What do you think about this character i made

what do you think about this character i made

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>>117468989dont care

Kinda cute like the shirt

>>117468989That is an image. We don't know anything about the character.

user this is cute but posting it on 4chan is a terrible idea what

>>117468989HEY SHMORKY

>>117469036she's chill

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I always liked the eyes being covered by hair trope. Really illustrates slacker/lazy right off the bat.

>>117468989where do you post your art anoni will follow you

>>117469128i'll create a twitter

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>>117469169is really cute actuallyit is like your sona or an OC?

Is she a slacker?

>>117469169okay rad

>>117469293one of my OCs.>>117469334yeah

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What's her daily life about?

looks purewhy in god's name would you post her here?

>>117468989boring and doesn't stand out well. There's tons of slacker designs out there in internet and many look similar to her.You're better off making a character that's not pandered to internet for points. But instead making a character that's true to what you like.t. artist

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>>117469543There's already porn.

>>117468989way too damn similar to your other character. you're boring us here

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>>117469675jesus fucking christ...so fucking based!!!

>>117469532probably hanging out, playing vidya, skateboarding, cool shit>>117469543because i can>>117469577but she is what i like.>>117469675the only thing they have in common is skateboarding.

ok i made a twittertwitter.com/dantethedante

>>117469791kill yourself

>>117468989here, i fixed it

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>>117468989I want to have sex with it.

>>117468989I'd fuck her with my c(l)ock, if you know what I mean


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>>117468989/ic/ is the art/critique/feedback board.

>>117470186>implying this board has mods who do anything about spamming threads

>>117468989Yiff in hell.

>>117470186i'm not asking what you think about my art, i'm asking what you think about my character design>>117470204seethe

>>117470215I want to see her butt facing the camera.

>>117468989maybe try turning the grey parts the shirt and socks more of a silver blue?it feels not quite colorful enough to be balanced.other than that I really can't think of anything to nitpick,. the beanie+ears makes forca solid silhouette and the overall design and body language gives a solid idea of their demeanor

I like her, her outfits really basic and kinda boring though. If anything, try dulling down the color of the pants. They're a bit much.

>>117470297Aaaaay!!!Post that on twitter and that'll get some followers. I'm finna get invested.

>>117470215And I'm telling you to go to the relevant place instead of reporting you for furry or having petty fun trolling your flammable ass.

would fuck draw more of her

>>117470215It's cute. Now put porn of her on your twitter.

>>117470341>>117470411how do i censor the tweet

>>117470520You don't =_=. I think a bot censors it for you. Might as well post the uncensored in this thread before it gets deleted.


>>117470542Double based

>>117470542Nice work :D I haven't seen a pose like that done well in years!

>>117468989Fox or dog?

>>117470581fennec fox

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>>117470618you could.. you know..

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>>117470852big floppa non stoppa....

>>117470886hell yes!

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>>117470542>>117468989>>117469067god i love longs bangs covering the eyes>>117469169noooooooooooooooo

>>117468989Looks like a chill one

>>117468989fat, probably has a penis

>>117469169>>117468989Is that a Corgi? it's a corgi, isn't it?

>>117470347Nobody cares about /ic/ user.Nobody.

I'm starting to think forced characters like this are gay ops from discord trannies

>>117473001Have you considered you might be riddled with paranoia on the happenings of an image board?

>>117473001>forced>gayHow do you get any of that from a pic like that?

>>117468989I would breed with without pause.

>>117468989reminds me of:saltine crackersvanillaeggshell whiteflorescent lightingmilk & toast

>>117468989Like the hat with the hair color

>>117468989That's just Lammy and Parappa stuck together.

>>117473219Or, you know, their daughter.

>>117468989She's cute user!

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>>117469675>>117469441both of yall need to be more actively posting, these character designs are great

>>117468989When will she meet Triba?

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>>117469067>smoshI wanna go back

>>117468989>>117469067>>117469169>>117469441>>117469853MADE FOR LEWDING

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>>117468989Cute. Reminds of a grungier/stoner Umjammer Lammy?

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>>117468989Post her clock already

I remember when this exact thread was made 2 days ago and it 404d pretty quick.

>>117468989Take her socks off.

>>117474267Hopefully soon


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