>You see, the episode is great BECAUSE it's boring and nothing happens

>You see, the episode is great BECAUSE it's boring and nothing happens

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>>117472221This is not what Animation was invented for

>>117472221>>117472232Normal Words...But a horse guy!! youtu.be/_nGAWoAAz8M

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>>117472232>>117472253>A half-assed nothing joke on Family Guy is all it took to take down one of the most critically acclaimed cartoons of the decadeCan a show get any more based?

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>>117472221>5 minutes in and realizing the entire episode is just Bojack speeching for the entire episodeFuck this episode, Bojack always talks in a slow pace with frequent pauses and a cringe inducing voice, having to listen to it for an entire episode made me glad the series got cancelledalso Diane fucking sucks

>>117472232>>117472253>>117472276>Liking Family GuyAre you fucking retarded?>Fuckable charactersShit like that is literally a non-argument, it doesn't make the show good, also how are they fuckable? the art style is ugly as fuck, even for an adult cartoon

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>>117472221>>117472233>>117472299Filtered. I hope you get to apreciate this kino when you are wiser.

>>117472221>You see, the series is great BECAUSE it's boring and nothing happensFTFY. That's RedditJack in a nutshell.

>>117472327>kinoAnd your opinion instantly goes to the trash bag where it belongs.

Reminder that the 2nd to last episode of the last season was the best episode and should have been the finale of the series.

>>117472327Please explain the brilliance of a boring 20 minute long speech, we probably don't have the intellectual capacity to understand poorly drawn animals but try enlighten us

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>what's the matter bro, are you not SOPHISTICATED enough to enjoy watching completely unlikable characters ruin their lives through dumb personal drama season after season?

>>117472324It's sadly better than the majrity of other adult shows, stuff like Simpsons, South Park, Bob's Burgers, Paradise PD, Big Mouth etc.. look even worse in terms of waifus

>>117472441>should have been the finale of the seriesAny episode could've been the finale, literally nothing happens, no one finds happiness, no one finds any solutions to his problems, just whining and bitching mixed with the occasional unrelated writer's rant about some issue that has nothing to do with the story >No closure is the fucking pointand it's not statisfying

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>>117472221unironically it was good because of normal words but horse guy.

>>117472221Take your riddilin.

>>117472534No one? Princess Carolyn gets her happy ending.

>>117472221You didn't watch the fucking show I assume.>>117472534The point is to cope, not to solve solutions like in your immature cartoons.But why am I complaining, yesterday I found out most people here are Mr Enter fans, so no reason to discuss about taste.

>>117472646The second last scene implied she still felt for Bojack>>117472705>like in your immature cartoons.Stopped reading right there

>>117472221Stories aren't just about "things happening", they're about the relationships between characters and how that affects how they deal with the things that happen. This episode came out just after my father died and I found it pretty poignant, watched it again recently after my mother died and thought it still holds up. I had shitty relationships with my parents as well so I guess it's more relatable for me, but even so, I think it's still noteworthy that the show was willing to experiment with different narrative techniques. It's one of the things that make episodes like this, the old sugarman place, the underwater one and the view from halfway down so memorable. Most animated shows don't have a single episode that stands out like they do.

>>117472221Weak beait from a weak man.

>>117472534Welcome to reality. This is where you will die.

>>117472221I liked Bojack overall, but yeah. This episode is overrated.

>>117472276>what I like>what I don't like

>>117473081That's kinda the point of memes. Like, I don't like Hitler that's why I don't meme him in a positive light.

>ha, I can't wait for someone around me to die, so I can show everybody how deep I am.

>>117472646despite the entire show's insistence on progressive values they decided that princess carolyn, the "strongest" woman on the show, could only be happy by marrying some schmuk that she never had romantic feelings for until the very last moment, and adopting a child

>>117472534>no one finds happinessPretty much everyone besides Bojack himself is pretty happy at the end of the show. And even Bojack's in a better place than he started.

>>117472221Bojack got too much critical acclaim early on. The main guy being one of the producers probably didn't help either.

>>117472221lol filtered

>>117472452you apparently don't

>>117474247I dunno man I still think early season 6 was the best point in BoJack's lifeMAYBE the ending would have been fine if Hollyhock didn't leave him

>>117475916He would've been fine if he didn't go for the second interview, but he just loves the spotlight too much


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>>117472221>Sneed words but a Chuck guy!

>>117472276>fuckable charactersanon I

>>117472276Anon, there's a whole wide world that exists outside of 4chan shitposting.

>>117472221Takes like these just show how fucking clueless you are about media/storytelling/etc. Like I can tell just from your post that you only ever watch cartoons (and maybe a handful of trashy anime) and have never touched any half-decent live-action show or movie because you think they're icky.

>>117472221If Bojack is deep because it shows that people don't change for the better, than the Simpsons must be even better than Bojack.You can't prove me wrong without going into a bunch of pseudo-intellectual depressive bullshit.

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>>117477079Why do people even make posts like these? You're so clearly not interested in an honest discussion. It's just smearing shit on the walls.

>>117473111>That's kinda the point of memes.No it's not. Memes are just things that a given society recognizes as having a deeper meaning. Until the last 5 or so years most internet memes were just goofy shit, not "thing I like good, thing I don't like bad".

>>117472276>almost got people killed over free peachwhat?can't find anything on google

>>117477122>no counter argument Kneel


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>>117477196Pretty sure it's commonly agreed that Francine is attractive. She's the closest to an actual human woman. The others not so much.

>>117472534Even Bojack's content with himself at the end of the show, he's in jail, his actions have finally had consequences and he adknowledges that has made him better, virtually all of Bojack's problems stem back from the fact that as a famous wealthy personal he was insulated from any of his fuckups actualy hurting him.Dianne's happy with the buffalo guy and is leaving for chicago, Caroline's happy with her situation and has moved on past Bojack, Todd's life is going well, i have no idea why people say "hurr durr nothing ended" when the entire last episode was nothing but endings.

>>117472221>>117472327>Normal words but a horse guy.

>>117476995So much, if not all, live action entertainment is rancid garbage these days. I walked out of the first WW movie. Apparently that's the good capeshit. The last good live action thing produced in this country was Breaking Bad and season 3 of Game of Thrones.

>>117472232>>117472253>>117476600Can someone redpillme on this meme.Why Family guy killed the sad horse show?

>>117472221i didnt like/finish the show but it i thought that episode was pretty funny. the punchline came way out of left field and was totally worth it.

>>117477374It's just shit posters astroturfing phony out rage.It's a desperate attempt to get attention and trigger people who don't like FG

>>117472253OK, I am officially tired of ironic shit posty humour, this is just way too try hard

>>117478113Triggering people who don't like FG is like shooting a guy who's already dead



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>>117477196American Dad has plenty of fuckable characters but I can't say the same about Family Guy, which is weird because they both share the same style.

>>117473839Marrying her secretary, no less; something this show would probably mock as wanting a life-long servant if a man did it.

>>117479287lmao cope

>>117479359PC started off as a satire of '80s "have it all!" feminism but it ends with her simply having it all. It's lazy.

>>117472534I like the finale. It was somber and awkward. Bojack's final massive interaction with the 5 most prevalent people in his life for the last few years. They've all moved on with life and Bojack has only gone down

>>117479436There's more to her character than one-note satire though

>>117478258I could forgive the shit post if it was funny or creative but it's just super lazy LOL U MAD XD 2007 humour

>>117472232>>117472253>>117476600>117478137>OK, I am officially tired of ironic shit posty humour, this is just way too try hard

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>>117472232>oh shit someone posted Black, better do a Normal Words>oh shit someone posted Ben, better do a Hal>oh shit someone posted Simpsons, better do a Sneed>oh shit someone said SU sucks, better do a Believe in Stevenfuck these reddit trends holy shit

>>117479526That satire wasn't one-note. It went over lots of stuff like the folly of restricting her romantic options to people involved in her work (Bojack), the limited time people have to make the life they want ("Congratulations; you're forty"), the dangers in refusing to compromise (her endless in-vitro miscarriages, rejecting the mouse guy), and thinking you can do everything yourself (her problems taking care of the adopted baby).Ending with "just marry your secretary and things will be great" is the simplistic part.

>>117479827you're not as smart as you think you are

>>117479651>>117472324>>117478113>>117479539>WAHHHHHHHHHHH, FAMILY CHADS FUCKED MY MOM WAHHHHHHHHHnormal words but a horse guy

>>117479932>no argumentCool. Good talk, user.

>>117480034another notch on your belt