Lilo & Stitch Thread

How are you doing Holla Forumshana?

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Finally, a good thread :D

What do you guys think of this ship?

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>>117465127Wut are those other ones from

>>117465248They from the show

>>117465194Yep, one for our Holla Forumshana to shitpost and write stories in peace.

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I remember there was a leak for experiments they were going to used for season 3, it had some interesting ideas, like a boss figure for Bonnie and Clyde

>>117465233What would their kid be named? Metalhead?

>>117465476I'm down for anything that gets us more Bonnie episodes, sounds interesting.

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>>117465672they should make an ep explaining why she was created with a penis


>>117465300>Meega wants more stories of Leroy, Reuben and Stitch.

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>>117465672Unlike Bonnie and Clyde, this experiment wants to commit the real crimes, like fraud and collecting "debts" around hawaii

>>117466212I wonder if it would end with them feeling bad about doing serious crimes, then again they're only programmed for theft.

>>117465814Now now leroy, you have to eat your tomatoes first!


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>>117465476Yeah some user posted it a few threads ago, I'll look for it.

>>117465814What did we leave off on last thread?

Is kixx hot?

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>>117466822Stitch is noticing Leroy being nice to Reuben and is suspicious, possibly growing jealous.

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>>117465672Where would Bonnie's true home be? Even the writers couldn't think of one, what about us Holla Forums?

>>117466969What should i draw this time?

Fuck gay koala roleplaying, post chubby island girls

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>>117468054victoria was such a weird inclusion, along with keoni. did they really think lilo needed a love interest and another friend?

>>117468106Love interest, no, that was an iffy choice they more or less walked back. Another friend? I kinda think so, it's not like she really had any other genuine friends (Jumba and Pleakley are more aunt and uncle).

>>117467649I was thinking how with the boss experiment, they'd follow his lead when he reforms and since their programming is overruled by his commands, he keeps them clean.

>>117465814>Rueben tells Leroy he should go around making reparations for his actions and convince everyone he's a changed experiment.>Cue every cousin freaking out seeing him again>He almost gives up until reuben teaches him all of their favorite sandwiches, which leroy uses to successfully connect with his ohana

>>117468054it's weird how snooty just lives with her to clear her sinuses

>>117467969are you artbro? could you draw some more of our boy leroy?

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>4-5 different crossover episodes Was any other disney show milked THIS hard?

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>>117468608It made for some interesting episodes, that's for sure. It gave Marvel's cinematic universe a run for its money.

>>117466427>jeez bonnie, i though committing tax fraud would been more fun than dis

>>117468608Jesus, is this pic from the show and not an edit ?

>>117465127What even happened to 628. He was teased and never showed

>>'s real. No attempt to adapt artstyles or anything, they're just superimposed into a lilo and stitch episode.

>>117469037He was kept in a vault.

>>117468468>gets to fulfill his life/biological purposes all while being pampered by a cute human girl Why NOT live with her?

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>>117469151Didn't his design get leaked?

I need art of them dressed as The Powerpuff Girls.

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>>117470319good idea!

>>117469712Yes user... That's what teased means

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>>117465476>Weasel was going to have his own episodeWhy can't we have nice things?

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>>117466579Aww... Does someone need a hug?

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>>117470490LEROY NO WAIT


Guys! Samples discovered Rave.Dj!

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>>117470490I would hug spike even if he did prick me

>>117465127Mods should do their jobs and move these fucking furry generals to /trash/ already

>>117470837>samples says the n-word live>gets all of the experiments cancelled

>>117465723lol, nice


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>>117470413I get it, smug Stitch

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>>117470913Just post lilo and co, that tends to scare them off

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>>117468054>>117468106>>117468223Victoria was a great idea but the show barely used her outside of her debut episode, but then the show was terrible at using recurring characters outside of Lilo's "Ohana" and Gantu & Reuben, even Mertle didn't get all that much focus outside of her role as secondary antagonist(I still say it's a shame they never gave the rest of Mertle's group any real development)as for Keoni, the main problem with him was that he was an Executive Mandate, so the crew did the absolute bare minimum with him and ditched him as soon as they were allowed to(kinda like what happened in Star Vs with almost everything to do with Marco's school stuff), which makes sense Lilo's only like 8 or something during the show, so there's not really much they could do with her in the way of romance plots(reminiscent of how some of the writers on The Simpsons have bemoaned about how since the show lacks any main cast teenager/young adult characters they're incredibly gimped when it comes to doing romance plots)>>117468608>>117468645>>117468948>>117469074gets even wilder when you consider that Phineas & Ferb and Milo Murphy's Law are part of this shared universe as wellI do agree that leaving the crossover stuff in their original styles was a bad idea though, that only really works if the crossovers have very similar styles, otherwise it's best to have everything be done in one style

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>>117465476i can't find it either, but I remember it was going to introduce the 400s series for the first time

>>117469345I don't like how her character just... existed. Did she even appear in Leroy and Stitch?

>>117471217You know he's up to no good when be does the cute dog act

>>117471787I think she had a drive by cameo when they were rounding up experiments, that's it

>>117471883that's... something I guess

Remember when keoni wanted to fuck pleakley?

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>>117472252i mean, who wouldn't??

>>117470913>furry generalsuhh lilo and stitch is very nuch Holla Forums and not furry. you just mad because someone touched you as a kid and you have resent for others interests

>>117471217my blue baby

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>>117471413Why did Lilo have a fat fetish?

>Lilo and Reuben instead of StitchWell?

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>>117467969As far as these 3 goes I'd say we're good for now until we reach another major point in their little story. Unless you want to draw Leroy and Reuben sitting together happy eating sandwiches.

>>117472375she'd adopt him because he appeals to her fat fascination

>>117467649Stealing from other criminals or working with security companies to test their locks and systems.

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>>117471618I never understood why Lilo kept calling those girls her friends, they were bullies pretty much all throughout the series.

>>117472310Well, her hula teacher is a fat dude. Maybe that influenced her a bit


thread needs more angel

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>>117473575I love the color palette used for this one, it suits her so well.

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Hamsterviel was hot

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>>117474255that majestic sitting

>>117472375Frenchfry becomes redundant.

>>117472310I lose hope in humanity everytime you pedophiles start sexualizing lilo

>>117465233slightly creeped out that experiments can reproduce

>>117474895hes secretly stroking his cock with his feet


>>117474255Imagine Gantu having enough of Hamsterveils shit and pinning him down

>>117474255Hamsterveil is going to make you his BITCH

>>117472375It'd be a much shorter movie>"Hey kid I'm an alien and stuff">"Oh ok, want to live with us?">"Sure I guess, the federation probably doesn't even consider me a threat unlike 626."

Did Stitch love Hamsterviel?

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>>117472375imagine being the guy who had to paint all of those sandwichesmust've been a STARVING artist amirite?

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>>117476485that's a good point, how would the council woman have dealt with him? unlike stitch he's outwardly harmless and clearly sentient, so there'd be no point in locking him up.

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>>117473118They must've been friends before the death of her parents, and Lilo's coping mechanisms weirded them out.

>>117476971He's still an accomplice to Jumba's illegal experimentation, and since he isn't actually programmed to follow orders, it could be ruled he deliberately chose to help.

>>117468608Wasn't Recess long dead at this point too? They really threw out all concept of soul.

>>117477263technically he only helped with ONE experiment, and if they can't prove it, he's free to go...

>>117473118She's a little girl with problems, I don't think she quite understands they aren't friends.

>>117473118Bad writingI can't believe the writers had the audacity to reform mertle in the end, she's garbage

>>117473575>>117473620being angel is suffering

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>>117477578She's a slut, so it's deserved.

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>>117477578Poor Angel, I'll redeem her character when I write her into the Leroy and Reuben story. I see potential for her as a character with a bad past she wants to forget.

>>117477736so is stitch what's your point

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>>117477578The only good thing about her anime version is they TRIED to give her more character. Emphasis on TRIED.

>>117477977We don't talk about that outside these walls...

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Please don't ruin my childhood Holla Forums I just thought Stitch and his cousins were cool and in no way fuckable

>>117478422that day changed Stitch forever

>>117478473>I just thought Stitch and his cousins were cool and in no way fuckablewe believe in both here, why not join our Holla Forumshana

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Is there a mega for the series?

>>117478422Even with context this is just weird lol

>>117471217Which episode?

>>117477736leroy is a such a brat lol


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>>117477578>>117478236she wasn't some shakespearean level character in the original series, but the anime killed all appeal for the character, atleast in that version.

>>117478473Of course user

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>>117479415stitch has my reactionwhat's with her face??

>>117474255that episode where he gets caught by mertle tho

>>117479151right, she went from a reformed jerk with standards to a straight-up unlikable bitchif anything she has even less depth than before

>>117479151Didn't she dump stitch like 3 times?

>>117479151>>117479609Remember how they wanted to make her a girl stitch? I wish we got a season 3 to seen more of it

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>>117465814>>117410067>Stitch: Hmm, what are you up to this time Leroy?>Leroy opened one of his eyes and gave a small chuckle and smirk at Stitch before closing his eyes again.>Reuben: Aw don't tell me you're getting jealous now that Leroy has a new favorite right bro?>Stitch: Come on we all know I'm his favorite, he's obviously just pulling some kind of trick for attention.>Reuben: I don't know, I've never seen him smile like this before. You sure it's just a prank?>Stitch: Of course it is, come on Leroy quit the act because you're not fooling anyone.>Leroy gets a little annoyed and stands up, he picks Reuben up with a hug to show Stitch he's being sincere.>As he hugs Reuben he mocks Stitch showing him that Reuben is his new favorite>Reuben being caught in the middle of all this can't help but smile at the situation he's in>Stitch still doubts Leroy's sudden love for Reuben and continues to play it off as some kind of game.>However deep down Stitch can't help but feel a little envious of Reuben seeing his little brother favor him instead. He wants to believe this is some kind of prank but can't deny that Leroy has a genuine smile when he's with Reuben.

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>>117465300Where do you think Rueben browses when Gantu is out?

meega nala kweesta