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>>117471385no, they will build my pyramid.

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>>117471476Hebrews arrived in Egypt circa 1750 BCE during the Middle Kingdom. Pyramids were built in the Old Kingdom (end of the IIIrd millenium BCE)

>>117471385Only of you give me 100 jewish qts with large milk truks

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>>117471385Stop playing that game of slaves (beyblade) and play the game of kings (duel monsters) like you used to!

>>117471385Alright. But it'll have to be a gradual process. First, let's establish fixated wages that slaves will be paid depending on their job and the hours worked, as well as a buyout price that a slave needs to pay his or her master to become free. We'll enact some laws against mistreatment of slaves and all that. You say you have some god of your people on your side, you could ask him to bless our land with prosperity and good harvests this year, and we will use the extra wealth to assist both slaves who have no hope of accumulating the buyout money, and the slave owners who can't afford paying their slaves. This will help us transition smoothly to a paid labour based economy, while largely retaining support from the upper class. What do you say, brother?

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>>117471385WHAT'S YER OFFER

>considered the good guy>tortures and kills innocent egyptian civilians and kids while letting the rest of the nobility suffer some minor inconveniences>also tortures his people more by hardening the ramses heart so that he will not release them but instead punish themWhy was he the good guy again?

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>I am going to give you the land of Canaan>"But don't people already live there?">Yeah, but you're going to kill them all so it doesn't matter

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>>117471895Because muh chosen people

>>117471895Elementary atheist stuff. God gives, he takes too. Things don't just exist without him.>>117471982Canaanites were evil pagans. That's like the government seizing assets.

>>117471385kike faggotry - jews deserve to die

>>117471587booooy she's going to be ugly once she's 40, no amount of milk will save you faggot

>>117472031But they're not the government. They left that place for greener pastures (Egypt) on their own.

>>117472069>jews deserve to dieSometimes I would like to know how much these are trolling on the internet and how much they really believe in it.Really.

>>117471982Ancient Canaan was a real life snuff movie with sodomy, ritualistic prostitution, child sacrifice, warfare and bestiality being rampant.God had the right to wipe out this nation. Some Canaanites repented from their wickedness and joined the Israelites like Rahab.

>>117471895the reason that god hardened the Pharaoh's heart is because he used him as a tool. He offered Egyptian society many chances, but they were simply too far gone, the same way the kingdom of Israel was too far gone. In fact, God uses sinful or evil people as tools all the time and, just like in this ocasion he used the Pharaoh, he later uses the Babylonians and Assyrians to fuck up northern and southern IsraelT. someone who's just started learning about the bible

>>117472308I actually thought I was ethnically jewish till I found out there was a mistake and I wasn't. It felt really weird cuz you'd hear about Jews being evil and part of a mega conspiracy and I was like "bro I'm just some dude". I don't doubt that Jewish elites are quite powerful and engage in shadowy warfare, but honestly what nation hasn't destroyed or conquered in some way or another? It's not that "the jews are pure and perfect and harmless" but more "the jews are a human nation and like all others they conquer and wage war and do immoral shit, but this isn't something genetic inherent only to them"

>>117472031>God gives, he takes tooIf that was actually god it wouldn't be doing eitherYou worship the satanic demiurge

>>117472283>>117472354Apparently you don't grasp basic theological concepts. I recommend reading the Bible and other sources.

>>117472354>God gives, he takes tooActually this seems to be a common concept in other religions too. But still, many of these stories like the Old Testament are written by humans who conceive God just like some kind of God father that favors only them and destroys their enemies.

>>117471385Nah, I don't really feel like it

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>>117472726>favors only themEver heard of Noah?

>>117471565Correction. They never arrived. There was never a significant Jewish population, Exodus as presented in Bible never happened and was probably based on exaggerated story of a small semitic tribe that joined the Hebrews.

>>117473198Absolutely false. The Exodus happened in 1513 BCE as recorded in the Bible.We have found inscriptions of Hebrew names that served as slaves.The Egyptians themselves talk about how Semites ruled over them, and scholars date this period around the same time the Bible says Joseph became admin of Egypt (c. 1750 BC)We have a papyrus that talks about how a great calamity befell Egypt, with pdople screaming running away and the Nile turning into blood.The Genesis account, which you people claim was written in the 7th century BC, accurately describes Egyptian culture from the 2nd millenium.What else do you want exactly ?

>>117471982>>117472354Imagine feeling bad about the genocide of moloch worshippers

>>117473216>happened in 1513 BCE as recorded in the BibleHAHAHAIt's schizo nonsense, user

>>117473231archaeologists have unearthed ancient settlements in northern Egypt. Dr. John Bimson reports that there is evidence of 20 or more Semitic settlements in that area of northern Egypt. Moreover, Egyptologist James K. Hoffmeier says: “For a period roughly from 1800 to 1540 B.C., Egypt was an attractive place for the Semitic-speaking people of western Asia to migrate.” He adds: “This span of time coincides with the traditional ‘Patriarchal Period’ and therefore fits the period and circumstances described in Genesis.”There is additional evidence from southern Egypt. A papyrus dated to the Middle Kingdom (c. 2000–c. 1600 B.C.E.) contains names of slaves who worked in a household in southern Egypt. More than 40 of those names are Semitic. These slaves, or servants, worked as cooks, weavers, and laborers. Hoffmeier observes: “Since over forty Semites were attached to this single estate in the Thebaid [southern Egypt], the number across Egypt, especially in the Delta, was likely considerable.”Archaeologist David Rohl writes that some of the names of the slaves on the list “leap straight out of the pages of the Bible.” For instance, the fragments contain names that are similar to such names as Issachar, Asher, and Shiphrah. (Ex. 1:3, 4, 15) “This is real evidence for the time when the Israelites were in Egypt as slaves,” concludes Rohl.Dr. Bimson states: “The biblical traditions of the bondage in Egypt and of the Exodus have a firm historical basis.”

>>117472354I want gnostics to take their Ability and leave forever taking their retard comic book tier fanfiction with themAt least Mormons make it clear they're mormons


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>>117473165Even Noah fucked it up by getting drunk off his ass and letting one of his sons catch him naked.

Reminder that “Jews” did not exist back then. Moses and his people were Hebrew but that does not mean they were Jews.

>>117473343Actually they did exist. Jews are the descendnats of Judah. Moses was a Levite, Levi being the brother of Judah.If you were trying to say that they did not exist as a nation then yes you'd be correct

>>117471895>>117472328It's a hiccup leftover from when jews transitioned from polytheism to monotheism. It was originally supposed to be interpreted as pharoah's god hardened his heart but once jews were saying there was only one god there were no other gods in context to attribute the hardening to making it a bit confusing. It's why you have yahweh telling jews it's not cool to worship other gods before him and why they kept flip flopping over worshipping him or another god in the stories.

>>117473216>The Exodus happened in 1513 BCE as recorded in the Bible.And where exactly from the bible did you get the date?>the Egyptians themselves talk about how Semites ruled over them, and scholars date this period around the same time the Bible says Joseph became admin of Egypt (c. 1750 BC)Wrong. First of all, Egyptians never identify anyone as Semites. If you're talking about the Hyksos, they ruled over part of Egypt later, in 1650-1550 BC. >We have a papyrus that talks about how a great calamity befell Egypt, with pdople screaming running away and the Nile turning into blood.Which papyrus? When it was written? Does it talk about the exodus?>The Genesis account, which you people claim was written in the 7th century BC, accurately describes Egyptian culture from the 2nd millenium.What egyptian culture? There are no detailed descriptions of Egyprian culture in the Book of Exodus.

>>117473372I don’t think the Talmud was written until a few centuries after Moses’ time

>>117471385Fun fact : 90% of the people behind this film, director included, came straight out of Amblimation ( the Spielberg company that made Fievel Goes West, We're Back : a Dinosaur Story and Balto )

>>117471385KNEEL MOSES

>It's a "Holla Forums argues about theology", episodeOh boy, my favourite!

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>>117473555This is every single PoE thread in the history of Holla Forums, they all share the exact same fate.

>>117472079By 40 I'm going to be run down too, so it balances out

outside of the Bible’s stories, there is no record anywhere in history of this enslavement. No archaeological evidence was ever found. Thousands of people wandering through the desert for 40 years? You’re gonna leave something behind. They didn't because it never happened.The Egyptians left no record of it and the fact that most of the construction in Egypt was done by free Egyptians is a matter of archaeological fact.The fact that not a single artifact has been found that could be definitely linked to the biblical Exodus. If the parting sea, the burning bush, the plagues, etc. did happen, they appear to have left no traces.There is NO way to confirm even, that the Israelites WERE slaves in Egypt. There is only one source for the story of enslavement or the Exodus: The Bible.For many scholars, the silence of the Egyptians sources is telling. I personally would want two or three separate sources before I will believe what any ONE source says. And frankly, there is NO Egyptian written texts saying anything about the Exodus.Some argue that the Egyptians simply would not record such an epic embarrassment. The Egyptians were meticulous bureaucrats and DID keep unflattering paperwork (papyrus scrolls).There are Egyptian documents of many bad things happening in Egypt at the time, civil war, unrest, of foreign incursion, of people coming in and taking over Egypt. And yet you have NO evidence for this massive upheaval of the Pharaoh and the destruction of his entire army. You WOULD expect to find it! Looking at the Exodus through the lens of science, we know only a few hard facts.The archaeological and historical records remain resolutely silent about these epic events. the only plausible reasons to not finding any evidence to the Exodus is that:1. it did not happen the way the Bible says it didOR,2. it did not happen at all.Unfortunately, The power of the Exodus story relies more of faith than on any scientific or historical evidence.

>>117474014I like how you wrote it. Without trying to push one or the other thesis, but only trying to list the possible elements that we have available.

>>117471385Yeah I'l let your people go, get outta here and go wander a desert for 40 years cause jews can't read maps apparently.

>>117472353That's sounds WAY too reasonable for this website.

>>117473373I thought gods in this context just meant demons

>>117474141Some of my irl friends are extremists and I know a lot of people online that say I'm a coward and don't reveal my true beliefs but these are my genuine beliefs, I guess everyone is just expected to be alt right as fuck nowadays

>>117474176older texts they were other gods, so basically Yahweh had to flex on these other deities to prove he's the best, later on they retconned it so they were all just demons and shit and there's only one true God.


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>>117474106that was punishment for the golden calf. God wanted hebrews free of egyptian influence to settle in the promised land.which makes the whole "free all of them" a big waste of time. better die free in the desert than live as a slave i guess.

>>117474259'kay thanks, I hope the customs office won't mind

>>117471895Allah is terrifying user>And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.1 Chronicles:21:1>And God was displeased with this thing; therefore he smote Israel.1 Chronicles:21:7

>>117474014If only Egypt didn't have a habit of puring history

>>117471982That pic you posted is how cruel hashem/allah really is.

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>>117474206iirc benevolent/benign heathen gods got demonized into malevolent ones to justify their campaign against them.think Hades. he's god of the underworld but that means he presides over greek heaven and hell. now people think he's just god of greek hell.

>>117473343Jew existed when jacob had his 12 sons. Jesus christ existed before time apparently. That means Jesus christ was jewish before the jews. >I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.Revelation:22:13>In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.John:1:1

>>117473449That explains a lot

>>117473590Time is only contextual to the observer but not null. The bible uses ancient roman time instead of the pagan use. Apparently 1 day is like 1000 years in 'elohim time,'

>>117473397Since the last of Solomon’s 40 full regnal years ended in the spring of 997 B.C.E., it follows that his first regnal year must have commenced in the spring of 1037 B.C.E. (1 Ki. 11:42) The Bible record, at 1 Kings 6:1, says that Solomon began to build the house of Jehovah in Jerusalem in the second month of the fourth year of his reign. This means three full years and one complete month of his reign had elapsed, bringing us to April-May of 1034 B.C.E. for the start of the temple building. However, the same scripture states that this was also “the four hundred and eightieth year after the sons of Israel came out from the land of Egypt.” Again, 480th is an ordinal number, representing 479 complete years. Hence, 479 added to 1034 gives the date 1513 B.C.E. as the year that Israel came out of Egypt.

>>117473397The Encyclopedia Americana (1956, Vol. 14, p. 595) says: “The only detailed account of them [the Hyksos] in any ancient writer is an unreliable passage of a lost work of Manetho, cited by Josephus in his rejoinder to Apion.” Statements attributed by Josephus to Manetho are the source of the name Hyksos. Interestingly, Josephus, claiming to quote Manetho verbatim, presents Manetho’s account as directly connecting the Hyksos with the Israelites. Josephus, it seems, accepts this connection but argues vehemently against many of the details of the account. He seems to prefer the rendering of Hyksos as “captive shepherds” rather than “king-shepherds.” Manetho, according to Josephus, presents the Hyksos as conquering Egypt without a battle, destroying cities and “the temples of the gods,” and causing slaughter and havoc. They are represented as settling in the Delta region. Finally the Egyptians are said to have risen up, fought a long and terrible war, with 480,000 men, besieged the Hyksos at their chief city, Avaris, and then, strangely, reached an agreement allowing them to leave the country unharmed with their families and possessions, whereupon they went to Judea and built Jerusalem.—Against Apion, I, 73-105 (14-16); 223-232 (25, 26).

>>117473397In the contemporary writings the names of these rulers were preceded by titles such as “Good God,” “Son of Reʽ,” or Hik-khoswet, “Ruler of Foreign Lands.” The term “Hyksos” is evidently derived from this latter title. Egyptian documents immediately following their rule called them Asiatics. Regarding this period of Egyptian history, C. E. DeVries noted: “In attempting to correlate secular history with the biblical data, some scholars have tried to equate the expulsion of the Hyksos from Egypt with the Israelite Exodus, but the chronology rules out this identification, and other factors as well make this hypothesis untenable. . . . The origin of the Hyksos is uncertain; they came from somewhere in Asia and bore Semitic names for the most part.”—The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, edited by G. Bromiley, 1982, Vol. 2, p. 787.

>>117474350No, wrong the God of israel allah/elah had a third of the responsibility in creating the universe and everything of it. He dealt with the jews and humanity in the OT before The Father became human, and still is appointed to until the very end.

>>117474531>1513 B.C.E. as the year that Israel came out of Egypt.>get out of Egyptian servitude>settle down in your promised land, start building a nation, thank your g-d for your deliverance>immediately conquered by Egypt at the height of its power, apparently not too much troubled by the recent plagues>>117474556Nothing you said contradicts the 100 year gap between Josephus and the Hyksos. Also, the entire passage is just a bunch of suggestions, no actual evidence for anything.>>117474574Okay, what's your point?

>>117474701it's more about the philistine's deity Baal (God of fertility, weather, rain, wind, lightning, seasons, war, sailors) becoming Beelzebub (lord of the flies)

>>117471895Old Testament God is basically a wide-awake nightmare until fatherhood mellows Him out a little

>>117472308It's serious, you kikes will be obliterated, it's a matter of time

>>117472353>>117474141>>117474206go back to /oven/


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>>117472353The problem is that jews refuse to ackonwledge and always do the whataboutism.

20 Bucks and I'll do it.

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>>117474864Nope wrong again, the God of israel that gave moses the torah(5 books) put his name "elah, elohim,etc..." in hieroglyphic herbrew spelling out the names of the Godhead in pictures that isnt a phonecian one. Hebrew sounded like ancient Egyptian where there was no vowels because thats what the language had. Allah said to moses "I am that I am," referring to the Godhead where Jesus and jhvh are the I am and "hashem," is the "that,"

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>>117473198>no records of jewish people ever living in egypt

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>>117472353>he drank the british israelism kool aidI am convinced now that the jew G-d is real because non jews come up with ridiculous explanations to prove their heritage.

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>>117475117I'm literally not Jewish, i just thought I was. I had a fucking moment just like Moses and a huge identity crisis until I realized it was a mistake. All the jews I knew came to me and asked me if I wanted to convert and shit, it felt crazy.


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>>117475158You don't want to be born a jew. Even the pure word of God says so. Technically israel today isnt supposed to be a country according to God, but "the burning bush," let that happen to gain glory apparently.

>>117474920And people wonder why Israel is so militarized and has tons of nukes...

>>117475233yeah ngl I felt pretty weird about being jewish. Turns out I'm a tiny little percentage jewish, but over 90% European

>>117475448Well there's legally and ethically Jewish. If your only jewish on you mothers side, you dont need to convert, if its on the dads side you have to convert, if its both, the mother law applies.

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>>117471633Aw... I wanted you to say no so I could show off god’s cool scary might and powers...

>be moses>thought he was arab>G-d; lol mb bro

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>>117471385Return the slab!

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>>117473310Which was pretty retarded given how people used to live under one house with single rooms. He would have seen his fathers dick a thousand times growing up.

>>117474312What does "number " mean in this context?

>>117471895Common misconception/mistranslation. Pharoh hardened his own heart. God revealed himself, dude saw the chaos brought by the plagues, but that just made him even more stubborn.

>>117477807G-d(not jesus) lined up and counted some jews then killed them

>>117471895Old Testament God didn't fuck around.

>>117477918First few times, then the phrasing turns to "God hardened his heart"Though I've seen arguments it's used figuratively, but using figurative phrasing in a book in which it can and will be interpreted literally is fucking dumb.

>>117477918Its not that Pharoah was the true enemy, he held a responsibility that wasnt realized until the jew god made it so. The ancient Egyptians would communicate with their dieties but not a foreign one. That is also why G-d blessed babylon and let the jews invent the talmud

>>117471982The Canaanites are Moloch-worshipping child-sacrificing evil people. Some repented, some pretended to repent and just usurped the original Jewish people for their own ends. Most modern Jews follow corrupted Canaanite teachings of the Talmud and Kabbalah and are thus satanic by design, even if the vast majority of modern Jews don't realize it.Moses and most of the Biblical Patriarchs were based and God-fearing, but the current (((Jewish leadership))) is just the opposite. Many religions offer a glimpse of the Truth that many are too blind to see.

>>117475309Because they stole land using the backing of the US and other Western governments and are rightly wary of the people in the region who've lived there for 2 millennia would want to take their homeland back? Yeah, guess I can't blame them. Israel is largely the reason for all of our wars in the Middle East.

>>117472353The problem most people have with Jews is that they don't admit culpability because they truly believe that they are God's chosen people. Even the atheist Jews still have a subconscious communal understanding of this fact, and apply it when necessary. They deflect blame, play the victim and use semantics to weasel their way out of things, which is why they are so adept at politics and law. Few argue in good faith, and fewer still argue with the intent of learning truth. It is almost always done to make a buck or weasel out of responsibility for something and it always comes back to this embedded inferiority/superiority complex that arises from the "Chosen People" moniker, as well as being raised in a mostly matriarchal society. They are always right and never wrong, and if you show them evidence to the contrary they either change the subject, pretend they were correct when the topic is broached again, and/or accuse you of anti-Semitism. Many know their behavior causes people to ACTUALLY become anti-Semitic so it's a self-fulfilling prophecy for them. They relish in being the victim while actually having power from the shadows and rationalize it by projecting their insecurities onto others, while simultaneously claiming "Chosen People" status.But as you say, you are correct in that they are looking out for their own interests just like every other in-group. The problem is if you call them out on their hypocrisy, they attack you and feign ignorance while doing so, even when the highest among them don't fall for their own subversive propaganda, it still remains frustrating to deal with.By the way, the Jewish elite doesn't consider you completely Jewish. Your bloodline is extremely tainted but if you are useful to their ends (as most Jews unwittingly are) then they consider you an asset. The highest-tier Jews who run the world (along with other ancient family bloodlines) will discard you with the rest of the trash when necessary, however.

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>>117478714>But as you say, you are correct in that they are looking out for their own interests just like every other in-group. The problem is if you call them out on their hypocrisy, they attack you and feign ignorance while doing so, even when the highest among them don't fall for their own subversive propaganda, it still remains frustrating to deal with.>By the way, the Jewish elite doesn't consider you completely Jewish. Your bloodline is extremely tainted but if you are useful to their ends (as most Jews unwittingly are) then they consider you an asset. The highest-tier Jews who run the world (along with other ancient family bloodlines) will discard you with the rest of the trash when necessary, however.I'm like, a tiny percentage jewish. I'm mostly northwest and southern european. That's a fair criticism, but I don't really know many jews. The ones I know are all pretty generous and nice people (maybe to counteract the stereotype) but they do tend to get very defensive when Israel is criticised also, the God's chosen people means "People chosen to represent God and the best way of living for all the other nations" not "These people are better".

>>117471385I never fucking had them, you historical revisionist kike.

>>117478945>also, the God's chosen people means "People chosen to represent God and the best way of living for all the other nations" not "These people are better".That is the official, approved explanation to handwave the goyim away, but make no mistake that the ones at the top take it very literally, even though as I said they're first priority is their immediate bloodline. As I said, their unconscious belief in their superiority is apparent in the extensive nepotism and institutional power networks despite being such a small percentage of the world population.

>>117479291maybe that's how they see it, but there's no biblical justification for that whatsoever. There's even specific events where they flaunt the tabernacle in battle only for God to own them epic style for thinking he's always gonna protect them. IDK much about the Talmud of any of that, is it just post jesus mostly oral fanfic?

>>117475054There aren't. Literally. Zero mention of them whatsoever in the annals of any of the pharaohs. This faggot here quoting that cocksucker Rohl >>117473245 is buying a fable that no one in archaeology would spend a dime on.

>>117474328>Magic 10 plagues, the red sea parting, burning bush talking, staff snakes, death of a pharaoh and his army and a hugeass labor force spending 40 years lost in the desert chasing smoke and fire over a distance that's like a week's journey at best some how actually happeningvs>a myth told to convince people that have historically suffered multitudes of exiles, enslavement, disapora and foreign occupation that they are in fact god's chosenNo amount of whitewashing history is going to hide a catastrophe of that scale. Even if the egyptians managed to reconcile every single lie they'd need to hide all that they still wouldn't be able to do a damn thing about surrounding tribes and nations hearing about all that. Seriously, when have the jews ever been vindicated about any of the miraculous claims in their stories?

>>117478203According with the people who allegedly genocided them? Imagine if the Holocaust were told by Nazi sources.P.E: I said allegedly because there is archelological evidence Hebrew people were pretty much Cannaites themselves who went full hipster and reinvented their past.

>>117479992Also, couldn't the all benevolent God skipped the whole plague thing and directly teleport the Hebrew elsewhere?