How is everyone enjoying Avengers? It is easily the greatest superhero game I’ve ever played...

How is everyone enjoying Avengers? It is easily the greatest superhero game I’ve ever played. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt like I was playing as a superhero in a game. My only complaint is this game makes me wish Kamala was in the MCU. She’s a fantastic character.

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fuck off to your containment thread on /vg/

>>117472661I loved the story and the Avengers themselves, just the right side of corny Superhero stuff, but the gameplay is super average.

>>117472661When they've resorted to spamming "BROWN GIRL IN GAME" everywhere you know it's trash.

>>117472661I know you're trolling but the game is a step up from trash like UA and Kamala is genuinely cute and perfectCaptain America is my main in the MP, buffs and heroic regen errywhere

>>117472679I disagree. I think the fighting in great and a real game changer for all future games. It’s a fresh new spin on fighting and I love it.

>>117472661Seems like more sjw shit like everything else these days.Literally every dialogue is how amazing women and minorities are and every joke is at the expense of a white dude.Also complete double standard of having tons of skimpy and super sexulized make characters but not a single revealing female outfit or a single female characters who isn’t flat as a board

>>117472717>>117472679It's definitely not a new spin on melee combat by any stretch, but what's there is what works (and a bit that doesn't)I think the gameplay needs a few tweaks to make ranged enemy groups less annoying to deal with but a basic online brawler with a bit of specialization is all you need here.

>>117472720Literally nothing you said is true except the women being flat-chested, but even then Superia is still stacked, Kamala is a literal teenager, and Nat is a super-athlete, who tend to be flat-chested.>>117472683I would have no idea how to even begin to engage with this game if she weren't the main character. The other Avengers all have Generic Superhero Personalities and there's nothing to latch onto there.Campaign is a solid 8, maybe a 9 if they fix all the bugs. Multiplayer is fine but the live service model is as blatantly tacked on as everyone expected it to be. Cash shop's prices and UI are hilariously fucked.

Best game of the year hands down. Best superhero game of all time easily.

>>117472782I dunno, I think punished Tony could have been a fun character to play as, I coulda had fun bumming around as him more, cooking weenies on his disgusting grill and sniffing Cap’s jacket.Or broken Hulk/Bruce. Kamala was a really nice hopeful young braveheart kid character, though.

I feel like it would have worked better if it did some stupid bullshit where you had some create a character and the AIM stealing super powers was integrated into that so you could choose whichever Avenger as your "class".

>>117472882Yeah, I don't know what's up with it but Marvel never lets you make an OC. I understand when it's a mobage and your business model relies on getting people to buy new characters every other month, but they even do that in their tabletop RPGs, there are three I know of and every time they explicitly forbid you from making your own guy.

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>>117473006You have to understand this was footage taken from the beta and in no way reflects the current state of the game. I urge everyone in this thread to go out and purchase a game and play if you already have not. You will have the time of your life playing as your favorite avengers.

>>117472782Nope you are just lying Thor cap and hulk all half naked outfit options but widow has not a single outfit that shows cleavage or exposed skin and every joke in the game is at the expense of a white dude on how stupid, immature or lame he is l but never at the expense of a woman

>>117472982Yeah. I never liked that with the Marvel Super Heroes PnP games.It's funny that DC has the confidence to do an mmo where you play a random schmo and their heroes will pat you on the back but Marvel is like, "NO! Our characters are too good for that!" Sort of the same hubris the Avengers showed in the intro to this game by having the totally bonkers combination fanfic contest-new energy source unveiling.Can we focus on how bizarre that bit is? Wht madman in their PR department told Cap and crew that was a good idea?

>>117473006Isn’t this from the text to speech accessibility stuff anyway?However, I myself talked to a Shield agent called shield_agent_f_1 today so the game definitely has bugs in the hub.

>>117473064I talked to Shield_agent_male_b yesterday. Also, the subtitles being just the script, complete with notes on what the camera does. That's some lazy shit.

>>117473049I don't know what to tell you, user, but this seems like a real reach. I feel like I could sit you down with an episode of I Love Lucy and you'd decode a twisted SJW agenda out of it.>>117473051I thought maybe it was Perlmutter, but he wasn't around until the 90s, and FASERIP was from the 80s. It's so fucking weird and it pisses me off because there are no good superhero OC games! I guess the new Aberrant might be good, but...

>>117473078They did it for Tomb Raider, too. It’s a Crystal Dynamics thing. Apparently it’s useful for autistics who have some trouble following story beats or something too?

>>117473064It's very obviously a placeholder that got left in the game user

>>117473049There’s a half naked Thor skin? Where can I find that?

>>117473049>dude I am offended by half naked men>but a woman in what is essentially a zentai suit with a belt is NOT SEXY ENOUGH>IT'S MISANDRYYeah you have fun shouting into the wind about that while I jack it to Kamala's polymorphed feet

>>117473112Please read >>117473035The game is finished. All these “bugs” are from the beta.

>>117473064>>117473105I've got a friend like that and he says it really helps him, so I can't argue with that part. shield_agent_f_1 is hilarious though.Is there a way to futz with other characters' skins and skills other than getting in the Quinjet? Like something from the tab menu?

>>117472661Could you sound any more corporate?

>>117473088I mean, Saints Row 4 is oddly the best OC supe game so far.But, yeah. I just want a fun open-ish world super hero arpg with a character creator. DC, Marvel, or even 90's Image. I want to dick around these worlds as an oc so badly.

>>117473088It teaches the SJW propaganda that illegals are good singers.

>>117472717>a real game changer for all future games.How so? It was basic as fuck.

>>117472661More sjw shit like I expected


The game as it is is very bare bones and barren. Repeating the same 3 map types with the same 3 mission types. The characters and skills are really fun and in-depth like fuck dude. However I can't recommend it at the moment. A lot of people say it's better to wait a couple of months or a year and wait for all the bugs to get patched out and for more meaningful content to be added

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game needs more younger characters. All these grown men hanging around a teenage fangirl on a billionaire's private flying island is giving me some uncomfortable grooming vibes. Black Widow is like their Ghislaine.

>>117473189I'd rather it not be an mmo.

this game always looked like garbage, I'll maybe try it when its like $20-$30 for everything story wise barring shitty cosmetics a year or two from now. cause lord knows this piece of shit is gonna go for cheap real quick.

>>117473088I find that funny coming form somebody who will literally deny any sjw influnce or censorship ever even when the opening line in a game is liteally a brown women telling a white boy to shut up for being "sexist" and every costume of black widow having her cleavge censored even through that used to be her look for literally decades

>>117473189DCUO is only fun until level 30Then it's just a gear-upgrade cycle with gameplay being stagnant.Still pretty fun for those 1rst 30 levels.

>>117472717>a fresh new spinIf you've played no games in that genre before, sure

It is clearly an unfinished game. Just a crap load of bugs.Nuhumans, still terrible. Kamala. barely tolerable. Narrative felt disjointed in places and Kamala would just jump into whatever emotion or crappy speech they wanted at the time. Combat is an okay core but with a lot of bullshit. Other games of this stripe have the decency to limit how much gets thrown at you at any given time, Avengers no limit everything can and will attack you. A multitude of attack indicators that aren't exactly helpful as many of the attacks require seeing its animation to properly time the dodge/block. Some attacks have no external indicator and are purely animation based, which you need to see and which are, if not blocked by your own body while you're fighting it, off-screen. Rockets that can take 3/4 of your health, seeking rockets that will just keep spiralling into you even if you dodge it. Spinny death blades that can insta-kill you. To name a few annoyances.Combat is also surprisingly ranged focused. The final campaign fight even completely deprived Black Widow of being allowed to melee.

>>117473035Your writing really reads like an ad.Take a more even toned stance, discussing good and bad, and actual details of the game. It will work out better.

>>117472661I only played the beta and from what I seen from youtube it does not interest me which is a shame. Campaign seems too short with a centre focus on Kamala which sucks since the Avengers get treated as side characters. There are only 3 villain bosses from the comics, 2 you fought in the beta and they show up again in side missions which is honestly a big disappointment. Loot shouldn't be in this sort of game especially if you are not going to see it on your character. The only solution to this are skins and some of them look terrible with the majority of it being recolours of the same skin which is lazy. I didn't care for the combat, it felt uninspiring in the beta and the health sponges are going to cheapen the gameplay. I'm not sure if future content is going to save it, if each new character has story content that's going to last a good 4-5 hours then maybe in the future, because right now there is literally no hype for the game

>>117473222Nothing about that bully scene screamed SJW PROPAGANDA. He literally had a black female friend with him backing him up. He was just a gatekeeping asshole.

Does it still do that thing at the beginning where if you don't press the ''''quick'''' time event prompt the game keeps slowing down time until it literally freezes, waiting for you to continue?

>>117473222>>117473274I've seen so many people react to that scene and every single person who declares it to be "cringe" has never heard the quote before and has no idea what the fuck is going on.

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>>117473222I think the more reasonable take is that it's a commentary on "real fan" bullshit, and having dweeby white boys pick on a younger brown girl is an easy way to get the point across if you're not familiar with that kind of fan mentality. I'll agree it was ham-handed but I sincerely doubt the guy writing that was like "Yeah I'm gonna write a scene where some white boys eat shit."As for Black Widow, you understand that this game is marketed to children, right? And maybe having a cleavage-y titty monster is something parents would object to exposing their children too? Plus, like I said, you're totally ignoring MODOK's big tiddy "assistant" who has a more pronounced bust than even her comic self.I swear, you WANT there to be nefarious SJW influence so that you have something to complain about. Are you the same guy that was trying to say how it's obvious MCU She-Hulk will be the Jason Aaron version last week?

>>117473222>I know you're trolling but the game is a step up from trash like UA and Kamala is genuinely cute and perfect>Captain America is my main in the MP, buffs and herYou know he's just going to cover his ears and keep being in denial. If the game really didn't have any SJW shit in it, it'd have bikini options just like how the men have half naked options. They don't. But sure, keep claiming that everything's equal while women get to ogle at half naked men, but men are denied that.


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>>117473319Women are on average less horny than men, and until recently society has always shamed women that are blatant about their thirst. As such, there are different taboos on showing skin depending on whether the person has tiddies or not.Please go outside.

>>117473313>As for Black Widow, you understand that this game is marketed to children, right? And maybe having a cleavage-y titty monster is something parents would object to exposing their children too?how young are we talking here, because last i checked little boys love tits.

>>117473307So how come it's okay for liberals to follow the Creed of that quote but when conservatives were to follow caps speech it's seen as crazy and evil? People like Trump and Kyle RittenHouse do what Cap say and refuse to budge for the liberal mob and it's evil but when AOC stands up to a big mean congressman and refuses to budge she's a hero

>>117473341>Women are on average less horny than menprobably because testosterone makes you horny.

>>117473365>So how come it's okay for liberalsstopped reading hereI bet your faggot ass is about to praise actual vigilante justice

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>>117472679It's like we went back to when comic games were half assed and forgettable.The damn Avengers arcade game seemingly had more vareity of characters to beat up. Surely more strightforward in what to do.

>>117472661Ok shill

>>117473367Yeah, I didn't want to leave myself open for him to go "OH I THOUGHT TRANSGENDERS WERE REALLY WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE STUNNING AND BRAVE RIGHT XD" or some bullshit like that so I was choosing my words carefully.>>117473365It's not a bad point. When I showed my psychologist that she tried to get me to understand that being adamant in your ideals is what bad people do too, but I wasn't having it.>>117473349I don't know, man, I just know my mom was way more vigilant about keeping me away from sex than she was violence, and assumed that was normal for the kind of overprotective parent Disney loves kowtowing to.

>>117473333>>117473319It's Rated T. It's hardly for little children.

>>117473341>>117473367>>117473408>women are less horny than menNo, you're just very ugly.

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>>117473385Okay why is it that when Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two people for protecting himself and people's properties he's seen as evil but the man he shot in the arm was going to kill him and he's seen as a hero for attempting to kill him?Both is Vigilante Justice so why is it okay for one side and not the other

>>117473422>I bet your faggot ass is about to praise actual vigilantes>proceeds to do soRetard

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>>117473203>they burst into eachither’s rooms but knock on Kamala’s>when they talk to eachother they talk about her education and worry about her and try to make her feel at homeIt’s supposed to feel familial, don’t make it weird.We could definitely use some more younger heroes, though. Miles and Kid Nova at some point perhaps?

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Nah I won't buy it. thank's to this crap DC jumped on in this gameculture an made gotham knights whitch looks like an avangers fortnite clone.

>>117473451Do you think Kamala can embiggen her titsDo you think most Kamala's in the multiverse embiggen their titsDo you think there's a Kamala in the multiverse that is perpetually flat-chested because other Kamalas are constantly using her titty mass

>>1174734692 things 1. Learn English2. You smell like shit

>>117473474That's...Actually a good question. When she shapeshifted into Carol in her first issue she was still flat-chested and didn't fill out the costume that well. Though I can see her just not being comfortable with sex.

>>117473447No I'm saying why is it okay for one political side to do something and the other is vilified for doing the same thing.The messages superheroes give out only seem to apply to liberals. If conservatives were to follow these same messages it's "problematic"

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>>117473469>>117473491Real talk gotham knights looks way better than Avengers, and I think it might just be because the Batfamily is a more compelling group than the MCU Avengers.

>>117473515>No I'm sayingThat you're a moron with a chip on his shoulder the size of mount rushmore, I heard you.

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Kamala is the worse thing ever created, in that when she's around, don't expect anything like Psylocke or She Hulk's classic outfit to appear. Do expect loads more ham handed preaching.

>>117473515bro we got boogaloo boys literally working with hamas and the media still only talks about antifa storming the streets you are high on your own supply of fartsalso trump doesn't stand up for anything he literally backs down on anything that doesn't involve making money for himself, he would call cap a loser for his speech

>>117473537And if I do have a chip on my shoulder?Captain America is my favorite hero yet liberals and SJWs will kill me for following his messages and standing up for what I believe in. They would rather write stories of him hating people like me

>>117473535Where the fuck is Cass.

>>117473582Losers don't get strapped to missiles and frozen in the arctic circle!

>>117473422Rittenhouse was also out acting as a vigilante to protect property that wasn't his and whose owners didn't ask him to protect. That makes it seem like he was *asking* for a fight, and thus it doesn't feel like self-defense (the same way if it doesn't feel like self-defense if you start punching someone, and then pull a gun when you start losing).

>>117473535Gotham Knights looks like shit because they made it into a fucking Beat-em-up up looter game with stealth elements. Also look at the what the fuck they did to Mr.Freeze the only saving grace is that Gotham Knights isn't a Game as a Service thing

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Game sucks ass and if you disagree you were born with no standards

Reminder that Kyle Rittenhouse>Was part of an illegal private Milita >Police were encouraging this by leading protesters into Milita heavy zones>Was seen and reported yelling at people getting inside there cars and pointing his gun at them>Classmates described him as a school-shooter type >Threatened people that didn't share his beliefs

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>>117473035Beta is supposed to reflect the final product, that's by definition what a Beta is.

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>>117473645But user, he was hating the right people, so we have to pretend he's a based hero!

>>117472661>the greatest superhero game

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>>117473589>And if I doThen you need to remove it before you'll ever be able to see clearly.>Captain America is my favorite hero and the LIBS made him hate me!I know you're just posturing but for the benefit of others:Steve Rogers was written as a student of fine arts and a supporter of Roosevelt and the New Deal as far back as the 60's. The most "conservative" he's ever been was when he shortly railed against communism, but that was retconned very quickly as having been an imposter that the US government dug up as cold war propaganda.

Guys! Widow is so fuckin hot! I wanna kiss her!

>>117473645Have any source to back that up?

>>117473629The game would have been way better if it were NOT trying to be a shitty Destiny/Warframe/Division type game.I'd rather have a City of Heroes type game.

>>117473645Imagine being so butthurt you start an online campaign to intentionally spread lies about someone on websites sympathetic to him

>>117473677I think Akrham City was the last time Harley was what she is: eye candy of all henchmen.

>>117473600DLC, like Damian, Steph, and Azrael no doubt.

How long we gotta wait till we can play as spider-man?

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>>117473645I don't think we need to put>Threatened people that didn't share his beliefson anyone's report card at this point, it's just filling space

>>117473707>Everything that doesn't fall in line with my views is fake news!Pathetic

>>117473614Rittenhouse was also pointing his gun at people in cars and trying to pull people over. If there was a spectrum on the vigilante scale from Cap rebelling against the Government in Civil War to The Punisher, Rittenhouse would be closer to the Punisher than Cap, but even that feels wrong because the Punisher doesn't try to act like a junior deputy or whatever the fuck.

>Standard brawler combat with lots of character specialization>long-term multiplayer with diablo loot and levels>people don't like itThe fuck is wrong with you kids this shit is what we millenials have wanted all our fucking lives and it's so simple.All they need to do is fix the bugs and matchmaking and it's GOTY

>>117473556This. the MINUTE she's in anything, fun's over. It's like having THAT kid in your party because your mother forced you to, and you can't do anything remotely fun or he'll start tattling,


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>thread devolved into Holla Forums shitWhat the fuck guys

>>117473677Arkham Asylum is better

>>117473556>>117473738You guys are confusing Kamala Khan and Miles MoralesMiles is boring as shitKamala is cute and perfect

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>>117473745His mommy had to drive them there because he didn't have a license.

>>117473749It's nuMarvel and has a brown girl in it. That's grounds for cancelation.Oh, wait, I thought it was the left that cancels things for political reasons...

>>117473749Just ignore the guy who thinks Captain America has to be nationalist

They're not going to abandon this game, Disney will make damn sure of that since the MCU is in limbo and they're in the red financially due to COVID-19.

>>117473728next year based bro.

>>117473785The left just wants to cancel people the right wants to actually murder people for political reasons

What are some heroes and villains you want to see in the next DLC?

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>>117473785Cancelling implies that there's an online campaign trying to shut down this game.Considering that we don't have media on our side trying to shut down the game, and it's confined here, can you really call it cancelling like how Resetera tried to cancel Iron Fury over the "Ogay" joke? If anything, people are more angry about how it has less content than even Destiny at launch, not to mention the bugs and shit.

>>117473832Nova. Give me Rich.

>>117473832They've already got heroes roadmapped out for quite a while, a year or more.Some X-Men would be nice.>>117473842Mom stop drinking wine and posting on 4chan and go pick up Billy from soccer practice

>>117473686To be fair to that dude, Cap has been written as weirdly pro-fascist for the past few years, so it's possible the dude just likes the version of Cap that uses SHIELD to hunt down his friends while the world collapses and struggles with the idea of stopping people from hunting and killing illegal immigrants with laser guns.

>>117473774Considering how Marvel used her in Champions, my point still stance. You can't have anyone like Psylocke or anyone with skimpy clothing the minute you have Kamala in your media. Because then it'd be "problematic".

>>117473733Exactly. The Punisher also doesn't stalk around, 'protecting' areas by trying to be big and intimidating. He's appealing as a vigilante figure because he's direct, always 'correct' (the advantage of being fictional), and not really interested in puffing himself up.A seventeen year old patrolling around a neighborhood with a rifle and threatening cars is *only* comes off as a kid puffing himself up and trying to be intimidating.

Tell me user, what do you like about the game and did you not like about the game? what are some things that need to be work on? and what would you like to see added to the game?

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>>117473860Man, America truly is like Superman

>>117473877Kamala and Psylocke are in MUA3 and Psylocke is based in it.

>>117473877>REEEEEEE THERE ISN'T ENOUGH PORN IN MY COMIC BOOKS AIMED AT TEENAGE GIRLSFun fact: The ability to properly scale one's emotional response to the severity/seriousness of the stimulus doesn't properly develop in humans until around 23.

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>>117473832You posted her already.If Captain Marvel's not an echo fighter of Tony I have literally no idea how they'll make another flying strong laserman distinct.

I think this game will win game of the year. It’s so fucking amazing. It’s storytelling is on par with MCU. It’s close to a perfect game.

>>117473829>Implying the Left also doesn't want that

>>117473924You always do this. When you don't have a good answer, you resort to this, and you wonder why people don't like talking to you.

>>117473832Mysterio would be cool

>>117473957>The fact that the comic books I'm complaining about not having SUPER SEXY NAKED girls in them are aimed at tween girls isn't a good answer!>Ignore that games like UA3 with a wider audience have Kamala there and literally has Psylocke in her sexiest swimwear right next to her!You'll grow up one day, user, and you will look back at how strongly you felt about this with great shame.

>>117473947Based Redditor

>>117473947This. Holy shit the game is amazing. This is the most fun game I have played since PS4 Spiderman.Also don’t forget that Spiderman will be playable in Avengers for PS4. Very excited for that.

Just a reminder that comblr is not to be responded to.

>>117473829They both would love to do both. The left would rather not be obvious about it, that's all.TAke Moviebob. When he tried to cancel someone for mocking him in his book and when it worked, he then started claiming that he didn't want any of this and that he was just wanted him warned. Changed his tune when it turned out the guy was faking being fired (because the guy he tattled to to get the guy fired runs his own business, and he played as "his boss)


What's with the false-flaggers acting like shills?

>>117474011I don't know who that is, but I know no one should care.You're that special kind of stupid young person that believes twitter is an accurate reflection of reality

>>117474043>You're that special kind of stupid young person that believes twitter is an accurate reflection of realityThen the world is doomed, because major companies and government take Twitter seriously.

>>117474064>major companies and government take Twitter seriously.No, that's you being young and naive and not understanding marketing.You'll grow up one day. Until then you should probably not broadcast your ideas about politics/humanity. People will make fun of you. People like me.

Well I can see that this is a bad place to talk about the game

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>>117474011Nobody actually cares about moviebob except the people that hate read his shit.

Which characters do you like playing the most? and tell me why you love playing them

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>>117473892Happy to help, Disney shill.>The cash shop prices are retarded. Look at the price points Fortnite and Destiny sets and imitate those.>Black Panther's battle pass has to either be free or the money from it has to be donated to a charity Chadwick supported.>Clear roadmap in an easily-sharable format like a single PNG image.>The live service portion of the game is fucked and way too phoned-in. The campaign is infinitely better than the multiplayer, so take your cues on improving it from that rather than trying to soullessly ape Destiny >When someone in a multiplayer mission is talking and the characters banter, it's too hard to hear one or the other. Maybe lower dialogue volume and enable subtitles automatically when someone's talking. Or just fucking add text chat.>More story content, look at how Final Fantasy XIV has an ongoing serialized story in their patches.>Arbitrarily-scaling mission power levels are retarded. If I go and power level so I can breeze through a hard mission, the hard mission shouldn't scale the levels up to match me.>Give She-Hulk an alternate skin of her classic costume with the sideboob so that the guy in this thread stanning for Rittenhouse has to eat shit.

>>117474081Truth is, all this doesn't even register in my actual social media circle. Just here.

>>117474085/vg/ is the best place at the moment. The worst we have is roster faggotry but not as bad as the threads here and we have the added benefit of Carol posters not spamming or derailing conversation

>>117474096I strongly urge everyone to try the game out for themselves before believing someone anonymously on an online message board.Also the game is going to be super popular now that it just came out so most people should probably buy it before it goes out of stock for a while.

>>117474081Didn't Malaysia and India nearly started an international incident on Twitter?

>>117474093>Captain America>Heroic orb on takedown>Free takedowns on low health enemies during brooklyn brawler>brooklyn brawler receives 25% more charge from heroic orbsIT'S FREE REAL ESTATE

>>117474096Thanks for the info user, I'd be sure to tell my coworker what need to be done.

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>>117474126when even modern game journalists are shitting on it you know the game is utter trash.

>>117474126No seriously why are you false-flagging as a shill? Is it an attempt to discredit people that actually enjoy the game?

>>117474160I suggest you look at honest and real gaming sites not online forums. Most online sites all agree that the game is absolutely fantastic. I also need to remind you the game is only $60 which for a game like this is quite a bargain. Years of gameplay are ahead.

>>117474180Why are you false-flagging as a shill?

>>117474164It's calling "trolling". The same reason why people here pose as Holla Forumstards or SJWs. Easy (you)s.

>>117474129Can you perhaps give me a quick rundown?

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>> all started with Malaysia's PM saying something that pissed Indians off, which then ending up pissing Malaysians off. It got so bad that their respective leaders told them to calm down.

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>>117474290DC fanboys review bombing. Nothing to see here.

>>117474290Can you really call it review bombing at this point when both critics and User reviewers share the same sentiment?

>>117474308Oh yes, because disappointed Marvel fans aren't a thing. The game should have never been a Destiny type live service game.

>>117474290to be fair that score would be fine if this was some small budget AA game. for how much money and dev time went into it though, and i can only imagine how many people worked on it, inexcusable. they should be ashamed, especially after seeing games like destiny fail spectacularly when it comes to big budget ongoing games as a service shit.

>>117474308>>117474317this game is too bland to get review bombed

>>117474360are you implying JFO had effort put into it?

>>117473749>4chan constantly whines about politics being inserted into everything >proceeds to make every fucking thread about politics God, I hate this place.

>>117474941You're putting the cart before the carriage

>>117474941Leave then

>>117473515>wahhhhhh liberalsssget your head out of your ass and your fucking politics off my board you cocksucking bootlicker

>>117475088Not really? >>117475095What makes you think I haven't before?

>>117474308Coping mechanism?

>>117472661>It is easily the greatest superhero game I’ve ever played*blocks your path*

>>117475115Do that now and stop acting like a pretentious "hero" wannabe

>all these Marvel v Capcom nodsHalf of Hulk's moveset is ripped from MvC and the other half from Ultimate DestructionRunning while holding block with Cap does charging starI half expect to hear "HERE'S MY SUNDAY BEST" when I use Unibeam

>>117475138There is no reason why anyone here shouldn't just up and leave this place immediately. >>117475144Now this makes me want to play it or at least makes me way more curious.

>>117475175Oh my god, he is retarded

>>117475175Don't get me wrong, user, the game is absolutely bogged down with live service currency bullshit and is buggy as all hell, but underneath all that crap is a pretty fun and reasonably deep multiplayer brawler that clearly had a lot of love put into it.I'm playing a couple of missions each day now that I've finished the campaign and I'm loving playing Cap online but the bugginess and matchmaking issues are the major obstacles right now. I have confidence that once they get a few patches done and roll out a bit more postgame content it'll have some real legs.

>>117475115>Not really?4chan responds to what's there. It doesn't insert it into unrelated works.The horse that pulls the discussion is the product.

>>117472661I know this is bait, but greatest superhero games of all times say "hi" and they are neither Marvel nor DC unless you count pastiches.If you have the right skills, you can even make your own character, granted it's not that hard to find skins for customization online.

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>>117472661Waiting for Carol DLC

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Do you think it's possible for Holla Forums to crowdfund hiring a contract killer and getting him to track this>>117475376 retard down, kill him and post proofs on Holla Forums?

>>117475371>I know this is bait, but greatest superhero games of all times say "hi"You're right but you posted the wrong game, user.

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Is the game really as good as OP say?

>>117475520No it's some weird attempt to false-flag as a shill to discredit actual positive points of the game.The game is fun but your better off waiting for a sale and when the game has more meat on its bones

>>117475376You're going to get a bike-shorts-wearing take on this outfit and it'll be called "Warbird". Disney can't let the specter of this "disgraceful" part of comics taint Carol or Kamala.

>>117475520It's fun but it needs work. Wait for more content and patches

>>117475520It's fine. Like other anons said, wait for more content and fixes. I only got it because a friend did and I've been starved for some co op.

>>117475520It also clearly needed a few more months to a year in the oven. Would have probably been in a much better stae if it was delayed to early next year as a next gen exclusive.

>>117475607>bike shorts>WarbirdI like both these things!

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>>117473451Pretty sure Peter will fill the other kid role but he will be Playstation exclusive. If Miles were to be there he would also be PS4 exclusive.Sam will probably stay in the comics for the unforeseeable future after Loeb's exit and the controversy that happened with him. I don't think Feige will be too keen on giving him any sort of money or credit either.

>>117473848Was he an Avenger?

>>117475607They literally showed a poster of her in that costume with the bike shorts in Kamala's room lol

>>117476464It's a singlet, not bike shorts

>>117476247When has that ever really been important for something like this?

>>117476150what happened? what Loeb controversy?

>>117473365Because Trump is a dogshit racist and Rittenhouse is a murderer. Just because a quote is good doesn't mean you get to use it to defend overt evil.

>>117477059But Trump and Rittenhouse aren't evil. They believe in doing the best for the people. It's the same shit in civil war comic. Cap is labeled evil and a traitor because of the registration act but he goes against public opinion to protect what he deems best

>>117477211>But Trump and Rittenhouse aren't evil. They believe in doing the best for the peopleimagine being this brainwashed lmao

>>117477211Rittenhouse is a piece of shit but I can at least see how you might believe so for him. Trump on the other hand is purely out for himself and it's crazy how you could think otherwise.

>>117477525Guarantee this faggot followed Trump memes "ironically" in 2016 and self-radicalized. What are the odds he posts pepe or a wojak next?

>>117477797I hope all those Holla Forumsfags eat fucking shit if Trump is convicted of all his shit once he leaves. Or if he straight up tries to take control of the White House if he's voted out.

>>117472661>It is easily the greatest superhero game I’ve ever played.Holy fuck, unironically kill yourself.

>>117472720I used to think liked you but I'm old enough that my friends have kids little girls unironicly love captain marvel and my hero academia and everything with super heroes lately I'm starting to think its ok that girls get heroes every now and then I hate brie Larson for her woke comments by the way but ms marvel is great and they should put her in the mcu

>>117477059>Kills a pedoI fail to see the problem

>>117472661pretty sure saints row 4 is the best super hero game no one playedalso the most lgbtbltwtfbbq++ friendly with ever character option being unisex

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>>117475486I would the full price myself

>>117473832I know it's a NEVER EVER situation but christ, I just miss Jack. He's too cool to be forgotten in the way that he has been.

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>>117472720Kate Bishop may change that hopefully and Black Widow's classic costume is way too much for a SJW game

Everything about this game just feels so empty and soulless. There is no distinct personality of its own. Compare this game to PS4 Spider-Man, and it's night and day which project was driven by love of the character and which one was made to cash in.