Have you guys gotten tattoos to commemorate your OTP? Why not?

Have you guys gotten tattoos to commemorate your OTP? Why not?

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>>117472532Looking at a romantic children and saying they're cute is one thing. Putting them on your skin forever is another.

>>117472532that is cringethis is why ive never gotta a keyhole tattoeed on my chest

>>117472532No because that's weird

>>117472532Is this better or worse than the Brian RIP tattoo?

>>117472578Would be worse if Lumity ends up not being endgame

>>117472590Fucking hope so.

>>117472532Now I want Luz to get a boyfriend and see Amity kill herself.

>>117472532i cannot think of anything more shortsighted and more braindead than getting a massive tattoo of some show nobody will remember in 10 years, its not a religion, oath or a creed its a cartoon for fucking children

>>117472603Psst I'm from the futureLuz gets boyfriend named Marco. Amity becomes the next cuck queen.

>>117472532>Amity's chinI'd ask for my money back if I was them

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>>117472641That’s just the thing, user. These people have no sense of perspective, time, or propriety. They’re actual overgrown children. To them all that exists is the now, the present, whatever’s dancing in front of their eyes to keep their attention at this moment in time.

>>117472685Good. Living in the present moment is the way to go.

This is quite retarded!

>>117472682Dyke weight.

People have weird ways of "expressing" themselves good lord.

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>>117472794>Tits out GadgetBASED!

>>117472794I used to think I was obsessed with my cartoons crushes to a likely unhealthy degree before diving deeper into the internet. I now realize drawing porn and collecting a few bits of merchandise here and there is nowhere near the levels of batshit as so many autistic fans who want to show the world how much they love those 2D characters.

>>117472852>The year of our lord 2020>Not having tasteful pornography of anthropomorphic cartoon animals tattooed on your bodyNormal people sure are fucking weird.

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>>117472532Jesus Christ

>>117472532Because the show isn't done yet and the showrunner might make the heroine commit genocide to bring them together?

>>117473026holy fuck

>>117472685>To them all that exists is the now, the present,Theyre not wrong. All that exists is the present, past and future are made up concepts.

>>117472747What the hell is dyke weight?

>>117472532why is luz's outfit so stupid

>>117472532Because I don't have autism

>>117473402Luz has autism fashion sense, she thought tux and tutu looked good together so that's what she wore. Like autists who wear socks and sandals.

>>117473438>Like autists who wear socks and sandals.The entire state of Florida and your college professor are not autists, user

>>117472641these people think the world ends soon, they dont care

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>>117473026Which would be worse?Finding porn online and deciding to get it tattoo'd onto you, or commissioning porn so that you can get it tattoo'd on you. If the second, which is worse, commissioning the tattoo artist or bringing the commission to them?

>>117473578>Which would be worse?Mixing the ink with cum.

>>117472532Sweet mother of cringe>>117472794Tatoos are mostly retarded anyway

>>117472532That tattoo is going to look like shit when ya get older.

>>117472532Man, I'm sure that tattoo will never be regretted

>>117473912>Man, i'm sure one of the most impactful cartoon scenes of the decade will never be regretted

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>>117473578Probably by the time you get to be an experienced tattoo artist you've seen so much shit that nothing phases you anymore.

>>117472598That's something Gravity falls would do, that show all ways pussy out >>117472603you just wanna see the sex user

>>117474133>you just wanna see the sex anonYes

>>117472532Amity looks like a Dragon Ball character.

>>117473026I did not come here for this...

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>>117472532Wow, a permanent marker on your body that you're mentally ill.

>>117472641>oath or a creedI have a three musketeers "All for one and one for all" tattoo on my back

/u/ got fucking triggered by this lol


>>117472823also pretty sure she is also in Japanese rope bondage


Luz is Blight family property

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>>117472641no, the blatant tastelessness of marking your skin permanently with what essentially is a flavor of the month internet meme is precisely why this tattoo is based

I hope that's a female

>>117472532If I were a show creator I would have a god complex seeing my someone permanently inked their flesh with my lesbian loli OCs

>>117475897I mean, depends on which 3 Musketeers. If you’re talking the human version, fine, as that’s an all time classic. If it’s the Goofy, Mickey and Donald version, I hope you don’t go showing it off

>>117472641These dykes literally have nothing else in their lives that matters except fictional lesbians, though

>>117473378I’m assuming the fifty pounds lesbians put on as soon as they come out of the closet

>>117472590That would be fucking hilarious actually lol, but they don't have the balls

>>117472565What does that represent?Kingdom hearts?

>>117473528Personally whenever I meet someone who says some nihilistic retarded shit about the world ending because muh climate change queen Alexandria Cortez told me so, I just humor them and do my best to convince them to spend boatloads of money on cruises and shit while money still has value before the incoming climatepocalypse

>>117472565You shouldn’t get a keyhole tattoo on your chest unless you want it to be a cum target

>>117472532this show is a blight on this board.

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>>117472532how many threads owlfags need?

>>117479355hey, you can't react to your own post

That serie is for Faggots.

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