>Holla Forums used to love Kamala >Now that she's part of a AAA game and normies like and love Kamala Holla Forums does...

>Holla Forums used to love Kamala >Now that she's part of a AAA game and normies like and love Kamala Holla Forums does a 180 and hates her now

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She's always been horriblePutting people in jail for smoking weed when she did so herself, threatened jail to parents whose kids skipped school.During the primaries her popularity peaked at a grand total of 16%. And now they think she'll be more popular as a VP?Fuck Horrible Harris

>>117473329>>>Holla Forums


You're late, normalfag.Also the game looks like shit.

Kamala belongs to Scott

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>>117473329my liberal educated gf said she'd vote for any democrat except kamalashe's voting trump nowwe live in a blue state

>>117473295I've noticed that every character Holla Forums supposedly "hates" they make 25 threads a day about (full of lewd fanart) obsessing over.

>>117473295Why the fuck are you lying? Your from Holla Forums aren't you?

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>>117473551She's a keeper

>>117473551She's an idiot. Harris has one of the most consistent liberal voting records. I get not liking her time as DA, but Jesus fuck with what's happening now give some weight to her more recent record.

>>117473295Because her use and marketing crossed the point of saturation.Holla Forums loved Batman too, but since he is the only big promoted or published character of DC, Holla Forums started to call it batwank.Same with Kamala, since Marvel push her for their diversity agenda, she isnt your sweet characters but hamfisted advertisment product.That is what Holla Forums hates.

>>117473611>Because her use and marketing crossed the point of saturationShe's been in a couple of cartoons and videogames, what saturation?

>>117473643Since her debut volume they made her an Avenger, then Champion, then put her in all of the cartoons, the Avengers cartoon, the Spider-man cartoon and now she's in every video game, first appearing in Marvel Future Fight and now this. And none of them except first 19 issues of the volume 3 are what made Kamala good, she's Starlight from the Boys with no payoff, sucked Iron Man's dick and enjoys the spotlight with A listers she was never properly built up to share.

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>>117473611>since Marvel push her for their diversity agenda, she isnt your sweet characters but hamfisted advertisment product.Lmao you chuds have been claiming her as a "diversity agenda" since literally Day 1. Every time she is announced in some new crossover or cartoon or game or show she's supposedly "hamfisted". Literally nothing is new here.Holla Forums doesn't have Kamala any more or less than they ever have.

>>117473611TRANSLATION: Normies now love this somewhat niche character and I need to be contrarian to what the majority likes to even have a semblence of a personality


>>117473789>nicheNot since volume 3 she ain't.

>>117473295>Holla Forums is one personOP is a faggot

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>>117473295The opposite is true, really.With Marvel contracting output hard the only thing she's been in for months was one shitty game that nobody should be playing.

>>117473295then why nobody talk about elsa?

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>>117473295She has a cute design and her first comics were kinda cute as well, but everything else about her is dog shit

>>117473295>Holla Forums used to love KamalaKamala has always been a source of shitposting here. She was invented too late in Holla Forums's lifespan to b e given a fair shake.


>>117473643She is Marvels poster girl for muslims. Think about when Young Avengers was published. They only were in one book and had cameos in Avengers or event. And you even didnt had Hulking or Wiccan everywhere.Compare that with Kamala!>>117473779>Every time she is announcedSo you agree? Thanks mate.>>117473789She got appearance in videogames and even got a lego minifigure.Besides i dont think that normies love her, they might know that Marvel has some muslima hero, thats it.

>>117473888I wasn’t a big fan of Frozen 2, she shouldn’t have abandoned Arendelle

>>117473295Carol will always be worse

>>117473611No, batwank is when they have him preform feats that would require superhuman levels of ability on a supposedly all human character.

>>117473295If you haven't guessed it by now, Holla Forums is Holla Forumsntrarian, meaning that whatever casuals start liking they pretend they never liked to begin with. Same thing happened with Harley

A history of fan reaction to Kamala>2013: WTF Marvel is making a Muslim girl Mrs. Marvel now? The terrorists have won!>2013-2016: Oh, um, I won't read it or anything but she is kind of cute.>2016-2019: Kamala is my waifu! I will convert her to Catholicism. Lewd, lewd, lewd.>Sept 2020: (Normies from Holla Forums and Holla Forums discover Kamala) Fucking Muslim trash! Marvel's done for.

>>117473778>they made her an Avenger,Along with a few other relevant "kid" heroes. If it was just Kamala on her own, I could see it being a bit odd so early on, but introducing her in an Avengers refresh as just one of the "current teen heroes" trio isn't very out there. Especially when it didn't last too long.>then ChampionAs above, along with a half dozen teenage heroes. She was one of the most relevant teenage heroes at the time of Champions being made, why wouldn't she be included? And doesn't this kinda hurt your argument anyway - she was effectively "demoted" from being an Avenger to being in a "kids Avengers" group. > then put her in all of the cartoons, the Avengers cartoon, the Spider-man cartoon and now she's in every video game, first appearing in Marvel Future Fight and now this. At this point she was pretty well established as one of the favorite "newer" characters ... so why wouldn't they be using her in ensemble projects, especially those with relatively large character rosters? As above, you're hurting your own argument here: if they had just made a "Kamala Khan" cartoon a year or so after her first book, it'd feel a bit soon ... but using her years after her debut in an ensemble cast is exactly what you should expect.As >>117473779, people have been claiming she's a ham-fisted diversity hire since literally her debut, none of this is new. I'm just not sure what level of "establishment" people think she should have before she gets to start appearing in crossover/ensemble content ... how many years of sticking to her solo books is appropriate before she gets to show up in any cartoons or video games?

>>117474103Most people still look at old harley fondly. There's nothing to like with this ruined abomination. What happened to harley was a shame because all the interesting shit about her died when she became an anti-hero.

>>117473979Part of it was that she was created in real time reaction for Holla Forums to comment on. Other than Miles Morales, I don't think there has been a more controversial character on Holla Forums in the last 10 years.

>>117474132Hey fuck you, I like current characterization Humphries Harley. Palmotti/Conner and cartoon Harley are trash though

>>117474028>She is Marvels poster girl for muslimsAnd?

>>117473551I've never understood this mentality.>This is my least favorite milkshake. I'll have a glass of nails and sandpaper instead.

>>117473295No we hate the fact that Carol & Kamala aren't a couple yet.

>>117473547>Lusts for Delicious Infidel Meat>Hops on the Cy-cock as soon as she's legalPoetry

>>117473295People that actually read comics and knew who Kamala was like her/pol/ tourists looking to shitpost about the latest big game don'tIt's not rocket science

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>>117474385Memes aside, it's a little worse than that. Other than a few short one-offs, they've done relatively little Carol/Kamala cross-overs ... and when they have, like with Civil War 2, they've just utterly destroyed Kamala's idea of Carol to the point where it kills the motivation she had for picking her hero name in the first place. This would be an interesting dynamic of it's own - Kamala looking up to a hero only to realize their flaws and use it as a learning experience - but they've kinda just skipped past it.

>>117474131>Dude they promoted the shit out of this new character people actually likedNigger do you have any idea how rare it is for a new character to be liked? Of fucking course they threw her on every cover they could. THEY WANT MONEY.How do you retards continually and consistently mistake profit motive for some idiotic imagined social agenda

>>117474131Both kid Avengers and Champions were a mistake, Kamala just adds to those mistakes.

>>117474487Because you can't be overtly negative to Carol anymore. Ex-alcoholic.

>>117473551Then she’s an idiot. Does she honestly think four more years of Trump is going to be better when the SCOTUS would veer hard to the right because RBG isn’t going to be able to hold on forever, making the court overwhelmingly make pro-corporate, anti-voting rights, anti-choice, anti-healthcare rights decisions for the next generation?

>>117473383Don’t gotta be pol to object to her user.

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>>117473295>Holla Forums used to love KamalaDebatable. She gets full threads but I can't recall any point where they didn't devolve into politisperging. I'll always be a Kamala Balla though.

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>>117474493??? Maybe re-read my post, you're more-or-less agreeing with what I wrote? I'm arguing that she was introduced into new properties as a result of her being relevant and well liked. I'm arguing *against* the idea that her inclusion in everything is some "imagined social agenda".>>117474497Champions was fine. It obviously didn't have much of a "bite" to it given that it was aimed a little younger than the Avengers, but it still had its moments. It also gave us based Red Locust waifu.>>117474511It would have been an interesting idea to do a storyline where Kamala decides she doesn't look up to Carol like she once did ... but even if they want to keep her "pure" in her eyes, there's still loads they could do with the two of them together. It's just weird that they seem so hesitant to do anything with the characters together, you'd have thought they'd have done loads by now.

>>117473551She was the worst possible pick Joe could have made. The whole point of nominating him was to appeal to swing voters on a more moderate platform. His campaign strategists earn millions making these kinds of retarded decisions.

>>117474722Joe could've picked a mop with eyes drawn on for a running mateThe only question in terms of the presidential election is Trump or not Trump

i love kamala up to secret wars.then i got hit by a cold water bucket of"oh yeah, she exists in this shared universe, she's an ip, they will milk her now and i will never get a story with a proper end"so i dropped it.

>>117473295Ummmmm there has been critiques of her and the other diverse characters since 2015.pol is just more vocal now thanks to game

>>117474626>Give Kamala at least one parent who knows her secret identity and supports her actions as a parent would>New writer comes and mindwipes them just so he can do a shitty rip-off of Spidey's arc where Aunt May almost dies, mixed with the symbiote arc for good measureFuck Saladin Ahmed! It was nice having Kamala and her mom talk about the issues of being a superhero with none of the cliche "can't tell them the truth" bullshit.

>>117474028> they might know that Marvel has some muslima hero, thats itGiving normies too much credit

>>117473295>Holla Forums used to love KamalaSince when? The most love I've seen for her can be summed up as "at least she ain't current day Carol Danvers."

>>117473778Kamala is basically the new X-23 in that like X-23 Marvel is going to shove her down your throat until you love her.

>>117475210Mission accomplished!

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>>117473972She wasn't even the best character in her own comic. That was Zoe.

>>117475324When are they gonna kiss?

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>>117474944And speaking of which, did Ahmed really think that said imitation symbiote could sustain its own storyline? I'm talking about his brief attempt to give Stormranger an Empyre tie-in before COVID wisely killed that off.

>>117473599Okay cuck

>>117473551>dude uh my liberal girlfriend uhhhh she's voting trump bros!!!Why did this get so many responses actually believing it, are you really this gullible.

>>117474555Four more years of Trump baby!

>>117475558Never. Wilson immediately shut it down and then hooked Zoe up with a background character who had no importance beyond that.>>117476477Anything to prevent most of Kamala's supporting cast from getting use because he doesn't actually understand what the appeal of the series was (hint: it wasn't high stakes space adventures). Zoe and Nakia only got one arc and I don't think Mike has appeared at all in his run despite being one of Kamala's best friends.

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>>117473295>Kamala art> it's literally just a trace of Mia Khalifa Disgusting

>>117476689>he doesn't actually understand what the appeal of the series wasTo be fair, neither did Wilson, though that was more the fault of events destroying her long-term plans and burning her out.

>>117473551That's not the only thing she's lying to you about then.I like Kamala as Ms. Marvel though. She reminds of the girls I grew up with.Pic unrelated.

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>>117476710I know right? Nadia Ali is literally a Muslim chick from Jersey, not some larper like Mia Kalifa.

>>117473329Harris was beloved by big donors and Wall Street, so when she tanked in the primaries they talked her up as VP because they think they'll be able to backdoor her in if Biden dies, or at least coronate her as the 2024 candidate.>>117473551she should probably vote third party instead of for trump in a blue state to jack up the 3p numbers. Helping a third party hit federal fund matching numbers would be far more beneficial than inflating Trump's numbers. Or have her write in Hillary Clinton and take a photo of it to make the Hillary people mad.>>117473599"consistent liberal voting records" is a weasel phrase. It just means measures how often she's voted along the Democratic party line during her time in the Senate, and she's not been in the Senate for long. What matters is what they voted on. Sanders, for instance, has a "less consistent voting record" because he's voted against things the Democratic party has supported that were bad.

>>117473888Because Elsa, and most of magic Marvel, are super niche and ignored.

>>117473295I apologize for not reading todays comic books. But is Kamala actually like decent looking or is it just fanart?

I like new characters when the writers are fresh with ideas and world/character building but if they get popular they always hit the point where the become a 'marvel character' with all the baggage. They start getting their versions of popular stories from the past (even worse for legacy characters like Miles who start that earlier.)They start being forced into group books, or different books if they were already in a group, where they suddenly know and are best friends with every single young character in the world. They all end up with the same personalities and voices. Their relationships in their own books get weakened by shipping on team books.That's where I'm at with Kamala. Just waiting for the new character or book from a smaller company to take her place.

>>117476968By every metric Harris is still better than Trump or Pence.

>>117477067She's a skinny 16 year old, so you're not getting coomer bait out of it.

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>>117473329Meanwhile Trump has been freeing people that were victims of her policies. Although a lot of Antifa are gonna go to jail these next four years.

>>117476568it's not that unbelievable if you have any understanding of the dynamics of the current Democratic party. The Democratic party has, especially this year, moved to the extreme right, and has been actively alienating a huge portion of its base (especially the young.) The primary was also extremely contentious and was widely seen as illegitimate, with every candidate and the media pulling out all the stops to stop the populist candidate in favor of a party loyalist. The Biden campaign is targeting old suburban white conservative voters exclusively, which is why they're expending huge amounts of resources in Florida and Texas and touting Republican endorsements while leaving the Rust Belt to rot.Many, MANY voters see a Biden victory as a return to a status quo that does not benefit them and empowers wealthy elites. A Biden victory would also allow the Democratic party the ability to continue moving farther to the right while also ignoring the material conditions that led to Trump in the first place, leading to even worse right wing candidates in the future. Plus Biden's staff has already said that the project of their administration will be brutal austerity to make up for the deficits of the Trump administration, which will anger and alienate people even more, like Macron in France. >>117477147see above

>>117477162She can always embiggen

>>117477238>it's not that unbelievableIt is actually, because you would have to have been in a coma for the past four years to think Harris is worse than kidnapping Mexican children who arrive at the border legally.>>117477220Yeah as long as you're Kim Kardashian's friend you might get some justice.

>>117476689Based, dykes are haram

>>117473295>normies like and love KamalaProofs?


>>117474385Speak for yourself, Yurishitter

>>117473295It's very simple, it was a love-hate relationship with Kamala. Many loved her for being herself, many others hated her for being a Muslim and a few others(include me there) just wanted to see the world burn making these two fight each other. There were also recurring jokes like a universe where Steve converts her to Catholicism and another Tony converts her to atheism and even a civil war through the "kamalaverse". And let's not forget to turn her into a religion, all that was so bloody funny.I think everyone is taking a break because her comic is not continuing yet, I hope everything returns to normal when all this happens. just remember to keep everything as a big joke, we don't want to get to the level of the carolfags.And remember, everybody hates everybody and everybody hates Bruno seriously though I feel bad for him he deserves it but...

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>>117477286the bedrock of this policy was lain during the Obama administration (under Biden) and Biden has refused to say he would end this policy. Biden has also refused to dismantle ICE and has committed to giving huge amounts of new funding to Law Enforcement. "But the kids in cages!" doesn't work when your candidate is complicit.

>>117473295people liked kamala when she was a new character, but they hated her when she started to get forced everywhere

>>117477238>The Democratic party has, especially this year, moved to the extreme right>Democratic party>extreme rightWhat planet do you live on?

>>117475265Jesus why is she so ugly?!

>>117477286>It is actually, because you would have to have been in a coma for the past four years to think Harris is worse than kidnapping Mexican children who arrive at the border legally.Oh boy you are fucking retarded

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>>117477412To appeal to trannies.

>>117473295>implying Holla Forums cares about the terrorist american, shoehorned into Marvel for woke purposes

>>117477468/co/ seems to have no problems with that muslim green lantern

>>117477412That's what happens when you're forced to make your Muslims look closer to reality.

>>117476932Yeah but Nadia Ali has a frumpy body. Mia isn't much better with her fakeass pepperoni titties.

>>117477491Simon was initially hated until he got partnered with Jessica and got developed.

>>117477491fuck her too

>>117473295She was liked at first. Divisive like all new characters, but otherwise had a large following.Then Marvel started pushing her hard in books. She got overexposed and people started to get sick of her. It didn't help that writers outside of Wilson fumbled her characters and wrote her inconsistently, as a lecturing nag, or as an annoying fangirl.Wilson's own writing took a hit when events kept ruining her book's momentum. By the time they finally stopped with the tie-ins, Wilson's writing had already gone to shit and Kamala came off a lot worse. Then Kamala was tied to infamously stuff like Waid's Champions and Marvel Rising. The AAA game shit is just the most recent in a long line of shitty products she's been in.tl;dr: Kamala's been on a steady decline for a while now. The AAA game didn't change anything.

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>>117474131You're attempting to add context to these events, but the context doesn't change anything. Kamala was speed-run into an artifically implemented popularity. Much like Mild Morales, they put her in everything and claimed that it was a decision based on high demand, but the demand was a lie.

>>117477508Why make a super hero that looks like your average muslim instead of one of the pretty ones?? Are they trying to follow the same pattern that black girls have??!

>>117477383>Biden has also refused to dismantle ICEoh no how horrible

Straight white male 28.I love kamala so much i ironicly accept captain marvel because she doesI simp for ms. marvelAlways have always will

>>117477238You see, this is what i hate about the concept of "right-left"It's extremely common to say "by european standards both US parties are right-wing", but it's also become normal to say that "the democrats have gone too far left", while they still barely offer any solution to the health care question. Additionally not too long ago people would say "open borders is a right-wing scam" because it leaves the local workers in worse job market and higher taxes. And if i understand you right, that's why you claim the Dems are "extreme right". But wouldn't that make the republicans left wing?I hate the term because the more it's thrown around, the less of a substantial definition it has. If i tried, i bet i could give you at least five different definitions on the term, and they would all be conflicting.It's essentially useless

>>117478103based waifu chad

>>117474374blue no matter who is literally retarded, Trump isn't that bad, get over it.

>>117478103>28well Bruno I suppose at this point in your life you should already know if Kamala stayed with you or went with Kareem, and I suppose too it is the first option because otherwise you would have bought a rope long ago

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>>117478231>while they still barely offer any solution to the health care question.They have offered solutions. The issue is that the party in power keeps promising they also have a solution that will 100% be implemented, and it keeps not happening in a time when we need it the most. How many times has Trump said he'll give us the perfect health care system at this point? How many times more will he say it without doing shit if he gets another four years?

>>117478231american politics is cucked because both parties broadly agree on all policies of substance, so they offer differentiation based on culture war shit that does not materially affect anyone's lives. So when American Right Wingers say "Democrats have moved to the far left" it means that they think gay people should be allowed to marry. While at the same time, the Democratic party is moving more towards Republican foreign policy ideals and issues of domestic spending. Look at the Democratic primary - the stance of the majority of non-Sanders candidates was that "people don't want the Government involved in healthcare," which was formerly the Republican party line against the ACA (which was, itself, a Heritage Foundation plan and a step to the right from the Public Option that had formerly suggested.)I mean, the Biden campaign is being bolstered and advised by people from the Bush administration, the same people Obama and Biden were elected to repudiate.

>>117474374you don't have to buy a milkshake at all. If you're being presented with that choice, the problem is not with the milkshakes, it's with the place selling them.How many elections have there been in your life? How many times has the party asked you to vote for "the lesser of two evils" because "the other guy is worse?"

>>117478231Why would anyone want to be like Europe? The majority of countries on that continent have to change their entire governments every 20 years because of how mismanaged everything is.

>>117477375brother looks like a terrorist with that beard

>>117475210Guess its better than me shoving myself down her throat until she loves me.

>>117479213Did you try making her eat all the eggs yet? It never fails!

>>117474028And look what happened to Avengers Academy as well

>>117477238>you better re-elect Donny or future republican candidates will be even worseSounds a lot like terrorism.