved oneYou mean fetish object, you cant love someone if your need to get off -to them- is bigger than your commitment to being their true partner.

>>117476715Except shitbulls, fuck them

>>117476715Maybe i just expect the same from black people as i do from other races. If i thought they were unfit for that i'd skip this charade and enact progroms on them.

>>117476766There are decent black people, they just keep to themselves and focus on work and family

>>117476766Yet if I expect law enforcement to understand these savage ecosystems and respond accordingly, people like you accuse me of being unreasonable. If I hire a guide to get me through an inhospitable mountain pass, I don't blame the fucking mountains if we get lost and starve. I blame the "professional" who turned out to be a fuck-up.

>>117476685Just a few bad apples that in no way represent BLM, no surprise there wasnt much outrage over it

>>117476709Yes? I don't know why you sound surprised.>>117476735That's just your opinion, and a weird one since you're assuming only one party involved is into it instead of both.

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>>117476794Anon why don't just come out and admit you support Antifa and BLM, the sooner you admit you hate your country the sooner we can call you a faggot

>>117476794I mean off topic but if you get lost and starve it means something went horribly wrong outside the guide's control, which you could blame the "mountain" for

>>117474529HAHA CARTOONS

>>117475401They don't. It's just sensationalized by the media. White on black violence is actually one of the lowest crime demographics in the country, and white on black police violence is a fraction of that. More than 90% of blacks who are murdered are murdered by other blacks, typically in gang related violence, which is why you only hear of it as "violent weekend in Chicago with over 20 shooting victims". Know who those victims were? Blacks. Know who shot them? Other blacks.

>>117476712>Racializing the subject is not helpful.But we're talking about race matters here??? Not sure how you expect people to spread awareness of widespread violence of white cops on Blacks without talking about race. When Black and Hispanic cops kill people its probably due to mental issues unrelated to racism, theres no racist Blacks nor Hispanics.

>>117476819>I don't know why you sound surprised.Not surprised, just stating the obvious.

>>117476836> expect law enforcement to do their fucking job properly> disappointed that they're fucking up constantly and getting their poor decisions plastered all over the news, humiliating the uniform and encouraging a bunch of dipshits to burn everything around them> imply that I support the bullshit that the police were supposed to prevent in the first place>>117476850It could also mean that the guide just sucked. I understand that police have to go through some pretty unforgiving situations, but having footage of their mistakes constantly posted online on a regular basis says more about them.

>>117474529Inter-police conflicts are literally the best conflicts a cop type character can have tho.

>>117475937>he was coming right for me!>shoots him in the back 20 times

>>117476498George was high but he didnt resist

>>117476882>widespread violence of white cops on BlacksYou mean the relatively rare and infrequent violence of white cops on blacks? Cops shoot blacks less than they shoot whites, and white people in general kill blacks far less than blacks kill whites, and kill each other.

>>117476944>George was high but he didnt resist>he didnt resistYou did see the footage, right?

>>117476944Bruh we all saw the video. He was hollering and fighting the whole time they tried to put him in the squad car. He started saying he couldn't breathe while he was still standing up, and asked to lay down on the ground.

>>117476882You're picking something intentionally specific when general police and prison reform are what's needed. Given that everbody can get fucked by shitty cops when get something exclusionary that often blames white people at large.


>>117476417Because the police don't protect their killers.

>>117476986Yes, he was not a threat, especially not for multiple policemen. There was zero reason or cause to force him in a position that increased the chances of his death.

>>117476534>Now its some idiot that had a spit shield put on himBlack lives matter will riot over R kelly once he convicted.

>>117477070The city of Atlanta did in Secoriea Turner's case. Her killer has never been caught

>>117476944>George was high but he didnt resist>Jacob the rapist armed with a knife and speeding from the cops

>>117474529>be black>cops tells you to stay on the sidewalk>walk over and repedately punch officer leaving bruises on his body and gun poowder residue on hand.>officer shoots you deas>somehow hands up narrative forms>charges on officer dont stick>years later black prosecutor runs on going after officer>prosecutor wins and resinvestigates>still can't charge officer>

>>117477097>Why yes i did see the footage but i still choose to believe the narrative my handlers at CNN tell meI fucking hate modern news outlets

>>117477102No one gives a fuck about R Kelly at this point

>>117476961>Cops shoot blacks less than they shoot whitesOnly as far the total number goes, because whites are the majority of the population. But the RELATIVE number of Blacks shot when compared to the total Black population is far, far bigger than the relative number of whites shot compared to the total white population.

>>117474529>Holla Forums: Politics and Pedophilia.

>>117474529It's easy to resolve. The sequel could introduce a new protagonist with non-police story in the same city's setting

>>117477121iirc Blake had a loaded handgun in his car

>>117477167>bro did you see the footage>Yes.>bro bro wtf how dare you not automatically believe with me wtf my evidence was actually crap? wtf wtf bro CNN BRAINWASHED YOU BECAUSE YOU WON'T BELIEVE MY REDDIT BREITBART BULLSHIT WTF BROO NOOOO

>>117477198You know else black people are involved with that is FAR FAR bigger relative to whites? I'll give you a hint, it comes from the same source that says they're shot disproportionately.

>>117477134>be white>drink at own home with a few buddies>point a bb gun out a window for a laugh>hear someone screaming to get out of the fucking room>go out>see 5 pigs all holding guns screaming at you to get down>you get down on your knees>pigs demand you put your hands on the ground while crawling towards them>get confused because you're a drunk dude who's suddenly in a life or death scenario> begin to crawl forward>adjust trousers so you're not crawling in your underwear>get shot because the pig with "you're fucked" engraved on his rifle was scared of the obvious present threat of you, crying drunk as shit on the floorfuck pigs and fuck bootlickers.youtu.be/VBUUx0jUKxc

>>117474529 More like black criminals ruining her chance at getting a sequel

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>>117477319The evidence clearly showed he was putting up a fight and resisting arrest and you still say he wasn't resisting? Here's the full fucking video of the arrest and point out exactly how he wasn't resistingyoutu.be/NjKjaCvXdf4

>>117474529Nobody outside america besides the most insufferable of faggots care about that shit. Kids would still go to watch funny animal film in droves


>>117477435>Griz holding up "It's Ok to be White"

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>>117477401So a way more unjust shooting that got less attention based on the racial composition involved. But think.

>>117474529it has nohing to do with impending banckrupcy for overspending in dumb intellectual property, no sir

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>>117477435why are the white characters staing on top of the black ones?

>>117477401But hey, fuck whitey right?

>>117475116what site is that?numbers are skewed in most sites


>>117476819>since you're assuming only one party involved is into it instead of both.Oh yeah, women totally cuck men because they love them.

>>117477435>abortion bad>nooo don't kill that baby you don't want nooo i don't want to pay money for social programs for children

>>117477097>especially not for multiple policemen.The guy was a fucking giant and you can see two of the policemen struggle to subdue his fentanyl fit.>>117477312Its unclear but he told the cops he was getting a knife after already assaulting one of them

>>117477648Late term abortion is murder, plain and simple.

>>117477648Yes.You don't get to decide who counts as a life or not.

>>117477701Honestly in regards to abortion in the first trimester, it depends on the circumstances

>>117477648I thought black lives mattered

>>117477627Its rule34.xxx/

>>117477646That's cheating you're thinking of, not cuckolding as a fetish. Besides, most relationships that involve cuckolding usually have the male be the initiator.

>>117475497>>117475237>>117475258wait, is this true? So regardless of the crime you commit, if you try to run away, it instantly becomes reasonable grounds for execution? Like, if someone gets caught with some weed, and tries to run away, the offense becomes serious enough that the cops are allowed to straight up blast them? I'm not from freedomland so I don't know if this is legit or not

>>117477735It really doesn't, there's no clear cut moment in which a fetus "becomes" a human being. developing more complex brain functions or structures isn't an instant process. If it has human DNA it's part of the human species and you can't have "classes" of human, either everyone has right or they don't.

>>117477788It's more complicated than that and it depends on what you're being arrested for, if the cops have a warrant on you for a violent crime they sure as shit are going to assume you're a threat to society and aren't gonna bother waiting until you prove it.

Cops are cowards, criminals, and abusers just like any other gang on the street.That is all.

>>117477771No user, if she accepts to fuck someone else who is "better" while you stare from the corner she just changed you and keeps you around to take advantage of you. There's no such thing as love in a cuckold relationship, if you propose that to your woman you're telling her you don't love her enough to be the perfect person for her.

>>117477755shit siteit has good servers but a fraction of the rule 34

>>117476940seethe nigger

>>117477788No, those anons are retarded. Shooting a man in the back is not justified under us law unless he poses a clear and present danger to others.Police are allowed to use force to protect themselves if they have a "reasonable" belief they're in danger. Enforcement is made impossible by police union pressure on DA's (If you prosecute this cop no cop will take the stand for you or provide needed cooperation in the future)Unfortunately police training is dogshit fearmongering telling you that the public wants to kill you and if you aren't ready to cap anyone and everyone on a reflex you'll be dead in a week. Shit like "Surviving Edged Weapons" and "Warrior Cop" training isn't a meme.Cops are so fucking awful at their jobs that now it's not recommended to call emergency services for minor accidents or mental health issues because they might just fucking kill someone.

>>117477849Yeah yeah we get it: Death to America yadda yadda

>>117478011>Cops are so fucking awful at their jobs that now it's not recommended to call emergency services for minor accidents or mental health issues because they might just fucking kill someone.>NowOnly dumb liberal white women ever thought calling cops over for shit like that was ever appropriate and they made it standard procedure.

>>117478024>Death to AmericaDeath is here, user. It comes for you in a blue uniform carrying a flag.

>>117474529>American police killing innocent black menName one. I dare you.

>>117478065We get it: you take Chairman Mao's cock up your ass for a living

>>117476316Wow a whole fucking 33 died? Being a cop is literally life on easy mode. 300 physicians commit suicide per year.

>>117478065Only if you're a criminal. Which you no doubt are nigger

>>117478053Anon it used to be that cops in some areas could be trusted to write down an accident report or talk down a jumper without pulling their service weapon.Cops always had huge systemic issues but it wasn't this bad.

>judy is flat>judy is cancelled>space jam 2 planned for next year>lola back in action>the OG bunny tiddyWith queen tyr'ahnee as backup.

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>>117476339>kyleWhy is it always redditors.

>>117478073George Floyd

>>117478100We are all of us criminalsThe difference is that I don't think your sentence should be death.

>>117478128>We are all of us criminalsNo we're not you stupid thug.

>>117478099To be fair you'd kill yourself too when you realize how much student debt you put yourself in by becoming a doctor

>>117478108lel you cant even get Minerva mink in a tv show, good fucking luck

>>117478121Meth head nigger that pulled a gun on a pregnant woman

Breanna Taylor was sleepingPlainclothes officers arrived at the wrong address, serving a warrant that had already been fulfilled, and shot the place up indiscriminately in what most people assume was a hit gone wrongInvestigators are reported to have offered her boyfriend a litany of deals to get him to say she was involved in organized crime

>>117478151If you think you aren't a criminal you simply don't know what laws you've broken.Don't step on the grass under penalty of death.

>>117478197Burn the coal, pay the toll

>>117478197Breanna Taylor was revealed to have been involved in her boyfriends' drug trade business, and her boyfriend, who was at the house at the time, set up an ambush for the cops and opened fire first, with Breanna on the line of fire.

>>117478229>I like trespassing because I'm a stupid faggot that doesn't understand the concept of private propertyHow haven't you been rightly shot?

>>117478246That is the story they tried to bribe him to tell, yes.

>>117474529>innocent black meni can't breef, from laughing though

>>117478242And in the end all you people have are memes.>when you meme so hard you sell weapons to Hamas

>>117478121Do you mean the same George Floyd who is a multiple convicted felon who once spent five years in federal prison for breaking into the house of a pregnant woman and threatening to shoot her in the baby? Because he wasn't innocent nor was he killed by police. He died from fentayl overdose. All the meth he was on probably didn't help, either.

>>117478246>Set up an ambush for unannounced plainclothes cops that were at the wrong address serving a warrant for a guy already in custody>The woman sleeping in the next room was in the line of fireMakes perfect sense.

>>117478259How is asking someone to tell the truth to prevent more black deaths from massive rioting considered bribery? That's like asking a woman who lied about being raped to tell the truth, or a child who lies about being abused by their parents out of sociopathic spite.

>>117478189>he fell for these fake news

>>117478121>killed himselfoops try again retard

>>117478309I know that last one is a reference to the Sophie Long case

>>117477890That's like saying lesbians admit to each other that they're sexually incompatible everytime one of them busts out a dildo.

>>117478309>Muh riotslmaoGo outside

>>117478371>Go outsideBut he might get shot for being black

>>117478279>>117478334The autopsy concluded the cop killed him, but sure lets ignore that fact since it doesnt fit your narrative

My girlfriend is an LEO. She’s not particularly bothered by this stuff because profile the media hates is their archetypical blonde haired blue eyed police ogre that eats black babies for lunch. Liberals assume she’s either a token girl or department “morale booster”.

>>117478430Fentanyl was the real killer but sure, lets go with Epstein's coroner's report

>It is legal to shoot people for fleeing I’m so glad Holla Forumsfags are too dumb to be cops


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>>117478492You kidding? Holla Forums would single handedly eliminate crime if they were cops

>>117474823Nobody went out protesting in the streets against furries like it or not the widespread awareness of cop violence and corruption (and their departments tendency to be complicit) means anything about cops will be dead in the water for half the US

>>117475401They kill white people too, white on white violence is under reported by the media, or painted as a "tragic misunderstanding". If you don't fit their boys club criteria, you're at a corrupt cops mercy

>>117478567There is no awareness that wasnt there before, all these chimpouts accomplished is a 2 to 4 million increase in private gun ownership and people hating blacks and commies for real now. Most of the US still likes and wants cops, even in cities like NY.

>>117478567>cops will be dead in the water for half the USRecent polling would indicate that 81% of the black people in the US are either satisfied with police effectiveness in their communities or desire increased police presence.

>>117475872Criminals shouldn't be killed on sight, but captured and given a fair trial with an appropriate punishment by an independent judiciary.

>>117478672>captured and given a fair trial with an appropriate punishment by an independent judiciary.The vast majority of them are. The ones that aren't die because they do something fucking stupid, like shooting at the cops.

>>117478672>Criminals shouldn't be killed on sightNo but commies and pedophiles should.

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more Bunday, less Holla Forums

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>>117476417Go protest for them then instead of sitting on your ass.

>>117476316How many killed by friendly fire

>>117474529the move is literally about race relations in America so I mean what?

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>>117478743Why protest when weaponized autism can dox suspects and tip off cops?

>>117477701You don't get to decide a mother's life for her eitherUp to her to decide what to do with the child, it's birthed from her body after all

>>117478733Its the crop top that gets me

>>117477842Innocent until proven guilty amerite

>>117478846well she dont get to decide where my money goes then

>>117478846>its ok for a woman to kill her child because its birthed from herAh yes, because child abuse only matters when done by a man

>>117478870In a court of law. Dont flee.

>>117478527They would eliminate anyone who wasn't Holla Forums

>>117478492There is no lower limit on IQ for copsThere is, however, legally upheld precedent for denying the badge to people who are "too competent"

>>117478914Doesn't matter if he dies before he gets to court

>>117478954I thought you people were against using IQ to judge on someone.

>>117478733I don't think you're allowed to do bunday here, I think that's a /trash/ thing. Maybe if you don't show any rabbit vaginas or furry rabbit buttholes, but honestly what kind of bunday would it be without those?Then again, I do still see tit edit threads all over the place, so I don't know.

>>117478954>There is no lower limit on IQ for copsBecause IQ is literally meaningless

>>117478876Then don't nut in a women then

>>117478527>Holla Forums would single handedly eliminate crime if they were cops

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No matter how many die by cops, I feel confident more people die by car. Policing is a dangerous profession that is inherently violent, accidents are bound to happen, people die.It all feels rather manufactured to me.

>>117478939It would be fucking Darwinian

>>117479008Bunday doesnt have to be lewd, dont let chuds dictate posting on other boards. Bunday can be like Caturday, for all to enjoy.

>>117478697Be real here user, it's pretty clear cops go to great lengths to protect their own and deny any wrongdoing

>>117475116the vanellope numbers are a fat fucking lie owing to the fact that rule 34 jannies are retarded and purge loli because they are jannies and all jannies on all sites are retarded

>>117479074>Bunday doesnt have to be lewdWho the fuck wants to look at a fully clothed anthropomorphic rabbit?

>>117479018Takes two to tango, unless you think hoes puncturing condoms is valid.

>>117479026>"No way to prevent this" says only nation where this regularly happens

>>117479134That’s my stance because I work with a bunch of cops. The whole “Cops are raping and eating thousands of black people in the streets” is obviously bullshit from the Democratic Party to get votes and cause chaos.But I do agree that cops ABSOLUTELY do protect each other and cover for each other’s wrongdoing. They joke about it like restaurant employees joke about eating unpicked up meals or spitting in food. As long as it’s not against another cop or some totally off the wall shit like rape they immediately side with one another and coach the entire department about the story they’re going with. One guy told me about how some driver annoyed him with his incessant sarcasm so he arrested him on bullshit then laughed about how the motorist got put through the system and screwed even if the charges were dropped anyway. The job attracts some pretty nasty people by default.

>>117479021hes not wrong, once they kill all the women and undesirables, aka normal peoplethey would die alone and noone will be alive, AKA no more crime

There are 20 million black males in the US. The police kill about ten a year in questionable shootings. So a black man's death at the hands of the police (assuming he's unarmed and/or not trying to kill an officer) is about 1 in 2 million. So much for fearing every day they are going to be killed by the cops.

>>117474529>her face when American police killing innocent black men over and over and over

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>>117479567>innocent black men

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>>117479596>innocent Americans in general>they all voted 4 years ago

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>people still think this is just limited to a bad year for DisneyBro, Disney's the least of the things that's gonna die, the USA is all but guaranteed a violent revolution in the next 10 years.

It's either>Oh no, why didn't you stop that monster!or>Oh no, you didn't have to stop him like that you monster!Pick your damn poison, cops just can't win.Those police officers should have been firemen instead. They're still saving lives and receive less than half of the scrutiny.

>>117479822I will believe it when I see it.

>>117479838There will always be faggots who hate first responders

>>117479021Fascist regimes are pretty good at deterring crime with extreme prejudice. It's just kind of overshadowed by all the downsides.

>>117474529>Racism le bad because it hurts and kills.>Judy supports mobsters who kill and torture countless animals for money but doesn't give a shit and team up with cold blooded killers so she can make her dream of being a cop come true.WTF, Disney?!

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>>117475766Your on to something, user*hits pipe*

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>>117474853They literally paid for fursuiters to advertise on twitter and organize meetups to see zootopia.

>>117479874Judy is the star model of a cop because she is in league with and friends with mobsters. She also works with a con artist who she had repellent for in her pocket. Shes the best fictional cartoon cop to exist.

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>>117479772You guys should just do the world a favor and kill one another for good. Purge or something.

>>117479567>Judy "Melanin mincer" Hopps>Judy "Better run through the jungle" Hopps>Judy "VX for DMX" Hopps>Judy "Planned Parenthood" Hopps

>>117474823> As if Disney didn't specifically want that furry movie.

>>117479860Firemen could let your house be burned down and have survivors or save a building with some casualties and still be regarded as a hero.Cops are fucked either way if the suspect is alive or not.

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>>117477194>No one gives a fuck about R Kelly at this pointImplging Boondocks isn’t right. Soon as R kelly cry racism. BLM will riot in his name.

>>117475239en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennessee_v._GarnerDidn't the Supreme Court officially make killing a civilian that poses no threat illegal?

>>117480118>tennessee v gamertruly the most opressed group

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What if Judy and nick do have a kid

>>117474529>innocentHe was a good boi, he dindu nuffin, he was going to church and about to turn his life around.Right?

>>117478492If it's not already, it should be. Anyone who flees a lawful order is invariably a lawless subhuman unable to function in civil society.

>>117474529>>117474843>>117474886>>117475185>>117475514>>117475543>>117475771>>117475766>>117475989>>117476249>>117476316>>117476339>>117477028>>117477102>>117477435>>117477635>>117477753>>117478007>>117478073>>117478189>>117478242>>117478527>>117478765>>117479567>>117479596>>117479922>>117480026You all have to go back. Aren't Holla Forums & Holla Forums more to your liking?

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>>117480026>Judy "VX for DMX" Hopps

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