This is an actual DC Comics product in 2020

this is an actual DC Comics product in 2020.

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>>117469825This isn't even the most egregious example of bad product. They're making the batman who laughs shit still

>Wonder Woman has been an inspiration for decades, and while not everyone would choose her star-spangled outfit for themselves, her compassion and fairness are worthy of emulation. We’ll be presenting tales of the real-world heroes who take up Diana’s mantle and work in the fields of science, social justice activism, diplomacy and more!the women featured are>Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Politician)>Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Judge)>Elizabeth Warren (Politician)>Rashida Tlaib (Politician)>Teara Fraser (CEO)>Beyonce (Singer)>Edith Windsor (Corporate Manager/LGBT Activist)>Marsha P. Johnson (Drag Queen/LGBT Activist)>Emma Gonzalez (Gun Control Activist)>Judith Heumann (Disability Activist)>Ellen Ochoa (Astronaut/Space Director)>Shi Zhengli (Wuhan Lab Virologist)>Serena Williams (Tennis Player)>Tig Notaro (Comedian)>Keiko Agena (Actress)>Dominique Dawes (Athlete)>Janelle Monae (Singer)

Cool. Can't wait to not read it.

>shamelessly chasing in on the feminist memeSeems pretty in-character for a soulless corporation owned by an even larger soulless corporation. Next up, Black Lightning presents 18 Black Men of History.

>>117469854So, there were no women of historical importance born outside of the US, like ever?

>>117469825shut up incel

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>>117469854>Elizabeth Warren (Politician)Imagine celebrating a woman who lied about her heritage to get things she didn't deserve. It might as well have been Rachel Dolezal.

>>117469825>Wonder Women of History was a feature that ran in Wonder Woman comics and Sensation Comics from 1942 to 1954. Ranging from one to five pages, each entry tells the story of real women who made a mark on history.So they‘ve basically brought this back in a new modern format? Cool, OP. I hadn’t heard about it.

>>117469888It's propaganda specifically designed to demoralise people in the US.

>>117469917So, it's bankrolled by Putin? Based.

>>117469825I liked DC more when they did colaborations with KFC instead of this garbage

>>117469854>Shi Zhengli (Wuhan Lab Virologist)WHAT?!

>>117469917>Showing inspiring women is demoralisingWant to know how I know who you're voting for in November?

>>117469825And then we Wonder how Marvel left them in the dust, i'm not even a shill. I Just want a Zatanna movie.

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>>117469854Why Keiko Agena though? Why not Sandra Oh or Margaret Cho? Keiko is only really known for Gilmore girls, in a small supporting role, and that was ages ago.

>>117469974Laughs in four more years.

>>117469888Shi Zhengli isn’t American.

>>117469825Wonder Woman only exists for DC to shill progressive faggotry for woke points anyways. And even then DC themselves doesn’t know how to write her as an actual feminist hero because they don’t give enough fucks about her actual character. Just to remind people, hey we’re woke too, when Batman isn’t snarling and beating punching people’s faces in. Not that he hasn’t been castrated in modern times.


>>117470016>actual feminist herothis is exactly what an "actual feminist hero" looks like. don't let them gaslight you about what feminism is, what it preaches and what its founders believed. it was always like this.

Of all people, why Serena Williams? Her most famous moment in Tennis is when she chimped out at some Chinese opponent and referee, smashes her racket and then got disqualified. She then claimed this never happened to men. Yeah honey, that’s cause they don’t act like niggers.

>>117470054Name a single other black female athlete.

>>117469963she's a phenomenal woman who changed our world

>>117470016>>117470050Check your WHITE priviledge!

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>>117470054Serena Williams is incredibly successful Tennis player, having held the No. 1 ranking for over 300 weeks in total, and is still easily one of the most famous female athletes in the world.

>>117469825They sell batman condoms too you know

>Actresses>"Comedians" >SingersGood lord, this is the problem with modern society. Where's Marie Curie? Where's Sally Ride, Amelia Earhart, Emily Dickenson, Rosa Parks, Cleo Fucking Patra.

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>>117470757Too white.

>>117470757They’re all dead, this is about women who are alive today.

>>117469825oh cool theres a segment on neanderthal wome->Serena Williamsoh

>>117471044I fee like we can still do better. Surely there must be someone in some Eastern European shithole trying to make the world a better place and is going completely unrecognized despite her best efforts all because some first worlder comic wants to glorify the hardships of some nothing comedian.

>>117471189It tells a lot about your views when you laser focus on the one comedian on the list to bitch and whine about the comic not doing better with its selection, even though the entire line up is showcasing women from multiple fields, including politics, law, entertainment and science.

>>117469825>Waaaaah! Someone is praising women! It makes my pee-pee small!Grow up.

>>117469974He has to be old enough to vote first.

>>117469825>women who changed our world>tennis player

>>117469854This is a really bizarre list of choices. Did they have trouble getting approval to use more prominent people?Like, more than half of these people are really minor figures or really recent successes, or both.

>>117471467It's just about US politics. Everything is these days. I wouldn't even call this propaganda, its simply a nod they do to one another and a fuck you to the population. Psychological hijacking

>>117471467>Did they have trouble getting approval to use more prominent people?Who do you have in mind? I'm sure you'd complain if they put someone big, like Hillary Clinton.

>>117471597>nd a fuck you to the population.Why are you insisting on this bizarre narrative? Who is "the population" that's supposedly so demoralized by this?

>>117469854hahaahahahahahahahahaahahahfucking amerimutts are really fucking beyond dumb

>>117469854>politician >singer>lbgt activist>drag queen >inspiring Wew

>>117469854These are just random fucking women who are around in the secular culture. "Gun control activist," lol.

>>117471638About the only people I see sincerely considering this a good product are the dumbasses who follow celebrity rags. It ain't targeted to plumbers.

>>117471689I don't know what this post says, but I see that youre trying to respond to me and you should know that I've had your namefag ass filtered because namefags are retarded and your posts have been especially retarded.

>>117469825>WAMEN BAD>>>lgbt

>>117471467>or really recent successesAnd that’s bad because....? AOC is the youngest women ever elected in Congress. Tlaib is one of the first Muslim woman elected to Congress (the other being Ilhan Omar). Both are notable and historical footnote accomplishments. >>117471597>It’s a fuck you to the population because.... WELL IT JUST IS BECAUSE I SAID SO!What is it like to live in a world where a superfluous graphic novel doing to something Wonder Woman comics used to do as back up strip feature is a fuck you to the population because it showcases current day prominent women in a few selected fields? Honestly I’m fascinated how such a thin skinned safe space person can even function in life.

>>117471377You really want to sit there and tell me Williams should be considered an inspiration on a global scale? I won't even argue she can't be considered a role model because I know fuck about her but seriously? GLOBAL. Think about what that means.

>>117471709Boo hoo, crawl back to your dated safe space.>>117471747Before the last few years people were noted for actual accomplishments such as establishing agencies or winning wars, not random-ass demographics.

>>117471623Clinton would be a bad choice because half your potential audience still resents her for 2016. I'll be honest I can't give you a list of suitable people off the top of my head (but in fairness I'm not being paid to write a book about it). I just feel like you could pretty easily make a list that had a higher density of people who were historically significant and people whose lives were inherently interesting. Someone like Anna May Wong would be a good fit for the kind of product they're selling.>>117471747>Both are notable and historical footnote accomplishments.I suppose. I dislike people praising politicians for simply getting hired, but I guess I can see a logic to it.

>>117471758Hold on, you’re inherently against women around the world looking up to one of the most prestigious and successful female athletes living today, even though you don’t seem to know anything about her and her accomplishments? You’ve got problems, dude.

>>117471774Anna May Wong might be a bad choice seeing that she died in the 60s, and this book seems to be covering currently living women.

>>117471774Anna May Wong has also been dead for 59 years and this is highlighting people who are alive today.>>117471765Winning an election against a veteran incumbent who was in the party leadership being groomed to replace Pelosi, especially when you have no name recognition at all and high dollar backing, is an accomplishment in itself. It was such a huge upset it literally made her famous nationally. And then despite being a first term congresswoman she’s been able to maintain the spotlight and push the party on issues. That’s accomplishing something. That’s praise worthy. It makes sense AOC got featured. As a serving and living female US politicians go, she was an obvious choice.

>>117471765Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t considered accomplished now? Sitting on the supreme court for over two decades, being only the second appointed female justice in the court at the time, having historically bipartisan confirmation vote, becoming a celebrated cultural icon, having a celebrated legal career as a equal and women’s rights advocate, these are not accomplishments to you?

>>117469854No Hypatia, Cleo VI/Eleanor of Aquitaine/Theodora?, Marie Curie, Joan de Arc, Liz I/Kath the Grate/Vicky?, Ada Lovelace, Aphra Behn, Diane Fossey? Not even Boudicca? Given this is exceedingly yank-centric where the fuck is Hedley Lamarr?

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>>117471785Pretty awkward to get all your inspiration from women's sports considering the invasion by men who claim a transgender "identity".>>117471854>>117472023Literally nobody cares. Usually people have children, pets, hobbies, careers, etc. to care about so they have no time for this inconsequential shit.

>>117469825It's just an update of the educational psa fluff from the golden age comic people.

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>>117472044>Women are inconsequential Okay, misogynist.

>>117472034The book is about people who are still alive today, contemporary women.

>>117472144Well actually few of them are dead, I think, but the point stands, it’s about contemporary people. For the obvious reason that most people are more likely going to buy it if they recognize at least some of the names.

>>117472086I kind of wish they continued the educational back ups like the science ones

>>117472203And also American women, because the readers are American. I would have thought that went without saying but apparently not.

>>117469854>literally fought and killed the Nazis>you girls have done not enough to deserve attention, lawyers and the director are much more important than you

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>>117472144So why the fuck isn't it entitled "Wonder Women of Today". The sheer effrontery and backclapping is astounding.

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>>117469825I’d be down for this if it was more historical figures instead of modern figures, also if they also had the golden age back ups in the collection as well

>>117472511How the fuck should I know, but looking at their selection contemporary women known to Americans were clearly the focus.

>>117472511Because it’s using the title from 1940s that WW used for its back up strips about historical women.

>>117469854How are these wonder women of history when they're all people still alive today, most of whom came to prominence in the last 20 years, and all but one of whom are American?

>>117472511they don't want examples of women who earned their place through meritocracy. the people who made that comic absolutely despise this idea.they want a world where you get jobs/prestige/power simply by having some immutable characteristic, like being a woman or being an "ethnic minority". a world where petty mediocre people like them "deserve" getting free stuff.

>>117469888No one in the US wants to tackle the international treatment of women.Hell, the status of women is actually backsliding in the US and nobody wants to acknowledge it. I guarantee if the flash actor chocked out a black guy, people would have cared.

>>117469825>>117469854They should at least say Wonder Women of the Past Decade.If you want to show Wonder Women of history, you need Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth the first, The Dragon Empress of China, Florence Nightingale, Catherine The Great, Marie Curry, etc. You know, the women who actually made a huge influence on the world.This just comes across as US propaganda. Just say rename the series 'Wonder Women of today's America" and this problem is solved.

>>117469854>include a trannyOHNONONO

>>117471189There's a lot of women trying to make the world a better place. But working hard for other people doesn't make you popular. Trying to be popular makes you popular. This isn't about uplifting folks, it's just another way for a handful of rich people to get further ahead in life.

>>117469895Fuck I thought we were canceling grandpa's cable package to get him off of Fox News.

>>117472086You think these retards care? They just want to outrage

>>117470008>Laughs ingo back

>>117473484How is it not meritocracy when you literally make history? Oh right, because fragile male ego.

>>117469954Subway sounds more of your speed

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>>117470079The Wall is based and redpilled as one gets

>>117469825RightWhat did they do?

>>117469825I don't even need to look to know what this thread is about.

>>117472144>Marsha>womanHe even identified in interviews as Male, user.

>>117469974What is inspiring about RBG? She is a pedo witch who wants the age of consent lowered to 13.

>>117470054She was racist against her japanese opponent who beat her. then serena started chimping out against the referee.

>>117470757None of those women matter in the grand story of human history. Is this the best the feminists can offer? The chick from Gilmore Girls?

>>117471377No women know this book is more impressive than the male counterpart in their field. You are giving patronizingly high praise to mediocre talents, revealing your own subconscious patronizing misogyny in the process.

>>117474100Nobody matters in the grand story of human history

>>117471403Why are femcels obsessed with "pee pees" and why do these adult weirdos talk like 3 year old children? Do you think it's cute and quirky?

>>117471623Biggest female crime lord on the planet? Hillary deserves to be in this book.

>>117471747>And that’s bad because....? AOC is the youngest women ever elected in Congress. Tlaib is one of the first Muslim woman elected to Congress (the other being Ilhan Omar). Both are notable and historical footnote accomplishments.They all hate jews and israel. Omar married her brother.

>>117469825>Tennis player>Changed the worldLol

>>117474154It’s not saying they’re meant to be more impressive than their male counterpart. That’s just your own, I’m going to presume male, insecurity projecting hard.

>>117473914Check this >>117469854

>>117471785Serena Williams is nowhere close to the best female athlete around today. Maybe 10 years ago.

>>117471854AOC has big donors backing her from the beginning. Check out the Sunrise Movement. She is a manufactured puppet like the rest and you praise her simply for getting hired. It's sad.

>>117474286I don't see Amanda anywhere but they certainly all encountered The Wall already

>>117474291It doesn’t erase her past accomplishments just because she no longer ranks as number one.

>>117472023She loves advocating for pedophilia too.

>>117472144Are contemporary women really this unimpressive?

>>117472330Men did that too, at a higher rate and efficiency.

>>117469854AOC is either insane or retarded or both. My politics lean left and even I can see that.

>>117472511So she just gets praised for being a math teacher who taught math created by men? Stop giving women participation trophies. If they want to be men's equal, make them earn and prove that they are capable.

>>117474310Majority of her campaign funding in 2018 was from small dollar donations. 62% of the two million she raised, if you want to be exact. But sure, she’s a puppet.

>>117473512>Hell, the status of women is actually backsliding in the US and nobody wants to acknowledge it. I guarantee if the flash actor chocked out a black guy, people would have cared.You are absolutely delusional. Did a retarded college professor make you think these stupid thoughts?

>>117474170What about Ghengis Khan or Hernan Cortez? They are at least foot notes.

>>117474423LAWL. AOC is more manufactured by the media than even Trump.

>>117474406She was heading up a department at The Library in Alexandria. Nobody batted an eyelid at a woman running part of the library until that weird death cult from the Levant slowly crept into the city and grabbed enough power that they were able to pull her out of her carriage one night, drag her to the newly christianised Caesareum and just beat her to death. Lecturer, mathematician, rhetorician, editor, writer. And then martyr after the scummy cultists killed her. Shit ton more that what most of the nothings in OPs comic have done.

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>>117469854>warrenhahaand besides seems really modern and american based. Should have gone for a bigger global and historical perspective.

>>117474455Nope, irrelevant

>>117469888Also, only leftist women are inspirational, apparently. For these people, tolerance doesn't include opinion.

>>117469854funny that many westerners are really fucking trying hard to make themselves look like historically important figures or as relevant as old innovators/pioneers despite doing fucking nothing. its really really fucking pathetic. its how a civilization ends.

>>117474428He's kinda right. Look at trans athletes. Progressives expect women to just deal with a mtf (sometimes not even transitioned) kicking their ass in sports. And if women speak up about it, they're labeled TERFs.

>>117474847Western Progressives don't give a shit about the rest of the world

>>117474812>Also, only leftist women are inspirational, apparentlyWell, yeah? I absolutely agree with the other point about this shit being too americentric but how exactly do you expect a republican to be considered "inspirational" outside their own boomer bubble

>>117474894>>only Republicans and Democrats exist>>who is Ayn RandGet your head out of your ass.

>>117469825Miss Pauling?

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>>117474877wut? that doesnt even matter. these talentless cretins believe they are pioneers in a genre and just pushing the fucking egomaniacal narrative on you.

>>117474913>who is Ayn RandA kind of retard completely irrelevant to the also retarde comic at hand since it's unfortunately only covering people alive today

>>117474938I was agreeing with you...

>>117474953If it's only covering people who are alive, that makes more sense. But even if you disagree with Rand, she's an influential woman.

>>117474913In what meaningful way did Ayn Rand diverge from Republican beliefs?

>>117474812Can you give an example of an inspirational conservative woman with similar bonafides?

>>117475016Well in the end she relied on social security.

>>117474960ok. probably my post lacked a bit of context. also shit like this isnt really new. many western media outlets have been pushing similar shit for years. its really embarrassing. this isnt what a comic companies do anyway. no manga companies would do it.

>>117475047>no manga companies would do it.There’s been numerous manga about historical female figures and contemporary politicians. IIRC there’s even a Putin isekai manga out there.

>>117475016Anti-War.>>117475033Candace OwensLaura Ingraham Condoleezza RiceKellyanne Conway

>>117475093Well, at least I got a decent laugh out of this thread if nothing else.

>>117475131I fucking hate Progressive pompousness

>>117473930Here ya go >>117469854

>>117471044Marsha Johnson is dead though

It's infuriating that they'll praise AOC all day long but act like Tulsi Gabbard doesn't exist

>>117475171Tell me about the inspiring accomplishments and achievements of these women.


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>>117477320Well Kellyanne Conway has repeatedly and boldly broken the law by intentionally violating the Hatch Act, created the political term alternative facts to excuse the president lying about stuff, and she was also the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign to the White House. So she's the perfect role model for women want to advance their careers by becoming synonymous with being a bold faced liar and person who cannot be trusted.

>>117477626How about the other three? I only know Condi Rice from her accidentally calling the President "My Husband."

>>117474377Pretty much. If we weren't in such a crappy situation right now people would prolly point it out more.

>>117469854>Shi Zhengli (Wuhan Lab Virologist)YOU WHAT!?!?!?

>>117477478This shirt needs a "pin me down and fuck my face" edit

>>117477626You didn't even know what the Hatch Act was 3 months ago. Also, it's bald faced, not bold faced.

>>117469825>>117469837This is just what they use to do in Wonder Woman book when Wonder Woman first came out at the end of the book.

>>117478780I used bold specifically to emphasize the point on how brazenly she's been about it even when directly confronted by the press. And I've known about it for years because she's been breaking the law for years now. That's the one good thing about this administration, you learn all kinds of things when they are caught breaking the law.