It's Batman cartoon but for adults!

It's Batman cartoon but for adults!

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I unironically did not last 30 seconds into the first episode.


>>117470282Meanwhile, Batman The Animated Series turned 28 years old yesterday.

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>>117470302I wish I still had an ass

>>117470465>suited white guys on yacht smoking cigars next to a stack of cash>"hello fellow whites" (unironically)>"time to celebrate the money we've made doing our favourite pastime: FUCKING THE POOR" (also unironic)


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>>117470282I really don't like what this insinuates about the modern "adult."

>>117470502Harley and Joker are also white

>>117470561Harley is jewish

>>117470282then why is it only watched by children? and why is it made by overgrown children?

>>117470456>>117470502>>117470282Be mad, stay made, your whining puts you in the same boat as the cry baby trannies and woke lgbt looking for any reason to be mad at a 2 second comment, Its not the best but its watchable and its for sure worth it just for Bane because he's best boy.

>>117470834here's my joke, two words. season three

dude what if cartoonz but bad words?!

>>117470282>It's Batman cartoon but for overgrown (wo)manchildren rather than actual childrenFTFY

>>117470834I watch all sorts of SJW shit but that was way too blatant and insulting.

>>117471197I dropped it there too. Later said fuck it and watched 2 episodes, it never got quite that bad again but I realized I had much better things to do with my time.

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>>117470834>but its watchableNo. You're just a faggot with low standards.

>>117470456unironically the worst part of the show, and you called it quits there.

>>117470282I am annoyed that as usual for adults = lots of swearing and poorly animated gore, but otherwise i do find it an effective Batman parody

>>117470282more like BTAS for teens. BTAS is all age and can be mature at time, something Harley's coming out doesn't reach at any moment.

>>117471226>>117471261I think the fact they put it frond and centre says something about the writers intentions and the intended audience.

>>117471454Even the goofy (not used as an insult by the way, I actually love BaTB) Brave and the Bold had more maturity than Harley Quinn

>>117471495...normal people?

>>117471648nuh uh normal people share MY politics and MY politics is the one that says GAYS BAD and that YOU'RE a LIBERAL and LIBERALS BAD and I AM BASEDnow excuse me while i sell some weapons to hamas

>>117471648Normal people go "lol fuck white people amirite?" ?

>>117470282God that ending was so rushed that I absolutely didn't like it.


>>117471670Kind of? They didn't even do that, they mocked the white onepercenters, "rich old white guy" is a media stereotype older than whatever current politics you're mad at

>>117471721>muh both sides horeshoe horseshitweird how there's always Holla Forums but the equivelant for Holla Forums is constantly changing almost as if it's a fucking boogeyman >inb4 "well if my made up shit is a boogeyman so if pol both sides both sides"yeah no fuck you retard

>>117471751>almost as if it's a fucking boogeymanSure, whatever you say sweetie.

>>117471723Ah yes I'm sure rich onepercenters sit around calling each other "fellow whites" while stroking their dicks. I'm sure modern politics have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this

>>117470508Do you think they'll kill harles in the new movie so punchline can be introduced?

>>117471759>oh no i got called out>ummmm "ok sweetie" ha ha that'll show himdon't you have another protest to run over with a truck or something

>>117471800I don't give a fuck about you Ameretard politics, subhumans.You both are annoying cunts and the day you all commit suicide would be the day 4chan would become browsable so please carry on with it already.>m-muh horseshoeYes, it's perfectly valid. Now fuck off, retard.


>>117470508Why does joker look like the hulk here?

>>117471830You don't know what that word means.

>>117470282Its a sjw cartoon for lesbos

>>117470508Punchy is cute as fuck. Would devour.

>>117470282Having curse words is the least of its problems ya prude sissy

>>117471766>Ah yes I'm sure rich onepercenters sit around calling each other "fellow whites"It's a fucking comedy dude, if you found the dialogue absurd it wasn't by mistake

I think Ivy is very attractive in this show

>>117471578When will normal-human-dodging-bullets stop?Regardless, that scene gave me Joe chills

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>>117470834Be a faggot, stay subhuman.

>>117471648Being a blerd let alone a gay one makes you as abnormal as possible. Kys.

>>117471826Kill yourself faggot.

>>117471888>ahhh yeas my fellow blacks let us all join hands and relieve this poor old white woman of her purse. >ahhh yeas my fellow Mexicans let's all of us join hands and cross that border to rape and steal >oh why yes my fellow native americas, let us all join hands as we drink until we can't see and use that as a reason to feel our daughters upNope none of that would get through.

>>117471974You first, Amerishitter.

>>117471839Whiz honestly isn't even a problem we just don't need shills acting like it's for "normal people" or that straight white dudes should enjoy this. Shills need to stop being so angry all the time.

>>117470282it's a shit show, the protagonist is an unlikeable cunt and the love plot that takes up 90% of season 2 was dogshitalso it did all of batvillains dirty, the only good episode was the Batman episode(mostly because harley doesn't show up in that one) and the series' only redeeming feature is Batgirl's child-bearing hips

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>>117472003>A-America bad>but what this American showNah you shitskin shills need to die immediately. Handle that, you'll save your soul.

>>117470282>>117470302>>117470508>That akward moment when the Batman animated series tie-in comic book aimed at kids shows more skin than the "Adult" Harley Quinn show.

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>>117472020I'm whiter than you, Amerimutt. Cope.

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>>117472057Lol then go outside once in a while you faggot.

>>117472007>oh no they made fun of white people being rich i'm going to BITCH about it>woah woah just because i'm wrong doesn't mean you have to be mad u_u i can't believe you woudl imply i have a minosrity opinion i can't believe it. so much for the tolerant left>now if they had said they were rich jews ha ha that would be funny right guys ha ha

>>117472076I can and I will. You can't because if your joggers won't kill you, your cops will, lmao.


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>>117472107What's the last one from? Justice League Action? I keep promising myself to marathon that show and keep forgetting to do so.

>>117472167>Justice League Action?Yes.

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>>117471766It depends entirely on context, my triggered friend. A scene written by whites mocking the corrupt elite is absolutely not the same as needlessly berating fucking natives of all things. Your first point describes half the output of comedians like Chappelle and that's considered acceptable because it's a black man making fun with stereotypes of his own people instead of a thinskinned whitey crying about niggers


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>>117472186Says a faggot arguing about American politics in a shitty cartoon thread #455795794635243245

>>117472219Im not even that guy you’re arguingDont bark on the weong tree you mongrel

>>117472258>Im not even that guy you’re arguingYet you defend him with pleb tier memes. He's literally responding to that person and you go "uh huhrrrr OBSESSED" and for what? Were you just programmed to respond that way to anyone who isn't a Holla Forumscuck?

>>117472107best Ivy coming through

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>>117471839It's not even that. That pairing wasn't made a thing until the last seconds of the series finale. Before that it was solely focused on a straight relationship.

>>117472025Holy shit I just now remember seeing this when I was like 4. The wide panel near the end where they are both getting carried away awakened something in me man.

I want to see it but none of the streaming sites that I pay for have it and I was looking to buy the blu-ray or DVD but there's only US region. I guess they hate money. It's probably shit anyways, but I wanted to see it for myself.


>>117472800That's not strictly accurate since they kiss five episodes before the finale and they have sex in another episode before the finale. And the will-they-won't-they starts a lot sooner.

>>117473246Thanks I'll check it out.

>>117470502Awww did that hurt your little fee fees?

>>117470302Cute smelly butt Harley

>>117472025Harley was better when she was just a dumb Stacy

>>117472107Is there a similar image compilation for Harley or Catwoman's animated incarnations?

>>117470834I love how the fans always defend it by saying that it's just watchable.

>>117470729She is fucking blonde and blue eyed



>>117473271But they still got the side-plot treatment. The show till the very end still focused on Kiteman's and Ivy's relationship, the conclusion of Harley and Ivy ending together was more of a consolation prize than anything else.

>>117473823Well, it's the truth. Some people would have you think that it's the "worst thing ever" or that it's pure SJW propaganda. It's not. It's a kand character arcs when the writers don't know how to do drama or character arcs.Does Harley not want to kill innocent people (as she says) or does she enjoy watching Gotham burn (middle-right frame)? Does Ivy care about being "cable bad" or is she fine with killing kids when they're not related to Penguin? And of course lots of small things like King Shark does/doesn't go berserk at the smell of blood etc.As a comedy it's fine, but when it tries to do drama and social commentary/satire it flops.

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>>117473970You're really misreading the arc and I'd post some writer interviews to show you that it's not a side-plot but the main thread of the season and it's not a "consolation prize" but something that was always meant to be, but I'm sure you don't care.

>>117470456do you mean thats how long before you came or

>>117474019>It's a kand character arcsIt's a decent enough comedy with drama and character arcs when the writers don't know how to do drama or character arcs.

I would easily trade this show for another season of Beware the Batman, and I hated that show.

>>117470471And somehow it is still a more mature show that... whatever the fuck this Harley Quinn cartoon is.

>>117472093>implying you will>implying even if you did you wouldn't still have your phone opened to 4channel dot org

Venture Bros died for this

>>117470282>every other batman cartoon is more mature and appeals more to adults

>>117471697i meanit was amazingi couldn believe how they were rushing through it, it felt like a joke, like a fake outim certainly not going to forget about itits like samurai jack season five but condensed to one episode

>>117477650I wanted to mention The Batman, but even that had some appealing episodes.

>>117477808the batman had some pretty cool episodes, it managed o ouosmart me wih a plot i couldn figure out

>>117476874>phoneYou seem to be confused, I'm not a tranny. I don't use a phone to browse any sites. I use it for calls and for filming my walks in the woods.

>>117477843Considering your spelling ability I don’t think that’s saying much

>>117474019>As a comedy it's fineYou and I have different understanding of the word "fine". For me comedy that's "fine" actually makes me laugh a couple of times.

>>117474019>Sjw propogandaI watched the show, who the fuck would get that, at best, it just ignores most of the shit harley does, like killing mr freeze

>>117478240There are far, far worse cartoon comedies on the air right now, stuff like Bless the Harts and assorted Family-Guy-Clone-8s and such.Harley Quinn isn't hilarious but some of the jokes worked, the animation is decent, and it's generally inoffensive visually and structurally. It's not laugh-a-minute, but it's fine.

>>117473823as opposed to claiming that it's not worth watching unless it's perfect?

>>117477615This is dead too, y'know?