>So it says here you were on a shitty Miguzi show 15 years ago?>Yes but we have since been adopted by Balak

>So it says here you were on a shitty Miguzi show 15 years ago?>Yes but we have since been adopted by Balak

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>>117472408Les Kassos, French internet parody cartoon

>>117472393I couldn't find the video of it. Can you provide it please?

>>117472393Miguzi? Miguzi.

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>>117472425Gimme video


>>117472393balak, like most of French animators in the days, worked on TS for a bit, it's like "my first animation contract" there in France. Used to be at least.

>>117472466Thank you.

>>117472466unavailable in my country ;_;

>>117472476Which means a lot of horny youngsters fresh out of college worked on it, which explains the kinks

>>117472466>Can't be seen in Belgium?Why? I can see the other videos of that channel. So it's why I couldn't find it?

totally spies if they real

>>117472487>>117472499vimeo.com/381413774About 10 minutes in

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>>117472476>>117472393Holy shit I remember Balak from the days when he did futanari art on /d/. Dude was seriously one of the best porn artists working at the time, I couldnt stand it when he disappeared. Guess it was because he got his 'real job'

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>>117472611Wait, he actually posted here?Holy shit, that's rad.Glad he moved on to greener pastures, though.

>>117472605thank you kind stranger!


>>117472497Not really, animators are slaves, they don't write for shit.

>>117472605Better video/audio quality:vimeo.com/384061519

>>117472962glad to see the framerate isn't down the toilet, there.

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>>117472605>>117472962anything with subtitles? i don't speak frog and listening to it is like wiping your ass with a shit filled diaper.


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>>117472466>Can't be seen in fucking canada

>>117472393can somebody transform me into a baby so I can suck on Alex's fat swollen brown titty

>>117473692Dream on

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>>117472393I lust after older Sam.

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Hey Jokerini!

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>>117472445imagine seeing this bumper

>>117474830You just want those big sloshing milkers, user

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>>117473163>1/3 of Balaks stuff is some of the best big tittied anime women under the sun>but the other 2/3 are comprised of futa and stuff for this furry show

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The French are a degenerate people.

>>117472962where are the damn subtitles

>>117474925Well, yes, but also mind control.

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>>117472393Have they done anything on Clementine?

>>117474925>NOOOOWhat was his problem?

>>117475129Says the Americunt

>>117475053Considering this show has super shitty, sub newgrounds tier animation that might as well be played on a powerpoint presentation, its probably more like 9/10ths of his energy goes into wonderous sweater zepplins and delicious girlcocks, and 1/10th goes to this. At least it would if he still did porn. What a waste of an incredibly talented animators skills.

>>117475411>delicious girlcocksFucking faggot

>>117475458I think you're lost brah, Holla Forums is that way

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>>117475333>b-but America!1. obsessed2. that doesn't suddenly disprove his point

>>117472445Did this ever air?

>>117475546Between Code Lyoko and TMNT I remember it did on a few occasions.

>>117475176>>117473453I'm pretty sure the premise is they are old and busted and that new hot teens wearing full body spandex like the Ladybug are replacing them.

>>117475862Yeah If I remember correctly the gist of it is:>Sam is excited for another mission>She then gets the word that they're being replaced.>after the cut she's crestfallen but agrees that spying and such is now more digital and that subterfuge, and spying is now done through social media etc.>Miraculous ladybug barges in and geeks out at the trio and remarks how her mom was a big fan. >Sam is like 'explain this!?'Again this just the gist from what I remembered of a subbed version. Take it as you will.

>>117472393I want pregnant Alex art now.

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>>117472466Cant see in Argentina

Good lord man, how did the French knew that Alex was best girl?

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>>117472393>miguzi was 15 years agogoodbye

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>>117475411>delicious girlcocks

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>>117475546I've seen the bumper many times. Didn't care for the block but sometimes I would change the channel to CN just to see if the bumper would be used.


>>117475862More like BUST-ed.

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>>117472445kinda get gorillaz vibes

>>117475546yeah, plenty of times.

>>117476244This goes against lore though, they were more than happy to take in the trio's moms as sexy spies.


>>117472611got an uncensored pic?

>>117477642Try using your 3 brain cells and search Balak.


>>117472393I would Sam

>>117478906France (I guess)

>>117473163Peepoodo is not a kids show.Why would you lie on the Internet ?


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