What is it about Family Guy that makes people seethe so much...

What is it about Family Guy that makes people seethe so much? It's especially noticeable in the animation community and cartoon reviewers.

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>>117472468It's popular and pedestrian. Saying you like it is like saying you like a fast food chain; it's serviceable and enjoyable on a base level, but you can easily do better.

>>117472468Anyone who gets angry over Family Guy is retarded, the people behind it agrees that it has become shit and doesn't take it seriously.>"Part of me thinks that Family Guy should have already ended. I think seven seasons is about the right lifespan for a TV series," he says of a show that launched its tenth season last month. "I talk to the fans and in a way I'm kind of secretly hoping for them to say we're done with it."- Seth MacFarlane>"I still think the show is good overall, but I acknowledge that the show has had challenges trying to keep things fresh. There is kind of a burnout factor. Steve Callaghan was the showrunner before me, and I think he did a good job, but there is a clock on the show, and it can be difficult to get excited and stay focused. I think in the earlier years, the plots were more grounded, and probably more simple. We know who these characters are at this point, so it can be hard to give them new insight and flesh them out more."- Alec Sulkin, current showrunner of FGThey don't give a shit for it and just make it more retarded and self-aware in order to tell jokes.


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>>117472468I unironically believe family guy is the ultimate autism test. If you like it or have no strong opinion of it either way, you're normal. If you hate it and constantly feel the need to tell people by "ironically" pretending to like it, you're a mega autist. Forget that theory of mind shit, this should be the new standardized test.

I really thought that, out of all the fucking cartoons and with the shit they have pulled up, they had become impossible to reach by the sjw, but they ended up imposing an actor to leave his role just because he isn't the same skin color as the character he voices

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>>117472468Reminder that Family Guy is funnier than The Simpsons and American Dad

>>117472650>If you like it or have no strong opinion of it either way, you're normal.You're probably the autist if you think that. If you don't outgrow Family Guy at some point, you're the true retard.

>>117472681New Simpsons yes, but American Dad is superior in everyway, both old and new.

>>117472684The only people I know who still like family guy are mega normal. The only people who constantly have to mention how much they dislike it are all autists.


>>117472468They don't want to admit they like it.


>>117472607Which make it as the Joe video put it,tasteless and lukewarm but remind you of Simpsons Beer which i like betteryoutu.be/34Rk_DC3B9c?t=128Constantly shitposting about FG make you look insecure to be quite honestAnd for the last,reviewing episode of Family Guy negatively is not the same as anger

>>117472468Let's face it. Family Guy is funny, and the last cartoon.

>>117472701In which part of the spectrum do you belong if you shitpost about it non-post. I can guarantee you none of Family Guy detractors put as much pseudo-ironic thread on 4chan as your lot of shitposters

>>117472468Every community picks something to collectively hate, it just forms naturally.

>>117472468Peter is a pedophile lol

>>117472468Because it was once a great show that is now one of the shittiest out there, they completety ruined the characters big time>Before cancellationPeter was dumb but a well meaning person and a good fatherLois was a good mother/wife but had a few faultsBrian was the voice of reason who primarily fucked other dogs like he shouldStewie was a serious little evil thing but had some humor involvedChris was a well meaning idiotMeg was homely but an intelligent/sweet girlCleveland is the black voice of reasonJoe is a handicapped but well put-together personQuagmire is simply a player>After cancellationPeter is pants on head retarded and an overall destructive person also an extremely abusive father and bad provider. Also a pedoLois is a raging slut and a bitch who hates her children and is a terrible wifeBrian is an annoying liberal caricature who fucks human women primarily.Stewie is a gay stereotype who makes inventions because he's boredChris is dumber than before and basically a down syndrome retardMeg is now extremely hideous and got physically and mentally abused to the point that she can no longer function in society and is now a sexual degenerate in the verge of suicideCleveland becomes an annoying oreo (this is more prominent in the Cleveland show)Joe is a depressed pathetic personQuagmire is a rapist and ephebophileWhat the FUCK happened?

>>117472966Complacence, FG shitposting fanboys excuse everything while ignoring that making relatable and likable characters make your show better. Do you care about any of the Griffins (beside pitying Meg ?). No you dont,they are just vehicles for gag, they are not persons. And that state of being clash when Family Guy try to tell more serious stories like the wife beating episode for example

>>117472607I'd have so much fun if I was put in charge of a show I hate with a fandom I despise. I'd make every episode as obnoxious as possible and tell everyone at every interview I think anyone that watches it is retarded.

>>117473009They were much more likable and relatable during the earlier seasons, Brian especially is now worst one, he doesn't even resemble his old personality.

>>117473041Yeah,that was my point. They were goofy but likable, not like the Simpsons but it was alright


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>>117472607>>117473040I don't know if it's based or cringe, the people behind it knows it has seen a decline, but instead of improving it, they just make it more shitty and do whatever they want.

>>117472966Quagmire was always a rapistyoutu.be/TYqpi2tNAC0

>>117472468They're pseudointellectuals who can't comprehend a show that doesnt even pretend to be anything more than stupid crude humour.

>>117473009I have an unironic emotional attachment to Brian and Stewie Griffn

>>117472572So, it alright?

>>117473243Family Guy has had several episodes trying to teach it’s viewers that Christians are all retarded, or that everyone should smoke weed, or that Fox News and conservatism in general is evil. It’s one of the most pseudo intellectual shows of all time.

>>117472468It's the biggest pleb filter

>>117473309So it's alright.

>>117473243Several episode contradict your narrative that FG only want to be goofy fun (that one with Quagmire sister,that experimental one with Brian and Stewie locked in the bank vault,Seahorse Seashell Party) all those Emmy-bait episode. You want your cake and eat it too,just like Family Guy itself really

>>117472966holy shit. who gives a shit. the old eps are so unfunny compared to the modern ones.

>>117474104Zoomers, this is your mindset


>>117472607At least they are honest about it, unlike Al Jean who still thinks Simpsons is good and brags when they win awards

>>117473368And that homosexuality is good.

>>117472966>Family guy goes all in on the fucked up family idea to differentiate more from Simpson's>This is a bad thing somehow

>>117472468It makes people laugh at dumb things, and smart people CANNOT LAUGH AT DUMB THINGS. Family Guy shames and humbles them.Those same people don't like Emperor's New Groove.

>>117475250It make the characters unlikable sociopaths and only leave a collection of jokes and one-note character. I mean okay some jokes are funny but that means FG will always lack a je ne sais quoiThe argument is not that Family Guy is unfunny or not,it's that they sacrificed everything else for cheap laugh

>>117475298However those same people are avid viewers of rick and Morty and south park...

>>117475300So it’s a comedy

>>117472607Damn that's a load off my shoulders, since my main problem with Family Guy is the moral integrity of its creators. Fuckin mong.

>>117475336Rick and Morty is smart because it's cynical and vulgar. Same for South Park.Being vulgar and cynical is a sign of intelligence. Nihilism is the only valid position.

>>117475250It was already different from the start, they had an evil baby and a talking dog, not to mention a different style of humor

>>117475298>>117473243>SMART people hate DUMB showsWho'd have guessed?Are you family guy viewers by any chance?

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>>117475416No, I don't think it's funny.

>>117473166Seth had pretty muched moved to do other stuff, it is FOX who is keeping it alive since it still makes returns on investment

>>117475589It is just based on viewership? Because Family Guy has nowhere near as much merchandise, worldwide appeal and star power as something like the Simpsons or Spongebob to justify it still being on for this long.

>>117475352So are the Simpsons

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>>117475906>family guy enables my universalist liberal bullshit beliefs ISNT THIS IRONIC????leftards cant meme

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I don't like Family Guy anymore so I stopped watching it a decade ago. I don't know why people feel the need to keep watching every new episode so they can screech about it on the internet while pretending to be professional reviewers.

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>>117472468South Park was the Rick and Morty of the 90s/00s so if it told brainlets/midwits something then they obeyed it religiously, and South Park spent two entire episodes telling people Family Guy bad.

>>117472468Normal words...But a Horse guy!! youtu.be/_nGAWoAAz8M

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>>117473309it's a cartoon

>>117476048>leftards cant meme>allow me to demonstrate a real meme, this tired old wojack edit

>>117473309IT ALRIGHT?!

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>>117472468It has it's moments, but when it fails, it fails hard.youtube.com/watch?v=c3UbyZXfpfYEmbarrasing

>>117476048For once, i agree with a Wojak poster. The other guy meme grossly exagerate Famiy Guy wit,just look at the Donald Trump episode,it's the thing that made me,a liberal, to have a glimpse of understanding what the conservatives mean by "Orange man bad" since the episodes was a collection of very tired cliché.tl;dr Family Guy is not the wittiest when it comes to satire,it can be funny yes but witty ? Not really

>>117472607>They don't give a shit for it and just make it more retarded and self-aware in order to tell jokesAdmitting your trash doesn't make you not trash, it only makes you shameless

>>117477301Why bother at this point? People will eat it up no matter what, Hell, the showrunner called the show is stupid, so making it like it is today makes sense.It's similiar to Teen Titans Go, they just don't care and do whatever they can with the characters, even if people will get pissed off.


>>117472650thiswatched it in rehab and no one caredliteral chad show

>>117472650That's fair. Any asshole geeky asshole who acts like they're too good for Family Guy is a social cripple who puts too much value in cartoons for normies. It's just not for you? Fine, that's actually respectable. The more negative, the more intricate the reasoning, the more autism you have.

>>117479191>RehabWhat did you do?

>>117472468I don't know. It was always retarded and annoyingly overstayed its network time like 8 years ago, but the fact that it's still going and doesn't give a fuck is kind of based.