What the fuck was this?

What the fuck was this?

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one of the most (if not the only one aside total drama) succesful gimmick about reality show

>>117469620a show beeing crass and making fun of conservative and traditional values while not beeing constrained by political correctness at all.

>>117469620unironically the greatest adult animated sitcom

Dated even when it came out.

>>117469620>Unflitered shit slinging in every directionIt was based

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I miss when the left pretended to be count culture and all about free speech

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>>117470525me too, the right pretending this stuff is boring and cringe

A relic of a better time

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>>117470525Drawn Together existed in a time where a Conservative led US government were bominging the Middle East while the Democrats cheered them on. Now the Dems pretend to be progressive and Leftism is the establishment.


Don't make me kick your ass!

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>>117469620It's shit, just a tryhard edgy Family Guy/South Park ripoff without any of the charm and humor

>>117469620it was ahead of its timealso based and redpilled

>>117471265>Family Guy>Charm or humor

>>117471287It was good before, and it has it's moments once in a while.

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>>117469620Source material for Panty and Stocking

>Board of Education is literally just a wooden board

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>>117471265Drawn Together is funnier than both Family Guy and South Park

>>117471319Imagine caring about “soul” when it comes adult cartoons, lmao, they should be as soulless and crass as possible. Go read a book ffs.

>>117471460Soul exsits, compare Classic Simpsons with Zombie Simpsons, it's two completely different shows.

>>117469620embarassing and tryhard garbageseriously i cringe every time i remember it, its like if kappa mikey tried overly hard to upset/gross out peolle

>>117469620Mr. Enter considers it one of the worst cartoons of the 2000s and Captain Hero is one of his least favorite cartoon characters.

>>117471477Simpsons was always boring and unfunny desu

>>117471514t. born after 1997

>>117471486Mr. Enter probably has a sub 70 IQ

>>117471523I were born before 1997 and are still posting on Holla Forums you are a loser who should probably kill himself, I’m sorry

>>117471535You have shit taste retard

>>117471545Imagine caring about “taste” when it comes to cartoons, oh God

>>117471559Seething, Old Simpsons is a masterpiece

>>117471562Dude read a book ffs

>>117471574It's 12 AM



>>117469699>>117469738>>117470426>>117470525>>117470707>>117471679It's not that good, the characters are way too unlikable and the humor is edgy tryhard with no subtely or class. This is something that middle schoolers would find funny.

>>117471731t. never watched the showThere's plenty of subtle gags.

>>117471731you're objectively wrong and you sound like a faggot.

It was a very hit and miss comedy from the early 00s but when it hit it was some serious fucking home runs

>>117471731>the characters are way too unlikable and the humor is edgy tryhard with no subtely or classThis is why it’s good. Again, the only people who want to watch cartoons which have “subtle humor” and “likeable characters” are people who don’t read and as a result think that watching cartoons is a more serious pastime than it actually is. Cartoons are neither important nor serious, which is why they should be as tasteless as possible

>>117472081False, good shows like Simpsons, Futurama and Bob's Burgers have likable and funny characters, shit like this can't write good characters and make them all shitheads in order to make "comedy"

>>117472183>Simpsons, Futurama and Bob’s Burgers>good showsDude, I don’t know, read Rabelais or something. Maybe then you will realize how unfunny these shows actually are

>>117472224Stop projecting retard, your show is badly written and hated by many.

>>117472243Have you read Rabelais? Would you consider Flaubert’s “Bouvard and Pecuchet” a bad work of comedy because it doesn’t have “relatable characters”?

Somebody needs to make an IQ bell curve meme where the midwit complains about “unlikeable characters” and “lack of subtlety in humor”


>>117471525Dont answer to any post starting by "Mr Enter consider it X" it's a shitposter who let Enter live rent free in his head

>>117471731It’s a bell curve show.You have the misfortune of being a midwit that can’t spot the material designed beside the brainlet bait.

>>117472272I'm happy your school make you study Rabelais this semester,user. Remind me when i was 12 year old and full of certitudes like youMaybe if you're so knowledgeable of French litterature,you'll appreciate this quote by Jean Delacour "Culture is like marmalade,the less you have the more you try to spread it thin to make it look bigger"


>>117469620lgbt representaion done rightyoutube.com/watch?v=73EO85y_rX4&ab_channel=zgumboi

>>117469699reality show is actually a great setting for a cartoonyou can add barbies life in the dream house to the list

>>117474178Every tim Enter is arbitrarly dragged into those debate,it's by people insecure about their tastes in media.Enter is like an "Hitler" for those people,if "Hitler" like X ,that mean X is bad and if he dislike Y,that mean Y was an hidden gem all along.Contrarianism 101 to be short


>>117474278"Oh you dont like X/like Y?.WELL YOU HAVE THE SAME OPINIONS AS [somebody 4chan doesnt like] YOUR OPINIONS IS INVALID"Better ? I admit my previous post was probably badly explained

>>117474304no I just think you spend too much time consumed in Holla Forums culture is all

>>117474407>lurk more>wait noJust admit you're contrarians already.And you dont need to be that immersed to notice those "Enter Man Bad" non sequitur poppin left and right

>>117469620Something ahead of its time

A shit ton of jokes trying to be as offensive as possible that hides a good chunk of comedy gold.

They made fun of everyoneyoutube.com/watch?v=DMiN1iLLk4Qand everythingyoutube.com/watch?v=gwni-WAV4io

>>117474169Seething midwit

>>117474169>>117474251>>117474304>>117474452Are you ESL by any chance?

>>1174759552 hours to come up with this

>>117469620The Latin American Spanish dub was gold and it was one of the last Latin American Spanish dubs to ever air in Spain by the '00s.

>>117475994Which one ?

>>117475999Dude, I just saw your post, lol, I don’t monitor this board 24/7 to see whether I got a reply or not. I mean, it’s not like the combination of a pseudo-profound quote with the assumption that the only people who know about Rabelais are the ones who have to study him in college required any further comments from me — I think it speaks for itself.

>>117476120The implications were that you were a student who just learned about Rabelais at school this afternoon and vomited it back on 4chan to place yourself above the "plebs". "The Simpsons ? Pah,i read Rabelais that one time"

>>117476226You haven’t actually answered my question — would you say that the lack of “likeable characters” makes “Bouvard and Pecuchet” a bad work of comedy or not?


>>117476294You fit your definition of "midwit" dragging Rabelais to talk about fucking Drawn Together

a based show.

when i saw it on tv, it was cringenow that i've come back to it, it's absolutely based and i'm amazed this was actually on tv

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>>117469620So..... whos gonna post the Numbuh 5 picture?

>>117471731It's hilarious, you can tell everyone working on this is having a blast

>>117471319FG wasn't even that edgy around the time DT came out, yes it was the more adult Simpsons but it didn't have Meg abuse, Brain eating poo, super cynical Quagmire, Stewie's head cracked open for a whole episode or Peter disemboweling a whale for 6 hours straight

>>117471486>Captain Hero is one of his least favorite cartoon charactersImagine having such objectively shit taste

>>117474650>Micky M>M MouseSurprised they got away with that one

>>117471265>>117471287>>117471445>>117477568Family Guy was still cancelled at the time Drawn Together came out and wasn't edgy, cynical and filled with shock humor as it is today, DT didn't take anything from it.

>>117477029Guess it's my turn.

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>>117477805DT also has a blast with it's edgy and gross content, they are creative and whimsical with it, where as FG is just "Shoot Meg in the face and drag it out for 20 seconds"

>>117476039It's crazy that you guys never had a Spaniard version.

>>117469620High tier>Foxxy>Captain Hero>XanderMid tier>Ling Ling>PrincessWorthless >Porky>Spengbab>Boop

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>>117478067Fuck you, Cereal Killers was the best episode.

>>117469620A kino kosher cartoon

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>>117478127Pigtail grab always gets me.

>>117478067>PorkySpanky Ham.>SpengbabWooldoor Sockbat.

>>117478214i literally dont remember any of them, they don't get any stand out moments.asian vision helmet being the exception

>>117478067>>117478214>>117478264Also, you forgot Toot.

>>117470753What establishment is leftist in the United States?

>>117478448Never mind that. The statement goes that they are pretending while also being what they claim to be. Which is it?

>>117471731are you a jewish christian indian lesbian feminist women? because you have the right to understand that YOU ARE NOT THE FUCKING AUDIENCE

Literally kino. Sure there were plenty of missed jokes, but they werent afraid to try everything and insult everyone. >that fucking episode where xander practices coming out to his parents

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>>117478849unexpected visual gags like that always got me good with this show.

>>117478849>they go to the racism museum >don't get stabbed by pablo on the way homescenes you couldn't show today

>>117479146You should remember that this show was an outlier for its time. It was edgy even then. Like Family Guy and South Park were one thing, but this show was pushing it even further to the edge.

>>117479280The driving test episode would cause a shitstorm if it came out today

>>117479146>>117479338Nowadays we have shows like Rick and Morty that try to do the same thing. Just in a different way.

>>117479374Cringe, Reddit and Memey tries to be edgy, but fails miserably, it's too cutesy and nerdy to be considered offensive

>>117479360I doubt it. It has a conspiratorial take. Plus, the joke of Black people liking fruity flavored stuff is old as hell.

>>117479441That's what I meant in "a different way."

>>117479360>>117479455Also, Black people liking fruity stuff is like one of the least offensive jokes at their expense.

>>117479455Youre thinking of the exam episode, i mean the one where ling ling takes the driving test and gets eye surgery (which is just scotch tape to keep his eyes open)

>>117479555Oh. I would also mistake that one for the anime eye episode. Is it the same episode?


because of this show whenever i get out of the shower i think to myself "MY BALLS ARE CLEEEEAN!!"

Ethan Hawkman!