What see some good Latinx cartoons/comics?

What see some good Latinx cartoons/comics?

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Am I the only one who thinks Latinx actually sounds cooler

>>117468636Latin sounds cool, Latinx is something I'd expect a 12 year old gamer from Brazil to use as his gamer tag.


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>>117468595>This shit again>>117468636Yes

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>>117468595>Terry Blas

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>>117468595That's one manchild artstyle.


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>>117468671This, it sounds like someone trying too hard to sound cool. It's like an American calling themselves Amerizarc or something.

>>117468595>Latinxplease kys

>>117468595Two babies one fox

>>117468671>>117468737Gives me a 90's Xtreme vibe.

The irony of latinx is that it's actually a completely anglocentric understanding of how "gendered" terms in spanish work with many terms that have traditionally masculine or feminine traits having tbe opposite articles.

>>117468726Ah,simpler times.

>>117468774This. Spanish has grammatical gender, so "latinx" doesn't really cut it, you have to "x" up every noun.

>>117468595Is Latinx a Pokemon?

>>117468839my siblings, mi hermanx, and my parents sibling, mi tíx.

>>117468595>LatinxFuck off gringo. You might as well just call me a spic while you’re at it.>>117468636Yes, you are.

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>>117468949>"Vamxs a ver unx peliculx y podemxs pedir pizzx o tacxs para lx cenx"This is your brain in libtard, litbtard that don't even know Spanish

>>117468595The fuck is lantinx?

So I've always wondered. Is it said Latin-x or latinks?

>>117468595>>117468674>>117468699>>117468707>>117468744>>117469008>>117469040YOU FUCKS HIS COMIC WAS AGAINST USING LATINX

>>117469008>Fuck off gringo. You might as well just call me a spic while you’re at it.this, i would rather be called beaner, wetback, wall jumper or any other racist shit than latinx that's some dirty chicano bullshit

>>117468636You might be an edgy teenage boy from the 90s who thinks adding x to words makes them "so cool!" and "Xtreme!"

>>117469086Is chicanx now

>>117468636As an actual Mexican I find this gringo abomination they want to impose on us offensive

>>117469082Now I'll admit his solution is retarded but Terry Blas is not pro latinx

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>>117469065You're better off not knowing, because it's fucking retarded.

>>117469113that's not up to those filthy chinanos to decide

>>117469132>¡BIENVENIDES A TODES!Sounds retarded

Friendly reminder this shit is only happening because of trannies.

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>>117469189nah it started with women because they got pissy you could have 99 women and 1 man in a room and the correct word for the group would be the masculine latino just because of the one guy so really blame women

>>117469216Fuck off tranny.

>>117469082I don't know what a lantinx is and his comic doesn't look like something I care to read. So I reiterate, the fuck us a lantinx?

>>117469132This is utterly fucking retarded. I hope they get gored in the streets by gang members.

>>117469259tranny word for latino/latina you aren't a total brainlet and have heard of gendered nouns in languages right?

>>117469086I have always liked beaner personally

>>117469259The butchering of the word latino because using it as the default for Latino people is exclusionary to women and people with fake ass genders.

>>117469132>>117469189>The Spanish language is dictated by la Real Academia Española>They have already said that any form of inclusive language is a passing trend and will never be part of the language

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>>117469347the RAE has little power in the new world

>>117469301beans are delicious and nutritious, there's nothing to be ashamed of being related in some anyway to them

>>117468595>LatinxBegone, gringo. Fuck up your own culture.>>117468636Shoo shoo, Mossad.

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>>117468595>LatinxFuck off

>>117468595>LatinxThey're really gonna push this shit until it sticks huh

>>117468839It's linguistic colonialism

>>117469723>>117469537see >>117469132

>>117469189This isn't something we as Americans have any right or horse in the game as much as Chicanos pretend we do, fucking let the Spanish speakers figure that shit out on their own instead of forcing our bullshit on them, we've fucked their shit up enough as is

>>117469082wait are you telling me 4chan is reactionary??

>>117469189Latino is already the gender neutral version of Latino. It's almost as if the retarded Chicanos that are pushing for this to be a thing don't understand how Spanish as a language works.

>>117469189Just call yourself a LATIN you idiot


>>117469819>reactionaryfuck off antifa tranny

>>117469132>it blew my mindshoulda blown your brains and rid us of your retardation.

>>117468636It does, but the Mexicans on this site hate it for some reason.

>>117469989>but the Mexicans on this site hate it for some reason.>Why won't these people just let obnoxious assholes from another country tell us how we should speak our language?>We use their minority status for our own goals all the time and this is how they thank us? By not letting us control their language? What ungrateful bigots!

>>117468595Why the discount Celestia, though?>>117468671...Brazilians aren't "latinxes"

>>117469189Lizard Men mouths

>>117469373just like real south americans then


>>117469347>>117469373la RAE does not dictate the spanish language it simply kinda moderates it adding new words as long as it incorporate to language in an organic way or signaling how new expressions should be used so it technically doesn't have any power but it has a lot of influence since everybody was on their side when they bgtfo'd inclusive language

The Washington Post said that according to some poll or another 97% of Hispanics opposed "latinx" so calm down everyone.


>>117469189>what are we supposed to useantipsychotics

>>117468636Yes. Your whiteness can be smelled through this post. >>117469744This. They complain about colonialism yet they are doing it for other people's languages.

>>117469132>Use an E instead!Que pinche pendejada

>>117469132Just use 'Hola a todos' like every GTA Loquendo video ever.

>>117470459>Loquendo video everHot damn what a blast from the past user. It was quite thrilling to lose yourself in loquendo spirals of random shit upon random shit, even more thrilling since you basicaly were in suspense all the time because 1 out 3 always included a screamer at some point.

>>117469189im ok with tranners, but it’s not about them. nb it’s a fucking meme and they deserve nothing

>>117469189Those cishet people look so evil.

>>117468636One is something that has survived since ancient civilization, the other is a moronic meme for special snowflakes.


Man, ancient history never had to put up with this shit. People wanted to whine about something it was usually because the Vandals were ruining everyone's shit.

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>>117469915Get your hands off off my cultureT. italian

>>117469989A lot of people on the internet hate it. Not just here.

>>117468671Latinx sounds like a Winx spinoff about a bunch of Hispanic fairies.

>>117470791Yeah, people like to think it's a monolith of evil preops or whatever, but it's nb trenders that basically push the meme so far they end up lashing out against everyone for not being "understanding" enough, including actual trans people, women and whatnot. Like, when that Noelle Stevenson bullshit was going down half the instigators were constantly mocking/getting angry at the people defending her because they were daring to consider her a woman. They'd go "Noelle says she's fine with any pronoun" which to them apparently meant "call her everything except a female otherwise you're a bigot"It's autism at best

>>117468595>Latinx>Not something that doesn't sound like a special toilet like Latiné This is why English speaking retards shouldn't be in charge of a foreign language.

>>117469189If you have a penis use latino, if you have a vagina use latina. ignoring any results of surgeries or accidents. tomboys are still girls and traps are still boys. not complicated.

>>117470859Oh they did, but they established a very easy to use system.>If you put you're dick in it, you were masculine>If you let someone put dicks in you, you were feminine.


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>>117471457he literally brings it up that latinx is shit

Lol all the white people ITT using the word gringo once to try to give legitimacy to the claim they're brown

>>117468595>latinxKill yourself.

>>117468595spanish, like italian, uses the male form as neutral. Anglos need to learn to stay in their fucking lane, we already figured this out.

I remember reading a headline mentioning something that happened to a “Latinx man” and wondering “Why not call him Latino? You literally just identified him as a man. You already gendered him. This article doesn’t even have anything to do with his gender- he’s not a tranny or anything. For what purpose are you still insisting on using a made up “degendered” term?”

>>117471588>all of the days are the fifthKek

>>117471833To be heckin inclusive.

>>117468595>latinxthis hurts my mexican heart, that and years of fatty street food


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>>117470756You can still do that even today. youtube.com/watch?v=2jrqLLny044I don't speak Spanish but I enjoy those. Even weirder is that almost nobody from outside this spanish community talks about them.

>>117468595Love And Rockets is one of the premier comics of the world for the last 40 years.

>>117472972>argentinian >white

>>117468595>latinxÁndate a la reconcha de tu puta madre.

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>>117471841It's like Groundhog Day, with more enchiladas

>>117469132>todesThat shit is like children songs where they replace the vowels in words, like "ene mesque perede en le pered"

>>117471659Vete a la verga pinche gringo puto ;3Mexican enough Niño so ya?

>>117468595The only people who use Latinx are jews, amerimutts and second generation chicanos who think taco bell is genuine mexican culture.

>>117474101>second generation chicanos who think taco bell is genuine mexican cultureYou can't be serious. The founder is not even Mexican.

>>117469008I agree with the spic

>>117474124Second generation immigrants are often known to be among the most annoying people on earth, they feel entitled to everything, act like they know their culture when they actually know jackshit and fall for american globalist culture.Chicanos are the people who think putting an spanish word in the middle of your sentence means you're speaking real spanish.

>>117474101You're forgetting the super white people who are like 1/8th mexican but identify as it primarily like rednecks who talk about how their great great grandma's cousin was cherokee

>>117470178And yet people still keep trying to make it a thing

>>117469008>>117469086Same. Latinx is the worst because you aren't just being an asshole, you're going out of your way to fuck up someone else's language

>>117468595>replace the last letter of the word with x because americans are too stupid o remember that o is for boy and a is for girl>this is somehow ending racism

>>117469132yeah there is one country in the whole world that speaks spanish and thats mexico, you can just go ahead and impose mexican lingo onto any spanish speaking personits not like spain itself has 20 different versions of their own language or anything

>>117474307Should Mexicans be called Mexicanx then?

>>117469189>what are we suppossed to use?a chair

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>>117469189Gender was a mistake. Can we go back to using sex and nothing else?

>>117468595you know, i used to know a lot of jewish people and they are encouraged o travel to israel and germany to learn about their culure, there are even grants for thatbut you have tons of mexican and otherwise people who have never ser foot in mexico or their parents home country and they live a lot closer. Instead they are happy to dictate to everyone how they should celebrate their culureand thats just odd

>>117468636Adding X to the end of something doesn't make it cooler.>Insurancex>Certified Public AccountanX>Grayx>Raisin Branx

>>117468595Friendly reminder that this denomination is trolling.

>>117468636Everyone on the plant thinks white western liberals are complete retards

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>>117468595None, because "latinx" is not a thing

>>117468595Latinos >= Latinos y Latinas > [email protected] >>> Purged Shit >= Latines >>> LatinX

>>117469989nobody gives a fuck about them and if I means pissing more people off then I'll use it

>>117469189Latino.Latino is also used for gender neutral verbs you stupid fucks.

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>>117468595That doesn’t exist, for a group of people who champion shit they sure like to “colonize” other culture‘s language/ideas

>>117468595I broke up with white friends of 3 years who used this term. It’s like that white girl Who thinks eating mango with hot sauce is new and quirky.

>>117469189Fag is a good gender neutral word for these cases...

>>117469132>Sentence was already gender neutral>Tries to make it MORE gender neutral What?

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>>117468636When I hear Latinx I think of Jason X and smile

>>117475929I think of a Hispanic Malcolm X with a sombrero and a funny mustache.

>>117469189¿Hola onions faggot?

>>117475990>Absolutely filteredHow new are you?

>>117473409That's Uruguay you fucking retard

>>117469189>>117469132Not knowing how many other linguistic problems the "E" causes

>>117468636>latino: masculine>latina: feminineFor a language with as much emphasis on masculine/feminine wordplay as Spanish Latinx is fucking cringe and literally no actual South Americans or Mexicans or whatever want that bullshit.>>117468707What a chad.

Pretty sure even the very liberal Mexican girl I dated rejected the whole Latinx label. She liked being Latina. I think a Puerto Rican friend didn't like it either.

>>117475775>>117475900People who only speak 1 language pretend they understand another.

>>117468595You're a faggotx

>>117468595Groo the Wander. Oh wait, this is a bait thread. Um, America Chavez.

The spanish speaking world as a whole refusing to adopt true gender neutral language is unfortunately a good example of their worldwide, inherent bigotry. You can't seriously expect them to make the right decisions by themselves. They NEED outside help.