What are the worst character assassinations in Holla Forums history?

What are the worst character assassinations in Holla Forums history?

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>>117468906Honestly, I'd kind of put Doctor Light up there. As was said, his super power became rape. It's an unfortunate thing to have happen especially because it was for such a shitty story and it's not like most writers gave enough of a shit about the character to do anything about this stupidity for awhile. They even indulged with it.

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>>117468906Scarlet Witch ever since Bendis wrote Avengers DisassembledHe basically undid years of characterization and dragged it out unresolved, and people afterwards don't seem to know what to do with her

>>117468906Star Vs has multiple. Marco, Star, and Moon are all contenders for some of the worst I've ever seen.

>>117468906Top three>Dr light>hank pym>wandabut an honorable mention to Captain America (for trying to make Captain Hydra stick) and Two-Face (for the anti-gay rant in GCPD.) I'm sure there are worse examples but off the top of my head making Pym, one of the founding avengers, forever "that guy who beat his wife" has to be the most notable.

Was there any purpose to this? They couldn't just let Gwen rest in peace. What was the point in defiling her memory?

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>>117469919Something about how the writer wanted to use a "Gwen was pregnant" story but the suits feared if Peter was implied to be a father he'd look old and lame in the eyes of the hip kids? But that can't be entirely it, clearly everyone involved was just retarded

>>117469919>>117469941>Osborn cucks Peter WITHOUT EVEN MEANING TOThis is what cemented Green Goblin as the greatest Spider-Man villain, for me. Osborn is so utterly dedicated to ruining Parker's life that he sometimes does it not even on purpose.

>>117468906Morrison turning Talia al Ghul into the asian babymama trope and a rapist.I will never forgive him for this.What DC did to Damian recently is also bullshit.

>>117468906Spider-man selling his marriage to the literal devil to save his decrepit aunt who could not be healed from a bullet wound because Quesada hates marriages.

Thanks, Jeph. Very cool of you to reduce one of the few likable characters in the Ultimate X-Men to a cowardly psychopathic rapist.2020 A.D. Still mad.

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>>117468906>character assassinationsso, OP pic is referring to Jean Loring, right?

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>>117469994It's not exactly bad reasoning. For Peter to have adult kids with Gwen he'd need to be in his 40s since they didn't hook up until both were in college. It doesn't excuse everything about the arc being retarded, but they'd be left with either a middle-aged Spider-Man (which would throw off a lot of other characters chronologically) or have to pretend that he's not middle-aged even though that would mean his internal timeline doesn't add up (like what happened with Green Arrow when Connor Hawke was introduced).

>>117471070That entire comic was a character genocide. I was going to list some of the dumb shit that happened but then I realized I'd have to summarize the entire thing.

>>117469919>>117469941the only thing I'd say here is that I think this story was so widely reviled that hardly anyone really seems to have accepted it as happening, so it didn't change people's perception of Gwen much

>>117471019>asian babymama tropeis that really a trope?

>>117471070The entire Ultimate universe in general threw out it's own characterizations by the busload by the end. They completely forgot what the fucking point of Ultimate was.

>>117469919>>117469941>JMS run recently got an omnibus>People saying it is a good run blah blah>Actually try reading it>Fucking magic Spider totems and shit like Sins PastWhy do people recommend JMS

>>117471328For what it's worth, it's a good weapon when wannabe Gwenfags familiar with her through adaptations like Spectacular Spider-Man or Amazing Spider-Man movies start running their mouths about how great of a character she was and how much better she was as a girlfriend to Peter than Mary Jane.

Remember when Beast was a charming, eloquent scientist who quoted great literature, was everyone's friend and had that period were despite his usual uplifting affectation was deeply saddened by the results and losses to the legacy virus that he was also just to late to do anything about?

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>>117471361>They completely forgot what the fucking point of Ultimate was.Ultimate was supposed to be the post 9-11 "realistic" universe but ended up being the edgy 90s wannabe universe.

>>117471075the kids were artificially aged anyway, so it shouldn't affect his age that much.Also, wouldn't your explanation necessitate that Gwen would be in her 40s if she were still alive? She and Peter were supposed to be about the same age, I think

>>117471370Because barring Sins Past it's actually good, the characterizations are great, pretty cool character moments that make the supporting cast feel more human, Peter being a teacher is a nice development and the Birthday story beats everything Spider-Man had in more over a decade.>b-but not muhNo one cares about your asshurt over totems.

>>117471399Yes, I also remember when he was a vivacious and outgoing bon vivant on the Avengers. One of the absolute worst things about the Bendis-era of X-Men is how thoroughly writers and editorial set about destroying Beast as a character and how said actions were accepted with glee by the readers. Fuck the X-fags.

>>117471361>The entire Ultimate universe in general threw out it's own characterizations by the busload by the end.>by the endNah the Ultimate Universe was pretty shit from the start. Ultimates was pathetic and edgy. Complete with the silly "What does the A stand for?" The attempts at refreshing the X-Men or FF usually just made them worse, rehashes over old stuff but edgier. EVERYTHING in universe was connected to the super soldier serum, from the Hulk to Venom to mutants. All of them the result at trying to replicate it. About the only reason the universe was propped up was because of Ultimate Spider-Man. And even though there was so few titles the editorial couldn't even keep the continuity straight.

>>117471443>No one cares about your asshurt over totems.What a pathetic statement desu. I said I tried reading it and found parts that weren't palatable. You could have literally said: yeah but despite that there was x, y and z without resorting to the pathetic "y u so mad, NO MUH" faggot shit.

>>117471453I'm actually pretty sore about who much they drug Xavier himself through the mud too. Not to pretend Charlie was ever a saint, even he himself wouldn't make that complain, but I miss when he was the well meaning hopeful dreamer who truly felt like a father figure to his X-men and only wanted a world where they lived in peace.Actually that goes for all the X-men.

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>>117471370>Why do people recommend JMSi guess because it was generally pretty good for the most part, but it also had some pretty awful lows.

>>117471464>. About the only reason the universe was propped upI thought it was propped up because it sold

>>117471396>A widely accepted piece of shit writing and character assassination is a good way to show that a character sucks.

>>117471437Artificially aging them would only raise further issues. But yes, it'd mean that all of Spider-Man's cast would be much older than assumed since Peter canonically became Spider-Man at age 15. It'd also have an interesting wrinkle in that Spider-Man was still in college until around the early 90s

>>117471519It sold well because it had a core to it. But that burnt out which is why they had Ultimatum.

>>117471527It yields results of getting Gwenfags mad, so yes.

>>117471464>EVERYTHING in universe was connected to the super soldier serumWhich is hilarious as originally there wasn't a supersoldier serum in the Ult. Universe and Ult. Cap got his powers through experimental surgeries, steroids, and other drug treatments. I don't think the SSS was introduced until about a year or two into Ultimates though one of the annuals. >>117471489That's been going on for a long time and is also pretty goddamn played out and tiresome. I think what makes Beast worse is that it was incredibly sudden, out of left field, and the comics took time out to stop and tell readers directly that the character was a terrible piece of shit frequently. It was blatant character derailment and the fans ate it up because it propped up the stupid "X gonna give it to ya" Cyclops meme that they rallied around despite it being the result of them trying to derail Cyclops. >>117471493It's well-characterized but full of kinda retarded plots.

>>117471544>Artificially aging them would only raise further issues.like what?> Spider-Man was still in college until around the early 90sI could've sworn he left college by the mid-eighties or something

>>117471626I just want the X-men to be family and heroes again.

>>117471628>like what?The general issue of having young adults running around claiming to be the children of people who are too young to have children that old.He quit grad school for awhile but returned. A quick web search shows him still in grad school as late as 1988.


>>117469164This. She went from being a core Avenger to being replaced by the likes of fucking Black Widow. It’s criminal what’s become of her

>>117471399I remember when he took advantage of a mentally disturbed woman and raped her (Dazzler II)

>>117472045based Beast.Actually, I didn't realize there was a Dazzler II.Or, is the Dazzler most are familiar with Dazzler 2, and the name originally belonged to another, forgotten character?

>>117472065There isn't a Dazzler II. There is a 4 issue miniseries starring Dazzler and Beast, Beauty and the Beast.

>>117471370For all JMs's faults, the characters in general did not deviate greatly from what came before his run. Writers/editorial were not nearly as vocal back then, making for less antagonistic relationships with the fans. Post JMS, characterizations and continuity went down the drain while editorial and writers took increasingly frequent shits on their customer base through social media and even in the comics themselves.

>>117472065Yes, Dazzler II is Alison Blaire. Dazzler I was Warren Worthington’s uncle.>>117472188Which is where the rape happened

>>117468971So that's why they chose an actor named Michael to play Dr. Light in their Titan's show.

>>117472355>>117468971Why didn't DC cast an actor with the name "Eddie" as Dr. Light?

>>117468906Every white male character in media of the last 6 years. All they get to do is get easily outsmarted or beaten up by women in comics these days or have to be rescued by women to push the feminist “women>men” propaganda. Male characters like batman, spiderman or Superman these days need to be rescued by female characters at least once every issue or told what to do and if they fight a female character they always lose and if dialogue of them only serves to praise female character telling them how much they are better or smarter then them and how the stupid white male couldn’t life a single day without the strong wyman girlfriend telling him what to do.Meanwhile female characters are never written as stupid or as comic relief and never need advise or have to be rescued by men.

>>117472322>editorial and writers took increasingly frequent shits on their customer base through social media and even in the comics themselves.I wondered when that started

>>117472535Unfortunately that is what Western society has always been, more so than any other.

>117472535Fuck off GookAnon

>>117472535Imagine being this fucking fragile.

>>117468906That was easy

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>>117473772>repeat 2 same panels for entire pagemy god

>>117471070Ultimates 3 is probably the worst comic ever printed

>>117472535Consider therapy

>>117473769>>117474289Not the guy you replied to, but i have a genuine question: if the genders in the post you replied to were reversed, would you have the same response?

>>117474287It's pretty bad, but Ultimatum still has it beat.

>>117474395>if the genders in the post you replied to were reversed, would you have the same response?I don't think so. Ultimatum has the cannibalism sure, but it's just 5 issues of splash pages. Ultimates 3 has an actual plot and that's the most retarded I have ever read.

>>117471328Bendis rewrote it with a black guy and now it's stunning and brave and powerful

>>117474287I remember loving the art in the promos but not being able to find the actual comic anywhere, I looked it up as soon as I found a comic piracy resource online and was so disappointed with the reception I never even bothered with it.

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The Inhumans having slaves put a permanent black mark on their record that will probably outlive M-pox in the long run. Alpha primitives being slaves was unneeded and makes no sense. >Alpha primitives have never been depicted doing work of any kind>they have never been shown obeying any Inhuman besides Maximus>Inhumans are a hyper advanced civilization that apparently relies on manual laborIt made no fucking sense it was only done because the AP had no proper explanation. Worst part of it they have a broken status quo where they are always being mistreated by someone. Anytime a writer has them move into Attilan, or evolve past retarded workers, the next writer resets the whole thing.

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>>117474392>Every white female character in media of the last 6 years. All they get to do is get easily outsmarted or beaten up by men in comics these days or have to be rescued by men to push the “men>women” propaganda.No

>>117474567What is this

I think Hank Pym is still one of the worst

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>>117474744Dan slott

>>117474762>>117474744It's Matt Fraction.

>>117469919>>117469941>>117471328Reminder that Reed Richards chose to use near unlimited power to heal DOOM's face instead of uncucking Peter.

>>117474729why not?


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>>117475031That's overdoing it.

>>117471453Beast has been shit long before Bendis, ever since Dark Reign.

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>Max Lord will never again be anything more than a boring 1-dimensional mustache-twirling villain

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>>117471019I mean without that there would be no Damian so...

>>117471399Remember when he faked coming out as Gay to fuck with his ex?

Does Jade count?I'm honestly not sure.

>>117475008Because I'm not an incel

>>117472535You need help.

>>117475137>I'm not an incelSorry to break it to you, pal, but you're on 4chan. You're about as likely to feel a person's love as you are to winning the lottery fifty times in a row

>>117474510Bendis wrote a story about Norman Osborn sleeping with Robbie Robertson?

>>117475008Because I don't think I could see someone writing that as anything but a joke or a human so far gone that therapy won't help. The first is retarded, the second, absurd

>>117475267I think you didn't understand my post. But it's at least good to see that you have the common sense to realize broad generalizations like these are insane, regardless of identity

>>117475198im married, but i cant post my wife's nudes anymore because she found them on Holla Forums last time i did and im not going through that again.

>>117475314Oh, alright, sorry. Stay strong, king!

>>117468906Luke Skywalker

>>117469164Yeah, Bendis completely destroyed Wanda with Disassembled and House of M. The only other character who's gotten it close to as bad as Bishop after Messiah Complex and I think at this point people have just generally accepted that they're going to (rightly) ignore what Swierczynski did to him.

>>117471370It's not. JMS run was pretty well divided between people hating the Totem bullshit and excruciatingly slow pacing and other people insisting it's totally good even back in the day. It's just now people are more inclined to defend it because they believe that JMS was some kind noble man fighting against Quesada's tyranny as best he could before finally having enough and leaving but they don't actually know the context of any of it because they only have JMS' self-serving words to go by.

>>117475394You can't blame the comics or cartoons on that. That was the sequel trilogy's fault.

>>117468906Leela sleeping with Zap again in nu-Futurama. Amy sleeping with Zap within hours of thinking Kif had died.

>>117471361616 had already stole what it wanted from Ultimate to make movies, and left both settings the worse off for it.

>>117475107At least that was in character, Hank's always had a bizarre sense of humor. Scott calls him on it immediately

See this is the problem with having long running media the good shit turns bad thats why manga eventually ends to make way for the new but westerners just love holding on to the past and never letting go


>>117475050I thought that as I was reading it, but by the end I thought it was more about the analogy than wanting Loeb hurt

>>117475745eh, it went 20 years before it was revived


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>>117475449>they only have JMS' self-serving words to go byI've had to deal with the man in person and he's a raging asshole.

>>117471361The minute the Ultimate Universe lost any of its meaning was when Kirkman brought Beast back claiming he'd faked his death.

>>117468906T'Challa's white brother becoming a serial killer who wanted to usurp him in Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive.

>>117471626>It was blatant character derailment and the fans ate it up because it propped up the stupid "X gonna give it to ya" Cyclops meme that they rallied around despite it being the result of them trying to derail Cyclops.I almost feel like that was done by Marvel's own shills.

>>117475066>Ever since the period Bendis was in control of Avengers and his friend Fraction was writing the X-Men comicsThat's not really saying much

>>117476073Don't forget how many pages that was

>>117475399But Swierczynki's Cable was good.